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Window World
118 Shaver Street
N. Wilkesboro, NC 28659
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Horrible Service and Install
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I am so disappointed in the service we have received from Window World. We ordered replacement windows and a replacement sliding door from ** on 3/15. The installation was on 4/14. The crew who was supposed to show around 10 am ended up at our house to start installing at 4 pm. One of our windows was ordered incorrectly by ** (salesman) so they cut the window they had up and jammed it in the opening. We were told that a rush order would be put on the replacement window and we would have it in 2 weeks. After the rest of the windows were installed the crew left at about 10 pm.

The next day I look at the windows and my window sills are torn up, caulk isn't even filled in properly around them, they completely forgot to caulk one window (and left a drop cloth), and there's an exposed screw where they drilled through the frame. I called ** (field supervisor) the next day to explain the issues, he said that he would get someone back out the following day. The crew member shows up finishes the job from the initial repair and tells my husband they're not responsible for fixing the window sills! I talked with ** again on 5/15 inquiring about the replace my window we were supposed to receive.

** tells me he will look into it and call me the following day. No response. ** finally calls me on 5/21 and leaves me a voicemail that they have the window and need to set up installation date. That was 2 weeks ago today. My husband and I have both called multiple times to try and set up a date for installation with no response. My husband called the corporate office to advise of the situation, their response was: " we'll call the local store". Still no idea when we'll get our window installed.

I hate to resort to social media, but, I feel there is no other outlet at this point. We bought this house on 3/12 and knew we wanted to update our windows. I would like to have a house warming party but we have a window that is cut up and looks awful in our kitchen. How can this be resolved? Please advise.

Horrible Customer Service After Phony Promises to Capture Sell.
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- An older grandpa like salesman promised that new windows plus all the wood around the old rotting windows, except for the transom above the window inside the sheetrock, would be replaced all for $189.00 per window plus $50.00 per window to tear out old windows. OK, not bad, all new wood, sure I would do that, the salesman seemed trustworthy. Here is half the money.

The installers arrived 4 weeks later, looked at the windows, and said the wood is rotten around the old windows and they didn't think it was a good idea to install new windows. Well, you are supposed to install new wood around the windows or that is what I was told by the salesman, please just call and get this clarified. I am sure there was just a mistake. But the guys were sent to my house from Window World and were actually told that they would not need anything else for the job but the windows.

The installer said that they were often sent out to jobs that the homeowner was told one thing but they never intend to fulfill the empty promises. He asked that I didn't say anything about what he told me because he would not get any more work from Window World because he was just contracted labor that they randomly use.

The phone call produced nothing but an ensuing argument between me and the owner. They told the contractor to install the windows as is. I told the owner that I would take him to court if he didn't replace the rotten wood around these newly installed windows. The owner came to my house arguing with me and even threatened to tell the judge if I took him to count that I cursed him out over the phone which absolutely did not happen. I showed him areas that I could push my finger into the old rotten wood. The next day about three window sills on the outside of the house was replaced. One of the sills had a crack the entire length of the window sill.

The two guys installing my siding listened to and witnessed this entire drama took it upon themselves to tear out the broken wood on the window sill as well as replacing the other rotten wood around the windows. I will never purchase a single item from Window World again and I will never recommend them to do anything for anyone.

Lousy at Teaching New Jobs to Employees and Nasty Management
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I worked for Window World for one month and they never gave me enough time to learn the job. They didn't get any traffic flow in their showroom - 30 people in one month - and blamed me for not getting enough appointments for salesmen. I got 15 appointments for 30 guests! I had to leave work for 30 minutes to go home and find my wallet, which I thought I lost, and they docked me for four hours pay. They were mad because I didn't notify anyone and took $36 out of my pay. No one was around to notify!

The marketing director jumped on my case less than one month into the job because of low productivity, lack of communications with her, complaints from five customers who lied about bad experiences with me in the showroom or on the phone during greeting calls, and a broken window pane that I never touched. I completed most of the greeting calls - 300 in one month - with positive results and they terminate me for losing two contracts because two customers didn't give me a chance to say anything in the showroom.

Then I got blamed for not directing a salesman, who was present in the showroom, to a customer when they are looking for windows. I was never told to do that. I scheduled appointments on my computer when the customer was available for an appointment. I would get on the phone with a customer to review their contract and I couldn't even read details back to them because I couldn't understand the salesman's writing style.

One time I said the wrong color to a customer and they cancelled their contract because they claimed they talked that same day with the salesman and changed the colors of their windows. I didn't know they spoke with a
salesman and then she cancelled the contract. I got blamed for that as well. They kept changing the job description as we went along. I went on Craig's List to look for a second job because I was only getting $9 per hour and they had the audacity to post my job the day before they fired me. They claim they help various charities with generous contributions.

Now I face losing my house to a school tax bill due November 30 if I can't find work and falling behind on other bills because Window World makes new employees out to be scapegoats for their lack of communications and lousy training procedures.

Installation Was Terrible. Customer Service Not So Good
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Rating: 2/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- The windows themselves are not the problem. The price was right for my budget. Windows are listed as $189.00 any size. Well then comes the trim and install. The installation was a nightmare. First they were very careless in removing the old windows. Siding was pulled away from the window openings. Not good. Tried to fix it [by] caulking the damage.

Then there was the trim issue. The owner of Wisconsin Window World measured all windows and trim needed. He mismeasured the size of the trim. It ended up allowing almost an inch gap between the window and the trim. They tried to cover it up my caulking the gap with a tube of caulk per window. The caulk actually "ribboned" down the top of the windows. They did redo the trim. However, their attitude was that I was the one at fault, not them. Honestly. There are still half inch gaps at the base of the windows. They also left openings at the very top where the siding and trim meet. If I had not gone up to clean out my gutters, I would have had water inside the walls. Unbelievable.

Loving Window World
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Rating: 5/51

GREENLAND, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I have to say that I'm amazed at how well this turned out for me. I replaced three windows myself and spent 275 for each window 6 dollars for caulking and insulation was 12 bucks. Took me a few hours to install and clean up. I decided to get a bid for the rest of the house. The first bid was 27,000 I was shocked. The next bid was 16,000. Then came this sweet little lady from Window World, very nice and it went simple the bid was so low I was nervous but went with it all the same.

The installers were nice, quick, pleasant and clean. The windows are perfect high quality and the warranty is incredible. I will never replace a window myself again as long as there is a Window World to do it for me. Thank you Window World, I will stand behind you as a great company that did a wonderful job.

Do Not Use
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Our experience started great and ended in nothing but pure frustration. We had to get the sales manager ** involved to resolve our issues if we hadn't sought him out proactively ourselves, I'm not sure we ever would have gotten resolution.

Our windows were installed in mid August but it took until early November to resolve. The windows were incorrect on install which led to a three week wait for corrected windows, only the screens were wrong every time for 4 subsequent tries, including this corrected replacement window attempt. I had to continually call them during these delays to find out what was going on, their follow up, attention to detail and urgency to resolving our issue left us frustrated and disappointed in our choice for new windows.

We asked, and were promised by the installation manager, **, a credit until they completed the work, since after 3 tries they didn't get it right and a "concession" for the issues we experienced. Again, ** said "absolutely", however said he would work on a credit towards future work, as he could do more for us that way rather than to offer us something like 10% off our existing job.

Needless to say, after ** got involved, it still took 2 weeks, but we did finally get the right screens. We got absolutely zero in any concession for our issues, which is probably for the best, we won't be using them for any future work and have already steered our neighbors to different options based on our experience. In short, we wouldn't use them again, not because of the install or the product, but because they simply don't get customer service, it never should have depended on us to drive the resolution and escalate to the owner to get resolution.

False Advertising/Estimator w/Alcohol Use
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Rating: 1/51

LATROBE/PITTSBURGH OFFICE, PENNSYLVANIA -- First, the company advertises incentives on the radio, but you are told they do not apply to your area, however, you are in the listening range of the advertisement and they do not specify this. Then, when you call, they tell you one price, but declare another when they arrive, however, you are not told this when going over pricing on the phone. In addition, in our case, the estimator was late to the appointment and smelled of alcohol. We called to complain to his manager who claimed that he was just with him prior to the appointment and had no problems with him. (I have a feeling they were out together prior to the visit.)

He also was very rude and in no way was apologetic for our experience. When we asked for his boss, he said he was "good friends" of the owner and basically that we would have no luck with him either. I feel this was extremely unprofessional, no customer service, and false advertising. They do not realize how much we could've purchased in the future with the properties we own and the connections we have in real estate and construction. I wonder if the owner of the franchise really doesn't care like he indicated and if the Window World Company also doesn't care of how unprofessionally they are handling business and losing business?!

Also, I have a family member who used them prior to this where the window was put in crooked/at a slant and we just thought it was due to having complications (which they were having while putting it in), however, now, I'm wondering if they were not also drinking!

Siding Installation
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Rating: 1/51

ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA -- I paid for half of the windows & siding in April, was told it would take about 3 weeks for it to come in & allow 1 week to finish any job that may have been started, understandable. Window installation, no problem, only took about 4 hours. The siding job however, I just kept being put off. Finally they started July 2, it was only to take 1 week to complete. Here we are July 24, still not done. Today they ran out of siding, now have to wait again, until whenever. This has been very stressful. I did not research Window World beforehand, wish I would have now.

They are taking on too many jobs & not enough help to complete the work. When the crew is here working, they work, but a day here & there never gets you finished. Today I was told about being short on the siding at 1:00 pm. I talked to the salesman around 5:00 pm, he had not yet placed an order, he would do so in the morning. This is just so frustrating, but you live & learn after the fact.

The Windows, Installation Process and Customer Service at Window World Was Way Below Satisfactory.
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Rating: 1/51

FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK -- Unfortunately, I have to say this has been one of the worst experiences with any home improvement projects we have done and we have done a lot over the last 2 1/2 years. We had our windows installed at the end of last summer and it has been one problem after another right from the beginning. It started with the company delivering the wrong windows twice and it went downhill from there. Although most of the installers were courteous, the workmanship was horrible. I have never taken the time to write a negative review before, but we just keep encountering problem after problem.

When windows did not close properly we were told they needed to mold into place. Apparently, after 6 months they are still not molded. Phone calls and messages are never returned. It is our experience that customer service is not part of their business profile. We needed additional windows, in two other rooms and went with another manufacturer which has been fabulous. I would definitely think twice before signing up with Window World.

Unsatisfied With Order and Workmanship
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Rating: 1/51

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I called Window World a year ago and I had windows and doors ordered. I was told to pay half up front and then when the job is finished pay the other half. No problem. So when the doors and windows came in they came promptly to install them. Great right? Wrong. The windows were fine. The doors came in the wrong color on one side and also 1 of the doors came to open on the wrong side. Well we had to send one door back because it opened wrong. So we ended up waiting another couple months to get it.

But the other doors the installers suggested to paint one side of them because we really needed them installed we didn't have functioning doors before. We had them painted and since then the paint has come off on the inside portion of the door that came factory painted. The door also will not stay shut. When the wind blows it comes open. We have called several times over the past year. They have sent out the same person twice and he tries to work on it to tell us it can't be fixed, they will order us another door.

Well they ordered one they said it was ready but not painted. Then they said the painter didn't do a good job so they will have it repainted. Finally they called again to tell us they were going to install it just to cancel it again. I would not ever use this company again.

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