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Sloppy workman ship not thorough when it came to detail
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Rating: 3/51

GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS -- Window World will hire contractors so you will not know the skill of workmanship. I had 11 windows replaced and they sent out a 2 man crew (father and son). The father was still teaching the son while at the house. They used drop clothes inside the house under the area where the windows were being ripped out. There were no drop clothes put on the outside of the house and the next day I spent most of the day using my own shop vac to vacuum up shards of glass (still don't know if some of the glass fell into the pool that is outside the kitchen windows.)

I am also concerned about now planting in the flower beds that were under the windows as I am fearful of getting glass in my hands the caulking that was put on the inside of the windows was put down very uneven and also not completely sealed. They cut corners and put new caulking over some of the old caulking instead of removing all of the old.

Some of the boards around the bay window were loosened while the windows were being removed and they didn't reseal the wood under the windows. All of the caulking on the outside of the windows was smeared unevenly and without any attention to detail as the caulking was all over the bricks next to the windows and there are still spots where the windows were not sealed completely.

After they drove off I had to use my shop vac and clean up all of the broken glass they left on the street that was under their trailer that they used to haul off all of the broken old windows. I have a call into the company for a manager to come look at the work done and I will do a follow up post after I meet with Window World.

Horrible Service and Install
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I am so disappointed in the service we have received from Window World. We ordered replacement windows and a replacement sliding door from ** on 3/15. The installation was on 4/14. The crew who was supposed to show around 10 am ended up at our house to start installing at 4 pm. One of our windows was ordered incorrectly by ** (salesman) so they cut the window they had up and jammed it in the opening. We were told that a rush order would be put on the replacement window and we would have it in 2 weeks. After the rest of the windows were installed the crew left at about 10 pm.

The next day I look at the windows and my window sills are torn up, caulk isn't even filled in properly around them, they completely forgot to caulk one window (and left a drop cloth), and there's an exposed screw where they drilled through the frame. I called ** (field supervisor) the next day to explain the issues, he said that he would get someone back out the following day. The crew member shows up finishes the job from the initial repair and tells my husband they're not responsible for fixing the window sills! I talked with ** again on 5/15 inquiring about the replace my window we were supposed to receive.

** tells me he will look into it and call me the following day. No response. ** finally calls me on 5/21 and leaves me a voicemail that they have the window and need to set up installation date. That was 2 weeks ago today. My husband and I have both called multiple times to try and set up a date for installation with no response. My husband called the corporate office to advise of the situation, their response was: "we'll call the local store". Still no idea when we'll get our window installed.

I hate to resort to social media, but, I feel there is no other outlet at this point. We bought this house on 3/12 and knew we wanted to update our windows. I would like to have a house warming party but we have a window that is cut up and looks awful in our kitchen. How can this be resolved? Please advise.

Horrible Customer Service After Phony Promises to Capture Sell.
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- An older grandpa like salesman promised that new windows plus all the wood around the old rotting windows, except for the transom above the window inside the sheetrock, would be replaced all for $189.00 per window plus $50.00 per window to tear out old windows. OK, not bad, all new wood, sure I would do that, the salesman seemed trustworthy. Here is half the money.

The installers arrived 4 weeks later, looked at the windows, and said the wood is rotten around the old windows and they didn't think it was a good idea to install new windows. Well, you are supposed to install new wood around the windows or that is what I was told by the salesman, please just call and get this clarified. I am sure there was just a mistake. But the guys were sent to my house from Window World and were actually told that they would not need anything else for the job but the windows.

The installer said that they were often sent out to jobs that the homeowner was told one thing but they never intend to fulfill the empty promises. He asked that I didn't say anything about what he told me because he would not get any more work from Window World because he was just contracted labor that they randomly use.

The phone call produced nothing but an ensuing argument between me and the owner. They told the contractor to install the windows as is. I told the owner that I would take him to court if he didn't replace the rotten wood around these newly installed windows. The owner came to my house arguing with me and even threatened to tell the judge if I took him to count that I cursed him out over the phone which absolutely did not happen. I showed him areas that I could push my finger into the old rotten wood. The next day about three window sills on the outside of the house was replaced. One of the sills had a crack the entire length of the window sill.

The two guys installing my siding listened to and witnessed this entire drama took it upon themselves to tear out the broken wood on the window sill as well as replacing the other rotten wood around the windows. I will never purchase a single item from Window World again and I will never recommend them to do anything for anyone.

Lousy at Teaching New Jobs to Employees and Nasty Management
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I worked for Window World for one month and they never gave me enough time to learn the job. They didn't get any traffic flow in their showroom - 30 people in one month - and blamed me for not getting enough appointments for salesmen. I got 15 appointments for 30 guests! I had to leave work for 30 minutes to go home and find my wallet, which I thought I lost, and they docked me for four hours pay. They were mad because I didn't notify anyone and took $36 out of my pay. No one was around to notify!

The marketing director jumped on my case less than one month into the job because of low productivity, lack of communications with her, complaints from five customers who lied about bad experiences with me in the showroom or on the phone during greeting calls, and a broken window pane that I never touched. I completed most of the greeting calls - 300 in one month - with positive results and they terminate me for losing two contracts because two customers didn't give me a chance to say anything in the showroom.

Then I got blamed for not directing a salesman, who was present in the showroom, to a customer when they are looking for windows. I was never told to do that. I scheduled appointments on my computer when the customer was available for an appointment. I would get on the phone with a customer to review their contract and I couldn't even read details back to them because I couldn't understand the salesman's writing style.

One time I said the wrong color to a customer and they cancelled their contract because they claimed they talked that same day with the salesman and changed the colors of their windows. I didn't know they spoke with a
salesman and then she cancelled the contract. I got blamed for that as well. They kept changing the job description as we went along. I went on Craig's List to look for a second job because I was only getting $9 per hour and they had the audacity to post my job the day before they fired me. They claim they help various charities with generous contributions.

Now I face losing my house to a school tax bill due November 30 if I can't find work and falling behind on other bills because Window World makes new employees out to be scapegoats for their lack of communications and lousy training procedures.

Do Not Buy Anything From Window World seriously
By -

CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA -- I have had the worst experience ever with Window World of DC. First of all they say the sell a 189 window installed, that's a lie. Yea sure they will install it for 189 but you got to get this and that (you have to get the ext. Trim and low/e argon gas and any other options more $$$) and the 189 is their low end window... So right off the bat it's more like 400 per window minimum. OK so that isn't the bad news... Oh and the sales people will show you reviews and comments from previous customers raving about the company but I think that's total bs probably just made it up themselves.

The sales people tell you "oh you'll get a call in a few days 3-5 at the most and someone will come to measure your windows"...Another lie. Nobody calls you. No one. You have to call and practically beg and complain for someone to come out. And when these people who work over there answer the phone they have this attitude like why are you calling me? What's your problem? Customer service really really really sucks. The people who work there must be miserable. It's like you're calling the morgue. You got to be courteous, have a smile in your voice but more like they're angry that you called.

Oh and when this measurer does call you he doesn't speak English. Yea so you have a really hard time trying to communicate and the caller gets upset with you and yells at you. Umm hello I'm the customer I should be upset not you. And the installers don't speak English so you got to call the office and go through hell just to communicate. I mean they speak very limited basic English. And I got no problem if you can't speak English but if I'm paying you guys thousands of dollars I shouldn't have to go through that to ask questions during install.

Cheap windows cheap labor a friend told me. So they say 4-6 weeks from time you sign a contract to the time you get installed another lie. Took 3 months. It was a nightmare mismeasures, order wasn't placed correctly, oh the truck from the factory didn't bring the windows blah blah blah excuses excuses.

And they rave about their lifetime all inclusive warranty. Yea if you call and complain 10 times and put up with their horrible customer service. If you ever call them they'll say I need to take a message we'll call you back... Yeah next year. I had to drive to their office just for them to listen to me when I had a warranty issue and when I just wanted to know what the hell is taking so long for you guys to call a customer back. Look if I wasn't so upset with their product, service, and just the way they treat people I wouldn't be wasting my time putting this up. I just don't want anyone else to go through this nightmare because they say they're great but they're not.

Company Response 04/01/2009:

This review was written by a previous disgruntled employee that was terminated from our company.

Company Response 04/03/2009:

The attorney for Window World of DC is in the process of pursuing this former employee to the fullest extent of the law because of acts committed while in the employ of our company. Further, he will challenge the site to remove these lies and inuendos.
We take customer service very seriously. We have grown our business in the DC metro area to be one of the most successful window replacement firms in this area. We install over 20,000 units per year with approximately 40-50% of that coming from referrals. Obviously that would not happen if we were not satisfying our customers.

Was Lied to and Took Payment for Window That Was Never Ordered
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Rating: 1/51

VOLUSIA, FLORIDA -- We ordered a replacement window on 2/25/2015 and paid over the phone with a credit card and was told by Harold that the window would take 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. When we called a week in for a receipt for payment and wanted to confirm payment and order received invoice. Called the next week to see if it was on the truck and was told they were checking. No luck and no phone call back. Now almost three weeks in and we are being handed around on phone from Melissa to heather to dawn to Harold and find out the window was never ordered and that they would gladly cancel order because they would not make any money on one window.

Wow. I mean wow. What kind of business is that? They also said reason it was not ordered was they were remodeling and the order was pushed to the side. They have many excuses and many lies. We are getting ready to remodel a house with 21 windows and to sliding doors. I guess they will not be the company we will call for those windows.

Exceptionally Satisfied With Experience.
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Rating: 5/51

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA -- After consulting a different company and getting a $26K estimate on 21 windows, we called Window World. The salesperson was superb, explaining the product before showing us the cost: $8,400...less than 1/3 of the price of an Anderson window. We were told it would be 4-6 weeks before the windows were ready. Only 3 weeks later, however, we got the call that the windows were ready. WW sent a team of 6 friendly guys out to the house. They had all the old aluminum windows out and the new vinyl windows installed in 1 hour...then they spent 2 hours on the trim, finish and cleanup.

When they left, I was amazed. Great looking windows, a clean house with NO debris, and no damage to my window sills or walls. Other people may have had bad experiences, but in Hampton Roads, VA, Window World rocks. I would strongly recommend them to ANYBODY.

Appreciate the Follow Up
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Rating: 5/51

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- We had 11 windows and 1 patio door replaced last year by Window World of Edison, NJ. They were quick, efficient and clean. I was impressed with their work. This week I received an unsolicited follow up call with regard to our satisfaction. I appreciate their interest. Having just gone though a very unsatisfactory kitchen remodeling project it's encouraging to see a company stand by their work.

In speaking with the Window World representative I mentioned that the door handle on the patio door had loosened up. We arranged a mutually agreeable time for an installer to look into the issue. The installer arrived within the appointment timeframe and quickly resolve the issue. Any company can provide sales, it's the install and servicing which is important. Thanks!

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I had 15 windows replaced in my home and 10 of them were damaged by the installer. The damage was to a simple rubber strip that can easily be replaced in minutes. The windows were installed on May 30, 2014 - it is now September 2 and I have still not had final inspection or the rubber replaced. Once I was told the rubber had been ordered, then I was told entire window sashes had to be re-ordered.

An installer came with 10 replacement windows, but they ordered the wrong side. I am once again waiting on sashes to be manufactured, and still all I need are 10 simple strips of rubber. There is never anyone at the office to explain things to, and no one ever returns my calls. DO NOT HIRE WINDOW WORLD!!!

Siding Installation
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Rating: 1/51

ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA -- I paid for half of the windows & siding in April, was told it would take about 3 weeks for it to come in & allow 1 week to finish any job that may have been started, understandable. Window installation, no problem, only took about 4 hours. The siding job however, I just kept being put off. Finally they started July 2, it was only to take 1 week to complete. Here we are July 24, still not done. Today they ran out of siding, now have to wait again, until whenever. This has been very stressful. I did not research Window World beforehand, wish I would have now.

They are taking on too many jobs & not enough help to complete the work. When the crew is here working, they work, but a day here & there never gets you finished. Today I was told about being short on the siding at 1:00 pm. I talked to the salesman around 5:00 pm, he had not yet placed an order, he would do so in the morning. This is just so frustrating, but you live & learn after the fact.

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