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Horrible Customer Service After Phony Promises to Capture Sell.
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- An older grandpa like salesman promised that new windows plus all the wood around the old rotting windows, except for the transom above the window inside the sheetrock, would be replaced all for $189.00 per window plus $50.00 per window to tear out old windows. OK, not bad, all new wood, sure I would do that, the salesman seemed trustworthy. Here is half the money.

The installers arrived 4 weeks later, looked at the windows, and said the wood is rotten around the old windows and they didn't think it was a good idea to install new windows. Well, you are supposed to install new wood around the windows or that is what I was told by the salesman, please just call and get this clarified. I am sure there was just a mistake. But the guys were sent to my house from Window World and were actually told that they would not need anything else for the job but the windows.

The installer said that they were often sent out to jobs that the homeowner was told one thing but they never intend to fulfill the empty promises. He asked that I didn't say anything about what he told me because he would not get any more work from Window World because he was just contracted labor that they randomly use.

The phone call produced nothing but an ensuing argument between me and the owner. They told the contractor to install the windows as is. I told the owner that I would take him to court if he didn't replace the rotten wood around these newly installed windows. The owner came to my house arguing with me and even threatened to tell the judge if I took him to count that I cursed him out over the phone which absolutely did not happen. I showed him areas that I could push my finger into the old rotten wood. The next day about three window sills on the outside of the house was replaced. One of the sills had a crack the entire length of the window sill.

The two guys installing my siding listened to and witnessed this entire drama took it upon themselves to tear out the broken wood on the window sill as well as replacing the other rotten wood around the windows. I will never purchase a single item from Window World again and I will never recommend them to do anything for anyone.

Lousy at Teaching New Jobs to Employees and Nasty Management
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I worked for Window World for one month and they never gave me enough time to learn the job. They didn't get any traffic flow in their showroom - 30 people in one month - and blamed me for not getting enough appointments for salesmen. I got 15 appointments for 30 guests! I had to leave work for 30 minutes to go home and find my wallet, which I thought I lost, and they docked me for four hours pay. They were mad because I didn't notify anyone and took $36 out of my pay. No one was around to notify!

The marketing director jumped on my case less than one month into the job because of low productivity, lack of communications with her, complaints from five customers who lied about bad experiences with me in the showroom or on the phone during greeting calls, and a broken window pane that I never touched. I completed most of the greeting calls - 300 in one month - with positive results and they terminate me for losing two contracts because two customers didn't give me a chance to say anything in the showroom.

Then I got blamed for not directing a salesman, who was present in the showroom, to a customer when they are looking for windows. I was never told to do that. I scheduled appointments on my computer when the customer was available for an appointment. I would get on the phone with a customer to review their contract and I couldn't even read details back to them because I couldn't understand the salesman's writing style.

One time I said the wrong color to a customer and they cancelled their contract because they claimed they talked that same day with the salesman and changed the colors of their windows. I didn't know they spoke with a
salesman and then she cancelled the contract. I got blamed for that as well. They kept changing the job description as we went along. I went on Craig's List to look for a second job because I was only getting $9 per hour and they had the audacity to post my job the day before they fired me. They claim they help various charities with generous contributions.

Now I face losing my house to a school tax bill due November 30 if I can't find work and falling behind on other bills because Window World makes new employees out to be scapegoats for their lack of communications and lousy training procedures.

Sloppy workman ship not thorough when it came to detail
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Rating: 3/51

GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS -- Window World will hire contractors so you will not know the skill of workmanship. I had 11 windows replaced and they sent out a 2 man crew (father and son). The father was still teaching the son while at the house. They used drop clothes inside the house under the area where the windows were being ripped out. There were no drop clothes put on the outside of the house and the next day I spent most of the day using my own shop vac to vacuum up shards of glass (still don't know if some of the glass fell into the pool that is outside the kitchen windows.)

I am also concerned about now planting in the flower beds that were under the windows as I am fearful of getting glass in my hands the caulking that was put on the inside of the windows was put down very uneven and also not completely sealed. They cut corners and put new caulking over some of the old caulking instead of removing all of the old.

Some of the boards around the bay window were loosened while the windows were being removed and they didn't reseal the wood under the windows. All of the caulking on the outside of the windows was smeared unevenly and without any attention to detail as the caulking was all over the bricks next to the windows and there are still spots where the windows were not sealed completely.

After they drove off I had to use my shop vac and clean up all of the broken glass they left on the street that was under their trailer that they used to haul off all of the broken old windows. I have a call into the company for a manager to come look at the work done and I will do a follow up post after I meet with Window World.

Very Poor Scheduling & Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- We spent almost $18K on new windows and front door. It was amazing how fast the sales team was on-site to place the order. They did tell us it would take 8 weeks to have installed and we agree. I am fine with that as long as you communicate with me. The Scheduling Team is almost non-existent at Window World, I had to call in every-time to get the installation going. If I hadn't called I'd probably still be waiting on them to come out and install.

We also ordered a front door as well, same issues with scheduling took forever, they never proactively called and kept us updated - ZERO Communication. So I called again and forced them to pick a date to install the door which we did. Door installed we are happy with product but not happy with the lack of customer service. The Door settled over some time and we had to have them come out to meet to adjust. Again I had to force the date for them to come on-site or it still wouldn't be scheduled but a nice young man came out and documented what needs to be repaired. Almost 6 weeks later nothing, no phone calls, updates and a door that still not working properly.

So again, WE call Window World to find out what the hold up is and we get Elaine. Elaine wants to argue instead of help. Elaine doesn't care that we spent $18K and just want our door fixed. Elaine decides to argue about everything and make snarky remarks. So remember this if you're looking for windows, they could care less about you after they get their money. It's all about the sales, customer service sucks big-time. It's a shame because they have a good product but obviously a lack of leadership to ensure proper scheduling and customer service.

They Should Change Their Marketing Slogan Line to "Simply the Worst"!
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Rating: 1/51

DC -- I am an architect that often assists clients with the window orders for their project. I worked with many window companies before. Window World is by far the worst. For this order I dealt with Window World of DC (Chantilly office). Their contract states installation will start in 4-6 weeks, same thing that the salesperson is telling you at the beginning. My window order came 11 weeks after we had a signed contract.

In clear breach of the contract, they blamed it all on the weather. Needless to say, the windows are manufactured in a factory, so that part doesn't depend on the weather at all. As for being able to install: it didn't rain for 7 weeks, on the contrary, we had a very warm fall and winter, with little precipitation. As a matter of fact, after they got the windows they installed within 5 days, so obviously it wasn't that they couldn't install, it was that it took 11 weeks to make the windows, instead of 4-6 as promised. The way they handled the situation was also really pathetic. Never called to inform of anything, I had to call numerous times to inquire about status, only to be told each time that my order is on the next shipment. It never was. So they were just lying me straight in the face.

Even the small courtesy things, like when they finally scheduled the installation, and gave a rather large time frame for arrival, I asked if I can get a phone call half an hour before the crew arrives, since it's a house in construction, nobody lives there and I don't want to wait for 2 hours. The answer was "I don't know their phone number". Another obvious lie! The owner lost thousands of dollars due to the huge delay of the window order and not being able to finish the renovation and sell the house as planned.

The only discount Window World offered was $120. This was for a whole house window order of thousands of dollars. The only good point: the installation crew was very quick, professional and cleaned up everything at the end. But even with the installation - part of the order there was a sliding door. It wasn't installed that well in the sense that it doesn't slide easily and you have to push very hard to close it completely in order to be able to lock it. When I asked for it to be fixed I was told that this is how new sliding doors are, they are difficult to open and close. NO!! On the contrary, a new sliding door is supposed to look and function great. They think nobody saw windows and sliding doors before, and the way they lie people in their face is appalling!

Poor workmanship; poor quality product; installation not completed
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- This is a review of the Window World in Tucson Arizona (520-747-1560) owned by C Lutz at the time of my window purchase/installation in 2017.
During the original estimate on 1/06/17 a salesman measured the windows. Owner came by 1/17/17 to remeasure the windows to make sure the measurements were correct. Deposit charged to my credit card on 1/31/17.
Installation date scheduled for 3/18/17. Installer arrived without materials needed to replace the window frame (as agreed in contract) and even though the windows were measured twice (once by the owner), one of the windows was incorrect size. Installation was canceled until all the correct materials were available, including the window.
After the installation and before the owner left I showed him areas of concern related to the installation of the windows. He stated that after the windows set for a few days he would return to complete the work. I called the company multiple times and was told the owner would call me. I did not get any calls from him. Over 18 months later and I still have not heard from the owner, my window installation has not been properly completed, and sometimes one of the windows screeches when I open or close it. The window is scraping against the vinyl track when opened/closed and leaving a black groove in the white vinyl. I find bits of vinyl in the ledge. The screens do not fit properly so when I open the windows the flies, mosquitoes, and other pests fly into my home. The caulking was sloppily done, with caulk smeared on the bricks and the window vinyl. Two completely different colors of caulk were used on the same window. In some areas the caulk is already separating from the window. The wood trim that the owner installed when replacing the window frame is unevenly cut and the window ledge is ragged. I have photos, invoices, and emails to back my statements.
What good is a lifetime warranty if the company takes months to get the windows installed, installs the windows incorrectly, does shoddy work, uses cheap product, and never returns calls when the work is incomplete and incorrectly done?

Six Hour Install
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Rating: 5/51

KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE -- Bought a house for my mother four years ago. Its board batten no room to insulate in the walls. And had old leaky windows. We needed to stop the air from escaping thru the old windows fast. Window World was not quite 189.00 but we had to have them remove storm windows and install white metal trim windows. Came in under 300.00 per window. The install of six windows took nearly six hours, which told me that they were taking their time and doing a good job. The guy who was assisting the install was the stepson of the owner of this particular Window World. They did a very neat job cleaned up the house when they were done and caulked inside and out.

So far there is no failure of any kind to the windows and mom's little house heats up so much better now. With new windows and a blanket of blow in insulation in the attic. Windows are great. Install was done with care. So far I have to give the a big thumbs up in our area, where most window dealers wanted 600.00 per window in her little house. I could see spending that if you had a new airtight insulated house. But for our application we really needed just to stop the air infiltration in her place and the product they sold us did just that.

If you're in the Kingsport TN area I would highly recommend you use them. I just bought a home in gate city VA, built in 1930. Was over there the other day and even with the storm windows shut up, I used my vape pen to blow vape around the windows inside and could immediately see the smoke get sucked into the void between the storm window... I am definitely going to call Window World to do the work on this house as I need 31 windows. This is an old historic house and also has no insulation... New windows will keep the heat inside and assist in lowing your heating costs.

We tried everyone had them come out and the lowest we got before calling Window World was nearly 500.00 per window and was simply not doable. Our windows came in a little under 300.00 each and work great. I'm sorry everyone else had such a bad experience and did not get the quality of work that we did. I guess it's just the subcontractors, of which you cannot predict. Even with Lowe's they use subcontractors so there is always a chance you're going to get ** work even with a more expensive window. (sigh).

Poor customer service and no recourse with the franchised company
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Rating: 1/51

CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- It has been 15 months since we had our windows and storm door installed. The windows are great. The storm door not so much. First of all the door is not as described in the brochure. The door is cheaply made and not as good of quality as the door I have from Lowes. Secondly my storm door is still not properly installed. After 7 trips for them to complete and fix the issues and 3 different installers the door is missing a frame leg. (That's the part where it should latch.) I've even driven an hour and half to Clarksville to meet with the owner. All they wanna do is to continue to say they will fix it. They have put several holes in my house that will require me to have the opening rewrapped with metal siding. I have 2 door slabs and 3 different handles from their attempts to fix it. I spoke with the owner Mr. Hooper on the phone who basically said they would continue to try to fix the issue but a refund is not going to happen. He stated " its been over a year. Why would I refund your money". Even though I have stayed in contact with them and their contractors. He even stated " I only make $35 on storm doors and I have bought you 2 already"! I explained that I have had to take 7 days off from work for them to continue to try to fix issues. I requested the corporate number and he said he didn't have it to Google it. After awhile he gave me the number but stated " they won't be able to help you". Well he was right. The corporate office had me speak with their customer relations person who told me all they could do was call the owner and speak with him. Thankfully I documented everything they did, when they were here, and the damage created by their attempts to fix the storm door. Including when it was non functioning and wouldn't latch and would swing in the wind if I didn't prop something against it. So if you need window or doors I suggest you look elsewhere! The owner is young and unprofessional. Their customer service is seriously lacking and if you have an issue you have little recourse except to let them continue to damage your property in an attempt to fix your issues. I will be filling a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will attempt to recoup the $500 the door cost and damages in small claims court. So save your time and use a different company please!!!

Poor Service After the Sale!
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Rating: 1/51

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- I contracted with Window World of Tallahassee to replace 14 windows and a door in our newly purchased home. Initially I was satisfied with the timeframe and quality of the job. I still believe the actual windows are a quality product. A period of time later when replacing the siding on our home extensive rot was discovered around virtually all of the windows that has either A) started since the completion of the job or B) was noticed but ignored/covered up with extensive wood putty and caulk to make it LOOK like a quality job.

Window World of Tallahassee refuses to accept any sort of responsibility for the rotting wood (even though it was understood in the contract that any rotting wood found would be repaired or replaced during installation at an additional cost to me). I am now having to remove the windows, replace all of the rotten wood and reinstall all of the windows at a cost of thousands of dollars to me.

Don't be fooled by their pricing. If you have to re-do the job in the near future because of their shotty workmanship it will cost you much, much more than getting a quality job done the first time. I have reported to the BBB and am writing negative reviews, but Window World doesn't seem to care. They got my money... They're done!

Bad Installation - customers are last
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Rating: 2/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Window World expects customers to wait around at Window World's convenience for installation. Customer is stuck after putting half down. Require the customer to be home all day and say they will call with a estimate of time but do not keep their promise. Would not order again. What business model requires the customer to just hang out all day with no reference of time? Finally called the corporate office and had to wait on a call. Was finally called by installers on job site using his cell phone with a bad signal saying 5 hours later. I had requested a morning install. Very bad experience all around.

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