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Choice Home Warranty Review

, Editor | Updated November 19, 2018

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Posted on 07/07/2018

TEXAS -- Put in a call for my A/C not working. Tech came out and said the system was leaking and would need to be replaced. He submitted his report to Choice. They immediately came back within a claim denial because they said it was due to corrosion which was excluded. I appealed and they just said I was not covered. Very happy to take your money but won't pay out. Wish I had read other reviews before signing up. Don't waste your money - SCAM.

Posted on 07/04/2018

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Never make a mistake buying warranty with this company. Neither they come on time nor anything is covered. I want to let all know I bought full coverage but in reality they will not cover anything. It a total waste of your money and you will be fooled. You may no regret my biggest mistake in life but will regret for buying Choice Home Warranty. I don't want other to lose your money like I did.

Posted on 07/02/2018

HOU, TEXAS -- They do not honor what they advertise.. Period go to another company period..

Posted on 07/01/2018

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- We needed 2 things done on a house we recently moved into they didn't cover the first and now they are trying to get out if repairing the second

Posted on 06/30/2018

MARYLAND, MARYLAND -- I have had a horrible experience Choice Warranty. I called to place a claim for my dishwasher and the technician came to my home, took the service fee, claimed the issue was resolved and when he left I tried to use the dishwasher and it was still leaking. I called Choice to voice my concerns and I was told they couldn't help me. I will be cancelling my warranty plan. They are the worse.

Posted on 06/25/2018

MISSISSIPPI -- So I bought a 3 year warranty with this company a year ago because the deal was just too good not to. I've used them when my clothes' washing machine went out, and rather than fix my machine, they agreed to pay me the cost of what a replacement machine was worth. Not disappointed there except that it took a long time to get my check, but HCW did come through for this incident.

However, today they did me wrong!! I live where triple digit temperatures are the norm, and today there was a heat emergency warning for the area. My AC went out last night. I immediately put a claim in this morning (it's Monday). My service technician was scheduled for Friday between 3 pm and 8 pm!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!

When I called, I was given an unsympathetic excuse that they "are not an emergency service". What **!! I don't mind waiting a little while for a washing machine repair, but AC and heat are essential. Just not to them. Ironically I have two more years left on my bought plan, but when they start hounding me about a renewal in 2021, I think I'm going to play the "it's not an emergency" card!!

Posted on 06/06/2018

TEXAS -- Do your homework before doing business with Choice Home Warranty. DON'T GET RIPPED OFF! They are NOT a member of the BBB for a reason. Even if they were a member their business practices are so disreputable they could not maintain their membership. They have been prosecuted by the Attorney General Consumer Affair division of States that found them guilty of various kinds of dishonest business practices. Their advertisements are also false and misleading.

For example, they promise to cover the repair or replacement of your appliances, but here is my experience: After needing to wait on the phone for around an hour each time I call, they offered to replace a $1200 cooktop for $150 and an $800 dishwasher for $175. And that is after you put the $65 per claim to diagnose the issue. The replacement cost they offer wouldn't even cover the cost of manufacturing.

I was also denied a claim for an A/C unit that went bad. They claimed it was bad from an improper install for a leak where it had been welded. They cover wear and tear, but not "improper install". I asked them if it was improperly welded then why would it have worked without leaking for an entire year? Sounds like wear and tear to me. They said I was free to get a second opinion on my own dime and that they would "consider it". Instead, I am filing a claim with my Attorney General's office.

I'm complaining to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook about their deceptive and misleading claims in advertising and untrustworthy business practices, because frankly their PPC advertising accounts should be suspended so they can't use these platforms to scam more people. And remember on Facebook they can delete your comments from their site, but they can't delete comments on their ads.

Do yourself a favor, look elsewhere. Don't allow get duped into taking your realtor's recommendation just because Choice Home Warranty is giving them a kickback. As a buyer make sure you specify a different home warranty in the RE contract. Choice Home Warranty the home warranty company you are looking for.

Posted on 06/01/2018

TEXAS -- Horrible company, stay away! I switched from One Guard to Choice because it was much cheaper—HUGE mistake! I am switching back to One Guard. Choice is a dirty company and I don't know how they are even still in business. They find some way to weasel out of paying any claims. We had One Guard for years and never had trouble with them—and they paid for a new oven, washer, A/C, etc. I wish I would have never left them. We had A/C issues after we switched to Choice, but Choice would not pay anything for it because they said we could not prove we had done annual maintenance to the unit.

On the other hand, One Guard repaired the SAME unit in the past (for a different issue), they never said a word about the fact that we didn't do annual maintenance. Our water heater went out after we switched to Choice and Choice refused to pay for a replacement because it had rust on it. I finally got fed up with Choice and decided to cancel and switch back to One Guard. Even the cancellation process demonstrated how far superior One Guard is to Choice.

I spent about 30 minutes on hold—a common occurrence at that company—and then had to argue with a guy on the phone for about 10 minutes after that to get them to cancel my policy. When the representative finally gave up on trying to get me to stay, he told me they would only give me back about half the money I should have been refunded because of fees and the cost of any services they did to our house! Which, I assume, must have simply been the cost of sending people out to tell us that they can't do anything for us—UNREAL!

When I canceled my One Guard policy (once again, big mistake), I simply sent them an email telling them what day the cancellation would be effective. They promptly sent me an email back confirming the cancellation and told me they were sorry I was leaving. Done. No hassle, no waiting on the phone for a half hour, no arguments, and they refunded ALL my prorated money back with no hassle. Choice may be the cheapest, but you would be better off with no home warranty company at all. Spend the extra money and go with One Guard.

Posted on 05/18/2018

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I placed an inquiry online. After reading the reviews (other than the ones from the company owned website) I decided not to use them. I made several requests to be removed from Robo Calls, Emails and Mail. I was hung up on 5 times after I asked to be removed from their calling list.

When I asked for a manager I was told the hold time was 13 minutes. I opted for a call back instead of waiting. The so-called manager who called me back had the same nasty attitude as the salespeople. I guess they are training in rudeness! The manager told me there was no guarantee I would be removed from the calling list, but wait 72 hours and "SEE"? I can't imagine actually paying these nasty people for service and having to file a claim!!! Buyer beware is an understatement with Choice Warranty. My advice: Choose to stay away!!!

Posted on 05/11/2018

SOMERVILLE, TENNESSEE -- CHW is a scam. Every time you call on a claim, they find a loop-hole if how not to cover the repair. Save your hard earned money & spend it on a wiser purchase!

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