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Choice Home Warranty Review

, Editor | Updated November 19, 2018

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Posted on 02/14/2018

MESA, ARKANSAS -- I have been a customer for years, I paid 5 years in advance with a discount. Had my pool pump go out and the cost to replace is $606. They offered me $377. They told me when I called in claim that I could use my pool guy to replace. After he went through their tedious process of itemizing cost of parts and labor and told them it was $606, they report back that they will only give $377 for the total job.

They said this is because I'm using my contractor. I told them I was using him because they said I could. Their supervisor/manager took me to a Google page online and said, "See...here is where it says that if you use your person we pay average cost not actual." I told them in AZ the average cost would be different because law requires a two speed motor. They don't care! I told them, "If I would of known you paid this way, I would of not said anything about my pool guy." They don't care! I have referred others to them and paid over $3k to them in premiums over the years. Bottom line, THEY DO NOT CARE!

Posted on 02/13/2018

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Choice Home Warranty - VERY BAD CHOICE. This is the worst home warranty company. They will do anything to sell a policy and nothing to service a claim. As a realtor, I had sent thousands of dollars of business to Choice and every time a claim was made, no matter what it was, it was excluded. This is more than a waste of money, they will also waste your time and efforts to get coverage. Too bad I can't give them a zero star rating because that is what they deserve.

Posted on 02/06/2018

I am being harassed daily by CHW via incessant emails even though I have sent them numerous requests to remove my email from their database. Now I am going to BBB and looking for an attorney to begin a case against them. They are a FRAUD!!! DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY. I have been hung up on THREE times in the last twenty minutes when I have called stating my complaint. Right now I am talking to a supposed supervisor named Michael who claims he is putting my request in. We shall see!

Posted on 01/29/2018

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- A month after we bought our home the Air Conditioner stopped working. Choice sent a technician who said the unit needed to be replaced and it should be covered under the warranty. Choice, however, decided that the break was "not caused by normal wear and tear". The technician who saw the unit said it was normal wear and tear, but Choice insisted that their expert (who never came to the house, never saw the unit, never spoke to us) said it wasn't.

I was invited to appeal the decision, but was surprised to discover that, if they lost the appeal the terms of their contract said the most they would pay is $1500. It cost us $5300 to replace the AC. Clearly they were just denying the claim to reduce their liability. The technician who came to the house tried to advocate for us, but even though Choice chose him and sent him they would not listen to his conclusion.

Posted on 01/16/2018

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Choice Home Warranty Company is a FRAUD. They also, have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS including managers and so-called supervisors. I purchase a house in need to so many repairs so the seller opted to purchase a three year home warranty under this company. Let me tell you I've been paying out of my pocket ever since after filing several claims with these crooked fingers. Each time I'm told in order to get my money back I will have to wait 30 days.

They even did a three way with the plumber that did the work and still claim they have to review just to get out of paying. Please if you are thinking about purchasing a Home warranty from these people out of New Jersey "RUN not walk." Choice Home Warranty refuses to cover anything that will cost them more than $300 to repair or replace. I DO NOT recommend this company.

Posted on 01/09/2018

TEANECK, NEW JERSEY -- They do not cover roofs, no leaks, not even a naiI. They sent someone and he said, "Miss you wasted your money." The man did not even wanted the $50. He stayed on the phone for over 2:40 hours telling them what the problem was and the CSR finally hang up the phone. We called 3 times different people. They would not cover the repair.

Do not sign up until you read all small text. The AC they do not cover. They cover parts but at the end of the day you need to pay $. The color test that can run you up to $600 then they only pay 2 lbs of free on! While the machine needs 4 lbs then you need to pair $150 more for free on and if you can't Find the leak they do not pay for anything!

For water tanks if it leaks do not cover it. They give you the run around. Hang the phone and get nasty with you until you get tired but you will not get a penny from them! Plus, yes they are open 24 hours but you have to wait until a subcontractor takes your request and then make an appointment! No emergency place to call and that is what they have told me!

Appliances you will never get the same $200 for a dryer that was $900. They will fix it but pending. Do not sign until you read all small text. Designed to take the money. They tell you what you want to hear. At the end of the day they got your money and you are alone with the problem -$40 for a visit of the technician that comes to check the issue.

Posted on 01/04/2018

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Our dryer between 5 & 6 years old stopped heating. Dryer ran perfectly just didn't heat. Dryer was in our master closet had never has a service call on it. Looked like new. We called Choice home warranty 12/25/2017. They sent a man out on 12/27/2017. He came from bowling property maintenance LLC. East Sparta Ohio. He did not know how to get into dryer so looking on my husband phone he started. He literally tore our dryer apart.

My husband was in the room with him when he broke an electrical clip off control panel wire harness. He stated he would take back to shop and fix. Finding he couldn't fix. He took other parts from dryer with him. Then called back and stated he would not be back. He sent a report to choice lying about the condition of our dryer. Stated the screws was missing, parts missing, dryer issue was not normal wear and tear. All lies.

In turn choice called and stated they would not pay to fix. When I looked the company up where the man came from his co. Description was lawn mowing, mulch, leaf removal, mulching, tree pruning, the list goes on. Outdoor things none of which are appliance repair. Choice sent him here... he walked in our home... tore our dryer up. I feel like we been robbed. Choice advertisements sound good but beware. They don't do what the advertisement says. I also don't think they know who or what they are sending into our homes. Beware.

Posted on 12/16/2017

ARIZONA -- I recently purchased a home that included a Choice Home Warranty. I needed my washer repaired. I was told my claim did not cover a preexisting condition and that it wasn't maintained. So basically because the previous owner did not maintain the washer it was my fault. It didn't matter I've only lived here 30 days. The switch/timer is made of plastic and is all 1 piece. And a piece of the plastic broke off. Maintenance would not have prevented that. And it can't be repaired because it's 1 piece. The whole piece has to be replaced. And I am sorry but I'm 60 yrs old and have never heard of anyone having an appliance maintained in 60 years.

Despite what their website says they are not a comprehensive protection against the high cost of home repair nor do they believe in outstanding customer service. The only thing they warranty is that they will take your money and you will still have a higher cost repair.

Posted on 12/09/2017

N. RICHLAND HILLS, TEXAS -- Choice Home Warranty seems to not cover anything that went wrong in our home. Our refrigerator went out... not covered. Our air conditioner went out, they sent a crew to fix it, the problem was not corrected, we paid someone out of pocket to fix it. Our garage door spring broke... not covered. Once you have paid for a year and are not satisfied, we were told NO REFUNDS. Watch out for paying one or two years out.

Posted on 12/01/2017

NORTH CAROLINA -- I am so very pleased with my choice Home Warranty. I just can't say enough good things, they take care of all my concerns. Bad contractors to an ASAP job. I would recommend Choice warranty to a family because THEY CARE about you and will take your complaint seriously and provide all the support you need. Happy Family, Happy Customer.

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