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, Editor | Updated November 19, 2018

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Posted on 06/01/2018

TEXAS -- Horrible company, stay away! I switched from One Guard to Choice because it was much cheaper—HUGE mistake! I am switching back to One Guard. Choice is a dirty company and I don't know how they are even still in business. They find some way to weasel out of paying any claims. We had One Guard for years and never had trouble with them—and they paid for a new oven, washer, A/C, etc. I wish I would have never left them. We had A/C issues after we switched to Choice, but Choice would not pay anything for it because they said we could not prove we had done annual maintenance to the unit.

On the other hand, One Guard repaired the SAME unit in the past (for a different issue), they never said a word about the fact that we didn't do annual maintenance. Our water heater went out after we switched to Choice and Choice refused to pay for a replacement because it had rust on it. I finally got fed up with Choice and decided to cancel and switch back to One Guard. Even the cancellation process demonstrated how far superior One Guard is to Choice.

I spent about 30 minutes on hold—a common occurrence at that company—and then had to argue with a guy on the phone for about 10 minutes after that to get them to cancel my policy. When the representative finally gave up on trying to get me to stay, he told me they would only give me back about half the money I should have been refunded because of fees and the cost of any services they did to our house! Which, I assume, must have simply been the cost of sending people out to tell us that they can't do anything for us—UNREAL!

When I canceled my One Guard policy (once again, big mistake), I simply sent them an email telling them what day the cancellation would be effective. They promptly sent me an email back confirming the cancellation and told me they were sorry I was leaving. Done. No hassle, no waiting on the phone for a half hour, no arguments, and they refunded ALL my prorated money back with no hassle. Choice may be the cheapest, but you would be better off with no home warranty company at all. Spend the extra money and go with One Guard.

Posted on 05/18/2018

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I placed an inquiry online. After reading the reviews (other than the ones from the company owned website) I decided not to use them. I made several requests to be removed from Robo Calls, Emails and Mail. I was hung up on 5 times after I asked to be removed from their calling list.

When I asked for a manager I was told the hold time was 13 minutes. I opted for a call back instead of waiting. The so-called manager who called me back had the same nasty attitude as the salespeople. I guess they are training in rudeness! The manager told me there was no guarantee I would be removed from the calling list, but wait 72 hours and "SEE"? I can't imagine actually paying these nasty people for service and having to file a claim!!! Buyer beware is an understatement with Choice Warranty. My advice: Choose to stay away!!!

Posted on 04/18/2018

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- This company showed up in my E-mail. Went on the site and just beginning to fill in my information, when my work phone rings. Chris a salesman starts his sales pitch and I tell him to give me a little time to talk with my wife. Got his phone and ext. No more than hang the phone up and Miles calls, same company, tells me he can give me a better deal than Chris.

Long story short I bought 1 year policy with understanding of 30 days to cancel with full refund. After I hang up I looked at Better Business. Bureau rating and see they have a very poor rating. Called them back right then and told them to cancel our policy, after very much hassle was told they would and were to send me E-mail confirmation which I have not received. Called them 7 times they lie every time. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

Posted on 03/28/2018

NEW JERSEY -- Every time I call in and they send someone out I'm always told it is not covered. Once again they are not helping with the leaks in my plumbing system. I understand sewer breaks aren't covered but the actual leak I've reported to them they are once again denying. Same with the A/C unit having a leak and losing Freon and I have to pay for the $600 to put Freon back in and then told I need a new unit which they don't help cover.

We do the maintenance on our equipment and then told that proper maintenance wasn't done and deny my claim. We take good care of our stuff but never good enough to them to pay a claim. Same when my dryer went out they would not cover fixing and was told that if I buy a new one they would give me $100.00 which that's what I ended up doing. I switched to this company and it has been a nightmare with them ever since. Now I see why they have a C Rating and that's too good for this company. Their own service contractors they send to my house tell me they deny almost every claim so not a good standing with them either.

Posted on 03/20/2018

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Purchased house 8/2017 plan CHW 9/2017. First problem 12/2017, no heat. Tech repaired but too long time to get part as unit is 1998. Commented maintained well to still be running since most units at beach last 10 years. Had routine serviced on my own 12/20/2017. Commented may have problems in future due to a leak but okay for a while. 3/18/2018, no air. CHW sent tech. Again said in good shape for unit of that age. Several problems. Tech stated CHW will find a way not to repair or replace.

CHW refused to pay for repair or replace on 3/20/2018, same day tech sent in report. Called, complained, sent to resolution dept. SAME story about it not being maintained...SO, if one is buying a house, and CHW doesn't inspect the unit in question, HOW can they use the "maintained" excuse. It is not listed as an exclusion in the booklet they send.

Posted on 03/08/2018

HOUSTON TX, TEXAS -- We have continued to have poor experiences with this company. They deny most things, they send out incompetent service people, and their customer service is poor. We have now been waiting for 3 weeks to get our refrigerator fixed. The serviceman no showed, then didn't have the part, then after we waited two weeks to get the part, it turns out he had the wrong part. This is unacceptable and the CHW refuses to do anything to fix the problem.

Then when we had the hot water heater go out and flood the place, we had to get someone out right away. CHW could not come out quickly enough so we had someone come out and fix it and now CHW refuses to pay for it. Save yourself the stress and go with a more reputable company. Their abysmal star rating is deserved. Check out their BBB profile as well. There are a lot of complaints and disputes with this company.

Posted on 03/05/2018

GROVE, OKLAHOMA -- I do NOT recommend Choice Home Warranty. While their prices may be inexpensive, their customer service is horrible. It took six phone calls in one day to get an answer to my refrigerator problem. While it was finally resolved, the problem is a lack of communication between departments, but I wasted almost an entire day on the phone with them. I decided to switch companies and had to get angry with Ryan--a retention employee, who kept trying to get me to give the company another chance. I repeatedly told him NO and said I'd already switched companies. He was rude and arrogant. I don't lose my temper very often, but I lost it with Ryan.

Posted on 02/21/2018

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I call them to fix my dryer last month, they said it is precondition problem and didn't fix it. Today I call for fixing roof leak. They said they don't cover the tile roof and if the leak is in garage. But they sold me the coverage without asking what type of roof you have. I asked them to cancel my contract and pay back my $420, they will pay me back just $200 and try to convince me to keep my contract but I canceled it. Don't want to deal with this B.S. anymore. Don't waste your money and time with this company.

Posted on 02/14/2018

MESA, ARKANSAS -- I have been a customer for years, I paid 5 years in advance with a discount. Had my pool pump go out and the cost to replace is $606. They offered me $377. They told me when I called in claim that I could use my pool guy to replace. After he went through their tedious process of itemizing cost of parts and labor and told them it was $606, they report back that they will only give $377 for the total job.

They said this is because I'm using my contractor. I told them I was using him because they said I could. Their supervisor/manager took me to a Google page online and said, "See...here is where it says that if you use your person we pay average cost not actual." I told them in AZ the average cost would be different because law requires a two speed motor. They don't care! I told them, "If I would of known you paid this way, I would of not said anything about my pool guy." They don't care! I have referred others to them and paid over $3k to them in premiums over the years. Bottom line, THEY DO NOT CARE!

Posted on 02/13/2018

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Choice Home Warranty - VERY BAD CHOICE. This is the worst home warranty company. They will do anything to sell a policy and nothing to service a claim. As a realtor, I had sent thousands of dollars of business to Choice and every time a claim was made, no matter what it was, it was excluded. This is more than a waste of money, they will also waste your time and efforts to get coverage. Too bad I can't give them a zero star rating because that is what they deserve.

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