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Ripped Off, Lied To.
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- I am a 5 time Dell computer owner. I have been buying Dell computers since 2003. Dell is the only computer brand that I have ever owned. I recently helped my Mother purchase a Dell and highly recommended them. Upon receiving it the orig computer did not work from the factory. They agreed it was a bad computer. Took it back and we upgraded to a better model.

About 8 months in the computer was working perfectly but stopped charging the battery. Dell assist worked and getting it resolved at home even sending out a new battery. Upon getting it did not fix the issue. They accessed the computer via remote desktop, did testing and confirmed a bad i/0 daughter board sent a call tag to just fix that. We sent it get a call a few days later requesting money for a USB repair.

We stated we did not have a USB problem but a non-charging issue and that it was sent in for an i/0 daughter board replacement. After 2 attempts the calls asking for money stopped. We received the computer 4 days later not in the factory box and packing we sent it in, Upon getting it out of the box immediately noticed the intel inside labels was missing from the case, then noticed the case had been burned back together with a heat gun where the case had been broken. further, an inspection found cracks in the lower case that had not even been repaired. We tried to power it on and all we get is a Dell assist error screen saying no bootable device.

Now a week later of lies and broken promise and accusations toward us, were told that it was in this condition when we sent it is which is lies, told it would not be replaced nor any extended warranty given on it. They have agreed to repair it, but this is major damage and we do not feel this computer will ever be the same as it will have to be gutted and rebuild in a new case in a non-factory setting.

My 74 yr old mother did not damage this computer at her desk nor could she attempt repairs with a heat gun on a case and its clear to see it was an attempt to hide a broken case, not only did they break my case and destroy my computer they tried to charge me the consumer for their damage under the false pretense of needing a USB port. No I did not need a USB port as they said but I did need a new case that they broke. This is an outrage. It was my 5th Dell computer and it meant nothing to their customer service team, I had to call them 50 times just to get a response.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I have been dealing with Dell for over 30 days, and yet to have a resolution. They have been to my home 4 times, and can't seem to fix. The last visit was close, as the initial issue was resolved, but the keyboard does not function properly. The space bar does not work, nor does about 6 different keys, which tells me that the keyboard was installed improperly, and if they returned quickly, all would have been solved. Nevertheless, they have chosen not to return, or communicate in any way!

They can build a laptop in less than 60 minutes, but can't repair it in less than 30 days! I had to go to my yearly business show and carry a wireless keyboard and mouse around to function properly, which was a horrible inconvenience and embarrassing! Every time I communicate, they state that it is in the hands of the "Escalation" dept, and will be resolved. It has been 10 days and not a single call???

BTW, I was in warranty when this started, and now I am out of warranty, which is why I think they are dragging their feet! I was going to extend when this issue was repaired, but now I will donate this laptop to the Church and purchase another brand!

Defective Dell Tablet
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Rating: 3/51

I ordered and received a Dell Venue 8 Pro on July 8, 2015. This is my second attempt to get a Dell tablet. The first one I returned. It would not charge and I could not get it to process anything. My new tablet would not charge. Got message (plugged in not charging) even though the power button said I only had 47% power. The Dell technician said I needed bios and driver update which he installed.

I have only loaded one (1) program to the tablet. I tried to update to Windows 10. Error message, "Not enough space". Microsoft checked the tablet. It has files on it dated 2013 which could not be accessed and only 4.16 G of 18.7G available. It is also telling me there is a partition, which I did not create and cannot access. I obviously got a USED TABLET from Dell and I get the rudest tech service persons when I try to find out what is happening. Dell is sending crap to customers. This has to stop.

Your staff are liars and they give you a bad name
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SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA -- On March 29, 2011 before I went out to Best Buy or Walmart to get a computer, I gave Dell the opportunity so that I can get a computer. I talked with their representative for a good hour explaining my home business and the type of printers I use and that I need Windows XP because of the 32-bit drivers that I have the download disks for. Mr ID # ** gave me all the story how I had to make my PC custom for that, and that he can get it done with no problem. Lie # 1. I get my computer on April 12, two weeks later I get my computer. I was out of town and my son signed for it.

On April 14 I get home and I start to set it up and download my drivers and stuff and nothing goes through. I go to the websites of these printers and download directly from the company website and they still do not go through. Today, 8:00 am EST I call Dell and I start talking to this representative who verifies all my info and I explain to him everything I did. He then wanted to take control of my computer from where he was at to fix it and then he found out he couldn't do it... I gave him the websites so that he could download the drivers because he said he could have done it that way and he failed.

Now when all this started, he verified my two phone numbers and he told me that if we disconnect, he will call me right back. Lie # 2. I waited an hour for him to call me - nothing. I called again and got disconnected. I called again and told them I would like to talk to a supervisor but they said there wasn't 1 available, that they had to take control of the situation. Again I had to explain everything and then he got me with a supervisor who took the same info and again and told me to hold and he hung up. I'm really pissed now.

I call again and I asked for the escalation team because that is where the previous guy was supposed to transfer me to. Again I get the run around with my info and that they need it. I got so mad because of the lying that has been going on and every time I have to give everything again in detail. And like I told her that the gentleman prior had offered me a $200 printer for my inconvenience and I said "let's do this, give me a $200 credit on the Inspiron 1018 mini laptop and I will pay for the rest and also buy the Targus backpack with the accessories" and he says "No I can only give you a $100 printer."

I quoted him that he just said a $200 printer, he said "No I meant a $100 printer." See all the lies so far. Now I just got the call from the escalation team telling me they're sorry for my inconvenience and I told her to stop lying and put herself in my shoes to see if she would like it hearing that crap after all the lies I've been hearing. I told her I wish they are really recording the call so that she could become a leader and show the her escalated directors about this situation. So in short Dell, moved out of our country to get cheap labor that doesn't know how to speak the English language and take us for every thing our country has in our taxes.

This company should be banned from the USA if they can not provide the service that is needed here. Now I'm out of a computer, have to wait for another cycle to get my debit card credited but they are sorry for my inconveniences.

Will Never Deal With Dell Again
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Let me start from the beginning. I purchased an Inspiron 1545 from Dell in July 2010. After a few days, the computer went berserk and I had to do a system restore. I had received a lot of issues with the computer, from it running slow, to certain computers not functioning, or crashing. And at first I thought maybe it was a bug with Windows 7, since the computer was new and hardly had anything on it (and no, I didn't download anything to get a bug or virus or anything odd). In September, I got the horrible BSOD, and finally decided to contact Dell tech support. Now, I had tried almost everything with this computer to fix it, including getting a registry program.

The Dell tech looked at the computer (through that tool that allows you to take over your computer) and told me to download a file from Dell and all should be well. It wasn't. It kept crashing, taking forever to load, and another BSOD occurred. I put in a request, and then a long, horrible interaction with Dell began. To make a long story short, Dell tech could not figure out what was wrong (and the BSOD happened 2 more times). A representative offered to give me a replacement computer. This was on October 5. I never received the computer... and when I say never, I mean, up to this point, I haven't received it.

It was sent to the wrong address, held up for unknown reasons, and I just kept getting the run around. I would be told "oh, it's in production, it will be to you in 8 days." Now this has happened quite a few times since October 5, 2010. When I contacted them for the 100th time on November 9th to see the hold up, I was told, "oh, it's coming".
By November 18, I attempted to contact Dell again. I found out the order was cancelled (and no, no one bothered to call me) because the computer was no longer in stock. Confusion!!!

I received an email that stated it was no longer in stock with a webcam in the color I originally purchased... so I told the representative I didn't care about the color as long as I got the Inspiron 1545 as I was promised to replace the defective one that was originally sent to me. The representative responded stating that the model wasn't available at all with my original specification in any color, and offered a "similar" computer, a N5030, which I couldn't even find. I explained that I've been waiting on this computer for over a month, and I didn't want a "similar" (no, not better), computer. I asked for a refund, and was told this wasn't an option.

I called customer service and was told the same thing. Then was placed on hold for 10 mins waiting for a manager. I finally hung up in frustration. This just happened earlier today. Not only did Tech Support not seem to know what was going on, but Dell refused to send the replacement computer. And now, they refuse to send me a refund because it's after 21 days from the original purchase? That doesn't make sense, they are the ones that constantly screwed up. And to top it off, the computer isn't even available anymore?!

Between being bounced around different departments in India (the only time I spoke to anyone in the US was to be transferred over to India), being hung up/disconnected in online chats and in the middle of telephone calls (this literally happened 3 times in one day and I kept calling Dell back to back to back), from constant emails, and phone calls, I find Dell to be utterly horrible in their customer service. I am currently complaining to any and everyone in regards to my situation. Ironically, from doing some research, I am not the only one who has experienced a situation like this.

Not only did Dell's laptop suck (it was defective), their customer service fails to make amends with the customer...although we know they can. Please, please, save yourself from months of stress and frustration. I've been dealing with this situation with Dell since September 2010, and have been waiting for my replacement computer since October 5, 2010, and to find out on November 22, 2010 that all of a sudden the computer isn't even available. They didn't offer a better computer or a refund, and they denied my request for one. The most they gave was "sorry for the inconvenience." Really? I'd say it is way more than an "inconvenience".

Dell Inc. Inspiron brand is faulty -- Please submit your experiences for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST DELL.
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Dell Inc. is the worst computer/laptop company. Their customer service is atrocious. I am a Dell Inc. customer and have been years. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 in 2008 that has been faulty since day 1. Dell Inc. have not fulfilled their obligations, under the warranty agreement and continue to refuse to rectify my issues with my Inspiron. I have asked them to completely replace the laptop since it was deteriorating since before I bought it. But they have refused, claiming "a replacement is not an option". If I had known that they use refurbished and deteriorating part to build the Inspiron, I would not have bothered. Who would?

Even after the laptop was sent to their depot, after telephone remote diagnostics and a replacement of the motherboard, after they claim to have "thoroughly checked and tested", my laptop is still having the same issues. I've had so many issues with my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525), as well as issues with Dell Inc. customer services. Some of the problems are that my laptop constantly overheats (which emits a burnt wire type of smell), crashes, freezes and randomly shuts down even after it had been sent to their Depot for repair. I believe that my laptop was assembled with defective and deteriorating parts but it was passed off as brand new when they sold it to me.

I believe that Dell Inc. is a company that employs fraudulent means to make money. They do whatever they can to save costs on parts or other inventory costs, when assembling a product, then they sell it for more than it is worth. I am going to submit a complaint for over 2 million dollars against Dell Inc this week at the District Court for selling me a defective product and then sending it back to me without fixing the issues. They also put me through a data breach issue recently when someone called in asking for information about my account and they disclosed it. It was a complete stranger.

If anyone else has had similar issues with their Inspiron product, customer service or data breach, please contact me at **. I need a notarized statement/written account about your experiences with defective Inspiron product, warranty services that have not been honored and bad customer service. Your notarized affidavits will greatly help this case and it will pave the way for others to automatically file a claim for their defective Inspiron products.

Dell Inc. has been scamming customers for several years now, as evidenced in numerous complaints and lawsuits, by falsely representing the true quality of the Dell Inspiron brand and deliberately selling warranty services that are no good and do not adequately cover inherent design defects of their Inspiron products. Dell Inc. is considered a Fortune 500 but sadly they make most of their profits by selling products for more than they are actually worth. A laptop is not supposed to crash, randomly shut down or overheat! Especially if it is less than 5 years old. Motherboards are supposed to last for years.

So if the laptop is experiencing the above-mentioned issues, the motherboard is defective. Let us stand up to this company and stop them from taking advantage of the "little people". Dell Inc. cannot stand by their product because they are fully aware of the defective nature of their Inspiron but they still continue to sell them even after having received numerous complaints and lawsuits. Notice that Dell Inc. put in a mandatory Arbitration in their terms and condition. It's because they don't have faith in their products so they need to hide behind a 'binding arbitration clause'. A company who can proudly stand by their product never needs to hide.

DO NOT PURCHASE LAPTOPS OR COMPUTERS OR WARRANTY SERVICES FROM DELL INC. FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, THEIR PRODUCTS OR CUSTOMER SERVICES FOR THAT MATTER ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY. Email me as soon as you can, so I can forward the form I prepared to you. I will submit all notarized statements to the judge. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Wishing you a fantastic day!!!

Customer Service/Support: Why Even Pretend?
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First off - I am posting this expression of frustration here because Dell does not care enough to provide any access point for feedback that I could find (after searching for an hour) with the exception of feedback on their website. I purchased this high-end Intel i7 based model 8100 desktop a week ago to replace a Sony Vaio desktop that had been serving me very well and without any problems for 8 years. The hardware is all that it is advertised to be. A good piece of assembly. However, yesterday for some reason all of the Application Icons went blank and became dysfunctional. This rendered my new screaming piece of hardware almost useless.

I knew it was a software issue. After reinstalling Windows 7, running Norton scans three times in an effort to detect if a virus was the cause, reinstalling MS office and surfing the Microsoft Windows 7 support website and blogs for answers to my problem, the Microsoft website stated that Dell provided support for its products. Consult them was the suggestion. So I did! By phone. After providing permission for remote access to my PC, the first guy concluded that he did not have the training to deal with the problem that I was encountering. He would need to transfer me to the software area.

After providing permission to guy #2 for remote access to my computer he looked around for about 45 seconds and concluded that it was not Dell's problem. Since my Norton registry indicated that there were two threats that were recently detected and remedied that there was obviously a major problem due to a "wireless virus." (BTW: the two threats that were detected and remedied occurred as the result of Dell's remote access attempt. Norton did its job. I authorized Norton to allow the access.) This second guy did not even look at or acknowledge my dysfunctional logo issue.

The fact that somehow link files had lost track of their respective executable files was consequential to the "virus." That was the only explanation. He stated that obviously I had caused this by using the Internet and using the wireless capability of the computer. Dell would not accept any responsibility for such a situation. Dell would not assist me (without a charge) to get the computer that I had bought just seven days ago back up and running. He could "remedy my virus problem and thus fix all other problems" on my PC but it would cost me. Forget the obvious fact that neither this guy nor the first had a clue as to what they were doing.

It was obvious that they were operating from some sort of scripted knowledge base which led to to the ultimate and desired conclusion that Dell would not claim any responsibility or at least compassion for their product or my predicament. At about this point my blood pressure began to rise. To make a rather long and painful story I finally hung up in disgust. I returned to the MS Windows 7 support website and after a few more searches was pointed to a inexpensive third party registry cleaner utility. I bought it for less than 10% of the cost that the incompetent Dell guy attempted to scam me out of. It installed and remedied my icon problem in about 3 minutes.

After 5 hours of frustration my software issue on my Dell computer was finally remedied. No thanks to Dell. In fact, I am totally convinced that Dell's lack of interest in their customer will prevent me from ever buying or recommending a Dell to anyone. Never Again! I have direct influence and approval authority for all desktop purchases in my company. Dear Dell... pick up a copy of the "Cluetrain Manifesto." The consumer world is out here talking to one another.

I'm In Dell Hell
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- In April, 2009, I was in the market for a new computer. We have always purchased Gateway computers and have had no problems or issues with them. I was a satisfied Gateway customer but my daughter insisted that I go with a Dell instead. The computer was purchased on April 23, 2009. We were also charged tax on the shipping. We are told by the so-called Dell Resolution Team after we started actually having problems with the computer that the warranty clock starts ticking from the time of the purchase, even though you don't actually have the computer to use. Therefore, it is not a true one-year warranty.

At first, the problems were little quirky things, like the Internet freezing or the sound coming and going. We never thought twice about it. On 10-19-09, the computer would not boot at all. I tried pressing the enter key as instructed but received the same message. I turned the computer off and on several times. I unplugged the computer from the wall but still received the same message. At that point, I called Dell's Customer Service and that's when I entered into a black hole that I refer to as “Dell Hell.” My call was answered by a technician in India.

Previously I was a medical transcriptionist for 23 years and have worked with doctors, interns, etc. so I am well-versed in foreign accents and the use and misuse of the English language. However, I had difficulty understanding this technician at times. A U.N. Interpreter shouldn't be necessary to communicate with tech support for a product purchased in the United States. I could tell that she was quite annoyed with my repeated attempts to interpret what she was saying. She repeatedly asked me (very loudly) “Are you with me?” She had me take my computer apart, disconnect the hard drive and then reconnect it back up.

She then advised me that the hard drive and the system board would need to be replaced, after which she asked if I could install the parts myself. Isn't this a service that was provided with the purchase of my computer? When I told her that I could not install the parts, she laughed. She then had to check if there was a service technician available in my area. I had to inform her that my bill of sale states that I am entitled to “1 year In-Home Service.” She then informed me that the technician would be at my home on Wednesday. She confirmed my name, address and phone number.

Then she tried to convince me that I needed to buy an external hard drive from Dell to back my information up. In fact, she strongly encouraged it. Wednesday came and went, as did Thursday and when Friday came and I had not heard from anyone regarding this issue, I called the Dell Customer (No) Service department again. I asked to speak to a manager. Another Indian speaking gentleman came on the phone by the name of ** (support is from techs in India with pseudo-American names reading from scripts.) I told him that I wanted to speak to someone in the United States. He told me that was impossible and that from now on, my service would be through India.

He informed me the technician attempted to call me three times but no one answered. I told him that since I have an answering machine with caller ID and that was impossible since no calls were recorded on either machine. He placed a conference call with Dell's in-home service contractor. Apparently, the first Indian technician I spoke to gave them my name and address, but supplied my daughter's phone number and she lived in another state at the time. The contractor told Dell that the area code and address did not match but they never bothered to return the call. It wasn't until I made contact that the situation was resolved.

The contract technician was at my home an hour later. He installed the hard drive and the system board and my computer still did not work. Apparently the system board that was sent was also damaged. He called Dell to get a replacement. The tech from India didn't understand the repairman and kept asking him to perform different tasks. The repair man repeatedly told the gentleman from India that the system board was dead. After stating this fact 6 different times, they finally agreed to send another system board. I was then told that the repairman would be back on Monday, October 26, to make the final repair.

It turns out that the parts weren't even shipped until October 26 and the service tech installed them on Thursday, October 29. I was informed that the parts used were “refurbished.” I was furious. We did not PAY for a refurbished computer, we paid for a NEW one. If I had wanted a refurbished computer, I certainly could have purchased one at a much lower cost. I felt the parts should be new as that is what was paid for. By this time, I was assigned a contact whose title was Senior Support Resolver, Dell/Consumer Resolution Center (their choice of title, certainly not mine).

Apparently they don't know the meaning of “resolution.” Her first message she left me stated that she had tried to reach me but I was not available and so I was to respond to her e-mail instead. Now, remember, I don't have a computer so how in the world did she even expect me to reply to an e-mail? I have spoken to her on many occasions, mostly my speaking and her robotically reading the same paragraphs over and over again like I am a slow learner. If someone can only read paragraphs from a paper and cannot make normal conversation, they obviously have no clue as to what they are stating.

She continued to call me every day at the same time and read the same paragraph to me, then sends those exact same words in an e-mail. She informed me that no one will call on her days off and she announces what days those are. To prove a point that she has no clue as to what she is saying, she has read yet another paragraph to me stating that “refurbished” does not mean used or rebuilt. When I read the definition of refurbished from the Webster's to her, she reads her same paragraph back to me.

She then informed me that if this next part did not work, they would replace my computer with a new one (actually it is a refurbished computer but remember, according to ** from Dell, “refurbished does not mean used.”) I told her that I wanted to speak to someone in the United States. Then, she did have some real words to say and they were “You will never speak to anyone in the United States again. I am your only contact and you will never talk to anyone but me.” I was also informed that no one was above her or **. This was as high as I could go. Maybe the CEO of Dell would like to know that these contacts are his boss?

I was so furious by this time, I decided to call Dell Sales Department. Guess what? I got someone who actually spoke English. She was so very pleasant and was really willing to help with anything. She asked if I was interested in a desktop or laptop. After a few more questions, I said “now I have a question for you. Where are you located?” There was this pause, and then energetically she replied “Well, I'm in Austin, Texas. Why do you ask?” My reply was “Why don't they have sales in India like the (no) service?” I explained my situation and she said she would try to help me. I felt she was the only sincere person I've gotten to speak to as of yet.

Now, if you are a large corporation, guess what? Dell gives you the Gold Service. However, if you are just a personal computer owner, like me, Dell gives you the “shaft.” Since my daughter purchased the computer through her company, the lady from Austin said she would send me to the “Gold Service” department. I received another American technician. I once again explained the whole situation. She told me she was going to talk to her manager and placed me on hold. I was on hold for what seemed like eternity but being that I actually had someone from the states on the phone, I did not want to lose that call.

Well, guess what? When someone finally came back on the line, it was ** from India! I was back overseas. ** apparently was told that I wanted to return the computer. ** started our conversation by reading the return policy to me stating that the time limit of 21 days to return the computer had passed and that it could not be returned. He had no idea what customer I even was even though he had spoken to me on several different occasions. He then transferred my call to sales yet again in India to “purchase” another computer. I told them that the Dell computer I already owned didn't work, why in the world would I purchase another one?

By the way, the 21 days starts when the order is placed, not when you actually receive the computer. Therefore, if they don't deliver your computer until 22 days after you actually purchase it, it cannot be returned. How fair do you think this return policy actually is? There are numerous, and I mean endless, complaints about this same Dell Customer (no) Service posted on the internet. I have spent hours upon hours reading the horrifying experiences and still didn't get through all of them. They mirror my story. I have also noted online that Dell has had Class Action Suits in 48 states for similar practices, yet they continue to do the same.

I have also found that some people have experienced identity theft after going through Dell's Financial Department. Funny, three days after my initial call with India, I received a phone call from a gentleman asking to speak to a “Mr. & Mrs. **.” Normally I would have told him he had the wrong number since he could not pronounce my last name. However, this gentleman had an Indian accent and so I assumed he was from Dell's technical support.

I asked what the call was in reference to. His reply was “It's about your mortgage.” My reply was “What?” and he stated “You don't have a mortgage?” I told him that that was none of his business and that I was registered with the “Do Not Call” and never to call me again. Coincidence? You can decide. We are now left with a computer that doesn‘t work properly. We have difficulty connecting to the internet even though we have broadband. The page we are on freezes. The mouse indicator goes away and the sound comes and goes. It seems like every day brings yet another problem.

Talking with Dell Resolution team is like beating a dead horse and brings no resolution whatsoever. Dell's answer seems to be to give me someone else's piece of “refurbished” garbage when I paid top-dollar for brand new. We've lost very important information on this computer because of the first system failure. I've spent countless hours trying to replace some of the files, others are lost forever. I probably should have backed up the system but who would ever expect a system this new to crash? I've also spent countless hours on the phone with no resolution from their so-called “Resolution Team.”

Dell says it prides itself on its corporate code of conduct to include Trust, Integrity, Honesty, Judgment, Respect, and Responsibility. They state that their success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. I am enclosing a copy of that same code of conduct. Apparently those in charge didn't receive that particular memo because they certainly do not live by those standards. Maybe their mind needs refreshed. There was a time when Dell actually lived by these standards, but that was before the greed. Frustrated is putting it mildly as to how I'm feeling right now. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Dell has no real phone number for the corporate office. In fact I've concluded that Dell Corporate simply doesn't care about repeat customers as they apparently have absolutely no feedback once the computer leaves the factory nor do they care. It won't be long before they will go the way of Woolworth's, Montgomery Wards and so many others. They cannot continue to lie and cheat their customers and really expect to have any customers. At Dell, customer service means no service at all. Dell's consumers are intentionally misled, and they've had to pay for that “privilege.” It's sad to say that I will never do business with Dell again.

I plan on posting this story on every possible complaint site there is in addition to e-mailing this letter to everyone I know. I will also be mailing numerous letters to Dell and other agencies until I see some type of resolution. This was our first experience with Dell and I can assure you, it shall be our last! Dell has a goal to “Earn a seat at the Billion Dollar Roundtable.” I say, not on my dime! Your Goals for 2010 and Beyond are many… How about we start with a working product and customer satisfaction!

Dell states their goal is to increase communications about corporate responsibility to customers. How can you possibly increase communications when there obviously is no communication to begin with? Let's first strive for a good product. Your motivational ads look great on paper but your bottom line does not reflect those same promises. According to Dell Key Performance Indicator Chart, your corporate revenue for Fiscal Year 2009 is less than that reported in Fiscal Year 2008, even though you have nearly 10,000 less employees. It does not take a mathematical wizard to figure out why the numbers are off.

You have built your empire on the backs of hard-working people don‘t forget that. Dell corporate take a good look in the mirror because you are cheating the average American consumer! I have a news flash for corporate at Dell: Word of mouth is the BEST advertising.... Are you listening DELL?

"CODE OF CONDUCT”DELL'S HIGHER STANDARD” - Dell's success is built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. We never compromise these standards and we will never ask any member of the Dell Team to do so either. We owe this to our customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. And we owe it to ourselves because success without integrity is essentially meaningless. Our higher standard is at the heart of what we know as The Soul of Dell – the statement of the values and beliefs which define our shared global culture.

This culture of performance with integrity unites us as a company that understands and adheres to our company values and to the laws of the countries in which we do business. Just as The Soul of Dell articulates our values and beliefs, the following Code of Conduct provides guidance to ensure we meet our higher standard and conduct business the Dell Way - the right way; which is "Winning with Integrity." Simply put, we want all members of our team, our shareholders, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to understand that they can believe what we say and trust what we do.

Our higher standard includes several key components and characteristics that both underpin The Soul of Dell and provide the foundation for our Code of Conduct. Trust. Our word is good. We keep our commitments. Integrity. We do the right thing without compromise. We avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Honesty. What we say is true and forthcoming – not just technically correct. We are open and transparent in our communications with each other and about business performance. Judgment. We think before we act and consider the consequences of our actions.

Respect. We treat people with dignity and value their contributions. We maintain fairness in all relationships. Courage. We speak up for what is right. We report wrongdoing when we see it. Responsibility. We accept the consequences of our actions. We admit our mistakes and quickly correct them. All of us – regardless of grade level, position or geographic location – should base our daily actions and conduct on these standards, which support The Soul of Dell and our ultimate success. Thank you for your commitment to our Code of Conduct and to maintaining Dell's higher standard. Signed, Michael Dell"

WEBSTER'S DEFINITION OF REFURBISH: freshen up (v), renovate (v). To refurbish used parts. On this web page, when I click on “Refurbish Dell” I get the following. An excerpt taken from the book “Green to Gold” by Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston, page 125, states: "... then dismantles the machine. Dell refurbishes and reuses some parts, and recycles the plastics. In the ..."

Or, how about an excerpt from “Green IT” by Toby Velte, Anthony Velte, and Robert Elsenpeter found on page 175, stating: "... brings a computer to be recycled into a Goodwill store, Dell will pick it up, refurbish it, sell it, and give those profits to Goodwill...." (So nice of Dell to make a donation to Goodwill on my dime). So which is it Dell, is Refurbish new or used?


Dell Tech Support is a DISASTER!
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I am writing because right now I am about as mad as I've ever been. Why? Because in January of this year my husband and I decided to use some of our overage money to purchase a pair of laptops for school. I bought two Dell Studio 1536 Laptops. That's when my nightmare began. Three days later the monitor quit on mine. There was also a problem that if you actually put it on your LAP, you got an electrical shock if it touched bare skin. We called tech support and they sent a box and shipped it back to them. About a month later I got it back. The screen worked, it still shocked you. Needing the laptop for school, I decided to work around the issue.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the end. Soon The computer was getting so hot that it was needing to be turned of frequently to prevent damage. Also, the AC cord overheated to the point that I actually burned my thumb and forefinger when I tried to pick it up one day. We called Tech Support. They sent a box and shipped it back to them. Two weeks later we got it back. The AC cord was the same. Two days after it arrived I was typing and the Z key FELL OFF!!! We called tech support. They shipped us a new AC cord. 2 months ago... Suddenly the computer starts randomly shutting off all by itself. We call tech support.

They sent a box and shipped it back to them. We waited... and waited... and waited. They had said 2 weeks, so at 2 weeks and three days we called. "Where's the laptop?" It's been placed on "billable hold". Apparently there was "water damage" to it. Water damage? Excuse me? I don't allow liquid near my laptop. Also, why wasn't I contacted? They had my name, address, phone number and the email account that I leave open 24/7. "ooops. Sorry. It must have been missed." So now they want $160 to FIX the computer, or $200 to ship it back to me.

The photos they sent to prove the water damage are so blurred that when I took them to a tech I know he wasn't able to say what the damage was, or even what part of the laptop he was looking at! I agreed to pay the $160 on the condition that the computer returned in perfect condition, needing no additional repair. It arrived today. I put it on my lap. I'm wearing shorts. I got zapped. Again. Also, there's one minor problem. See, the laptop came with a fingerprint scanner. It's a nifty little tool that lets you save your passwords and log into the computer and websites using a quick swipe of your fingerprint. What's the problem? It's MISSING!!! GONE!!!

Once again I call tech support. They're sending a box. It's going back. Again. They are going to look at it and see if they can fix the shock (which they haven't managed to fix in the THREE times they've had it) and see if they can find a fingerprint reader around there somewhere. They've replaced that technology with "facial recognition software". If they can't fix it they will replace the system with another system. This sounds OK, until they describe the "new" system. They will replace it with a "reconditioned" system (read piece of junk they couldn't fix properly for someone else) and my ORIGINAL warranty will remain the same, no new time on the new system!

When my Compaq broke they replaced it with a new system that came with a NEW warranty. So, if the "new" laptop breaks, I'm still only covered until January on a system that has spent three out of eight months with them. I have never once called and spent less than half an hour on hold. Usually I wind up shuttled around from department to department while they try to find someone who knows what's going on, and be sure to write your service tag # down, because it's written on the bottom of the computer and no where else, and they want it every time, even when they have the computer and you don't.

As time passes, they will recite to you their complete notes on every repair they have done, taking up more time, even if you've already told them the same information. So the reason I'm writing is that I know some of you may be in the market for a new computer or laptop or work with computers and talk to customers or friends about them. I am writing to warn you all that Dell makes a shoddy product in a laptop, doesn't properly stand behind their product and if you have problems, your new Dell laptop will be a never ending nightmare of shipping it back and forth with little resolution.

I will NEVER buy another Dell product, even so much as a mouse or keyboard. I strongly recommend you avoid them as well! If you do buy a Dell, get an attorney on retainer right away. You may need one to get your computer fixed properly!

Bait & Switch Sales Tactics
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I purchased a Dell Computer System via a phone conversation with a Dell Sales Rep. named ** and was told that I would have 6 months of no interest and no payments and that prior to the end of the 6 months period, I could pay off my original balance with my MasterCard. I also ordered a wireless mouse which I have never received. Shortly after receiving my computer, I received an invoice indicating accrued interest and a payment due. I was not alarmed as I had been confirmed as NO INTEREST and NO PAYMENTS for 6 months. On my next couple of invoices, I was accessed late fees as well as interest.

I have called numerous times to resolve this with no cooperation. I finally made a large payment and did pay off my entire purchase balance prior to the 6 months. I completed my purchase according to my agreement with ** and verified the terms with her several times. Now Dell says that I owe more money and I refuse to pay it as it is only bogus late fees and interest on the late fees. Has anyone else experienced this?

Most of the people that I talk with are in India, Kuwait, the Philippines or some other foreign country, and I can never talk with anyone who understands and no one can find ** to verify what I was told or even allow me to review or hear my original conversation as I know it was recorded for training purposes. BAD DELL - BAIT AND SWITCH!!!!!! Some of these data is new and may be helpful to me in resolving my situation, but I do not place much faith in it or Dell. I have sent numerous emails, faxes, and made numerous calls to Dell including the Dell Financial in Austin, Texas.

It appears they all have a 1 track mind, 1 track answers and cannot think or resolve issues by themselves. They all treat me the same, like I am a bum not paying my bills, and have even been called that by one of their employees. I am steadfast in that I do not owe the money, as it is only bogus charges derived from the late fees and interest assessed as a result of their changing our agreement after the purchase was made.

Dell tells me to call Dell Financial and Dell Financial tells me to call Dell or the Pentagroup Financial Collection Agency (which is also a part of Dell.) They in turn say they cannot do nothing unless Dell says so and Dell says it is out of their hands as it is now in collections, etc. It is a vicious circle and I am caught in the middle. I do not owe the money, will not be paying it, and may take my case to a small claims court if the charges are not removed and my credit file cleared.

I am a 63 years old Vietnam Combat Wounded Purple Heart Veteran, retired after 32 years in the Marine Corps, and retired 18 year Federal Employee and do not appreciate this type of service or insinuations. I am honest and would not try to get something that I had not agreed to.

All I can say is if Dell wants to pursue this, then I will let the world know of their deceptive practices with all the resources within my power, friends, websites, blogs, etc. I paid 100% of my purchase within my allotted time and do not owe them any more and will not be purchasing any more Dells in my lifetime!!!!! Again, thanks for your reply and data. HOW about a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT on DECEPTIVE SALES and COLLECTIONS PRACTICES?????

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