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Warranty & Customer Service
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Incident: I am an owner of two Hyundai Sonatas, one is a 2006, the second a 2009. We bought it for value, looks, and the terrific warranty--or so we thought. We took in our 06 Hyundai Sonata July 17 2010 to Global Auto Mall Plainfield NJ--where we purchased the vehicle--because of engine noise issues, and to have the vehicle serviced at @98,000 miles. Vehicle has 100,000 mi warranty. From the time of purchase there were issues with the engine which wobbled in the morning cold creating acceleration issues; going from second to third was a problem when the car was cold, and we took it to Global for service under warranty from the beginning.

Issue improved but was never quite resolved. The engine noise came back repeatedly and was serviced throughout life of the car all under warranty, including a full service at Towne Hyundai where they indicated the engine "was running hot". Most recent service was at Global Auto Mall fall of 2009 again for engine noise/acceleration issues. This time when we took the car in on July 17th 2010, they initially indicated they had a loaner (that was arranged by **, Service agent) but when my husband got there he was sent to Enterprise Car Rental in Greenbrook for a rental costing $40/day.

** indicated they would reimburse for the rental. ** called us about the Sonata 6-7 days later indicating the car needed a whole new engine. They needed also all of our service records--up to 31,000 they were done at Global, after that we serviced near our home where it was more convenient. We sent all the records we had--we were missing two or three oil change paper work--our service guy moved and he could not locate those records. GLOBAL AUTO MALL told us they would not do the car under warranty, and we should call Hyundai Consumer Affairs, which we did.

They indicate it is up to the dealership, while the dealer says it's up to Hyundai to repair under warranty--classic case of consumer ping-pong, where I am the ball. We faxed in the last of the documents we found on oil changes to Hyundai Consumer Affairs 26th, and it was indicated there would be three days needed for resolution. That would be today, August 30th.

When I called today, they didn't have fax attached to our files, so after managing to get the representative to attach it to our files, we were told it would be yet another three-four days for resolution. I indicated that was unacceptable and I wanted a resolution today--I asked that our case be prioritized AFTER SIX WEEKS OF NONSENSE! Incidentally Global Auto Mall does not intend to reimburse us for the rental amount, because they state they are not working on our car--it is just sitting there!

Unacceptable! This has caused extraordinary problems for my family at home, since my daughter intended on taking the 06 Hyundai to college last week--she is now delayed, and will have to be off campus housing without her car until this resolved. We will make added trips and incur added expense to drop her off at school 4 hours away and then have her train down when car is repaired. I never had an issue with Mercedes Benz, or Audi, or for that matter Chevy Suburban or GMC Yukon regarding warranty work, or customer service. A warranty is only as good as the brand behind it and customer service is only as good as your dealer's personnel!

Clearly Hyundai and the dealers need to understand the impact of an unhappy customer, because I will let everyone know my experience and no longer promote the brand. I will not buy another Hyundai. Incidentally I intend to see this resolved, as well as the fees back with respect to the rental car. After this, I will buy strictly German or American vehicles--this round with Hyundai was the experience of a lifetime, not just for myself, but for my two college children who will be making their own vehicle purchases in the next year.

1999 Sonata Sub Frame Rust
By -

I heard an extremely loud sound while driving my 1999 Hyundai Sonata GLS coming from the front passenger side of the vehicle and all of a sudden the front of the vehicle dropped significantly. I immediately stopped the vehicle and got out to see if I had hit something or to see exactly what had happened. Upon inspection the front passenger side A-Frame had completely rusted out of the sub frame of the vehicle causing it to break completely off. Thankfully I was travelling at a low rate of speed or it could have caused a major accident or even further damage to the vehicle.

Upon research it was discovered that there is a NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 09V124000 that addresses this same issue prompting Hyundai to issue a recall 089, however, when I contacted the dealership they stated there was no recall for this vehicle. The factory recall campaign covers vehicles in the "salt belt" and this vehicle was originally titled in Missouri and we owned it in Illinois which are both considered part of the "salt belt" as salt is used to melt ice on the roads during the winter months.

Hyundai consumer affairs was absolutely no help and they did nothing but contact the dealership... which in turn looked up the VIN and told them it's not covered under the recall. I told consumer affairs that I need someone in Hyundai to explain to me why this particular vehicle is not covered and they told me to look in my owner's manual under "Alternative Dispute Resolution" which is absolutely garbage because that tells you to contact a third party for dispute resolution... why can't Hyundai answer my question, it's their vehicle and THEIR RECALL!!! I'm absolutely disgusted with Hyundai consumer affairs and I am appalled that they won't honor a SAFETY RECALL!

Bad Service
By -

AUBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- I took my Sonata to Herb Chambers Hyundai in Auburn, Ma. For a check engine malfunction. Told them that my mechanic had put it on a diagnostic machine and it showed a problem with the transmission. The car was still under the extended warranty so I took it to Herb Chambers to be serviced. I was told that it might not be covered by the warranty. I, at the time of buying the vehicle brand new, I purchased the extended warranty and was told that I had 10 years, 100,00 drive train and 100,000 miles bumper to bumper whichever came first. The service representative checked on the warranty and it was indeed still protected by the warranty.

The problem with the check engine light was taken care of but the mechanic came to me and told me that I needed brakes really bad, especially the rear brakes that I had no pad left and the rotors were being grooved. I found this to be grossly false as 2 days prior I had taken my vehicle for an oil change and to have the brakes checked. I was right there when the mechanic checked them and was shown that my brakes were still good for at least 5,000 or more miles. Is Herb Chambers so greedy for money he has their mechanics solicit unnecessary repairs?

While at Herb Chambers, I also had them to tighten the driver side windshield wiper as it was loose. He did tighten it but imagine my shock when I was told I had to pay $49.50 for tightening 2 bolts which took all of maybe 3 minutes tops. Where is professional courtesy I see advertised on TV? My main question is why doesn't Hyundai reveal all the problems with the frame rusting or brake problems and in general with the whole car before you purchase one this way at least you know what to expect.

In conclusion, I just want to say that I am very disappointed in Hyundai's don't ask, don't tell policy and with the service practices. In this day where money is so short for a lot of people I would think dealerships would be more honorable and not tell customers they need a service that is really not needed. I would really like to hear what Herb Chambers and Hyundai has to say about these complaints.

Tried Hyundai. Regret, Failure, Let-Down. Never Again
By -

I only clicked "like" on your Facebook page so I could access the wall. NOT A HYUNDAI FAN AT ALL, anymore. Bought a new 06 Sonata in 06. Loved the car, probably sold 2 dozen additional vehicles by referring friends and family members. Then my car hits the 60,000 mile barrier. I might as well have slammed it into a real barrier. It now sits in my drive-way with 62,080 miles broken down. I know all car companies warranty their cars for the amount of time they assume their components will hold-up for, but Hyundai must really know their cars last... 60k miles.

I knew going with the Hyundai would come back and bite me in the butt. Stick with the Japanese cars folks. The extra investment up-front will be well worth it. The thing that kills me the most is I really WANTED to be a Hyundai driver.

Lied to and ripped off
By -

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I bought this car on the promise of the ten year or 100,000 mile guarantee. However the timing belt failed at 61,000 miles. I had it towed in for service on the timing belt which they said it was only covered four 60,000 miles which I was not informed of. So I had the work performed at a reputable shop. First I performed a leak down test which turned good.

They gave me a quote for 300 dollars including parts, Hyundai would not even give me a quote. However they told me there was a recall on the sub frame so I returned the car to have the work done. Which was supposed to include the sub frame, both axles, trans. oil change and both battery terminals replaced. They called and told me the car was finished. After picking the car up I could not even keep it on the road. I checked the car out and the front end alignment was not done trans oil & filter, not done & battery terminals were not changed, and only half the subframe was changed.

I took the car back and reported that the car was only half finished. Then they told me it was finished again. But all they did was align the front end, and the steering wheel was not straight. I received a letter that they gave me the wrong engine so they increased my warranty to 12 years or 120,000 miles. Now there is a recall on the air bags. I'm afraid to take it back because they don't know what they're doing. Oh did I mention I was a mechanic for 40 years?

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap
By -

We purchased a '06 Sonata, V6 in April of 2008. It had 32,000 miles on it and seemed to be a good car. The gas mileage was good - 27 mpg and it isn't too bad of a car except we've had all 4 struts replaced and 3 of the strut mounts. And the engine makes a lot of noise when it's cold. The cruise control switch also had to be replaced. The dealer could not find the problem on the noise and we're now near the end of our warranty at 60,000 miles.

Lousy Customer Service
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I have had issues since day one with my car electrical problems and so forth and every time I brought it in for repair they would tell me that sorry that is not covered. Here is your $800 bill for changing some brake pads and some other crap and so forth. My car has been a lemon since day one. I have 44,000 miles on it and so far I have the engine seal broken the radiator fried the water pump broken 3 times, the ac and heater broken, all electrical systems broken and this is just a small part of the problems.

With my extended 100k miles warranty no matter what, nothing is ever covered. Everyone I speak to cannot help, they say dealers do not have to do service and the customer care says that the dealers cannot be forced to do the work. For some reason I get the picture that they pay very little if it goes on warranty.

Hyundai Sonata window rattle
By -

SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN -- I recently purchased a 2006 Hyundai Sonata LX. It is a beautiful car inside and out but it had an annoying rattle in the front and rear windshield (the dealer calls this an "itch" and said a number of the cars have been returned for this problem). I took it to the dealer and he had both windshields removed and new urethane put around the perimeter of the glass. The front noise has disappeared but the rear noise continues.

Sometimes I can go miles with no noise, then it returns. It seems to be worse as the temperature drops into the low 50's and gets slightly better after sitting in a hot parking lot all day as if the windshields contract or expand with the temperature. I suppose I'll have to return it to the dealer for a 2nd time to see if they can get rid of the noise but I find it bothersome to hear the rattle as I drive. I guess I was naive to hope for a new car with no problems.

Overpriced Motormounts
By -

NEWPORT, VIRGINIA -- I bought a 2002 Sonata, my upper motor mount went bad. My motor is a 2.7 and my mount checks in as a 2001 2.5. My mount would be $359.00 from the dealer but $122.00 at the auto parts store! WOW BUT THERE'S MORE!! Being I have the 2001 mount it would be at the very LOW cost of $222.00 or off the internet at $183... What a big rip-off!!! Next time I'm buying American!!!

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