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Adding Insult to Injury
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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- On 1 January 2014 I made a mortgage transfer and several paid several online bills using their website. All the transactions I made were double-billed, meaning two payments were withdrawn for each payment. Online bill payments and transfers are made through different web pages, which indicated a technical problem on the bank's part. The bill payments were fixed the same day; however, the mortgage transfer was another matter.

I called customer service the same day (Jan. 1) and was told they could not reverse the transfer, but the mortgage services could, so they transferred me to that number. The customer service representative did not tell me the mortgage service department was closed for the holiday before transferring me.

I called the mortgage service department on Jan. 2 and was told the payment could not be reversed until the payment had been posted, which would take approximately 24-48 hours. On Jan. 3 I called and was told the payment had been posted, but it would require a “work order” to reverse the payment, and it would be approximately five business days before that could even begin. By this time my checking account was overdrawn because of the additional withdrawal. The following day (Jan. 4) my account was charged an overdraft fee.

I called mortgage services on Monday the 6th and was told the payment would “probably” be returned to my account by Friday the 10th as the soonest. I informed the customer service representative that my account was now overdrawn because of this, had been assessed an overdraft fee, and could not make any bill payments until the funds were returned. The operator's reply was, “That sounds like a real bummer.” If I wanted the overdraft fee canceled, she told me, I would have to print a copy of my checking account transactions and mail it to customer service. The fee would be canceled if the bank were “willing” to do so.

In the meantime I would have to wait for the funds to be returned. Today, Jan. 6, I was assessed another (second) overdraft fee by Wells Fargo. I have never experienced such callous and incompetent customer service in my life. How is it possible for me to make an immediate transfer to a bank, but for a bank to take 10 days to transfer the funds back to a customer, particularly to correct a mistake of their own making?

I can only infer that customers only matter when it comes to getting money FROM them. I'm equally dismayed at the bank continuing to assess a customer overdraft fees for a bank error, particularly when there is a record (they keep electronic records of all phone calls customers make to customer service) that the customer has repeatedly brought the matter to Wells Fargo's attention. Here is where I stand as of today. The transfer still has not been returned to my account after six days, I have been assessed two overdraft fees, and I am unable to pay any bills. This is Wells Fargo banking.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Nightmare
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PORTLAND, OREGON -- Wells Fargo takes the Government Bailout, then cashes in the PMI Insurance on our home. All the while in August of 2009, before I even missed one payment, I called Wells Fargo Home Mortgage with issues my husband and I were having financially. They asked for my financial work-up and I said yes to a "remodification loan." After having to send my financial worksheet 3 yes THREE times in 6 months we still didn't have an answer. We were told to not pay on the loan till the modification was finished.

Well 6 months into this we receive a letter from Wells Fargo stating we needed to leave the home by March 16, 2010. No police at the door with the notice taped, no nothing to indicate a foreclosure. So we left. 2 weeks later, after talking to a Real Estate Professional, and realizing Wells Fargo hadn't done anything with the home, we went back. Sure enough we had a visit from someone hired by the bank, thinking the home was "abandoned." Can you believe it not a week later my Real Estate Professional called to tell me that Wells Fargo had indeed foreclosed and gave the home to non-other than Freddie Mac.

I contacted Freddie Mac confused. They asked for my financial information, wasn't this fun sending this for the 4th yes FOURTH TIME in 9 months. We were told that we fit into the "re-modification" qualifications. I had initially given up with Wells Fargo about month 6, and had asked for a "Deed in Lieu" this was after Wells Fargo never giving us a straight answer. Every time I contacted them a new person needed "Fresh Information." Yes the first few months I wanted to save our home, by month 6 frustration and stress had given in.

Well Freddie Mac contacted us saying pretty much we were so far behind, and our medical bills outweighed what they wanted, so we could either "rent" the home from them or leave within 2 months and receive a $2000 relocation payment. So since we couldn't afford "Fair Market Value" on rent on a 1850 sq ft home, so we left July 2010.

We are in a 27ft 5th wheel with 3 kids. Wells Fargo didn't care that 2 of my kids have a physical disability (Autism and Cystic Fibrosis). They also didn't care that I had had to have 2 surgeries during this time (I had been sick for 3 years). No all I was told was to "cut in other areas." I sold my car I was making payments on, I cut my cable by 50%, I cancelled my internet service, yet they felt I still needed to cut. I'm sorry but all that was left was FOOD. We are not a family that takes yearly vacations, we do not go out dinner, we live on our boot straps as it is.

DO NOT BANK WITH WELLS FARGO, THEY DON'T HAVE A HEART, THEY ARE CORPORATE VAMPIRES. BANK WITH LOCAL CREDIT UNIONS, WERE YOU CAN SHAKE THEIR HAND AND LOOK THEM IN THE EYE. I'm not asking for them to give me back my house, I just wanted some compassion and understanding. My kids have been through so much, they are scared and confused. There is more to this story, but I've paraphrased it as best I can. Thank You for reading.

Hemp / Hamp
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NEW JERSEY -- I have attempted, since April of 2011, to either re-finance my current mortgage with Wells Fargo (formerly Wachovia) or to qualify for the HAMP/HEMP programs. Customer service informed me that in order to qualify for Obama's program, I would need to be behind in my mortgage. Although frightening, I believed the representative and was assured that during the application process, my home would not be placed in foreclosure.

Well, Wells Fargo not only placed the home in foreclosure during the process, they continually harassed me with phone calls. The restructure process continued for three months with no resolution or acceptance. In fear of losing my home, I brought my payments current, and was then advised I did not qualify for any of the restructure programs!

Now my credit is destroyed, based on Wachovia's advice, and they have consistently refused to either remove the bad credit reports or complete restructuring my loan. I imagine that since Wells Fargo received billions of dollars of taxpayer money, they should be using it to assist those who need to reduce their payments. This company is extremely talented in stealing, giving the consumer the runaround, and generally being disinterested in helping their customers.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - HAMP Fraud
By -

Please help us. I am a journalism senior at UNR, and I am a 1st time homebuyer with a family. I have a story for you involving fraud and corruption through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Company and I have proof. You may be aware of the current lawsuits throughout the nation involving the government run HAMP program? This is going on in Reno and Sparks as well and all over the country.

Our loan is through Wells Fargo. We hired E-Mortgage and paid them $2000 last Spring 2009 to modify our home loan. We do not fall into the category of irresponsibility as some home buyers. We are self employed business owners who received a 30 year fixed loan at a 6.5% interest rate on our first home. We went into buying a home educated about home loans and ready with a $30,000 down payment in late 2007. We were stiffed $40,000 on a job right before the economy tanked in late 2008, early 2009.

Between the non-payment and the economic downfall in late 2008/early 2009 we hit rock bottom and didn't receive work for almost 8 months. We did not make our mortgage payment for 7 months (January 2009-July 2009). We worked diligently and responsibly with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and E-Mortgage Recovery, LLC (** - 610-329-2663 or 610-317-1501) to find a solution. We even called Wells Fargo before we discontinued making our payments to let them know our situation.

We were offered a home modification through the HAMP program (Home affordable modification program) in the summer of 2009, "supposedly" with the help of E-Mortgage. There are recorded phone conversations with Wells Fargo Loss & Mitigation Representative (** 877-279-1649 ext.**). We have paperwork from Wells Fargo describing our HAMP loan that we were approved for. Under the pretense that we successfully make our first 3 months of payments under the trial period we were told we would be approved for the loan.

Following the first three months, and having made the modification payments successfully, as told to, we continued to make our modified payments every month for 10 months on time, as directed by Wells Fargo. Throughout the next nine months (July. '09-February '10) we were continuously told to submit and re-submit paperwork, that was conveniently and continuously lost or misplaced by Wells Fargo.

In January '10, there is a recorded phone conversation with the above listed Wells Fargo agent that we were in continuous contact with, of my husband asking "Are our modified payments going towards the principle on our loan with no fines" and the representative answering "yes" as well as other questions "when will we receive finalization" - "just continue making your modified payments and submitting your paperwork and you will be fine."

In February 2010 we were told by this same Wells Fargo representative that we did not qualify for the modification and to continue making our modified payments until they could find another option for us, that we did not need to submit our profit/loss statements or any other information until they could get us another load mod.

We started receiving phone calls from Wells Fargo everyday in late May 2010. We automatically became worried and my husband immediately called our representative to find out what was going on. She stated "everything was fine to continue making our modified payments and that they would continue trying to find a program that suited us." She then took our home phone number off of our account so that "the phone calls would stop" that it was a "miscommunication between their departments and to not worry about it".

A couple of days later we received a notice in the mail stating that we had been kicked off our modification for not "receiving the right paperwork" and that our original loan payments were to start July 2010. Soon after we called again and were told another story, that we were in foreclosure and our home would be auctioned by June 28th, 2010 if we did not pay $3600 to "attempt" to re-modify our loan again - no promises.

About a week later we received foreclosure notices and auction dates on our front door. On the foreclosure notice it stated the sale of our home to be $40,000 above our original home loan price. We were very confused as to why our loan had jumped $40,000 - they told us that we were never on a modification plan and that after the first three month trial period we were to have continued making our original payments of over $2000 a month, due to this we incurred $40,000 in fee's through Wells Fargo.

They had lied to us for 9 months and used our situation to get more money out of our loan, this was the first we had heard of any of this. We are also confused as to how we were "just" kicked off the modification program in May 2010, but that we were told at the same time we were never on a modification program to begin with?

We then began researching continuously night and day, although both of us work full time this has been difficult to handle having been given little to no notice from Wells Fargo. We have found hundreds to thousands of other home owners dealing with the exact same situations - constantly re-occurring. According to a Fox News story written on this (**) this is a breach of contract and a violation of government enforced rules.

We have been working diligently to contact several lawyers all weekend throughout the Northern Nevada area as well as a few in several other states where lawsuits are being filed. The public needs to know about this! As I'm sure you are aware the housing situation in Northern Nevada is certainly no better than anywhere else & I am sure that there are many many others in the area who are dealing with this fraudulent activity.

I am a journalism student for a reason, I believe in the people's power to fight against these types of situations and I believe in the media's watch dog job. Please help us, we don't have very much time and we are not willing to let this continue without a fight. We very likely could lose our home but if we can help others in the future to not lose theirs, we will. Please feel free to contact my husband or I regarding any of this, we can work to supply any documentation or proof needed to bring this to the public.

Wells Fargo Home Modification A Complete Nightmare!
By -

Wow, I stopped by to see how many others have had bad experiences with Wells Fargo and wasn't surprised. I've spoken recently to some friends who had done business with Wells Fargo in the past and they confirmed exactly as I thought -- Wells Fargo is either an unscrupulous company who is out to get government bail out money by the number of people they sign up for Mortgage Modification loans OR they are just completely incompetent! I think it is probably both and that they should be investigated! Here is my story...

I called Wells Fargo who has my mortgage already to see if I would qualify for a loan modification. Now mind you - and this is very important, I had not been delinquent whatsoever on my account but was trying to head-off problems in the coming winter months when my husband's business would be slow, and since I had been laid off. When I spoke to an initial representative it was going to be a "breeze" of a process and that I would end up, if approved with a lower interest rate over the course of the next few years, thereby saving myself possibly a few hundred dollars a month.

I started the process over 14 months ago and did everything that they required of me. Mind you I never did fall behind on my mortgage because I was able to get (thanks to them) "a predetermination modification" payment approval for 3 months, which would save me $150. a month. I make mention of the time frame of 14 months because I was supposed to be completed with the entire process in 3 months at the most!

Well, not wanting to complain since I was getting "assistance" I told them that I understood that they must have been busy with requests for these modifications and plodded along with providing them with the required documents -- EVERY month! Keep in mind that my husband is self-employed which meant that I needed to have an accountant provide a profit & loss statement each and every month to declare his income -- at a hit of $95.00 each time.

When I approached this fact with them (kind of negates the need for assistance doesn't it) they stated that I just had to provide spreadsheets with his expenses and income indicated. So I did just that. I told the Reps numerous times that I would have to mail this information to them since it would never fax over in such small print and would need a few days to get it together -- mind you several times I stated this to which they said they'd note the system that the docs were coming.

I can't tell you how many times (maybe 5) I received letters from Wells Fargo stating that I was being dropped from the program because I did not provide the information in their needed 10 day time-frame. I'd call them up and they would "poo-poo" it and say that they'd "reinstate" my application when they received the info in the mail.

I received constant electronic recorded voice messages from some chick named ** stating that I needed to call them regarding my mortgage. Upon calling them, the Reps would only tell me that they needed my updated docs. To which I would say "they are in the mail."

I would go through this process for over a year when I finally asked when this would be finalized and that I was getting a bit sick and tired of updating my file and calling, basically to what was amounting to a part-time job for me. I was told that "You are in the home stretch" and that they received my updated docs and were "waiting for my application to be assigned" which would take 5-7 business days and that I could check the status on-line.

So now I wait 10 business days and call back to get status since their site status would not allow me access, and they tell me that they need my documentation AGAIN since another month had passed in that 10 days! When I told them that the last Rep told me that it was going to be assigned and that I was in the "home stretch" of this long, drawn out process, I was told that they didn't know why she told me that and that they would need the info yet again.

When I really pushed at this time and requested to speak to a supervisor (the representative on the phone was unclear and uneasy in his responses to me -- even calling me "sir" when I am most certainly a woman!) she stated that since I had been dropped from the program a few months back that I owed Wells Fargo the difference between what my mortgage payment should be and the reduced trial period amount - $150.00.

I stated at this time that I should not have been dropped from the program and asked why I had been dropped from the program. She did not have an answer, but stated that the notes in their system looked as though I had requested to be dropped! WHY ON EARTH WOULD I HAVE DONE THAT? WOULDN'T THAT REQUEST HAVE TO BE IN WRITING FROM ME? No answer, but "well ma'am you'd think." I pointed out that since this was obviously a screw up on their part that I shouldn't have to be liable for that amount now. Still I sent the $150.00 rather than argue this point.

Let's keep in mind that now in the meantime I had called a few months prior to see what would happen with my 3 month reduced trial payment now that I was most certainly passed the 3 months in this process and was told that I should continue to make the reduced payment.

Back to the conversation with the supervisor... I prodded further and asked why it seemed that I continued to get false information from their Reps. ie. the fact that they stated that I didn't need to make a mortgage payment one month, to other things that made no sense. I reviewed my entire account with this woman and she stated that I actually owed them $1,400 and that I missed making a payment one month. Let me tell you I was now livid, feeling like my attempt to keep myself from getting screwed up/behind on my mortgage has now ROYALLY SCREWED ME!

So I calmly proceeded to go over every payment from my check book with the dates that they were cleared at the bank. Oh, was the reaction when the Supervisor realized that it looked like I had actually made a DOUBLE payment one month that they just didn't know what to do with!!! Mind you I would not in my current financial state be able to make a double payment so we know this is once again false information and to boot from a Supervisor! Alas, this Supervisor assured me that she would "get to the bottom of it" and fix what only looked like a double payment.

BTW, the final answer to why I was supposedly dropped from the program was that when I last spoke to a Rep and she (in passing) asked if I would be interested in doing a short sale on my home and I declined, that that automatically dropped me from the program! But no big deal right? Just send in what the system sees as a shortage and you'll be reinstated in the modification process. Haaaa, what a joke... Read on it gets worse!

Two days after having the above conversation with the Wells Fargo supervisor, I get a certified, return receipt letter from them stating "Intent to Foreclose"!!! Upon reading the letter it states that I owe Wells Fargo more than $1,600. Well let's just say that I felt like vomiting and called them right away, this time asking for a supervisor -- specifically the one that I had spoken to 2 days before. BUT of course you can't do that right?!!!

So now I have this letter in hand and speak to what seems to be a knowledgeable supervisor and I tell him the entire nightmare that has been my experience with Wells Fargo thus far. He tells me that because I was dropped from the program that I now owed all the money back for the now 6 months I was told to keep sending in the reduced trial payment. That's now $150 X6! So now, it is confirmed that I have been dropped from the plan (nothing in writing mind you) and I now have to come up with hundreds of dollars before the first of the month ON TOP of my regular mortgage payment or my awesome credit will be ruined if it is not already from this process!!!

So in speaking with this new supervisor I became aware of many screw-ups with my account and questioned why on earth Wells Fargo would do this to someone when I could have more easily come up with the $150 a month than more than $600 now -- on top of my $1,500 mortgage which in essence is totally screwing me. His answer was that he'd seen this process do just that many times!!!

Let me tell you people, I know that this is very long-winded, but keep in mind that this is actually a shortened version of the nightmarish crap I dealt within Wells Fargo's screw-ups! Upon speaking to a family member whose husband is a mortgage broker in another state, she stated that she thought that they are probably getting more bail-out money or some kind of financial "kick" for getting people to sign up for these loan modifications. I wouldn't doubt it -- she too was screwed over for one of these loans!

If I had the time, energy, and strength I would take this to an attorney or some governing body to ensure that Wells Fargo be investigated. But after 14 months of a fight, I no longer have it in me!

Unreasonable Wait for Bank to Correct THEIR Mistakes
By -

ROCKPORT, TEXAS -- My bank statement indicated that two checks with the same number had cleared my business checking account. I had written one for $25.00, the other one was for 25% of my bank balance. They could find no image of the second check and was told it would take 7 to 10 working days for their research department to address this. I insisted that was not acceptable and the banker made a phone call, found that the bank had posted the larger check from another customer's account onto mine but I would still have to wait 7 to 10 for their research department to verify this.

In the meantime, they are going to make a "conditional" deposit to my account which will automatically disappear at the end of each day and I will have to rely on an employee to remember to manually put it back in first thing every morning for up to 2 weeks. So, the bank makes a mistake in a heartbeat, they find their error as soon as they made a phone call, but cannot actually use 25% of my bank balance.

Several months ago Wells Fargo charged me a fee for depositing $1500 cash. I was told that this was to cover the time to count the money. There were 23 bills, no coins and the machine counted it in less than a second, which, based on the fee, is about $900,000.00 per hour for Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo did not credit me for a deposit I made and had a bank receipt for. I was told I would have to pay a $45 fee for them to research the error that they made! It was nearly 3 months before the money was put in my account. I then had to fight to get the fee waived. I am moving my checking account to another bank.

I chose Wells Fargo for a reverse mortgage despite these problems because of the new federal consumer protection laws and, out of 9 banks, Wells Fargo's "good faith estimate" for bank fee charges was the lowest. After applying for the mortgage, the fees jumped 400%. Fees are added onto the mortgage and interest is charged everyday. When I told them I would not use them for the mortgage, they found their "error": one large fee had been added in twice, others were incorrect. The day before closing, they again added charges for fees I had paid out of pocket.

Throughout the process the Wells Fargo associate complained about the new consumer protection laws, was evasive about giving me information I asked for because she "didn't want to bother me with details because I was so busy" or that there were some answers I "did not need"! On the day of closing, I waited 2 and 1/2 hours because they spent the time following their GPS in the wrong city (11 miles away) rather than going to the right city after I gave them the correct directions 4 times on the phone. I finally had to drive to where they were and have them follow me!

Now sufficiently stressed, we finished the closing and was told for the first time that funds (the equity in my home that they now own) would not be available to me for 45 days even though I had previously been told I would receive a check for a requested draw at closing. Interest is paid on the fees and the draw I did not get for the entire 45 days. I went through with this mortgage despite my misgivings simply because my persistence forced them to correct their errors and honor their promises and I believe that I have FHA protection hereon.

Conclusion: Wells Fargo was the very first in line for federal bail-out money in 2008. They have since repaid the money, but public funds saved them and they are arrogantly resisting making money in the form of loans available to the public. And apparently, are making every effort possible, large and small, to treat their customers with disdain and gouge those who are not observant nor tenacious.

Wells Fargo Wants Our Homes
By -

Just How Low Will WELLS FARGO Go? I had breast cancer and a mastectomy in January 2008, before that I had a good paying job in the construction industry. With my job I had disability insurance but did not know it only paid 66 2/3 of my previous salary. The so called 20%, deductibles and co-pays mounted up quickly so I called Wells Fargo to ask if they could work with me and allow interest only payments for a short time… The representative said “No, we don't do that.” So, I struggled but paid my bills.

After the operation and chemo I went back to work in August 2008 then the economy started wavering so in December the company I was working for got rid of our disability insurance with no offer for us to pay for it. The very next day I found a mass in my “other” breast. I was still making payments on the first mastectomy when I had to have another one in April of 2009.

In May I tried to go back to work but was laid off due to the lack of building construction. Now with no income and a lot of bills I called Wells Fargo and again asked for help, I was told they could not help me because I was not behind in my payment. That being said I skipped the June payment then called for their help again, their response was they could not help because I was now behind on my June payment and they put it on my credit report.

Having used up all of my savings and most of my credit and hearing of “loan modification” I called again in September and was again told to skip my October payment but this time they set up “auto” payments for one half of my regular payment amount (to be paid each month for three months). They also had me fill out a book of paperwork. Then they proceeded to call me and tell me I was late… Three times they had to “redo” the auto payments, each time telling me the previous person did not know what they were doing.

“Redoing” consist of spending hours on the phone with them getting confirmation numbers for deleting what they had done, then getting confirmation numbers for what will be the new “correct” dates… Three times! Then on the third month they managed to take out two payments a day apart, and overcharged on one of them. Again on the phone I inquired about the overcharge and was told I had been charged for paying by phone even though it was not a phone payment - it was auto pay. Then to get reimbursed I had to fax in “proof” of the overcharge.

This is an abbreviated version of what I have been through with Wells Fargo. Out of these hundreds of hours of paperwork and sitting on the phone and hearing “THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT.” Every time I was put on hold then again by every representative I spoke with, I was turned down for the loan modification.

I borrowed money and paid the skipped month and the half months, they have not to date credited the $2,067.38 to my account (but they darn sure did cash the checks), and now they have sent me notice that they are going to accelerate my loan and foreclose on my house unless I pay the overcharge amount of $31.22 in CERTIFIED funds. Mind you I have never bounced a check to them and now have to spend my time and money to get it to them.

I've had cancer, two mastectomies and I am desperately looking for a job and dealing with Wells Fargo has by far been the worst part of my two year journey. May these bastards rot in hell. What did they do with the money they stole from us tax payers? They certainly have not used it for the good of people in need. All they try to do is foreclosed on you. I think we need a class action suit against Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Nightmare
By -

DES M OINES, IOWA -- Hi. I am experiencing the worse nightmare from hell with Wells Fargo Mortg. My horror began when I was injured in 1998 and finances were at a standstill. I finally was approved a loan modification in November 2000. This forbearance were for the months of Dec 00 through May 01. Now under an agreement your payments are to be the same for every month until the final month of the agreement, RIGHT?! Not mine. Every month I would receive calls stating this amount or that amount is due. Always much higher than the agreed upon "assistance" I was quoted.

In May I received my FIRST motion of foreclosure, hearing date set for June. In this motion Wells Fargo reported that I was behind March through June. They doubled my late fees and reported this information to the US COURTS. Additional late fees accrued and then bam attorney fees were tacked onto my account. Now I spent hours, day, weeks trying to resolve this issued.

I was harassed, threatened and laughed at. I was transferred from one department to another. Was told they could not help me, it is transferred out for filing. I had bank records and statements which I submitted to Wells Fargo and the attorney on record for this motion. I proved that these payments cleared and the dates they were cleared on. All except one they stated was never received or was lost. So additional out of pocket money was paid by me to cancel that check and submit a payment by phone.

I was not aware of the hell that was being caused to my account until I decided to do a complete review of their handling of my money from 98 til 09. Through this review I found that Wells Fargo took out attorney fees in MARCH and the hearing was not set until June. They put my account into suspension and that was why more and more money was forced upon me to pay. They took my payments and applied them to fees instead of the note as per banking laws. Plus I was under a signed contract with them and where do they come off assuming I would not pay those payments.

Six months later a SECOND motion was filed against me. Per my review all months in question were paid, but one payment sat on someone's desk for over 3 weeks before being posted to my account. Again in the motion submitted to US Courts, they doubled the late fees. I was not three months in default per my records. BUT again, they took attorney fees out in OCTOBER the month that my payment sat on someone's desk and hearing was not until Jan 02. My account was put into suspension mode again. $15 fees started appearing on my statement and while doing this review I found that there were several in a month's time.

No one would tell me what these other charges were. I finally found out these were inspection fees. Again through this review I submitted two checks, one for mortgage and another for "Suspension" account. These checks CLEARED my bank and were NEVER posted to my account. Thus they said another motion brought against me. I fought and fought and it fell on deaf ears. I was humiliated by the way I was treated. The continued stress I went through trying to make someone listen.

THIRD motion was filed in December 02 for hearing in Jan 03. They stated I had to pay attorney fees in the amount of $425 which I sent on a separate check UNDER PROTEST. A certified check for over $1500. Again I fought, screamed and yelled and was told that if I did not pay these amounts proceedings would start for me to lose my home. I was under so much stress and borrowed money from family and friends just to get them off my back. It was like fighting the devil. I got nowhere. Inspection fees continued and I was never made aware that they were actually inspecting my home.

I do understand that this company had a right to protect its property, but because of the constant posting errors made by Wells Fargo these fees were not warranted. My account looked like it was in a perpetual default and constantly put into suspension. So many banking laws were broken because they took these fees out first instead of applying to the principal, interest and escrow. They charged my account an additional $150 in attorney fees and I was never aware of it.

Again it explains why my case was in constant suspension. The $425 attorney fee submitted on separate check which cleared in March, well in May they reversed my mortgage payment and took attorney fees again. Default on my account again! Forced to send additional monies to cover their errors over and over.

In 2004 my chapter 13 was discharged and all of a sudden $1400 plus was put on my statement listed as "Corporate Fees." Again I got the run around, no one would give me straight answers. I finally found out that this was a fee assesed to my account from my bankruptcy.

In March of this year I have had enough and contacted the attorney who represented me in my chapter 13. He advised me that the mortgage company received 5% payment through the trustee. He submitted a letter to that regard and I forwarded it to Wells Fargo. After receipt of this letter I received notification from the BBB that Wells Fargo has decided to close my case and that they have satisfied all my complaints. Unbelievable I was not finished with my review yet and they stated they answered all of my concerns. They certainly have not.

In 08 I lost a substantial amount of income. I looked for assistance from HUD to help me reduce my mortgage payment and for them to actually deal with Wells Fargo on my behalf. I couldn't face the fact of going through those games again. It did not do any good. I still got the run around stating they never received any proof of hardship or any financial breakdown explaining the loss of income. I submitted these so many times and they were documents from Social Security, family court on reduction of child support and from the workers compensation board. This went on for months and months.

In Nov I finally received a call from Wells Fargo stating I was approved for loan modification and not to pay Decembers payment. I didn't believe them, but the guy assured me that all was OK due to the huge loss of income. I called them every month like I was requested to and was repeatedly told there would be no problem reducing my payments and to continue making the payments.

April 1 I called and was given the shock of all shocks. I was told I had to pay over $2400 immediately or proceeding would be started in 60 days to have me removed from my home. The amount they forced on me was the "Corporate Fees" owed. I was so angry and stressed I refused - flat out refused. He told me there was another option. To sign a new agreement paying over $700 a month for over 8 months. Joking right? I can't pay my normal mortgage and you want to increase my payments for 8 months. Again I refused.

Since my finances were so strapped I filed a chapter 7 in May. Approx 15 days later FOURTH MOTION was served to me. Due to them telling me not to pay December's payment I was one month behind. I had less than 3 weeks to come up with over another $1500 to pay December, May and June before the hearing date. In October of 09 they took out late fees they stated I owed from my surplus escrow check.

With this review I have overpaid them thousands of dollars because of harassment, threats and continued phone calls. Illegal motions brought against me because they had my account in perpetual default taking attorney fees, late fees and inspection fees without my knowledge first instead of applying to the note as required by the law.

I forgot to mention that in the first rebuttal submitted to me in Dec 09 from Wells Fargo they admittedly made a $766 error in charging my account in 2001. They did not refund that amount to me. They posted it towards the outstanding "Corporate Fees" which I told you was fraudulent on their behalf. Look at all the money they stole from me over the years. I am fighting them to get back what is owed to me. The fraudulent actions by this company is overwhelming to say the least.

We all need to fight this company and keep submitting letters to all agencies. I have submitted to the Federal Trade Commission, the BBB, the OCC, Attorney General of NYS, Iowa and Florida. The Superintendent of National Banking, FDIC. To date I have not received any kind of good news. Everyday I am afraid of what Wells Fargo may pull next.

Advising the BBB on April 15 my case is closed is unbelievable. Did I hit a Nerve?! Did I not prove beyond a doubt of the errors of my account and the overpayments I have made to you since 1998. I didn't even know an overpayment was made so long ago. So everyone keep fighting, submit your complaints. The only way we can stop Wells Fargo is to continue to send our letters of wrongdoing they are doing to us the consumer.

Homeless in Minneapolis
By -

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- I am a single mother with 3 girls. I am trying to take advantage of the first time buyer program. Recently I was approved for an FHA Loan at Wells Fargo Mortgage. I made an offer on a townhome in Farmington MN that was recently accepted and a closing date was set for December 10th, 2009.

On the evening before closing, I received a phone call from my lender saying that the closing needs to be rescheduled. This ultimately lead to them telling me I am no longer approved for a loan to purchase the townhome in Farmington. Apparently the seller knowingly listed the property as a townhome when indeed it was technically a condo. I am learning that the approval process for getting a home loan is much different for condos than it is for a townhome.

I am also learning that the staff at Wells Fargo had been trying to pass through this loan paper work (with the property being listed as a townhome), which kept on getting declined by the title company. The title company told them repeatedly that this loan will not go through as is because the property is indeed a condo.

Now I am finding out just how much advance notice Wells Fargo Mortgage had regarding this issue. If I would have known this information when they found out, rather than the evening before closing, I could have certainly come up with some fallback type of plans. The explanation I received from the Wells Fargo branch manager was disappointing. He basically told me it was out of his hands and placed the blame everywhere else but his office.

It took me driving down to their office in Eden Prairie MN to finally get some communication from the staff. They apologized and offered to cover the appraisal fee on the next home I peruse. This compensation offer is completely insulting. This is where the nightmare begins. The following are consequences that I am now living with due to the disservice I experienced from Wells Fargo Mortgage in Eden Prairie MN.

As of December 11th, my 3 girls and I are officially homeless. Luckily my realtor knew of a property that their company owns, which is currently for sale and staged for showings. We were allowed to move in on a month-to-month agreement = $1500 Deposit - $900 a month. I had movers scheduled (AAA Movers) for December 10th, which I had to cancel. This resulted in a $265 cancellation fee because I wasn't able to give notice per their very clear policies. I rescheduled the movers for the following day to move my belongings to the rental property garage. Cost = approx. $450. I will now have to pay the movers again to move us to our future home.

The rental property is in Savage MN and 20 miles from my kids' school. I'm still not sure how to handle this, but I will find a way. The rental property does not allow pets and we were forced to surrender our kitty of 8 years. She is a part of the family and we are devastated about it. I am forced to ask for flexibly at work while I find some stability for my kids and I. This situation will take me months to recover from - financially and emotionally.

The disservice I received from Wells Fargo Mortgage in Eden Prairie MN is something that will continue to haunt me. As I peruse this matter, I continue to discover just how much notice they had regarding this issue. This notice could have saved me much distress.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Has Made Us Homeless Because of Their Bureaucratic Nonsensical Crap!
By -

6 years ago my husband and I bought our dream home. This home had plenty of space for a growing family and it was even great just to retire in. Well we got our mortgage through Wells Fargo and after about a year we noticed some shady practices so we refinanced. Not even 2 months later Wells Fargo bought our loan back and then the nightmare began.

I had been laid off in Feb. We spent our savings keeping up with our payments. When, we didn't have any money to pay December's mortgage (2007) we called Wells Fargo and they were very nice, they said because we hadn't had a late payment in 3 years we could wrap our payment around. So that's what we did. When we went to make our next payment, we called them to make sure that we didn't need to send extra. To our astonishement the representative said that we could no longer send payments because our house was in Foreclosure. We were shocked.

We were only 2 payments behind and we had set up that payment wrap. She said we didn't qualify for that program because we had a sub-prime mortgage and the rules did not apply. That also meant that they could foreclose immediately. So we managed to gather all the money we owed them, about $4000 and they refused to take it. Said if we sent it they would just send it back. They did agree to do a forbearance. We made our payments on time for the forbearance and then went into the Loan modification.

After making our first payment to the loan modification, 2 weeks later we received a check from Wells Fargo for the amount that we had paid into our loan modification with a letter stating that they could no longer work with our Loan modification. At this time we went to court. For once the Judge was on our side and demanded that Wells Fargo find a way to work with us. We redid the forbearance and filled out a budget worksheet. Their offer to work with us was to Double our payment amount and raise our interest to almost 12%.

We called and told them that there was no way that we could afford this payment and that we thought with all the new rules for the Government refinance they had work with us not the other way around. They said that the investors (From China) don't have to follow those guidelines. We hired an attorney now and have gotten nowhere.

We have been dealing with this for 3 years. We have to be out of our house by Feb of 2010. I wrote them a letter, telling them they ought to be ashamed of themsleves for further compounding the mortgage crisis and displacing a family of 8. And then I see these bold face lies of commercials about how they help people. **!!! They help people, they are nothing but a corrupt conglomerate company that wants to do nothing but line their pockets with your dreams!!!

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