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It Took 8 Times and Months for Them to Write Our Home Owner's Correct!!
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Rating: 1/51

HAMILTON, OHIO -- I told the agent what I needed in a homeowner's policy and paid for it in cash for the year (In full)! Then we got the policy, and it had all kinds of mistakes on it! I called to get it done right and they said "ok no problem". It took them 8 mailings to get it right! I had to hold them by the hand so much and put up with so many excuses for their simple basic mistakes! Then they raised the cost of the policy without even telling us, during the year, when it was almost up a year later. The policy was paid in full when I took it out. So I checked on the reviews, and I couldn't believe how bad Allstate was, so I didn't renew the home owner's policy.

I wrote them to inform them. Then Allstate sent us our bill for our auto's insurance. We paid it even though it was higher! Then, one month later they sent us another bill after we accepted the policy and paid for it in full! They wanted more money, so I called and no one at Allstate knew anything! They would send me from dept. to dept. and even billing dept., didn't know why!

We never had any claims of any kind and I thought they would get back with me when they said they would. I got tired of all the phone calls to them and every time they were nice but they didn't know anything! I realized they were going to never know anything about my bill or anything else. I am not sure they know who they are! I have been getting insurance for 40 years and I never had so many problems with an insurance company not getting anything right on its own paper work and policies.

After all that is their product that you pay for! I thought I was dealing with children! It's like they don't want your business. I just paid the extra money, because after reading the reviews I knew they wouldn't return our prior payment! So when the Auto insurance policy ended, I called the agent: E-mailed and U.S. Mailed them that I would not be renewing our auto policy with them! I don't know if they understood but time will tell! I am so glad we never actually need to make a claim, and I would like to thank the people who take the time to write a review on All STATE! What a lousy insurance experience with All State and I would never trust them to cover us ever again!

Allstate Auto Insurance
By -

I used to be with Erie Insurance for many years and was very happy until the premium jumped significantly when I added a new teenage driver. In an effort to save money I shopped around. Allstate gave a quote that was going to save me about a thousand dollars a year. The experience from there can be described briefly as "bait and switch". The policy I'm paying for now is not saving me ANY money. I didn't go to a local agent I just used the 800 number. That was a HUGE mistake. There was no consistency at all with a constant mix of foreign call centers resulting in increased communication problems.

The experience had a consistent theme: The last person I talked to would always omit one piece of SIGNIFICANT information about what documentation they wanted me to send and then the premium would increase. I'd call, complain, the next person would apologize, promise to fix the problem if I would send that ONE MORE piece of information, I'd send it, and the increased premium was sucked out of my account like clockwork no matter that I had complied. I then asked for a local agent and went into the office. They are asking for all of the same information again and not as promising that my premium will actually improve. I bought the policy 4 months ago so they have had time to fix this.

I have never felt so abused by a large corporation. I have had my trust and faith that large corporations in general can be trusted to deliver what they say after the consumer has paid them. It feels like everything was set up to assure that profit would be maximized at my expense. If I had just been told upfront what I needed to do to purchase the product at the stated price the experience would have been different. Buyer beware!

Insurance Fraud
By -

My claim was filed on 10-17-09 and I am now going to a 3rd party to appraise my truck. They won't do agree on anything to get my truck fixed. When I Filed my claim on 10-17 I went to have my truck appraised and they told me they could not properly estimate the damage to the truck because it was too old and to take it to a paint shop and have it estimated.

I have a 63 Ford F100 unibody that has been restored with a new paint job only on the truck six months when it was vandalized and keyed the entire way around the truck. I then took the truck for the damage to be estimated and the business estimated the damage and repairs at $7600. My agent then told me this was not reasonable and I would have to take it to the original person that painted it. According to Tx state law an insurance company cannot tell a customer where to take their vehicle to get it fixed.

She then called my body shop and told them their services were not needed and that I was going to take it back to the guy that painted it the first time, without even talking to me. After fighting them on this and telling them I would take my truck to this body shop and not the one they were trying to force me into they set me up with another agent to do another appraisal.

Allstate's appraiser did not look at the truck for more than a couple of minutes and did not take into account anything that had been done to the truck. I had a new paint job, new upholstery, new stereo system and many other new parts.

I have since had two other appraisers look at the truck and they estimated it at around $15000. Her estimate had my truck at around $5000, there is no reason for there to be this much difference. She then went on to tell me my truck was going to be totaled out and that I was to drop it off at an auction warehouse. This truck means a lot to me and I want it fixed. I have comprehensive full coverage just in case something like this happens. I chose to fight them on this and take it to a third party according to Allstate's terms and conditions.

I have my appraisers and Allstate hired their own and both sides have to choose a third party mediator. My side requested a county judge and Allstate refused. They would not allow a judge as the third party. They gave my side a list of 3rd party people to choose from. I don't understand why both sides could not agree on a county judge except for the fact that they want to use someone that they know will side with them. Judges have to and are sworn to uphold the law.

I have called Allstate again issuing complaints because of this and that have told me they cannot contact their appraiser and I cannot do anything about it because when they start a third party both sides are left out. They are not doing anything to resolve this and have now told me I cannot either. I just want my truck fixed and repaired properly.

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Rating: 1/51

WHEELING, ILLINOIS -- I am a new All State Customer. I bought my new auto insurance policy on the 15th of May 2012 which is valid till 15th of Nov 2012. I am having issues with them from the day one. I spoke to person called ** at Allstate at 10.45pm on the 05/15/2012. She offered me a policy for $463.78 and I authorized her for one time payment for that amount, i.e., $463.78. Then the problem starts very next day. $571.44 were deducted from my account. I called Allstate to talk to them about the issue. I had to make couple of calls but nothing worked so I had to complain and called the manager.

He went through the conversation between me and ** the very first conversation and he apologize to me for their mistake and refund the overcharged money $107.66 on the 05/29/2012. The money not only over charged but also wrong information was involved. I was little satisfied by thinking of the fact that human makes mistakes but it was something else. They deleted all the voice conversation we have had and want me to pay them back those $107.66 back.

Spoke to the supervisor in charge of their inquiry department **. All she has to say is I have to pay the remaining balance for them to keep my policy validated. I am really upset. It's not only cheating but hurting somebody emotionally and also a criminal offense to withdraw money from someone's account without authorization. I am not willing to pay and this is just the starting. I am willing to take this further.

Why Pay Premiums if They Make You Pay Anyway!
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Rating: 1/51

HINESVILLE, GEORGIA -- I have had my insurance with Allstate for 12 years, without an accident, multiple cars, homeowners and renters insurance. My daughter gets into an accident and the car gets totaled. Might I add, I was not given a choice. They said there was no way to fix it. They allowed me to choose the collision center and said it would not matter. NOW, they are saying since I chose the collision center and they do not accept the charges, they are taking it out of my settlement for the car!

I was told they would cover these charges and now they do not want to pay. I am not sure what I have been paying premiums for if I have to pay for everything! They cheated me, and if this review changes your mind about Allstate. I want to call/email them and tell them that you changed your mind about them because of Claim # **. I want them to know they just did not lose one customer for what they have done.

No Good Reason To Deny Me Adding A New Vehicle To My Policy
By -

ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have been insured with Allstate auto and home insurance for several years with never a problem. However this year I was hit from behind in late December while sitting stopped in traffic, and a week later my new car was damaged in a Post Office Parking lot because I was forced into running over some grass and in doing so I hit a cocaina rock with my spoiler on my Camaro.

The accident was checked out by an investigator and I was not charged with an accident. I also bought a new motorcycle and tried to add it to my policy as I have my old motorcycle on it until I sold it. However I was told I could not add my motorcycle to my policy because I was involved in an accident. No I could understand it if I was at fault in anything, but that was not the case I was judged, "by Allstate as being not at fault" so why is it that I cannot add my new Motorcycle to my policy.

I do not feel this is a fair judgment, because as I do carry the Platinum Plus policy I do have automatic "stacking" and a discount for multi vehicles. I have a million miles award for safe driving from Costal Tank Lines, my employer before I retired. And have never had a chargeable accident on my record...

Is there anything your office can do about this or are insurance companies permitted to make these unjustified decisions with no recourse to the consumer. It funny thing that as long as you are paying them, insurances companies are more than happy to take your money, yet get involved in an accident where the other driver admits being at fault and the company all of a sudden starts messing with you. Hoping you can help.

Allstate Insurance Screws Over Innocent People
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- My car was hit by a person that has Allstate Auto Insurance. I was not even in the car. I did as was told and took my car to the Allstate Adjuster. I was told I would get a rental car to use while my car was being repaired. I dropped my car off at the body shop to start the repair. I was taken to Enterprise Car rental. They would not rent a car to me because I only carry liability on my vehicle.. it's a 1994 Nissan Sentra. Allstate would not cover the additional insurance required by Enterprise to rent the vehicle. I borrowed my mother's car. The car has been in the shop for 5 days & Allstate has first approved the work to be done.

It was held up because they quoted a ridiculously low price of $50.00 for a used fender that needed repair and didn't want to pay to have the used part delivered. I was warned in advance how terrible Allstate is to deal with on a claim. I called to be compensated for alternate transportation. They will only pay $10 per day and only based on their estimate.

Their estimate was only for 4 days and because they would not approve to get the work started the time to repair has taken longer. It is expected to take another 3 days to repair. Allstate refuses to compensate based on the actual time needed to repair the vehicle and will only pay based on their estimate. I am the victim here. I was not even in my vehicle when it was hit and I am the one suffering all of the inconveniences. Beware if you have to deal with Allstate Auto Insurance, they are EVIL!

GREAT Service, Never Leaving
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I had to file my first claim at the beginning of this month and I was terrified given some of the horror stories I had heard. A car that I owned was totaled, in another state, by a friend. The insurance company told me that they would send out an adjuster 3 days later. They gave me a 3 day window. On the very first day, the adjuster called me to tell me that they considered a total loss and that it would have to be handed off to another dept.

I was sure it was going to take forever. I received another phone call within the hour. To make a long story short, I received my final call by the end of that day informing me that my check for the payoff was in the mail. They didn't lowball me on the value of the car and even refunded tag and title fees for a new car. All of this was handled and done within less than 4 days total! I will NOT leave this company. To add to all of that, their accident forgiveness ensured that my insurance won't go up either! Can't beat that!

Allstae Rate Increases
By -

Been with Allstate since Nov 2006 - have home & Auto with them. Our ages are 55 & 60 (wife & Husband). No tickets, accidents or claims on home or car and excellent credit. In one year they raised homeowners by 19% and auto by 12.85% for a total increase of 31.85% for our insurance needs. Called our agent and was told it is what it is, the rates have increased across the board. We live in the Bowling Green area of Kentucky. Needless to say, Allstate can kiss my grits - I am getting quotes today to dump Allstate.

Rate Charged Almost Double Than Rate Quoted
By -

ROAMAKE, VIRGINIA -- My experience with AllState insurance company is really bad. To save some money on my existing auto coverage, I shopped around and they quoted me 397 for six months policy which was about 20% cheaper than what I was paying before. The nightmare started right from the day when I mailed them the documents and I felt they asked for way too many documents.

I had to call them about 4-5 times to make sure that they received all required documents. I was losing my patience as it took couple of calls and about 5 weeks for them to send me the permanent ID card. I contacted the sales person who sold the policy via email and phone but guess his goal was to just sell the policy and forget the customer. So no response from him.

To my disbelief when I received my permanent ID card, I was shocked as they were increased the rated by 302 dollars to 699 for six months. I called them and asked the reason for that. The guy told me that they don't see if I had continuous coverage for some months in early 2007 or not. I did had the coverage but since they asked for the declaration page of the last insurance company (which I had from middle of 2007 till I made the switch to AllState) I just sent them that.

When I asked why did not they call me if they wanted to see proof of insurance for that period, the guy told yes he agrees but he told he can not do anything until he sees additional documentation. At that point I said enough is enough and I got similar quote from some other company and canceled with AllState. I'll not deal with this company again as I feel cheated and to me it seems unfair business practice. Thanks.

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