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AT&T Sucks! - GoPhone plans beware!!!
Posted by Squidly on 04/22/2008
AT&T Sucks! They are nothing but profit mongers that want to suck your wallet for all its worth. I have an Apple iPhone on a GoPhone pre-paid plan. I originally thought I would need a larger plan than the entry level, so I mistakenly went on their website and increased my plan to the big $69.99 plan. What a big mistake! I also made the mistake of setting up automatic payment. Their website is specifically geared towards the escalation of your obligations and does not allow you to decrease your plan (you must call them to do that). Also, you cannot drop automatic payment through their website, again you MUST call them to do that (and jump through a lot of hoops). I was a total idiot and allowed my account to accumulate to over $300 before I finally got off my butt, called them, and got my plan reduced. Now, I am going to lose about $60 because AT&T says they will no longer allow a balance of more than $250, so anything that you accumulate above $250, you lose. I cannot simply drop my monthly payment and have payments taken from my balance, they will not do that. If I drop the monthly payment, I will lose the entire $300+.

This whole thing is a scam beyond belief. I am now starting a class action lawsuit campaign as I believe AT&T is in violation of some fundamental FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulations with this practice. For anyone out there considering AT&T, any plan, Don't, JUST DON'T DO IT!!! Trust me, you will be much happier anywhere else other than AT&T. Quit feeding these sharks!!!

AT&T is just a thieving profiteer! Terrible service and even worse consumer traps!

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-04-23:
Why are you blaming AT&T? To accumulate that much surplus you must have ignored your account for close to a year. I have always found their service to be first-rate and their coverage has always been quite good.

Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-04-23:
If you can afford to start a class action lawsuit a $300 loss shouldn't bother you in the least.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-04-23:
This is not a scam - - everything that happened was the result of your own actions (and lack thereof)as a consumer. It was your responsibility to understand the terms and conditions of the plan you agreed to. You are on a pre-paid plan, let your balance accumulate beyond the maximum allowed and now want AT&T to deduct your monthly payment from the value of your accumulated minutes. You admit you were "a total idiot" and now want AT&T to change the way they do business to accommodate you. Sorry - - it isn't going to happen and you have no basis for litigation.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-04-23:
You might as well drop the class action lawsuit, you can't do that, you have to arbitrate. It says so in the TOS and on the website when you order one. I have had one for almost three years (same phone) and have never had any trouble, and I have the same kind of account.
Posted by footballguru on 2008-05-08:
I agree with the other posters here. I have been a At&t go phone customer since about 2001. I have only had few problems and any issues I had were always quickly resolved by the company. I would never sign any two year contract with anybody for fear of being locked in, overcharged and stuck. Therefore, I feel as though the GoPhone is the best thing that ever happened to mobile phones. Also the $69 plan is the best plan for heavy users who use the cellphone constantly.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-08:
I also have a GoPhone. The TOS are clear. My wife has a TracPhone. She is a very light user and gets by with carrying the minimum balance on her phone. I am a moderate user and I find the GoPhone to be a good value. As SuusanB. said, you have no basis for litigation...unless you want to sue yourself for being less than diligent.
Posted by katk on 2009-09-10:
just be glad that you don't have a regular AT&T monthly account that you are stuck with for 2 years!!
Posted by daisy on 2013-03-08:
i had a two year contract with at and t...i bought 3 i phone 4 through them...the plan was great at first....i told them i was on ssi and i couldn't afford a bill over 130 dollars....my mom my husband and i were going to each pay our parts of the bill....they told me my bill will be 138.85...i said ok....that will be fine...the minutes were 500 minutes to share among the three of us and we don't talk much to people....we just call each other to say hi and thats it....only use the phones if we were going to be late coming in or to see when the other was coming home....just sorta checking up on each other....

when i got the phones i activated them all...gave them to everyone....i made sure cellular data was turned off so we wouldn't use any data..but it used it anyway....

now they sent me these phones with no deposit required...i was definately excited about that....two weeks after i had the phones, i recieve my bill....they tacked on 750.00 dollars x's 3 on my bill....they added a deposit per phone...i flipped out....funny how they waited two weeks to do that when it is too late to back out of the contract....i paid 160.00 dollars of my bill, at the att store....they took off the deposit....even they said it was wrong....ok...so i paid 160.00 dollars and there was a 0 balance on my account..i got that setteled...two weeks before christmas of 2012, they cut my phones off...i paid my 160.00 bill....i called them to see what the problem was and they told me that i owed 2250.00....i said for what? they put me on hold for 25 minutes to discuss my account with someone.....then came back on the line and told me i owed that for the deposit.....my 160.00 dollar bill that i paid at the store wasn't even reflecting on my account....that was not right and im not paying the deposit....then i told them i wanted to send the phones back and opt out....they told me it was too late....i will be charged early cancelation charges.....but wait....it was there fault....i told customer service that i wasn't required a deposit when i received my iphones....so why do i have to pay for it now....customer service could not answer that....i told them look i will explain this again for the 5th time....i didn't required a deposit when i ordered the eyephones....if i was required to pay a deposit, then i wouldn't have my iphones in my hands right now....customer service said true....i thought finally im getting somewhere....i said so how much does it cost to get my phone turned back on....she said 2250.00 pluss a reconnect fee...i said your kidding....she said no mam you have a balance left on your account and you have to pay it to get your phone cut back on.....this is absurd....att doing this to me...

oh and here it is....march 2013....my phones has been cut off since december 2012 before christmas....they are still charging my my monthly bill....my phone is now up to close to 6000.00....

also i had internet with them....i finally recieved the dsl modem 6 weeks after i recieved it....and i was recieving an internet bill before i even had the moden hooked up or was able to enjoy the internet....wait that is not all....

they now have a wireless home phone that works off the wireless internet they provide....it came in ontime....i tried to hook it up....it didn't work....so i sent it back and cancled out on that....two weeks later, i recieve a bill for a home wireless phone that i canceled and sent back....hey if that guy wants to start a class action suit....i want in on it....i just don't know how to start one....my email address is daisydu72@gmail.com
Posted by superawesome on 2013-04-26:
Them thar eyephones is expensive! Specially if'n yer on the ssi.
Posted by natasha clark on 2013-09-07:
I have a go phone and I pay fifty dollars a month for unlimited everything and I have a house phone also. I also put extra money on my cell phone for collect calls. now att charged me 70 cents for 911 calls and ive never been charged that the whole time I had att. now look I live in ky and I pay federal and state taxes on my home phone! so how is att goin to charge me for another state also on a cell phone when I already pay on my home phone? idk how much money it is, it is the principal of the matter that they stole from me! now im pretty sure that is against the law for them to charge you for two diff state taxes! and they also wanted to charge me 15 dollars to change my num! now I hope everybody knows what kind of a company these thieves are. so id suggest that you go w verizon or straight talk. thank you, Natasha clark
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AT&T Has Horrible Customer Service
Posted by AT&T Sucks... on 03/24/2010
I am writing this email to illustrate the events that have taken place with AT&T since November of 2009.

In November of 2009 I decided to change my internet service provider to AT&T for a few reasons. 1) AT&T cost less then my previous provider, 2) I could take advantage of the “Bundle Pack” which would bundle the two costs of my internet service and cell phone service and I would receive a 10% discount on the bill. 3) It would be much easier for me to manage one account rather two separate accounts with AT&T and had set up the “Automatic Bill Pay”. IE: The payments were to automatically be withdrawn from my bank account on a monthly basis. Hence, no worries / or headaches.

In early December I was contacted by an AT&T customer representative. She stated to me that my bill hasn’t been paid and I could be charged a late fee if I don’t pay immediately. I explained to her that that’s impossible since I am signed up for the “Automatic Bill Pay”. Why would the money not be taken out of my checking account? She stated in return that I wasn’t signed up for the “Automatic Bill Pay” but she could sign me up right now. In return I gave her my debit card account number which was to be used for now on. Secondly, I asked her if everything was taken care of because I do not want to have to have another phone call from AT&T saying my bill hasn’t been paid. Problem solved….

February comes and while at work my cell phone is shut off. Why the heck would my cell phone be turned off??? I’ve taken care of the “Automatic Bill Pay”, have the “Bundle Pack”, and have spoken to the individual in customer service in December who set up my automatic withdraw. A short walk later I am at the AT&T store located at the K Street mall In Sacramento, CA. One of the individuals who worked at the store did some research. It turns out that I hadn’t been given the “Bundle Pack”. It turns out that if I did get the “Bundle Pack” I would forfeit the 15% discount that I currently have and only receive a 10% discount. This was completely understandable but EXTREMELY frustrating because it was never communicated to me until that day. NEVER!

For this reason, my cell phone hadn’t been paid for 3-4 months. The individual who set up my “Automatic Bill Pay” set it up for my Internet account. Not the “Bundle Pack” as I understood. While speaking with one of the individuals at the K Street AT&T store he identified my problem. However, when on the phone with the customer service representative I was told “Sorry, but there is nothing we can do”. In fact numerous times I was told “Sorry, but there is nothing we can do. In order for you to get your phone turned on today you will have to pay at least $245 out of the $468 phone bill and then the additional $218”

Agreed, I definitely agree that when I have a bill I need to pay it. I understood that I owe AT&T money. However, for the customer service department not to take responsibility for the mistakes made by the individuals working for their company is absolutely ridiculous. IE: 1) Not setting up the “Bundle Pack” as agreed, 2) Not communicating to me why the “Bundle Pack” wasn’t established (15% discount vs.10% discount – which would have been understood), and 3) Not setting up the “Automatic Bill Pay” which was supposed to be established.

To add more fuel to the fire my internet was turned off on March 16th. After a lengthy conversation with the customer service representative at the 1-800-288-2020, It was established ONCE AGAIN that my bill hadn’t been paid and my internet was shut off for lack of payment. Lets refer to the conversation that took place with an AT&T representative in December:
“In early December I was contacted by an AT&T customer representative. She stated to me that my bill hasn’t been paid and I could be charged a late fee if I don’t pay immediately. I explained to her that that’s impossible since I am signed up for the “Automatic Bill Pay”. Why would the money not be taken out of my checking account? She stated in return that I wasn’t signed up for the “Automatic Bill Pay” but she could sign me up right now. In return I gave her my debit card account number which was to be used for now on. Secondly, I asked her if everything was taken care of because I do not want to have to have another phone call from AT&T saying my bill hasn’t been paid. Problem solved….”

Well apparently the problem hadn’t been solved ONCE AGAIN! I contacted AT&T at their 1-800-288-2020 number to establish what had happened. The following occurred:

1) The individual could not verify my account even though I supplied him with my name, my address, cell phone number, last 4 digits of my SS#, they even have my Drivers License on file. That information was not good enough to verify my account and “He could not help me” without the account number.

2) After asking to speak to his supervisor “Zack” he had no problem pulling up my account and informed me that my non-payment was for $35. I asked to pay for it, he informed me that I couldn’t pay for it through him I would have to go through a different department. I was subsequently transferred and while on hold my phone call was dropped. Which leads me to another complaint I will get to later. I tried to contact “Zack” again since this was the individual I was working with and the individual had no idea who “Zack” was and that the Customer Service department is huge and Zack may be within a different location which was extremely frustrating. (Try explaining this situation twenty five times to twenty five different individuals and not one of them has a history of my previous conversations or prior contacts).

3) After getting off of the phone with the customer service representative at 1-800-288-2020 the next day I made the / a payment of $35 (I’m not sure what it went to because apparently it still didn’t cover my existing balance), re-established my account to be hooked up with a scheduled date of 03/23/2010. Frustrating that I would have to wait, since as mentioned before “Automatic Bill Pay” was supposed to be established in both November and December and apparently it wasn’t. Next I get a phone call on the morning of 03/23/2010 from an AT&T customer service representative saying they would have to reschedule to have my internet service hooked up on 03/26/2010. I told her that that was not good enough, explained to her what had happened (IE: Everything above) and was once again told that “There is nothing I can do”.

This was the last straw. I was absolutely tired of having problems with AT&T, tired of hearing “I’m very sorry but there is nothing that I can do”.. Etc. At this point I went to the AT&T store and explain to them how extremely frustrated I was with the customer service that I was receiving and had received in the past. I worked with Vern Saephanh, Steve Ester, and another individual by the name of Stephon. Each one of them were very helpful and tried their hardest to resolve my problem. After spending approximately an hour with them I had to return to work. Vern said that he would continue to work on it and get back to me as soon as he could. Which he did and I was very grateful for that however, they too were having a difficult time pulling up my internet account. (I definitely believe them but I do not understand why since they too work for AT&T). A couple of hours later I receive a phone call from Stephon and he had explained that my outstanding balance for internet service was for $205 for three months of non-payment.

Once again, lets refer to the “Automatic Bill Pay” which was supposed to take place in both November and December. Not to mention that my bill is supposed to only be $35 a month and maybe some additional taxes. Now lets do the math… $35 x 3 = $105. If this is the case where is the additional $100 coming from? You got me???

I would like you to understand. I signed up for the AT&T internet service in November. There is a higher start up cost due to having to purchase the Modem of around one hundred and something dollars. It would be illogical for me to purchase the modem just to not pay my bill and have it turned off a few months later.

In conclusion, I want you to know how extremely frustrated I am with AT&T’s service. The time, effort, frustration, and the stress associate with the lack of communication, customer service, and hearing “I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do”, “I can’t verify your account”, “I can’t pull up your account” and lack of follow through with AT&T’s employees have made me completely upset. Can you tell… I wouldn’t spend the time and effort writing this email if I was not.

I would like this letter to be sent to the following:

 Sacramento’s District Leader / Regional Manager
 A 1-800-288-2020 Customer Service Representative Manager or higher (higher preferred). IE: Someone who is going to be able to answer questions with more than “I’m sorry, but there is nothing that I can do”
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-24:
I know exactly what you are going through. I had some of the same problems with no one being able to give me all the details of what I had been promised. The sales dept. makes promises that are never carried out. I have been going round and round with AT&T for the last two months. Hopefully things are straightened out--My next statement will tell me.
Posted by Jane W on 2013-07-19:
That does sound like a nightmare, and I haven't experienced anything at that level of awful. But I have just gotten off the phone with about the rudest customer service rep I have ever had to deal with. She was defensive, she argued about whether my password was a password or a passcode and wouldn't listen when I tried to give it to her, she tried to "troubleshoot" my problem by instructing me how to take the cover off my wifi hotspot, and when it wasn't working, and I told her so, she got very exasperated and gave me the same instructions again. It still didn't work. She got nastier and gave me the same instructions AGAIN. We went around and around like that until finally I told her this was getting us nowhere and I didn't want to hear the directions again. She said a nasty "have a nice day" and I hung up. Her directions weren't even accurate. It was some kind of temporary glitch in the signal I was getting. All I had to do to solve the problem was to turn my hotspot off and then back on again. She raised my anxiety level, argued with me, was nasty to me, and didn't even think of the simplest solution to my problem,meanwhile trying to get me to do something that I think would have resulted in my breaking my hotspot device. What a bad experience!
Posted by Audrey on 2014-03-31:
I just experienced same problem......I thought I just got unlucky and had rude rep but I guess At and t company don't train them correctly. This lady named Kathy just hung up on me when I asked for Manager. Sooooo upsetting and frustrating. There are a lot of people who needs job who can do much better than at and t employees. If they can't do job right and don't want to work...then just quite. whose gonna stop? don't put is on to customers, you know? I got the impression that At and t only cares about new sign up customers and don't give a damn about existing customers.
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AT&T Worse Customer Service and Day Light Robbery.
Posted by Samuelessandoh on 01/21/2013
DAYTON, OHIO -- I moved from Wisconsin to Ohio and transferred my AT&T service because I still was under contract. For some reason AT&T was double billing me. They said the one who did my transfer was supposed to have initiated a cancellation in a certain section of their system and he did not do that. Then my question was why do I have to suffer because of their employee oversight?

It took me more than 6 calls of 30 minutes each of waiting time to at last get a reasonable person in that company to help me even that they still stole my $20.00 the other 5 were very rude and insulting. Well, I don't blame them. They have the monopoly so can do whatever they want. I tell you, straight talk of Walmart fame( with all due respect) gives services that is 500 times better than this so call five star at and t company. They are a bunch of thieves and very rude. If you have another option please do not use them. I use to even own their shares but out of good conscience I dumped it because they are evil.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2013-01-21:
We've had similar and even more bizarre incompetence from AT&T with our business account. They've managed to screw even the simplest of things completely up. It amazes me still how different the service you get with AT&T is compared to what you think you would get from the oldest, most recognized phone carrier.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-22:
I've found the easiest way to handle this is to place the issue in writing and include it with a standard check. I then place an endorsement contract on the back of the check. When the check lands in the payment office, they handle the issue without me needing to waist so much time on the phone.

It really works. I've done this with a couple of companies and it's cleared things up, saving my time and sanity.
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Loyalty means nothing
Posted by SLP on 09/20/2007
Hi, I have been with AT&T wireless since before the buy out by Cingular. I would like to make it clear that I was the second wave of customers to join, the first being the one on the analog system. I started and am currently on a GSM plan. I pay less then customers joining today because I have nights free after 7pm with no extra charge and my overall fee is lower (a plan based on 1200 minutes, they only offer 1400 now)

so to get to the point, my service is slowly deteriorating every day, one with the customer service people and secondly the actual signal of the phone. Some may say why is your signal going down, well the reason is I am on the old computer/sim chip system and they separate me from the new customer computer system, so when I send a message my message is sent through an old computer base (slower) rather than the new ones. Meaning I receive my messages up to 5 hours later sometimes. I know this is different than other people on AT&T because I was sitting next to a person with the new plan and we used a third phone to send messages. He got his right a way, I got mine an hour later... Anyway back to the signal problem. The towers are being upgraded only to the new sim chips (i have an old one). Meaning my phone is getting less service... This is my theory and I have gotten the same impression from many mobile stores that I talked to. So you ask why don't they give me a new chip that will work, I am AT&T customer, I am entitled to their services that even they claim are better than the one I have now. Well they won't cause my plan is not in the new computer base and they refuse to put me in the new computer base at my paying price, instead they want me to switch and pay more $$. Every time I call them they tell me the new rates and talk about how it is financially better for me to switch, usually I ignore it and tell them (for my 26th time yesterday) to reset my messages cause the build up in their old system. However on occasion I listen hoping they could tell me I could save money. After 30 minutes of worthless chatter we arrive at the same conclusion, switching makes no financial sense. So they refuse to give me the quality service they give their new customers who sign with them today and continue to hurt the ones that have been with them for over 6 years~!! At&t claims to rebuild themselves, well they have changed for the worst destroying not only their name and morality but setting a standard that it is ok for American corporations not give a sh*t about their loyal customers. In Europe my dad has been with a cell phone company that has switched ownership 7 times. He has constantly been called and thanked for staying with them and continues to save money every year getting free phones and bonus packages as he shows loyalty.

The biggest thing that upsets me the most is when I walk into an AT&T store they cant help me because I am not in their "new" computer system. Instead I must only get help from faceless phone support. And if I wanted to get a new phone... Well AT&T won't sell me one that will work unless I switch.

I would love to hear what anyone has to think about this.

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Posted by trumania on 2007-09-20:
Well first off it's not really like you say. Let me explain. ATT Wireless used a certain system, system A. Cingular Wireless used system B, they bought out/merged with ATT Wireless. When that happened they had to run both systems to support both groups of customers.

This was back in 2004, they then stopped accepting ATT Wireless contracts and you could only get Cingular wireless contracts. They've been slowly trying to fade out System A because the dwindling customer base. Most people have already switched to Cingular Wireless, which is now ATT.

It's really not that they don't want to help you, it's that they can't. They can't keep a multi-million dollar system running just for a handful of customers. They've already publicly announced that they're going to remove that system all together, in 08 or 09 I believe.

The only way to get true support on the "New" Cingular/AT&T wireless system is to have one of the Cingular/AT&T sim chips, to get on you need to get a new contract.

It's great that you've been saving money on your month to month plan but if you continue with an obsolete system that is no longer being serviced, then you're going to have reception problems until they send you the letter saying your service has been permanently canceled.

Think of it like Windows Operating system, buying Windows Me is a lot cheaper then buying Windows Vista, and Windows ME using a lot less system resources. I can still use it, sure, but... Microsoft is no longer providing security updates or even technical support for that operating system. Why? It's outdated and they want you to use the new,better, software. That's not to say I can't stop using Windows ME, but if I do I might run into more problems as newer programs come out requiring a more sophisticated operating system.

Time to upgrade to a new contract buddy. If you don't want to there is always Pay as you Go, and of course, there are other carriers. But the thing you need to remember is, you are no longer in a contract with AT&T Wireless/Cingular/AT&T. You are on a month to month plan, which means, they have no obligation to give you free stuff to keep you as a member and can decline you service at any time.

Also, perhaps you should think about getting a plan with less minutes if you cannot afford to pay a higher bill. Do you use all the minutes every month? If not, with Cingular/AT&T you benefit from rollover minutes. Meaning you can use those unused minutes for the next 12 months if you go over your monthly allotment. You sure don't get that with AT&T Wireless monthly plan.
Posted by trumania on 2007-09-20:
Oh and also, I know for a fact that every other month while I was still an AT&T wireless customer, I was receiving letters from Cingular to upgrade my account and they would give me four free phones. Presumably to offset the cost of "changing" carriers.

Of course now I'm with Cingular/AT&T so... *shrugs*
Posted by SLP on 2007-09-21:
the problem i have is not what they are leagally binded to doing but the morality of it. i signed a contract that was suppose to be good as long as i keep it. they are suppose take care of their old customers better than their new. Loyalty should be the # 1 rewarded aspect of a customer. they should just transfer my plan over, and credit me the difference.... not hurt me because i stayed with them. Its not the money, its the principle.
Posted by trumania on 2007-09-21:
I can see how you're upset, but... why would they want to keep you as a customer? I mean, you're paying LESS then what new customers are paying. Not to mention, you EXPECT coupons and gifts and what not just for being a 'loyal customer'. They're losing money off of you. But the next person who joins their carrier service, they're making more money off of them. So their incentive would be to cater to the person who is putting more dollar bills in their pockets.

You signed a contract for 1 or 2 years, after that it went month to month which can be canceled at anytime, they are not required to offer you the service "as long as you keep it".

NO corporation is "moral", they're all in it to make money, not to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Harsh, but true. There are no carriers out there that would allow you to do this.

And technically... you didn't even "stay with them." You were an original AT&T Wireless customer. Cingular basically adopted you, and the AT&T Mobility basically got stuck with you. It's not even the same "corporation" to speak of. And, I doubt you stayed with them because of your undying loyalty. It's more likely that you stayed with them because AT&T Wireless had the cheapest prices around, and as you've said... cheaper then ANY carrier that's around today.

For the record AT&T Wireless was gone in 2004, around this time, it's now 2007, you've been on an obsolete network for 3 years. So prices have changed dramatically.

"Loyalty should be the # 1 rewarded aspect of a customer," yea right, Have you read some of the complaints on here? People have bought dozens of products from a company and then just 1 broke outside of the warranty period, the company refuses to fix it for free and then the customer says, "Never again will I buy from this company." There is NO SUCH THING AS CUSTOMER LOYALTY in today's world.

People always expect something, if they don't get it they move on.

You said, "Its not the money, its the principle," okay, fair enough you learned several times that they will not let you keep the cheaper plan on the more advanced network, clearly with it's better features and benifits. That's not fair, that's not what should "morally" be happening, whatever. Show them whose boss! Take your hard earned money to another carrier and complain to everyone you see that they wouldn't let you move from and old obsolete network to the newer advanced network even after numerous mail campaigns to offer you discounts on new phones.
Posted by SLP on 2007-09-21:
See that is the exact problem in america you except that just because they are technically are losing $$ in economic terms because they could have a higher paying customer instead of me, however they still make profit off of my bill, so they should be able to drop me. As i stated before companies should be rewarding and trying to find a way to keep customers that stay through thick and thin, 6 years!. I could easily move carriers tomorrow and AT&T would not care. my problem is that its wrong. its wrong that i am not treated better than a new custmer. If cingular did this it would be a different story, differnet company, but AT&T the compnay i started with is doing this. Look what happened to the sprint customers... they call tech support to many times and they are dropped.. yet in their contract they are promised tech support. But since these customers cost too much to maintain they are droped. right or wrong? if we want to live in a cut throat enviroment where the next cheapest thing will replace quality as long as it does the job then fine. But does the population really want to move down that path? its obviously cheaper to cut me off and tell us that they no longer want us, but then what stops the next company from doing the same. all i am saying it is bad business practice, and i am sure in the long run if it is not fixed then they will pay for it. When companies begin not to respect their customers the practice of good business is gone. you think it is right that AT&T store personal cant help me,,, MY CONTRACT STILL HOLDS AND IS STILL WITH THE COMPANY. My signal is worse now then it was before.... is there no standard to keep. by febuary i was told my signal will be gone.. what then, if i sign that contract in febuary and my signal is gone are they liable/?

and btw the free phone mailing.... i get my phones for free in the first place i dont need new phones so finicially it was better not to take the phone.
Posted by squeekie on 2007-09-21:
may I suggest a go phone? You are going to find problems with most cell phone companies these days. as soon as I find a loop hole or when my contract runs out, Im leaving sprint. you think cingular is bad, try getting throught to someone at sprint .
I used to have cingular and liked them. when they said the phones (both) were 46.00 a month thats what our bill was with sprint its 67.00 (3 phones) and by the time they add all the fees its 87.00.
my point is all companies are going to have their problems.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-21:
Sprint/Nextel is the worst.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-09-21:
I agree with trumania, he explained it a lot better than I could. There is no loyalty anymore with anyone, and especially with cellular service. The loyalty thing has been abused and used so much by everyone that it doesn't really hold water anymore, especially with 95% of them would switch if something better came along. I worked as a AT&T/Cingular warranty rep and believe me the loyalty thing was so abused that no one really cared anymore. Some of us did try and take it into account and do out best, but when the people above us didn't care it did make it hard.

On the old AT&T you will have to make a decision at some point and I hope it is a good one and you are happy. If you continue with Cingular and sign a new contract, use the buyers remorse period to determine if the phone is going to work. If it doesn't don't listen to the techs, just send it back and cancel. I have learned that if it doesn't work in the beginning then it probably won't after 14/30 days and then you'll be stuck in the contract.
Posted by squeekie on 2007-09-21:
FedUp, yes they are the worst.
Posted by jenjenn on 2007-09-21:
Unfortunately, there isn't loyalty anywhere anymore! :(
Posted by Suusan B. on 2007-09-21:
Loyalty has nothing to do with this issue. All wireless carriers treat new customers better than existing customers as this is how they make money.

You are on an antiquated system that is being phased out and you need to either upgrade your phone and service or find another carrier. End of story.

Oh - - and while we're at it - - you had better check your TV set as starting in 2/09 your going to have to go digital or lose your signal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-21:
Nextel customer service gave me DIARRHEA, also known as the Nextel squirts...
Posted by blkjeeptj on 2007-10-15:
I'm sure that antiquated equipment is a valid issue. However, I have a brand new V3xx and ever since the switch back to "AT&T" my signal in most areas has gotten weaker and weaker. I used to be able to use my cell at my house with no problem and now I have to go upstairs on the third floor and step out on the balcony to be able to make a call. I've checked with many people in my area and they all say the same thing. Signal strength is weaker here and non-existent in other areas that I used to be able to use my phone. Leads me to believe that AT&T is cutting costs by decreasing service.
Posted by Spuds on 2007-10-22:
Get this, I just switched to ATT and they have the worst signal and service ever! Its been 45 days and they basically tell me that I am screwed and they cant do anything about it. Customer loyalty, I dont think they care.
Posted by still on 2007-10-27:
They're going throught the process of changing the codes being sent to the phones through the towers. The recieving messages slowly is partially due to a bad phone, not necessarily the service. If your phone is 2-3 years old, you have to take into consideration the antenna within it was built 2 years prior to it.
Posted by EbayNoMore on 2007-11-08:
I had service with att when it was the analog system (bellsouth mobility)... I also had a grandfathered plan which I was able to keep with no hassles and no issues with my phone or service. I did notice more dropped call in the last 6 months or so of having their service. We cancelled att after being told we could not renew with a one year contract (paying more for the phone). We had 2 lines that were still under contract and should have been charged the enormous early cancellation fees... They waived those fees because we had been loyal, on-time customers for so many years... I do like my Verizon service much better but thanked att for waiving the fees...
Posted by Bohizzle on 2008-11-09:
Someone mentioned that AT&T doesn't have loyalty and I agree 100%. I been with Cingular ( AT&T ) probably for at least 2 years but maybe 3 years.

My current 2 year contract ends on March 8th, 2009. I went into their retail store to see what offers were available to me and to see if I could upgrade early because sometimes cellphone companies let you.

The retail representative in the store was not interested in my business. She said I could upgrade early but it had to be on November 18th. Fair enough but I told her that since we were talking a few weeks couldn't I do it now and she said no and was uninterested.

I said if I call the 800# customer service or even go online do you think they would let me and she said no and said it had to be on the 18th.

So acourse I left disappointed and with a bad taste in my mouth because its not like they said I had to wait to the end of my contract but she was so adamant on November 18th.

Long story short I went to T-Mobile got my Blackberry phone that I coveted, got more minutes per month, unlimited internet and texting including pictures and since I'm a state employee I get 15% off my entire bill which means ...

I have 1,000 minutues family plan compared to 700 minutes with AT&T. Unlimited text and picture text compared to 200 texts and picture for $4.99 on each phone with AT&T and unlimited internet compared to $9.99 per month with AT&T plus with my 15% monthly discount I will be paying the same amount for the T-Mobile plan at $103 per month with a brand new blackberry with all the bells and whistle. My wife has a brand new phone and customer service is way better than AT&T.

I think AT&T charges more for their plans because they are the largest cellphone provider at the moment ( AT&T, Verizon, Sprint ) but they kiss my business goodbye but I know it won't be missed.

AT&T is not hurting or struggling like Sprint but at least my wife and I are happier with our phones and plans.
Posted by Billywilly on 2009-01-05:
I have been in the same boat as you...and agree 100% with you. At&t cingular has been trying to convert me to new plans that cost atleast 50% more for the same exact features/minutes I have now with their old At&t wireless plan. Service is getting degraded and they are now saying that my sim card is going bad and they cannot give me a new one without me switching to their 'new' plans...what a rip-off and what a way to treat a loyal customer ...
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Over Charging
Posted by Gorio16 on 08/04/2007
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I have been a customer of Sprint for as long as I can remember. However, I travel abroad often and the GSM technology most convenient for my purpose is not offered through Sprint, therefore I switched companies to the "New AT&T" that's when my cell phone nightmare began. I shopped around on the internet and found the phone that best suited my and my family needs. Instead of accepting the discounted offers offered over the internet, I called the AT&T customer sales department. The sales representative was very friendly and seemed at the time very knowledgeable of the products and services I was requesting. We talked a little more than 2.5 hours. We discussed the plans and options that were better suited for me; one of which was a data plan. He explained that because I was purchasing 2 PDA phones (one for me and one for my wife) that a data plan was a requirement. The data plans were 29.95 per phone per month which I accepted as it was “a requirement”, but had he not told me, I’d have purchased one just the same because that was the purpose of the phone. I’ll take this opportunity to say that I also purchased my daughter a phone (rzar). She knows not to go on the internet, but I know how she likes to text message, therefore I purchased the unlimited text message plan for her (same as I had with Sprint), Better yet I purchased the unlimited family text message plan which I later found out is not necessary if you purchase the unlimited data plan which I did for the PDAs. I also purchased the 1400 minutes not that we ever use that many, but as a precautionary measure. I purchased the nights and weekend package to start at 7:00 pm for an extra fee, I think around $10.00. There’s no way to make this long story short; dreams are short; nightmares last forever. Upon receiving my phone I called the number in order to activate the phone as instructed by the sales person and as included in the instructions received and started using my phone. About two weeks into the service my wife decided that the phone was too bulky and complicated for her and thought that she’d return it before the 30 trail period expired. We called customer service and they told us that we could take it in to a corporate store and they gave us three convenient locations. About a week later we took the phone in and they gladly exchanged it. During the exchange the sales person asked if we wanted any options on our phones re, data plan, nights& weekends, text messaging, etc. I told them that we’d just keep the options we had and at a later date we would change it if we needed additional or less services. He then told me that we had NOTHING on our plan just the 1400 minutes. I asked him about the current charges but he told me that there was nothing he could do but he could add options at that time and we could call customer service once the bill arrived to make the necessary adjustments. Had I known at that time what customer service’s response and reaction was going to be I’d have returned all the phones right then and there as the 30 day trial had not expired. But a week later I received a bill a whopping $957.00. OK no problem; because I know there’s a mistake so I called customer service as instructed and I seem to have gone through the same routine that all the other complaints have voiced. I was bounced around from one customer service rep (CSR) to another. Two CSRs had no idea that a data plan was a requirement when purchasing a PDA and told me that it must have been a promotion or some sort. I requested to speak to a supervisor but during my 2.5 hour hold/conversation time I had my wife get the local AT&T store on the land line. They told me they too require a 3 month activation of a data plan upon the purchase of a PDA. Only now does the supervisor conveniently remember the policy. OK, but now she insults me by saying that she can “give me a $200.00 credit” Like I’d rather pay a $700.00 phone bill. Secondly, I don’t want her to give me anything. What I want is to be accurately charged from day 1 of with the services and options that I requested. It’s only obvious that if the first phone salesman failed to apply the required data plan then he more than likely forgot to add the rest of the options that were requested upon purchase. After a long drawn out discussion the supervisor has one other option and that is to file a case. But in order to do that she would have to remove the credit “she so graciously gave me”. So I’m on hold for another hour from this point as she sums up her account of what’s happened to me ummm. She returns to the phone gives me the case number and notifies me that someone would be calling me within some specified time period, but at this time I’m really not hearing what she has to say. The very next day (while I’m at work) I receive a call from someone that wants to give me a $416.00 dollar credit. Again, I had to explain to him that’s not what I’m looking for. I want to be charged according to what I’ve used and in accordance to the options I’ve purchased. He then got very argumentative and if I weren’t at work I’d probably have argued back, but instead I told him I was not going to pay as a result of AT&T’s incompetent and under trained staff. He further stated what proof I had that I ordered any options. Well let me see; is it a requirement that the data plan be applied to the account upon the purchase of a PDA? Was it there? Now what proof do you have that I didn’t? I further want to say that AT&T if this is one of your ploys to detain customers; it’s not working. Why be so greedy up front. I was hoping we’d have long-lasting relationship. And don’t you know I was even thinking about dropping Time Warner (stupid me). For one, I don’t have the means to pay this amount and wouldn’t pay it if I did. If anyone wants to contact me or has a similar story my number is 210-705-4968 that is until “The New AT&T” cuts me off for not paying this outrageous bill. If they do cut me off you can reach me (Greg) at 210-265-1917 or 210-253-2606.

SPRINT, I sincerely apologize, but I have a feeling I’ll be back soon.
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Posted by cybermema on 2007-08-07:
Complain to the FCC, that'll fix em.
Posted by gorio16 on 2007-08-08:
Thanks cybermema; I will do. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Posted by Ladderman on 2007-08-12:
Go to digital phone from your cable company.
Posted by gorio16 on 2007-08-14:
Ladderman thanks but I already have digital phone with my cable company. This is for wireless service "cell/mobile phone"
Posted by flabbergasted on 2007-09-30:
Try emailing your story to these links:

Here are the link:s: http://www.wireless.att.com/meet_email?id=stan_sigman

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AT&T Phone Contract Scam
Posted by Gianchandani on 03/04/2004
SF BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA -- I recently ported three phones that were on an AT&T family plan to Cingular based on information that I received from AT&T customer service that I was no longer under contract. I had two AT&T customer service agents tell me I was no longer under contract.

However, after porting the numbers I received a bill saying that I was in fact still under a contract. After making several calls, I was told that one of the three phones I purchased was still under contract and I was forced to pay early termination fees or reinstate that line for the remainder of the contract term. This is after I was told I was no longer under contract on multiple occasions by their customer service staff.

AT&T Management was not willing to take responsibility for mistakes or misinformation that was provided by their staff!

I think this is a scam that allows them to steal your money. They tell customers they are not in contract, and then when you cancel your service, they hit you with early termination fees saying that you were in fact under a contract!!! RUTHLESS BUSINESS PRACTICE - I DONT PLAN ON GOING BACK TO AT&T.
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Posted by mdl on 2004-04-25:
Write complaints to your attorney general and to both of the following: www.FTC.gov and www.FCC.gov; and I stress all! CC each of the copies to the others.
Posted by TC on 2004-06-01:
Did you even give them that third number.....
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Allowed My Husband To Steal My Phone
Posted by Gwynn.fowler on 04/16/2014
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My husband and I have a joint account but have been separated since November 2013. I started a transfer of service for my iPhone 4S and then my husband reported my iPhone as stolen. So, it was cut off and blacklisted. I have the proof the phone was purchased by my company under my name from Fry’s and shows I activated it under AT&T the same day it was purchased. Again… MY NAME. MY COMPANY CARD with MY NAME. RECEIPT with matching IMEI number in MY NAME. Despite the fact the IMEI number on the receipt and the iPhone matches and despite that the receipt shows I personally activated it on AT&T, they absolutely refuse to un-blacklist the phone. Effectively allowing my husband to steal property that does not belong to him while telling me they can’t do anything about it.

This is supposed to be a feature that protects people from REAL thieves… but it is actually allowing someone to steal from me and AT&T just shrugs and says “oh, well”?!?!?! So, not only did they used to benefit financially from stolen phones (check for the lawsuit), they now make it legal for the morally inept to steal your phone. That is what I call customer care.

I have been an AT&T customer for almost 10 years. After this, I will never use AT&T again unless they do the right thing.
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Horrible Customer Service And Follow Through.
Posted by Milestones_2005 on 04/15/2014
ILLINOIS -- DO NOT GET AT&T INTERNET! I have had cell service with AT&T for over 4 years and have been very satisfied. About 2 years ago when I switched from cable to satellite, I signed up for AT&T internet. I had a $14 a month internet contract for 1 year with a option to keep the same price for a second year. All was OK the first year but my internet went up to $43 after the first year and they refused to honor their offer.

This February they offered me a deal for home phone and Internet for a lower price than just Internet. Even though I didn't need a home phone, I accepted. That's when it all went downhill fast. Before that I had my cell service, DirecTV, and Internet bundled. They unbundled my accounts and to make a very long story short, I ended up having to pay 2 months worth of bills in one month.

When I called customer service, they gave me the runaround and transferred me several times. After being on the phone several hours I was given a credit on my internet of 2 months and given a confirmation number. All was great until 2 weeks later when they shut off my service.

They had never credited my account. Round two of several hours of being on hold and they said the credit was on my account and restored service. I called the next day again because the credit was not there. After being transferred several times, I said I would hold for a supervisor. They sent me to the disconnect dept.... So while I was on hold, I signed up for Comcast Internet and provided to cancel my internet with AT&T.

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Customer Service Sucks
Posted by Mycashamount on 04/14/2014
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Your customer service sucks everyone from your technicians to your call centers and just your overall service sucks big time! Every time you call their customer service you get into an argument with the negative types of individuals whom gravitate to customer service positions. And you can tell just by their tone which one will help you and the ones whom loves to argue because they have to speak to you and waste their precious time on their eight hour schedule. Take my advice and get yourself another job perhaps flipping burgers and asking the most famous question: Do you want some fries with your burger? Instead of handling the issue, they become the problem.

Take my advice, and continue doing what you do best, and collect your lousy paycheck which does not seem to pay your monthly bills!

You cannot get more insulting than this level!
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800 Number Customer Service Is Horrible
Posted by Denise.curiel on 02/17/2014
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- The people In customer service are horrible they do not listen, I have been on hold now for over 38 minutes WAITING FOR MY STUPID TEN DIGIT ACCOUNT NUMBER. I have given my information three times only for them to say they can not give me my own information. How stupid is that? If they think I am going to hang up they are wrong I am just getting angrier. The supervisor after hearing I was angry about being on hold guess what he did?! PUT ME ON HOLD!!!! I am so livid. It's 43+ minutes now.
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