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Poor policy/customer service
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a customer of Cingular/AT&T for almost two years. I have the Go Phone, Pick Your Plan in which $50/month is deducted from my bank account. I have never had to think about my payment. On Sun. Nov. 11th 2007 I received three messages that my payment did not go through. I thought maybe somehow my mortgage payment went through early and I had overdrawn my account. On Monday morning I went to my bank to make a deposit so I could then tell AT&T to try again. It turned out to be Columbus Day and my bank was closed.

So today, Tuesday, I went to my bank in the morning to make my deposit and discovered I had plenty of money in my account. So I called AT&T after I left my bank and recharged my account and in doing so realized what had happened. My bank just sent me a new debit card in the mail with different numbers on it because their security had been breached and many customers needed new cards and new PINs. I was just about to hang up when the lady told me my account balance.

I noticed my $50 of rollover minutes were missing. So she begins to attempt to explain this policy which it's clear she didn't understand herself. Something about a three day grace period and a text message alert when the payment fails. She was not clear about when this alert gets sent. This policy, they said, "is made clear" in the information book they give you when you purchase a Go Phone. I returned to an AT&T store after my run in with "Customer Care" to find this "clear" statement of policy.

The employee at the store was not aware of this policy but gave me a brochure and told me I could read it. I found it buried in the small print and pointed it out to the employee so he can "make it clear" for the next customer. But, back to my phone conversation. So I said I wanted my minutes because, "They're your minutes, You keep them," and after much transferring and waiting I was put through to someone who offered me $25 but not the $50 I had in rollover minutes.

He says they have no way of knowing I had that many minutes saved because they erased that information. How convenient. I told him they have records of my phone calls and records of my payments, so the information is still there, they just don't want to find it. He hung up on me. So I went through the channels again and this time ended up at **. ** was even less interested in customer satisfaction and said he saw no notation in my file that I had even been offered $25 by the last guy so there's nothing he can do. I'm out $50. Of course I don't want to be with AT&T anymore but, naturally, there are no refunds on payments.

I asked to speak to **'s supervisor. She's supposed to call me within a day or two. I assume that means it will be at my expense. I will be using up this month's minutes and changing carriers. What really bothers me is that I was not informed that there was a problem until the 11th when the failed debit attempt was made on the 8th. I get three days to deal with a problem that I'm not informed of until the last day and I'm not told it's the last day.

There is no reason that the alert message I received on my phone stating a payment had failed could not have been sent on Thursday the 8th. It is a purposeful deceit on the part of AT&T. AT&T does not appreciate my business.

Go Phone Customer Service - Can It Be Worse??
By -

I got a Go Phone for my family that came to visit in 2008. I wanted to reactivate the phone again in 09. I called the customer service center, told the lady what happened, gave her my information. She told me that I need to add money to the account in order to reactivate. So I did. But I still couldn't make or receive calls.

After doing research online, I realized that once the account has no activity for 90 days, the account is invalid. Period. So I called to get a refund. I was transferred and passed on by 6 different people to various departments. I was literately on the phone for over 5 hours in total. Because Go Phone customer service center closes 9pm, I had to call everyday after work for 3 days. I talked to Technology, Payment center, Customer service "Supervisors". Nobody could resolve my issue. They all have their own explanation.

Fortunately, I was put on hold and accidentally got transferred to the regular AT&T wireless customer service (not Go Phone's). This customer service guy is much more diligent and understands what he is doing. He stayed on the line, talked to people in Go Phone and got my issue resolved. It turned out that the phone number was recycled and is now under a new account. My money went a stranger's account! I believe that it is unfair to judge a company's customer service by one phone call. But after talking to 6,7 people, I simply cannot trust Go Phone. It is Very, Very chaotic. AT&T should really give extensive training to their reps.

Conclusion - AT&T put the WORST customer service people in GO PHONE department. Even the "supervisors" are ** (one supervisor put me on hold for 40 minutes and didn't do anything; the other hang up on me). Do not use GO PHONE if you expect to call their customer service.

ATT Go Phone Pick Your Plan Review
By -

I have Go-Phone Pick Your Plan 300 min since 4/09. Signed up at AT&T store and salesperson set up an unlocked Motorola K1 KRAZR I already had with a new sim card/phone number. Plan cost $39.99 ($44.04 after all surcharges), charged to my credit card at the beginning of each cell phone service month. I can call/be called by/speak with anyone with AT&T wireless, anytime for free (up to 500 minutes total).

Sat/Sun are free to anyone (up to 500 min total). Daytime calls during the week to non-ATT people are billed at $0.133/min in 1 minute increments starting when the dialed number begins to ring (but no charge if no answer - but getting someone's voice mail counts as an answer). Long distance is free except for $0.133/min for daytime calls to non-ATT people during the week. I specifically disabled sending/receiving text messages.

I rolled over $32.00 after the first month, as I primarily speak to people with AT&T during the day and I save the rest for nights/weekends. After I have accumulated nearly $250 (the limit) in roll-over, I plan to take the $3.99/month International Calling Plan and let my wife use up the accumulated rollover calling her parents in Ukraine. Only thing I don't like about this account is that checking your own voice mail is $0.133/min if you do it from your cell phone. Checking your voice mail from a land line does not cost anything. Go figure.

Note that I have not been charged $1/day. I was charged a E911 fee during the middle of the month ($0.50 in Indiana is deducted from my balance) as stated in the Go-Phone program description. I have had no surprises so far (other than the voice mail from my phone charge) and have had no need to contact AT&T customer service (so I can't comment on that).

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I have been an AT&T customer for over six years. This week my husband and I decided to change to a Go Phone account. It took over an hour to accomplish this task with many, many minutes on hold. The agent that helped us did not seem to know the product and did not give us any information on how to pay for the phone or what would happen to our old account. When we were finished, I could no longer make a phone call. I went on line and signed up for automatic renewal with my credit card... My phone still didn't work.

I went back online and charged $25 for immediate phone service. The phone still did not work. Luckily my step-son was visiting and recommended turning off the phone and then turning it on again. Finally we had cell phone service again. Two days later we discovered that AT&T had charged my credit card $25 four times.

Today it took me one and a half hours on the phone to get AT&T to credit my card for the two extra charges. I was shuffled from department to department, disconnected twice, ask for the same information repeatedly, & on hold over and over. They tell me my card has been credited and that the credit will show up in two to three days... we'll see. This has been very frustrating. I would not recommend AT&T to anyone after this experience.

Go Phone
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- I called customer service to assist with several problems with the design of the rate plan. Also to troubleshoot messaging errors on the phone. Thirdly the ongoing tower deterioration and lack of signal. They were helpful. Too helpful! They even waived the early termination fee and got me into a Go phone from a regular wireless account, and, man, let me tell you it blows!

I can't even check my messages or I have to pay the dollar for the day! Then there may not even be a message, it is just the icon stuck on your phone so you think you have a message! You can just ignore the icon from here on out or periodically check your voice mail from your home phone for your cell-phone? Ah, hello? Can you hear me now? Cancel it. Let it run out of time whatever, just get away from AT&T!

AT&T Wireless Go Phone Customer Service ROCKS!
By -

ALASKA, ALASKA -- Had some difficulty activating a Go phone account received for a Christmas present. Fortunately every person in every department - local retailer, general customer care, regular (traditional) plan care, and finally prepaid was as helpful as my local retailer. Prepaid customer care helped me with activating the phone with an expired sim card/phone number.

Each person along the line of service actually listened to my predicament and tried to complete the task at their ability level and when exhausting their resources forwarded me onto someone with more abilities or experience in my uncommon situation.

AT&T wireless has just bought out my current cell provider Cellular One - they have already made me feel much more confident in their ability to keep our customer satisfaction levels that we are accustomed to with Cell One. They really do Rock if you talk with them and not rant and raise cane with them. Thanks AT&T Wireless.

By -

I understand if your account is deactivated for non-use. I wanted to reactivate my Go phone and got the run around on information already provided to the agent. I had to call to try to activate and was on the phone close to 10 minutes. All I wanted to do is to get a new number, pay for it, and get reactivated. Now that I have let off a little steam, I am going to recycle the phone, go somewhere else and buy a phone and new service, not AT&T.

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