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KENTUCKY -- AT&T is horrible! I had been with them for 13 years and this past year I had more trouble with them. I had always been a good paying customer and loyal. After this year I was finished with them. I had to call them every month because I would find a new charge on my account. When I would ask, they, most of the time, had no idea what it was or something I didn't agree to. They tricked me into giving up my unlimited data. I could call and talk to someone, hang up and call again and get a totally different answer. That's not customer service or how you run a company.

Then when canceling service, I don't think they was going to let me leave, I had to answer security questions that they said were wrong. Um, I think I know the city I was born in, and some security code I made up 13 years ago, which I don't think I ever made one. I called back 30 seconds later and that person cancelled with no problem and no security stuff. WHAT!?! So AT&T drove me to my boiling point. I have moved on in hopes to have better service elsewhere. You would think they would like to keep good loyal customers but I guess not.

Sold a Defective Phone
By -

On August 6th of 2010, I purchased a new Samsung Captivate from an AT&T Retail store. Within the first couple of months, I noticed my phone would turn off randomly. At first, I believed it may have been a button push caused by me while the phone was in my pocketbook or pocket. After a little while, I noticed it would happen when the phone was not in my pocket or pocketbook, but at random times and places. Sometimes as many as 3 times a day. I called AT&T and was transferred to their Android warranty technician.

They walked me through a factory reset and promised that the problem would be resolved by the reset. The reset did not stop the shut downs at all. I started to do research and learned that the shutdown issue was being experienced by many other Captivate owners. There are many boards and forums with people complaining about this issue, not excluding AT&T's own community website. Those having their phones replaced by AT&T were getting refurbished devices that were also shutting down. Those who went to Samsung for repair received their "repaired" devices and still had shutdowns.

In December, after having a particularly bad week with shutdowns, I again called AT&T. I explained that my phone had been reset and that it still had shutdowns. At the same time, Samsung had sent out notification that there was a known issue with the Captivate that caused it to shut down. It also stated a serial number (or IMEI) range and manufacturing date range that would most likely experience the shutdown issue. In short, those phones manufactured after November 6th, 2010 would not have this issue. The operator assured me that I would not get a phone with a shutdown issue and proceeded with processing a warranty replacement.

I received the phone on January 7th. By the next morning, the replacement phone had shut down on me 5 times. I repackaged the replacement phone and sent it back to AT&T. I called AT&T the same morning to report to them what had happened with the replacement phone and that I was assured by the previous agent that the replacement phone would not have the shutdown issue. I was told by the current agent that there is no way to insure that any refurbished phone that is sent to me will not shutdown. I then stated that I purchased a NEW Samsung Captivate and instead was sold a defective device with a known issue.

I should be able to have the NEW and non-defective device I paid for in the beginning, not a defective phone that will be replaced with another defective phone. The agent stated that if I wanted a new phone, I would have to contact AT&T customer service, which I did. As it turns out, that was just a redirect, as they also told me to contact warranty to see about replacing my phone. After a "cool down" period, I again called AT&T on January 24th to inquire about getting my phone replaced.

I explained that I had been having shutdowns, received a replacement that also shutdown and wanted to receive a non-defective phone, as that is what I originally expected when I made my Samsung Captivate purchase. The agent stated the refurbished phones that were sent out were not defective as of November 6th. I then stated to him that the replacement I received was in early January - well after November 6th - and it was certainly defective. And that the November 6th date was manufacture date, not a ship date. I had already been down that road and tried everything.

What I really wanted was to have a non-defective Samsung Captivate, manufactured after November 6th. Unfortunately, the agent reverted back to the statement of the previous agent - there is no way to insure the refurbished phone that is sent to me will not shutdown. I reminded him of the manufacture date and suggested that sending me a phone manufactured beyond November 6th would (according to Samsung and AT&T) insure that I received a phone without the shutdown issue. He again stated there is no way to insure the phone that is sent to me will not shutdown and would I like to move forward with a refurbished replacement.

I stated no, as I had done that already and I did not think it was fair that I could not be assured of a phone that was not defective, even though I paid for a new phone. At this point, I would like AT&T to replace my Samsung Captivate with a New Samsung Captivate, since that is what I paid for. Once they realized that the shutdown issue was wide spread, all Captivate owners who purchased a new Captivate that was defective should be able to get a new (not refurbished or repaired) Captivate that is built without this issue.

Poor Quality, Poor Service, Poor Customer Service

On April 16,2008 I purchased a cell phone from AT&T. I purchased this online from Office Depot (where I work, we get a discount that way.) On about the 13th or 14th of June, my phone stopped working. I could not make or receive calls and the screen on the front of the phone was blank. I called AT&T and they trouble shot my phone and I was able to make calls but my screen was still blank and I could not receive calls. This took 45 minutes. (I was trying to get this done on my lunch break, that was the only time I had because by the time I got off of work, they would be closed.)

Since my phone still wasn't working properly, I was transferred to the warranty department. I was told that I needed to go to a nearby AT&T store and they would swap the phone for me. I was unable to do this at the time and I let the rep know this. She said as long as I stayed within the warranty period (90 days), I could go to any store at any time. Finally on June 20, 2008, I was able to go to one of their stores in my hometown. The clerk there told me I had to go to a corporate store and gave me directions to the nearest one (15 miles away).

I drove there and was told I was given the wrong directions to the wrong store and I was directed to yet a THIRD store. I get to the third store only to be told I would have to call the warranty department. It was all I could do to keep my composure while I calmly let this clerk know that the warranty department had directed me to a corporate location. This clerk was very nice and directed me to a phone in the corner which conveniently had the warranty department's phone number listed. I call the warranty department and speak with gentleman for 20 minutes while he again troubleshoots my phone.

Finally, he agrees that my phone is not working and will send me a new one with a box to send back the old one. Great! Now, I am happy even if I did have to waste gas and jump through hoops. Two days later, my phone comes in. I open the box to find that it is the wrong one! I call AT&T back to let them know and to ask them to send me the right one. THEY REFUSE! They tell me my phone is not under warranty (even though two people whose names I have told me it was under warranty.) And let's not forget all the paperwork I have. Now, I am livid. I ask to speak to a supervisor who basically tells me there is nothing they can do. I get his name and ask to speak to his supervisor.

I am put on hold for over 15 minutes so I come up with a solution of my own: I will pay the difference for the wrong phone I was sent. I will send the bad phone back, and they can send me the battery and SIM card for the replacement phone. The first supervisor comes back on the phone to tell me that his supervisor said they can't do anything for me. I tell him this is unacceptable and offer my solution. He goes back to his supervisor, I am on hold for another 10 minutes, and he comes back to tell me that if I keep the one they sent, they will charge me $200! Now, I can't hide my anger. I demand to talk to his supervisor who basically says the same thing.

I finally tell him that because I have been sent malfunctioning and incorrect product, that this is a breach of contract on their company's part and something must be done to rectify the situation. By this time I have been on the phone for nearly 2 hours! Finally, the supervisor contacts customer service and comes back to tell me they have several options for me. I think I am actually getting somewhere. Nope. I am offered one solution which is upgrade and add an additional two years to my contract. I told this rep that with all the trouble I have been through, why in the ** would I do that?1

I call Office Depot and explain the situation to them. (Office Depot customer service over the phone has been known to be lacking). They ask me to send the paperwork and the phone back using the label in the original box. After making copies of all of the paperwork, I Fed-Ex and a few days later, I receive my phone. Ah, the ordeal is over. Nope. 2 days ago, July 19, 2008, I put my phone on the charger at night. The next day, I check and the phone is not charged. I try different outlets and still the charger doesn't work.

I call AT&T and after being on hold for 30 minutes, I get the EXACT same run around as before. I am told to go to an At&T store. I told this rep the last time I did this, I just wasted gas because they told me to call the warranty department. I am basically told I HAVE to go to an AT&T store. Fed up by this nonsense, I tell the rep that I work for a company that promotes their and their competitors product and I'll be sure to no longer promote theirs. I call Office Depot and they offer me a full refund. Interestingly enough, this morning when I got my phone off of the charger, my phone was charged. (I had someone else check it before I even tried calling anyone.)

Policy "BS"
By -

OLEAN, NEW YORK -- 2-year upgrade done in June 2011 - iPhone 3Gs. July phone stolen, NO insurance available at time of purchase. Reported, deactivated sim card. Needed new phone, went to local store, told by sales representative that he couldn't get me a new iPhone because of the contract between Apple and AT&T, but if I waited 4 months a new phone could be given (purchased) by overriding the system at a new 2-year contract and pricing. Again, had to wait 4 months.

Waited the 4 months with a crappy old 5-year broken phone that semi-worked. Went back 4 months later and no deal. They wanted to charge me a $250 early upgrade fee AND 1/2 the price of a new retail cost of a phone (was looking at $450-500 minimally). Told to call Customer Service and they could help me.

I did, talked to 15 different people 5+ times (customer service reps) where eventually spoke with a "Peter", claimed to be "the manager" (which I'm not sure he really was). Explained the situation for the millionth time to him, told him that I just wanted AT&T to work with me because I have been a long-time customer for over 10 years and if they really appreciated me for using AT&T and being a long-time customer, that they would "help" me out here. He was arrogant, cocky and just really didn't want to be bothered.

I eventually told him that I would like to talk with his supervisor and he told me that there was no one above him, he was it and that this is the only option available, take it or leave it. I told him that obviously there is someone above him, whoever that might be and IF I had to call everyday to get a hold of them, then I would. I just wanted someone to work with me. He hung up on me.

Of course I had to call back, did get a very nice customer service rep, explained in brief summary and I got the "policy" explanation of AT&T. NO ONE WOULD HELP ME OUT. I can honestly say that I really expected to pay something but NOT $450-500. Bottom line, THINK TWICE about using them. They don't care about any of you!

Standing behind their products
By -

I'm sharing my story to save prospective buyers of this phone some heartache. I had my last cell phone for about 6 years. It worked fine, but was an older model. The "pay as you go" plan has worked out well for me. I excitedly bought my LG GS390. I used the phone for 2 days, then left it in my purse in a padded front pocket, in my bedroom, while I was gone for a long weekend, to a wedding. When I returned, I checked it for messages, and all I could see was a spider web kind of effect on the screen. I immediately went to AT&T (where I bought the phone) and showed it to them and was told I cracked the screen!

The phone was barely 1 week old, and I was gone for 3 1/2 days of that time. I am a 55 yr. old woman and have had cell phones for many years, and never had anything like this happen. In the store, I was told, "You broke it." and told that they could not do a thing for me, but they would sell me another phone! I am convinced that this was a defective phone and the slightest movement or shaking in my purse when I was carrying it, caused the damage to happen. There is no other explanation. While discussing this matter, a sales person went so far as to say "sucks for you!"

I would like everyone to beware of this phone, and while this might be an isolated incident, both the manufacturer and the retailer will not back up their product! I bought the phone with a 30 day money back guarantee if I changed my mind, but they said that did not cover this phone. I asked that they fix or replace it and they said "no way". I do not know of any business that can operate like this and I want to warn anyone considering this phone to beware, no one will stand behind the product.

AT&T just lost 4 customers in my home, and I will never buy LG again. I hope that my story will help anyone out there researching the phone to think twice in dealing with these 2 companies that refuse to stand behind the quality of their products. There is no excuse for a phone to break in the very first week. Apparently the poor quality, defective phone is now my loss.

$1,100 for two weeks of AT&T
By -

My wife and I researched phone companies for weeks before deciding to go with AT&T. We went into a local store talked with the salesman and manager extensively about plans and service and if we didn't like the service what our options would be. We were guaranteed on paper to be able to return the phones and service within the first 30 days. That is AT&T's big promo item about their company, 30 day return policy. Well 13 days later numerous dropped calls and no 3G access, we took the phones back. $300 in restocking and return fees at the store later, we were pissed!

My wife's phone was impeccable. I still had the protective stickers on my phone and we kept them in cases. But we paid it and left, after the store manager kept repeating "I don't know why the salesman told you that, we've never offered free returns on phones". Since we turned in the phones, AT&T has turned us into collections for over $700 for not returning the phones within the 30 days. We turned them in 13 days later!! I spent an hour and a half on the phone with a really nice representative. He was great and assured me that almost all the charges would be dropped. He was very apologetic, but we still had to pay over $100 for the service for TWO WEEKS.

He couldn't believe we were charged for cancelling within the 30 days. He even called the store to verify everything was turned in. He apologized profusely and assured me everything would be taken care of and we wouldn't have to pay more than $65 at the end of the conversation. Approximately 2-3 weeks later we are sitting in COLLECTIONS!!! My wife spent over an hour last night with an AT&T supervisor at their support center who was rude and uncaring. She told my wife basically tough, "you're in collections pay it."

If we wanted to fight it we had to open a new case to do so. She even got on a conference call with the store manager where we had purchased the phones and he confirmed everything we said. He asked the supervisor if he could fax her the receipt from us turning everything in and she said NO! So here we are, my wife has NEVER been in collections EVER! We've already paid over $300 for two weeks of service and AT&T is still screwing us. Thank you AT&T for having the WORST customer service and being the WORST cell phone company.

Less Bars... More Cries
By -

GREATER SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- I got two AT&T "TILTS" on June 08. Everything was fine until July when I started getting complaints from friends, clients and wife for not returning calls. I realized that the calls never got to me. The messages never got to me either. I started realizing that the same was happening with my outbound calls and messages. I went to the AT&T store and they after showing up three times to complain, they finally changed the sims in my two "Tilts". The problem did not subside. In effect by November 2008 it was much worse.

I called AT&T and was promised that I would receive a call back to fix the problem. Six months later I am still waiting then I called back, again and again (total more than 16 times). One time I was told that I had never complained about my service, therefore there was no reason to fix it. Finally on June 09 I was able to get AT&T to agree to send two replacement phones, after threatening with cancelling right there and then, the phones were sent to try to see if that fixed the problem, but.. if my old phones that have been losing calls and messages since July last year (worst since November 2008) had a scratch, I would have to pay AT&T $900 dollars, yes, $450 per phone.

I called the "resolution department" twice. The second time I called, I got **, whom very nicely tells me that he had a solution: I need to spend $598 for two new phones and sign a brand new two year contract!!! I did not like the idea to be a prisoner of AT&T WIRELESS for two more years and ** said that he would call the very next day to tell me what other options I had. Did you guess? Yes, I am still waiting, two weeks later.

Since then I had to send the replacement phones back to avoid the $900 charge, you know, as the first resolution specialist I talked to, told me: "The $450 per phone fee is there because of customer's FRAUD". I called AT&T to drop my tethering ($720 year), drop my 1400 minute plan to the 700 min plan and will file a suit in small claims court. Do you feel lucky?

AT&T Is A Joke!!!
By -

I've been dealing with AT&T for almost 2 years & if there is one thing I am sure of it's that everyone who works for AT&T are idiots! I received my bill last month with an extra $560.17 added to it! Here's the breakdown on the charges.. 1-Nokia 6085-$60.17, 2-Blackjack 2-$250.00, 3-Moto q9h-$250.00. The Nokia I returned to them in January of 2008. I was told they received the phone & last month almost a year & a half after I returned it they are now charging me for the phone. How can they do this? Not one time did anyone tell me that the phone was not received. Instead they said it was in fact received & that I wasn't going to be charged.

The blackjack 2. I mailed them the phone overnight express in June of last year. I got the proof from the post office of the name of the person who signed for it along with the address, date & time that AT&T's warranty got the phone but they insisted they didn't have it. for a month & a half of fighting with them for hours at a time they finally admitted to having the phone! Now a year later they are charging me the $250 saying they never received it. Now again, within this year period they didn't say 1 time anything about this phone!

The Moto Q. I never even received this phone! I didn't even ask for it! Warranty sent the phone to Florence Alabama in October of last year when I was living in California! They again never said anything to me about this phone that was activated under my number but not my SIM card. So NO ONE says anything to me about these phones & then one day last month they show up on my bill but yet no one can explain to me why it is that they waited so long before even saying anything to me.

An ex girlfriend of mine even went into a store with her boyfriend & got 2 phones on my contract. They weren't asked for ANY form of I. D. and were able to walk out of the store with 2 new smartphones!!! Through out all these problems I have fought for hours with C.S., given the run around, had been made promises to in regards to receiving phone calls from managers (which were never fulfilled) & had my phone bill messed with every month!!! This phone company is a joke & I suggest that if you want a phone company that uses SIM cards to go to T-Mobile. AT&T will only give you 2 years worth of stress & headache!!! STAY AWAY!!!

22 Year Customer Gets The Shaft
By -

WALKER, LOUISIANA -- I started using Bell South Mobility (an AT&T Company) over 22 years ago, when brick phones and bag phones were the new technology. I always paid my bill on time and for the most part, had decent service, until, the big AT&T switch and takeover of all of the smaller companies, including Cingular, took place. Then AT&T sought to "improve" the service by replacing the system with the new system (3G digital, I believe).

I live in a rural area, and had dropped all of our land line phones, and my wife and I used only cell phones for about a year. When they switched this system, we lost ALL signal. We actually would have to leave the house and walk about 100 yards away to even get the faintest signal. Being that I travel a lot, I could not leave my wife with no phone or way to reach me, or use her phone in an emergency.

I contact AT&T's so called "Customer Support" and was told they would investigate and contact me. They did call me 3 days later, and basically said that they could not help, because the tower in my area was working at maximum, but the signal did not penetrate trees, buildings, etc, as well as the old system. I said I was going to have to go with another service, and was told they didn't blame me for leaving, as they had changed the service and dropped the ball, not me.

When I talked to the representative to cancel my service, I was told that I would have to pay $300 per phone because I still had 4 months on my 2 year contract. In addition, I had my daughters and my mom's phone on my account, and they lost signal also. I argued that they (AT&T) had changed their service and left me with no signal and gave them a service claim number from the initial complaint, and that I had been a loyal customer for over 22 years. I asked to speak to the supervisor and got the same type of response. I was also informed that being a long term customer didn't matter, but right now is what matters, and I would have to pay a penalty.

They further told me, they could drop all of the service in the area leaving me with no service at all, and I would still have to honor the contract, and that's just the way it is. Well so much for long term loyalty and "Customer Service". I had to pay the termination fees, but switched to Alltel, and have been totally satisfied for over a year now. AT&T couldn't care less about you being a loyal customer, nor do they care about the hardship that they put you through when THEY make bad decisions that effect your service. I will NEVER use another AT&T product or service again. That's just how badly and rudely they treated me as a good customer.

$ 1200 Cell AT&T Phone Bill
By -

VIRGINIA -- Beware of AT&T cell phone service. They provide features/facilities in your cell phone which you are not aware of and you end up paying thousands of dollars of bill. When you sign contract with AT&T, they don't mention that you have international dialing facility in your cell phone and when you end up making international call by mistakes, they charge 100 times more than the regular international call from any other service provider.

Their customer service is worthless. They are rude and not ready to listen and help. I cannot believe that AT&T is such a bad company and their motto is to make money from the customers by setting up a decoy, whoever comes into it, they will squeeze the money out of him/her as much as possible. Never ever go for the AT&T cell phone service.

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