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AT&T Doesn't Care
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Rating: 1/51

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- When we first signed up with AT&T we had 5 iPhones on our family plan. We were given a specific price and we asked several times if that were correct so we could all know what we would pay. When we had signed the contract they changed it and said it was going to be $120 more every month than what they had just told us. Too late. Already signed up.

On to month 2. We get the bill and they have charged us for game loft, which we never signed up for. We took the bill in and they said they would take it off of the 2 phones they said it was on. They didn't. 9 months later they are still charging us $35 extra every month for an app we have never received. It's not on our phones. We've looked. Then I started having trouble getting my phone to cooperate. Texts weren't received, calls were dropped. The phone was shut off in middle of conversations with my 4 yr old daughters specialist from Riley. And those guys are hard to get ahold of.

I asked the customer service people to help keep my phone from randomly hanging up on important people and they said I had to have a laptop and be connected to WiFi. Sorry but I don't have a laptop, I said. They said then we can't help you.

Then I had to drive 3 hrs to Indy to an appointment at Riley. While I'm downtown trying to get through traffic with my sick daughter, my phone starts acting up again. I'm using GPS to try to get where I'm going and it just quits on I-70. Not a good time to not know where to go. All the while my friend is trying to call and text and find out where I am so she can help and can't get through. Trust me, they can't blame it on bad reception when your in downtown Indy in the IU med center!

I called AT&T again and they said I could reset my phone without a laptop I would just lose everything on my phone. So I did it, but it hasn't helped. I guess now I'm going to have to pay the $300 to leave AT&T cause their service is inferior and they aren't willing to help. We have yet to see a bill less than a hundred dollars more than what we were told it would be after the $120 more. They say it's third party subscriptions we aren't signing up for. They just put it on the bill. I'm so done with AT&T.

Screwed by both AT&T and Apple
By -

My following letter will serve as my review:

Dear Apple and AT&T, 10/30/09

I have been moved to the point of frustration that I'm doing something very uncharacteristic of me which is to sit down and compose a letter of this nature. My goal is to share with you the experiences of an extremely disappointed consumer that has not only spent thousands of dollars between Apple and AT&T, but also as an advocate of the iPhone that is now very disenchanted. I hope this information is shared with the proper individuals within both companies so that internal policies are reviewed and adjusted so that you can put the consumer where they should belong on your list of priorities...first.

Here's my story:

7/31/09 (approx. 4pm) - Excited about the new 3GS iPhone I head to the San Diego Apple Store at Fashion Valley Mall. I inform the Apple representative that I'm willing to pay full price for the new phone and extend my AT&T contract if needed. He works on his hand-held device and informs me that he cannot complete the transaction due to a restriction on my account from AT&T. He directs me to call AT&T for resolution because it's not an Apple issue.

I contact AT&T and the initial recipient of my call suggests that I cannot pay full price for a new phone because “I've had too many iPhones.” She's unable to give me a deeper understanding behind why I cannot pay for a product being sold so I request to speak to a Supervisor. Supervisor Christina takes over the conversation and goes a little deeper by suggesting some folks game the system and resell phones that are somehow misused. Of course, this means very little to me because I'm not one of these persons and I represent meaningful and stable revenue to both companies. And most importantly, the iPhones I've had were due to upgrading to new versions or replacing faulty iPhones. The chronology that follows is to the best of my recollection (your records should support this to 95+% accuracy), but is meant to share with you the reason I've had 5 iPhones:

Phone #1:
Reason for replacing - People could not hear me when I made calls to them.
Resolution – Went to Apple Store, couldn't repair the phone and replaced it. Apple kept faulty phone
Number of phones in my possession – 1

Phone #2:
Reason for replacing – upgrade to 3G network
Resolution – I bought new phone without incident
Number of phones in my possession – 2; 1 is use and 1 non-3G that sits in a desk drawer at work

Phone #3:
Reason for replacing – faulty phone; however, I don't remember the exact issue
Resolution – Went to Apple Store, couldn't repair the phone and replaced it. Apple kept faulty phone Number of phones in my possession – 2; 1 is use and 1 non-3G that sits a desk drawer at work

Phone #4:
Reason for replacing – I dropped my phone in water
Resolution – Went to Apple Store, couldn't repair the phone. I paid to replace my iPhone.
Number of phones in my possession – 3; 1 in use; 1 non-3G; and 1 useless (since thrown away)

So in summary, of the 5 phones that have passed through my hands:

2 were returned due to faulty workmanship
1 was an upgrade to 3G (isn't this a good thing for all parties involved?)
1 was damaged beyond repair and thrown away
1 I currently own

Looked at another way I've had issues due to poor workmanship on 2 or 40% of the phones. The other 3 include an upgrade, a phone I damaged and the phone I currently use (which is now not working). Am I really going through all of this for 3 phones that can be attributed to me???

Back to the outcome of my conversation with Christina. She essentially says she can do nothing for me and denied my request to speak to her Manager. Instead she opens a case number (CM20090731-6805982), tells me she will refer my case for further review and get back to me the following week. I encourage that you listen to any recording of this conversation if its available. By this time I've invested about 1 ½ hours at the Apple Store and with AT&T with no resolution. To make things worse, 3-months later I have never received that phone call back from Christina. Due to this I resolved to never place a call again to AT&T, bide my time and discontinue my service once their exclusivity with Apple ends.

10/30/09 (approx. 3pm) – I reluctantly contact AT&T because the battery on my phone is not holding a charge, the third episode of this failure that corrected itself with firmware updates in the past. AT&T representative Carla is unable to correct my issue through trouble shooting and I ask her my options for a phone replacement given my past nightmarish experience. She tells me it's not an AT&T policy, it is Apples policy to limit the number of phones an account can have which runs contrary to what I was told on 7/31 by the in-store Apple representative I also share with her that I never received a phone call from my 3-month old case. She established another case number, CM20091030-7633009 and said I can expect a call in 10 more days.

Carla transfers me to Brad at Apple (now 4pm) who takes me through a series of steps on my phone that does not correct the issue with the battery. Yet another case number is established, 140737411. He's to send me further instructions on how to back up and restore my phone; however, it's now been about 2 hours since the phone call ended and I have yet to receive them.

It's now 6:00pm, I've spent another 2 ½ hours of frustration on top of my original 1 ½ hours (total of 4 hours) with zero resolution, three case numbers, one iPhone that can't hold a charge and two companies blaming the other.

Is Apple really opposed to taking my money? Is AT&T really this unreasonable? Can either Apple or AT&T assist me? How many other customers are going through the same nightmarish experience?



AT&T Lied About the Insurance on My Phone
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Totally lied to. Tom talked me into the insurance....I quote: "You pay $9.99 a month. If ANYTHING happens, bring it in, we replace it no questions asked". Not true. Dropped it and cracked the screen. The "After The Sale" Tom said: "Oh, that is a third party claim and there is a $199 deductible" (I paid $199 for the phone).

Turns out the third party is "Asurion". OMG, I had to make a claim online, go through a verbal inquisition on the phone, print a 5 page email, fill out a claim, copy the receipt from when I bought it, copy my driver's license, then scan it all to Asurion who then sent me the wrong color phone ("we can't guarantee you get the same color phone that you insured").

What a disaster.

Unlocking An Old iPhone
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- I have been a valued customer, According to AT&T, for a decade, actually longer, don't know how they keep track of records. I asked for an unlock of an older device, no longer in use by me!! Weil, they are keeping it locked cause it's not not financially beneficial to AT&T. They refuse to waive the 2 months that it will take to to get the device unlocked. I am still under contract. Eligible for an upgrade, (because it's beneficial to AT&T ).

So much for being a valued customer in good standing. Makes you want to switch service providers!!

Really poor 3G and 4G wireless service
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Rating: 1/51

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- In Cincinnati, Ohio AT&T's network-3G and 4G is terrible! There are so many problems and the network is very unreliable. The phone has a hard time connecting to the internet and when it does, it's not fast at all. Calls are never clear and there is always some kind of interference or noise in the line. The voice sounds garbled a lot as well. A lot of times, text and picture messages won't come through and my phone won't ring when people call. People who have Verizon in Cincinnati are a lot happier and don't have the problems like AT&T.

Unfair Termination Fee
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Rating: 2/51

TACOMA, WA, WASHINGTON -- On May 1st I called to port out my wife's phone over to Sprint due to AT&T's horrendous data plan. While on speaker phone my wife, Sprint store representative and I listened to the AT&T representative ask why I needed the account number. I explained that we were porting out, all was fine, he gave me the account # and said we were not in contract.

One month later my wife receives a bill for 140 dollars for cancelling the contract early... I spoke to two AT&T reps both told me that while they believed me, they couldn't fathom how their representative would not have told us there was a termination fee.

The following week at the advice of concerned friends, I called AT&T and asked for a manager. Again my wife and I were told (in quite a stern way) that despite what their representative told us we were still in a 2 year contract that was not up for another 4 months when we ported out and that they could do nothing for us.

We feel that we signed on for a 1yr contract but unfortunately didn't keep that paperwork and the bills don't mention the contract.

We feel so ripped off. AT&T is the last company we will use for anything in the future.

Big AT&T Biz Blues - iPhone Wireless Service
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I wish there were "answers" to the issue of impersonalized "big biz" customer service.
See the issue:

  • iPhone perpetually dropped calls in my area (Dallas, TX)
  • Complaint was lodged with Apple about the proprietary service plan with AT&T. I was told changes were coming ~ but down the line... (That's true... but it was too little too late for me.)
    (AT&T also had been notified of issues... And MANY friends reported the same problems...)
  • My iPhone bill was $105.00 per month.
    (This was for 900 minutes, 1500 texts, and unlimited data. Unlimited data is no longer offered.)
  • Converting to T-Mobile (I pay $79.99 for 1500 minutes, unlimited text and data)
    (So ~ superior service option for less monthly cash...)
    ** I held onto my IPhone for a while to ensure the "dropped call" thing improved.
    (I've not dropped a single call with my T-Mobile My Touch.)
    When I called to cancel my iPhone service with AT&T ~ they didn't ask me when I'd like to cancel the service ~ they told me it would cancel on Jan. 18th.
    I thought about that further and called back to see if I could make a more immediate choice to which they said "yes". (But I had to ask.)
    I told them how 'bout today? They immediately cut off the service and ended the call on my iPhone. (...with no follow up from their side...)

Why do they call it "customer care"? They asked me if I had lodged complaints. I told them I had with AT&T and Apple. I feel like the complaints fall on "deaf ears". (I've had several conversations with AT&T about my DSL as well ~ even though they go on advertising that it's "blazing fast"...
NOT mine!)

ANYway ~
T-Mobile is still a pretty big company too.
So far - I'm MORE satisfied with the service and the value of that service.

I would really appreciate a return to TRUE CUSTOMER CARE and a "listening ear" from company owners and leaders... I'm really disillusioned right now!!!

Why so many network problems?
By -

In the last couple of weeks, AT&T's 3G wireless service has gone from bad to worse in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Is anybody else having problems here? There are many parts of the city where I'm experiencing a higher volume of dropped calls, calls that won't connect, network busy messages, and connection error messages. Also, when someone sends me a text or voice message, it will sometimes take several hours to receive, if I receive it at all. The zip code where these problems are happening is 45232, just off I-75. If I do get lucky enough to connect a call, there is always a crackling or interference sound on the line too. I'm not an expert, but it sounds to me like there are tower overload issues going on causing call quality issues. Their network is very unreliable.

AT&T and iPhone Tethering Rates
By -

I have been a customer of AT&T for a little while now. And have had my iPhone for the same. One of the reasons I got the iPhone 3GS was because 3GS users where promised tethering a long time ago. We have waited for one update after the next. For AT&T to get their towers ready and ETC.... Now that tethering is available. They are telling me I have to Change my Data Plan. I go WAY over 2 gigs each month and I don't find it fair that in order for me to get tethering, when I have had my contract with AT&T. Before it was ready but was promised to us. I have to change my bill and usage because they are money hungry. This is going to make my bill sky rocket with the extra ten bucks I have to pay every time I go over my two gigs. I can't believe its not available for those who can't upgrade their contracts. why should I have to anyway? I want the unlimited data rates and the tethering. Is it to much to ask I mean we all were promised the two together a few months ago anyway. Is this somehow a breach of contract with Apple? Is this a breach of contract with me and my plan? I am so sick of this.

New Data Plans for iPhone -- Horrible Move for Customers
By -

AT&T's recent abolition of unlimited data plans mark a sad day for the iPhone world. Grandfathering existing customers, hah. What good is a kick butt smartphone if you can't use it? I use 3 times more data each month that AT&T allots under the new plans, which means I can't use the phone in the way that was advertised when it was put out. I stream about 2 hours of satellite radio per day over 3G in my indoor office, and that accounts for 90% of my use. My company does not allow personal streaming as a corporate governance matter. It's why I got the iPhone in the first place.

I see this as rationing by AT&T -- and using me to replace lost revenue from their voice business.

I would be happy to go to another carrier on the day my contract is up.

As far as the iPad goes, that's even more insidious. Steve Jobs himself stood up on stage and touted the ability to turn on and off the existing 3G plan as needed. So I now will be unable to turn off the 3G plan if I have no traveling, or I'll have to re-sign under the "new" data limited plan. I paid an extra $130 for the privilege of having 3G and the ability do as Steve suggested. Now AT&T is taking that way -- after the return windows for the iPad.

Shame on you AT&T.

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