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Why so many network problems?
By -

In the last couple of weeks, AT&T's 3G wireless service has gone from bad to worse in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Is anybody else having problems here? There are many parts of the city where I'm experiencing a higher volume of dropped calls, calls that won't connect, network busy messages, and connection error messages. Also, when someone sends me a text or voice message, it will sometimes take several hours to receive, if I receive it at all. The zip code where these problems are happening is 45232, just off I-75. If I do get lucky enough to connect a call, there is always a crackling or interference sound on the line too. I'm not an expert, but it sounds to me like there are tower overload issues going on causing call quality issues. Their network is very unreliable.

AT&T and iPhone Tethering Rates
By -

I have been a customer of AT&T for a little while now. And have had my iPhone for the same. One of the reasons I got the iPhone 3GS was because 3GS users where promised tethering a long time ago. We have waited for one update after the next. For AT&T to get their towers ready and ETC. Now that tethering is available. They are telling me I have to change my data plan. I go WAY over 2 gigs each month and I don't find it fair that in order for me to get tethering, when I have had my contract with AT&T. Before it was ready but was promised to us.

I have to change my bill and usage because they are money hungry. This is going to make my bill sky rocket with the extra ten bucks I have to pay every time I go over my two gigs. I can't believe it's not available for those who can't upgrade their contracts. Why should I have to anyway? I want the unlimited data rates and the tethering. Is it to much to ask? I mean we all were promised the two together a few months ago anyway. Is this somehow a breach of contract with Apple? Is this a breach of contract with me and my plan? I am so sick of this.

New Data Plans for iPhone -- Horrible Move for Customers
By -

AT&T's recent abolition of unlimited data plans mark a sad day for the iPhone world. Grandfathering existing customers, hah. What good is a kick butt smartphone if you can't use it? I use 3 times more data each month that AT&T allots under the new plans, which means I can't use the phone in the way that was advertised when it was put out. I stream about 2 hours of satellite radio per day over 3G in my indoor office, and that accounts for 90% of my use. My company does not allow personal streaming as a corporate governance matter. It's why I got the iPhone in the first place.

I see this as rationing by AT&T -- and using me to replace lost revenue from their voice business. I would be happy to go to another carrier on the day my contract is up. As far as the iPad goes, that's even more insidious. Steve Jobs himself stood up on stage and touted the ability to turn on and off the existing 3G plan as needed. So I now will be unable to turn off the 3G plan if I have no traveling, or I'll have to re-sign under the "new" data limited plan. I paid an extra $130 for the privilege of having 3G and the ability do as Steve suggested. Now AT&T is taking that way -- after the return windows for the iPad. Shame on you AT&T.

Belt clip damages iPhone
By -

MIDDLETOWN -- Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone. I'm just not happy how AT&T handled things. They sold me the belt clip holder that's designed to protect my phone, but instead, is slowly destroying it. Since these two products are from different companies (both sold by AT&T) I must now pay 200.00 to AT&T to replace my iPhone! Ouch!! My iPhone isn't even a year old yet!!! Apple is looking into the matter, but my hopes are not high, even though they are a great company. AT&T should not have sold me that belt clip not made by apple. As much as I paid for my phone, I expected all Apple parts! Let the buyer beware. Always ask if all parts are Apple or better yet, just buy your apple products from the Apple Store. I just hope this hasn't happened to anyone else!

Poor service, poor customer relations, AT&T just doesn't get it
By -

I have 5 3G iPhones in a family plan. This is a minimum $360/mo financial commitment. You'd think for that kind of money you'd get good phone service and excellent customer service. Think again. In any area where AT&T is not the primary provider, cell service is intermittent at best. Two identical iPhones side by side can show vastly different signal strength. Calls either don't go through or are dropped within seconds. Messages fail to appear for hours. After many hours on the phone to them, I've determined that their technical support is worthless. They don't even acknowledge a problem, let alone know how to fix it.

Better yet, provision of poor service is not an acceptable excuse to relieve you of your sign up contract obligations. If you want to switch to a service that works, prepare to pay a huge early termination fee or pay for duplicate service with another company. Apple chose the wrong cell partner. It's a sad thing, but AT&T is ruining the iPhone experience for this particular user and his family. If I could do it over, I'd choose another smart phone and a different cell company. Unless you live in a major metro area, run, don't walk, to any provider but AT&T.

AT&T iPhone 3G
By -

PEYTON, COLORADO -- I arrived back from Iraq on June 20, 2008. I hinted to my wife that I wanted an Apple iPhone. As a gift for returning home and my birthday she went to the AT&T store and decided to get me a $200 gift certificate towards the phone because it was not released yet. Needless to say they charged her card $200 X 2 = $400. She went back to the store and informed them about it and they told her there was nothing they could do (manager). She would have to take that up with her bank. Today the iPhone was released and I could not stand in line and wait for it because we both currently serve and cannot get the time off to do it.

So, we decided to go after work and purchase one with the $200 gift certificate only to be told we cannot use the gift certificate towards the iPhone but we could only use it to purchase an item from the store. I said fine could I just get the money back from the gift card she purchased? I was told no. So here I am with $200 which has yet to be sent back to her credit card, a $200 gift certificate I cannot use towards my welcome home/birthday gift, and no phone. My wife leaves in three weeks for two months. THANKS FOR TAKING CARE OF THE TROOPS.

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