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The *WORST* Customer Care ever
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NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- My wife has had AT&T Wireless service for a number of years and has been fairly satisfied with their service (from a technical viewpoint). That all changed this week.
We decided to add another line for me to use. We found an excellent deal on their website, filled out all the details, and waited. Our new phones arrived on time, BUT instead of renewing my wife's contract and adding a line, they sent us TWO new lines and a brand-new contract.
My wife called that day...we wanted to return the extra phone line and add my new line to her contract. She talked to "Secondary Sales" was then transferred to "Customer Care" and was then transferred to "Web Sales" and finally back to "Customer Care". No one was able to help her, or explain what had gone wrong. Total call time: 3 hours.
I get home from work and she explains the situation, and I call again, starting at 6:30. I call the "Customer Care" number first. I get transferred to "Secondary Sales" back to "Customer Care" and then to "Web Sales." This final lady was extremely rude and informed me that if I didn't like what they sent, the only thing she could do was cancel the whole order. So that's what we did. She advises me to wait a day and try the order again. It is now 10:30 at night...I have spent 4 more hours on the phone w/ these people.

So I wait, and try again, before the excellent deal expires. I get an email the following day to call them. Uh oh...things aren't looking good. I call them at the number listed (it's the Web Sales number again). My order has been declined because of 'bad credit' and the attendant hangs up on me.

I call Customer Care to ask what the problem is (our credit is excellent). Customer Care checks with the Credit Department, and yes, our bills have been fully paid ever since we had the phone. We are excellent customers, she says, and she's sorry, but she can't help us. She offers to transfer me back to "Web Sales" but I decline. This phone call took 90 minutes.

We are currently looking for another wireless carrier. The customer service offered by AT&T was HORRIBLE. No one was interested in helping us.

I would not recommend AT&T wireless to anyone who's friendship I enjoyed.
Wireless Service / Customer Service Sub Par
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ELIZABETHTOWN, KENTUCKY -- I've been with Cellular One for past two years until recently they were bought out by AT&T. For the past 5 months since I've been out of the military I have not been able to receive phone calls. I have talked to IT technicians, customer service, people up at the store, pretty much everyone you can think of to resolve my issue and still nothing. I'm not asking for much, I just want someone to help me with this issue. Last night I was on the phone for 2 and half hours in which they bounced me from 4 different reps.

I'm not sure if this is a retention tactic or just to piss me off! I mean if I can't receive calls what use is a phone! I can't keep calling them and going through this same process each and every day. If someone has some idea of what I should do please inform me.

Thank you
No Service Yet Charged
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CORNELIUS, NORTH CAROLINA -- AT & T recently kept billing me for wireless computer service where I was getting no signal or service??!! I went to the store in Cornelius AT&T store that is and explained my plight which was greeted with the comment - "early termination fee" and laughter from the back of the store.

Basically I was paying $70 a month for something that wasn't giving me service.

I did try to get a wireless service from multiple locations but no luck.

After paying my early termination fee and getting some "chuckles and shrugs" from some pretty low level employees I decided not to buy an iPhone which I really wanted and went home and promptly cancelled my AT&T small business account for my home office.

Next up? The TV will get cancelled. Touche.....
Great Customer Service
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I recently purchased an iPhone for my son who is in college. About a month ago he went on a short vacation with some friends to Mexico. Knowing the exorbitant international fees for cell usage, I warned him against using it excessively and so he was very careful about the number of calls he made. However, what we didn't realize was that as long as the phone was on (and not in airplane mode) the web browser was continuously updating and wracking up charges. When I got the bill, the data transfer fees were over $300. I called AT&T expecting a battle, as is usually the case when dealing with utility companies.

Instead, I got a customer service rep who explained exactly what had happened, some options on avoiding the issue in the future, accepted full liability as an AT&T/Apple issue, and immediately removed the charges from my account. It was one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had!
Cingular stinks
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- They may advertise fewest dropped calls, but does a voice message that is not delivered until the next day count as a dropped call? If it did they would have the worst record in the industry. I too often receive voice messages the day or more after they were left.

I'm paying for a service and not receiving it.

Bad Customer Service
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SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- AT&T Wireless is also a company which fails to provide customer service. I was trying to replace my cell phone with another used phone (I have multiple headsets, chargers and batteries, so I don't want to have to replace all that). The phone is the same model. I went into the AT&T Wireless store and they could not do it. They said that had to request an ESN exception since the serial number was not from the AT&T wireless network. I was told that it would take 24-48 hours. After this time had passed, I called. They had no record of this request. The request was submitted, but this time I was told it would take 3-5 days. After this time had passed I called again. They failed to call me back, as they said they would. I was told that the request was denied as the phone did not have an AWS part number. My original phone did not have this number either, but they did not care about that. They also did not care that the phone had been in service on an affiliate, that the phone says AT&T as the service when you power it on, nor that it can receive pages to my number. Instead they said that I should buy a new phone. Other than all the accessories, if I change service my nights and weekends are reduced by two hours each night. If I got service with the other carrier, I could use it on AT&T, which tells me that the phone is acceptable on the network, but AT&T wireless is not.
Customer Care?!
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- I am a General Contracting firm and have been with AT&T Wireless since 1/30/03. Since that time I have been cut off for non-payment for a check that they cashed and misapplied, and had their store transfer one of my phones from a 2 year contract to another plan I didn't agree to. Their customer care department is a joke. "Ingrid" in Customer Care informed me that AT&T never makes mistakes even though I had a cancelled check to prove that they had. It took them over three months to correct the account after countless calls and letters. I had to pay the account by credit card to reactivate the phones for THEIR error. I have never received such BAD customer service on anything in my life. It was a bad choice for me to switch to a company with such bad customer service!
Cancellation of Wireless Service
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- RE: 678 575-2593

I had this number with you on your Regional Advantage Plan. The 200 anytime and 500 nights/weekend minutes for $29.99 are about the worst of the wireless company plans.

Everyone does more with minutes for their customers than AT&T.

Every day I see better deals in the local papers, your's are NOT at all competitive and I finally got tired of seeing my money go down the drain so I canceled my service of seven months with your firm.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Either get competitive or go out of business.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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