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Am Being Sued For Unpaid Debt/Liars And Trickers
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I am a mother of two kids, I am unemployed. I got a website and decided if I am going to stay to take care of my babies I need to try to make some money. I can't afford babysitting, I listed free listing on yellow page and the next day I got a call from AT&T advertising company to upgrade my listing to paying listing, I told the agent that I don' t have money to pay. He said there is a free 3 month trial in my area that I will have the option of canceling within three month. But after some days at he called me back that the three month listing is expired. I told him to cancel that I don't want to owed. But he keep calling me back(harassing me) trying to convince me that he guarantee I will make money on my website to pay my bills and I believed him. Before I know it I received my first bill which freaked me out. And I called the agent again that cancel the account I want to make sure I can pay this bill off. He keep saying I should give it more time it early. Again next bill arrive not one single sale or signups o n my sites and I can't afford to pay anything. I believe the sales man was just trying to make a sale without considering anyone which is unfair and wrong. Now AT&T is suing me for the unpaid bills. How am I supposed to pay that. I can barely eat or take care of my rent. I am being harass right now. Am not happy. I am always careful never want to owe money but I fell for the lies of bad business partner. Am shock they will do this. I have nothing to give. Am flat broke. Even I called them to try to explain I have no job and they still are suing me. I have contacted a lawyer but the fee is too high am trying to find a probono lawyer. They should not be offering this kind of service. It unfair and wrong. I have to file a complain to Better Business Bureau. What they are doing is wrong. Just because they have money does not mean they will treat people like this.
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At Your Service on 09/27/2011:
I am so sorry you've found yourself within this situation. Unfortunately, there are people within the world which act in accordance with whatever is best for them. Ultimately, it comes down to being able to say no if you really can't afford a product or service they're offering.

It sounds like you're in agreement that you've approved their ads for some fee. Have you tried speaking with them about accepting smaller payments instead of continuing to pursue this legally?
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Horrible Service & Tech.
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I received (AT&T you VERSE) on April 9, 2011. The techs was there on Friday, Saturday, and on Monday they just didn't show, and on Tuesday he returned to say that the first tech did not do his job right, and they would have to send someone else. Finally it seemed like it was right then when we would turn on (4) televisions one in another room would say interrupt another TV, then that other TV would turn off. I awoke a couple of mornings with no TV, phone, or internet service, and would have to try to call again. I would be watching TV and it would freeze constantly for long periods of time then start again. The TV broke into puzzle like figments. I called the person who came to my home to ask him who I should call, cause the techs wasn't working for me. Finally enough was enough while holding a baby and trying to watch TV and it froze for the last time of me having to continue to call for better service on May 27, 2011, I TOLD THEM IF THEY WOULDN'T FIX IT THEN SHUT IF OFF, AND HAS WE SPOKE SHE DID, NOW I FEEL LIKE IF THEY HAD COME AND FIXED IT AS FAST AS THEY SHUT IT OFF, MAYBE THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO KEEP CUSTOMERS. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND AT&T you VERSE TO ANYONE I KNOW . BUT THEY SENT ME A BILL FOR $500.00 FOR BAD SERVICES AND I HAD NO ONE TO DISPUTE IT WITH WHOM COULD HELP.


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jonthethird on 07/09/2011:
ATT UVerse is a mess: they hired a gaggle of salespeople without increasing the back office or field support crews. Sales over sell the product, then ATT claims no responsibility when it does not work as promised. Techs are stretched out, new hires have no clue. Stick to cable until the product is ready
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After 25 years with AT&T my phone was turned off today....they said pay $6835.34
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I have my internet, land-line, and cell phone(s) in a bundled billing plan. I've been with AT&T since college (80's) back then it was only long distant service (my internet was a dial-up and I couldn't afford a cell phone)

I changed jobs and cities in 2009. New job, new home, new town....same old AT&T. I chose auto-debit no statements for all my "utility-like" bills. My job and family keeps me fairly busy so it seemed like a convenient way to handle my payments. Oh, AT&T suggested it....

Today, Monday, June 27 at 7:30 AM I tried to make a call....and was routed to AT&T's "customer service".

The Customer Rep in a rather cheerful voice told me that my service had been disrupted due to lack of payment....and would I like to pay $6,835.34 over the phone?

I laughed, and said there must be some kind of mistake. This is my home phone, there is no way it's costing me $6835.34 per month...the customer representative "cheerfully" responded that it looked like hadn't paid since November of last year. At this point I was in shock....and awe. How could this be? What is going on here? There is no way this happening?

Then began my 2 hour department shuffle. Billing to Collections to Customer Service and back around again. They couldn't tell me why my bill was so high, and why this is first time I've heard anything from them.

I finally was handed over to the "supervisor". Who finally told me that there was a "system error" and that I had not paid AT&T for two years. WOW...

I asked why were they just getting around to letting me this...."System Error" was the only excuse. I asked why they hadn't at least cut off my phone.....years ago.....? They said there was a "system error"....

The only thing they would do is stretch my bill over the next 6 months.....

This is crazy. I've been with these people for over two decades. They failed to auto-debit my household account for two years and only now...are letting me know. WOW...I can pay the bill. But it will be my last with AT&T

They handled this very poorly, and after I reviewed my account they've been sticking it to me as well. I've been charged $350-$400 for 2 line cell number, one land-line, and DLS service. All of which were supposed to be "flat rate and unlimited"....crap the land-line was costing over $75 a month and I never use the thing. So they woke me up and made me realize what a chump I've been.

Thank You AT&T! I just paid some tuition in the school of life! Loyalty means little today, auto-debits and "paperless" statements are a real no-no, AND.....AT&T sucks.

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Venice09 on 06/27/2011:
You haven't checked your bill or bank account in years?!! I think it's fair to say you contributed to this mess. I do agree, however, that auto-debits and "paperless" statements are a real no-no. I'm sorry you had to find that out the hard way.
spiderman2 on 06/27/2011:
They really dropped the ball on this one, but so did you. Even if you are not receiving a paper bill and using auto-debit you must be looking at your checking account every so often. I would assume that if you cannot just pay a 6K+ bill you are like the rest of us who need to keep track of our money.
Anonymous on 06/27/2011:
Sure, you may have some accountability into this debacle, but for AT&T to let this go on for two years and never call or send notice and blame it on a system issue...that is ridiculous. Every service provider company has an escalations department that can do what regular reps should try getting in touch with AT&T's and at least getting the Flat Rate issue worked out.

I use auto debit and paperless billing for everything I possibly can, because like you, I like the convenience of these options. I know the due date each is supposed to be withdrawn each month, I check a couple days after the due date and done, done and done.

Vinnie11 on 06/27/2011:
I never use Auto-debit for anything other than my mortgage because the amount never changes. All types of bizarre things happen with utility billings and you really need to see the bill every month to make sure nothing's amiss. I've received $800 cell phone bills and $500 water bills that were system glitches. I'd have been hopping mad had they automatically deducted them. Instead I use online payments through my bank. They send an electronic bill to Bank of America and I hit a button and approve the payment. It takes all of 5 minutes to pay my entire month's worth of bills. I maintain control of my money at all times. Never give anyone open access to dip in to your stash. I realize that didn't cause you a problem with AT&T - they actually didn't dip enough but think about taking everything you can off of auto-debit and try to eyeball those bills as often as you can.
Venice09 on 06/27/2011:
That's great advice, Vinnie.
Vinnie11 on 06/27/2011:
Thank you Venice!
GenuineNerd on 06/27/2011:
I prefer to receive the paper bill every month and write a paper check to pay the bill. This way, there's a paper trail in case there is a problem. I have heard of too many problems with auto-debit, especially if you are paid biweekly, and the auto-debit happens before your pay gets direct deposited, thus resulting in overdraft fees. The old fashioned way of receiving the bills monthly in the mail, and my writing checks to pay those bills, works best for me.
trmn8r on 06/27/2011:
You were unaware that you were not being billed by AT&T for 2 years? How can this be?

You are supposed to check your statements (banking, utility etc) once a month, to make sure there aren't errors. I refuse to go "paperless" - I want to see my bills. This paperless thing would cause me a lot of stress and I'm sure I would miss paying something.
Anonymous on 06/28/2011:
Going paperless doesn't mean you can't see your bills. You get an e-statement, which is the exact same paper statement you would get in the mail. Plus, you get to 'file' them away each month instead of having to keep files, throw out envelopes, lose statements, and best of all you're helping the environment. Have I convinced you yet, Trm? LOL
Anonymous on 06/28/2011:
My bills are paperless but I do not trust any company to the point I would allow them access to my financial accounts so none of my utilities are auto debit. I log in, look at the bill and pay it with the credit unions bill pay system. We all get busy so I get why you may not have looked at all of your bills, but two years worth is a bit excessive. On the other hand why AT&T let it go on that long is beyond me. AT&T should have protected themselves and the customer from such an outrageous bill amount by cutting the service off sooner. But that makes too much sense and that is beyond AT&T's comprehension.
Anonymous on 06/28/2011:
That is exactly why I don't care for auto pay, but by double checking your statements and bank accounts, stuff like this could be avoided. I can't believe that went on for two years!
ebhntk on 06/28/2011:
All good advice (I.e. review your bills, etc) I'm afraid my rather lame excuse is I thought someone was reviewing my bills. I have multiple accounts and this particular account was my "household" account which has a great deal of "misc expenses" each month thanks to my better half. My job was to always keep a comfortable float in that account and in return I didn't have to dig into the details.

Things like power, water, gas, security, various other household services, cable, and communications come out of that account. y personal cell phone which is part of those expenses. I concentrated on keeping "the float" up and ignore the huge "misc" slice of the pie (one of the many reasons for my happy marriage) this bill on a monthly basis is relatively small...I wasn't watching it.

I do accept responsibility for letting this slip. It was not my intention to avoid payment for services. But AT&T has attracted my attention, and I'd like to know why "the balance" they say I owe is almost twice as high as what I was promised, which I think is a reasonable question that they should be able to answer.

The thing that disturbed me the most is that no one at AT&T could explain my one. They still haven't explained it even after I have escalated this matter. THEY don't appear to understand it...if they don't...what hope does a customer have? I believe if you charge someone for a service, you should be able to confidently explain the charges and up to now they can't.

Second, I have interacted with them over the last two years. I upgraded my cell phones, had an internet problem, and I also called and upgraded my DSL speed when a neighbor informed me it was newly available in our area...not one time in any of these interactions did an AT&T representative inform me that I had a balance or that there was a problem. Furthermore, its not like they don't know my phone number, a simple call might have solved this issue.

At the very least IF I find as I expect "late charges" make up a substantial portion of my balance I think AT&T should give me some consideration. It was there error that caused the "late fee". I also believe they should staff representatives who can explain charges to clients. It is very unsettling to find that your service provider doesn't understand the bill.

I think that is only reasonable.

Thanks for the advice....I will post again once the issue is resolved.

Venice09 on 06/29/2011:
Thanks for the further explanation, ebhntk. I agree that AT&T should be able to explain the bill because it IS unsettling to know that your service provider doesn't even understand it. It is also interesting that you did business with them several times during the last two years, without any warning of past due bills. I hope AT&T takes all of that into consideration when determining your final bill.
Avis Mint on 06/30/2011:
You should file another complaint on scam book, there is a good chance that AT&T will get sued if enough people speak out about the billing over charges. This means you could get your money back. Also read a part of the article written by scam book.

"Independent researchers claim that AT&T routinely overstates data usage by 7-14%, and in some cases up to 300% on users iPhone and iPad data plans. That would mean that if an iPhone user downloads a 50KB website, AT&T’s bill would overstate the traffic as 53.5KB (a 7% overcharge) to as much as 150KB (a 300% overcharge).

According to the researchers, they tested this theory with a brand-new iPhone/iPad device by immediately disabling all applications, email, and other push notification and location data services. For 10 days, all configurations that could possibly trigger data to be transmitted or received remained disabled. Nevertheless, AT&T reportedly logged 2, 292KB of data usage—35 transactions that never happened or were never initiated by the user"

Article Reference:
Sassy2 on 08/02/2011:
I'd certainly question AT&T's over charging.the fact that AT&T let this go on for 2 yrs is their fault more than yours.I had AT&T and I had a bad experience with them and would never have them again.I would never trust them or any one with autopay that is like signing a blank check and telling them to fill in whatever amount they want every month."A Fool and His Money Soon Parts"
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Poor Service
Posted by on
AT & T is the acronym for American Telephone and Telegraph Company. As I write this, I am waiting for an AT & T representative to come and repair/replace one of the boxes (made in China) which failed after only 5 months. This is after I called AT & T customer service (a call center in India) and this was after my service was down (the loss of my telephone, internet and TV services) that was due to a "network" error that was not fixed until the tech in (again) India was at work (my service was down for over 10 hours, approximately the time difference between USA and India) The call center (again in India) scheduled an appointment for a service tech to come out and check my equipment the following day because after the "outage in my area" was addressed the equipment (made in China) did not come back up. After waiting the 4 hour time window, I finally called and asked where the tech was. The appointment was canceled for reasons unknown. This was from a customer call center located in Canada. At least I could understand that person's English. I am currently writing this as I continue to wait again during another 4 hour window for a tech to perhaps show up. If you go to their web site for open positions, at least in my area you are required to be bi-lingual in both Spanish and English. When you call AT & T, you are prompted for Spanish first and them for English. As an American, I ask all Americans to stop supporting economic terrorists (companies that outsource jobs to overseas and other countries) such as AT & T.

First they are crippling our economy by not employing Americans here in the USA and by purchasing their equipment produced in other countries (China-I guess you get what you pay for which is why it failed after only 5 months)And AT & T should change their "A" to "I" (India Telephone and Telegraph) or "C" (China Telephone and Telegraph) because they no longer stand for America. Again, the poor service and equipment is produced/provided by countries that employ incompetent people which is evidenced by the poor service.
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leet60 on 05/27/2011:
"As an American, I ask all Americans to stop supporting economic terrorists (companies that outsource jobs to overseas and other countries) such as AT & T."

While this is on the surface a great suggestion, you will probably find almost every major corporation in the U.S. outsources customer service overseas. I also would love to have the calls go directly to a fellow American, but am realistic in the fact that the cost of products and services would be MUCH higher. Most companies can hire 3-4 representatives in an outsourced country for less than the cost of one in the U.S.

Were they U.S. based only, take ONE guess who would pick up the additional cost.

trmn8r on 05/27/2011:
I wonder if we will get to a point where we all realize we are in a global economy. Before or after gays and African Americans are accepted as equals?

And Spanish will be helpful for everyone to know within 10-15 years. The writing is on the wall, but I can't read it.
PepperElf on 05/27/2011:
I don't see how using overseas resources is "terrorism".

It may be something you dislike but I don't see any them using violence and intimidation to force you into anything.

And pointing out that the equipment that was made in China was the stuff that went down, doesn't really prove much... Not unless you can prove that American-made electronics never break... assuming you can *find* any electronics that are 100% American made anyway.
PepperElf on 05/27/2011:
I don't know about that Trm... Joss Whedon may have had it right with everyone speaking English and bad Chinese.
Anonymous on 05/27/2011:
Domestic labor means more costs for me and you, no Thanks. If I can save a few bucks by talking to apu instead of carl so be it.
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AT&T service
Posted by on
We have been with this company mobil service since it was Bell to Cingular to AT&T about 20 years. although the name AT&T is used the company bought cingular and then it was bought by someone else. when you call the company who ever you talk to has a "contact" number I guess you would call it. its not a phone number but like A1234. they all have it and are required to give it to you along with their name, except it seems if you are talking to someone from India. they don't have a clue. when I find myself talking to them I just say I have to call back and hang up and redial. I always make a note of who I talk to the time when I start talking to the person and when I stop and the date. do this with any company you talk to. these calls are in their computer wheather they say they are or not. since we do not have a corpotate office in our town I call the company direct and do what ever I have to do. once I deceided to change my minutes from a higher amount, I had about 6000 roll over minutes and of course if you down grade you usually will loose all your roll over, but I asked was there any way I could keep some and they lady said yes and I kept I think 500 which was OK cause I had dropped to the I think 500 or 550 so that gave me a little over 1000. all companies have their problems but on the whole this one has been doing good. I am not too wild about their prices for their phones ie the trundra at over $300. with no contract. and that's something else we have been with them all this time and our contract ran out about 10 years ago. ever so often they try to get us to sign up again but so far I have seen no reason to do so. and by the way to the person who made the statement about Ma Bell they were forced by the fcc to break up from a complaint from another phone company saying that they had a unfair advantage cause they were so big. well guess what it even made them bigger. no matter where you call on a "land line" you are on AT&T lines all over the world. if you have a problem call insist on talking to a supervisor or their super sometimes you just have to keep going up the food chain till you get it solved.
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leet60 on 01/26/2011:
I used to work for this company. Just a few comments about your post. The company was purchased by Cingular some years ago, and changed their name back to AT&T due to brand recognition.

You stated "they all have it and are required to give it to you along with their name". In their call centers, which are subcontracted to a company called Convergys, the customer service representatives do not have set extensions, often they will find they have to move to a different desk after a 10 minute break as someone has been seated at their station. They are not required to give you an employee number nor their last name, and can be subject to disciplinary action if they do so. The policy is ridiculous, but the CSR have little say in it.
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AT&T: Fraud and Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
SIMI VALLEY -- Quite some time ago I change to AT&T for my local phone service because AT&T had a reputation for providing good service and their rates were good. I asked, before I switched, if the service would be the same as with SBC and was told that it would be. This, as it turns out, is the first of many lies, deception and what I consider to be part of the fraud by committed by AT&T.

Time passed and there was no problem until one day my phone stopped working, there was no dialtone. I disconnected the incoming phone line to ensure that the problem was not the inside wiring. When I called, AT&T said that there was a short in the line. They said that they would have to send someone out, but since it was Friday afternoon and people already had their calls and the rest would be going home, no one would come that day and they said that someone would come before Monday at 9pm. Part of the problem with AT&T came into play at this time. While AT&T is advertised as a phone company, this is not true since they do not service the phone lines and instead had to pay SBC for service and as it turns out their service contract is quite limited. I told them such slow service was not acceptable service and all they had to say in response was that someone might come out before that. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told that none were available. When I pushed, I was told that I could talk to a call escalation person who had the same sorry answers. When I asked to talk to a supervisor I was transferred to one. This surprised me a bit since it was a very short time before that I was told that no supervisors were available. I mentioned this to the supervisor and was told that the person was wrong for telling me that and that the procedure was to transfer the person to a call escalation person first. The problem is that a representative from AT&T lied, flat out lied, and once a company lies, how are you supposed to believe anything that they say? In the case of AT&T if you can not verify it, then most likely it is either false or completely deceptive.

For example, AT&T said that there was extra staff working on Saturday and Sunday, due to the rainy weather in order to repair problems. Unfortunately there was a problem with that and the problem was that while their statements, in part might be true, it was deceptive, to say the least. AT&T's statement that someone might come out sooner was mispresentation at a minimum and seems more like fraud to me. The reason for this, which has been confirmed with several AT&T employees, is that AT&T does NOT pay SBC to respond to service requests for residential service during nights and weekends. This means that there was no way anyone would ever show up before Monday. What might have been true is that SBC had additional employees working, but meant nothing since under the terms of the service agreement with AT&T they would not have to go out to repair reported problems.

Later, when I called AT&T's phone number for service and requested the status, the response was that AT&T was actively working on the problem. This is fraudulent since AT&T was not working on the problem and in fact at this point in time no one is working on the problem, which means that I have been without phone service for four days without anyone even looking into the problem. AT&T does not intend to work on the problem either since the problem is with the phone line which is owned by SBC and which SBC is responsible for repairing. While AT&T claims that SBC is supposed to treat each call the same, regardless of who the service provider is, this seems to be yet another false statement by AT&T. At one point AT&T said that no dialtone is a priority call, yet when I called back to complain that no one had come out I was told that there were other, higher priorities which were far more important than no phone service.

Under California law utilities are required to give a four hour window for service, yet AT&T refuses to give anything than a false 4 day window. Even when you call to ask for a four hour window and tell them about the CA law, they don't care and still refuse to give anything other than before 6pm, which at the time was over 8 hours away. Since AT&T needs access to my property as there is a locked gate, they meet the requirements of giving the timeframe. AT&T wants me to leave the gate unlocked, yet they do not want to take responsibility for leaving access unlocked.

At one point I called AT&T and asked to talk to a supervisor, but was refused. I was told that a supervisor would call me back, which turned out to be false. I asked for the name of a supervisor and the employee refused to tell me the name. The employee claims that under the limits set by AT&T, they can only tell their first name and nothing else. Based on the way the person responded, hesitating when he was speaking, it was quite obvious that he was lying, so it is hard to say what, if anything, was true. There is an old line about how to tell when some certain person is lying, to which the answer is when their lips are moving. This is certainly the case with AT&T.

Each time you talk to AT&T it seems that you get more lies than the truth. They fall under the same old line that they don't have to care because they are the phone company. It is clear that AT&T is not the same company it used to be. The concept of customer service is completely lacking and they think that it is in their best interest to lie to the customer, setting false expectation, than to admit the truth. Because of the lies of AT&T and because I did not find out the truth until Monday, I had to stay home all weekend waiting for service. I have had to cancel appointment due to this and also due to having no phone service. I have had to stay home all day Monday and not be able to do things because AT&T refuses to give ANY idea of when someone is going to show up to repair the problem. All of this is because AT&T chooses to be cheap and not pay for weekend repair services and also because all the problems that they create does not cost them a thing. AT&T says that the most they will refund is just the money for service not provided, nothing more. The problem is that there is additional expenses due to the fraud on the part of AT&T.

I used to respect AT&T, but now I see that AT&T is a company which should be avoided since it will cost you far more than you expect when you use them. On the good news side, I have heard that most, if not all, of AT&T will be sold off to other companies so perhaps AT&T will cease to exist and that will be a positive thing since I don't think that any company could provide worse customer service. It might be possible if a company really tried to provide bad service, but excluding intentional bad service, I just don't think a company could be worse. So if you use AT&T consider yourself warned and if you want to protect yourself I would suggest using other companies which provide customer service, rather than just lip service. Don't wait until it is too late in order find out that you have been had by AT&T.

AT&T does not care if you have no phone service, no access to emergency phone services such as the police, fire, ambulance, 911, etc. It is obvious that they do not care if you can not get assistance, all they care about is getting their money from you. If they have to lie in order to get you to use their services, it does not matter to them. Lies seems to be their normal business practice.

Finally my line has been repaired. According the SBC repair person the line should have been repaired on Saturday. It took about 2 minutes to repair the problem, but I guess a timely fix is too much to ask of AT&T.

Unfortunately the stupidity of AT&T continues. On Tuesday I got an automated called from AT&T regarding my phone problem. There are a couple of funny things about it. In CA a human is supposed to come on the line first due to problems with automated messages and disconnecting, but why should AT&T care about the law, they are the phone company. The message said that the problem with my dial tone which was reported on 14-Feb was repaired on 11-Feb. So, the information was not accurate, but that is to be expected from AT&T. I suspect in part that AT&T wants to think that it is better than it is, so good that they are able to fix a problem before you report it, instead of not being able to fix it for several days.

Due to the fraud and lies, I have been asking for a refund. Unfortunately AT&T just spews it company lines. Just like when I was told that the service call was scheduled for Monday and could not be changed, I am told that since I already got a credit, they could not do anything. It does not matter that I did not approve nor accept such low amount of a credit, nor that they refuse to explain how they came to that amount. At the customer service number they say that there is no one else I can talk to about the matter, that it is done. Unfortunately one of their employees told me about the complaint department. The phone number is 888-858-9042 and the address:

AT&T Complaints
PO Box 1399
Jacksonville, NC 28546

I guess that most employees of AT&T either does not know about this department or actively choose to lie about its existence in order to avoid complaints. Based on the number of lies I have been told by AT&T (ATT for search engines), you can guess which I think is the true answer.
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STUPID on 03/19/2005:
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AT&T Direct TV Bundle Lies
Posted by on
CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- After receiving a mailout about AT&T internet service, my wife and I contacted AT&T. We were sold a bundle which was supposed to cost $105 per month. This bundle was to provide us with all distance unlimited long distance, wireless internet service, and Direct TV satellite service.

We have yet to receive a bill for that amount. I have spent hours and hours on the phone (approx 5 hours total on July 3, yes a holiday weekend when I could have been spending time with my family). Each time I call in after hours on the phone I have the same results ; I am told there is nothing they can do (but they will transfer to someone who can, which either disconnects the call meaning I get to start all over with a new representative, or I am transferred back and forth until the next person I need to speak with is in a department that has closed for the day, or the representative will offer to negotiate with me by offering free movie packages rather than lowering the satellite bill to what we were told it would be when we signed up for the bundle, or we can lower our service to reach the price we were told, and we also have the option to terminate the service (AS LONG AS I AM WILLING TO PAY OVER $400 IN TERMINATION FEES TO DIRECT TV). IT IS VERY OBVIOUS TO ME AT&T DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS, AT&T SALES/SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES WILL LIE TO MAKE A SALE AND MEET THEIR QUOTAS, DIRECT TV DOES NOT CARE HOW AT&T REPRESENTS THEIR SERVICE (AFTER ALL THEY CAN ALWAYS GET $400 TERMINATION FEE), AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE YOUR PHONE YOUR INTERNET YOUR SATELLITE $400 AND/OR HAVE YOUR CREDIT DAMAGED YOU WILL PAY IT, CAUSE THERE IS NOT A THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. THANKS FOR CHOOSING AT&T
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fast327 on 07/08/2010:
AT&T does have a memory problem. I signed up for dsl service in January and was promised a special rate. Every month the rate is billed the regular rate instead of the promotional one. Every month I have to call them and get it fixed! Everyone I talk to says,"you will now get the correct rate." It hasn't happened yet,I guess I'll find out in August.
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AT&T Stinks!
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CALIFORNIA -- We have phone, fax and internet services with AT&T and have been customers since 1990 something.............

Recently we called to get some help with setting up a brand new laptop that was purchased and wanted to get it connected with our wireless router. The technician remotely logged in to our system and insisted that we had a wireless modem (which we kept telling him was not) and he ended up disconnecting our internet service for two days. I had to call back, be on the phone for 1 hour and 45 minutes and have someone walk me through how to reconnect the service. Every since then, it has been very weak and sometimes it will work, and sometimes it won't.

We called again, and begged to have an ACTUAL PERSON come out to our business and try to repair it. We had an appointment set up and they were going to call us when they were on the way out. Well, we never got a phone call and no one ever showed up!

I called again today, only to be on the phone for 80 minutes and transferred 4 times before the 4th person told me I had been connected to the wrong department!
I called the number she gave me and was on the phone for another 23 minutes and was told that sending out a technician would result in a charge on our bill! Can you believe that? They can see a record of how many phones call we have made to get help, then instead of offering a service free of charge, they are sending someone out to help us, for a fee.......what poor poor customer service.

We are stuck using them because there are no other companies that we can locate to service North Highlands for phone and internet.

If you can avoid using AT&T, I would strongly recommend it.
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Anonymous on 03/05/2010:
You wanted to have your laptop connected to your wireless router but kept telling AT&T that you don't have a wireless modem? You either need a wireless routed connected to your modem or you need a wireless gateway. Find out which you have and then call them back.
momsey on 03/05/2010:
So you have a wireless router connected to your modem? Not sure why that's a problem. Laptops are usually pretty easy to hook up to the routers, even I was able to do it myself at home with minimal tech support, and I'm not a tech whiz.

Of course sending out a technician will result in a bill, why would the tech work for free??? The money you pay for your services do not include technicians being dispatched to your house when you need help.
Anonymous on 03/05/2010:
Also, make sure your laptop has a wireless adaptor already built in, and make sure its ON. Some laptops have a little switch to turn them on and some have a button to press. Once that's done the wireless router will do the rest once it detects the new device.
Anonymous on 03/05/2010:
Just, so true! My daughter's new laptop keep me frustrated for 2 hours til I figured out the little button on the top of the keyboard was the on/off switch for the wireless adapter!

OP, the tech was probably right: you DO have a wireless modem...on the laptop. It is frustrating as a computer nerd to try to convince someone that you know more than they do when they insist they do not have what you know they have.

The tech was trying to tell you how to connect your ROUTER to your MODEM which are two different things. The wireless is either internal or external. If you did not buy an external adapter to connect to the internet, then you have an internal wireless. Since the tech had remote access, he could look at your SPECS and tell this.

A simple misunderstanding caused you needless headache.
W. WHITE on 04/30/2013:
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Do not use AT&T's business high speed DSL
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DO NOT USE AT&T internet. I signed up with them on their website and very thoughly read all of the service and price information. I decided to to the self installation and was told that I would receive the self install kit within days and that I would receive an email when it was shipped. I finally received it 5 days late after calling their customer service and asking about it. I got the email saying it had been shipped about a week after I received it. I then had to call technical support numerous times to get the static ip addresses that I had requested weeks ago finally set up.

According to the website, it would cost $110/month for their service. To my surprise, the next month, I get a bill for $237.95. Obviously, I call their customer service and they tell me that they had not applied my rebate of $100 for the modem. Problem is, that was still $25 more than what I was told when I subscribed. The representative refused to listen to what I was saying (that the amount was not what I was told when I signed up) and just repeated their list of changes over and over again to come up with their higher amount. I told them that their charges were too expensive and if they could not charge me what we had agreed to, they could just cancel my service. Their response was just to say that I had signed a contract with them for a year and that my service could not be canceled. I guess they feel that they can charge you whatever they feel like regardless of what the contract says, so they are pretty cocky about it.

And the rebates they promise on their website - forget about it. You will never see them. The only one they have honored is the "free" modem. That $100 Visa gift card? When I called to ask about it, I was told to logon to their special rebate website after the first 30 days of service to have it sent to me - what a joke.

Probably even worse than all this is that I cannot even use the stupid phone line that I had to get and pay for just to get their lousy Internet service! They have sold my name and phone number to anyone and everyone. I can't have my phone plugged in for even 5 minutes without some telemarketer calling me and interrupting me when I am trying to work. Plus I am getting all kinds of junk mail now that I never got before.

I hope that AT&T is proud of themselves for this year of service that they are unfortunately getting from me - I will be dropping them as soon as possible and will be telling everyone I can not to do business with them. Not the smartest way to do business.

Yep - signing up with AT&T was a BIG MISTAKE. I hope this review helps others to avoid them.
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Anonymous on 11/12/2009:
First, telemarketers are NOT AT&T's fault. Put your number on the do not call registry. Google it for the website.

Second, 5 days is not a bad turnaround. They have to set up your account, order the equipment and have it pulled form their warehouse and ship it. You are not the only customer they had to service and you got your kit in a reasonable time. AT&T do not control the postal service not UPS.

Third, your first bill you were screaming about, at $100 per month, would have included the first full month in advance, prorated bill for the current billing cycle, as well as all taxes and surcharges imposed by our lovely government and residential state. Your utilities are set up the EXACT same way, assuming you have them, both in your business AND home.

Four, the rebate set up online is the easiest way to get your rebate. You log in, request the rebate, wait 30 days, and it is sent to you. WHY is that a joke? You have no paperwork to fill out and send in. It is done automatically.

As a business owner, I am quite shocked that you have never had any type of new service or purchased anything online that had to be shipped to NOT know these things already.

I think you were unreasonable and rude to CSR agent who tried to help you. I also think that any customers you have in your business should also write reviews about your company. I am sure YOUR business has complaints.
chatty cathy2 on 05/24/2010:
AT&T acts like because they own the biggest share of the market they can treat customers any way they want to. They entice consumers with more and more services and/or products and so-called rebates but once you're in, getting though to a live agent is a time consuming chore. Instead of satisfying the needs an established customer who knows exactly what they want, their priority is all about more sales. I know I'm not the only one who knows that when you finally get a live person, if you're looking to eliminate or down grade services you're bounced from rep to rep like a hot potato.
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When I say I understand I really do
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NORTH CAROLINA -- OK, so I've been reading over all the reviews, and I currently work for AT&T and I have made a promise to myself, if I ever lived in an area where AT&T was the only internet service provider I would MOVE!!! I've seen a lot of bad reviews on the agents. Well Id like to clarify that yes you will get some bad agents who really couldn't care less about the customer, but honestly its mostly the managers there, if one manager tells you to handle someone or something one way you can bet another manager will come along and tell you something else. I really do not enjoy working for this company because their goal is to be #1 and it doesn't matter to them who or what is in their way to get there. If you get a crabby agent in tech support, please keep in mind, usually we have been treated like crap all day by a manager and we are made to feel intimidated and beneath someone else all day. Our work hours are horrible and we are just like you and get tired, we understand that the service sucks and that you are most likely getting ripped off, but we are there do try to soup up your issue for a few months. I don't recommend this company to anyone because for one I take so many calls a night and its usually all about the same thing. There are always an outage and it doesn't make no sense at all that theres never service in certain areas. Believe me when I say that certain agents such as my self do know the frustration you are going through, your mad cause your service isn't working as it should and your calling screaming at the agents so we are getting it from the customers and the managers, this is not a good company for service nor is it for employment. I thought my ISP was horrible until I started working there, I've had my ISP for over 5 years and only had to call them twice, now I know to never be mean to them again......
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ATT Employee on 05/28/2011:
I am also a tech support employee for att. I tried to get the 14.95 internet, yet they say I have to get Uverse, I had dsl before and wanted it again but was told I would have to give up my employee discount phone service to get dsl at that price. Lie after lie after lie! Since I have worked for this company in 2 1/2 years they have changed every depts. phone number except for ours the dsl tech support and everyone calls us and they stay on our necks for getting so many misdirected calls. It's torture working for this company. They treat us really bad. It was better working for a smaller company that cared about their employees than this. It stresses me out so bad I feel I am going to have a nervous breakdown!
Disgusted on 12/08/2011:
I too was an ATT DSL tech support and I hated every minute of it and it caused me health problems from the stress!. They don't care about their employees - kept threatening to send out jobs back overseas - and they don't care about the customer! Cha ching!!!!
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