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Control Panel Recall - They Had Problems Early On
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ELLICOTT CITY, MARYLAND -- I purchased a Bosch dishwasher in June 1999 for $720. Almost 3 years later (April 2002) the control panel burned up and caused the dishwasher to empty water all over the floor. I was glad that I was home; as I had to turn the water off to the dishwasher to get it to stop filling up with water and emptying it onto the floor (dishwasher was stuck on fill). Called Bosch; you have to use one of their certified repair technicians for repairs; they said that I had to use Bray & Scarff for the repair. Bray & Scarff repaired the dishwasher on April 16, 2002. Dishwasher worked fine until June 19, 2002; when the same thing happened for the second time.

Called Bosch; Bray & Scarff came out to repair the dishwasher again. This time the repairman told me that the control panel on the Bosch dishwashers must have a defect because they have to be replaced a lot. The control panel short circuits itself and burns up causing the dishwasher to do strange things. Called Bosch; this time they replaced my dishwasher; Bray & Scarff installed it on July 2, 2002 (without a dishwasher for 2 weeks). I guess that we have been really lucky, because the control panel that is now being recalled has been working OK until March 3, 2009.

Called Bosch; spoke with ** on March 4, 2009. I explained that all the lights on the control panel were flashing on and off, smelled like burning rubber and would not cancel and drain. ** replied that I would have to have Towson Appliance Service or Wuerstlin Appliance Service out to repair the dishwasher as these 2 companies are Bosch certified repair companies and no other appliance repair companies can/or are allowed to repair their products. I Googled these companies and found bad customer reviews; decided to hire another more reliable company to fix the dishwasher.

Called Landers Appliance; they came to repair my dishwasher on March 6, 2009, were on time and very customer service oriented. Repairman checked dishwasher, stated that the control panel had burned up and they would have to order a new one. No problem, I already knew that they would have to order a part.

On Monday March 9, 2009 the parts manager from Landers called to say that the control panel was under a recall (why did Bosch not tell me when I called them that it was a recall problem) and that I would have to have a certified Bosch repair company order the part and repair the dishwasher as Bosch would not allow them to order or repair the dishwasher. Called Bosch; all of what Landers told me was true. Called Bosch's certified repair company Towson Appliance Service; spoke with **. They will not put me on their repair schedule until they have received the part from Bosch.

Called Bosch, spoke with **. Explained that Towson Appliance would not put me on their repair schedule until they have the part and requested the part be shipped overnight to me. ** said that Bosch had the part in stock and he would sent it to me overnight tomorrow Tuesday March 10, 2009 and I would receive it no later than 5 PM on Wednesday March 11, 2009. Did not receive control panel as promised on March 10, 2009. Called Bosch, spoke with **. ** states that the part was shipped to Towson Appliance not to me. I explained how upset I was that the part had not been shipped to me as promised (too late in day to call Towson Appliance).

Called Towson Appliance and spoke with **. ** stated that they did not receive the part and did not know why Bosch had told me they had it. Called Bosch, spoke with ** and asked to speak with a manager. She told me that a manager would have to call me back and took my name and number. ** calls me back (not a manager as I had requested) to let me know that the control panel is really on back order and that they expect to receive more at the end of April 2009 and she doesn't understand why ** told me they had them and would ship it to me.

Explained how angry I am after having to deal with this situation for over a week now; not to mention that I have to wash dishes everyday because I don't have a working dishwasher. I again request to speak with a manager and she says that managers don't speak with customers directly, but that she will try to get one for me. ** (the manager) comes on the line to regretfully inform me that in fact I do have to use one of their certified service repairmen or the control panel will never get installed.

MORAL OF THIS STORY - don't purchase Bosch appliances. Too many repair hassles. This dishwasher costs way too much money for the hassle you have to go through to get it repaired when Bosch really knew in 2002 that they had a problem with the control panel burning up.

Piece of Junk!
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- It has gone down twice and it isn't even 3 years old yet.

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Rating: 2/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a Bosch Ascenta dishwasher in February 2013 to replace a 12-year-old Maytag that worked just fine but was falling apart. I did a lot of research and Bosch came out on top with rave reviews from all the lead consumer boards. That said, I anxiously awaited the day the eyesore of a beat up Maytag would be replaced with a state of the art shiny new Bosch. What a let down I had when the first thing I noticed is that this dishwasher is so slim it doesn't fill out the space in my counter cabinets. Apparently the installer knows this because he came prepared with some cheap plastic strips that he placed in the space to fill out the gaps.

So, with the first blow of my new investment looking cheesy I kept my chin up and looked forward to new racks with no rust and sparkling clean dishes. Well, needless to say I was less than impressed with the cleaning power of this supposed super cleaning machine. In fact they are no cleaner than my 12-year-old Maytag. Not only are they marginally clean but they are always wet when I open the door. Where is the steam? Or even the heat for that matter? It's always damp inside and smells bad in between washings because apparently there are no ventilation holes.

Quiet? Not really, I can hear it. But honestly dishwasher noise was never an issue as I don't hang around my kitchen all night after I fire it up. I mean who really cares about noise? Aren't people sick of being in the kitchen after cooking, serving, eating, cleaning? I finally called to see maybe it was me, maybe I missed something or have to adjust something. What I was told is that, I need to empty it right away or the water that doesn't evaporate because there is no ventilation settles back on the dishes.

OK I tried that. I awaited anxiously for my wash to complete and eagerly opened the door hoping I would have a blast of sanitizing steam and dry dishes. Nope! All I had was soggy dishes. As far as saving money? Maybe, if I didn't have to buy the most expensive cleaning bricks and rinsing agents and run it every single day for fear of mold growing. I wish I bought something else. So I do NOT recommend this item.

Bosch Dishwasher SHE46C02UC/40 FIRE HAZARD, Bosch Refuses to Fix or Recall
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Rating: 1/51

1901 MAIN ST SUITE 60 IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- There is a "voluntary" recall on SHE46C02, as models Bosch / SHE46C, SHE56C / FD8501 - FD8505. My dishwasher is a Bosch SHE46C02UC/40 FD8610 00093, and is not part of the "voluntary" recall, so it will not be repaired as defective by Bosch. Based on quick review of internet searches, MANY or MOST of the SHE436C models appear defective, the defect being a burned control board. By being physically burned (electrically shorting out), this dishwasher SERIES is a FIRE HAZARD.

Although Bosch replaces boards for "voluntary" recall models, and the internet has people soldering the boards for temporary repair, neither of these "fixes" will repair the defect of the circuit design which is causing an electronic fault which continues to result in a FIRE HAZARD. The dishwasher is useless without a working control board and cannot run without a control board. Running the dishwasher with a defective board is running the dishwasher with a FIRE HAZARD.

Bosch refuses to fix and repair this KNOWN FIRE HAZARD model. Their "voluntary" recall was performed to limit the scope of recalls on the entire defective series. The entire series of dishwashers using these defective fire hazard boards should be recalled. The recall should be MANDATORY, not "voluntary." It is unknown if the repair of the defective and recalled Bosch models eliminates the known fire hazard. The board is expensive for consumers to replace, $150 USD or more just for the part. Replacing a burned burned with the same burned results in a CONTINUING FIRE HAZARD.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is negligent in allowing a "voluntary" recall, when in fact, the defect and its proposed solution needed further evaluation and review. The CPSC will not act without further consumer complaints, but the CPSC website tries hard to hide where consumer complaints can even be submitted. I believe the recall should be MANDATORY. I of course, will never buy another Bosch product, as their products are defective, dangerous, and the company knows it, and refuses to address the known defects. You have been warned.

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Rating: 1/51

I have had this Bosch dishwasher for several years now and it's truly a piece of crap! All stainless steel. The Integra 800 model SHX68M09UC. A $1,300.00+ dollar impressive looking piece of junk. If I don't pre-wash everything I put into the machine it comes out dirty. I email the Bosch Company when I first got the machine and they just blew me off as someone who has no idea how to load a dishwasher. And I was told of how many satisfied customers they have. What bologna!

I am 62 years old and have been loading dishwashers all my life. And never had the results I have had with this machine. I have used every type of automatic dishwashing detergent on the market, makes no difference. I have loaded items spaced way apart to get maximum cleaning, makes no difference. The mechanics of the machine is fine. Arms working, nothing in them plugging up the spray holes. The screen filter is clean as a whistle! If you have any type of egg, starch, potato, grease, spaghetti sauce, residue forget it. Lipstick on glasses, food particles on silverware or utensils forget it!

You literally have to clean everything with hot water and soap with a sink brush before putting any items into this dishwasher. I guess you could say I use this Bosch as a final wash and sterilizer, that's all! I can tell you what I think. The Bosch Company is breaking its neck to put out the quietest dishwasher on the market. To do this they use two small separate pumps, one for the bottom arm, and one for the top arm. And they do not have the proper pressure to do the job. Who in the hell cares if you hear some whooshing going on, as long as everything comes out clean!

I spent Christmas at my sons. They have a two-year-old KitchenAid dishwasher. I was amazed as I watched my son and daughter-in-law load their washer. They didn't clean off anything! And all the glass, dishes, pots, silverware, came out squeaky clean. I could not believe my eyes. They didn't ever care if the spoons nested together! Seeing that even made me more pissed off! I don't even feel right trying to sell this unit to someone else. I wouldn't do that to them. So, stay the hell away from the Bosch line of dishwashers.

No More Bosch for Me!!
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Rating: 1/51

About 6 years ago, we built our final house with our 5 kids. I wanted a good dishwasher so I purchased a Bosch by the convincing of the salesperson. "It will save a lot on energy, no heat dry" sounded great to me. After about three years the panel quit working properly. It would run for hours on the wash cycle with one minute left on the LED light. However, my dishes were never very clean. I could only run the dishwasher when someone was here to ensure it cuts off or there was no "energy savings!"

Next I was surprised with mold. Slight at first then it got out of hand. It was everywhere! Even in the rinse agent holder. I called a repairman who showed me how to clean the filter which had moldy slime in it. No food just slime. Along the rubber seal was covered as well. I cleaned the entire machine, ran cleaner through it. Started using white vinegar (which works best) baking soda to clean the filter.

It is crazy to spend this much time on cleaning a dishwasher. The repairman also explained a small amount of water sits below that screen in the filter area. So we have water, no heat dry, open the door to dry dishes that are never good and clean-mold. It is clearly a bad idea. I believe newer models have a drying option (good move). I called Bosch to see if there was a recall. The customer service lady was rude. She asked me what I wanted HER to do about it? Seriously??! I was stunned.

She gave me the name of another repairman. I just would like to run my dishes at night when the rates are down, or as I leave for work. I clean enough with the large family. Two are foster children. I am sick of this dishwasher. There are many less expensive models I have used with no problems. Right now we are on the "wash your own dishes" remedy... It works about as well as my Bosch. :)

Bosch Ecosense SHV65P03UC/63 Is a HUGE Disappointment
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- We had a complete kitchen renovation done in the summer of 2011. I hired the designer to also help me with appliances and other choices. She was all about top name brands and appearance so would suggest appliances based on whether they could have custom wood panels installed. I did go with most of her appliance suggestions, nixed a couple that I felt were too expensive and not worth it. Went for the recommended Bosch Ecosense which was a huge mistake.

It LOOKS great with the custom wood paneling (and it's quiet) but that's about it. We had to go with the small one (24") which I didn't think would be a problem since it's only myself, my husband and my teen son living at home. But it is so unbelievably small that I have to run it daily (using only dishes, glassware and silverware). It does have "flippers" in the interior so you can change the design to accommodate what you are washing that day but it is so cumbersome that loading it takes a ridiculous amount of time. I'm constantly rearranging the dishes/glasses.

If I put a mixing bowl in, it takes up too much space so I have to hand wash pots/pans/large bowls and put them in a drying rack on top of the expensive granite counter - kind of defeats the intention of having a nice looking kitchen. I use the recommended rinse aid specific to drying every time I run it but the dishes are soaking wet. I have to open the dishwasher after it runs and let the very hot dishes dry for more than 2 hours but even then the glasses never look as sparkling as they did with my old dishwasher.

Despite a very thorough rinse before loading, about 20% of the dishes and 30% of the silverware come out with food encrusted and hardened so I have to pick the food off and rewash them. My cheap old dishwasher was very noisy but it did a GREAT job. And the Bosch is so hard to load that neither my husband nor my son will do it - they did with the last one! When I called the appliance store, I was told that that's just the nature of the beast if one wants a nice looking wood paneled dishwasher. All in all, a HUGE disappointment.

By -

ESCALON, CALIFORNIA -- It is unbelievable to me that a company like this would be so awful when it comes to customer service. The dishwasher broke the first day after the 1 year warranty, and I didn't think to buy an extended warranty b/c I was told Bosch would run forever! Ha! That's so not true! Next my brand new range/oven has not worked properly since the first month I bought in 2005. When the oven comes on, there is a lot of condensation on the top surround of the oven door and the glass front above the oven door, and the knobs fall off, every single time!

Sears has come out 4 times and every time, it is b/c I "didn't clean the oven right and crumbs are keeping the oven door from closing properly," and then it was b/c I was "washing the knobs and that makes the wiring on the back of knobs get out of alignment," and the latest answer (after two times replacing the knobs and once replacing the lining around the over door, which has taken months to get the right parts!!!) is that "there is too much humidity in my oven and it is b/c I have water in the my gas line!!??" Really!! Seriously!!??? UNBELIEVABLE!!! And Bosch customer service will not acknowledge any problem at all, and tells Sears just to put on new knobs...

HELP!!! And the microwave light bulbs burned out within six months of purchase and b/c they are halogen and I cannot get to them, so they stay burned out. I don't know why Sears hasn't replaced them...who knows! I have written to Bosch, no response. I have talked numerous times to Sears, no action other than replacing bits and pieces... Next I am calling the local television station that has a troubleshooting group....we shall see! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BOSCH. THE APPLIANCES ARE NOT UP TO PAR, CUSTOMER SERVICE BORDERS ON IRRESPONSIBLE AND HATEFUL. DO NOT DO IT!!!

Bosch Dishwasher Failed but Customer Service Failed More
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Rating: 1/51

Our four-year-old Bosch dishwasher, model number SHX55M06UC/46 started out as a quiet dishwasher. By its fourth birthday it was noisier than our old unit. It finally died when the circulator pump self-destructed. I pulled out the broken pump and it clear that the armature was widely off balance. The vibration had eaten through most of the armature shaft, and it eventually destroyed the bearing. Bosch parts and service had zero interest in discussing this problem. All they would consider is to have me pay to have a Bosch technician drive to my house and look at the part. They refused to accept a digital photo of the broken part.

I should not have to pay to have someone travel to my house to look at a broken part, when a photo would have shown the defect. The Bosch customer representative said that no one at the company wanted to hear from me about this problem, I could only pay to have a technician come to my house. No emails would be accepted by their technical staff about my problem. Then they scolded me for removing the broken pump myself. If they don't want to hear from me that's fine. I will simply buy from a better company.

A Terrible Dishwasher
By -

After 2 years of struggling with a brand new Bosch dishwasher, I give up. This is supposed to be an energy efficient appliance; not sure how energy efficient it is since it runs for at least 3 hours on the "auto" cycle. My chief complaint is that the water never gets hot enough to sanitize the dishes and mold grows in the drain, in the washer arm, under the gaskets and in the silverware basket. It has to be cleaned with chlorine bleach every 10 days or so to keep the mold from growing.

The dishes come out wet and barely warm. Bosch customer service people have given me the runaround and want me to pay to have a service agent come out to tell me that it's not working properly, which I have known from day 1. And, since it's out of warranty, I will have to pay to get it working properly, which it never has. I am going to purchase another brand of dishwasher and save my health in the process, even though this one is only 2 years old. Do yourself a favor, do not buy any Bosch appliance without first checking the reviews. You will save yourself a lot of money, aggravation and time.

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