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No More Bosch for Me!!
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Rating: 1/51

About 6 years ago, we built our final house with our 5 kids. I wanted a good dishwasher so I purchased a Bosch by the convincing of the salesperson. "It will save a lot on energy, no heat dry" sounded great to me. After about three years the panel quit working properly. It would run for hours on the wash cycle with one minute left on the LED light. However, my dishes were never very clean. I could only run the dishwasher when someone was here to ensure it cuts off or there was no "energy savings!"

Next I was surprised with mold. Slight at first then it got out of hand. It was everywhere! Even in the rinse agent holder. I called a repairman who showed me how to clean the filter which had moldy slime in it. No food just slime. Along the rubber seal was covered as well. I cleaned the entire machine, ran cleaner through it. Started using white vinegar (which works best) baking soda to clean the filter.

It is crazy to spend this much time on cleaning a dishwasher. The repairman also explained a small amount of water sits below that screen in the filter area. So we have water, no heat dry, open the door to dry dishes that are never good and clean-mold. It is clearly a bad idea. I believe newer models have a drying option (good move). I called Bosch to see if there was a recall. The customer service lady was rude. She asked me what I wanted HER to do about it? Seriously??! I was stunned.

She gave me the name of another repairman. I just would like to run my dishes at night when the rates are down, or as I leave for work. I clean enough with the large family. Two are foster children. I am sick of this dishwasher. There are many less expensive models I have used with no problems. Right now we are on the "wash your own dishes" remedy... It works about as well as my Bosch. :)

Bosch Ecosense SHV65P03UC/63 Is a HUGE Disappointment
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- We had a complete kitchen renovation done in the summer of 2011. I hired the designer to also help me with appliances and other choices. She was all about top name brands and appearance so would suggest appliances based on whether they could have custom wood panels installed. I did go with most of her appliance suggestions, nixed a couple that I felt were too expensive and not worth it. Went for the recommended Bosch Ecosense which was a huge mistake.

It LOOKS great with the custom wood paneling (and it's quiet) but that's about it. We had to go with the small one (24") which I didn't think would be a problem since it's only myself, my husband and my teen son living at home. But it is so unbelievably small that I have to run it daily (using only dishes, glassware and silverware). It does have "flippers" in the interior so you can change the design to accommodate what you are washing that day but it is so cumbersome that loading it takes a ridiculous amount of time. I'm constantly rearranging the dishes/glasses.

If I put a mixing bowl in, it takes up too much space so I have to hand wash pots/pans/large bowls and put them in a drying rack on top of the expensive granite counter - kind of defeats the intention of having a nice looking kitchen. I use the recommended rinse aid specific to drying every time I run it but the dishes are soaking wet. I have to open the dishwasher after it runs and let the very hot dishes dry for more than 2 hours but even then the glasses never look as sparkling as they did with my old dishwasher.

Despite a very thorough rinse before loading, about 20% of the dishes and 30% of the silverware come out with food encrusted and hardened so I have to pick the food off and rewash them. My cheap old dishwasher was very noisy but it did a GREAT job. And the Bosch is so hard to load that neither my husband nor my son will do it - they did with the last one! When I called the appliance store, I was told that that's just the nature of the beast if one wants a nice looking wood paneled dishwasher. All in all, a HUGE disappointment.

By -

ESCALON, CALIFORNIA -- It is unbelievable to me that a company like this would be so awful when it comes to customer service. The dishwasher broke the first day after the 1 year warranty, and I didn't think to buy an extended warranty b/c I was told Bosch would run forever! Ha! That's so not true! Next my brand new range/oven has not worked properly since the first month I bought in 2005. When the oven comes on, there is a lot of condensation on the top surround of the oven door and the glass front above the oven door, and the knobs fall off, every single time!

Sears has come out 4 times and every time, it is b/c I "didn't clean the oven right and crumbs are keeping the oven door from closing properly," and then it was b/c I was "washing the knobs and that makes the wiring on the back of knobs get out of alignment," and the latest answer (after two times replacing the knobs and once replacing the lining around the over door, which has taken months to get the right parts!!!) is that "there is too much humidity in my oven and it is b/c I have water in the my gas line!!??" Really!! Seriously!!??? UNBELIEVABLE!!! And Bosch customer service will not acknowledge any problem at all, and tells Sears just to put on new knobs...

HELP!!! And the microwave light bulbs burned out within six months of purchase and b/c they are halogen and I cannot get to them, so they stay burned out. I don't know why Sears hasn't replaced them...who knows! I have written to Bosch, no response. I have talked numerous times to Sears, no action other than replacing bits and pieces... Next I am calling the local television station that has a troubleshooting group....we shall see! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BOSCH. THE APPLIANCES ARE NOT UP TO PAR, CUSTOMER SERVICE BORDERS ON IRRESPONSIBLE AND HATEFUL. DO NOT DO IT!!!

A Terrible Dishwasher
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After 2 years of struggling with a brand new Bosch dishwasher, I give up. This is supposed to be an energy efficient appliance; not sure how energy efficient it is since it runs for at least 3 hours on the "auto" cycle. My chief complaint is that the water never gets hot enough to sanitize the dishes and mold grows in the drain, in the washer arm, under the gaskets and in the silverware basket. It has to be cleaned with chlorine bleach every 10 days or so to keep the mold from growing.

The dishes come out wet and barely warm. Bosch customer service people have given me the runaround and want me to pay to have a service agent come out to tell me that it's not working properly, which I have known from day 1. And, since it's out of warranty, I will have to pay to get it working properly, which it never has. I am going to purchase another brand of dishwasher and save my health in the process, even though this one is only 2 years old. Do yourself a favor, do not buy any Bosch appliance without first checking the reviews. You will save yourself a lot of money, aggravation and time.

Draining Problem With Bosch Dishwasher
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I am totally frustrated with this dishwasher. We bought Bosch since it was renowned for its engineering. The dishwasher had sporadically not finished draining at the end of its cycles. It became increasingly difficult and finally nothing could get it to finish the draining process. I thought maybe it was just that my dishwasher had worn out. Then I went on the web. Search Google with the terms "Bosch dishwasher won't drain" and hundreds of similar complaints come up. It spans several models. The repairman said it was a flaw with the plastic fittings that connect the dishwasher to the sink drain.

I wrote an email to Bosch asking if they were aware of the problem and asking for reimbursement for the repairs. After several form-letter brush offs, they replied that their dishwasher was fine. Essentially they chose to ignore all these consumers. I would have hoped they would have been at least interested in investigating the problem. I recommend not buying a Bosch dishwasher.

Bosch SHU 5300 - Lemon of a Dishwasher
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We have a Bosch dishwasher, model SHU 5300, that is merely three years old. It has stopped working. After a brief search online, it is obviously a problem with this particular model. Many people have complained of the same issue - it takes hours and hours to complete the cycle and it doesn't work. There is a problem within the circuit board.

Bosch will replace the circuit board, but they will not pay for the labor. It is going to cost $100 for the repair people to merely walk into our house. Any work done will be above and beyond that minimum charge. Since this is a problem so many people have had with this particular model, one would think Bosch would stand behind their EXPENSIVE dishwashers and pay for the repair. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the dishwasher, but I am even more disappointed with the company.

This dishwasher was bought by the previous homeowner. I will not buy another Bosch product. Other companies are much more willing to guarantee their products and stand behind them. And those companies make products which cost much less!

Bosch Has Made Some Lousy Design Changes to Its Dishwasher
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Rating: 2/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I had a Bosch dishwasher which worked beautifully for ten years. When it quit (right before Thanksgiving!) I didn't even think twice about what to buy - what a mistake. The new Bosch upper and lower cup/dish holders are mostly slanted, and not always to the same degree. This makes it difficult to impossible for bowls, pots, large glasses, vases, etc., and I must run the machine almost every day, when I used to be able to run it almost every other day.

Almost as annoying is the design and placement of the tableware holder in the BACK of the dishwasher - I guess they hadn't thought about a galley kitchen. We almost live in our kitchen, and the dishwasher is across the floor from the refrigerator. What a bottleneck! We can't even put a spoon in the dishwasher without blocking other activity, like walking to the dining room! My appliance dealer obtained (free) replacement racks and tableware holders, but they were no improvement.

Although ridiculously detailed graphics are provided for dish washing placement, it looks like it was designed for a caterer - 24 of each size plate... Almost no bowls or pots. Very unrealistic. Also thoughtless about real-world usage. AND it always smells when I open the door after it completes the washing cycle. I can't figure out why, but my "Bosch buddies" agree that it is very unpleasant and we haven't been able to remove it. Word of mouth will probably put Bosch out of business - and I didn't know about repair problems until I was irritated enough to look for a spot to complain.

Do Not Buy Bosch Products
By -

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- I had an issue with our dishwasher. The casing started to come off. When I called customer service and asked about it they said my warranty was up and that I would have to pay for somebody just to come look at it. I said that it was either a design flaw or a flaw with how it was built. They laughed and said there is no design flaw and that I was doing something wrong. When I spoke to the customer service manager, he was arrogant and when I asked to speak to his boss, he said sure, but did not hear anything, so I called head office in Toronto and asked to speak with the customer service's manager's superior. I left a message but did not hear back.

Their attitude is their product is perfect and if anything goes wrong with the product outside of that then it is your issue because the product is perfect according to the people who work there.

Not What It Used to Be
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BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- Years ago I bought Bosch products & they were top of the line. Not so anymore. I have a stove (expensive) & the door will not close tightly. To fix it, Bosch has a kit for over $600 with no guarantee it will correct the problem. I am elderly & very rarely use the oven & am only here six months of the year so there is no abuse. The dishwasher on/off switch is broken & that's a bargain to fix at only about $150. I also have a fridge & no problem...yet. Bosch used to be a reliable brand but it seems they've lost pride in their work ethic.

To sum it up, as soon as I have enough money to fix the Bosch, I will, instead, buy a different brand, Meanwhile, I'll wash dishes by hand or use paper plates.

Faulty Dishwasher
By -

CONNECTICUT -- I purchases a Bosch dishwasher model SHY56A05UC/14. Loved it, however the top rack came away from the inside of the wall of the dishwasher. Called the repairman. He said it could not be fixed. Although I purchased in 2004 the repairman said it looked brand new and was well taken care of. Not only did I pay for a repair visit of 100.00 they needed the receipt before they would open a claim which I did find.

I paid well over a thousand dollars for this unit and needless to say was very up set they offered me a new model at 752.00 plus I would pay for installation. This is really stinky as I don't have that kind of money right now. Very very disappointed in this Bosch product. Supervisor and customer service did not know anything about anything. ridiculous.

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