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Benefits of the doubts
Posted by Carribean bean on 06/16/2010
I ordered from this company about 10 days ago, it was my first time and I needed fleas medication for my 4 pets. Their low cost attracted me and I decided to buy their product. I don't like ordering online so after couples days I wanted to check their review to make sure it wasn't a scam. Sure enough I found that site and saw all the bad reviews ! I started worrying. I told myself if I do not receive my products in their ''time frame '' I will take actions.
8 days after ordering, I received my product, intact...I now needed to make sure they were authentic..the packaging looks different, but it smells like advantage and I have not seen a fleas on my pets as yet...
I told myself after reading the negative review, that if I had a positive experience I will post it on this site. When people are mad they blog, but when people are satisfied they do not blog on it..It is expensive to care for pet and fleas medicine ..so I recommend this company, free shipping, no taxes and a saving of $30 or more ! give them the benefits of the doubts

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Great Service-Greatest Prices!!!!
Posted by Enufwarjk04 on 02/11/2013
AFTER ALL THIS: Fraud Detection Center called me to stop payment on my order. I inquired why and they said things that didn't line up with the actual reviews and he did not have any evidential proof of wrong doing to share with me so long story short...I said to go ahead with the purchase after calling my bank. My order made on 2-1-13 got here on 2-11-13 and I am so delighted my dog will be flea free for 8 months instead of three!! I got 8 tubes of advantage 2.5ml for $52.63. I want to support a business that offers a better price to protect our pets. If banks/bank cards are stopping business without real evidential proof the implications are troubling at best and that does appear to be the case.)=
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-12:
People are cancelling orders because Budget Pet Care is strictly a low budget way of getting pet meds. Their delivery is slow to the US b/c they are in Canada, and they regularly substitute product without telling the customer.

*I* prefer to support my local vet, who doesn't make substitutions and has fresh quality product which gives me piece of mind. My vet gives manufacturer rebate coupons and free tube(s) when multiples are purchased.

I have nothing against Canada - I love it and the people. But I'll continue to buy my meds locally. Glad your experience was good.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-02-12:
I have to agree with 8r on this one. Buying pet meds over the internet can be risky. Yes there are potential savings but the product may be a substitute or fake. My vet gives me a fair price and I know what I'm buying. Costco has excellent pricing on Frontline Flea and Tick. Why take the chance to save a couple of bucks?
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Terrible Service and Shipping
Posted by DeeDee38 on 03/15/2010
STEINBACH, MANITOBA R5G 1Y2, CANADA -- I placed an order with Budget Pet Care on February 18, 2010. On February 22, 2010 my items were shipped out. On March 9, 2010 I had still not received my order so I sent an email to the company wanting an explanation to why I hadn't received my items yet. I got a call from the company on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 saying that the website said a 7-14 day shipping period. They did apologize but in my opinion the website is misleading because it says that it can take 7-14 days to be shipped, not be shipped out and then take 7-14 days to arrive. After waiting the full 14 days I contacted the company again because I still had not received my order. This time they apologized again but then just told me to look at their shipping policy. It states there that the product should take no more than 21 days to arrive, but if it doesn't arrive in 21 days then you have the option to be credited or have them reship your order. Honestly, this is ridiculous. Nothing I have ever ordered via USPS takes 21 days to ship. I am not sure why things take so long to arrive because it was never explained to me, but with my experience that I have had with this company, if you need something fast, do not order it from here.
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Great Prices - Fast Delivery
Posted by Pwanthon on 03/09/2014
The site offers great prices and very fast delivery!

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Slow Delivery but Good Prices
Posted by Mahrudc50 on 02/10/2012
DALLAS, TENNESSEE -- I've ordered large quantities of pet meds from this company on two occasions and both times thought it was not going to come. I emailed the third party guarantee company and received a phone call from Budget Pet Care the same day of my email. The representative explained that delivery is slow because of distance and border issues. The products were received within 2 days of my inquiry. They did, in fact, deliver within the time promised, by one day.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-02-10:
They have a third party company to guarantee that your delivery will arrive as advertised, which is slowly. Amazing!
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Budget pet care was fine for me
Posted by Alyseal on 08/12/2011
Im mostly writing this because of all the complaints. If I had seen this before ordering the first time, I would not have ordered, and that would be a shame because they are a very good company.

It DOES take a while sometimes to get your product. Its not that Budget Pet Care is a bad company, its that it has to go through customs. Sometimes it flies right through, and sometimes it takes a while. So, don't wait til the last minute to order your product. If you need it next week, you will be disappointed. But if you are someone like me who stocks up because of the very excellent prices, and great sales, just reorder before you run out, and it won't matter HOW long customs takes.

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Super Fast Shipment ~ Excellent Prices
Posted by Seafairgal on 07/21/2011
Last summer I had ordered from Budget Pet Care and took a risk because I read all of the customer complaints. But I thought what the heck and went on my own gutt feeling. Glad I did. Last Summer it did take 3 weeks to receive however I am ordering from another Country (Canada) so I kinda expected a longer wait. The product worked great. Both my dogs FLEA FREE. I ordered this Summer and received within a week. Very Happy. Half the price. Thanks CANADA :) Thank you Budget Pet Care.
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Posted by Skye on 2011-07-21:
So you see nothing but complaints and you still took the risk, hoping you wouldn't be adding your complaint?

More power to you!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-21:
Have you been tracking the Seafair pirates since they landed?
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-07-21:
Is a prescription required from a veterinarian for your shipment from Canada? The reason I'm asking is I think mail order places in the states offering pet meds do require scripts. My dog is given Sentinel monthly which is a prevention of heartworms, intestinal parasites and control of fleas. I trust the Advantage you are receiving from Canada is the exact script you would normally get from your local vet.
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Buyers beware!!!
Posted by Kimmymac on 05/11/2010
STEINBACH, MANITOBA R5G 1Y2 CANADA -- Well, first of all, I am always shopping for a bargain. With 3 very large dogs I need to save money on expensive flea medication. I found this site and realized how much money I could save. It appeared to be a secure legit site which is not my issue at this time. I didn't even see these complaints. My order was over $50 and I placed it on April 16th. (for Advantage) Well, that is 26 days ago. I tried to call the customer service number and it just rings and rings. So, I sent an email. I looked on the website and it says it was shipped on April 19th. Wonder where it went? I guess that will teach me to order out of the country and explains why the prices are so cheap. Who knows if I will ever get it, but will update this website when and if I get it resolved.

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BudgetPetCare.com - Are they reliable or rip-off???
Posted by Dream6835 on 05/11/2010
CANADA -- I Googled "Advantage" and came up with a list of companies who claimed they sold at discounted prices. I THOUGHT that BudgetPetCare.com offered the best deal, so, on April 17th I placed an order for a 12 month supply. Here it is, May 11th, and I still have not received my order. I tried to call several times, but no one answered. Then, I came across this site and read the complaints, I called my credit card company immediately.

My credit card company called them on my behalf and managed to get someone on the phone. The representative claimed my order had been sent out on April 19th and he had no idea why I had not received it yet. He said, according to their policy, I had to wait 21 days from the time they claim the order was shipped and if I still had not received my order, they would ship a new, trackable order or issue a refund. Now I have to wait until Monday, May 17th before I can pursue this further.

My advise is that if anyone else has dealings with this company...BEWARE!
If you have the same problem with them, get your credit card company involved immediately.

I will update at a later date to let everyone know how this turns out.
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