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Warranty That Is a Joke - Lack of Service
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Rating: 1/51

List of problems with my Dell tower XPS9100. The computer has had issues for several months with me trying to get help in between medical issues with no success! I started having major issues with still having a full year of warranty. I paid for a supposed virus fix that the tech support claimed was causing my problems. This was a one time service! The issues continues to manifest and after being frustrated further I bit the bullet and called again. This time the issues were: The computer reboots in the middle of a program for no apparent reason.

The screen has technically exploded in colors and no way to shut off computer to retry without physically holding down the power button or actually unplugging the computer. The computer freezes in screens where the keyboard or mouse will not work, again causing the only solution of the power button or power cord. These problems can occur in a game program or just on the internet. They may occur at other times, but as I am handicapped and medically retired, the only thing I do is either play a game or read the news on the internet or my email account.

Finally the frustration in having a full in-home warranty for 4 years and the tech support that cannot seem to fix the issues. I was originally told this problem was a virus and I paid to fix the problem. The fix did not fix the issues! I spent a full day on this. This last week after many months of frustration where I did not even try to use the computer, I finally called with the list of complaints above. The tech team claims they can show no errors for the physical items in the computer and after many hours, a full wipe and reboot is accomplished.

The issue is still not resolved and the computer reboots for no apparent reason, freezes up and does not operate or the power becomes the issue again, however, this time all of the error codes that had been popping up before the wipe are not showing. The disruptive service is like I rebooted the system, the freezing screens and my physical shutting off of the computer is not showing an error like it has always done. The final time last night the computer screen exploded in color as if the ATI Radion 5800 was having issues, tried to restart, I saw a flash of the explosion of colors before it quit functioning at all.

I called tech support again, told the tech the power issue and said "please send your tech and he can verify the problems or I can ship the tower to you and let your team see the issues!" His answer: "we do not send a tech until we know what parts need replaced, we do not have a tech system that repairs the towers anymore, only the laptops and notebooks. Read your warranty! You either continue to take the steps I outline or your warranty is no good!"

Finally, I explained I have medical issues, currently my lack of use for both arms, etc. and it is hard for me to do a lot of what he wants. He basically said "read the warranty. You either do it or you get no support to fix the computer."

How many times does a person have to go through the steps and issues without success before Dell support actually does more than talk on a telephone? Do they figure they can keep giving me the run around for the next year until my warranty expires? I am willing to even give my phone number to someone in corporate to talk with to resolve the issue as the tech service (I paid extra for north America service) seems to lack the ability to actually fix the problem!

Tech caused irreversible damage and lost irreplaceable information to my comp printer
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Rating: 1/51

ROUND CITY, TEXAS -- Nature of Complaint: Repair and damage issues - The repairs resulted in irreversible damage, software loss, information loss of 9 years of documents, pictures that cannot be replaced. Dell did not back up my computer information when working on it and lost irreplaceable information, etc. of 9 years. Also, lost a printer in mint condition that is made for my computer as well. Problem: I would like to speak about my recent Dell technical support dating back to beginning of June of this year, 2013.

Dell was contacted to assist with tech service on my computer. However during this service, new problems were caused where I had to call Dell several times to try to restore my computer to working settings and configuration.
During my last session, the tech worked very hard, but it appears my printer had been DELETED from my computer to reset the settings. But in doing so, the tech did not check or restore initial settings first and now has discovered my printer from Hp 2004 OfficeJet 4215 All-in-One software is NO LONGER available from HP to reinstall in my computer except the printer default was available only to print.

So this means my printer no longer can scan or fax, hence and all editing features ink levels, etc. I have lost all my scans of pictures and documents from 2004 - current date, 9 years of scans pictures documents and projects lost. In addition, this printer was a gift and was in mint condition specifically for my use in home and work. It now no longer works or is available. Your tech advised me I would need to buy a new printer all in one as mine cannot be remedy as it's obsolete software.

I feel Dell is responsible for my loss and not to mention all the data, 9 years that is irreplaceable and cannot be recovered - a printer that is an antique and can't be purchased or replaced with the same model or style. The supervisor then said it was my fault the tech did not save the info and my fault they lost all my printer scan fax and copy services. Then, the supervisor told me there was not anyone else. I could submit my complaint to and nothing else could be done, that it was my responsibility to purchase a new printer/scanner/fax/copier that will support my computer which is over $500.00 if I'm lucky enough to find one as that model is no longer made.

Computer Problems
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TEXAS -- Purchased a new Dell with service contracts. All worked well for 2 months and then the problems started. Per contract terms, called tech support and over 4 days and 10 hours, each day found the computer losing files and functions that worked prior to tech support taking over control. All previous files and folders that were operable were deleted by Dell. Finally, the printer and scanner failed and prior to tech support, operated perfectly.

Under the terms of a 3 year maintenance agreement, if tech support can not resolve the issues, a Dell representative is supposed to come to my home to facilitate repair. This has been refused. Was referred to Dells resolution department, they refused to speak with me and I was transferred back to tech support who failed. I now sit with a $1900.00 two month old computer which is useless. What Dell promises prior to the sale does not happen afterward. You can not get customer service. ON lrequest, you get referred back to tech support. Really sorry I purchased this Dell.

Dell Computer Is Such an Inferior Product
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Rating: 1/51

BANGKOK -- I just bought new DELL XP5 computer in Thailand for about USD900. First day I use it in my office; (1) the keyboard tap for space doesn't work either on left or right-hand side. You have to tap right in middle. (2) The quotation sign doesn't show when you tap on it. (3) The SSD flash memory shows only 50+ GB while the rest of another 60+ GB is partition elsewhere which cannot be access and after calling their Thai technical support their guy can't fix it either and ask me to call back next Tuesday.

I asked the dealer who sold me this lousy computer to replace with a new one and they said DELL has no policy of replacing their product even if there is such problem on first day of use. DELL, you should be ashamed of such business technic which shows you cheat on your customer and run away when your product has problem. Not only you don't take responsibility for your products your own tech guy can't even fix your own computer. I like to get comments from others as what I can do to return this piece of junk and get my money back. Thanks.

Dell P.O.S.
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Rating: 1/51

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- This is my first and last, Dell. I bought it a month ago. It freezes, runs at dial-up speeds, the screen suddenly runs colors and I have to hold down the power button to force it off. No virus. Dell support will not even look at it regardless of the warranty, plus they are outsourced so they barely speak English. It is one thing after another going wrong. I am going to cut my losses and junk it. If you are looking for a new laptop, do NOT buy Dell. It is junk, the warranty means nothing, and I am out my money. I HATE this piece of useless junk and hope you guys never waste your hard earned money on a Dell.

537s Inspiron, Very Bad Choice
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Dell Inspiron with Window 7 has an expiration date on the hard drive. Mine is from 2009 and is dead. I have to replace the HD and install a new Win 7. Will not buy another Dell product and will not repair that trash, so I got a new one from another company. Be aware that if you have an Inspiron 537s, will last 3 yrs. Dell never say anything about this. Dell is a ripoff.

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