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Dell @#$%^@#$$
Posted by Howie on 04/14/2006
MARYLAND -- I have read many reviews but mine takes the cake.

I have been on the phone with dell technical support for more than 22 hours during the past 4 weeks!

Still do not have a working computer!!!

They have sent replacement parts for nearly the entire computer. . . . still no working computer!!!

It took me 3 1/2 weeks and 19 hours on the phone to actually get to a dell SUPERVISOR. I really did not think these people existed.

Dell is the very worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. I am 54.

They outright lie to you on the phone. They say they will call back and never do. Never. They just don't call back. And they say they will send parts. Sometimes they send them, sometimes not.

I bought a 3 year "at-home" warranty. I did not realize that I WOULD BE DOING THE WORK AT MY HOME!!!!!

They say they will send a technician to your home. They have NEVER come!!! NEVER.

They say they will send DHL to pick up your computer so they can fix it. THEY HAVE NOT PICKED UP MY COMPUTER YET!!!!

I have talked to nearly every dell employee in India and the Philippines. But only one supervisor!!!

None of them speaks English well enough for you to understand. And the phone lines are not always clear when you are talking half way around the world.

Sometime they just hang up on you. Sometimes you get disconnected. But EVERY TIME you will be put on hold. My record is 45 minutes waiting to talk to a supervisor. Then the phone just went dead.

And one time I waited 25 minutes to talk to a supervisor but a regular technician answered the phone. It was the same one that had put me on hold to talk to her supervisor!!

And EVERY TIME they fail to fix your problem.

I would NEVER buy a dell and I plan to make it my life's work to ruin their business one customer at a time. Everyone I meet for the rest of my life will hear how poor dell service is.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-04-14:
Welcome to the club, sorry the membership dues were so high. I am a roaming computer tech for several small business in my area. I have personally cost dell several sales this year and switched most of the purchases to a small computer shop in my area.
Maybe you could find a good local computer store with a good reputation and trade your Dell in and get yourself a decent computer.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-14:
I agree with miketech, find a good local computer store. You ever think about building your own computer? I bought a how to book on building your own computer about a month ago. It's very easy even for a person who is not that technical. I built one already took me about 3 hours. You get the satisfaction, you know your computer inside and out, don't have to deal with these Big Guys tech support, it's cheaper cause there isn't that much overhead.
Posted by bama46 on 2006-05-02:
maybe i can help get that computer going.

Posted by mema124 on 2006-05-09:
OMG....It is so nice to hear that someone else hates Dell as much as I do....I think I have you beat, In the past 3 weeks I spent 10 hrs ( literally ) one day not to mention at least 15 days out of the last 21 have been spent on the phone with Dell. What started as a small problem became a huge problem that Dell itself created....Techs who don't read the notes that the previous Tech wrote and each tech has you doing something different until the one Tech had me chage all the OS around and delete important files.....I have received new memory, new cd/dvd drive, 2 new HD's the computer has been to the service center and came back EXACTLY as it was sent to them . I am now being told I will get a new computer...seeing is believing ! Today I went to the Kiosk where I bought it and in front of numerous customer I proceded to tell them all what a terrible company Dell was and what awful customer service they have. Ther is no excuse for this sort of Customer Service especially for a 4 month old lap top....I will never buy from Dell again ! Hope your problem is finally getting resolved......PS DHL , at least for me has been superb....the delivery guys actually laugh now when the come to the door , they have been here 9 times in 3 weeks . They have said they will NEVER buy a Dell computer .
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Ignored and Lied to by Dell
Posted by Lmcpeeks on 03/13/2005
This is the letter I have emailed to Dell repeatedly!

I purchased a Dell laptop because I was under the impression that it was at least a decent computer and that they had excellent support and warranties. They have since proved me wrong over and over again.

I paid nearly 2000 dollars for an Inspiron 5150, a three year Complete Care Warranty and Preferred Technical Support with next day service.

I was relatively satisfied with the laptop until the end November 2004. That is when the problems with the laptop began. In a period of about a month, everything in my computer was replaced because the part that was actually bad, the processor, was on backorder. The technical support people with Dell continued to try other parts instead of ordering the processor for me, despite that both the third party Tech and myself repeatedly told technical support that the processor was the problem and not all the other parts they kept sending.

During this time period I was hung up on by Dell technical support people twice, both times they would ask if they could put me on hold when they were stumped by the problem with the computer, and instead of putting me on hold they would hang up on me. Twice in this time period I was lied to about the availability of supervisors. One representative told me that his supervisor had gone home for the day and the other told me the a supervisor was not available and would not allow me to speak to them. When I finally reached a supervisor he was actually the first and only helpful person I have reached with Dell. He got my processor shipped as quickly as he possibly could, being that it was on backorder, and fixed the problem that I had with my service.

The problem I had and still have with my service contract is that when I purchased it I was told I was getting next day service and preferred technical support. When I finally reached this supervisor he informed me that I did not in fact have either one of the services. I was under the impression at that time that he had given me next day service for the remainder of my three year complete care warranty. However, this week I found out that I only have it through the end of this year.

The fact that I do not have it does not really matter that much to me because Dell has never been able to provide it anyway. On Thursday March 10, 2005, I once again called Dell because one of the few parts that had not previously been replaced in my laptop—the fan, has now gone bad. After going through all the troubleshooting with yet another representative I could barely understand he wanted me to flash my BIOS. Flashing my BIOS is completely irrelevant to the problem I was having as were most of the other things he had me do. At this point I asked to speak to a supervisor because this representative refused to go any further without me first flashing my BIOS. Once again I was lied to about the availability of a supervisor—he said that the supervisor was in a meeting and that it would be hours before he could return my call. After telling this representative that the previous supervisor I had spoken with had informed there is always a supervisor available, I was placed on hold for about twenty minutes while he filled out “paperwork” to transfer me. He then finally transferred me to a supervisor who was rude and only helped by agreeing to send the fan and a few other parts I needed without any further troubleshooting.

However, once again I did not receive next day service. The call was made at 3:30 on Thursday afternoon of March 10, 2005, and the tech cannot come to my house until Tuesday.

I am writing this letter because I believe I have a defective laptop. I also believe Dell's policy is to have representatives lie to customers about the availability of supervisors. Furthermore, I believe that the next day repair service offered by Dell is false advertising as I have never been able to receive any kind of repairs the next day. I was informed by the third party tech that came to my house that someone with next day service receives no priority over anyone else. They are not even informed of who does or does not have this next day service. Finally, I paid for all these extra warranties and services because I need my laptop to work, and it has failed me every time I have needed it most and so has Dell's technical support costing me hundreds of dollars.

The perfect solution to my problems with Dell would be for Dell to take the laptop back and refund me all of the money I paid for it, as well the money I have spent in cell phone bills and lost income due to not being able to work on projects when I needed to.

I can be contacted at the address and phone number above. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated, although it seems that promptness and customer satisfaction is not a priority of Dell.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-14:
I hate to break the news to you however, you will not receive a full refund from dell, if anything they will a.) give u 20% back or b.) send u a refurbished laptop

i've experienced the same when i purchased a dimension 2400 which was a complete lemon (read my 2 posts entitled 'xmas eve and i wasted my time with dell')...nonetheless, this website helped me file a complaint with the BBB out in austin, texas. I'd suggest you do the same. I didn't expect a response this was my last hope and then I got a surprise phone call from Mike McKinney, a representative of dell who was very helpful and we came to an agreement that he would replace my PC with an upgraded refurbished version with extra perks.

I'll warn you if you do get a replacement, and when sending back the defective product keep the DHL slip (and print out the tracking destinations) because following that, I got a letter saying that I didn't send back the old PC and charged me for it. Luckily, I had the proof that it arrived on time and they fixed the account.

Good luck!!!
Posted by CARLO555 on 2005-03-15:
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Customer Service
Posted by Brutus on 08/10/2004
RATHDRUM, IDAHO -- Number 1 in customer service my ass! Who was voting. Everyone in India? Because they sure as hell weren't asking anyone in the US. It took me 5 calls just to get the rebate coupon fiasco straighten out. I purchased the laptop in December of 2003 and just got the coupon in July 2004. Oh, not to mention trying to understand what was coming out the Dell associates mouth. That's if you can figure out which department you need to speak with in the first place. AND if they don't cut you off when they decide you are talking to the wrong person and try to transfer your call. Although they do give you a 800 number to call back should you get cut off. I think they know what's going to happen! AND when you do call back the 800 number you were given on the previous phone call you better hope it's the right number or you get to start the whole process all over again! Talk about time consuming! It also seemed to me that the supervisors were reading off the same cue cards as the associates. In a nut-shell you get no-where fast. In their defense I had no problem getting delivery. But that's where the problems started! I bought there computer strictly on the reputation of Dells customer service rating. Just goes to show you that a person can't believe everything they hear. Good luck! Your going to need it!
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Posted by bigshoeguy on 2004-08-11:
I couldn't agree more! See comment re: Michael Moore Vs: Michael Dell????? Does it summarize your feelings?
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No owner's manual
Posted by Megetahead on 01/07/2008
MELBOURNE -- Dell will not send an owner's manual with their computers now. They call it paperless manual and put it on the hard drive. It saves then money.

It's like riding a horse backwards, You never know where you are going until you get there. They told me I could print it. This would no doubt cost me $30.00 in ink and paper. Then I would have a pile of loose papers floating around. "Don't open a window" I told them I would pay for an manual as an option, but they said they couldn't help me. If I had of known this I would never have bought from them. Funny, I did not see it in print that they would not send a manual.

I have this $1000 piece of junk with Vista and it is loaded with junk that I don't need, I have 2GB of memory with duel processors 4GB of flash drive memory and it crashes on me saying I am out of memory. What a rip off, nice going Dell looks like you are on your way out. I'm wondering in case one had trouble from the start would they expect one to take the hard drive out and put it into another computer so he could find the problem?

Robert Gifford.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-07:
2 gig of memory ain't nothing. Most mfgs put bare start up procedures on paper. the full help or owner's manual is on the machine or a cd that came with it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-07:
I like the paperless manuals. All those books that used to come with the computers just took up space and collected dust. I hated to throw them away (anyone need a DOS 3.0 book?). I prefer the digital manuals - you can actually perform searches.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-01-07:
if you are willing to pay for one, then print the dang thing. items being sold with a paperless manual is not new, it was started 5/8 years past. what would the difference be in a shipped manual vs a printed one? wont they both be a pile of paper?

i truely think you issue is not the computer, but rather the system setup.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-01-07:
I love the digital manuals. No more losing them! Best part is you can download it and put it on cd so you don't have to keep it on the machine itself. My new sewing machine came with an online manual. Downloaded it from the desktop, burned it to cd, stuck it in my laptop and had new curtains in two hours. If you have a cdr or dvdr you don't need paper anymore.
Posted by MRM on 2008-01-07:
I dont like all of the manuals to be digitized. I dont like to always booting up the computer just to read the manual. With paper manuals, you can just grab it, and look up the information right away.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-07:
I agree Princi, we have dozens of different systems, routers, switches and many more different software applications. Manuals would take a library, we have all the manuals etc in one place that everyone can access them, all digital or PDF's. Not having shelves of books and manuals works well for us. When we used to keep bound copies we never knew if we even had the right version. And heaven help us if someone removed something and did not tell anyone.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-01-07:
To clarify something to the poster, my personal e-mail is not to be used for you to berate and belittle me and accuse me of working for Dell. I have to computers, desktop and laptop, both custom built by my father in law and my hubby. I hate Dell with a passion so why in heck would I work for them! I could care less if they stay in business or if they go bankrupt tomorrow. You posted a complaint on a PUBLIC FORUM. If you don't want my opinion don't ask for it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-07:
Principissa, kick his butt!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-07:
Then kick Lidman's butt.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-07:
No wait! Kick mine first!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-01-07:
I agree with MRM...it's hard to read a digital manual in the bathroom.
Posted by Justusryan on 2008-01-08:
What the hell do you need a manual for anyways?
Posted by Ponie on 2008-01-08:
Justusryan--to show him how to operate his manual typewriter. I, also, prefer the paperless manuals.
Posted by S. George on 2013-04-29:
Totally agree. No manual??? Had to call help line to start up UltraBook out of box. Insisted I had to purchase Tech Service ($159 fm. I-Yogi) to get help. Bad, Bad, Bad !!!
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More Waiting, Less Tech Service - Dell TOPS the List
Posted by JackJernigan on 04/03/2006
OLD HICKORY, TENNESSEE -- I ordered an Inspiron 6000 back in late July 2005. As part of my order, I upgraded the screen on the laptop to a 15.4 inch WXGA LCD Panel (this is supposedly a clearer screen for laptop on screen presentations). Unfortunately, within a few weeks, I began a very long, long meandering journey through the torrential HELL that Dell calls "Tech Support" based in India, Malysia, and other countries where the nationals speak broken English and adopt American names.

My ride began with a different problem than the ones commented about on this blog. However, during that very first conversation, I asked why my "upgraded" screen was "pixilated" -- the words and many graphics/photos appeared distorted and unreadable. When I mentioned this to the rep, I was told, "Well, that's just how that screen is." Unfortunately, 8 1/2 months later, it is STILL NOT repaired. From that initial phone call, reps have argued with me, refused to give me information, refused to pass me on to their supervisors, etc. It was all I could do to stay on hold for the hours and hours that I have had to wait for someone - anyone - to answer my calls.

To make this very LONG story brief, I continued to call about the screen. One rep took me through a trouble shooting process, and found no problems there. He transferred me to software support where I was expected to pay several hundred dollars for the help they provided. I was NOT about to pay for tech support for something that was internal. I called back again, waited more and more, hung up, called back again, waited longer - the process was repeated over and over again.

I finally got another rep who took me through the exact same trouble shooting procedure that I'd already gone through. He did finally admit that I needed to have something changed out. They sent someone within 48 hours, but the "repair" never changed the screen at all. I called back, and the rep wanted to go through the same trouble shooting exercise again. I refused. I called back again - same thing.

Finally, after waiting on hold over and over again, I refused to call back. I decided now that I'd send the computer back and just demand either a replacement OR a refund.

The lid is now loose, the CD drive doesn't always open, the finish is coming off of the keys, when I "chat" online, the pop-up blocker warning appears (even when the pop-up blocker is OFF), etc., etc. More and more of the same.

I really wanted a Latitude, but was told by the initial rep I talked with that I could not get one because they were built for networking systems. I loved my Latitude at my last job, and had nothing but positive experiences with it. But, because I wanted it for "individual" use, they pushed me to buy an Inspiron 6000.

The service was and still is, crummy. The wait times are sheer torture. The reps cannot speak English very well, and they refuse to answer the questions they are asked.

I finally met an employee here in town that is a manager in this area. But even he could not get me to an English speaking rep. He says I have to call them back to get another service call, then MAYBE something else could be done IF the service techs they sent out were unable to repair the problems. He is NOW telling me it's a possible VIRUS or keyboard problem. Whatever it is, I need the computer repaired.

I am at the point where I plan on packing up the Inspiron, sending it back, and HOPING that they will respond positively. I spent over $1600 on this computer and feel very cheated by this system and the poor service that Dell supplies.

After numerous contacts with Dell, I WOULD NOT EVER BUY THING from them. It is totally AWFUL. My next purchase will be a Sony VAIO computer - with AMERICAN tech support based in Florida.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-04-03:
It's odd because many of the Indian's have master degrees in computer science. I've called Dell a few times on this and that and they always use a script to trouble shoot and never deviate from it. I use to do phone support and they didn't give us anykind of script. We just flew by the seat of our pants but we usually got it done.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-04-03:
That is the main difference when call support was in the US.. most call centers employed people with some computer experience, trained them and then let them loose. Eventually they would become level 1.5. Their goal and therefore their effort went towards the 'gold'.. level 2 and beyond. There was a goal, something to work at, training and company pride. The call centers in India have none of the above.
Posted by AuntieP on 2006-04-03:
I've been fighting with DELL going on 2 weeks. I ordered a Inspiron B130 on 3/18/06, which was shipped out to UPS on 3/22/06. UPS kindly "LOST"
the laptop on 3/24/06. I contacted UPS which told me "you have to call the shipper to initiate a search". I called DELL and talked in vain to get someone to understand my situation. They told me that it was coming and to wait. When UPS hadn't had any tracking for 3 days well, you get concerned. I'm sick-in-tired of their Customer Care Service - no one speaks or understands English!! You try to get them to answer your questions and they just dance right around your questions. I was told that I would have to wait for 5 days after I reported the computer lost for a replacement to start on the assembly line. I asked "WHY" should I be penalized for something I had no control over? Never got an answwer to that! I called Austin, TX and got a very nice operator at Dell Int'l who put me through to guess who...Customer Care. She told me that no one in corporate answers their phones - all voice mail and they will not return calls. All calls are referred back to Customer Care. Great service.
I for one will never, ever buy, suggest to anyone to buy ANYTHING from DELL. Their so called Customer Service is something to be desired. I would never treat a customer the way that they treat their customers.
So, I've been told as of today 4/03/05 that my laptop will ship out 4/10/06. Gee, it's been built, tested and ready to be boxed as of yesterday. HUMMMM...it takes a week to box a laptop??? Great service DELL!!! Never again!
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-05:
Sorry to hear about you getting a hard time. I know I would never call Dell support and I own 2 Dell's. In my opinion, anyone who can't deviate from a script is worthless. That's why I get the most basic warranty and fix the computer myself when problems arise. After speaking with Dell and HP tech support, they give you that initative to fix the computer yourself from now on. Start building your own pc. If there are any problems, you will know your pc inside and out.
Posted by JackJernigan on 2006-04-16:
Thanks for the understanding about my situation. It's now 4/15/06 and I still haven't sent my computer back yet. The problems still persist, only worse now. When I delete email in my inbox in my Hotmail account, the deleted messages tend to "reappear". This only happens on this computer. So, now there's a NEW problem! UGH! I haven't sent the computer back yet because I need a computer for work. I do major projects on it, and unfortunately, have no other access to a computer with these features. In addition, I have absolutely no desire to deal with Dell any longer. Yet, what am I to do? Hmmmm ...........

One of the above reviewers mentioned that she had actually gotten through to the corporate location. Unfortunately, that's what I thought, too, during one of my calls, only to find out that the calls are routed through Oklahoma City, and are then routed back through India, Pakistan, Malysia, etc. And to get an address for their corporate headquarters is a total disaster, too. None of their employees has that address or any information on how to contact them. Enough of this complaining!
What I really need at this point is answers. What about the Sony Vaio? Anyone ever bought/used it? Or what can I get that has the features I have on this Inspiron 6000, but doesn't cost an arm and a leg, is lightweight, yet durable? Any ideas? Thanks.
Posted by Bowlasoup on 2006-07-12:
Pretty awful story.. DELL got burned by too many people learning how to get frills and free upgrades by lying to the tech support, so now they force you to run the gauntlet to get a simple repair done. Best way to deal with them is to have some idea what you're talking about, or get with someone who does.. I know that sucks but it's true, just like going to an auto mechanic, you better hope somebody has your back or you hope you got an honest and knowledgable person.

I work with a lot of other people's systems at work and school, and my own home computers. I find the "chat with tech support" to be the least frustrating and fastest responding, and I *always* do it from a second computer.

If you can manage to get DELL to play along, their tech support is still about the best there is. Considering what people are saying lately this is a sad time for technical support.. Anyway first rule is BUY THE SERVICE CONTRACT. DELL will send someone to you and do it as many times as needed if, like I was saying, you can get them to understand your needs.. I recommend if you can't make the return you find some help on notebookreviews.com or notebookforums.com (even if it's a desktop system). Your level of difficulty dealing with this computer seems abnormally high.
Posted by JackJernigan on 2006-07-23:
I sincerely appreciate all of the kind comments all of you have made. Some of you have enlightened me a little more about Dell.

Here's the latest - I finally decided on a tablet pc instead of a Sony VAIO. Reason is that I am in real estate and I can upload all of my docs and clients can sign on the tablet screen - and I'll be as paperless as I can be. Anyway, did research and found that Motion Computing has the best tablet. But very very pricey. And they recommend buying from another outlet instead of from them directly (who knows why that is!). Anyway, found out that Dell sells Motion Computing tablets. Called for quote. This time, the rep DID create a biz account for me, but he continued to tell me I was getting a discount, when in fact, I was not (we get either company or Realtor discount - our choice). Well, the mortgage broker in our office shared his experience with Dell as an employee and told me that the guy was wrong - he had NOT given me the discount, and advised me to call Customer Care. There, I did get some service, but found out that the guy did not just give me a quote - he ORDERED the computer and had it shipped. Oh my goodness - I never authorized that to happen. Other lies he told? 1-All Dell kiosks sell refurbished computers (even the ones that the reps order online right there with customer there); 2-He gave me a discount when, in fact, the prices he quoted to me AFTER giving me the discount were the SAME as the ones he quoted me before he ever knew I was getting a discount; 3-That he's sent my complaint about my Inspiron 6000 to Customer Care and that they'd give me a full price credit on my Inspiron and that they'd get in touch with the kiosk for them to give me a new computer of my choice because of the probs I've had in returning it; and more and more of the same. Well, Customer Care couldn't cancel the order. They sent it to another department who said it was cancelled. It wasn't - I've received 2 pieces now and the rest are coming this week, apparently. Customer Care rep said he'd call back (this guy's in Idaho, not overseas), but never did. Left him FIVE messages to return the call, but he did not do so. Finally contacted Tech Support again (overseas), but the rep argued with me. By the end of the 1+ hour phone call, I'd spoken wwith five different people. Tech Support Supervisor actually DID stay on the phone with me while talking with the THREE Customer Care people (2 reps and 1 supervisor), then DID refer me to someone in Tech Support to research my case. Nothing yet, but someone DID actually contact me to try to resolve it. Then called Customer Care back (US Biz Client CC), and got someone who knew the guy in CC who didn't return my calls and sent me to a Resolution Specialist. He asked what I wanted. I want a FREE Motion Computing tablet pc and for Dell to take back my Inspiron 6000. I'll buy all the peripheral things to go with the tablet. But, "Dell can't do that ...", "You're asking for the impossible - it just IS NOT going to happen", "Do you realize what you're asking?", "We can exchange your computer 'like for like or better if we don't have the same configuration'", and on and on. Frankly, one of the US reps I spoke with finally admitted that Dell cared only about it's biz contract customers and NOT it's consumers who only buy one computer at a time. Apparently consumers are NOT enough of their bread and butter to work with them. Anyway, the way it was left was the Resolution Specialist is calling me Monday, 7/24/06 to tell me what Dell is willing to do. So ... hope something happens. In all honesty, I really DO like Dell, but the experience with this computer and the tech support and customer care areas really do leave a lot to be desired. One of the things that became obvious during this journey is that if a person has a biz account with Dell, ALL of their tech support and customer care people are in the US. Unfortunately, when I ordered my computer July 2005, I believed the rep who took my order. He really raved about the Inspiron 6000 and how this was the computer I needed to get because of the type of biz I was in. I'm really sorry that this rep did not understand my biz at all. It's been very frustrating.

Here's what I'd recommend: (1) Don't buy an Inspiron. Some friends of mine who worked at Dell a while ago told me that the Inspirons were just junk and that's why Dell sold them as fast as they could; (2) If you can get a business account with Dell, DO SO so you can get the US tech support and customer care; (3) Keep going and going and going until you get what you want, and if you don't, pack up the computer, and send it back to the VP of Marketing - there's more info on him on another website - that man got satisfaction, finally, by doing that; (4) Write letters, complain, complain, complain verbally, email, etc., to get them to listen; (5) Stick it out! Don't give up!

Good luck!
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Dell Has NO Customer Service
Posted by WMUstudent on 02/24/2006
KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- Dell sold me a defective computer with multiple problems. They keep claiming they will make it right, but then they somehow forget to.

Summer 2005

I called Dell technical support, the phone for which is very hard to find (it’s not even listed on their website under “support”) about an issue on July 12th, 2005. First off, the automated system asked me a question that required a verbal “yes” or “no” response. I said “no” clearly. The phone system said again for me to say “yes” or “no.” The third time it asked, I yelled “no.” It said it couldn’t hear me and that it would transfer me to a representative. I was on hold for about 45 minutes. The whole time I was waiting on hold, a recording said “this is for Dimension desktop support only....” Sure enough, when a representative came on the line, he told me I would have to speak with laptop support and that he would transfer me. The next representative picked up within a minute or two. He asked me if my issue was a wireless card issue. I replied that the issue was a CD-ROM issue. So, again I was transferred. Again, the recording said I was holding for Dimension support only. I waited on hold for another period. Then, finally, a representative said, “Thank for your calling Dell. This is Harry.” Then, he hung up or the line was disconnected at Dell’s end.

Next, I went onto Dell’s chat function on their website to type to a support agent. However, it said I am not a home user and, therefore, cannot access chat. I most certainly am a home user! My complaint of this is documented with eTrack # 241Y2Y3Z1YM7CKJ1.

Next, I called Dell again and provided my Express ID from the computer (so they know it is a laptop!). A representative came on and said that she would have to transfer me to Inspiron technical support. As I’m on hold, again, I hear the message that I am holding for Dimension support only. Sure enough, when a representative came on, he told me he’d transfer me to the laptop department. What does it take to speak with an Inspiron laptop representative?

Fall 2005

I was receiving memory error messages constantly on my computer. I couldn’t even use my scanner because of this issue. Dell sent me out new memory modules, but that didn’t fix the problem. Finally, I mailed my computer to Dell and was without my computer for a while. They told me the motherboard was defective and that they would replace it. They did so and then sent it back to me.

Winter 2005/2006

Ever since the new motherboard was put in, the power cord slips out very easily.

Dell technical support mailed me out another motherboard to replace it yet again on 2-2-06. I told them to only mail it out if it was something I could replace myself and if instructions were included. Before trying to install the new motherboard, I tested it by plugging the power cord into it. It was a snug fit. So, I proceeded to take the screws out of the back of the computer so I could install the new motherboard. However, there is one screw that will not come out. Furthermore, there was a CD included with no instructions as to what I’m supposed to do with it. No instructions were included with installing the motherboard even though Dell agreed to send them with the motherboard.
I contacted Brian Wolfe, Dell’s Executive Services Technician. His rude response was, “I sadly must inform you that you case has been closed, I will not be working on your issue(s) at this time.” When I replied to just have him fax me the receipt for my computer, all he said was, “You will need to go through proper channels. Please call customer service.”
I brought Brian Wolfe’s response to me to the attention of Dell executives. Lynn Antipas Tyson, Dell’s Vice President Investor Relations and Global Corporate Communications, responded to me saying, “Your inquiry was not handled correctly or respectfully [by Brian Wolfe]. The customer care team will be contacting you today. Please let me know if things are not resolved to your satisfaction.”

Soon after I received Lynn’s response, I received a phone call from Marsha Seeney, a Dell Executive Support representative. She said my only option is to mail the computer back. I replied that I had already done that regarding a motherboard issue previously and that I felt Dell should send someone out so I wouldn’t have to be without my computer yet again for the same issue. This problem is a result to something Dell did—Dell replaced the motherboard that had a memory problem with a motherboard that doesn’t fit the power cord properly. Why should I have to mail it back when it’s Dell’s fault? Marsha, still not taking responsibility for Dell’s mistake with this motherboard problem, said the only thing that could be done is to have me mail the computer back for repair. Marsha had the audacity to suggest that I could upgrade my warranty so they could send someone out! I shouldn’t have to pay more…I should be receiving a major discount! I told her I wanted to file a complaint then about this issue, but she refused to accept the complaint.

Later in the day, Marsha called me again and agreed to just send me another unit. She said Dell will be sending me a refurbished unit (even though I paid for a new unit). She said my warranty called for a refurbished unit. Again, this is Dell’s problem…not mine. So, it should not be a refurbished unit.

On 2-4-06, Dell told me via e-mail that they would e-mail me a copy of my sales receipt within two days as I had requested. It never arrived.

On 2-3-06, Marsha Sweeney, an executive support representative, told me Dell would just send out another computer to do a system exchange. I e-mailed Sweeney on 2-13-06 to get tracking information, but she never replied.

On 2-7-06, Courtney Adkins sent me an e-mail to resolve the issue once and for all. She told me to call her. I called her NUMEROUS times a day for the next four days, but she never answered the phone. So, I e-mailed her on 2-13-06, but received no response.

On 2-15-06, Courtney Adkins agreed to send out a new computer instead of a refurbished one as Martha Sweeney had stated. Courtney Adkins told me they would send me a new computer with each component being the same or better than what was in my previous system. However, on my original computer, I paid extra for a faster hard drive (7200rpm). The new computer arrived with a slower hard drive (5400rpm). On 2/21/06, Courtney e-mailed me saying:
“Please do not refuse delivery. I am happy to talk to you about the order, but I have checked with my tech and he assured me that unless you are sitting at your computer with and stop watch you will not see the difference. Again, I am happy to talk to you over the phone because I think you are going to be very happy with the computer we sent. If not, the process will start over with a new system order and I can not promise the current upgrades that we sent in this system.”
This response is unacceptable. Dell did not hold up their end of the bargain and then threatened to take away a couple of the small upgrades they did on the new system.

On 2-22-06, Courtney said they would have the correct hard drive sent out with overnight delivery on the 22nd or 23rd. This did not happen.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-02-24:
Dell can't get a break from being on the front page of this site. Sorry your the reason today. Wonder who tommorrow? They are terrible. As to your 7200 to 5400 harddrive. I can assure you (well you alread know, but anyone else who doesn't) that there is a huge difference in an rpm increase of 25%. Best of luck and remember on the next one, DON'T GET A DELL.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-28:
LOL I can't believe that they sent you a motherboard and expected you to replace it. These days, I recommend to everyone, for a few hundred more, you can build your own computer with good quality parts.. and learn enough so that when there is a problem, you can fix it yourself.
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Dell Customer Service
Posted by Pittstop45 on 05/03/2004
Dell support is horrid to non-existent. Over the past month I have spent approximately 10 hours on the phone, 8 on hold. I have been disconnected 6 times by Technical support, Software Support and Sales. When you do get to speak to a technician you get a stupid Indian that is unable to do anything but ask your service code number, name and address then transfer you to another department that does the same thing. Basically there is no support of any kind available from Dell. My recommendation is DO NOT BUY FROM DELL.
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Posted by Neverhome on 2004-05-09:
And at what point are you going to explain what the problem is?
Posted by pat24foley on 2004-09-14:
Doesn't matter to me what your problem is! I am
currently trying to get a refund during my 21-day "trial" period and learned that any problem youhave with a Dell simply will never be resolved by "tech" reps who read from cue cards and can't speak English. Before I bought my Dimension 4600, I read all the reviews in PC World etc. From now on, I'll just go to My3Cents.com for the truth! good luck....
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dell inspiron 8200 lemon
Posted by Collectables on 03/03/2004
RED JACKET, WEST VIRGINIA -- in oct of 2002 i purchased a dell 8200 laptop with prefered service. from the moment it arrived this computer had a problem where when picked up the floppy fell out,then many weeks of putting in crucial school testing reports , i am the math director of the main hs in del barton wv, all data was lost when turned on one day. yep aall three weeks work gone.i have a record of over 30 calls , oh yes the prefered customer package i purchased , well as a prefered customer you are only kept on hold to talk to a human for about 2 to 3 hrs. well they finally sent a repair man by after numerous patches that did nothing, and he after an hr said that it was not worth repairing. so it was sent back , we thought that they were going to either fix or replace it , but after a mo of no emails or other contact from them we called and informed them that we had purchased another comoputerand that we wanted a refund. well we were promised that there would be a check sent for part of the money from dell, the 1000 down payment , and the 1700 plus balance from dell financial, which is not a part of dell we found out , with no mention of the interest that was paid in at a rate that is almost 25 %. well after another mo we called and were told oops we made a mistake on the amount of money that was to be refunded and thats why it didnt go out , but we are sending the correct amount now. a month later we called again and this time another lie, they said that beings the computer was over a ye old they were just going to give us a credit to get another dell .we in formed them that the computer was only 2 months old when the complaimnts to them from us started and only 7 months old when it was shipped back. well this call took us over 3 hours because we could not understand the person on the phone and we asked where this person was talking from and she said india. well thats who you get now , they have outsourced all there business to india and it is very hard to understand why they think that a person that takes 3 hrs to talk to in india could be done in 15 mins by an american. any way after all these many months and hrs on the phone we still have not gotten a refund. whats really a laugh is that my husband has an old 486 computer made by ibm that worked 10 times faster and never loses data , then this 2700 dollar dell . im writtin here because i cannot get a reply from dell by email. heres something to try , call dell at 1800 www dell and push the sales dept on the phone menu, you have a human on in 3 rings. now call the no. and push the support on the menu, you will be on the line for over 2 hrs before a human comes on. signed disgusted with dell and their lemons and support!!!
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Posted by stoney3d on 2004-03-06:
HEY i fill your pain i have a dell and it's a peace of junk to i never could get through to dell so good luck gilbert wv
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Unsatisfied Dell Customer
Posted by Modiyooch on 02/18/2006
I have bought a defective machine from Dell. I call within the 20 day return period. Customer Service/Returns sends me to tech support. Tech support tells me that my problem is well documented within the return policy but let's try this... I am now outside the 20 day period and customer service tells me that they absolutely cannot return my defective machine. Now, I want a replacement because I really don't like the fact that I am receiving "drive read errors" and "missing or corrupt file errors". Customer service says that I have warranties and can get a full replacement but sends me to tech support. Tech support say OK, but lets try this... For 30 days I have been trying to get a refund or replacement but we keep troubleshooting at my expense. We have run 3 sets of extensive diagnostics, replaced the operating system, motherboard, memory, and updated the bios. I have had 6 time-consuming service calls up to 3 hours at a time. Each time I request a refund/replacement, each time I get sucked into trying to fix this machine. They are now sending a hard drive. The tech tells me today if I get a replacement, it will be refurbished. I did not buy a refurbished machine. The bottom line is after 30 days I still have a machine that has not been repaired, replaced, or refunded. Each service technician never follows up, or returns my voice mails, or my emails.

I disputed with me credit card company. Dell says that is between me and my credit card company because they already have my money. I filed with BBB today.

Consumer beware.
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Posted by SuperSource2005 on 2006-02-18:
dells suck. I hope you learned your lesson. Never get a dell they are the worst computers. and tech support is for s*it
Posted by miketech on 2006-02-18:
Dell's use to be great. Now they are probably the worst machine out there. Made in China, tech support in India and that's just a recipe for disaster. Get some thing else. Tom at T&T computers in Oak Ridge, TN makes laptops that are great. His number is 865 483-0001. They start at $1,200 but they are worth it. He also make some real nice custom desktops starting around $450. He will also ship. I say this to you all because T&T is a small company but he stands by his products.
Posted by Robin on 2011-06-25:
Dell appears to be only concerned with extracting more money from customers who already made a major purchase from them. I purchased my Dell computer aff home shopping. I bought it based on the promises made on tv that the computer would be headache free and offered all types of software installed. This computer has been nothing but a headache. I'll bet my life that the day after my useless warranty runs out that something goes bad with my computer.
I can not get rid of a DEll Data Safe add from my computer screen. It will not drag or respond to clicking any of the options. It is frozen on the right upper corner blocking my ability to use computer options under the add. And NO it does not go away if computer is turned off and restarted, I do not want to deal with anyone from India because I was treated very rudely the first time I called them after purchasing this computer. In fact this showed up shortly after my awlful experience with them. I thought they might have put it on my screen for laughs just to add to my frustration. I dont think they want to help American women or maybe any women for that matter or maybe it's Americans in general they do not like??
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Motherboards fail twice in one year - Dell won't warranty replacement
Posted by Tricia92260 on 07/27/2005
I am writing regarding my Dell Inspirion 5150 that I purchased April 24, 2004. I also purchased the one year at home warranty.
I always had some issues with the notebook turning off with no warning. It was an annoyance but I could not replicate the issue. I would call tech support but without being able to replicate they only were able to run standard diagnostic tests.
In January and February I had the same problems but was so busy with a major distance move as well as taking a new employment position so I put off the issues.
In March the problem became much worse. I was unable to resolve the issue with tech support and was informed they could not send someone to my home to diagnose, only once we knew what was wrong and what parts needing replacing. I was even informed it was most likely a software issue.
I continued to pursue having the issues fixed with technical support. I found that tech support was not really listening to me. They consistently had me repeat tests I had already done on my own and informed them of such. In addition, I felt they were just reading flipcharts and not listening to what I was trying to tell them.
They also had me open my system on multiple occasions to swap memory in slots, blow out the fan with air, and remove various other hardware items. I felt completely uncomfortable with this and obviously had misunderstood the one year at home warranty I purchased.
Finally after much pleading via multiple phone calls/emails, I was given an approval for BankTech to come out and replace my motherboard and memory on or about April 11th, 2005. (I have since been told that refurbished parts are common for warranty replacements which I find unacceptable)
Shortly after my one year warranty ran out, I began having multiple problems with shutdowns and blue screens. I contacted multiple computer repair places here and in San Diego (where I travel frequently). None would work on a Dell hardware issue because all the components are proprietary. I was told that it was a motherboard issue again.
In the past two weeks, my notebook would fail to power-on on multiple occasions. Then it just stopped turning on altogether last week.
My husband has the same system that was purchased at the same time. I tried utilizing his fully charged battery as well as power adaptor with no success. We removed my hard drive and battery and it was able to operate with no problems in his system. Once again our research led us to the motherboard being the problem. Once again no one locally would fix the issue because of it being Dell proprietary parts.
I called Dell technical support yesterday and went through some hardware removals as instructed and was unable to power-on the notebook at all. I was transferred to the “after warranty” department. I was informed that it would cost me a $200 diagnostic/shipping charge plus $300 to replace the motherboard if they found that was indeed the issue. They informed me that the replaced motherboard was in fact only warrantied for 30 days after replacement.
This is completely unacceptable to me but I had an extreme need for an operating notebook in order to complete my workload. I contacted Dell Financial who I have been paying on time since I bought the system. They were unable to raise my credit limit to cover the repairs.
Unfortunately because of a project I need to complete I was forced to go to BestBuy and purchase another notebook, only 15 months after purchasing one at Dell that I thought would be of such great quality, based on my research.
I think it is unacceptable to not be willing to replace a motherboard that was only installed a couple months ago. It seems odd that Dell will not stand behind their parts for more than 30 days. This is obviously a motherboard failure and you have the monopoly on repairing it which means charging at least $500 to restore my system.
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Posted by mgavett on 2005-07-29:
FYI - I just file with the BBB and Dell replied and informed me that Dell will not send me my parts that were missing one the replacement part from Dell service since they are deemed cosmetic and not fuctional. I bought the computer with all of the decals on it and had a failure that led to the replacement of the entire top of the computer. When the new part arrived it did not have the OS and CPU decals on it and Dell jacked me around for 2 months so it could not be returned. Now Dell won't send them because they stated they are cosmetic. SO is paint on a car but I expect the body shop to paint a warranty replacement part, don't you?

Bottom line - DON'T BUY DELL! I Won't as mentioned by many other too.

Best Regards,
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