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Dell Inspiron, A Dud
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS -- Please avoid the Dell Inspiron 15" laptop notebook. I liked my Dell for about 5 min, until I discovered it has a "glitch" that causes the cursor to jump all over the place as I am typing. No matter the environment -- a Word doc, email, Facebook--it is impossible to type more than a few lines with this computer without enduring the annoying defect that the cursor jumps as you are typing, and suddenly you find yourself typing in the middle of a word, three lines above where you think you are.

I have spent three sessions with Tech Support, and all I have learned is that this is a common problem and there is apparently no solution for it. Because I have had the piece of junk more than 21 days, neither Walmart nor Dell will refund my money. I have learned my lesson. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER DELL COMPUTER. (In typing this brief paragraph, I had 7 annoying jumps of the cursor.)

Dell Inspiron 600 Computer Sucks, and It Was Not Cheap
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Rating: 2/51

ROCK CITY, COLORADO -- My son-in-law recommended Dell when I was purchasing a new computer. What a mistake!! Two weeks after buying a Dell Inspiron 600, the whole system crashed; it even wiped out my Maxtor external hard drive. I had bought extended warranties and repair contracts. After 5 hours on the phone with someone in Asia, I was able clean the computer down to the hard drive but am not able the access the Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium that I purchased with the computer; consequently spent in excess of 20 hours trying to get answer about this.

Support at Dell is a colossal joke, there is always some number necessary for them to answer (DPS for instance) so that you cannot get... they ignore the request. Getting a technician to answer will cost an additional $38! I have already paid almost $300 for warranties and repair contracts, why should I have to pay again? In addition, sound on internet programs is iffy and frequently stops. I am so weary of trying to get answers. Guess I will just keep posting these reviews so that other people to buy any Dells. My advice, buy locally so there is a real person to talk to.

Always Be Selling
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Rating: 2/51

Our broadband modem was faulty and had to be replaced. Once the modem was replaced our Dell Inspiron wouldn't connect to the router. Thinking that the problem might be software-related, my wife called Dell tech support. After taking control of our computer, the techie told my wife that he discovered that malware was preventing the computer from connecting to the internet.

For $129 plus tax they could fix it. However, it would be a better deal if we paid $239 for a one-year service contract. However, even if we bought the service plan, he could not guarantee he could fix the problem. We said "no" and called our internet provider. A Time Warner tech rep found that the problem was related to our security software preventing a connection to the router. Problem solved for free. Conclusion: the Dell tech representative had no idea what was wrong with our computer and instead was bent on making a sale.

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