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Your staff are liars and they give you a bad name
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SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA -- On March 29, 2011 before I went out to Best Buy or Walmart to get a computer I gave Dell the opportunity so that I can get a computer. I talked with there representative for a good hour explaining my home business and the type of printers I use and that I need Windows XP because of the 32 bit drivers that I have the download disks for. Mr ID#4167741 gave me all the story how I had to make my PC custom for that and that he can get it done with no problem. Lie #1.

I get my computer on April 12, two weeks later I get my computer. I was out of town and my son signed for it. On April 14 I get home and I start to set it up and download my drivers and stuff and nothing goes through. I go to the websites of these printers and download directly from the company website and they still do not go through.

Today, 8:00am est I call Dell and I start talking to this representative who verifies all my info and I explain to him everything I did. He then wanted to take control of my computer from where he was at to fix it and then he found out he couldn't do it...I gave him the websites so that he could download the drivers because he said he could have done it that way and he failed. Now when all this started he verified my two phone numbers and he told me that if we disconnect he will call me right back. Lie #2

I waited an hour for him to call me nothing. I called again and got disconnected. I called again and told them I would like to talk to a supervisor but they said there wasn't 1 available that they had to take control of the situation. Again I had to explain everything and then he got me with a supervisor who took the same info and again and told me to hold and he hung up. I'm really pissed now

I call again and I asked for the escalation team because that is where the previous guy was supposed to transfer me too. Again I get the run around with my info and that they need it. I got so mad because of the lying that has been going on and every time I have to give everything again in detail and like I told her that the gentleman prior had offered me a $200 printer for my inconvenience and I said let's do this, give me a $200 credit on the Inspiron 1018 mini laptop and I will pay for the rest and also buy the Targos backpack with the accessories and he says no I can only give you a $100 printer. I quoted him that he just said a $200 printer, he said no I meant a $100 printer. See all the lies so far

Now I just got the call from the escalation team telling me their sorry for my inconvenience and I told her to stop lying and put herself in my shoes to see if she would like it hearing that crap after all the lies I've been hearing. I told her I wish they are really recording the call so that she could become a leader and show the her escalated Directors about this situation.

So in short Dell moved out of our country, to get cheap labor that doesn't know how to speak the English language and take us for every thing our country has in our taxes...this company should be banned from the USA if they can not provide the service that is needed I'm out of a computer, have to wait for another cycle to get my debit card credited but they are sorry for my inconveniences.
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getoverit on 04/15/2011:
So many of those things happened to me, too. Somebody says they'll take control of your machine to get things sorted out. But that doesn't work. They tell you they will transfer you to some else, then just hang up. They say they will "escalate" an issue and you just end up exlaining the same stuff over to someone who is even more clueless.

btw - unless your printers are very old models, I would be very surprised if you can't get drivers that are compatible with almost any commonly used operating system. I would be more inclined to seek help from the printer manufacturer than with most hardware manufacturers. After all, you're talking about an interface between a printer and an OS, not an inteface with the computer hardware.

And that goes double if the manufacturer is Dell. Those people are useless.
trmn8r on 04/15/2011:
It sounds like you are sending your computer back for a refund. Most excellent. I'll never buy another Dell either. Fool me once, fool me twice and all...
ok4now on 04/15/2011:
Welcome to Dell Hell. I had a similar buying experience from them years ago when I bought my first computer. Never Again! I hope you are able to get your money back. If not do a C.C. dispute. Let us know how you make out.
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If I Had Only Known Then......
Posted by on
I recently purchased, on the phone, the pc/printer pair selected by Dell's sales rep, who was slick as glass. I was looking for a non recreationally oriented pc for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining my own website for the promotion and sales of my current book online. I used the function on their website entitled "Everything You Want and Nothing you Don't" which seemed to be ideal for my purposes.

Actually, I have had the two items since the beginning of June 2010, about six weeks ago, and I don't know how the pc will do, other than the fact that from the beginning, a disc placed in the CD/DVD burner, which, due to the design, stands upright, and the disc is therefore standing on the edge upright, rather than lying flat, tips back and forth scraping as it is performing the current action. I have used the pc very little, as the download of Office Suite 2010 Pro Plus they promised me for accepting the 2007 version, for temporary usage, which is technically obsolete, and a nightmare to try to use, was provided to me with an invalid Product Key, which is what they call the id code for licensing. When I tried to activate it, Microsoft shut down my computer entirely, basically accusing me of being a "pirate".

This action caused me to be totally out of communications for over a week, and would still be the case, had I not been able to access one Indian "tech" who finally stayed on the phone through numerous disconnects from more "senior" techs she thought would help me, and phone me back when she had one on the line.

I had to try to reach Dell by phone, since I could not even access the desktop of my pc. The full India runaround prevailed for over a week--almost full time--in attempts to get my pc turned back on. Dell knew exactly how the shut down had been done, and turned it back on, so it was all too familiar with them to have happened the only time.

Incidentally, if they also pull this stunt on you, the way to turn it back on, is NOT to try to use your mouse to click something it won't reach, to stop a threatened reset to factory default, that will not be possible to undo; (which even has a countdown by seconds to paralyze the user) you must realize that MS--dear old MS-- has utilized an old DOS program, which is something archaic enough that most current users would not be familiar with, which requires you to use the arrow key to stop it, as it will neither recognize, respond to a mouse click, or provide you with the opportunity to navigate to select the option to stop it. That will
effectively regain you access to your desktop again. Don't mention it; it is my pleasure!

However, the 2010 Office download sits in my programs without my being able to activate it. My computer would again be shut down! If I hadn't reached the Indian representative who took my phone number, and also stayed on the line through several transfers leading to only a dial tone, and finally phoned me back, in horror of what her (new, would be my guess) employer was perpetrating upon its customers, I would still be in possession of a very dead piece of expensive decor, instead of a semi functioning device, short of the software with which to bring about the promised performance from Dell.

With the faulty Office 2007 software, I have had what would amount to full days, if the hours were pieced together, with my ISP techs trying to get the Outlook app to stay functional. It still won't let me format my outgoing email, and the block junk mail senders doesn't work. I still have mountains of the same junk mail daily, which I have to move about three times just to double delete it on each day's arrivals.

Dell, without consulting me, added a 3 yr. warranty which I never would have bought, and which I will never be able to activate, in all likelihood, as I am securely barred from reaching anyone in the US, let alone in a position of authority.

I have had to find (thank Heaven for small favors) Open Office by Oracle and Sun Microsystems (I think) which approximates the best of Word. I haven't tried the other equals, such as Power Point, and Excel. By the way, if they leave you cut off from the communications technology you've bought and paid for from them, Google a no charge email program which has been around for years. I won't list the name here, but just search for a classic email program, which can be downloaded from the web for no cost. You'll get several mentions in the top half of the first page, with links to the website. It's very much like Outlook at its best version.

It's taken me many hours with my ISP special tier tech to try to get it to work with its servers, tho, with another 2-3 hour session (I fear) scheduled 3 hours from now, to hopefully connect with their servers, as each ISP, I assume from this experience, partners with only one(major) software co. We all know who I'm referring to, I imagine. I had a very sleepless night stressing as to whether or not I will ever receive the services and equipment I paid out almost $1300 to Dell for.

Oh yes, the printer, you ask? Well, it wasn't hooked up for the first three weeks, as with no promised software, there was nothing to print or scan. About the time I began to acquire the substitute software from the web, I tried to install it. It turned out that it was shipped partially disassembled, with no instructions for the installation of what turned out to be the printhead. Who knew? Well, finally, I got it displaying some signs of life, but on a test run, the grinding sounds and shaking as if it would self destruct, were topped off by its failing to release the sheets, and holding them mangled in its clutches. I turned it off, worked the pages gently free as it maintained its deathgrip on them, to find that the ink was smeared on them. When I tried a second time, it would not turn on--even the power switch.

Now, after having been ripped off by another electronics Company, Apex, over the Christmas Holidays, in connection with two dTV converter boxes for my TV sets, which had a button on the remote, which was located closely adjoining the number buttons, and assured to be accidentally touched, likely, sooner than later, which turned on closed circuit captioning which had no method of turning off, but remained forever covering the screen with moving text of the full dialog, not just abbreviated subtitles as with a foreign movie, I have become assured of the futility of addressing the State Attorney General's Consumer Protection Department (I received a letter from them a few weeks ago--six months after the fact--that they don't do anything to assist the consumer. Same deal with the Federal Trade Commission, and this time, after being run through the wringer, as all of you contributors, only will fully understand, the local ADA from the DA's Office Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit, after three weeks of telling me that I am placing him in overkill with the details of my saga with Dell and their rotating three Indian call center "techs" and the best he can do for me is to try to access some local technician on the warranty section of my sales paperwork to come out and fix the problems, minus, of course, the hundreds of $$$ for the promised 2010 Office Suite Pro Plus.

We all know how terrified that phone call is going to make Dell, don't we, kiddies?

It is my very sad conviction that the country has become such an oligarchy that the mega corps will become even more brazen in their exploitation of the American consumer as time passes. After all, even on the small claims court level, have you ever sat and watched to see who loses and pays up?
The consumer whose teeth have been ruined by the malpractice of the dentist the judge plays golf with twice a week? Not very likely, Qui No Sabe!

Read all of the other nightmare accounts here re customer service attempts, and add 10%!
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User Replies:
TheMightyBoosh on 07/21/2010:
So... is your book called Alpha Centaur?
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Absolute Worst Company to Deal With
Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- In May 2008, I bought my first laptop-a Dell Inspiron 1525. Since I am a disabled single parent, it took about 5 years to be able to make this purchase.

I have never been so disappointed with a product of any kind that I have purchased or with a company's customer service.

Since the beginning of my need for a laptop, I wanted a Dell laptop (desktop computer sitting is not tolerable due to my health). I thought because of their strong advertising that a Dell was of excellent quality. Wow, was I wrong!!!!! They have a lot of false and misleading advertising.

At first, when problems began (from day 1-literally), even though I found the issue very irritating, I felt that since it was obvious that the brand new computer was defective that Dell would replace it.

And from day 1, the 1st noticeable problem was that the power cord came unplugged easily. Since I have never owned a laptop, I assumed that perhaps this was to keep from pulling on the cord too hard and damaging the plug as is so with some of my other appliances around the home.

Then I noticed that the computer would get hot but had been told at the place of purchase and by other laptop owners that laptops can get quite warm.

Then I started noticing that the fan didn't seem to come on too much but still wasn't sure how often, etc the fan should come on. Also, I have a hearing problem that inhibits hearing the fan. But, you'd think that with a brand new computer that these (along with an extensive list of worsening problems/malfunctions) would not be happening-AT ALL.

Other problems:

(I can't remember them all right off the top of my head because they are so numerous but here are the ones that I can remember right now)

Media remote control: took out to look at twice became lodge in laptop and would not come out

Warranty Issue: Bought May 16, 2008 but did not receive until May 23, 2008. Was told that warranty ended in Feb 2009, then April 16, 2009, then April 23, 2009. Warranty ends May 23 2009 because the laptop comes with a 1 year warranty.

Return in 21 days issue: Problems were not major issues until soon after 21 days (how convenient for Dell)

Web cam: stopped its one blink when logging in? or opening top cover?

Locked up: Several times. Open laptop, black screen, turn off and back on, "Windows did not shut down correctly" (wasn't supposed to shut down), System not responding, Start in 'safe mode', Lost all tabs, documents closed with some or all work missing, shows welcome center

Fonts: Some of the fonts do not show up in 'Sample' box.

Beeps: Just beeps for no apparent reason.

Charger cord: began very loose and unplugged easily from the very first day (didn't think that it was a problem) progressed to the point of barely getting the power cord plugged back in and had to tape it in place and never unplug it from laptop

Window Updates: Keep messing up computer and have to restore to previous state. At times this has somehow interfered with Internet connection taking a couple days to get the computer synced with desktop again so that Internet was available to laptop.

Volume: Unreliable. At times, it is barely audible and other times audible at maximum volume but still not loud enough. Compared this on several occasions without changes to settings and with same audio selection to listen to.

Battery: very short lived after charging even though I have followed the directions given to keep from over charging, etc. Charge might last 1 1/2 hours (that is not continuous use).

Refurbished, Used Replacement Parts: Dell maintains the right to use these types of replacements even though the part that was purchased was a brand new part and is defective to no fault of the consumer but to the fault of Dell.

After part replacement (through no fault of consumer), the 1 year warranty does not apply to that part. The warranty on that part will end at the same date of the original warranty. The warranty for that or those replacement parts should be extended if the part is defective and has to be replaced. Parts in the laptop are under a 1 year warranty when purchased. If any parts have to be replaced then those parts should be allowed the one year warranty from time of replacement since it was a defective part. What if the part is again defective and the original 1 year warranty has ended and the consumer has only has the new part for a few months and is found to also be defective (especially considering that they can use refurbished and used parts).

When the brand new laptop was purchased,
-every part was brand new and every part should be guaranteed to work and...
-replaced as needed (if fault lies with Dell-again) and given a new 1 year warranty for each part that has to be serviced or replaced.
-It is aggravating enough and unfair to go without a laptop that is bought and expected to work properly when a defective laptop was sold.
-For each day that the laptop interrupts usage and is sent in for repairs, the 1 year warranty should be extended for those days since the laptop is not able to be used by the buyer.

Searching the Internet after all these issues about my own computer, I have found many, many forums, articles and information about how Dell mistreats its customers, has about 1/2 of its employees working in India and other foreign areas (where labor is cheap and they could probably not care any less about quality) and has had many lawsuits brought against them even by its own customers for being docked hours that they were actually working and for discriminating against women.

-The last thing that I can remember right now about the problems associated with my laptop is that finally one day I opened the cover and the screen was black. I tried powering off and on, calling Dell technicians and following the very basic "obvious this isn't going to work and I've already tried that" instructions with no success-as expected. The last time that I used the computer, it worked at its regular defective state.
I already had a shipment box to ship the laptop for the other numerous problems so I arranged a time (which took 4 hours of an inconvenient wait) for pickup. When I removed the hard drive as directed previously by another technician, a small piece of broken plastic fell out of the area of the power cord plug area.

They said that it would be back in about a week but did not even call until almost 2 weeks.

Now they said that they can ship it back broken and useless or they could replace the motherboard for $358.00!!!!!!!! Now how is it my fault that the motherboard has been the problem for most of these issues and became worse and worse?

I have spent numerous, numerous time on the phone with these people-most of which are rude, hard to understand, rushed, unconcerned, not knowledgeable and I have been interrupted, talked over, ignored and hung up on many times. There has only been 1, possibly 2 service reps that have been nice and easy to talk to. I have spoken to many reps- way too many.

When you buy a brand new computer, you shouldn't have to talk to anyone about any defects or malfunctions. Everything is supposed to work. I have had very limited use of my laptop. I have lost a lot of money. I feel like I have been stolen from. I have lost a lot of time that I needed to be doing other things with my limited 'functional time' due to so much conversations with them and they have caused me a lot of frustration, sadness and anger. It just isn't fair. I can't afford to pay them that much money or any money and I shouldn't have to for repairs of a defective computer that I have already paid for. It is absurd for them to expect it. I am still under the 1 year warranty.

I don't want the laptop fixed. I don't trust Dell to fix it. I paid for a new laptop with new parts. I don't want used or refurbished parts. I want my entire purchase price returned so that I can invest it in another brand such as HP which I have never had issues with.

By the way, if you want a customer service representative in the U.S. that speaks English fluently, then you have to pay for the service-ridiculous. I assume that is because they are underpaying employees in another country and hiring people with less knowledge so communication with them is free.

I will never buy anything from Dell again and I hope that no one else does. I would like to see them go out of business. Their business dealings seem illegal and they treat the customers with so much disrespect.

I plan to contact my attorney general in NC about this issue. There have been times when Dell has had to pay much money back to the states for knowingly selling defective computers. I think that one incidence included 48 states. If you search "Dell 'name of your computer' forum" on the Internet, you will find a lot of complaints, legal issues, etc. You may want to add "complaints" and/or leave out the name of your computer for better results. I was stunned at all the negative information that I found out about a company that presents itself as the best. I think that Dell is the best at being the WORST!

Save yourself from disappointment, losing money and plenty of Anger-Don't buy Dell-even if it is a great deal because it is still not worth the price.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/09/2009:
Definitely contact the attorney general.

Dell Hell has lived up to its name again. Voted helpful.
Ball Of Fire on 07/29/2009:
I feel for you and many, many others. I would definitely complain to your states attorney general and the BBB. I did. It's the very least but maybe enough people do it they'll have another lawsuit come out of it like the one in April of 2009.
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Dell Has NO Customer Service
Posted by on
KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- Dell sold me a defective computer with multiple problems. They keep claiming they will make it right, but then they somehow forget to.

Summer 2005

I called Dell technical support, the phone for which is very hard to find (it’s not even listed on their website under “support”) about an issue on July 12th, 2005. First off, the automated system asked me a question that required a verbal “yes” or “no” response. I said “no” clearly. The phone system said again for me to say “yes” or “no.” The third time it asked, I yelled “no.” It said it couldn’t hear me and that it would transfer me to a representative. I was on hold for about 45 minutes. The whole time I was waiting on hold, a recording said “this is for Dimension desktop support only....” Sure enough, when a representative came on the line, he told me I would have to speak with laptop support and that he would transfer me. The next representative picked up within a minute or two. He asked me if my issue was a wireless card issue. I replied that the issue was a CD-ROM issue. So, again I was transferred. Again, the recording said I was holding for Dimension support only. I waited on hold for another period. Then, finally, a representative said, “Thank for your calling Dell. This is Harry.” Then, he hung up or the line was disconnected at Dell’s end.

Next, I went onto Dell’s chat function on their website to type to a support agent. However, it said I am not a home user and, therefore, cannot access chat. I most certainly am a home user! My complaint of this is documented with eTrack # 241Y2Y3Z1YM7CKJ1.

Next, I called Dell again and provided my Express ID from the computer (so they know it is a laptop!). A representative came on and said that she would have to transfer me to Inspiron technical support. As I’m on hold, again, I hear the message that I am holding for Dimension support only. Sure enough, when a representative came on, he told me he’d transfer me to the laptop department. What does it take to speak with an Inspiron laptop representative?

Fall 2005

I was receiving memory error messages constantly on my computer. I couldn’t even use my scanner because of this issue. Dell sent me out new memory modules, but that didn’t fix the problem. Finally, I mailed my computer to Dell and was without my computer for a while. They told me the motherboard was defective and that they would replace it. They did so and then sent it back to me.

Winter 2005/2006

Ever since the new motherboard was put in, the power cord slips out very easily.

Dell technical support mailed me out another motherboard to replace it yet again on 2-2-06. I told them to only mail it out if it was something I could replace myself and if instructions were included. Before trying to install the new motherboard, I tested it by plugging the power cord into it. It was a snug fit. So, I proceeded to take the screws out of the back of the computer so I could install the new motherboard. However, there is one screw that will not come out. Furthermore, there was a CD included with no instructions as to what I’m supposed to do with it. No instructions were included with installing the motherboard even though Dell agreed to send them with the motherboard.
I contacted Brian Wolfe, Dell’s Executive Services Technician. His rude response was, “I sadly must inform you that you case has been closed, I will not be working on your issue(s) at this time.” When I replied to just have him fax me the receipt for my computer, all he said was, “You will need to go through proper channels. Please call customer service.”
I brought Brian Wolfe’s response to me to the attention of Dell executives. Lynn Antipas Tyson, Dell’s Vice President Investor Relations and Global Corporate Communications, responded to me saying, “Your inquiry was not handled correctly or respectfully [by Brian Wolfe]. The customer care team will be contacting you today. Please let me know if things are not resolved to your satisfaction.”

Soon after I received Lynn’s response, I received a phone call from Marsha Seeney, a Dell Executive Support representative. She said my only option is to mail the computer back. I replied that I had already done that regarding a motherboard issue previously and that I felt Dell should send someone out so I wouldn’t have to be without my computer yet again for the same issue. This problem is a result to something Dell did—Dell replaced the motherboard that had a memory problem with a motherboard that doesn’t fit the power cord properly. Why should I have to mail it back when it’s Dell’s fault? Marsha, still not taking responsibility for Dell’s mistake with this motherboard problem, said the only thing that could be done is to have me mail the computer back for repair. Marsha had the audacity to suggest that I could upgrade my warranty so they could send someone out! I shouldn’t have to pay more…I should be receiving a major discount! I told her I wanted to file a complaint then about this issue, but she refused to accept the complaint.

Later in the day, Marsha called me again and agreed to just send me another unit. She said Dell will be sending me a refurbished unit (even though I paid for a new unit). She said my warranty called for a refurbished unit. Again, this is Dell’s problem…not mine. So, it should not be a refurbished unit.

On 2-4-06, Dell told me via e-mail that they would e-mail me a copy of my sales receipt within two days as I had requested. It never arrived.

On 2-3-06, Marsha Sweeney, an executive support representative, told me Dell would just send out another computer to do a system exchange. I e-mailed Sweeney on 2-13-06 to get tracking information, but she never replied.

On 2-7-06, Courtney Adkins sent me an e-mail to resolve the issue once and for all. She told me to call her. I called her NUMEROUS times a day for the next four days, but she never answered the phone. So, I e-mailed her on 2-13-06, but received no response.

On 2-15-06, Courtney Adkins agreed to send out a new computer instead of a refurbished one as Martha Sweeney had stated. Courtney Adkins told me they would send me a new computer with each component being the same or better than what was in my previous system. However, on my original computer, I paid extra for a faster hard drive (7200rpm). The new computer arrived with a slower hard drive (5400rpm). On 2/21/06, Courtney e-mailed me saying:
“Please do not refuse delivery. I am happy to talk to you about the order, but I have checked with my tech and he assured me that unless you are sitting at your computer with and stop watch you will not see the difference. Again, I am happy to talk to you over the phone because I think you are going to be very happy with the computer we sent. If not, the process will start over with a new system order and I can not promise the current upgrades that we sent in this system.”
This response is unacceptable. Dell did not hold up their end of the bargain and then threatened to take away a couple of the small upgrades they did on the new system.

On 2-22-06, Courtney said they would have the correct hard drive sent out with overnight delivery on the 22nd or 23rd. This did not happen.
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User Replies:
miketech on 02/24/2006:
Dell can't get a break from being on the front page of this site. Sorry your the reason today. Wonder who tomorrow? They are terrible. As to your 7200 to 5400 harddrive. I can assure you (well you alread know, but anyone else who doesn't) that there is a huge difference in an rpm increase of 25%. Best of luck and remember on the next one, DON'T GET A DELL.
dsmith68 on 02/28/2006:
LOL I can't believe that they sent you a motherboard and expected you to replace it. These days, I recommend to everyone, for a few hundred more, you can build your own computer with good quality parts.. and learn enough so that when there is a problem, you can fix it yourself.
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Will Never Deal With Dell Again
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Let me start from the beginning. I purchased an Inspiron 1545 from Dell in July 2010. After a few days, the computer went berserk and I had to do a system restore. I had received a lot of issues with the computer, from it running slow, to certain computers not functioning, or crashing. And at first I thought maybe it was a bug with Windows 7, since the computer was new and hardly had anything on it (and no, I didn't download anything to get a bug or virus or anything odd). In September, I got the horrible BSOD, and finally decided to contact Dell Tech support. Now, I had tried almost everything with this computer to fix it, including getting a registry program. The Dell Tech looked at the computer (through that tool that allows you to take over your computer) and told me to download a file from Dell and all should be well. It wasn't. It kept crashing, taking forever to load, and another BSOD occurred. I put in a request, and then a long, horrible interaction with Dell began. To make a long story short, Dell Tech could not figure out what was wrong (and the BSOD happened 2 more times). A representative offered to give me a replacement computer. This was on October 5. I never received the computer...and when I say never, I mean, up to this point, I haven't received it. It was sent to the wrong address, held up for unknown reasons, and I just kept getting the run around. I would be told "oh, it's in production, it will be to you in 8 days." Now this has happened quite a few times since October 5, 2010. When I contacted them for the 100th time on November 9th to see the hold up, I was told, oh, it's coming. By November 18, I attempted to contact Dell again. I found out the order was cancelled (and no, no one bothered to call me) because the computer was no longer in stock. Confusion!!!!!! I received an email that stated it was no longer in stock with a webcam in the color I originally I told the representative I didn't care about the color as long as I got the Inspiron 1545 as I was promised to replace the defective one that was originally sent to me. The representative responded stating that the model wasn't available at all with my original specification in any color, and offered a "similar" computer, a N5030, which I couldn't even find. I explained that I've been waiting on this computer for over a month, and I didn't want a "similar" (no, not better), computer. I asked for a refund, and was told this wasn't an option. I called customer service and was told the same thing. Then was placed on hold for 10mins waiting for a manager. I finally hung up in frustration. This just happened earlier today.

Not only did Tech Support not seem to know what was going on, but Dell refused to send the replacement computer. And now, they refuse to send me a refund because it's after 21 days from the original purchase? That doesn't make sense, they are the ones that constantly screwed up. And to top it off, the computer isn't even available anymore?!

Between being bounced around different departments in India (the only time I spoke to anyone in the US was to be transferred over to India), being hung up/disconnected in online chats and in the middle of telephone calls (this literally happened 3 times in one day and I kept calling Dell back to back to back), from constant emails, and phone calls, I find Dell to be utterly horrible in their customer service. I am currently complaining to any and everyone in regards to my situation. Ironically, from doing some research, I am not the only one who has experienced a situation like this. Not only did Dell's laptop suck (it was defective), their customer service fails to make amends with the customer...although we know they can.

Please, please, save yourself from months of stress and frustration. I've been dealing with this situation with Dell since September 2010, and have been waiting for my replacement computer since October 5, 2010, and to find out on November 22, 2010 that all of a sudden the computer isn't even available. They didn't offer a better computer or a refund, and they denied my request for one. The most they gave was "sorry for the inconvenience." Really? I'd say it is way more than an "inconvenience"
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 11/23/2010:
I can understand you requesting a refund, and I can understand them refusing to do so. The problem here is that you got involved with Dell. Perhaps you thought you were buying from a world class organization with excellent quality products and first rate customer service.

Tragically, it took you more than 21 days to determine that those assumptions could not have been more wrong. I'm sorry. Welcome to the Dell hater's club.
Anonymous on 11/23/2010:
To **** with Dell!
MarciLisa on 11/24/2010:
Yes, I wish I would have known about this website earlier; I would have never purchased from Dell with some of the stuff I've read. Check this out, then they send me an email stating, "we will send you the Inspiron N5030 [which I can only find on the Canada/India Dell website so far] oh, and $50 for your inconvience, as a customer gesture." WOW! An entire $50. After over a month of screw ups, and not ever sending the replacement computer, AND sending me a defective computer in the first place...a measley $50 is supposed to smooth over the situation. The BBB has already been contacted. I am posting bad reviews everywhere I can find. I'm sending a letter to corporate (though I doubt this will matter to them), and I am still seeking avenues. With such horrible, horrible reviews, I am shocked they are still managing to sell computers. Quite honestly, it's as if Dell is being run by a bunch of monkeys.
MarciLisa on 11/27/2010:
Dell's "Executive Customer Service" Rep Bindu John calls me yesterday 11/26/2010to inform me that she is contacting me in response to the BBB letter the executive office was sent. Guess what? They STILL refuse a refund. And I found out that the Inspiron 1545 wasn't unavailable because it was out of stock, but she claims it's not even being produced anymore!! Honestly?! First, I had never heard of that. Secondly, according to her, this is recent. So, it was available over a month ago when they were supposed to send it to me. She again only offered that same N5030 computer that I refused from the other representative (which is not a better replacement; in fact, if the Inspiron 1545 is not being produced anymore, the N5030 would be the only option...but not necessarily better option). I asked if Dell would offer anything else to resolve this situation. She said no. So basically, the only options are to accept this computer (that I wasn't even supposed to get; I was supposed to get an Inspiron 1545 with the webcam, like I had purchased), or accept nothing. Does Dell sound like a company interested in valuing it's customers? I have reported this to the BBB,FTC, and the Attorney General's Office. I refuse to pay for Dell's horrible service and constant mistakes.
Anonymous on 11/27/2010:
To **** with Dell!
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Dell Inc. Inspiron brand is faulty-- Please submit your experiences for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST DELL.
Posted by on
Dell inc. is the worst computer/laptop company.

Their customer service is atrocious. I am a Dell Inc. Customer and have been years. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 in 2008 that has been faulty since day 1.

Dell Inc. have not fulfilled their obligations, under the warranty agreement and continue to refuse to rectify my issues with my Inspiron.

I have asked them to completely replace the laptop since it was deteriorating since before I bought it. But they have refused, claiming "a replacement is not an option".

If I had known that they use refurbished and deteriorating part to build the Inspiron, I would not have bothered. Who would?

Even after the laptop was sent to their depot, after telephone remote diagnostics and a replacement of the motherboard, after they claim to have "thoroughly checked and tested", my laptop is still having the same issues.

I've had so many issues with my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525), as well as issues with Dell Inc. customer services.

Some of the problems are that, my laptop constantly overheats (which emits a burnt wire type of smell) crashes, freezes and randomly shuts down even after it had been sent to their Depot for repair.

I believe that my laptop was assembled with defective and deteriorating parts but it was passed off as brand new when they sold it to me.

I believe that Dell Inc. is a company that employs fraudulent means to make money.

They do whatever they can to save costs on parts or other inventory costs, when assembling a product, then they sell it for more than it is worth.

I am going to submit a complaint for over 2million dollars against Dell Inc this week at the District Court for selling me a defective product and then sending it back to me without fixing the issues. They also put me through a data breach issue recently when someone called in asking for information about my account and they disclosed it. it was a complete stranger.

If anyone else has had similar issues with their Inspiron product, customer service or data breach, please contact me at panache.

I need a notarized statement/written account about your experiences with defective Inspiron product, warranty services that have not been honored and bad customer service.

Your notarized affidavits will greatly help this case and it will pave the way for others to automatically file a claim for their defective Inspiron products.

Dell Inc. has been scamming customers for several years now, as evidenced in numerous complaints and lawsuits, by falsely representing the true quality of the Dell Inspiron brand and deliberately selling warranty services that are no good and do not adequately cover inherent design defects of their Inspiron products.

Dell Inc. is considered a fortune 500 but sadly they make most of their profits by selling products for more than they are actually worth.

A laptop is not supposed to crash, randomly shut down or overheat! Especially if it is less than 5 years old.

Motherboards are supposed to last for years. So if the laptop is experiencing the above mentioned issues, the motherboard is defective.

Let us stand up to his company and stop them from taking advantage of the "little people".

Dell Inc. can not stand by their product because they are fully aware of the defective nature of their Inspiron but they still continue to sell them even after having received numerous complaints and lawsuits.

Notice that Dell Inc. put in a mandatory Arbitration in their terms and condition. It's because they don't have faith in their products so they need to hide behind a 'binding arbitration clause'.

A company who can proudly stand by their product never needs to hide.


Email me as soon as you can, so I can forward the form I prepared to you. I will submit all notarized statements to the judge.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Wishing you a fantastic day!!!
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/03/2010:
Interesting way of introducing a class action suit. Always something new in the information age.
werelucky on 10/03/2010:
I don't send personal information to a complete stranger who makes a post on an Internet site. No way to determine if it's real or not.
Nohandle on 10/03/2010:
I'm sorry you have had a problem with Dell, but you might want to consider contacting an attorney personally rather than use this Website to sign up others.
getoverit on 10/03/2010:
I've been around the block with Dell myself and won't do business with them anymore. But I'd really like to know what PC manufacturer does have really good customer service. Sometimes it seems like the profit margins on PC and laptops is so low that nobody can do a responsible job of configuring and testing their products, or after-sale support.

It's pretty much a business of purchasing components from various manufacturers and assembling them, installing the OS, and then all that crapware and trial versions of things that software companies pay the PC makers to load onto your machine.

While I agree that Dell is a lousy company to try to do business with, I'm not convinced that they are running any form of fraud or scam. They aren't smart enough for that. The big problem is they don't keep track of which components work together, what works, and what doesn't. You call them up and they're asking you what drive was installed in your machine or what version of crapware THEY put on it. They don't keep track. So, they obviously are not delivering a validated, tested configuration to the customer. It's a crap-shoot.

It seems as likely that the OP's problems are due to mis-matched components as much as any defective ones. However, that doesn't change the fact that it just doesn't work.

The fact that the OP sent the machine in to be fixed and they sent it back unrepaired exemplifies Dell's ridiculous and infuriating practices.

trmn8r on 10/03/2010:
There are several allegation here, and I would like to see proof to support them. Don't get me wrong, I dislike Dell passionately. I have an Inspiron laptop, but I have no reason to believe it was built with recycled parts. It's a piece of junk, but that it just because it was built cheaply. I got what I paid for, and will never support them again.

I don't see that Dell engages in fraudulent business practices. I kind of fault myself for buying from them, something like how I feel after leaving WalMart.
sparklym on 10/04/2010:
Thank you all for your feedback! Much appreciated. If you are interested in submitting a statement/affidavit for this civil case. Please send an email to and I will forward a form for you to fill out and mail.

If you don't feel comfortable submitting a statement, that's alright too.

I do appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

Have a wonderful day!
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Ignored and Lied to by Dell
Posted by on
This is the letter I have emailed to Dell repeatedly!

I purchased a Dell laptop because I was under the impression that it was at least a decent computer and that they had excellent support and warranties. They have since proved me wrong over and over again.

I paid nearly 2000 dollars for an Inspiron 5150, a three year Complete Care Warranty and Preferred Technical Support with next day service.

I was relatively satisfied with the laptop until the end November 2004. That is when the problems with the laptop began. In a period of about a month, everything in my computer was replaced because the part that was actually bad, the processor, was on backorder. The technical support people with Dell continued to try other parts instead of ordering the processor for me, despite that both the third party Tech and myself repeatedly told technical support that the processor was the problem and not all the other parts they kept sending.

During this time period I was hung up on by Dell technical support people twice, both times they would ask if they could put me on hold when they were stumped by the problem with the computer, and instead of putting me on hold they would hang up on me. Twice in this time period I was lied to about the availability of supervisors. One representative told me that his supervisor had gone home for the day and the other told me the a supervisor was not available and would not allow me to speak to them. When I finally reached a supervisor he was actually the first and only helpful person I have reached with Dell. He got my processor shipped as quickly as he possibly could, being that it was on backorder, and fixed the problem that I had with my service.

The problem I had and still have with my service contract is that when I purchased it I was told I was getting next day service and preferred technical support. When I finally reached this supervisor he informed me that I did not in fact have either one of the services. I was under the impression at that time that he had given me next day service for the remainder of my three year complete care warranty. However, this week I found out that I only have it through the end of this year.

The fact that I do not have it does not really matter that much to me because Dell has never been able to provide it anyway. On Thursday March 10, 2005, I once again called Dell because one of the few parts that had not previously been replaced in my laptop—the fan, has now gone bad. After going through all the troubleshooting with yet another representative I could barely understand he wanted me to flash my BIOS. Flashing my BIOS is completely irrelevant to the problem I was having as were most of the other things he had me do. At this point I asked to speak to a supervisor because this representative refused to go any further without me first flashing my BIOS. Once again I was lied to about the availability of a supervisor—he said that the supervisor was in a meeting and that it would be hours before he could return my call. After telling this representative that the previous supervisor I had spoken with had informed there is always a supervisor available, I was placed on hold for about twenty minutes while he filled out “paperwork” to transfer me. He then finally transferred me to a supervisor who was rude and only helped by agreeing to send the fan and a few other parts I needed without any further troubleshooting.

However, once again I did not receive next day service. The call was made at 3:30 on Thursday afternoon of March 10, 2005, and the tech cannot come to my house until Tuesday.

I am writing this letter because I believe I have a defective laptop. I also believe Dell's policy is to have representatives lie to customers about the availability of supervisors. Furthermore, I believe that the next day repair service offered by Dell is false advertising as I have never been able to receive any kind of repairs the next day. I was informed by the third party tech that came to my house that someone with next day service receives no priority over anyone else. They are not even informed of who does or does not have this next day service. Finally, I paid for all these extra warranties and services because I need my laptop to work, and it has failed me every time I have needed it most and so has Dell's technical support costing me hundreds of dollars.

The perfect solution to my problems with Dell would be for Dell to take the laptop back and refund me all of the money I paid for it, as well the money I have spent in cell phone bills and lost income due to not being able to work on projects when I needed to.

I can be contacted at the address and phone number above. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated, although it seems that promptness and customer satisfaction is not a priority of Dell.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/14/2005:
I hate to break the news to you however, you will not receive a full refund from dell, if anything they will a.) give u 20% back or b.) send u a refurbished laptop

I've experienced the same when I purchased a dimension 2400 which was a complete lemon (read my 2 posts entitled 'xmas eve and I wasted my time with dell')...nonetheless, this website helped me file a complaint with the BBB out in austin, Texas. I'd suggest you do the same. I didn't expect a response this was my last hope and then I got a surprise phone call from Mike McKinney, a representative of dell who was very helpful and we came to an agreement that he would replace my PC with an upgraded refurbished version with extra perks.

I'll warn you if you do get a replacement, and when sending back the defective product keep the DHL slip (and print out the tracking destinations) because following that, I got a letter saying that I didn't send back the old PC and charged me for it. Luckily, I had the proof that it arrived on time and they fixed the account.

Good luck!!!
CARLO555 on 03/15/2005:
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Dell Inspiron 1750 Purchased 7/2010
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have purchased what I thought was top of the product. Dell customer service is awful. They are trained to give you the run around. I have a printer that is supposed to be wireless that you have to hook up manually. I reported it and sent it in and was told that was the best they could do. Then I had overheating issues with the battery charger. I am talking overheating to the extent of causing a fire. They sent me with my reluctance a new charger since it was still under "warranty". I was extremely angry with the outcome knowing common sense that something else was going on and I repeatedly said that I want a new laptop due to all the problems. After receiving the charger the battery goes out and the overheating continues and now the desktop is overheating. after 2 weeks and up teen phone calls and reporting 2 supervisors for uncalled behavior I sent it in again. When it was returned the battery is still not replaced, the charger is not replaced and the unit comes back with missing parts and is damaged. I was so angry that I immediately called and after another two weeks of every day on the phone up to 6 hours a day they sent my missing piece with a new battery. They have refused to send me a new laptop and they are well aware of the overheating issues. I have a one year old desktop that is falling apart and will cause a fire. they refuse to take care of the damages. I despise Dell and I let everyone know how they are that will listen. I guess instead of making it right and send a whole new unit with the printer they decided to wait on my phone about my house burning down. WOW! I would love to be part of a lawsuit and welcome anyone to contact me that has a similar situation. What is funny is that my research show that are well aware from past lawsuits about the overheating and continue to sell the same lemons. They are fully aware that they are ripping off people and are glad to do it!
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 10/13/2011:
So are you stating you have purchased a desktop, laptop and printer from Dell? Were they purchased all at the same time? I would even have to admit that it's a real stretch to think all three items have developed problems at the same time. I would look towards some common outside denominator to find the problem.
trmn8r on 10/13/2011:
The common denominator here is Dell. It has become a lousy company with lousy customer service.

They did a segment on Dell on CNBC yesterday, and basically said that without a radical change Dell is a sinking ship and will never return to the success it enjoyed in the past.
At Your Service on 10/14/2011:
I'm neither for or against Dell, but to think that all three pieces are developing their own problems, each at the same time suggest something else is amiss.

One thing I'd try to rule out is power issues coming into the home. If the home is old enough, you'll find the house doesn't even have standard grounding on each plug. I've seen users plug equipment in without any type of grounding and create all kinds of issues similar to what's being explained. Surges and poor electricity can go along with this, but can also occur in a home that isn't as old. Again, all of which I would consider and try to rule out whereas each unit is supposedly having their own separate issues.
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Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by on
Having just spent literally hours on the phone with someone from another country who not only was not computer literate, he could barely speak the English language, I am pasting the letter I am sending to the CEO. I've had Dell computers before with no trouble but the next computer will definitely not be a dell.

I am writing to voice my complaint about the customer service provided during a recent problem with my Dell laptop. As you will note, I have included copies of receipts that show how much money I expended trying to restore my computer to working order when your technicians were of absolutely no service. I will detail for you the steps I went through during this very trying time.

I purchased my computer on May 11, 2006, so it is a very new computer. I recognize that problems occur, however, I also feel that when those problems occur there should be qualified technicians who not only can diagnose the problem and offer solutions, but those conversations should be with individuals who can speak the English language in an easily understood manner.

I purchased this lap top so that when we travel I would be able to stay connected. The first trip after purchasing this computer was to San Diego, California. The first day the computer functioned properly and I installed the necessary internet software for my ISP in that location. The second day the computer began to freeze on boot up. It would freeze at the Windows logo screen. If it passed that portion of the boot up, it would freeze at the Welcome screen. Several times it made it all the way to the wallpaper where I assumed I could begin to work on projects. Always after opening a program it would immediately freeze. I immediately called for technical support and talked to a technician who had such a soft voice and heavy accent that I could not understand him and had to keep asking him to repeat himself. It was readily apparent that he had no clue what to do next and was reading from a data base. After approximately an hour, I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. I then had to go through all the same steps, same explanations as with the previous technician. The supervisor was not much better, although I could understand him. He had me take off the internet software which the last software I had installed prior to the problems. This of course left me with no way to connect to the internet, a problem which reared it’s ugly head later in this story. He then had me run diagnostic tests on my hard drive to no avail and after an additional hour and a half, I finally terminated the call in disgust. It was readily apparent that neither of these individuals were computer literate and could only respond if the answer to the problem was readily available in the data base.

At that point I called customer care hoping someone would be able to assist me. The first individual I spoke to first was of no assistance so again I asked to speak to a supervisor. Please understand at this time I had no internet connection because one of the technicians had me take off my internet software, and I was unable to boot up my computer except in the safe mode which would do me no good connecting to the internet. The supervisor in customer care identified himself as John, very nice, easily understandable. I asked what the policy was on getting a new computer fixed and I was having no luck with any of the technical support. I explained to him that this was a very new computer and should be under warranty. He advised me that the software was only under warranty for 30 days but that he would be happy to put me in touch with the fee base software assistance department and even was generous enough to tell me that after I paid for software support, Dell would refund my money. All this was stated even though he had no idea what the problem with the computer was. Calling that department would be of no help since I had no way to boot up my computer or connect to the internet for the individuals in that department to run any diagnostic tests on the computer. At that point, being upset at the customer service, or lack of customer service and requiring my computer, I selected a computer repair facility from the local telephone directory who were Microsoft certified.

To make a long story short, I took the computer to them twice. The first two times they said the problem was viruses which they removed, this was in spite of having McAfee virus protection and running it faithfully every week. Also, at no time did any of the technicians suspect or suggest a virus might be the problem. Both times the computer seemed to be OK and I took it home only to find that it was still not functioning properly. The computer still continued to refuse to boot after these viruses were removed so it appeared this was not the problem. The third time I took it back to the computer repair shop, I called technical support again. The first technician, while very nice, wanted to ask me all the same questions even through she was reading the case. I told her that I was not going to spend two hours going through the diagnostic tests again and I wanted to speak to someone who could authorize repair on what I though was a hard ware problem. By this time, I had received two blue screens with error messages indicating that it was some sort of problem within the computer and not the software. Since the computer was at the repair shop where I had left it, the Dell supervisory technician called them and we had a three way conversation since the Dell technician wanted me to verbally authori Dell to ship any required parts to the computer repair shop in San Diego. At that point I terminated my portion of the conversation and the Dell supervisory technician and the individuals at the repair shop continued the conversation and diagnostic tests of my computer. The Dell supervisory technician told me he would determine the problem and ship the required parts to San Diego by overnight mail since we were leaving the area in two days. I was told to call the repair shop later in the day and they would let me know the outcome. I called the repair shop back later that day and the technician advised me The Dell technician would be calling him back soon and all would be taken care of in a timely manner.

The next day I called the repair shop and they told me the computer was repaired; however, it was a problem that was not what technician from Dell had diagnoses which was fortunate for me. The supervisory technician was to call back my repair shop and finalize the process for repair, he never did, and of course he left no call back extension for my repair shop personnel. The repair shop finally gave up in disgust and called, what he said was a partner in Dallas, apparently someone computer shops can call with Dell issues. As the technician at the repair shop went through what was happening, he barely got through part of it when that individual knew immediately what the problem was. Dell apparently had issues with the firm ware, which I understand is like a device driver and tells various hardware devices how to communicate with the software, about the time my computer was built. The Technician in Dallas said that I should have been notified that there was an upgrade that needed to be done so the hardware and software could communicate properly. The technician walked the computer repair person through this upgrade and the computer worked immediately and I have had no additional problems.

As I see it, there are several issues that need to be resolved. First let me say this is not my first Dell Computer but it is the first time in many years that I have had to call and request service. If you insist in outsourcing technical service the people in India must speak the language so that they are easily understood. When you are calling for assistance, it is more than frustrating to not only have someone you can’t understand, they need to be actually knowledgeable about computer repair and operation. The Dell technician should have been aware of the problem with computers like mine and that should have been one of the first things checked, unfortunately, none of them were aware of this problem. Secondly, when a computer is only 60 days old, there is no way that any individual should be made to feel as though they are an idiot and nothing could be wrong with a computer that is that new. Dell should have contracts with local computer repair shops and owners should be able to take their computers in for service if the technician is not immediately able to diagnose the problem. Third, 30 days is not nearly long enough for software warranty, nothing breaks in 30 days, it’s always longer.

I feel that Dell should reimburse me for at least the last $125 I spent getting the firm ware issue resolved. That was something that your technicians should have been aware of and should have been able to diagnose and that would have saved me a lot of money. For what I spent, I could have bought a new computer. I recognize that all the companies now outsource their technical support, however, I have found Dell to be one of the worst. Will I buy another Dell computer, probably not. Why, because I was not treated with respect and your technicians are not qualified. My Dell desktop needs repair and I’ll probably just pay for it myself since it will do no good to call Dell.

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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/24/2006:
If you want the ability to take it to a variety of local shops for repair, you don't buy a Dell. There are trade offs when you deal with Dell - you just found the biggest one - their support mechanism.
JillE on 07/25/2006:
Sad but true, I've learned too late. My last Dell had no problems so I had not experienced the faulty repair system they have. While they ship millions of computers a month, I'm guessing they have very few repeat customers. I won't be one again, I can tell you.
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bad experience overrall
Posted by on
September 22, 2005

Dear Michael Dell,
I am a current Dell Inspiron 8200 owner, which has not been very satisfied with my purchase. I realize that this letter will never make it to your desk, but I am trying anyway. I purchased my portable almost three years ago, and was a Dell advocate for some time. Then I had some problems which I am going to list and explain them after the list.

DVD/CD-RW drive replaced twice
Reformat hard drive once
Reinstall operating system 3 times
Replaced motherboard once
Replaced display once
Lost files twice
Total estimated time on hold with Dell 20+hours
Dell products owned 3 (Inspiron 8200, Jukebox 15 v1, Axim x30)

It all started when I had a problem with my DVD/CD-RW drive and had to talk to tech support. After a short while on hold, the tech on the other end decided to change out the drive. I received my new drive the next day and installation was a breeze, very impressed with shipping by the way, and still a big advocate for your company. Everything was working fine, until the next problem, disc drive failed again and there was a message that popped up on startup. I called your tech support, after about 2 hours on hold and a couple of disconnects I finally talked to someone who referred me to the antivirus companies. So I followed up with them, problem not solved so I had to call Dell support back. 30 minutes on hold, get to someone, we both decide that a computer re-format is the best option. This is where my view of your company goes downhill; this formatting process is not the hardest thing in the world, but talking to your techs in the Philippines or India made it ten times more difficult. First they talk so fast you cannot understand them, you need to have them repeat everything 2 times continually asking them to slow down. I had to repeat myself continually as well, this proves very frustrating. After the reformat and reinstall process completed on my computer, the tech that I was speaking to said he was going to call in 30 minutes, no call! So I really did not want to be on hold for longer so I finished the process, reinstalling all of the programs. My system was running better, no pop up message on startup, but disc drive is still not working correctly. I just dealt with it for a long while, I would rather have a crappy running DVD than talk to tech support again. Time is passing and another problem, system will not turn on. So Dell tech support here I come. I am on hold forever, trying different things; I even had my computer taken apart. So finally tech said we were going to change the motherboard, 2 days later the tech shows up and changes my motherboard. System is working but disc drive is still inoperable, so another call to tech support, they send me a new drive. After an OS reinstall and losing all of my information again (the tech said I would not lose anything), they finally sent me a new drive. The drive has been working ever since with no problem. I believe there was another reinstall somewhere in the history of my machine, they kind of all run together. More recently, 4 days ago, I had a chat session online with dell support, there was a red line running vertically on the right side of my screen, they sent someone out and replaced the LCD quite expeditiously. Something that I know should be expected of a notebook almost three years old is a battery that works for 15 minutes. But I have been thinking about my notebook behavior, I really never used the battery, it has always been plugged in, lately I have found myself needing to use it without an outlet near. I cannot for more 20 mins.

When I ordered the system it was all through my mom, I told her what I wanted, she wrote everything down and read it back to me twice. She then called Dell to order my computer, the customer service agent read everything back to her and it was everything on the list. Well I get my machine a week and a half later; it is almost what I wanted. Things on the list that I wanted were built in wireless capabilities and USB 2.0, well they were not included in the system. On my system were 2 USB 1.1 and no wireless card. So after I received my system, I called up Dell customer service, and they sent me a wireless card that I had to install myself that to this day has not worked! USB 2.0 she told me I had to pay for and would be a PCI card. Then to make matters worse a couple months after I ordered my system you introduced the new silver line of notebooks.

I have been thinking, for spending $2400 on a system I have had to deal with a lot. I work for an airline jetBlue AIRWAYS as a flight attendant, I bought a notebook to travel with, I chose Dell for its reputation for having great customer service and good machines. Well I think I got a lemon, and the customer service does not live up to its reputation. And my machine is way too heavy to travel with, but I deal with it because it is what I have. I have much influence over other flight attendants in the company, I have been telling my co-workers about my dealings with Dell, we all need portable computers because we travel and we are a paperless company, so hopefully this letter will reach someone that will listen and try to make a difference. Someone that will change my mind about Dell, as of this moment I will never buy another Dell product, I can persuade many to avoid Dell as well. Please read this letter, make a difference!

Sincerely yours,

Dennis L Haney Jr
Dell service tag: 8Q4D321
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User Replies:
mango on 09/23/2005:
You should let BusinessWeek know this! I'm sure the reporter would love to hear this.

This is the link:
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