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100% Dissatisfaction
Posted by Therealjamesdean on 02/08/2006
ILLINOIS -- I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1150 Laptop less than a year ago. Normally I would build my own computer but I needed a laptop so I bought a Dell, I had heard they were a good company, I heard wrong. After about 3 months my computer had trouble seeing the power supply and would drain the battery even while it was plugged in. Although I thought I had a six month warranty I was told it was only 90 days and would have to pay for a new motherboard myself. The motherboard would cost $289.00. Fortunately the problem seemed to disappear then but recently it came back and with a vengeance. I have difficulty keeping my laptop powered for more then a few hours at a time because it cannot see the power supply and drains the battery. When I call tech support or customer service I am bounced around from department to department each time being placed on hold for 15-20 minutes at a time, sometimes being disconnected completely and I would have to repeat the same process. I have spent countless hours on the phone with Dell, I have been treated with ignorance, rudeness, and sometimes ignored to the point that I would hang up in frustration.

Recently I reluctantly placed an order for a new motherboard which will cost me $307.00 by the time it is shipped to me. I have a serious concern however that this motherboard will fail the same as my current motherboard. To you people out there who say you have a Dell and like them and have never had a problem with them, well good for you, I hope your luck continues but please remember your luck with this company offers no consolation to the thousands of people this company has ripped off.
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Posted by miketech on 2006-02-08:
Why are people still buying Dell's? They are not good anymore! 2 posts on Dell today so far. On the lighter side have you tried flashing your motherboard bios and updating the laptops control program?
Posted by guchiedad on 2006-02-09:
Dell made a great name for themselves in the '90's. That has carried over, and they have just deteriorated. Their bad reputation has not caught up with their previous reputation. Unfortunate.
Posted by KateM on 2006-02-09:
I have 2 Dells at home, my BF has one, as well as my whole office. I can honestly say I have NEVER in the 10 years had a major problem with the Dells I've owned and/or worked on. Any minor issues I've had have been taken care of quickly and with no problems. I feel bad for those that have had so many problems, and I always wonder why. It just seems odd.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-09:
There is a big difference between Dell home and business ends of the company. Being using Dell servers and business PC's/Laptops for years. Rarely had problems.. but Dell home business has gone down the toilet the last 5 years. Most of the cheap home computers are junk and it can be real hit and miss between failure and stability. The problem comes when you need service, that is where Dell seriously fails. HP is still ok. My MIL recently had an issue and had purchased their 2 year home pickup warrenty. They picked it up, fixed it and returned it within a week.
Posted by therealjamesdean on 2006-02-14:
Dell has hidden away on their website service manuals on how to repair your Dell computer yourself. After dealing with Dell and all the headaches I did this myself, my computer is working great now. Follow these directions to find the service manual for your laptop if you choose to do your own repair.
Under Heading "Consumer"
Click on link "Home & Home Office"
Under Heading "Popular Support Tools"
Select the "Product Model" for your laptop
Then select a tool "User Guides and Manuals"
Press "Go"
Select your languange preference "English" (I'll assume it's English)
Under "HTML Documents"
Next to "Service Manual"
Press button "View"

The rest is too extensive for me to type out each instruction, what you will need to do is follow each of the links on this page and copy the instructions for removal/replacement of that item. If you are replacing the motherboard you will need to follow and copy each set of instructions. You will basically be disassembling your entire laptop. The instructions for "Display" also include instructions how to completely disassemble the display, this is not necessary for replacement of the motherboard (system board), they are included if you need to replace any parts of the display.
I recommend you let a professional do this, I'm a bit of a computer geek and have technical skills so I took it on myself. If you decide to take this route make sure you know exactly what it is you need to replace, buy a set of tools for working on computers (they are demagnetized and specialized for computers), be sure to include an anti-static wristband to help prevent unwanted static discharge, follow the directions carefully, label all the parts as you remove them keeping them spaced out in a safe, clean and static free environment. When you put it back together do it in the opposite order you removed everything, have a checklist so you don't miss anything.
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Mail In Rebates
Posted by on 09/08/2003
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I purchase a laptop from Dell in February 2003 Order # 246385919 and I was promised a $450.00 mail in rebate by their sales woman named Crystal Lanphere. The only receipt or packing slip that they sent with the product only mentioned $400.00 rebate and there was no mention of the additional $50.00.

I followed their instructions and filled out the mail in rebate form and sent that to them within the required time period. Their mail-in rebate departments also send an email to me informing that my rebate application is under process.

Six months have passed since then. I have called their mail-in rebate company and they don't have any records of my rebate. When ever I try to call their customer service, they keep kicking me from one number to another and nobody helps. Their automated systems just suck and u just can reach a representative without getting frustrated enough to pull you hair off your head and that too only if your luck takes you to an extension. They have designed their contact system so that no customer can ever call back to follow up. Their email support on websites has no email address, so u can never contact anyone directly.

Then 2 weeks ago, one of their representatives named Cathy Rogers ( cathy_rogers@dell.com )agreed to look into it. She refused to give me her contact number. I asked if I call customer service again will I have to repeat my whole story and she said yes of course. She told me to fax the related papers to her. I have done that twice. And I have had to beg her to let me know if she got my fax. First time she replied after about a week, she didn't get those, but I have a successful fax sent confirmation.

Now I faxed her the papers again last week and she hasn't yet replied to my two emails asking if she got the fax.

Is this the kind of service you expect from Dell ?

Is this the kind of service they promise of their grand TV ads?

Do I or you or anybody else deserves this kind of treatment ?

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-11:
I am having the same problem. I am sending my fax over and over all day since they want to pretend they aren't getting it. I am on their chat line right now and still waiting for a rep. to review my account
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Power cord issue
Posted by Rkwilliams on 06/22/2005

Dear Mr. Dell,
I realize that there is an extremely small chance of this letter ever reaching your desk, and I guess that is the reason I have never written a letter of 'issue' or 'complaint' to a company. I have little faith that it will ever make a difference.
However, I am so extremely disappointed.... at the moment, and I feel I must do 'something' for my own peace of mind.....
I am a single mom ... raising 2 kids, alone. I have 4 desktop computers ("hand me downs" from friends). I have been able to fix almost every single problem that has ever occured.......with all my desktops. I have replaced fans..... installed hardware....set up a complete wireless networking system etc.. (I understand this may not be impressive to you, but I have had no computer classes or nor have I ever been taught anything....)
Six months ago I made the decision to purchase a laptop. I was looking for small... convenient and inexpensive. This would just be a luxury for me to check email and have a few files on hand for when I go somewhere.
I did a lot of research... and talked to several friends... My brother has 2 HP's and loves them... but he started having problems with one of them (it was TWO years old)....I wanted a more 'reliable' laptop....... LONG story short... I decided on DELL...
I purchased the Dell 1000 (service tag # 8MFXZ51) on Feb. 19.
It has been less than six months and a few days ago I started having problems with the powercord. The connection became 'loose'....I would jiggle the adapter/prong and it would be ok...
Last night, it completely turned off and the 'jiggle'would not work anymore. I purchased a new powercord...and it did not work.
I spent all morning on the phone with technical support and on the computer (MY HP) trying to figure out what to do. I find out that my warranty ran out after 3 months.... I was told that the 'mother board' needs to be replaced and that it would cost $349.00. I am in total and complete shock. There is NO WAY (even IF I HAD the money) that I would invest that much more money in a computer that I do not believe in.
I have not even had the laptop for 6 months I was using the laptop to create scrapbooks for my sons baseball team. I had scanned over 300 pictures that the parents had got together for me..... and I was supposed to have everything ready by Thursday. Needless to say, I never expected this situation to happen, and I am not ONLY out of a computer but I have lost 3 weeks of work and will not be able to have the scrapbooks in time for our party.
The saddest part of this whole situation.... is.... I DO NOT THINK IT IS THE MOTHER BOARD>. the back connection is loose.... it is the CONNECTION that will not let the power get to the computer and CHARGE the battery!!!!!
. I tried to explain this to the DELL technicians.... and they proceeded to tell me that... they were 'not authorized' to tell me it is the 'connection'... and that they can give me a deal of $299.00 to repair the MOTHER BOARD>
I just do NOT understand this. I have been reading all the comments on the dell website community boards... and it appears that this is a HUGE problem... and I am not the only person to ever complain.
I know that my situation is no less/more important than anyone else, but I can't remember ....EVER ...being this disappointed in a product that I have purchased. And for the service / help I have received.
I will never ...EVER purchase another Dell... and although, I have never been a 'trouble maker' or CRUSADER.... I will be sure that anyone ever needing a computer, and asking my advice... will NOT be advised to buy a DELL.
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Dell Inspiron 600M Laptop - BE WELL AWARE
Posted by Steff T. on 03/25/2005
15905, PENNSYLVANIA -- My situation with Dell started back in July 2003. I purchased a Dell Inspiron 600m and had multiple problems. My warranty ran on in July 2004. On March 15, 2005 my system started to act up. It would just completely shut down in mid typing, not reboot, but just shut down all together. I contacted Dell tech. support and was told that it was my hard drive (odd I thought, since my system was not even one and a half years old) so I purchased a new hard drive. After receiving the hard drive, I than contacted tech. support again and we ran further tests and found out that in fact it was not the hard drive but the “memory”. I thought to myself, HOW COULD THIS BE…. So I returned the hard drive and ordered memory for $150.00. Received the memory and installed the memory and guess what…. Still major problems with the system. So yet once again, I call tech. support and find out that if fact it is NOT the memory BUT the CPU fan as well as Heat Sink Compound. So what do I do? Ordered the parts ($49.00) and took it to my local computer guy this morning, paid him $50.00 to install my new parts and guess what? STILL did not fix the problem…. Okay, so now I call the “out of warranties” department (basically the repair department) and they tell me that first, it will cost me $289.00 just to determine what is wrong with the system (meaning just to run the diagnostics) and if it is the “motherboard” (basically the entire operating system of the laptop) than it will cost me another $455.00 on top of the $289.00 for diagnostics.

All of this having been said. I paid $1,359.00 for the system back in July 2003. I am NOW up to $1,608.00 in “UNNECESSARY” repairs and now on top of all that they are wanting $289.00 for diagnostics + $455.00 for a “NEW” Motherboard. The system is not even one and a half years old. Lifespan for a laptop is anywhere from 3 to 5 years…. THIS SYSTEM DID NOT EVEN REACH HALF IT’s LIFE SPANE and yet will cost me an enormous amount to fix it. My Response…….SHAME ON YOU MR. DELL !!!

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE WORD “INTEGRITY” !!!! Have you no pride in the products that bare your family name??? One word…. “Shameful”
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Posted by madcrunk on 2005-03-25:
You may want to look for another machine - there are ads in every Sunday's paper for PCs with the works for 6 to 700 bucks. And yeah, Dell is crap. Stay away.
I would also find another computer guy. I can tell you from experience that it should take no longer than 10 minutes to remove and replace a CPU fan, and this guy charged you $50??? I wouldn't even ask someone to buy me lunch for such a simple repair.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-03-26:
455 for a new mobo? Holy Cow!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-05:
When you installed the new memory, did you uninstall the old memory?
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Dell laptops suck
Posted by Esaw on 11/04/2004
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- This was my second Dell laptop. I had problems with the first one but I got it several years ago so I figured they should be better now. WRONG! I only went with Dell because of a rebate I found on the internet that would save me $750.

Well the laptop arrives and the hard drive has a ticking sound like a time bomb. Call support and they say they will replace it. It shows up. Plug it in. It starts its install and hangs ups. Call support back. I have a hard time understanding what support is saying but ultimately we start to re-install the hard drive. Well 6 hours on the phone, three re-installs later, one call back at 11:30 at night, over 2 nights and the system is back up. Well guess what. The hard drive starts making a ticking noise again.

Bye-Bye Dell 1150 laptop. I sent it back.
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Posted by compwiz on 2004-11-06:
Hopefully you replaced it with a nice IBM or Toshiba. Otherwise, you will just be screwed again. In my opinion, dell makes the WORST laptops out of any major brand.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-08:
I have heard lots of bad reviews from friends about Dell's laptops - that's why I did not buy one.
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Extremely Dissatisfied
Posted by Rhoda from Maine on 03/04/2009
, TENNESSEE -- I purchased a Dell Studio 1737 Laptop from Dell.com. The computer did not work from the day of purchase. I called the 1800# and was informed if I want to speak to someone in the US - I would have to pay for it, otherwise I would continue to speak to "someone I am assuming from India". I was on the phone for an hour working on this laptop, and was assured by the Tech. that it would be as good as new once we completed the process. When I got home, the computer did the very same thing. It doesn't boot up. When it turns on, it makes crunching noises. I called again and the Technician wanted me to fix it again. I am not a computer technician... I did not pay this kind of $$ to fix a computer. I wanted a computer that was fully functional. I was transferred numerous times to different technicians who wanted to walk me through more fixes. I finally told them I was returning it with or without a Return Authorization #. I work for a school system, and the school computer technicians said it was the hard drive and it was defective.

After 45 minutes, I finally got a Return Authorization # to send it back to Dell. It is now on its way back to Dell. I am so frustrated and angry!
What happened to getting support from someone in the US???
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-04:
Feel lucky that they are willing to process your return. Make sure that you have a tracking number on it and that they give you your refund.

I have seen reviews that they have refused to take back their defective products or that they mysteriously lost it after they got it back.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-04:
Dell does offer US support but they charge for it. As SC says keep an eye on the tracking and print the page when it show Dell has received it. It can take Dell up to 2 months to issue a refund.
Posted by Ball Of Fire on 2009-07-31:
I'm sooo glad that you are returning the computer to get your money back. It seems some of their defective equipment fails instantly while other defective equipment needs a few more months after the 30 day money back is void! Run far from Dell!!
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Impossible to get an American to speak to for technical support
Posted by Jamesettapugh on 08/20/2012
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I have called number after number from the web for Dell and I always get someone in Manila. I did not know when I purchased a Dell product that it was not American. When I have a problem I don't want to compound the problem by meeting head on with someone that barely speaks English and then I have to struggle to make myself understood. I think before a product in the United States of American a person should be told that the product is not serviced by an English speaking and understanding and thinking American, bred and born. I will never in this life purchase another DELL PRODUCT. Where is your American loyality. Americans need jobs but you take American dollars and pay wages to foreigners and this is not okay. Companies like yours should not be allowed to do business in the United States.
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Posted by Bill on 2012-08-20:
That's commendable but unfortunately you will run into the same problem with any brand of computer.
If you order by phone you always get an english speaking American (if you call within the continental US) but if you need tech support or service you go straight to India.
Posted by prince caesar on 2012-08-20:
just another job outsourced to other countries and why our economy is struggling.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-20:
"I did not know when I purchased a Dell product that it was not American."

I believe their laptops are made in Malaysia.

I have received excellent customer service for something (not a Dell) from Manila - I remember complimenting the person for their manner and knowledge. I wouldn't buy a piece of chewing gum from Dell, but it has nothing to do with a language barrier. More so to do with them being the WallsMart of computer manufacturers.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-08-21:
Now you know why it's called "Dell Hell." Bet you won't make this mistake again.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-08-21:
The outsourcing of call center service to other countries has indeed put a drain on our economy. I feel the companies would have just as large a number of complaints were the customer service in the U.S. Perhaps not from a language barrier but the astronomical increase in the purchase price, tied to the increase in call center costs, would cause just as much upset. Call center agents in India and the Phillipines work for a mere fraction of the cost of a minumum wage U.S. Worker.
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Make Sure Your Next Computer is Not Dell
Posted by Missca2012 on 05/26/2012
TEXAS -- My letter to Mr. Michael Dell. Also the Attorney General's Office has done nothing to help. I have two new Dell laptops and I am one unhappy woman.
May 21, 2011

Michael Dell, CEO
Dell Corporate Office
1 Dell Way Round Rock
Texas 78682

Dear Mr. Dell:

Since it is impossible to find a phone number to call corporate headquarters and the only number that is available is India with whom I wish to file my complaint before sending it to the Attorney General’s Office in TX. I am addressing this to you. I feel that you should be made aware of what I encountered this month with my calls to India and I consider it a case of fraud.

We live in El Cajon, CA part of the year and in Peacham, VT the other part of the year. After many years of purchasing HP products, I decided to change over to Dell after hearing good reports from close business friends. I regret to say a very poor decision on my part.

I rarely call India as most problems I can resolve either by trial and error or with the help of Google. I had no problems with your product until this month. We purchased a Dell Laptop in April of this year at the Navy Exchange in San Diego. The computer I am now using to write to you is also a Dell Inspiron purchased at Costo in Burlington, Vermont last year.

I had a small problem with the software soon after purchasing it in CA. It was purchased on April 2, 2011 and the call was probably made one week later. The technical person fixed it in a very short time. However, about ten days later it reoccurred so I called Dell in India once again. This time I was told that it would cost me $69.00 for them to repair it. I told them I had three months for software repair, but the tech refused to do anything about it. I hung up and called back the next day and this time to repair the same problem, it was $293. The tech said I would be protected for one year under this fraudulent contract. I was outraged and called him a crook and notified them I would be contacting Dell in the USA. He proceeded to turn me over to his supervisor to explain why they had to charge me. I told him that I didn’t need to talk to a supervisor as I was already on to their scam and told the supervisor the same thing. Just for my own satisfaction I called back one more time and when I was being told the same story again, I finally said, “I don’t want to hear any more lies, I know what is taking place and I can fix it myself with Google.” By the time I finished speaking and in a very firm, angry voice, the man with whom I spoke told me something he said might get in trouble for and that was the repairs are made with the help of Google and I should be receiving free support for three months.
Finally, an honest man still exists at Dell, India.

So now we see the beginning of what I predict I shall see will be future happenings. We outsource our business to foreign countries, and for some time we get good and polite
service. However, the crooks takeover and we get what I mentioned above and this is probably just the beginning of what is to come. Of course, the headquarters won’t list their phone number or a fax number and when you ask India for a number their response is “we don’t know it.”

In my opinion it is dishonest and I have started my goal to discourage people from purchasing DELL. It is no wonder you don’t take calls, your lines would be tied up all day. If one sends e-mails or a fax, it goes to India and I am certain they go into the shredder so they continue their scam!

So now I shall have my husband make an appointment with the NEX officer when we return to share my experience and the desire to remove Dell products from all military exchanges. I will now file complaints to the BBB and the Attorney General’s office in TX and hope my quest for protecting future consumers can be accomplished.

Sincerely yours,

Janice D. White
1046 Tarlo Court, ElCajon, CA 92019 and
P. O. Box 91, Marshfield, VT 05658

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-26:
What exactly was the software issue, and what kind of coverage did you have (typically Dell doesn't cover any software issues, if I recall correctly)? What reason were you given that it was not covered?

You may not have wanted the supervisor to explain the reason for having to charge you, but it may be critical to the complaint.
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Dell Hell; Paid hundreds for additional warranty, should have burned the $$
Posted by Lawsonny76 on 12/29/2011
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- My problem began months ago with a total system failure. Two tech on-site visits were unable to provide any resolution whatsoever. Many more hours on the phone with your tech support were equally ineffective. With each contact, the service became increasingly unprofessional and then confrontational. I used this unit every day for my business, and since I travel often, I paid a top price for this unit specifically for the light weight. I was finally offered a replacement unit, but was advised my current model was no longer available, so was offered a unit that was much bigger and heavier than my model, even though Dell clearly had smaller units for sale. I spent hours and hours trying to resolve this issue but was consistently offered excuses and delays with no real explanation, other than Dell's so-called policy would not permit sending me a unit with my size and specs. This in spite of me paying hundreds of dollars to upgrade my warranty to the highest level available.

Finally I was promised that I would be sent a replacement unit that would be comparable to mine. What I received was an 8 pound unit that was so large I couldn't even get it into my briefcase. I made call after call to try and contact the home office, and every tech person lied to me like a dog that they did not know any way to contact the corporate office. I am a GA Tech graduate with an engineering degree, and have been in the business world for almost 50 years. In all that time, I have NEVER, EVER had a worse service experience. Your phone support has been excruciating, rude, incompetent, and as I mentioned, flat lied to me on numerous occasions. I want to contact the Dell Corporate office to speak to the head of Customer Support and get this issue resolved. I tried again today to find someone to speak to, and after 2 more transfers and waiting on hold for another 45 minutes to speak to a senior person, someone just hung up on me. Is there some person in this entire company that has enough courtesy to help me?
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-12-29:
When all else fails; send a friendly letter straight to the top: Michael@dell.com
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2011-12-29:
To be honest, when I think of quality, I DO NOT think of Dell. Let your money talk and purchase elsewhere next time.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-12-29:
Dell is the worst computer you could ever get. I had one break JUST after my 1 year warranty and i was not going to pay for extra coverage for a piece of crap that cost me 1000 bucks. My experience, i had best luck with compaq, I had one that lasted 10 years! Of course now i own a toshiba, so far it works good after a year but things are not build as good as they used to be.
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Customer Service And Order Entry
Posted by Jsnowbarger31 on 11/30/2011
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Extremely disappointed in Dells' order entry and service groups. When has it ever been acceptable to move a ship date five times and then expect the customer to pay more to receive a similar product in some reasonable amount of time?

The first move I manage to understand, 3-5 business days after the 18th of November is close enough to the Thanksgiving holiday that things might get complicated. From the 29th out to the 2nd of December is pushing it but to have it moved from the 2nd to the 5th to the 7th in one day is absolutely an unacceptable way to treat a business.

To think all of this because order entry and inventorying were not in sync. "Terminally delayed"? If this was a known issue on the 18th, why was I not informed then?

Still, I could accommodate. I offered to accept a similar product, that it might be shipped to me immediately so that productivity would be less compromised. To hear that I would be responsible for the difference in the cost of these products is disgusting.
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