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Make Sure Your Next Computer is Not Dell
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- My letter to Mr. Michael Dell. Also the Attorney General's Office has done nothing to help. I have two new Dell laptops and I am one unhappy woman.
May 21, 2011

Michael Dell, CEO
Dell Corporate Office
1 Dell Way Round Rock
Texas 78682

Dear Mr. Dell:

Since it is impossible to find a phone number to call corporate headquarters and the only number that is available is India with whom I wish to file my complaint before sending it to the Attorney General’s Office in TX. I am addressing this to you. I feel that you should be made aware of what I encountered this month with my calls to India and I consider it a case of fraud.

We live in El Cajon, CA part of the year and in Peacham, VT the other part of the year. After many years of purchasing HP products, I decided to change over to Dell after hearing good reports from close business friends. I regret to say a very poor decision on my part.

I rarely call India as most problems I can resolve either by trial and error or with the help of Google. I had no problems with your product until this month. We purchased a Dell Laptop in April of this year at the Navy Exchange in San Diego. The computer I am now using to write to you is also a Dell Inspiron purchased at Costo in Burlington, Vermont last year.

I had a small problem with the software soon after purchasing it in CA. It was purchased on April 2, 2011 and the call was probably made one week later. The technical person fixed it in a very short time. However, about ten days later it reoccurred so I called Dell in India once again. This time I was told that it would cost me $69.00 for them to repair it. I told them I had three months for software repair, but the tech refused to do anything about it. I hung up and called back the next day and this time to repair the same problem, it was $293. The tech said I would be protected for one year under this fraudulent contract. I was outraged and called him a crook and notified them I would be contacting Dell in the USA. He proceeded to turn me over to his supervisor to explain why they had to charge me. I told him that I didn’t need to talk to a supervisor as I was already on to their scam and told the supervisor the same thing. Just for my own satisfaction I called back one more time and when I was being told the same story again, I finally said, “I don’t want to hear any more lies, I know what is taking place and I can fix it myself with Google.” By the time I finished speaking and in a very firm, angry voice, the man with whom I spoke told me something he said might get in trouble for and that was the repairs are made with the help of Google and I should be receiving free support for three months.
Finally, an honest man still exists at Dell, India.

So now we see the beginning of what I predict I shall see will be future happenings. We outsource our business to foreign countries, and for some time we get good and polite
service. However, the crooks takeover and we get what I mentioned above and this is probably just the beginning of what is to come. Of course, the headquarters won’t list their phone number or a fax number and when you ask India for a number their response is “we don’t know it.”

In my opinion it is dishonest and I have started my goal to discourage people from purchasing DELL. It is no wonder you don’t take calls, your lines would be tied up all day. If one sends e-mails or a fax, it goes to India and I am certain they go into the shredder so they continue their scam!

So now I shall have my husband make an appointment with the NEX officer when we return to share my experience and the desire to remove Dell products from all military exchanges. I will now file complaints to the BBB and the Attorney General’s office in TX and hope my quest for protecting future consumers can be accomplished.

Sincerely yours,

Janice D. White
1046 Tarlo Court, ElCajon, CA 92019 and
P. O. Box 91, Marshfield, VT 05658

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/26/2012:
What exactly was the software issue, and what kind of coverage did you have (typically Dell doesn't cover any software issues, if I recall correctly)? What reason were you given that it was not covered?

You may not have wanted the supervisor to explain the reason for having to charge you, but it may be critical to the complaint.
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Dell Tech Support is a DISASTER!
Posted by on
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I am writing because right now I am about as mad as I've ever been. Why? Because in January of this year my husband and I decided to use some of our overage money to purchase a pair of laptops for school. I bought two Dell Studio 1536 Laptops. That's when my nightmare began.

Three days later the monitor quit on mine. There was also a problem that if you actually put it on your LAP, you got an electrical shock if it touched bare skin. We called tech support and they sent a box and shipped it back to them. About a month later I got it back. The screen worked, it still shocked you. Needing the laptop for school, I decided to work around the issue.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the end. Soon The computer was getting so hot that it was needing to be turned of frequently to prevent damage. Also, the AC cord overheated to the point that I actually burned my thumb and forefinger when I tried to pick it up one day. We called Tech Support. They sent a box and shipped it back to them. Two weeks later we got it back. The AC cord was the same. Two days after it arrived I was typing and the Z key FELL OFF!!! We called tech support. They shipped us a new AC cord.

2 months ago... Suddenly the computer starts randomly shutting off all by itself. We call tech support. They sent a box and shipped it back to them. We waited.... and waited... and waited. they had said 2 weeks, so at 2 weeks and three days we called. Where's the laptop? It's been placed on "billable hold". Apparently there was "water damage" to it. Water damage? Excuse me? I don't allow liquid near my laptop. Also, why wasn't I contacted? They had my name, address, phone number and the email account that I leave open 24/7. "ooops. Sorry. It must have been missed." So now they want $160 to FIX the computer, or $200 to ship it back to me. The photos they sent to prove the water damage are so blurred that when I took them to a tech I know he wasn't able to say what the damage was, or even what part of the laptop he was looking at! I agreed to pay the $160 on the condition that the computer returned in perfect condition, needing no
additional repair.

It arrived today. I put it on my lap. I'm wearing shorts. I got zapped. Again. Also, there's one minor problem. See, the laptop came with a fingerprint scanner. It's a nifty little tool that lets you save your passwords and log into the computer and websites using a quick swipe of your fingerprint. What's the problem? It's MISSING!!! GONE!!! Once again I call tech support. They're sending a box. It's going back. Again.

They are going to look at it and see if they can fix the shock (which they haven't managed to fix in the THREE times they've had it) and see if they can find a fingerprint reader around there somewhere. They've replaced that technology with "facial recognition software". If they can't fix it they will replace the system with another system. This sounds OK, until they describe the "new" system. They will replace it with a "reconditioned" system (read piece of junk they couldn't fix properly for someone else) and my ORIGINAL warranty will remain the same, no new time on the new system! When my Compaq broke they replaced it with a new system that came with a NEW warranty. So, if the "new" laptop breaks, I'm still only covered until January... on a system that has spent three out of eight months with them.

I have never once called and spent less than half an hour on hold. Usually I wind up shuttled around from department to department while they try to find someone who knows what's going on, and be sure to write your service tag # down, because it's written on the bottom of the computer and no where else, and they want it every time, even when they have the computer and you don't. As time passes, they will recite to you their complete notes on every repair they have done, taking up more time, even if you've already told them the same information.

So the reason I'm writing is that I know some of you may be in the market for a new computer or laptop or work with computers and talk to customers or friends about them. I am writing to warn you all that Dell makes a shoddy product in a laptop, doesn't properly stand behind their product and if you have problems, your new Dell laptop will be a never ending nightmare of shipping it back and forth with little resolution. I will NEVER buy another Dell product, even so much as a mouse or keyboard. I strongly recommend you avoid them as well! If you do buy a Dell, get an attorney on retainer right away. You may need one to get your computer fixed properly!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/31/2009:
Go with a Toshiba, Acer, or Lenovo. they rock. Dell is just pure crap. (VH)
jktshff1 on 08/31/2009:
Lenovo think pad....indestructible.
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Dell Hell; Paid hundreds for additional warranty, should have burned the $$
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- My problem began months ago with a total system failure. Two tech on-site visits were unable to provide any resolution whatsoever. Many more hours on the phone with your tech support were equally ineffective. With each contact, the service became increasingly unprofessional and then confrontational. I used this unit every day for my business, and since I travel often, I paid a top price for this unit specifically for the light weight. I was finally offered a replacement unit, but was advised my current model was no longer available, so was offered a unit that was much bigger and heavier than my model, even though Dell clearly had smaller units for sale. I spent hours and hours trying to resolve this issue but was consistently offered excuses and delays with no real explanation, other than Dell's so-called policy would not permit sending me a unit with my size and specs. This in spite of me paying hundreds of dollars to upgrade my warranty to the highest level available.

Finally I was promised that I would be sent a replacement unit that would be comparable to mine. What I received was an 8 pound unit that was so large I couldn't even get it into my briefcase. I made call after call to try to contact the home office, and every tech person lied to me like a dog that they did not know any way to contact the corporate office. I am a GA Tech graduate with an engineering degree, and have been in the business world for almost 50 years. In all that time, I have NEVER, EVER had a worse service experience. Your phone support has been excruciating, rude, incompetent, and as I mentioned, flat lied to me on numerous occasions. I want to contact the Dell Corporate office to speak to the head of Customer Support and get this issue resolved. I tried again today to find someone to speak to, and after 2 more transfers and waiting on hold for another 45 minutes to speak to a senior person, someone just hung up on me. Is there some person in this entire company that has enough courtesy to help me?
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 12/29/2011:
When all else fails; send a friendly letter straight to the top:
drugdoc121 on 12/29/2011:
To be honest, when I think of quality, I DO NOT think of Dell. Let your money talk and purchase elsewhere next time.
Cwazychicken on 12/29/2011:
Dell is the worst computer you could ever get. I had one break JUST after my 1 year warranty and I was not going to pay for extra coverage for a piece of crap that cost me 1000 bucks. My experience, I had best luck with compaq, I had one that lasted 10 years! Of course now I own a toshiba, so far it works good after a year but things are not build as good as they used to be.
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Dell delivered defective computer no one will help
Posted by on
Had I known that Dell would deliver a defective computer and that dealing with Dell would become a prolonged nightmare, I never would have bought this computer. And I will never again buy a Dell product.

Here is why:

My first mistake was ordering a Dell computer. The lady who took the order got the delivery address wrong. When I noticed the error on the confirmation email, I spent two hours trying to reach someone who would correct the error. Most of my time was spent on hold. The last person I talked to told me that I would have to send Dell "a legal document" to make the change. I was told that my only alternative was to cancel the order, which I did.

Within 30 minutes the lady who took the order called me, apologized, assured me that, if I re-ordered, she would give me a $30 discount and get the order right. She also assured me that I would not have any difficulty if I needed help from Dell technical support. This time she got the billing address wrong, but the order went through.

The computer arrived. I set it up and attempted to activate the Microsoft Office 2010 that Dell had loaded onto the computer. The computer would not accept my activation code. After two hours, most of which was spent on hold, and after talking with 8 people - two of whom said they were "Level II" techs - I was told that I would have to contact Microsoft. After finishing the call, I realized that the computer had been shipped with the number pad disengaged. I pressed the "numlk" button, the number pad was engaged, and the computer accepted my activation code. No one at Dell had thought of such a simple solution.

When I attempted to load my Rosetta Stone Spanish program, the CD drive would not accept it. Then the real nightmare began. I used the Dell chat. The person I talked to decided that the hard drive was defective and needed replacement.

The replacement, however, would have none of the programs that Dell had sold me.

When I tried to contact the self-proclaimed "expert" who was supposed to assure that my problem would be fixed, I received an email that said I could call him but he probably would not answer the phone because he preferred working by email.

Trying to communicate with him and with his immediate superior by email has proved to be an exercise in endless frustration.

I will probably have to write this computer off as a loss and buy another. The next one I buy will not be a Dell.

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/06/2011:
"The replacement, however, would have none of the programs that Dell had sold me."

Do they refund you the cost of the software? Sounds like a typical Dell solution.

It's too bad that at some point prior to the end of the return period you didn't send that piece of junk back. As a fellow victim of Dell's colossally poor customer service and sketchy quality I empathize with you.

I've used a laptop for so many years I forgot about NumLock - it is possible the techs did as well. You didn't think to look until you got off the phone.
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Dell's Warranty & Customer Service
Posted by on
Mr. Michael Dell
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dell, Inc.
One Dell Way
Round Rock, Texas 78682

Dear Mr. Dell,

I am writing to you, somewhat as a “last resort”, regarding two recent purchases of computer systems from your company and a total breakdown of technical support, warranty support, customer support and in general those precepts which I have always regarded as good business practice and common sense.

Although I have purchased numerous Dell systems before and the product and product support was outstanding, the current scenario isn’t pleasant and began after placing an order for an Inspiron 8600 (TAG # XXXXXX) on 07/23/04 with payment by credit card for delivery to have followed within two weeks. After over a month of waiting and the credit card having been billed with no delivery, I disputed the billing with my credit card company and was issued credit for the purchase. Then on 10/04/04 I received the unit, and in good faith immediately called the credit card company and had funds released to Dell with billing subsequently issued to me by MBNA on 10/05/04 and paid.

On December 17, another order was placed (Order # XXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX) for a Dell desktop unit as a Christmas gift for my wife with the understanding of needed special delivery and promised arrival before or by December 25, 2004. Two days later, I was informed by Dell that the delivery date could not be met. As such on or about December 20, after having been informed it had not yet been shipped, I cancelled. Two days after Christmas, the computer arrived by UPS and when refused was returned to Dell by UPS.

On or about January 3, 2005 the printer portion of that order also arrived and was signed for by my father, not knowing about the cancellation issue. He was told by the UPS delivery person “If the package remains unopened it can be dropped of at the local UPS pickup point and will be returned to the sender.” The following day (on my instructions) he dropped it off at the UPS Store and it was returned to Dell. During this entire time I was in Iraq.

Subsequently while on a business trip to Thailand, the Inspiron 8600 failed…would not even boot. I telephoned Dell Technical Support and was refused service…was told that I needed to call Dell Financial because of a problem of some type. This was extremely difficult, professionally embarrassing, and frustrating to attempt to make international calls to Dell in the presence of my business clients and all to no avail.
After numerous calls with no results and desperately needing the information on the Inspiron 8600 hard drive for my business meetings, it was necessary for a local purchase of another laptop and to have the hard drive information copied onto the new unit from the Dell…all of this at a cost in excess of $2,000 USD. That which made it most infuriating and frustrating is your Customer Service representative informed me, that the bios had been “spiked” to render the unit inoperable since the unit had never been paid for.

After returning to the US and after numerous additional and frustrating calls to my credit card company, Dell Customer Service, and Dell Financial Services I was informed by “Jackie” ID # 605659 at Dell Financial that in fact the funds had been posted in October 2004 and that all of the problems should never have occurred. That she would resolve the technical service issue and that Dell Technical would take care of the Inspiron problem…at this point I was furious and asked that a refund be issued for the unit or that it be replaced with another “new” unit. This was denied and almost four (4) months later the unit is still inoperable with nothing from Technical or Warranty support. And keep in mind, that each time I have called Dell and Dell Financial I have re-iterated the continued inoperability of the 8600.

To add insult to injury, I then received a bill for the computer and printer that had been ordered in December and returned. Again, I attempted to resolve the billing issue with numerous telephone calls to Dell Financial and to Dell Customer Service. Each time I was only able to talk with someone in India with poor language skills and an apparent inability to understand the units had been returned. Finally on the February 3 Dell Financial statement a credit was issued for the desktop ($2231.3) but not for the printer ($136.74) and for the “late” charges that had already accrued. Once again numerous calls back to India…meanwhile, I’m back in Iraq making international calls and almost every call was about an hour after the “on holds” and transfers…Each time with a promise from the customer service rep that “the problem will be researched and someone will call you back”…Guess what, no calls.

In early March 2005 (and another bill from Dell Financial with accrued late charges) and after more “numerous India calls” I was issued a credit for $106.00 of the $136.74…it seems Dell had no record of the printer return and would not issue full credit to me via Dell Financial…the India rep said that the “warranty” portion could not be refunded! A total insult especially since at this point I had personally expended almost $2500 in the purchase of a new laptop (to replace a Dell product still under warranty) and the international calls…keep in mind, I’m still in Iraq.

But wait…in early April another letter from Dell Financial and now the outstanding printer bill of $136.74 has grown with accrued late payments and fees and is now $101.66 even after the $106.00 credit ($206.66 for the $134.76 printer)…all for merchandise that was returned to Dell. In the same mail delivery was a notice from Dell Financial’s collection arm, I.C. System, Inc, demanding payment of the $101.66. Again “numerous India calls” to both Dell Financial and Dell Customer support…Dell Financial passed me off to Dell and Dell back to Dell Financial and Dell Financial back to Dell…both committed to “researching the issue” and getting back to me….One week and three days later, I am still waiting for those return calls from a supervisor and still purportedly owing $101.66 for the printer. Meanwhile the $1847.00 Inspiron 8600 (still under warranty and out of service for almost four months) sits inoperative in the corner.

Please pardon the lengthy letter and my apparent cynicism, but needless to say, I am furious and this entire almost laughable comedy is like the proverbial monkey trying to make love to a football…and the football is winning. I am enclosing a check to you for the remaining $30.74 ($136.74- $106.00 = $30.74) and want this to end.

It is terribly sad that both Dell and I have lost more time and money than this entire principled issue is worth…for a company that purports employment of approximately 55,200 team members worldwide and reported revenues of $49.2 billion for the past four quarters, you certainly need to be aware that your “customer service” stinks. If other previously dedicated Dell customers are experiencing the same problems and “the India connection” adventure, I would think your company’s success is soon to be short lived.

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User Replies:
sankhya on 07/04/2005:

----- Original Message -----
From: sankhya
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 5:30 PM
Subject: Fw: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Mr. George,

The way DELL is treating me is atrocious !

Can you kindly help settle this issue without going to court?


----- Original Message -----
From: sankhya
To: ;
Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 5:35 PM
Subject: Re: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Ms. Kogutz,

I just received the financial statement from DELL.

You have deducted $880.99 out of the original purchase price of $$2759.30.

In one of your previous e-mails, you mentioned that you will depreciate the cost by 15 %. If you apply that 15% to $2759.30, the amount comes to only $413.90.

Please note that the $2759.30 includes sales tax, the price of the 4 year warranty, the price of the software, etc., which are all non-depreciable.

Even more, DELL refused to honor the warranty anyway. If you had honored the warranty in the first place, it would not have been necessary for me to return the computer back to you in the first place.

In one respect, I am really astonished that DELL would treat a repeat customer in this callous manner. This is the sixth or the seventh system I am buying from DELL. People don't buy these high-end computers to return them.

I can understand you deducting $100 or even $200. It looks like you concocted out of mere spite to deduct an amount close to $1000, almost half the price of the computer.

I hope you will reconsider the amount you deducted.

Otherwise, I do not have any other option other than to file a legal action in a court of law.

After all, when I wanted to buy a computer, I immediately thought of coming to DELL. I did not go bottom fishing for the lowest price. The very fact that I even bought a four year warranty should tell you something ! And when I called your people refused to honor the warranty !

I hope you do reconsider the large amount you deducted.

With the best regards,

----- Original Message -----
To: ;
Cc: ; ;
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 10:55 AM
Subject: RE: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.


As per our conversation yesterday, I tried to explain the notes mentioned by my colleague Angie Kogutz in her absence. You asked me to stop and just go over the technical issues with the computer, which you then stopped me again and told me you just want to return the computer.

I politely informed you that return of the computer would be depreciated by 15% due to the age of the computer. You began to get angry and deny this. I told you that this was the resolution mentioned by Angie and I was informing you this is what would be in place when you return the computer, as well as your paying for the return frieght.

When I reiterated the 15% you became angry and told me you didn't want to talk to me anymore then hung up on me. Throughout my conversation with you I was very professional and honest with you. Instead, your response is to write back and indicate I was rude to you. You also mentioned how Dell employees do not record in our records the correct information, indicating we lie. I told you this was not the case, however you disputed this.

So, you are indicating you wish to return the computer which is your decision to do. I have set up a Credit Return Authorization at a 15% depreciation as Angie mentioned in a previous email. I would recommend you send the computer to the following address if you wish to receive any credit to the purchase.

Dell Receiving Braker K
11550 Stonehollow, Doors 13-15
Austin, TX 78600 (for DHL) or 78578 ( for Fedex and UPS)

I am sorry that we did not have a more productive and positive conversation; I wanted you to know the decisions we arrived at are within Dell policy and your warranty.

The credit to your original form of payment should take place within 30 days after you send the computer back to Dell at the provided address.


Robert Quick
Dell Executive Support
Technical Escalation Specialist
Dell Axim S.M.E.

From: sankhya []
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 7:54 AM
To: Kogutz, Ange
Cc: Quiles, Sharon;;; Quick, Robert
Subject: Fw: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Ms. Kogutz,

This is to memorialize my telephone conversation with a gentleman from DELL who called me late yesterday (May 24, 2005) afternoon.

His rudeness particularly impressed me. I probably deserve it, having chosen to do business with your company.

Be that as it may, it was mutually agreed that I will proceed to return the computer, as it does not work.

The gentleman told me that the amount DELL will refund will not be in full, but will be depreciated by 15%, notwithstanding the fact that the computer did not work even out of the box.

Please note that this depreciation does NOT, and should NOT apply to the cost of the software, the money I paid for the four year on-site service warranty--- which DELL did not honor, and the speakers I bought from DELL along with the computer.

The reasons being:

1. Software does not deteriorate with time, and hence does not depreciate. Also, your company still continues to sell the very same software, Windows XP Professional, to this date to everyone. The CD containing the software is being returned unopened, as all other software that came with the system.
2. DELL did NOT honor the warranty. Hence, the cost of the warranty should NOT be subjected to depreciation.
3. I am NOT returning the speakers I bought with the system. The box in which they came remain unopened, because there was no point in connecting the speakers to a computer that does not work. Hence, the depreciation should not apply to the cost of the speakers.
4. There may be other items that may not be subjected to depreciation. I leave that to your illustrious company (DELL, Inc.) to determine, which I believe, is embarked on propounding novel legal theories to justify mugging the consumers, after taking them hostage.

In all these things, one is always surprised that a basic fact has been conveniently forgotten, which is, people do not buy these systems to return.

The computer is on its way. I agreed with the gentleman that I will pay for the shipping.


With the best regards,

----- Original Message -----
From: sankhya
Cc: ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005 6:25 PM
Subject: Re: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Mr. Kogutz,

It is very kind of you to have responded to my e-mail.

Yes, I indeed called several times as soon as the system arrived. The calls got handed over to (got transferred to) "other" people-- for a variety of reasons. In that process, the telephone lines got disconnected. Every time I call, there is a hold that lasts hours-- and even after that, the line gets disconnected. I hope, DELL does not do this on purpose.

The system may have been ordered in January. It did NOT arrive at my door step until some time late in February.

I have separately mailed copies of those documents.

Regarding my calls to report the problems on May 21, 2005: Your people may have recorded it as a software problem-- probably to collect more money. I told them--- at least I tried to tell them much more than that. The screen suddenly becomes blank in the middle of my work. The system does not boot properly.

I bought a 4 year warranty for this system.

Your tech support people did not spend even two minutes to listen to me. They were rude and obnoxious. They kept handing the call to one after another, talking about me in derogatory terms, probably thinking that I was not listening. In hind sight, they probably wanted me to hear those derogatory words !

I could have bought a better system from a local store such as Circuit City or Comp USA for far less money. Why did I choose DELL to buy this one--- an inferior product? Because, I thought, if I run into a problem you will be there--- for my peace of mind !

I have two Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering. I did not start working with computers yesterday. Even more, I don't enjoy calling tech support.

I have had a heart attack My wife came back home after a major surgery. I don't need the aggravation of dealing with a company that has, it seems to me, developed a bad attitude due to some recent successes.

As for your statement, "If you do this, please know you do so at your own great risk, as the system then becomes the property of Dell. Our published policy states Dell is not obligated to return or provide refund for the unauthorized returned merchandise. ...You probably are aware that this advanced level of support is fee-based"--- I have paid all the fees when I bought the system.

Your published DELL policy says lot more things such as "Honesty, Integrity....." as given below:

Trust - Our word is good. We keep our commitments to each other and to our stakeholders.
Integrity - We do the right thing without compromise. We avoid even the appearance of impropriety.
Honesty - What we say is true and forthcoming - not just technically correct. We are open and transparent in our communications with each other and about business performance.
Judgment - We think before we act and consider the consequences of our actions.
Respect -We treat people with dignity and value their contributions. We maintain fairness in all relationships.
Courage - We speak up for what is right. We report wrongdoing when we see it.
Responsibility - We accept the consequences of our actions. We admit our mistakes and quickly correct them. We do not retaliate against those who report violations of law or policy.

Looks like DELL lost its way along the way !

When the system does NOT work out of the box, does it matter whether it is hardware or software? Really? Don't you owe your customer, even if you think the customer is stupid, a courtesy? Even according to your e-mail, you claim that this is my first call. I called the very next day I received the system. DELL people did NOT record it and assign a case number to my calls.

To tell you the truth, I frankly don't mind losing my money !

When you place your trust where you ought not to, that's what happens--- you learn a lesson at a price.

It also appears that it may not even be a new system. Looks like it is some kind of refurbished system returned by someone else. It is flaky... it even has problem booting--- sort of temperamental.

But you see, I do understand these things happen ! I am an Electrical Engineer. The real issue is, "What do you do after this problem happens?"

This is the fourth system I have bought from DELL. Prior to this purchase, I did not have ANY problems dealing with your tech support people.

Probably, a little bit of success has contributed to this arrogance. It happens.

There is an implied threat in your e-mail response, namely, I may lose my money.

Ms. Kogutz, let me tell you politely: I am perfectly willing to lose my money.

I don't like to be threatened. I don't need this aggravation. I don't need to deal with deceit. I am sorry.

The time your people spent on the phone could have probably resolved the problem. Looks like it is a hardware problem after all. Otherwise, why would the display go blank (dark) at random intervals? Looks like the video card is failing.

It is funny. I was the one who recommended to your company that you should charge more for the warranty, DELL used to charge only $99 for 3 year warranty. I told your people that the $99 does not cover even one service call.

By the way, I called Microsoft. They told me that it does not look like a software problem.

I would really like to return the system. I don't really care whether you refund the money or not. Keep it.

Please tell me where to return it. Take a look.

Once again, It is very kind of you to have responded to my e-mail. You did not have to, but you did. I am grateful.

With the best regards,

----- Original Message -----
Cc: ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005 12:00 PM
Subject: RE: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Nick:

Thanks for taking a moment to write me with your concerns. I certainly apologize that you have been so disappointed in your dealings with Dell.
I understand you wrote these emails at the height of an emotional and frustrating experience. However, I would like to caution you against returning the system unauthorized, as you stated you would do in a subsequent email. If you do this, please know you do so at your own great risk, as the system then becomes the property of Dell. Our published policy states Dell is not obligated to return or provide refund for the unauthorized returned merchandise.

So let's discuss the remaining options.

Our records show this system was actually ordered by you in January of this year, so your system is going on 4 months old according to our records. You state you have been having problems since out of box, however our records show only the several phone calls of May 21, 2005.

If I have interpreted our call logs correctly, you reported a software issue with your system encountered only when you log in under your user account on MSN (blurry video). When you click on any hyperlinks on the page, the new page opens properly and is clearly visible. When you log in under a different user name, the video is also clear. All other web sites visited are clear and visible.

Have you only spoken with hardware technicians? The software support desk is the entity best suited to assist you with a problem of this type. You probably are aware that this advanced level of support is fee-based.

I have a technician here in the corporate office who is willing to take the time to discuss your technical issue and your resolution options in greater detail. If you would like him to call you, please respond to this email with the best number to reach you at today.

I will not be available after noon Central Standard Time, so please reply to all on this email string at your earliest experience.

Best regards,
Ange Kogutz
Executive Support

From: sankhya []
Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2005 3:42 PM
To: Kogutz, Ange
Cc: US DHS SP Sales;; Quiles, Sharon;;
Subject: My Recent Purchase from DELL: Inspiron 8600.

Dear Ms. Kogutz,

I recently bought (3 weeks ago) a DELL lap top: Inspiron 8600,

Service Tag: B5CGR61
Express Service Code: 242 678 3673.

I also bought a four year at-home service warranty, plus accidental service warranty.

From the day it arrive, it has not worked properly.

I called your technical support. After spending two hours on hold, the people I spoke to were extremely rude. They wanted $49.99 to take my service call.

This is NOT the DELL I know.

I have bought several systems from DELL. I am also in a position to influence others.

I am ready to return my lap top.

Every time I look at this lap top, I get angry. This is NOT intended as a toy.


Since you have charged sales tax on this purchase, I intend to sue you in the court.

I could have bought a better machine for a lower price at a local store here.

You have a choice:

1. Either provide the required support to get the machine working, or
2. Take back the machine and refund the money.

This aggravation is NOT worth it.

The two hours your people spent on the phone could have been spent in solving my problem in five minutes.

If you remember, It was I who suggested to your company to raise the price DELL charges for your warranty.

Case # 101 95 7966

With the best regards.
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A product and tech support you would expect to see in a third-world country
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ONE DELL WAY, TEXAS -- Dell Studio 15 Notebook purchased 28 June 2009 for $1,005.90. I was out of town for a week when it first arrived, but the following week I initiated setup and found a number of issues wrong with the computer. Dell identified the issues as being initial setup issues that would not happen again and if it did they would take note in their system to process a refund. They informed me that they stand by their product. They informed me that after they intervened that time, I would not have the problem again. In Aug 2009, I had additional issues which Dell deemed to be more software issues that was not covered by current warranty and contrary to the previous call they would not honor the refund promised. I was then told I could purchase online software tech support ($182) to resolve the issue. When I did, we solved the problem (so we thought) for another few months. Then there was a virus that McAfee did not stop. Dell Tech Support informed me that their McAfee Anti-virus which was sold with the computer was not as good as Norton. So, under their guidance, I purchased Norton Software with the technician on the line. Issues arose periodically at varying levels literally every month thereafter. Issues took up my weekends after I just returned from a war zone for 15 months and am working for the Dept of State and taking Army class for my new rank while getting reacquainted with my family. In the most recent issue which started in mid-February 2010, a blue screen with a random error and physical memory dump followed by a shutdown of the system. I called in to use the 3rd of my 5 tech support issues purchased after the purchase of my computer to resolve this latest problem. After doing a full system diagnostic, I was told that I then needed to purchase an additional memory card ($68.24) for RAM in order to speed up my computer. That this would help with my computer processing so slow. I was also then told I needed to purchase an optimizer from Norton. Now after 9 months and purchasing countless additional items beyond the simple purchase of the computer, Dell finally informed me that I needed to have the motherboard, hard drive, and both memory cards replaced. They sent a technician by house from Worldwide. Ryan (Worldwide employee) informed me that the motherboard was not viable after spending 3 hours on the computer. A new motherboard and other parts would have be ordered and replaced. However, before he left he made sure to tell me that there were frayed wires in the laptop that was likely causing many of the problems over the past year. When the next Worldwide Technician (contracted by Dell) came by the house on 12 March 2010 to finish what Ryan initiated leaving me without a computer for 3 days, he repeated what Ryan said about the computer having many issues and the second motherboard, of course, would not work. I was then put on the phone with tech support at Dell that tried to tell me they would get me a replacement but that it would take 14 business days. In my work with the government and school, a timeframe greater than 2.5 weeks where weekends are time I have to prepare briefings for my class address overseas programs for the State Dept is NOT acceptable. I informed him that he needed to make an exception to the 21 day internal Dell policy to provide me a refund so I could go out that day to purchase a new computer from a local retailer. On 12 March 2010, I spoke with several managers and numerous representatives. Despite being told I would get a call back by a escalation team in 24-48 hours, I simply could not wait that long for a resolve. I continued to call back to be batted back and forth between customer service and tech support getting little to know help to expedite the issue. Finally I was informed by tech support that they would grant my refund and conference me with customer service (refund) dept to execute. However, I was disconnected in 2 conference calls. On the third call, I spoke with Siddhesh (supervisor) where I was told I was NEVER promised a refund.
At this point, the only option that is acceptable is a refund for the Dell, the horrible tech support, and the memory card that was promised to have already been refunded on 6 March but wasn't. That amount is $1256.14. Dell should also have to reimburse me for the days of having wasted my time after return from a 15-month deployment in the Gulf.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/15/2010:
Most government employees are supplied a computer. Which department do you work for? Software issues are not covered under warranties and no virus program is 100% at blocking.

If the machine is still under warranty, then accept a replacement. 14 business days is not unreasonable.
Anonymous on 03/15/2010:
Most government employees are not issued a laptop. Even if you are one of the few to be issued a laptop it's just not worth it because you do not have admin rights to it, you are severely restricted in what you can do with it and you are financially responsible for the darn thing if you happen to accidentally step on it after a night of pizza and beer. So I'm told.

Eh, regardless this isn't a government owned computer that is the subject of the OP's complaint. This is just a classic poorly built Dell. After this many problems you'd think Dell out of a spirit of goodwill would just issue a refund. It's sad how far Dell has fallen in the last few years. I would never ever consider buying a Dell because well I've had a lot of experience with Dell laptops and it hasn't been all that rosy.

Good review.

Anonymous on 03/15/2010:
OK. Stew, they are issued a laptop OR a desktop. I said computer so it could be one or the other. Still doesn't negate the truth of my post.
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Dell Horror Show
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TEXAS -- I purchased my first laptop, a Studio XPS m1330, from Dell in January 2009. I ordered a high-end laptop thinking I wouldn't need to upgrade for quite some time. Dell talked me into paying extra for the "North American Tech Team" who speaks English--there is something wrong with having to pay extra for someone who understands you when you have a problem. The laptop began locking up and not responding in July 2009, and after MANY (futile) hours on the phone with Tech Support, they finally decided that I needed a new hard drive--at this point the laptop was only 6 months old. The problems continued, locking up, not responding, crashing. Numerous hours on the phone with Dell, running diagnostics, to no avail. My husband began to complain that I talked more to Dell than to him when I was home. Then the laptop started crashing whenever Windows Updates tried to automatically install. More hours on the phone with Dell. No one could determine what the problem was. Dell refused to allow me to send the computer to them for direct examination, they refused to send a technician to my house to fix it, and they refused to replace the laptop. Finally, I brought it to my brother, who is a software technician, and asked him if he could get the Windows Updates to install without the computer crashing. My brother called me the next day to tell me some very alarming news--he told me that my laptop was overheating during the installation of the Windows Updates, which was causing the laptop to crash. He pointed out that this had likely been going on for quite some time, as the white label on the bottom of the laptop was brown and burnt-appearing, and he relayed that it was likely that the high heat had possibly damaged other components of my laptop. My brother expressed great concern for my safety and advised me not to use it. Dell FINALLY agreed on 1/27/10 to replace the laptop after I told them what my brother found. The person I talked to on 1/27/10 at Dell also agreed to "suspend" my extended warranty, which was due to expire on 2/16/10, in light of the fact that I had a totally dead, non-functional laptop and I was not in possession of the replacement laptop. It took them almost 3 weeks to "approve" the replacement laptop, after I emailed them every few days--I was called back by Dell on 2/11/10 and was advised that my laptop would be built. When I tried to verify that my extended warranty would be suspended as previously promised on 1/27/10, I was told (after the tech person talked to his supervisor) that they couldn't suspend the warranty, and if I wanted it to continue past 2/16/10, I would have to purchase an extension. I argued that I was told on 1/27/10 that my warranty would be suspended until I received the replacement laptop, but was steadfastly told they would not do this. I refuse to give Dell any more of my money for shoddy and fraudulent customer service. Dell really does not care about their customers once they have your money. This whole situation has made me physically sick, given the amount of money that I paid for the laptop, accessories, and extended service plan. I told the Dell person that I planned to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office, and he quickly refused to talk to me any further and got off the phone. Whenever I finally receive the replacement Dell laptop, I plan to sell it ASAP, along with all the accessories, as I NEVER want another Dell product in my home. I have since ordered an HP laptop that should be arriving in the next few days, and I am hoping I have a vastly better experience than the horror show I experienced with Dell. Please do yourself a favor---DO NOT BUY A DELL COMPUTER. They are no longer a reputable company.
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Two Reps Two Different Info 129 To Fix Their Mistake
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So two weeks ago I bought a brand new 1075 dollar laptop. two week later (today) my screens shutting off repeatedly blue screen. I call tech support which I have free for a year, mind you no one speaks fluent English. I got hung up on 4 times each time after putting in my code, giving my code to a rep, being transferred, and giving my code again, after literally 30 minutes each. The second time I gave the man a # to call back in case it hung up because I told him id been hung up on. well he never called back. The third guy said my issue was Microsoft update. so he said to do a system restore and it would work. well I did that. When I cut it back on, my computer was no long protected. mind you I paid over 100$ for 3 year protection! WHY IS MY COMPUTER NOT PROTECTED?????? IT WON'T LET ME FIX THE PROBLEM, AND IT WON'T LET ME DO A QUICK OR FULL SYSTEM SCAN. AND ITS TELLING ME THAT MY COMPUTER AND E MAIL FILES NEED ATTENTION. so I call back. another 45 min on hold, this guys transfers me and tells me ill have to pay. I said no thank you because I am not willing to pay. he said I will see if we can get something worked out or something like that so I wouldn't have to pay. well this guy tells me that its a software issue and I have a virus.

WHY DID THE LAST GUY NOT TELL ME I HAD A VIRUS? HE SAID THAT IT WAS MICROSOFT UPDATE AND THAT A LOT OF CALLS WERE ABOUT THAT! BUT I GAVE HIM THE SAME ERROR MESSAGE. wth is going on? not only do I have a virus now, but I have to pay 129$ to get them to tell me how to fix it. WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT?? I was protected before the last guy said to do a system restore to a previous point. R U SERIOUS? he really didn't give a fricking frack when I said I am not paying for something that was fine before I called you guys. and 129$??? how do I even know that its a virus? the last guy didn't say that and I gave him the same error message. if he knew it was a virus why didn't he tell me that? and how do I have a virus when I have a hundred something dollar virus protection software? now I'm being jipped. what do I do now? a two week old computer? the internet won't connect? and that's what I need it for. I take online classes and I needed it for school.

I'm very disappointed in this service. Dell doesn't give a rats booty about its customers. if they don't do something I'm going to go as far as I can go. I'm being ripped off completely. how could you charge 129 dollars for something that should really be covered. they only care about the money. No one but their own pockets. and the customer service is the worst ever. THE VERY WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED!! EVER. I'LL BE WRITING LETTERS, EMAILS, MAKING CALLS AND EVERYTHING EVERYTHING I CAN GET MY HANDS ON UNTIL THIS ISSUE IS RESOLVED. BUT FOR NOW THIS IS MY 3CENTS (PLEASE EXCUSE MY GRAAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION, IM ON A BLACKBERRY SINCE MY COMPUTER IS UNUSABLE AND VERY TIRED AFTER MY 3 1/2 HOUR HOLDING HANG UP SESSION WITH DELL)
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Customer Service Nightmare And Horrible Product
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First, this is just a start. I plan to post this on every message board I can find in the next couple days. I'd like to prevent people from going through the hell I have experienced the last couple months.

It took from the 13th of December to the 6th of January to get my Dell Studio 1537 laptop. That's a hell of a long time to live without a computer, and surely, if a new customer wants a computer, you would THINK they would get it to them faster. In any case, the customer service guy lied to me about a number of things (including the time it would take to arrive) in order to get me to buy the computer. Then, I was told I could cancel, but that left me without a reliable computer to use and no way to purchase a new one (I used Dell credit to get the laptop). So I suffered the long wait, and it finally arrived.

Upon receiving my new laptop, I decided to watch a movie on it. I put the DVD in, it loaded, but the DVD skipped over and over. Once that happened, I attempted to eject the DVD, but it wouldn't come out. So I restarted the computer and finally got it out of the drive. After this, I decided to try a different DVD, since the first one had a minor scratch on the surface. I tried a new DVD this time, but the DVD drive decided to pop the DVD out this time. The drive also sounds like it's a huge machine trying to produce a lot more than a video on the screen of a laptop. Something is wrong with it. Almost inevitably, the drive pops out any DVD at some point while I watch a movie.

What did I do? I called the technical support, and spent hours (two separate times), attempting to get the issue resolved to no avail. It seemed clear that the issue was hardware, not software. Unfortunately, because I had to wait so long to get the computer, and because I was sooooo behind on work for school and my campus job, I was desperate. I wanted to return the computer. I spoke with the special department at Dell that talks to people like me; those people who are unhappy with their purchase and remorseful that they even contacted the company to begin with. The man told me that the issue was stated to be resolved by the tech department (the people in India that I spoke with I told I would have to play a DVD to figure out if the computer was actually functioning properly or not, and that I could not tell them that the issue was resolved, but they put it in the computer that it was). Because it said this, he told me that I would have to pay 15% of the computer's total cost to return it. I flipped out. After about 10 minutes of listening to me screaming, he said that he would see what he could do. But, would I be interested in taking $75 and keeping the computer? Haha! NO! I don't want a broken computer!

So then he offered to send me a NEW computer. He essentially begged me to take it, promising the new one would be built in 5-7 days and immediately sent out. He assured me that it would work perfectly as well. I didn't really want to, but once again, I don't have the money to buy a computer and Dell gave me credit- I figured I'd give it a shot and told the man I would return the computer at no charge if I did not receive what I ordered.

Here we are, well over 2 weeks later and I have no new computer. Tonight I call to see what is holding it up, because to be honest, I've sat around for about 6 weeks waiting for a reliable computer (counting all that time in December)- you know, the one I expected when I ORDERED this damn thing. The man on the phone told me that no computer had been made and he had no idea what I was talking about. I flipped out, once again, and spoke to his manager. The manager, unfortunately, had no way to help me and the people that I spoke with before (the ones who promised me a new computer) were the ones I needed to talk to. At this point, I'm returning the Dell. I've had enough of their crappy computers; customer service; and lies.

I was told that a someone from the legal department would contact me soon: I asked the man if that was a promise as strong as the one to send me a new computer, because if it was, I was just going to send this computer back to them.

What I figured out is that they are trying to get me by this 21-day return policy. You have 21 days to return the product, or you cannot return it and you have to keep it. This is something they do not want to tell you. So here I am waiting all this time for a computer that I bet they never planned to make so that they could trap me in their loophole. Sadly for them, my cousin lives locally and is a kick ass attorney. They had better HOPE they take this back. I'm currently on a mission to ensure everyone that uses internet and is interested in buying a Dell reads about what I went through, so that they do not make the same mistake that I did. The company and people are not only unethical, their products are unreliable. I'm sure some people have had decent experiences with their Dells, but that is not to say they will if they make future purchases through their company.
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Soaring Consumer on 01/26/2009:
This seems like a COMMON occurrence with Dell these days...

Voted helpful. You are lucky that you would have a good attorney on your side.
eman214 on 02/01/2009:
Sounds similar to my frustration. You seemed to be more successfuly getting through to upper level individuals, although sounds like they weren't much help either. Could you tell me how you were able to get through to them and how 'bout letting me know who your attorney is. Maybe we should get everyone together who have had similar nightmares and file a class action suit. My email is and my story is "deplorable customer service". Hope to hear back from you.
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There Goes My Mother Board After Less Than A Year!
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Anyone who is considering purchasing a Dell laptop with all the bells and whistles needs to read this before they buy. I purchased a Dell M1330 in October 2007. Top of the line, new product being advertised everywhere. My budget price was no more than $2,000. If I would have had more, I would have invested in a MAC. Either way, I had the impression that Dell with Windows Vista was the way to go. It was very difficult to order via the phone, but once I finally had the computer in hand I was very happy. I spent nearly $2,000 purchasing programs and features for home and work use. I do little downloading of unnecessary material and use it primarily for spreadsheets, picture storage and file saving. My happiness ended yesterday.

I have been noticing lately that I am constantly getting update downloads from Windows Vista and having to restart. Two or three every couple days. On top of that slowing down my work, yesterday my screen started turning many different colors and I am now running in safe mode. Even in safe mode, it freezes and creates a screen the color of the rainbow every couple minutes. I now cannot see a thing on my screen and it has been this way for 24+ hours. I called Dell support. What a hassle. Once you give them your entire life history and family tree (not literally, but I might as well have for how long it took me to get to the root of the problem) they transferred me to the XPS department.

First they asked if I had another screen to connect my laptop to. Hummm, no. I have one computer, not two. I imagine not many people have multiple working computers sitting around. Then, they told me they would send me an email on how they were going move forward on my problem. What good does this do if I cannot even see my icons or wallpaper? I then asked the support rep if he could login in to my computer remotely to discover a solution. After all, they are the professionals. He informed me that Dell's system was down and that he could do nothing for me at the time I called. I knew I had purchased a hunk-o-junk when he said the Dell system was "down."

Finally, they informed me I needed a new mother board. Yep, a new mother board after less than a year of using it. Then they proceeded to ask me (with my broken computer yet to be fixed) if I wanted to buy the extended warranty!?!...Now why would anyone do that? I spoke to a total of 4 people over the course of this issue and each one of them asked me this stupid question. I will repeat I am still sitting here with my computer with no sign of a heart beat.

I expect that sometime next week a technician will come out to my house to install a new mother board. This is the only great thing about the warranty, which will now last me another couple months.

To sum up my advice, don't buy a Dell. In my experience they are not worth the money and have over advanced their features while neglecting the major components. I wish I would have simply gone to Best Buy, purchased a middle of the road computer and bought a few years of "The Geek Squad." This computer, while being nice to look at, has completely over complicated my life and has not been worth what I thought was the best "investment" I could make in the world of computers-boy was I wrong.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/03/2008:
It's good you didn't buy the 'extended warranty' because it's a huge waste of money and won't get the laptop fixed any faster. I hope you paid cash or credit card. If you used their financing you will hate DHell even more.
bigboxworker on 07/03/2008:
Really, computers are computers. A motherboard or any other component of your a computer can fail early on, even without heavy usage. Macs are good computers because they run a stellar operating system, however they are still computers and they are prone to hardware failures as well.
Anonymous on 07/03/2008:
There are only two types of computers and hard drives in production:

1. Those that have failed.

2. Those that are going to fail.
Anonymous on 07/03/2008:
If you had only one computer, and that one had failed, how did you write and send this review?
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