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Tech caused irreversible damage and lost irreplaceable information to my comp printer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROUND CITY, TEXAS -- Nature of Complaint: Repair and damage Issues - The repairs resulted in irreversible damage, software loss information loss of 9 years of documents pictures that cannot be replaced. Dell did not back up my computer information when working on it and lost irreplaceable information etc of 9 years. Also, lost a printer in mint condition that is made for my computer as well.

I would like to speak about my recent Dell technical support dating back to beginning of June of this year, 2013. Dell was contacted to assist with tech service on my computer, however during this service, new problems were caused where I had to call Dell several times to try to restore my computer to working settings and configuration. During my last session, the tech worked very hard, but it appears my printer had been DELETED from my computer to reset the settings, but in doing so, the tech did not check or restore initial settings first and now has discovered my printer from Hp 2004 officejet 4215 all in one software is NO LONGER available from HP to reinstall in my computer except the Printer default was available only to print. So this means my printer no longer can scan or fax, hence and all editing features ink levels etc., I have Lost all my scans of pictures and documents from 2004 - current date, 9 years of scans pictures documents and projects lost. In addition, this printer was a gift and was in mint condition specifically for my use in home and work. It now no longer works or is available. Your tech advised me I would need to buy a new printer all in one as mine cannot be remedy as its obsolete software . I feel Dell is responsible for my loss and not to mention all the data, 9 years that is irreplaceable and cannot be recovered. A printer that is an antique and can't be purchased or replaced with the same model or style. The supervisor then said It was my fault the tech did not save the info. And my fault they lost all my printer scan fax and copy services.

Then, the supervisor told me there was not anyone else I could submit my complaint to and nothing else could be done, that it was my responsibility to purchase a new printer scanner fax copier that will support my computer which is over. $ 500.00 if I. Lucky enough to find one as that model is no longer made.
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John Nicholson on 07/08/2013:
I did a quick search and came up with many places from which you can download the software for your printer. Try: and prodSeriesId=351105 and taskId=135

HP has available drivers and software installation downloads for most all of their printers, old or new. You can go to the link I gave you or HP.COM to begin or go to other places on the web that have all this stuff.

It sounds like you let a tech at Dell take control of your computer and he messed it up. Never a good idea to let them have access to your machine. A good computer store in town is better for you to take it to. Also, why let someone at Dell, in India no doubt, try to fix your HP printer? And, finally, printers are so cheap now that you probably would be better off buying a new printer. Just make sure you have nothing of the old printer's software, etc. on your machine when you install a new one.
Thank you on 07/21/2013:
Thanks for the advise
The drivers won't download on my computer, on 07/21/2013:
I tried and the drivers won't connect to my computer or download. That's the issue. Dell deleted whatever part that gives the connection from downloading onto my computer, no connectivity. Dell said it was an accident when their tech did work on my computer and it can't be remedied. Then they said it was the Hp printers responsibility since their drivers won't download on my computer. I've talked to 3 other techs, not dell . And they said dell lost info by not backing up info and its a part of the computer that cannot be re installed. Then they tried to blame the hardware of my computer since it had expired 5 years ago..?? if I want any external device like a printer etc, I have to buy a new computer, how convenient for dell. Then they had the nerve to offer me a Small discount on a computer. What a joke... Are you kidding me ?
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Dell Printer Nightmare
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
I have a large and frustrating complaint about Dell. I am a nursing student and am required to print at least 100 pages or more per month. The expense of nursing school is bad enough buy when my ink doesn't even last a month and at that the cartridges cost $80 and now I have tried to get my cartridge refilled only to be told by the company that was going to refill my ink that Dell has now installed a chip in the cartridge that won't allow them to be refilled so now if I want to use my printer it is going to cost me $80 dollars a month when my friends Epson printer has allowed her to print for 2 semesters and is still going strong on printer cartridges that have been in the printer for a year and she is printing the same amount of pages that I am. My new print cartridge which had only printed maybe 50 pages if that, decided to quit and tell me that I wasn't using the correct print cartridge. How odd is that that it was just printing fine and now it decides that the cartridge is wrong. I attempted several times to contact customer service to no avail.

I tested the cartridge as they suggested to make sure there was ink in the cartridge, it better still have ink only 50 pages had been printed. Yes, the cartridge still had ink. How many ways can one take out their aggressions on a printer? I can think of a few but I feel that my husband and kids will think that I have lost my mind. I would love to tie the printer to the back of my car and drive until there is nothing left I hate you Dell printer I will never buy a Dell product again.

I just bought a new Lenovo computer and I love it Dell printer prepare to be replaced and just know I am now going to search where to connect a rope to connect you to my bumper.
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clutzycook on 02/03/2013:
That's one important thing to consider when buying a printer. How much does the ink cost.
trmn8r on 02/03/2013:
Is the cartridge that is causing trouble a genuine Dell cartidge? If not, that could be the problem.

You are in a tough situation. I have had two all in one printers in the past 3 years, and didn't like either one. Printer manufacturers make their money from ink sales these days, not the printer itself. I've had a Lexmark and a Brother. The only good thing about the Brother is the generic ink cartridges are cheap and work great. I checked that out prior to deciding on it.
Karnamay on 02/03/2013:
Offer your friend a few dollars to do the copying.
ok4now on 02/03/2013:
Stop wasting your money on Dell ink and buy the Epson.
madconsumer on 02/03/2013:
I made the purchase of a laser all in one a couple years back. toner never dries out, and very reliable. toner cartridges are top dollar, but I yet to have used one of the cartridges up.
Dakota1015 on 02/03/2013:
In your situation, the best idea would be to skip the inkjet printers and get a laser printer. You can find a good HP black & white laser for just over $100 if you shop around. A slightly larger initial investment, but you will get superior print quality and your yield per cartridge will be in the thousands of pages, not a few hundred like with inkjet. Save the inkjet for when you need to print color only.
Kay on 07/09/2013:
Just a note, I had an hp office jet printer all in one for 10 years with no problems At all till dell dismantled it . So, consider hp printers- office jet 4620 may be comparable.
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Poor quality printer
Posted by on
The printer is of poor quality and prints very few pages per cartridge. I am very disappointed in this product. I just spend $55.00 dollars on cartridges (black & color) because it stopped printing well. It didn't work. Actually NOTHING WORKED TO FIX IT!!!

What a waste of money - a total rip off. I haven't used it much because of the expensive cartridges - good thing. I only went through 3 sets of them - before it became one big piece of trash. I am stuck with these "good" cartridges & a printer that prints blank pages with bits of color.

The manual was worthless. I see other people have this same issue on the internet - but it is not addressed in the troubleshoot part of the manual. I will NEVER EVER buy Dell again.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/23/2010:
Have you checked your settings? Made sure your print head is cleaned? made sure your cartridges are snapped in all the way> Your software is installed correctly? Most issues are user error and answers can be found on google.
bcd on 03/23/2010:
I just downloaded the Dell Photo P703w All-In-One Printer User's Guide. I found a section on troubleshooting print quality problems within five minutes after I read this post.

zonnie, have you attempted this?
Annie4321 on 07/16/2010:
I also purchased this piece of junk--Dell P703W printer. Also purchased a $900 Dell laptop 6 months ago, and the hard drive just crashed. What has happened to Dell?
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Do Not Buy Any Dell Products. One Ridiculous Company.
Posted by on
1 Yr. Ago I purchased a Dell p703w wireless printer. It was 1 yr and 3 days old when it stopped printing black. After doing all of the normal steps, including purchasing a $22.00 Dollar ink cartridge at Staples, we got nowhere. We contacted Dell customer svc. Somewhere in the middle east and Dell refused any assistance with this product. They informed me that the printer has a hardware issue and can not be fixed. I was told I would get a substantial discount on a new printer. I was sold a bill of goods. The printer I received was the w313w. I found out later that it has very poor reviews and in no way is comparable to the 1 I had. I got no discount as all pricing was the same as offered on their website. I even bought a 3 yr warranty to protect this purchase. When I got this item, after a half day of frustration trying to get it to set up, I get a " problem with the printer head " message. I gave up and literally had to hollar at the person who kept on telling me about their 15 pct. Restocking fee. In the end I am returning this printer for a full refund. I am only out the $22 bucks spent on the ink.

Those creeps even asked for the old ink cartridge sent to them and they gave me a replacement with the garbage unit they sent me. Moral of the story, please do as I will do and never patronize Dell ever again! And don't get me started about Sears. They stink also.
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bcd on 01/15/2010:
I have been unable to verify that there is a Dell w313w printer. Where did you read the poor reviews of this printer?
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Like the product hate the tech support.
Posted by on
I just purchased a new Dell Studio 15 with Windows 7. Five days old, well within the warranty period. About 2 1/2 days into trying to install my current Dell printer, which works great on two other Dell desktops, I've come to realize it was a big mistake to buy another
Dell. The printer software will not install properly onto the new Studio, won't be recognized by Studio, no communication with printer, etc. I contacted Dell Support several times and because my printer, a Dell 968 AIO printer, is out of warranty they refused to help diagnose the issue. the issue that only exist with the brand new, five day old Studio 15.
I purchased extended warranty on both of my Desktops and on the newest model when tech assist was needed it was very poor, several of my issues were not resolved. I should have known from that experience not to by another Dell.
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User Replies:
warddw1526 on 11/02/2009:
Is the printer fully functional on the other computers?
zami on 11/16/2009:
I have the same issue with my studio laptop with Windows 7 and the AIO all in one 968. Called Dell support, transferred 3 times and eventually dropped. A pitiful support experience. On the ports tab within the printer properties I added a standard TCP/IP port after installing the printer driver and I am using that to print directly to the printer and it is working so far. It seems the Dell network communications software used to talk to the printer does not work correctly on windows 7. I tried the 32, 64 and Vista version all with the same issue. I also updated the printer firmware via the USB connection.
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Dell V305 Printer Sucks
Posted by on
I just received this printer from the veterans affairs and it worked fine for a couple days... Then it wouldn't feed the paper right. I unplugged it to check what was the problem just to plug it back in and there was no power... I checked the troubleshooting link for Dell and the computer said the link is fortunate... Then I check this page and a customer left a complaint about Dell v305 printer and when I check it the site said reviewed for solicitation... It seem like there is no help where ever I turn...Nice job Dell... Seems even tho your services are crappy no one can do nothing about it... I will go to a radio station if I have to or create my own website if I have to... So these multi mega rich corporation stop ripping people off....

If you see this complaint it means you are lucky to be reading it... It probably will get pulled for solicitation.. .My service tag is 45247f1... This is a true story.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/05/2009:
Probably the complaint that was removed advertised a link to another website or something.

I suggest that you tell the VA office about your experience and ask them to give you another printer from a different brand.
Anonymous on 02/06/2009:
The troubleshooting page works. It's the specific links that are broken. Visit a user forum for better help.
oldisgood on 02/07/2009:
you got your printer from "veterans affairs"? Is this my tax dollars at work?
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Laser Color Printer 5110cn
Posted by on
CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA -- DO NOT BUY THIS PRINTER! For starters, it is huge. Then, when you first send a document to be printed, it starts to warm up and makes a very annoying noise that lasts for a few minutes. This happens every time you want to print. In addition, I hardly ever print in color, yet one of the color cartridges spilled all its toner on the tray and I started getting magenta printouts. This is part of a trend I've seen lately in Dell. I've been a faithful Dell consumer 9(have bought about 20 of their computers over the years), and lately their quality has gone down considerably.

After returning 4 keyboards, 3 mouse (mice?), and one computer I'm ready to go Mac!
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Impossibility Of Good Service Ordering Ink Cartridges
Posted by on
SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO -- I advise people not to buy a Dell printer V305. Their ink cartridges are not sold in office supply stores, at least near me.

To order I had to talk to a person in India who kept me on the phone for 30 minutes trying to get me to purchase other items. He insisted he could not take my order if I did not listen to his endless sales pitches for other products. Also, he could not take my order unless I answered personal questions (e.g., who was going to use the computer, where was the computer located,etc.). Also, he could not let me talk to a supervisor. All these things were "not allowed," or "against the law." No more Dell for me. I will never buy a printer from them again. I was outraged.

I kept repeating (at least 20 times), "I just want to order three ink cartridges." But no, this man kept me on the phone for 30 minutes. Finally I just hung up, without ordering.
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moneybags on 09/11/2008:
Do you have a Walgreens with the ink cartridge refill service?
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THE WORST customer service
Posted by on
Customer service is a waste of valuable time with Dell. It is outsourced to India. I purchased a Dell Multi-Function Laser Printer 1125 that jammed paper constantly. Finally they replaced it. We received the replacement a couple of weeks ago. It does the EXACT same thing. Called customer service and in 25 minutes of wasted time both the rep I got at first AND her "supervisor" that I requested repeated the same 2 things- no returns after 21 days; I could talk to technical support. Emailed customer service and got EXACTLY the same line. Naturally, I do not want ANOTHER defective printer. Overpriced, terrible quality, and useless customer service. And of course, I had to google to find a corporate mailing address.

And, their web site is TERRIBLE. I have never gone to the website without getting some type of error message at least once. It is virtually impossible to send an email unless you go through the difficulty of drilling down through their customer support pages on the website, and then it has a limited place for your comments. NO WHERE ON THE WEBSITE could I find an email address for customer service; any communication had to be made through their website, with no email address shown, just "submit." I will never do business with Dell again, and I have spent a HUGE amount of money with them in the past.
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Anonymous on 04/18/2008:
Dell doesn't have a special email address for customer service or for any other department. Unfortunately you will have to use their email form. Then pray.
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Dell's Worthless Printer and Customer Service
Posted by on
On March 30, 2007, my mother bought me a new Dell with printer and Vista. It was a surprise that she and I have regretted since it arrived. But I am only complaining about the printer which has not performed properly since setup. It has never finished a print job and would not allow me to purge canceled print jobs. I had to disconnect the printer and restart the printer every time I used it and even then it would start up printing out the canceled job. After using a few pages the printer would remind me that I needed to order ink because mine was running low. The ink cartridges can only be purchased through Dell.
I have friends who are actually computer savvy and they could not find the problem so I decided to call for technical support. My mother paid extra for an extended warranty and technical support.

I called early in the morning to allow plenty of time before I had to go to work. However, I spent three hours on the phone with the technician and missed time from my job—an expense not covered by any warranty. The printing problem seemed to be resolved. The next morning it would not print and I didn’t have time for a three-hour chat. The technician was polite but I had to work. I tried to get the printer working after work when my son needed to work on a final for college but had no success. I bought a new printer (a Canon) and sent Dell a complaint and called my mother to ask that they send her a refund for the printer.

After several calls and emails (mine never received a response) Dell decided that we were entitled to a new printer. I tried one more email to remind them that I already owned a new Cannon and didn’t want a new Dell printer. They sent me a refurbished printer instead of a new replacement. My mother called them to remind them that the printer was only three months old and was told it was no longer under full warranty. Now I have two used Dell printers and am expected to send them the original. I tried to call the company again and never reached a human. I sat on hold for fifteen minutes before hanging up and writing this complaint.

I feel like Dell does not care about its customers. They took advantage of my 80 year old mother and now do not have to stand behind their product. I will never purchase a Dell product and will make sure that anyone I talk to about computers knows about my experience. Customer service is nonexistent at Dell.
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User Replies:
trumania on 08/07/2007:
Could be the printer was installed with the incorrect software. IE. Windows Vista should have a separate installation disc or installation file/option.

I tried looking for a driver download for you but I couldn't find anything on Dell's website or on Google regarding a "Dell 945 printer".

Try looking through your installation instructions to make sure you installed the software correctly. If not, that could be causing your problems. Also find the model number of the printer and go onto the Dell website to see if there are any software/driver updates which may solve the problem.

Good Luck.
Helen3 on 08/08/2007:
I should never write anything when I'm angry. The computer was purchased March 2007 and the printer is a 946.
trumania on 08/08/2007:
Go to this link:

And click on the little + sign under the " 3 Items - Use the Category filters above to narrow your results"

It will expand the list with three items, one driver, and 1 firmware update.

First uninstall the printer and then install the first file the driver, that driver is supposed to work with Windows Vista, once that is complete install the 2nd file, the firmware update, and then restart the computer.

Hopefully that will fix the problem. Good luck.
Sweetpea2u on 08/15/2007:
I have had the same problems with the printer. I purchased the printer with my new Dell pc , between the combination of the Vista program and the printer problems. I regret the purchase. Today I am trying to scan a portrait for a brochure I am creating for my business. I have uninstalled and I'm going to uninstall again and try the above link, crossing my fingers. From one consumer to another, make another choice this printer is NOT worth the headache nor the $96.00.
Sweetpea2u on 08/15/2007:
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