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Dell Customer Support Calls American Greedy
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Dell Customer Support calls American Greedy: In a surprising move last week, the DELL Executive Customer Support Team reportedly decided to not return the personal property of a customer, because, and I quote, “the term Greed comes to mind.” (Executive Team) Now, as surprising as this may seem, apparently the customer in question has had a computer in for repair with DELL for over 60 days, and, apparently is a greedy American, according to the Sr. Executive from customer support, based in India. This is a blow to customer support for Dell, as these types of racial slurs and discrimination were not expected.

But, apparently this is widespread within the customer support division based in India, with repeated accounts of rude and disrespectful behavior towards American customers. For this customer, one can only hope that the illegality of holding onto private personal possessions, when in fact, it has been verified that they are the rightful owner, that higher-ups will step in and return their merchandise, as this smacks of blatant racism and will not help Indian US relations.

You may contact the Executive Customer Support Team with inquiries as to why they have taken this stance at: 1.800.624.9897 Ext. 72-83898 9 – 6, Sun-Thur. CST. This is the highest level of support at Dell, and consists of only 12 personnel. You can also send letters of concern to: Michael Dell, CEO Dell Inc. One Dell Way Round Rock, Texas 78682 or to the registered agent for Dell Inc. at: Dell Corporation Service Co. 211 East 7th Street Suite 620 Austin, TX 78701.

Warranty That Is a Joke - Lack of Service
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Rating: 1/51

List of problems with my Dell tower XPS9100. The computer has had issues for several months with me trying to get help in between medical issues with no success! I started having major issues with still having a full year of warranty. I paid for a supposed virus fix that the tech support claimed was causing my problems. This was a one time service! The issues continues to manifest and after being frustrated further I bit the bullet and called again. This time the issues were: The computer reboots in the middle of a program for no apparent reason.

The screen has technically exploded in colors and no way to shut off computer to retry without physically holding down the power button or actually unplugging the computer. The computer freezes in screens where the keyboard or mouse will not work, again causing the only solution of the power button or power cord. These problems can occur in a game program or just on the internet. They may occur at other times, but as I am handicapped and medically retired, the only thing I do is either play a game or read the news on the internet or my email account.

Finally the frustration in having a full in-home warranty for 4 years and the tech support that cannot seem to fix the issues. I was originally told this problem was a virus and I paid to fix the problem. The fix did not fix the issues! I spent a full day on this. This last week after many months of frustration where I did not even try to use the computer, I finally called with the list of complaints above. The tech team claims they can show no errors for the physical items in the computer and after many hours, a full wipe and reboot is accomplished.

The issue is still not resolved and the computer reboots for no apparent reason, freezes up and does not operate or the power becomes the issue again, however, this time all of the error codes that had been popping up before the wipe are not showing. The disruptive service is like I rebooted the system, the freezing screens and my physical shutting off of the computer is not showing an error like it has always done. The final time last night the computer screen exploded in color as if the ATI Radion 5800 was having issues, tried to restart, I saw a flash of the explosion of colors before it quit functioning at all.

I called tech support again, told the tech the power issue and said "please send your tech and he can verify the problems or I can ship the tower to you and let your team see the issues!" His answer: "we do not send a tech until we know what parts need replaced, we do not have a tech system that repairs the towers anymore, only the laptops and notebooks. Read your warranty! You either continue to take the steps I outline or your warranty is no good!"

Finally, I explained I have medical issues, currently my lack of use for both arms, etc. and it is hard for me to do a lot of what he wants. He basically said "read the warranty. You either do it or you get no support to fix the computer."

How many times does a person have to go through the steps and issues without success before Dell support actually does more than talk on a telephone? Do they figure they can keep giving me the run around for the next year until my warranty expires? I am willing to even give my phone number to someone in corporate to talk with to resolve the issue as the tech service (I paid extra for north America service) seems to lack the ability to actually fix the problem!

Dell Technical Support - as told by a naive customer
By -

METRO ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have owned seven previous Dell computers, and have seen the company descend from the mountain top to live in the gutter. My latest purchase was a Dell XPS 400. From the moment it came through the door, it suffered from Blue Screen of Death Syndrome. I called tech support and found that the accents in India have actually improved over the past few years, but the results were the same as the terrible service they have provided since exporting the tech support positions overseas. Windows provided information on what had provoked the BSOD but as far as I could tell the Dell techs never utilized the information.

They concluded the graphics card driver was corrupt, that the memory sticks were defective, that AOL Online software had provoked the trouble, etc. I had many, many interactions with different techs, none of whom seemed to be able to do more than read scripts. The final straw was when new memory sticks arrived and I seated them, turned on the computer and found an immediate BSOD. Somewhere along the way, though Dell does not make it evident, I had found that there was a 21-day "send it back for a refund" policy at Dell, though they go to extremes not to advertise the fact.

I called customer care and told them to take it back. They immediately switched me to a person whose role was obviously to persuade me not to do so. They offered to send a new machine. I might have taken them up on this, but I insisted I did not want any of the half-baked "free" software installed, especially as there were indications that AOL was at fault. Being a very flexible company in recent years, they told me they could not do this - they could only exactly duplicate the existing order.

I next asked if the 21 return policy clock would restart on delivery of the new machine, as by now I was 17 days into "ownership" and it was clear I would not have time to send a replacement back. They bobbed, they weaved, they told me I would never have the same problem with the next machine, and after ten minutes of evasion told me the clock would not restart. I still told them I would agree if they could restart the clock. Once again, being a very flexible unbureaucratic operation these days, they said they could not, and I said take it back.

Rather than agree they put a manager on the line who still tried to persuade me not to send it back, but eventually the deed was done - and more fun began. UPS came by to pick up the computer the next morning. I got shipping confirmation numbers, an acknowledgment from Dell, and a statement that my refund would come in 7-14 business days. I then got a confirmation from Dell that the computer had been received - and I started counting the days. In the meantime I got a call from India, asking if the box had been picked up. Incensed by this point I suggested that the agent should know because Dell had sent email confirming.

She next asked for the tracking numbers which in retrospect I should not have given her. I replied she should also knew that as Dell had emailed me the information. I gave her the numbers and pressed her as to who she was and why she was calling. She told me her manager had assigned her especially to expedite my return and that she would be my representative and keep me informed via email. Smelling a rat, I asked how soon the return would be credited and she said 10-15 business days. I discussed the subtleties of the meaning of "expedite" and pointed out her schedule was actually a delay, not an expediting.

I think this flustered her and she thanked me very much for the explanation and said goodbye. Before she got away, I asked her name, employee ID and phone number. As is usually the case, when I tried to reach her no one could find her, the number did not work, and I never received email. Yesterday the 13th business day was coming to an end with no contact from Dell and no refund, so I called customer care and was sure Heaven had smiled on me because I got a "born in the USA," located in the USA customer care rep. I explained the problem and lo and behold he found the machine was not logged as being back.

After holding for a half hour or so he came back on and told me he had discovered the machine had indeed come back on the date indicated in the Dell email but it had gone straight to the lab and had been there the whole time as they tried to find out what was wrong. I don't know if they succeeded, but may God protect anyone who buys the machine as a refurb because Dell certainly won't. My new friend told me he would make sure the refund cycle would start the next day.

Having smelled many evasions, lies, and rats while talking to Dell on the phone I asked if the refund would complete the next day, as that would be the allotted 14th business day. He said no, and after evading the issue said it would be 7-14 more business days because the machine had been snagged by the lab, probably due to my "personal" Indian expediter. I pointed out I did not care about Dell's internal process, bureaucracy, etc., only their commitment to finish in 7-14 business days. He told me that he understood, and he gave me the number for the Credit Card Verification office that would make this happened.

As a result of our new "born in the USA" friendship, he gave me his email address **, told me he read email every 15 minutes and told me to use a particular phrase (** you asked me to contact you) as the subject as his email filter would immediately alert him to customers he felt compelled to give special help. He committed to calling me immediately to help if I emailed him indicating the refund train had jumped the tracks. Feel free to email ** if you need help! So I called the number he gave me, and Satan stepped in. Someone in India with a very bad accent answered.

It was not Credit Card Verification, and I could not tell exactly what it was, but the person transferred me to a number - which turned out to be Customer Care in India. They had no idea of what had transpired so I said goodbye and mailed off an email to my "born in the USA" friend. Fifteen minutes, and hour, and two hours went by with no response. I sent a second email. No response. This morning (the next day) I sent a third email - no response. So with heavy heart I called customer care and felt a slight rise in spirits when another "born in the USA" person answered.

I got to the root of the problem, he went away for a while, confirmed everything and said he had gotten the refund process started. Knowing what the answer would be I asked how long this would take - and he said "10-15 business days". Since this is a very simple paperwork issue, I asked if, given the situation, he could not expedite this (of course that might have caused even more delay). Again, the great flexibility of the current Dell bureaucracy caused him to say the process did not allow for this, no matter what the Dell commitment might say.

I asked for the name of someone farther up the Dell ladder of the worthy to whom I could voice my opinions and he said policy would not permit him to give me another name. Having been defeated he asked very enthusiastically if there was anything else he could do for me. I told him that Dell should take pity on any prospective purchaser of the machine as a refurb and should crush it instead. He assured me that he would put this request into the records of the machine and would make sure this happened. I am certain he will.

He then, by the book as had all the other great folks who had helped me resolve my problem, thanked me for being a Dell customer. He also told me I would promptly receive an email from him verifying the contact and giving me a means to contact a special representative, if in 14 business days I have not received the refund. True to form, 8 hours later I have not received that email. I can tell the Dell course on avoiding follow-through on commitments is being taught very effectively.

Overall I saw a tremendous number of evasions, broken commitments. and promises to contact me from a company which used to be the best on the planet which has now succumbed to incompetence, bureaucratic sclerosis, and absolute contempt for the customer. For those of you who do in the future purchase Dell equipment, may luck and heaven be with you, for if there is a significant problem you will probably be left to wander in the lower circles of Dante's Inferno. Maybe you will find Michael Dell there as well.

Dell - Worst Customer Service in my Life
By -

I'm at the end of my rope. Let me give you an excellent example of why so many end-users are fed-up with Dell:
2 years ago, March 21, 2009, I bought an XPS M1330 for my son's high school graduation. From the first, every time he opened the laptop, we would see odd marks on the screen. By May, it was clear that the marks were an imprint of the keyboard, and this had gotten so bad that it was hard for him to decipher what was on the screen. We had purchased a 2 year warranty, so called tech support, and a very nice young man came out and replaced the screen.

Within a few months, the same thing happened again, and this time the tech replaced the bezel and the screen. My son went off to college, and the next year when he came home for the summer, he showed me that the screen was badly marked again. Again, the tech came, replaced the bezel, screen, and I believe the hinge that time as well.

Finally, on 2/14 of this year, when I knew that the warranty was about to run out, I called my son and asked how the screen was. All marked-up again, he said. So I called tech support and told them it was clearly an unfixable problem and that we needed a replacement laptop, as this one would never work correctly.

After an hour-and-a-half on the phone with tech and customer support, all in India (and let me assure you, language was a problem, attitude was a problem, lack of knowledge was a bad, bad problem), I agreed to try to have it fixed once more, this time replacing screen, bezel, hinge and keyboard. I was told by at least 5 individuals, including the tech who did this last work, that even if the warranty ran out, as long as the ticket was open, Dell would fix the problem for free. So the tech went to my son's dorm and did the work. I called my son yesterday, and he mentioned that the screen was getting marked-up again, after only 6 weeks.

That day, March 29, 2011, I spent 3 hours on the phone, went to 12 different departments, spoke with 17 different customer “support” reps, was told again and again that though they “didn't replace this model” (I was given many different reasons for this, none of which made any sense. I'm sure Dell had already spent more on tech support with this issue than a replacement would have cost), since the ticket was still open, they would replace everything again. This, of course, was not an adequate response, as it had already been well proven that this would not fix the problem.

Today, I was the unlucky recipient of a call from **, a member of the Executive Customer Support Team, a unpleasant and arrogant man, who told me that, not only wouldn't they replace the computer, they wouldn't even repair it again since it was now 8 days out of warranty, despite the ticket still being open. Did the many Dell reps who'd told me an open ticket would assure the problem would be fixed, lie? **, not at all a sunny man, would have me believe so, and told me that the problems with the screen were nothing but normal wear-and-tear, not a design problem or anything that deserved Dell's attention.

By the way, I was told by 2 techs that this has been a common problem across the model. Obviously, this model should have been recalled, but I guess if Dell won't pay Americans (10 percent unemployment in the US, and they sent thousands of jobs overseas) to work for them, they'll be too cheap to properly support their products. He told me that Dell would do nothing to fix the problem. Nothing at all. My son now has an expensive laptop that will be good for nothing but a door stop within 6 months, and Dell has refused to support this product.

Dell horror story, yet another
By -

I purchased a Dell xpsm2010 for around $3,000 in June of 2007. The ship date was 6/2/2007. The service tag is 5k0zmc1. I cannot find the exact purchase price on the Dell site. This was supposed to be the top of the line Dell laptop. The computer is still under warranty with around 450 days left. Out of the box windows did not work. I had too reinstall. No problem. The computer has never worked correctly for more than a couple of months. I have had 16 and am now on my 17th repair of the computer from Dell. I have had too reinstall windows probable ten times. I have probably spent over 24 hours of my time on the phone with them.

I asked for refund or a replacement they just keep sending parts too try and fix it. I have a email from Dell with all the dates and parts replaced. If you would like a copy let me know. I will list at the bottom of this anyway. I really can't even use the computer, even if I do it doesn't last long til it breaks down. It is currently broken and starts up but once in windows cannot run anything without taking ten years. They keyboard doesn't charge as well unless you stick a pencil or something under it. I eventually gave up and bought a desktop. I now need a laptop again for work and was using this but it is broken again. I would like a refund. It is costing me money not being able to be mobile and work.

I would like a full refund of the purchase price.

Technical Support Nightmare
By -

PAYSON, ARIZONA -- Although I am about to share a personal nightmare with technical support, I would like to state going in, my Dell XPS has been (hands down) the best product I have owned. Recently, I was walking with my laptop, moving it from one room to the next. I accidentally stepped on the cords hanging down and broke my audio jack. Completely my fault and a stupid thing to do.

My Dell (now 5 years old and still the faster machine around) was out of warranty. I knew the part I needed due to some personal trial and error testing. Sound card was okay, headset was okay (both tested), only part it could be was the jacks. I called Dell technical support and was transferred 4 times until I was speaking to the correct person. Apparently - out of warranty computers have their own *tech support* dept. It took more than 39 minutes to determine the actual part number of the fan I was calling to get replaced. This despite the fact I was holding the part in my hand and was describing it completely to each person I talked to.

Once I had the part number, it took another 5 transfers and more than 1.5 hours to actually order the part. I spoke with 9 different people during this experience, and all but one was rude, interrupted me constantly and refused to listen. If even one tech had stopped trying to pass me to someone else and actually listened to my situation, this could have been resolved very quickly.

UPDATE: The part arrived 5 days later and when it was installed in my computer, caused it to fail to boot. I replaced the old part back in and computer came right up. I put new part back in, same problem. I spent 1 hour 19 minutes trying to get the part replaced. I wound up buying the part again, and having it shipped. During a transfer to get an RMA number (11th transfer to a new person), I was disconnected. I called back and was on hold 21 minutes. When someone answered my call, I was informed that their computers were down, please try again in 3 hours.

Sheesh. I have loved my Dell computer, but now that it's time to replace it, I am not sure I will be staying with Dell. The technical support has become intolerable to work with. (this is just the most recent tech support nightmare for me). Dell, if you are listening... move your tech support back from India and teach them to listen and be courteous.

Dell Tech Repairman Caused Fire
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Here is the copy of the letter I wrote to Michael Dell. I need to preface this with letting you know, the letter got me a fast phone call from his representative in INDIA! SHAME ON YOU MICHAEL DELL!!

Excerpts of letter: On Monday, November 2nd, my Dell XPS 710 turned itself off and would not go on anymore. After one and a half hours on the phone with the Philippines they agreed to send a service technician to my home. He came on Thursday. When he was done replacing the mother board among other things, my husband walked him out to his car and came back in the house to get ready to leave on an appointment. Fortunately, he did that because he came in to find our office was filled with smoke and the computer on fire!! I hate to think of what could have happened. My dog could have been killed and my home destroyed!

My husband had the technicians phone number and called him immediately after unplugging the computer. The technicians response was that he could not return without a written work order from Dell. How ridiculous is that! My calls to tech support, once again in the Philippines initially got me, “So sorry Miss”.

When I pressed the facts that a Dell representative, nearly caused my home to go up in smoke, they moved me up to the resolution level and it was agreed they would send me another computer equal or better to replace this one. Beyond that point I can get nowhere. They also asked my husband to plug in the computer to see if it went on. Plug it in? What? Cause another fire? I don't think so.

I was told the following: It would be a built using refurbished parts - NOT acceptable to me. I want new with full warranties and service; It would take up to 3 weeks for the computer to ship - Again, NOT acceptable. I am virtually unemployed without this computer. What do I explain to clients who have set deadlines for their work. Additionally I will be away for 10 days after November 18th. It cannot be delivered. AND I have to finish work before I leave. NOTE: IT IS NOW THE 19TH, IT IS NOT BUILT, LET ALONE SHIPPED.

If I ordered a new computer on line it wouldn't take that long to build it! I requested that a service tech come out when the new computer comes to rescue whatever can be salvaged off the hard drive of my now useless computer. My recent work and programs are on there! I was told “So sorry, we don't do that: You will have to hire a technician on your own". I have to pay? I didn't cause the fire!

Mr Dell, we have had only Dell computers for the going back 12-15 years. Ever since you sent you outsourced your technical and customer service to overseas, the service has been slow and ever so frustrating, while listing to someone you can barely understand, read out of a manual. They are respectful and courteous to a point of frustration because they tell you nothing!

With the utmost respect I want to say that my house could have burned to the ground, my dog could have been killed, and to hear days of, 'Yes mam, so sorry to hear this mam.” And, “This is all we can do, you have reached the top level of our support team."

When you do not get called back as promised, and a message is left that they will call again in a few days”. This is not acceptable anymore. When you are told there is no one on the escalation team available and they mysteriously find one, who just happens to be the woman who left the message, she would call again on Monday. On top of that she tells you she was too busy to call you again, but that I call too much. Well that is just over the top.

I would like to resolve this replacement of the computer, I am unemployed until this happens. My business is in jeopardy because I cannot meet client deadlines and my house could have burned down. I would think it would behoove Dell to want this taken care of, and me to be satisfied so this would just go away.

It is very simple and easy. Send me a new computer, not a refurbished one, equal to the XPS 710 as soon as possible. At the very least I would like delivery before I leave on November 18th. Send a technician who can retrieve the information on the hard drive of the damaged computer.

I do not think I am being unreasonable in my request, as this could well have caused the death of my pet, damaged to my home, and altered my life in too many ways, due to something a Dell representative did or didn't do while repairing my computer. Dell's liability would have been far greater than just replacing a computer.

Dell Corporate
By -

POCATELLO, IDAHO -- Final Step January 18: I received a call from Dell Corporate office who put me in touch with one of their corporate technicians who assisted me with the issues of Vista and wireless along with showing me locations on the internet to correct problems if they arise again. I can honestly state Dell is willing to go the extra mile and help out an individual as that is what happened to me today. The frustration of buying a computer and having it not work along with other issues that occurred was truly frustrating, but the corporate help in stepping in and taking part was not something I expected.

The system has been operating successfully for several hours as of this posting with zero issues. If you purchase a Dell, there may be issues, but if you have my success, Dell will find a solution - it just may take some frustration along the way until you get to the right person.

January 17 - Let me tell you the issues and frustration with the XPS420. The original computer delivered 1-5-08 was determined to have serious issues and another computer was sent. The original service tag was 26TYCF1. The new computer arrived today with basically the same issues of not connecting.

Steps I have taken: 1. Original computer arrived 1-5-08. Verified router had up to date drivers. Verified other pc's could connect wireless from the same location using XP and not Vista. Was sent external wireless connectors for the Vista system by customer service to try which would only work sporadically - if the system went to sleep mode it would be necessary to uninstall the external router and reinstall before it would work. Hard drive was reformatted through a hard line connection with technical support.

Spent 7 hours on the telephone with technical support using a cell telephone as I did not have a home telephone at the time. Internal diagnostic showed there was a problem at 98 percent that could not be corrected. Technician sent to replace the internal wireless only to have the system truly crash and fail -- technician told the tech service the computer needed to be replaced. New system ordered but told could not be changed to XP.

  1. Changed wireless router to Arris and obtained a home telephone line. Connected the two older computers to the system - one direct and one wireless. 3. New system arrived 1-17-08. No connection - verified with the wireless company that it was not their problem - diagnostic showed media service was an issue - diagnostic indicated it was a problem in the XPS420 and not the router.

  2. Called Dell Technical support and spoke with a technician. He was able to trouble shoot the system and get it running correctly by shutting off, disabling and reinstalling a variety of things in the computer. When this was completed it seemed to be functioning, but updates were obtained on systems installed by Dell and would require restarting the computer in order for the safety to take effect. When I restarted the computer I did not have internet service again. I recalled Dell Technical support and obtained an idiot with a mouth who would not listen to the problem or take the steps the last tech had when the system was repaired and working.

As I spoke with the tech - the system came on line for about twenty (20) minutes with an internet connection before failing again and showing local access only. This tech felt it was not the computer, but the router even when the trouble shooting showed the media system kept disabling itself.

  1. I asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold. I was on hold for 35 minutes when the tech came on the line and stated; he could not get my phone connected to the supervisor.

I have an XPS 420 Vista system that does not function. I have purchased a 4 year warranty package including in-home service and I cannot get satisfaction. I truly believe the problem is the Vista system. The service individual who came to the house felt it was the Vista system. I have proven that it is not the router using basic checks, such as: the other Dell computers can connect wireless, this system will connect when settings are changed in it, the router service has been called and verified their system is working correctly, and the other technician was able to get this system functioning. The problem is it failed once the system was rebooted.

I have spent close to 11 hours on the telephone with Dell Technical service and learned that you have quite a few who do not know what they are doing. I kept being placed on hold for up to 10 minutes in some cases while they went to talk with a supervisor.

I finally got a return call from the supervisor and was basically told to send the computer back. I was told to call customer service. After spending an additional 45 minutes on the telephone with Customer Service, they will send me the labels to ship the system and components back. I was told if I want an XP system, I will have to reorder including the peripherals. It truly is a waste to not just change the tower and keep my funds rather than sending everything back which will be processed as used and requiring me to order another computer.

SO - I did get my money back, but I still do not have a functioning computer.

Computer Problems
By -

TEXAS -- Purchased a new Dell with service contracts. All worked well for 2 months and then the problems started. Per contract terms, called tech support and over 4 days and 10 hours, each day found the computer losing files and functions that worked prior to tech support taking over control. All previous files and folders that were operable were deleted by Dell. Finally, the printer and scanner failed and prior to tech support, operated perfectly.

Under the terms of a 3 year maintenance agreement, if tech support can not resolve the issues, a Dell representative is supposed to come to my home to facilitate repair. This has been refused. Was referred to Dells resolution department, they refused to speak with me and I was transferred back to tech support who failed. I now sit with a $1900.00 two month old computer which is useless. What Dell promises prior to the sale does not happen afterward. You can not get customer service. ON lrequest, you get referred back to tech support. Really sorry I purchased this Dell.

Will NEVER buy another Dell
By -

My father bought me an XPS two years ago for the holidays. I thought it was a great machine... At first. Approximately 4 months into owning the computer my motherboard along with my A/C adapter crashed, leaving me with a broken computer. I called customer support and was immediately directed to their call center in India. The woman who I spoke to sent a service tech out to my house to fix the computer, replacing it's motherboard and A/C adapter. It has been 2 years since my initial call and I have had 4 new motherboards, 5-6 new A/C adapters, 3 new batteries, and countless other problems.

Initially I decided that computers have problems and that it was unreasonable to think that I was given a lemon, however, after all this time I truly believe that this is the case. I asked on numerous times for the techs to look further into the problem figuring that there was an underlying issue with my computer that was causing my motherboard to constantly crash. Not a single person from Dell or any techs sent out to my house were willing to explore this idea. Throughout this entire process I continued to ask about my warranty, concerned with what I was going to do with my computer once it expired.

Dell told me that they would fix the problem so that I would not have these issues, and lo and behold... Now my warranty is up and I am stuck with a computer that won't turn on. When I called Dell about it they told me that since my warranty was up, I had the option to pay $75.00 to talk to someone in a call center about my issue, not even to have someone come out to diagnose the problem.

All in all, my experience with Dell was very negative. I have ALWAYS owned Dells, but from these past two years I have come to the conclusion that I will never own one again. Their customer service is a joke, they do not look to fix your actual problems, and they are unwilling to correct their mistakes (like selling a college student a $1,300 computer that is a lemon). I would definitely not recommend buying one of these computers as all you will face are obstacles towards getting your brand new machine to work.

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