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Dell = Horrible Customer, Dissatisfaction and Frustration
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- It all started when I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 in 2007 or so from Best Buy. Within months of purchase the hard drive died. It happened 2 more times after that only months apart as well. I took it to Best Buy to have it replaced since I was covered. Then shortly after that it started overheating and shutting off. By then the Best Buy warranty was expired but the Dell warranty was active. I went through Dell and they replaced the heat sink but then it happened again just a few months later. The 1525 I bought was defective and Dell refused to admit it. I contacted the BBB to try to have Dell replace the laptop and they put up a fight.

They were also very rude and the customer service transferred me from person to person. They tried to blame Best Buy for my problems as well. Finally I spoke to someone willing to replace it but they tried to tell me I had to get a refurbished laptop. I fought that only because with all the trouble I had, I felt it was fair to get a brand new one. Finally they agreed. I got that replacement laptop but found they sent me the wrong charger. The replacement laptop was a Studio 1555 that needed a 90-watt charger and they sent me a 60-watt. After my bad experience with Dell I chose to buy the charger on my own. Shortly after that the battery died.

I called Dell Inc. and all they did was transfer me for 2 hours from person to person. No one wanted to help at all. It's like they don't care about their customers at all. They were rude and I didn't appreciate as a customer to be treated that way. One person told me that I did not buy anything from Dell and therefore they can't help me. I BOUGHT the original laptop from Best Buy but it was their product. Dell refuses to stand behind their product and take responsibility. All they know how to do is rude and disrespect their customers. The man said that I didn't buy directly from Dell and all Dell has been doing is helping me. Well duh! It's THEIR product. They should help.

Out of all the laptops I could've bought, I chose Dell. Isn't that enough for them to want to satisfy the customer? It's disgraceful and unacceptable. Something needs to be done because I am not the only one who has suffered with bad customer service. Why should we as customers stay loyal to a company that obviously can care less if they have unsatisfied customers? Now I have to shell out a lot of money to replace a battery that's defective after only 6 months. It's not acceptable at all. Something has to be done to fix this because all I see are bad reviews of Dell with bad customer service. Shouldn't happy customers matter to a company? We deserve better.

Dell - after you buy - hope you don't have any problem....
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I have a Dell laptop, approximately 3 months old, hardly used it as I have an Dell (5 yrs old) ready to die - just bought the new one in case this goes at least I won't have to wait as I have my business websites I need to use all the time. Now I also decided to get a mini, so I could take it with me. The salesman gave me the idea of remote access. Here my story starts. When I got the computer, I called Dell to activate my remote access, they told me I would be better off with file sharing, so I did - 6 hours later, done. The next morning something wasn't working, 2 hours later, OK again.

The next day I decided to open Musicmatch, I just wanted to download a song. As it did not open and sent me a non-compatible message, I called Dell again. 2 or 3 hours later, after opening and closing many things on my computer, nothing but error messages came up so he told me I need a new computer. I have too many issues. He would call the hardware department and let them know and he disconnected me. I called back as I needed to know what is going on I can't use my computer and the next technician said he would help me fix it. After about an hour he asked me if I had XP I said "No I have windows 7".

He informed me that Musicmatch shouldn't even be on my computer and would download another one for me. After he thought he was done, it had no sound, after another hour or so he backed up my files so he could reinstall the operating system, now another couple of hours and nothing opened. He also told me to call in the morning and ask for a new computer.

In the morning I spent approximately 5 hours trying to get a new computer, the only thing I got finally was that they would send a new hard drive. I was not happy with that and I finally got someone in the Customer service department that said they could send a replacement but it is refurbished. I did not want refurbished as my computer was new and they ruined it. He told me that I would be better off with a hard drive and if it did not fix the problem then get the refurbished. Now I get the hard drive, the programs are on it. By the way I thought I was set. Well the files they saved no one knew where they could by found.

Again after another 5 hours, "Sorry about that" I'm told. Every time I want to do something I would have to call Dell. I wanted to open a youtube, the picture wouldn't come on, they fixed it. I wanted to open a file, couldn't, they had to download Adobe. I wanted to print, couldn't, they work - "They do must have changed the settings", they say. They have a Dell dock, which are icons on top - it wouldn't stay. Approximately 3 phone calls for that, finally someone tells me the spyware one of the technician put on my computer is incompatible with the Dell dock, so they took it off. Now my email doesn't save, that gets solved.

O.K. do you get the idea? By the way it is still not working properly. My salesmen must have emailed the someone, I got a call from the Tech Dept. saying they would look at the records and let me know what they would do for me. I felt maybe someone would see what I am going through, I now have spent 56 hours on the phone with Dell in a one-week period, lost 3 days work, my family is ready to disown me and throw the computers out, so let's see what happens.

This is what happens, the corporate office calls me, doesn't really want to hear anything because he has the records, but I tell my story. He actually says "I see you have had a couple of instances", he corrected that quick with "quite a few instances", "but I can't send you a new computer, is it alright if I call you in 3 or 4 days to see if your computer is working?" Well what do you think about that? Not even the corporate office in a company as large as Dell can or will do anything to make it better. Now mind you each and everyone, almost, there were a couple of exceptions were polite and wanted to be helpful.

Every time you call Dell it takes about 10 minutes to get someone. Their system is "Tag number please, name, what is your problem, I'll get you someone, now here we go again", same, maybe 3 times before you get to where you have to. Now a couple of hours, then some other department because they can't do it. Every time they put you on hold you get disconnected and have to start all over again, same questions, everyone sends you to their manager who can make a decision, who then sends you to their manager who can make a decision. Guess what? No one can make a decision.

Well, this is the end of my story. I think the final straw was when the corporate office tells me knowing that I still do not have a properly working computer that was so obviously ruined by Dell technicians and my records show how many calls and issues I have had, with stress and disconnects and all those hours on the phone and still does nothing, something is really wrong with this picture. Thanks for listening, that's more than Dell did.

If I Had Only Known Then......
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I recently purchased, on the phone, the pc/printer pair selected by Dell's sales rep, who was slick as glass. I was looking for a nonrecreationally oriented pc for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining my own website for the promotion and sales of my current book online. I used the function on their website entitled "Everything You Want and Nothing you Don't" which seemed to be ideal for my purposes.

Actually, I have had the two items since the beginning of June 2010, about six weeks ago, and I don't know how the PC will do, other than the fact that from the beginning, a disc placed in the CD/DVD burner, which, due to the design, stands upright, and the disc is therefore standing on the edge upright, rather than lying flat, tips back and forth scraping as it is performing the current action.

I have used the pc very little, as the download of Office Suite 2010 Pro Plus they promised me for accepting the 2007 version, for temporary usage, which is technically obsolete, and a nightmare to try to use, was provided to me with an invalid Product Key, which is what they call the ID code for licensing. When I tried to activate it, Microsoft shut down my computer entirely, basically accusing me of being a "pirate".

This action caused me to be totally out of communications for over a week, and would still be the case, had I not been able to access one Indian "tech" who finally stayed on the phone through numerous disconnects from more "senior" techs she thought would help me, and phone me back when she had one on the line. I had to try to reach Dell by phone, since I could not even access the desktop of my pc. The full India runaround prevailed for over a week -- almost full time -- in attempts to get my pc turned back on. Dell knew exactly how the shut down had been done, and turned it back on, so it was all too familiar with them to have happened the only time.

Incidentally, if they also pull this stunt on you, the way to turn it back on, is NOT to try to use your mouse to click something it won't reach, to stop a threatened reset to factory default, that will not be possible to undo; (which even has a countdown by seconds to paralyze the user) you must realize that MS -- dear old MS -- has utilized an old DOS program, which is something archaic enough that most current users would not be familiar with, which requires you to use the arrow key to stop it, as it will neither recognize, respond to a mouse click, or provide you with the opportunity to navigate to select the option to stop it. That will effectively regain you access to your desktop again. Don't mention it; it is my pleasure!

However, the 2010 Office download sits in my programs without my being able to activate it. My computer would again be shut down! If I hadn't reached the Indian representative who took my phone number, and also stayed on the line through several transfers leading to only a dial tone, and finally phoned me back, in horror of what her (new, would be my guess) employer was perpetrating upon its customers, I would still be in possession of a very dead piece of expensive decor, instead of a semi-functioning device, short of the software with which to bring about the promised performance from Dell.

With the faulty Office 2007 software, I have had what would amount to full days, if the hours were pieced together, with my ISP techs trying to get the Outlook app to stay functional. It still won't let me format my outgoing email, and the block junk mail senders doesn't work. I still have mountains of the same junk mail daily, which I have to move about three times just to double delete it on each day's arrivals. Dell, without consulting me, added a 3-yr. warranty which I never would have bought, and which I will never be able to activate, in all likelihood, as I am securely barred from reaching anyone in the US, let alone in a position of authority.

I have had to find (thank Heaven for small favors) Open Office by Oracle and Sun Microsystems (I think) which approximates the best of Word. I haven't tried the other equals, such as Power Point, and Excel. By the way, if they leave you cut off from the communications technology you've bought and paid for from them, Google a no charge email program which has been around for years. I won't list the name here, but just search for a classic email program, which can be downloaded from the web for no cost. You'll get several mentions in the top half of the first page, with links to the website. It's very much like Outlook at its best version.

It's taken me many hours with my ISP special tier tech to try to get it to work with its servers, though, with another 2-3 hour session (I fear) scheduled 3 hours from now, to hopefully connect with their servers, as each ISP, I assume from this experience, partners with only one (major) software co. We all know who I'm referring to, I imagine. I had a very sleepless night stressing as to whether or not I will ever receive the services and equipment I paid out almost $1300 to Dell for. Oh yes, the printer, you ask? Well, it wasn't hooked up for the first three weeks, as with no promised software, there was nothing to print or scan.

About the time I began to acquire the substitute software from the web, I tried to install it. It turned out that it was shipped partially disassembled, with no instructions for the installation of what turned out to be the printhead. Who knew? Well, finally, I got it displaying some signs of life, but on a test run, the grinding sounds and shaking as if it would self destruct, were topped off by its failing to release the sheets, and holding them mangled in its clutches. I turned it off, worked the pages gently free as it maintained its death grip on them, to find that the ink was smeared on them. When I tried a second time, it would not turn on -- even the power switch.

Now, after having been ripped off by another electronics Company, Apex, over the Christmas Holidays, in connection with two dTV converter boxes for my TV sets, which had a button on the remote, which was located closely adjoining the number buttons, and assured to be accidentally touched, likely, sooner than later, which turned on closed circuit captioning which had no method of turning off, but remained forever covering the screen with moving text of the full dialogue, not just abbreviated subtitles as with a foreign movie, I have become assured of the futility of addressing the State Attorney General's Consumer Protection Department.

I received a letter from them a few weeks ago -- six months after the fact that they don't do anything to assist the consumer. Same deal with the Federal Trade Commission, and this time, after being run through the wringer, as all of you contributors, only will fully understand, the local ADA from the DA's Office Consumer and Environmental Protection Unit, after three weeks of telling me that I am placing him in overkill with the details of my saga with Dell and their rotating three Indian call center "techs" and the best he can do for me is to try to access some local technician on the warranty section of my sales paperwork to come out and fix the problems, minus, of course, the hundreds of $$$ for the promised 2010 Office Suite Pro Plus.

We all know how terrified that phone call is going to make Dell, don't we, kiddies? It is my very sad conviction that the country has become such an oligarchy that the mega corps will become even more brazen in their exploitation of the American consumer as time passes. After all, even on the small claims court level, have you ever sat and watched to see who loses and pays up? The consumer whose teeth have been ruined by the malpractice of the dentist the judge plays golf with twice a week? Not very likely, Quien Sabe!

Horrible Experience
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I bought a Dell Inspiron 1470 from Best Buy sometime in Dec. Soon after, one of the keys popped up and was replaced by Dell through the mail where I had to remove the old keyboard and replace it myself. Keep in mind that I had no idea what I was doing and didn't have any instructions on how to do it. At the end of March while I was doing homework, the laptop crashed. I contacted Dell who sent me out a box (label provided) to return the laptop to be repaired.

I immediately took the computer and the box to a drop-off location (what they suggested). About a week later (first week of April), I called Dell to check the status and they said that the computer was still being worked on. I called about two weeks later and this time they said that they haven't received it yet. I called several times after that, and each time I called I had to tell the story from the beginning. I asked them how come they don't keep notations in my record so I won't have to go through this every time I call and they all claimed that they do.

After attempting to track the package by myself and Dell, it was discovered that the tracking number that was sent with the box was from Dell to another customer in another city in 2009. They then told me to call FedEx to help track it and they had the same info from 2009. FedEx did not take fault for this and I refused to. After calling several more times, explaining myself all over AGAIN, being left on hold for hours, waiting 5-6 business days for someone to call me back, Dell FINALLY sent me out a REFURBISHED replacement in early May because I had just past the 90-day mark to receive a NEW replacement.

I called Dell to let them know that the specs were not the same, but I could not be helped because the replacement's service tag # was not attached to my account (this was after she asked me if I had sent the original back and telling the whole story again). When the service representative tried to attach the service tag #, she said that I had to call back because she couldn't do it at that time. I have yet to call back because of the hassle.

Two weeks with the refurbished laptop, I have received letters, emails and phone calls to return the original because they have not received it yet. Are you kidding me?! It is now June and the last message I received was a threatening message that I will no longer be able to receive help until I return it. First of all, Dell HAS NOT helped me, has NEVER helped me, and this whole laptop situation was a horrible experience and very time consuming and I will NEVER buy another Dell or refer them to a friend!

Lack of knowledgeable customer service
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I am writing this letter about Dell due to my grave dissatisfaction with the support I have tried to receive after purchasing an Inspiron 1521 notebook in October of 2007. The notebook I purchased has not worked properly since the 5th day I received it. The computer will continuously shut itself off on a daily basis, sometimes only minutes after being turned on. I called the support desk immediately after encountering the problem and have spent countless hours on the phone with Dell Support trying to get this remedied.

On six separate occasions the support team had remotely logged into my computer, recognized there was a problem, restored my computer back to its original state and still the computer does not work properly. The support team even had me uninstall and reinstall the operating system twice. I am by no means computer illiterate, but I feel that I should not have to do this to a computer I paid over $1200 for. They also sent me a new hard drive to install, and again, as a consumer, I feel this was not a part of what I paid for.

As for actually getting through to Dell Support which took, on average, 17 minutes each time to get a live person, I would continuously get hung up on. I can't begin to count the amount of times I was hung up on. To give an example, on December 4th, I was hung up on 4 times. To me, this is just poor business practice. I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and was told no one was there; again poor business practice.

My frustration level has been escalated each time because each time I was given a different response and clearly they recognized there was a problem with the computer. They even told me that the problem was with the operating system, but there was nothing they could do for me because they only warranty hardware. Again, I purchased the operating system with the computer because I had to, therefore I would have assumed there would not have been a problem with it.

At this point, I am going on over a year that the computer has not worked properly and it has been the same problem since I first got the computer. I was then told that I can no longer get service from Dell because my warranty expired and I would have to pay an additional $49 for them to talk to me. It is the same problem that was never fixed and yet Dell wants me to pay more money for an extended warranty. I can't go into detail every call I made with Dell Support or every service tag I had with them because that was all saved on my computer and I no longer have a working computer.

I have to believe there are ways for someone to research these calls to understand my frustration level. I purchased a Dell because of their reputation and I am beyond disappointed. I feel that as a consumer, if I purchase something that does not work, the company would or should stand behind their product. This has not been the case with Dell and I just feel that I should not still be dealing with an original problem on my computer that was there from day 5.

I have sent a letter to Corporate because I was not getting anywhere with Dell Support and I was hoping someone could look into the problem and actually give me a solution. I am just a consumer who purchased a computer that assumed would work. Dell never got back to me. It is 2 1/2 years later and I had to purchase a new computer. Rest assured it was not a Dell.

Dell, Me and the Black Hole of Calcutta
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TEXAS -- Two months after receiving my system, the remote speaker unit, which houses the left and right rear speakers, failed. In other words, there was no 5.1 surround sound. The first time I called Dell I assumed I would be sent a replacement part. I'm an experienced software/hardware engineer, and before calling Dell I spent more than an hour running tests.
Because at the time I did not have a broadband connection on that PC, the representative was unable to do a remote diagnosis.

I waited a day and called back twice. I spoke to a representative with a thick Indian accent. I described the problem and recounted all the tests I had performed. Unfortunately the language barrier made it difficult for us to understand each other. Nevertheless, he insisted that I go through the same testing routine I had already performed. He told me to repeat the tests and then call back the next day.

Before hanging up I insisted that Dell send me a replacement speaker unit but the representative turned me down. The next day I called Dell and spoke to a different representative with a better command of English (but a poor knowledge of PCs). Well, guess what? He insisted that I repeat the same tests. He put me on hold for ten minutes. When he returned, he added a new twist; he instructed me to uninstall my Bluetooth software. I told him that the speakers had nothing to do with Bluetooth, but he insisted that it was a Bluetooth problem. Of course, it wasn't.

I ignored his instructions but pretended that I had uninstalled Bluetooth. He had me unplug and plug several cables, but my speakers were still dead. After 15 more minutes of listening to him thumb through some pages, I became exasperated and ended the call. A week later I again called Dell. The rep's English was so bad that we constantly had to repeat almost everything we said to each other. After studying the history of my problem, he insisted that I repeat the tests. I refused and told him it was a waste of time, but he would not proceed until I did the tests again.

After pretending to do the tests, he had me turn off the PC and disconnect every cable. While cursing him under my breath, I complied. Ah, the speakers began to work. I was pleased and thought I finally had surround sound. The representative did tell me to disconnect and reconnect all the speaker wires once a week. I ended the call by thanking him profusely. But after 15 minutes, the speakers died, along with any hope I had of resolving the problem.

The next day I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, who gave me some mumbo-jumbo about why Dell could not send me a new speaker unit. I became furious and threatened to complain to the state attorney general's offices in Texas and California. Perhaps it was my anger more than my threats that finally got results. Two days later, a complete set of new speakers arrived at my home. They've been working well ever since. NOTE: I plan to build my next PC from scratch.

Customer service/shipping nightmare
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About a year and half ago, my father bought me a Dell Latitude laptop when I decided to return to school to finish my degree. He also went so far as to get the extended warranty with home service to make sure that if anything happened, it would be taken care of quickly and efficiently. At first, everything was great. I had an issue with my keyboard where keys started to come off for some reason. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone verified my warranty and had a person there fixing my keyboard in about a day. I also had an issue where I was staying at a friend's place and they tripped on the cord breaking the monitor.

One more call to Dell and two days later I not only had a new monitor, but they had taken the time to ask if anything else needed replacing while they were shipping things. I was having some issues with my CD/DVD RW drive, so I had them fix it while they were at it. They asked about cracks in the case and even shipped out some parts to fix a few small issues. They went ahead and confirmed everything and said that since they had to special ship the monitor (I don't think any of their contracted installers had one showing on hand) and it was a weekend, it would unfortunately be delayed until Monday.

They then actually apologized for causing me to have to wait a whole 24 hours. I was floored since I was used to having to fight with their customer service for my old desktop. The installer showed up on time and fixed everything, it was great. Now, go forward about three months. Once again, I started to have keyboard issues. Silly me, I called Dell expecting the process to be just as painless as before. Instead I was told that the keyboard is now a self-install but that they would get me a new one shipped ASAP. I had watched the installer fix my other keyboard so I knew it wasn't hard to do and told them that it would be fine.

The agent even offered to arrange a call for me in case I needed someone to walk me through it. The keyboard came and life was grand once again. About a month or two after that, I moved to Alaska in order to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage. Here's where the real fun starts. First, my keyboard started to lose keys again. I just ordered a replacement off of eBay and installed it myself. Then my hard drive went. I called Dell customer service and the recording asked me for my express service code. Since this is printed on the bottom of the laptop, you know, the part that sits on your lap, it had long since worn away.

Foolishly I pressed the option that said I didn't have an express service code. I then got routed to "normal" laptop customer service. I didn't know there was a special one. Anyway, after finally connecting to a customer service agent, I was told I had called the wrong customer service; that my father had used his government discount to buy the laptop so I needed their customer service. They then gave me the number and we disconnected. I called the other number, they told me that they had actually stopped making the Latitude D630 so I would need a different "Latitude specific" line. I was given the number and transferred to this line.

Come to find out, this was the regular customer service line, and it only went to Latitude when I put in my express code to tell the machine that I had a Latitude. How did I find this out? The customer service agent told me and transferred me, back to the same line. Rinse and repeat that process about three times. In the meantime, I'm trying to do a diagnostic boot of my system so I can get my express service tag off of the hard drive. When I finally got to a latitude agent, I was informed that this too was now a self-install. I questioned her on this since we had the extended contract with house calls, but I was told that yes, this was the only way they did it now.

Furthermore, she would have to check in her computer to see if they had a refurbished hard drive for latitude since the parts weren't made anymore. Now I know the hard drive is a pretty easy, "drop-in" part, but come on! I paid for someone to be able to come to my house if I so much as sneezed at the thing. It would be nice if they fulfilled their contract. Moving on, she verified the shipping address with me and I informed her of my new one here in Alaska. She changed it for the one computer, not for any of the others on my father's account.

To her credit, she was very nice and polite the whole time and once again asked if there was anything else that needed fixing (cracks, etc.) The part came and I put it in and started reloading my whole system. A month or two later, I received three packages in the mail from Dell. All three were external DVD-RW drives. Now, there is a fun little quirk that has made my life a living hell on more than one occasion and that is that I am a Jr. A great example of this is where I went to the school my father got his second BS from and they had my financial aid and file all kinds of mixed up.

Thinking that there was no way Dell could make that big of a mistake, I called my father in Tennessee and asked if he had ordered the drives. He told me he had and they were supposed to ship them to Tennessee as they were Christmas presents for my nephew and nieces.

This all started about the first of November. He called Dell and they called me and said someone would come and pick them up tomorrow or the day after and they would give me a call when they were coming out to get them. What they left out is that that "someone" was FedEx. I know they left it out because about a week later when they still hadn't come to get it and I had talked to dad about it, I just happened to be stopped on my through the mail room to get my mail by the attendant and told that FedEx had been looking for a box being shipped by me. I immediately went to my room and took the boxes to the mail room and handed them to the attendant.

Three days later, they were still in the mailroom. Thinking it might have been an epic fail on the attendants' part, I asked one of them about it. Come to find out, since they were originally shipped UPS, UPS had to take them, not FedEx. I took the boxes back and called my father again who called Dell again. I never got a call from Dell this time and another day or so went by. My dad then asked me to take the boxes, put them in one box, and then take it to the mail center (different location on campus from the mailroom) and ship it. I forgot to do it for a few days and then the holiday came and campus was closed for about a week.

Once we came back from break, we were had a week until finals and I was studying like mad. I tried calling Dell a few times, but with the time difference and the lack of 24-hour customer service, I couldn't get through to anyone. Finally, I had taken all but one final and had some time when I would normally be in class. I got up at around 7 am Alaska time so I could called Dell, thinking this should be an easy, quick phone call. I informed the agent I had a final at 9 so I needed to go ahead and get this taken care of. They put me on hold while they went over the account.

Then they told me I had called the wrong customer service line and gave me another number and offered to transfer me. I agreed and got transferred to a sex line. Laughing a bit at the mistake, I called the number they had given me before transferring me. I was speaking to the agent and they hung up. I understand mistakes happen. I used to do phone customer service for BellSouth DSL, so I know that sometimes you accidentally hang up people and stuff. However, I was running out of time and needed to get this resolved so my stress level was going way up. I actually informed the next person of this and tried to maintain my calm, they hung up on me too.

The next one transferred me to someone who transferred me to someone who transferred me again, then I got hung up on again by the person who picked up. By this time, I was livid. It was getting close to 8:30 and I needed to leave for my final if I wanted to get there in time and/or get breakfast. I decided to try one more time before I left for the final. Luckily, I got someone who knew how to do their job this time. I actually started the conversation telling them I knew it wasn't personally their fault that I had received such bad customer service that day, but I needed to vent and to speak to a supervisor.

Before he transferred me, he asked if he could attempt to resolve my issue. I let him read over the notes quickly and he told me it wouldn't be a problem. He created the order in the system to get the packages picked up by FedEx that day and sent to Tennessee. He even went so far as to ask if he could put me on hold while he called FedEx to verify the information and see if they could go ahead and generate a tracking number. I told him OK and about 5 minutes later he was back and the packages were ready to go in the system. All I needed to do is make sure they were taped securely and drop them off at the mailroom.

Amazingly, he verified my dad's shipping address with me before he called FedEx to double check the order. He also went into the account to try to see why the boxes were shipped to me and not my father's address. Then he took it a step further and offered to still connect me to a supervisor and apologized for all the trouble I had been through that day!

I declined the offer and thanked him profusely. I then dropped the packages off and a day later I had a confirmation email from him giving me the tracking numbers for the packages, just like he had told me he would do! I was floored to say the least, but also very upset with Dell in general since apparently he was the only customer service agent who could actually do his job. Also, instead of wasting roughly an hour to an hour and half of my time, it would have taken about five minutes of work if someone had bothered to either do it or actually get me to someone who could.

Now, I have two USB ports on the back of my computer that have gone out and need to be replaced. I'm putting off getting these replaced because I'm afraid that once again they will tell me that it's a self-install and who knows where they'll ship it this time. Overall, other than a few people who genuinely seem to care for their customers, I would say their customer service is terrible. The fact that it took almost a month to get a simple shipping error fixed, the lack of communication with customers, the idea that as soon as they stop making a computer they also stop really supporting it combined together to inspire me to get a new computer when my financial aid came in.

I got a Mac instead since they actually stand behind their product and will fix it if I have problems. Of course, that's a big IF since it ran flawlessly from day one. On a funny side note, I know there are a lot of people who complain about almost all customer service being outsourced to overseas companies and note getting someone who speaks very good/clear English. Funnily enough, during the whole shipping fiasco, it was one of those overseas agents who was the only one that could help me, so for him at least I am grateful.

My only real regret (other than having a Dell computer in the first place) is that I did not respond to the customer service survey on my last agent. It's a regret because I did not get the opportunity to really show him my appreciation or show the higher ups that he is actually a valuable employee.

A product and tech support you would expect to see in a third-world country
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ONE DELL WAY, TEXAS -- Dell Studio 15 Notebook purchased 28 June 2009 for $1,005.90. I was out of town for a week when it first arrived, but the following week I initiated setup and found a number of issues wrong with the computer. ** identified the issues as being initial setup issues that would not happen again and if it did they would take note in their system to process a refund. They informed me that they stand by their product. They informed me that after they intervened that time, I would not have the problem again.

In Aug 2009, I had additional issues which Dell deemed to be more software issues that was not covered by current warranty and contrary to the previous call they would not honor the refund promised. I was then told I could purchase online software tech support ($182) to resolve the issue. When I did, we solved the problem (so we thought) for another few months. Then there was a virus that McAfee did not stop. Dell Tech Support informed me that their McAfee Anti-virus which was sold with the computer was not as good as Norton.

So, under their guidance, I purchased Norton Software with the technician on the line. Issues arose periodically at varying levels literally every month thereafter. Issues took up my weekends after I just returned from a war zone for 15 months and am working for the Dept of State and taking Army class for my new rank while getting reacquainted with my family.

In the most recent issue which started in mid-February 2010, a blue screen with a random error and physical memory dump followed by a shutdown of the system. I called in to use the 3rd of my 5 tech support issues purchased after the purchase of my computer to resolve this latest problem. After doing a full system diagnostic, I was told that I then needed to purchase an additional memory card ($68.24) for RAM in order to speed up my computer. That this would help with my computer processing so slow.

I was also then told I needed to purchase an optimizer from Norton. Now after 9 months and purchasing countless additional items beyond the simple purchase of the computer, Dell finally informed me that I needed to have the motherboard, hard drive, and both memory cards replaced. They sent a technician by house from Worldwide. ** (Worldwide employee) informed me that the motherboard was not viable after spending 3 hours on the computer. A new motherboard and other parts would have be ordered and replaced.

However, before he left he made sure to tell me that there were frayed wires in the laptop that was likely causing many of the problems over the past year. When the next Worldwide Technician (contracted by Dell) came by the house on 12 March 2010 to finish what ** initiated leaving me without a computer for 3 days, he repeated what ** said about the computer having many issues and the second motherboard, of course, would not work. I was then put on the phone with tech support at Dell that tried to tell me they would get me a replacement but that it would take 14 business days.

In my work with the government and school, a timeframe greater than 2.5 weeks where weekends are time I have to prepare briefings for my class address overseas programs for the State Dept is NOT acceptable. I informed him that he needed to make an exception to the 21 day internal Dell policy to provide me a refund so I could go out that day to purchase a new computer from a local retailer. On 12 March 2010, I spoke with several managers and numerous representatives. Despite being told I would get a call back by a escalation team in 24-48 hours, I simply could not wait that long for a resolve.

I continued to call back to be batted back and forth between customer service and tech support getting little to know help to expedite the issue. Finally I was informed by tech support that they would grant my refund and conference me with customer service (refund) dept to execute. However, I was disconnected in 2 conference calls.

On the third call, I spoke with Siddhesh (supervisor) where I was told I was NEVER promised a refund.
At this point, the only option that is acceptable is a refund for the Dell, the horrible tech support, and the memory card that was promised to have already been refunded on 6 March but wasn't. That amount is $1256.14. Dell should also have to reimburse me for the days of having wasted my time after return from a 15-month deployment in the Gulf.

Dell Horror Show
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TEXAS -- I purchased my first laptop, a Studio XPS m1330, from Dell in January 2009. I ordered a high-end laptop thinking I wouldn't need to upgrade for quite some time. Dell talked me into paying extra for the "North American Tech Team" who speaks English--there is something wrong with having to pay extra for someone who understands you when you have a problem. The laptop began locking up and not responding in July 2009, and after MANY (futile) hours on the phone with Tech Support, they finally decided that I needed a new hard drive--at this point the laptop was only 6 months old. The problems continued, locking up, not responding, crashing.

Numerous hours on the phone with Dell, running diagnostics, to no avail. My husband began to complain that I talked more to Dell than to him when I was home. Then the laptop started crashing whenever Windows Updates tried to automatically install. More hours on the phone with Dell. No one could determine what the problem was. Dell refused to allow me to send the computer to them for direct examination, they refused to send a technician to my house to fix it, and they refused to replace the laptop. Finally, I brought it to my brother, who is a software technician, and asked him if he could get the Windows Updates to install without the computer crashing.

My brother called me the next day to tell me some very alarming news--he told me that my laptop was overheating during the installation of the Windows Updates, which was causing the laptop to crash. He pointed out that this had likely been going on for quite some time, as the white label on the bottom of the laptop was brown and burnt-appearing, and he relayed that it was likely that the high heat had possibly damaged other components of my laptop. My brother expressed great concern for my safety and advised me not to use it.

Dell FINALLY agreed on 1/27/10 to replace the laptop after I told them what my brother found. The person I talked to on 1/27/10 at Dell also agreed to "suspend" my extended warranty, which was due to expire on 2/16/10, in light of the fact that I had a totally dead, non-functional laptop and I was not in possession of the replacement laptop. It took them almost 3 weeks to "approve" the replacement laptop, after I emailed them every few days--I was called back by Dell on 2/11/10 and was advised that my laptop would be built.

When I tried to verify that my extended warranty would be suspended as previously promised on 1/27/10, I was told (after the tech person talked to his supervisor) that they couldn't suspend the warranty, and if I wanted it to continue past 2/16/10, I would have to purchase an extension. I argued that I was told on 1/27/10 that my warranty would be suspended until I received the replacement laptop, but was steadfastly told they would not do this. I refuse to give Dell any more of my money for shoddy and fraudulent customer service. Dell really does not care about their customers once they have your money.

This whole situation has made me physically sick, given the amount of money that I paid for the laptop, accessories, and extended service plan. I told the Dell person that I planned to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office, and he quickly refused to talk to me any further and got off the phone. Whenever I finally receive the replacement Dell laptop, I plan to sell it ASAP, along with all the accessories, as I NEVER want another Dell product in my home.

I have since ordered an HP laptop that should be arriving in the next few days, and I am hoping I have a vastly better experience than the horror show I experienced with Dell. Please do yourself a favorDO NOT BUY A DELL COMPUTER. They are no longer a reputable company.

Bad Customer Service
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I called and made an order $1000.00 purchase from them and when I received my confirmation email of the order and shipping address I noticed that they had my shipping address wrong. It irritated me because I went over the address three or four times and she repeated it back to me at least one time. So it was only twenty four hours past due to time difference of where I'm located. I call them immediately and tells them about the mistake. After being cut off a couple of times and the "call this number" dance I finally spoke with someone. He couldn't help me because he was too busy trying to sell me insurance on my order so I spoke to someone else.

Now about 45 minutes has past and still no resolution. I finally speak with a young lady that tells me that she can help me but she would need to cancel my order and reorder it to do so and also she said the she could get one of the items that I ordered cheaper if she did that so I said "Well I just made the order yesterday why didn't I get it for this price then" and she said that person that took my order messed up or something to that effect so I said "Fine".

So she put me on hold and a couple of times and came back and asked me for the correct shipping address and I told her and she asked me again and I repeated it and I asked her to repeat it so she said "Okay sir it's okay now". So after I hung up the phone I walked away feeling assured of the order. Later that day I call my mom and she tells me that some lady from Dell keep calling so I called Dell and started getting the run around again so I checked my email and she said that I needed to call a number to authorize my order so I did.

Later on that day something tells me to check my Dell account so I go online to check and my balance shows that I was charged twice for the same order. The only difference is that the canceled order was about $45.00 more than the new order but I have to wait till they open the next day to talk to them about it and now I don't want the order at all. So now I'm getting upset because I know how crazy businesses will get and I was right, it got crazy.

So after numerous calls I finally speak to someone who couldn't help me so he gave me a number after a connection failed again so I called the number and told them that I wanted to cancel my order. I was told that it couldn't be canceled cause it was already in production. I told them "It was about 24 hours ago that I made the order and you're telling me you can't cancel the order?" So after being transferred and fussing I hang up. I can't believe they are just going to make me take this order.

So I call back a few times and I speak to one agent that tells me that since its only been 24 hours they would be able to cancel my order but at the same time I had Dell on another phone line and I told the guy that said I could cancel my order that I was speaking to another Dell agent and thanks and hung up with him which I regret now and spoke with the other agent and was told that they could not cancel my order because it was in production at a third party.

So after fussing to no avail I ask to speak to another supervisor and I ask him "Why is it possible to cancel and order for your convenience but not for the customer? I called 24 hour just yesterday to make a correction of the shipping address and you can cancel that order but when I when I want to cancel for my own reasons you can't cancel it." I told them that I didn't want the order anymore that it was too much stuff for my mom and I told them I was not happy with the service from Dell. I ask them why my balance which was $3500 before the order is now $1498.98. I was told that I had a order going to Illinois and one to Florida.

Now I made the order to Florida so who made the same order to Illinois? They replied "You did".I said "I did not make an order to anyone in Illinois". So now I'm really pissed. I ask "Who did you ship that order to and who authorized it?" and was told for security reasons they could not tell me. I said "Are you serious? You're telling me that I'm being charged twice for the same order and one order I never made and on top of that neither order can be cancel" and was told that one order has already shipped.

I said "First of all I wasted I lot of time just being on the phone and getting no help so now you're telling 24 hours later that "Oh looky, the order just shipped" while I clearly see online on my account that it's still in production." There is so much more to this story but I'm too upset to finish so now I have so see how this plays out but one thing for sure is that I am done with Dell after this gets resolved. This is my story as of 02/8/2010.

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