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Bait & Switch Sales Tactics
Posted by on
I purchased a Dell Computer System via a phone conversation with a Dell Sales Rep. named Cindy and was told that I would have 6 months of no interest and no payments and that prior to the end of the 6 months period, I could pay off my original balance with my Master Card. I also ordered a wireless mouse which I have never received. Shortly after receiving my computer, I received an invoice indicating accrued interest and a payment due. I was not alarmed as I had been confirmed as NO INTEREST and NO PAYMENTS for 6 months. On my next couple of invoices, I was accessed late fees as well as interest. I have called numerous times to resolve this with no cooperation. I finally made a large payment and did pay off my entire purchase balance prior to the 6 months. I completed my purchase according to my agreement with Cindy and verified the terms with her several times. Now Dell says that I owe more money and I refuse to pay it as it is only bogus late fees and interest on the late fees. Has anyone else experienced this? Most of the people that I talk with are in India, Kuwait, the Philippines or some other foreign country, and I can never talk with any one who understands and no one can find Cindy to verify what I was told or even allow me to review or hear my original conversation as I know it was recorded for training purposes. BAD DELL - -BAIT AND SWITCH!!!!!!

Some of these data is new and may be helpful to me in resolving my situation, but I do not place much faith in it or Dell. I have sent numerous emails, faxes, and made numerous calls to Dell including the Dell Financial in Austin, Texas. It appears they all have a 1 track mind, 1 track answers and cannot think or resolve issues by themselves. They all treat me the same, like I am a bum not paying my bills, and have even been called that by one of their employees. I am steadfast in that I do not owe the money, as it is only bogus charges derived from the late fees and interest assessed as a result of their changing our agreement after the purchase was made. Dell tells me to call Dell Financial and Dell Financial tells me to call Dell or the Pentagroup Financial Collection Agency (which is also a part of Dell.)

They in turn say they cannot do nothing unless Dell says so and Dell says it is out of their hands as it is now in collections, etc. It is a vicious circle and I am caught in the middle. I do not owe the money, will not be paying it, and may take my case to a small claims court if the charges are not removed and my credit file cleared. I am a 63 years old Vietnam Combat Wounded Purple Heart Veteran, retired after 32 years in the Marine Corps, and retired 18 year Federal Employee and do not appreciate this type of service or insinuations. I am honest and would not try to get something that I had not agreed to.

All I can say is if Dell wants to pursue this, then I will let the world know of their deceptive practices with all the resources within my power, friends, web sites, blogs, etc. I paid 100% of my purchase within my allotted time and do not owe them any more and will not be purchasing any more Dells in my lifetime!!!!!

Again, thanks for your reply and data. HOW about a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT on DECEPTIVE SALES and COLLECTIONS PRACTICES?????
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DigitalCommando on 12/16/2008:
Thanks for your service to our country, you are appreciated greatly for that. I did not see anywhere in your post on HOW you paid this. If it was with a CC you should have some play here. Also, usually you would have an online or hardcopy contract that you would have to sign. Do you have a copy of it?
Anonymous on 12/16/2008:
Unless they sent to you in writing the promise of no interest/payments for 6 months you have nothing to stand on. It's been a DHell scam for ages. It will be next to impossible to make DHell Financial stand by what the CSR told you. Taking them to court will be a waste of your time. Your best bet is to get them to send you a fax with the remaining balance. Then send a money order (not a personal check) to them via overnight delivery. After that you check your account online and when it shows $0 you call and demand a letter stating your account is paid off.
Soaring Consumer on 12/16/2008:
Shocking, they were sued for this in a major lawsuit, they lost, and THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN!

I'd definitely go all out and sue them.
saj80 on 12/16/2008:
Someone needs to explain to Michael Dell why he continues to lose market share.
Criszilla on 01/29/2009:
File an online complaint with the BBB. I filed a complaint online and got a full refund for the system I purchased, including shipping & handling, within 30 days.
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Customer Service from Hell!
Posted by on
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Where do I start, as I sit here on the phone with Dell? I have had 4 Dell computers and when I had a repair issue, I called technical support, they sent the box to my address (in Georgia) and I shipped the computer back. Since this was an easy fix, I called 3 weeks later and they said it left Dell 13 days ago! When they looked into it further, they said that DHL couldn't deliver it to my address. Why you ask? Because....they delivered it to the address I lived at when I bought the computer (in TEXAS!) Well that really made me angry because Dell assigns you a new customer number every time you order a computer--and I have asked them NUMEROUS times to make sure all my computers and customer numbers have my current address--but it was like I was asking them to create a book! So the girl I was on the phone with said she would fill out a logistics ticket with the correct address so it could be shipped here. So she called DHL and told them to hold it until they received the ticket. OK, fine, it would be delivered within the week. Now I tell her this would not have happened if she would update my address.

She agreed to do it and sent me an email with the Case number. 9 days go by (today) and I call Dell, (so far I have talked with 9 people and have been on the phone almost 3 hours!) I talk to one person who asks for my info, looks into it, puts me on hold and then tells me they need to transfer me...I find out the computer is still in Texas at DHL and my address was NOT updated on my file and no one sent DHL this damn logistics ticket! I get a couple more people and then I demand to talk to a supervisor! Angelo tells me they are very busy and they would tell me the same thing that he would so why don't I talk to him! That really pisses me off now and I tell him I want to talk to one anyway and he said that I will probably be on hold for a while. I SAY FINE!!! So then I get a supervisor who listens to my story and puts me on hold on and off for over an hour--then my phone dies while I am on hold.

So I call back and ask to speak to Heather who works in Customer care and is a supervisor of Angelo. OMG! The lady had to talk to her supervisor to see if she could transfer me. Her supervisor says no, she will email Angelo to tell his supervisor to call me! Now I am tired and no further along than when I started! I asked why she did not call and she said quote "it is not protocol to call each other in the company, the proper way to contact each other was through email!" WHAT DO I SAY TO THIS????

So, I call DHL and they said the computer is in Texas and yes they see they picked it up in Georgia and yes it is the same person (ME)--but they cannot do anything I have to call Dell. So, I call Dell again--don't even try to find this Heather person and I start over with someone new. This is the 9th person I have talked with and he finds out that HEATHER did not send the logistics ticket, my phone number wasn't updated and he calls DHL who says they are sending the computer back to DELL! So this 9th person says he will check with so and so and see if he can still have it shipped to me. In the meantime, I find this site and start typing! OK this is not over--but 9th person can't find anyone to help--so he will try to send out a logistics ticket (even though it takes at least 48 hrs and then 24 hrs for DHL to act on it) anyway and see if it makes it before it gets sent back to Dell! BUT if it reaches Dell, he will make sure it gets shipped to the Georgia address. I ask him--does anyone at Dell care that this happens to people? Does anyone care there is no follow through? What can I do about this? I ask him to call Heather and he repeats that he can only email. I tell him who I work for and asked him if he ever heard of the company and he says YES! (think Texas, rich, well known)—I told him that if we treated our customers that way, we would not have any and it would never be tolerated. (I think he feels I am telling him this to get him to help me) so –my 9th person says--He then says he will take care of this and not to worry, he will call on Monday. By this time, I am exhausted, my shoulder hurts, I have gone through 3 cordless phones and I can't even say--at least it was taken care of! NO! The saga with Dell continues... I AM NOT BUYING ANOTHER DELL!!!

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User Replies:
shopouts on 03/21/2008:
I currently own a Dell computer. I have been procastinating about buying a new one for quite a while. One good thing about that is that the prices have gone down. The bad thing is that I may never buy a new one because Dell customer service is non-existent.

I have read the same thing about HP. It is as if all of us customers are sharing the same nightmare.

terir1043 on 01/02/2012:
I agree 100 percent!!!!
Celita P. on 12/30/2012:
I have been fighting with Dell since the second day I took my $800 laptop out of the box. Thousands of updates that last for 3 days and had me locked up, so I called on the second day. Was told by Dell it shouldn't be doing it, but let it continue, so I did. Numerous times I have had total freeze ups, computer getting hot, mother board going out, with curser problems, software problems, you name it! And each time contacting Dell I am on the phone for hours. One day as long as 11 1/2 hours! The tech decided to go on break, and 3 1/2 hours waiting he decides to call back only to tell me he decided to take a more important customer before me!!! And then he messed up something and had to start all over agaqin!!!!

I've been lied to, hung up on, screamed at,called a liar, and told so many differenet stories it aint even funny! My comp has now been back-dated 9 times and 2 times with complete recovery and startup. I was told I would not loose anything only to loose everything, including the only 2 pictures of my desceased brother, medical records, files, etc!

I asked for a refund or exchange, but no... Once they have your money, you best be strapped in for the ride!

They finally sent a tech out after about 200 phone calls, emails, etc, and replaced the motherboard, daughterboard, memory, and a few other things, only to have the computer go into updates, shut off, and never turn on again!!! All withen less than a 24 hour period!

It has been one hell of a nightmare, and Dell refuses to give me a "New" computer or a refund. But constantly wants to sell me more warranty, when the one I have is still good until April. They also did not replace all the programs, but wanted to charge me for those too, to reinstall them. I ask, "why should I have to repay for something that I already paid for in the first place"???? Totaly crazey!

I take notes, leave a paper trail of time and dates of whom I speak to, what was said, and even take pictures of the screen if possible to back up my stories.

One Dell tech with the "Escalation team" called me a liar about the updates, as at times it shows thousands and locks my comp up for days! I sent him an email with the picture of the thousands of update screen as proof. Never heard from him again!

Dell had me now send the comp to Texas, but after the horror stories I am hearing about that too, I am not sure what is going to happen next.

Yes, I do... If not right this time,I am going to sue!!!
Mildred Jones on 01/02/2013:
Amen to all complaints about Dell. Bought 2335dn in August. Has never worked right. They keep telling me what's wrong with it and sending me another one which does the same thing. On my 3rd one now. Won't print correctly...puts lines on pages when it gets warm. Emailed person I purchased it from begging for someone to contact. NOT A WORD Back. Last Dell product I will ever buy. And the customer service is poor. I could not begin to tell you all the reasons why it does not work according to tech support.
Dell Complaint information on 07/19/2013:
U may want to try to use the BBB in Texas where Dell responds to complaints where their Corporate office is. U can file your complaint online. Dell has an A rating with the BBB which is unbelievable to me given my experiences, but it may be helpful for others. Information is below:
1005 La Posada Drive
Austin, TX 78752
Phone: (512) 445-2911
Dell complaint info online: on 07/19/2013:
Use the link below to start your complaint online: Austin, Texas , questionable practice ? on 07/19/2013:
I have filed with this BBB and dell gave their usual generic answer finally ending with their technician tried to resolve the irreversible damage on my computer and they have shown me their limited liability statement showing they are not responsible for any damage their tech services , aka ,The Dell Solution Station , causes on their clients computers. I'm not surprised at dells reply, but I'm disappointed the BBB found Dell to have made " a good faith effort" to resolve this issue and close the case with that. So, their generic reply is below and I now see how Dell keeps the A rating with the of Austin, Texas.
The "Better Business Bureau has determined that the business made a good faith effort to resolved the complaint and has now closed it.
"There is no action for you to take at this time. We will contact you when we next require your input." Bla bla bla .......

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Posted by on
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- When this account is looked up there will appear two names My father Mr. Walter Jones and mines Nalo Ervin


I am writing this complaint because I am pissed being being pissed. I am so livid with your company. I received bad customer service and two defective laptops. I received my Inspirion 6000 after Christmas. I needed the computer for a project that I have to do and is in charge of in April. From the month of December after Christmas until January 30, 2006. I have been off and on the computer and the phone with dell's customer service and Technicians. Here are the following problems that occurred with the first defective laptop.
1. The keys on the computer did not function properly
2. All of my software was not loaded on my system
3. They did not send me all of the proper necessities that were supposed to come with my computer(All I received was a computer and a cord)
I am just receiving all of the disk that I was supposed to receive with my computer if it shut down. middle part of January 2006 (not right at all)
4. They sent me the wrong drives for my Laptop. Here is the ironic thing ( They openly admitted that they knew I was supposed to have the dvd rewritter drive, but instead they sent me cd drive. I was sent to customer service and she still sent me the wrong damn drive) unbelievable
5. Some of the programs function properly
6. Could not delete or open some of my email on my computer
7. You had to right click on the icons on the computer to open a program

THIS is not worth a thousand dollars. PERIOD

The second problem was with the second laptop because they had to replace the first laptop. When talking with customer service. The young lady said that because it was around the Christmas season, they probably did not install everything on my first computer it was like a rush job, oh like I am supposed to be stupid and did not know my computer was malfunctioning and I deal with computers everyday.

These are following problems with computer number two.

1. the system worked for about two weeks give or take and then I came home to check my email and guess what? the system would not load up can you believe it. What is going on? I called the Technician on That Saturday night (11/28/06)unbelievable. The technician told me that my system went down and guess what again it was the windows xp that crashed oh my goodness!. What next? Then the technician told me it was also a hardware problem.

let me describe the situation. I go and plug up my computer to use it and then this big neon blue screen comes and says windows has shut down to prevent any other damages. This is really cute it just keeps getting better. Then there is a message at the bottom that say this is a hardware problem contact your technician to help you.
oh did I mention the Technician was really nice and helped me to reboot the system to bring up Windows xp, but then he told me to just follow the directions because he was getting off the phone, he didn't bother to tell me how to reload all of my software that is now is cyber space. So, I called my Sales rep and I told Ms. Martha Vincent everything (ext)7135562. She then contacted me back and left a message saying that her team leader (boss) said let's pack up the computer and send it back. Ms. Vincent gave me a number to call and she instructed me to ask them to send me a new computer, because two defective systems were not acceptable. When I did call the number she gave to call. They told me that they could not help me. This is 1/30/2006. I was on the phone with them from 3:00p.m. to 7:30p.m. fussing with people who did not know a anything thing about what I was saying, because I am the consumer and I am stupid. We had lack of miscommunication. I had to hang up on one of the Customer Reps. because she was so nasty. During this period from 3to 7:30pm I had been passed around from one customer service rep to the return dept to the Technician department in which one case they told me that they could not help either, but in case it was the technicians dept. I was supposed to be talking to. Finally, I reached a Technician who insisted that I did not need a new system that he would send me a new drive and all of the disk to reinstall everything to my computer (so I could install it myself). Do I look like a Technician. This is not my job. I asked him what was I supposed to tell my sales rep who told me that her Boss said to ask for a new system in exchange for the defective one. I said to him so after I put the drive in the system being as thou it was a hardware problem and then it did not work. He said I then will send you a new system. No way this is business like.

My father was on the phone with me when the gentlemen said what he said. Since, we where not getting anywhere he decided to call his supervisor. His supervisor name is Mr. Justin Johnson. I told him everything and after all of this time. I could have talked to him he said that he will have my new computer shipped to me and everything that was supposed to be on my system will be.

These are the dates I talked and with a customer service rep and a technician.

1/10/06, 1/20/06 three times, 1/24/06, 1/25/06, 1/27/06, 1/30/06 three times
This is because they did not send my right disk or something was wrong with the computer and my drives. I am so exhausted. I am not happy at all. Words could never explain how I am feeling right now.

Dell almost made me late for service. I am not happy at all with that. You don't play with me when it comes to my soul salvation

At this time I feel like the life has been drained out of me. I have pains in my chest dealing with your company. This computer should be free after all of the problems that I have gone through. I am asking for my computer to be replaced and to be fully loaded with all the things that I asked for not what Dell wants me to have. I am asking that my bill be reduced or free. This was HELL.........DEALING WITH YOUR COMPANY

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modiyooch on 03/04/2006:
I had the same exact experience. When I complained about working on the laptop without the "onsite technician" , they said that they would send a screwdriver. Later, I got billed for that screwdriver.
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Dell = Horrible Customer, Dissatisfaction and Frustration
Posted by on
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- It all started when I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 in 2007 or so from Best Buy. Within months of purchase the hardrive died. It happened 2 more times after that only months apart as well. I took it to Best Buy to have it replaced since I was covered. Then shortly after that it started overheating and shutting off. By then the Best Buy warranty was expired but the Dell warranty was active. I went through Dell and they replaced the heat sink but then it happened again just a few months later. The 1525 I bought was defective and Dell refused to admit it. I contacted the BBB to try to have Dell replace the laptop and they put up a fight. They were also very rude and the customer service transferred me from person to person. They tried to blame Best Buy for my problems as well. Finally I spoke to someone willing to replace it but they tried to tell me I had to get a refurbished laptop. I fought that only because with all the trouble I had, I felt it was fair to get a brand new one. Finally they agreed. I got that replacement laptop but found they sent me the wrong charger. The replacement laptop was a Studio 1555 that needed a 90 watt charger and they sent me a 60 watt. After my bad experience with Dell I chose to buy the charger on my own. Shortly after that the battery died. I called Dell Inc. and all they did was transfer me for 2 hours from person to person. No one wanted to help at all. It's like they don't care about their customers at all. They were rude and I didn't appreciate as a customer to be treated that way. One person told me that I did not buy anything from Dell and therefore they can't help me. I BOUGHT the original laptop from Best Buy but it was their product. Dell refuses to stand behind their product and take responsibility. All they know how to do is rude and disrespect their customers. The man said that I didn't buy directly from Dell and all Dell has been doing is helping me. Well duh! It's THEIR product. They should help. Out of all the laptops I could've bought, I chose Dell. Isn't that enough for them to want to satisfy the customer? It's disgraceful and unacceptable. Something needs to be done because I am not the only one who has suffered with bad customer service. Why should we as customers stay loyal to a company that obviously can care less if they have unsatisfied customers. Now I have to shell out a lot of money to replace a battery that's defective after only 6 months. It's not acceptable at all. Something has to be done to fix this because all I see are bad reviews of Dell with bad customer service. Shouldn't happy customers matter to a company? We deserve better.
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Dell - after you buy - hope you don't have any problem....
Posted by on
I have a Dell laptop, approximately 3 months old, hardly used it as I have an Dell (5 yrs old) ready to die, just bought the new one in case this goes at least I won't have to wait as I have my business websites I need to use all the time. Now I also decided to get a mini, so I could take it with me, the salesman gave me the idea of remote access. Here my story starts.

When I got the computer, I called Dell to activate my remote access, they told me I would be better off with file sharing, so I did, 6 hours later, done. The next morning something wasn't working, 2 hours later, OK again.
The next day I decided to open Musicmatch, I just wanted to download a song. As it did not open and sent me a non compatible message, I called Dell again, 2 or 3 hours later, after opening and closing many things on my computer, nothing but error messages came up so he told me I need a new computer I have to many issues, he would call the hardware department and let them know and he disconnected me. I called back as I needed to know what it going on I can't use my computer and the next technician said he would help me fix it. After about an hour he asked me if I had XP I said no I have windows 7, he informed me that Musicmatch shouldn't even be on my computer and would download another one for me. After he thought he was done, it had no sound, after another hour or so he backed up my files so he could reinstall the operationg system, now another couple of hours and nothing opened. He also told me to call in the morning and ask for a new computer. In the morning I spent approximately 5 hours trying to get a new computer, the only thing I got finally was that they would send a new hard drive. I was not happy with that and I finally got someone in the Customer service department that said they could send a replacement but it is refurbished, I did not want refurbished as my computer was new and they ruined it, he told me that I would be better off with a hard drive and if it did not fix the problem then get the refurbished.

Now I get the hard drive, the programs are on it, by the way I thought I was set, well the files they saved no one knew where they could by found, again after another 5 hours, sorry about that I'm told. Every time I went to do something I would have to call Dell, I wanted to open a youtube, the picture wouldn't come on, they fixed it, I wanted to open a file, couldn't, they had to download Adobe, I wanted to print, couldn't the work they do must have changed the settings, they say.
They have a Dell dock, which are icons on top, it wouldn't stay, approximately 3 phone calls for that, finally someone tells me the spyware one of the technician put on my computer is incompatible with the Dell dock, so they took it off. Now my email doesn't save, that gets solved.

O. K. do you get the idea, by the way it is still not working properly, my salesmen must have emailed the someone, I got a call from the Tech Dept. saying they would look at the records and let me know what they would do for me. I felt maybe someone would see what I am going through, I now have spent 56 hours on the phone with Dell in a one week period, lost 3 days work, my family is ready to disown me and throw the computers out, so lets see what happens. This is what happens, the corporate office calls me, doesn't really want to hear anything because he has the records, but I tell my story, he actually says I see you have had a couple of instances, he corrected that quick with "quite a few instances" but I can't send you a new computer, is it alright if I call you in 3 or 4 days to see if your computer is working? Well what do you think about that, not even the corporate office in a company as large as Dell can or will do anything to make it better.

Now mind you each and everyone, almost, there were a couple of exceptions were polite and wanted to be helpful. Every time you call Dell it takes about 10 minutes to get someone, their system is tag number please, name, what is your problem, I'll get you someone, now here we go again, same, maybe 3 times before you get to where you have to. Now a couple of hours, then some other department because they can't do it. Every time they put you on hold you get disconnected and have to start all over again, same questions, everyone sends you to their manager who can make a decision, who then sends you to their manager who can make a decision, quess what, no one can make a decision.

Well, this is the end of my story, I think the final straw was when the corporate office tells me knowing that I still do not have a properly working computer that was so obviously ruined by Dell technicians and my records show how many calls and issues I have had, with stress and disconnects and all those hours on the phone and still does nothing, something is really wrong with this picture.

Thanks for listening, that's more than Dell did.

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User Replies:
bcd on 09/10/2010:
Back-up your data and then reinstall the operating system. If that doesn’t work you should consider reformatting the hard drive, then reinstall the operating system and programs.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
I called and made an order $1000.00 purchase from them and when I received my confirmation email of the order and shipping address I noticed that they had my shipping address wrong, it irritated me because I went over the address three or four times and she repeated it back to me at least one time. So it was only twenty-four hours past due to time difference of where I'm located.

I call them immediately and tells them about the mistake after being cut off a couple of times and the call this number dance I finally spoke with someone. He couldn't help me because he was too busy trying to sell me insurance on my order so I spoke to someone else now about 45 minutes has past and still no resolution.

I finally speak with a young lady that tells me that she can help me but she would need to cancel my order and reorder it to do so and also she said the she could get one of the items that I ordered cheaper if she did that so I said well I just made the order yesterday why didn't I get it for this price then and she said that person that took my order messed up or something to that effect so I said fine so she put me on hold and a couple of times and came back and asked me for the correct shipping address and I told her and she asked me again and I repeated it and I asked her to repeat it so she said okay sir it's okay now so after I hung up the phone I walked away feeling assured of the order.

Later that day I call my mom and she tells me that some lady from Dell keep calling so I called Dell and started getting the run around again so I checked my email and she said that I needed to call a number to authorize my order so I did. later on that day something tells me to check my Dell account so I go online to check and my balance shows that I was charged twice for the same order the only difference is that the canceled order was about $45.00 more that the new order but I have to wait til they open the next day to talk to them about it and now I don't want the order at all so now I'm getting upset because I know how crazy businesses will get and I was right, it got crazy.

So after numerous calls I finally speak to someone who couldn't help me so he gave me a number after a connection failed again so I called the number and told them that I wanted to cancel my order, I was told that it couldn't be canceled cause it was already in production I told them it was about 24 hours ago that I made the order and you're telling me you can't cancel the order so after being transferred and fussing I hang up. I can't believe they are just going to make me take this order so I call back a few times and I speak to one agent that tells me that since its only been 24 hours they would be able to cancel my order but at the same time I had Dell on another phone line and I told the guy that said I could cancel my order that I was speaking to another Dell agent and thanks and hung up with him which I regret now and spoke with the other agent and was told that they could not cancel my order because it was in production at a third party so after fussing to no avail I ask to speak to another supervisor and I ask him why is it possible to cancel and order for your convenience but not for the customer, I called 24 hour just yesterday to make an correction of the shipping address and you can cancel that order but when I when I want to cancel for my own reasons you can't cancel it.

I told them that I didn't want the order any more that it was too much stuff for my mom and I told them I was not happy with the service from Dell. I ask them why my balance which was $3500 before the order is now $1498.98 I was told that I had a order going to Illinois and one to Florida, now I made the order to Florida so who made the same order to Illinois, they replied you did I said I did not make an order to anyone in Illinois so now I'm really pissed. I ask who did you ship that order to and who authorized it and was told for security reasons they could not tell me. I said are you serious you're telling me that I'm being charged twice for the same order and one order I never made and on top of that neither order can be cancel and was told that one order has already shipped.

I said first of all I wasted I lot of time just being on the phone and getting no help so now you're telling 24 hour later that oh looky the order just shipped while I clearly see online on my account that it's still in production. There is so much more to this story but I'm too upset to finish so now I have so see how this plays out but one thing for sure is that I am done with Dell after this gets resolved. This is my story as of 02/8/2010.
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ndrulez on 02/09/2010:
Remember "pin the tail on the donkey" when you was a kid, they blindfolded you , spun you around a bunch of times, then gave you a tail to pin and you just stumbled all over the place.... Someone tell me, why is it that all Dell reviews remind me of that?
PepperElf on 02/09/2010:
because that's how they make the computers?

jk. but seriously I never really liked dells much.
most people I knew who had them had issues with billing etc.
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Dell Customer Service is the Pitts..
Posted by on
I am a commercial customer of Dell and have purchased over 100 pc in the last 15 years. I am totally shocked at the horrific service I have received from Dell. On December 20th I received a new Dell Vostro Desktop,220S this was the second machine I had purchased in the month of December alone.

While trying to install my 2008 version of Quicken I received an error and research indicated that I needed the new 2010 version to run on this machine. I searched the Internet for a download copy and the Dell site came up with a $29 download deal. I entered my credit card and purchased the 2010 version of Quicken.

Shortly after my card was charged I received a notification that it would take 1-2 business days for the email with download instructions to be mailed. “Download to me should be Immediate” I waited the 4 days due to the holiday and still no download email.

I then contacted Dell support via chat and waited for the 22 people in front of me for my turn. After waiting some 45 minutes I was greeted by the Dell representative and told that the order was already shipped?? When I explained that it was a download order??? He said he new nothing about how download orders worked and that I needed to contact Dell Customer Care via phone during normal business hours.

The next day I waded through the voice mail system (again some 45 minutes) to reach a foreign speaking individual who informed me I needed Business Customer Service due to being a commercial account. He said he would transfer me.( only to hang up in me).

I then called back waded through the same voice mail system (another 45 minutes) to reach the business support who said he also new nothing about how to get a download product. I then said just credit this product. He said he would need to be transfer me to the person who issued credits and when he transfer me he hang up on me also.

I called back again (45 minute process) to reach the credit department only to be told that download orders were not refundable. ( I said send me the download link or credit me) the agent said he would have to forward the request to management and this process would take up to 1 week.

The moral of the story is… “no matter how good of a customer you are Dell dumps on everyone”. (it took over 3 hours of phone time only to be told no one can help)

I have had good luck with Dell equipment of the years but this service is Horrific.
It is a shame that a $29 order has cost them a good customer.

1-14-2010 I received a call today from Dell stating my credit card had been refunded for the Quicken product.

I asked if there was someone in management I could relay this experience to in order for them to learn form the issue.

The agent said I would need to call tech support if I had any other problems and please don't tell her about my problem for she was busy and could not help me further.

( Just thought management should know of the problem so it does not happen to others.... perhaps they will read this review?)
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bcd on 01/17/2010:
Have you tried purchasing the software from Intuit?
Anonymous on 01/18/2010:
Did you think to check your SPAM folder? And being a customer for that many years and ONE bad experience makes you want to talk bad about them? Glad you aren't my best friend if it only takes one time for you to turn on a company who has serviced you that long with no problems.
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Worst. Customer Support. EVER.
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Dear Readers,

At the risk of coming off as talcum powder in amidst a blizzard of other unhappy customers, I urge you to look at HP or any of the other numerous high-quality brands of computer manufacturers (they're a dime a dozen these days).

I got my Vostro 1400 a little over two years ago - the customer support was passable during the support window which was sufficient. However, approximately 3 or 4 months ago I began having graphical issues with my laptop which soon resulted in a PC that wouldn't boot or POST.

I researched my laptop, and I found that there were many lines of laptops from Dell that suffered from a hardware defect pertaining to the nVidia 8400M graphics card that is integrated into the motherboard.

I contacted Dell, and after a lot of fussing I was finally able to contact a supervisor who was able to find documentation about an extended warranty that applied to these affected models. And thus my real hardship began...

I sent my laptop to Dell to replace the motherboard which the technician determined to be the root of the issue. The laptop worked fine for about a week and then - kaput - the exact same issues surfaced again. I promptly contacted Dell and after several more hours of phone calls and arbitrary troubleshooting procedures, Dell agreed to replace the laptop for a second time.

I finally received my laptop back again, and two weeks later the exact same issue occurred for a THIRD time. Again, around-and-around I went with Dell amidst accusations that the system was out of warranty and pointless troubleshooting. Reluctantly, Dell gave in again and replaced the motherboard for the third time.

Guess what - and this is a huge shocker - THE MOTHERBOARD FAILED FOR A FOURTH CONSECUTIVE TIME! Ring, ring - "Hello, Dell Computers, this is Chip how many I help you?" and around we go again!!!

The supervisor I talked to this time agreed to replace the entire PC after reviewing the entire case. I thought, "Finally, could this be? Competent technical support from Dell?" NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The engineer places an order for the replacement PC which is cancelled a few days later with NO phone call, NO email, and absolutely NO attempts from Dell to tell me why!

After expecting the PC for 2 weeks, I log in to discover this information. After waiting on hold for approximately two hours, I'm told for no less than the 100th time (I really, truly wish this was an exaggeration) that the system is out of warranty and I'm S. O.L.

The icing on the cake is that, after telling the engineer that I'm about to go buy a new laptop from HP (I already purchased a new tower from HP during this whole debacle since I was left without a PC for so long) - guess what he says?


With customer support engineers like this, who needs enemies?

Needless to say, I will not be buying another thing from Dell.

This is Ryan, fading back into the white noise of complains about Dell's horrible customer service. Over and out.
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Anonymous on 01/09/2010:
Out of warranty is out of pocket. Even if it had a defect, they will only replace under a certain length of time. The guy tried. It didn't happen. Every manufacturer will do the same thing.
TwinkleZ on 01/09/2010:
Oh no, don't go to HP. At least you were able to talk some sense to the Dell guys. Believe me, HP support is painful. Please see my review from earilier today under Hewlett Packard if you're curious, but I've been begging them for days and a total of 7.5 hours on the phone doing their their 'remdial' diagnostics, to just repair it. It's brand new! Now they want me to open the CPU to see if there are any loose connections.
rob2uk on 02/01/2010:

Just google "HP overheating" and see the problems that people are having!
Anonymous on 02/01/2010:
This is a good review. Sounds like a huge PITA. I vote helpful.
debbiec18 on 02/03/2011:
I have purchased numerous desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, etc., from Dell over the years. My last desktop purchase, a loaded XPS, was ordered with a RAID configuration since I use it for work. About 3 months after I received it BOTH hard drives failed!! They replaced them, but only after numerous conversations with India and the Philippines. I ordered a Dell Vostro 3400 notebook in Dec., 2009, and it arrived defective with all kinds of graphic/visual problems. After talking to Dell & "troubleshooting" the problems with a Dell tech. in the US, I got more than 8 errors, all related to the graphics system, and one error telling me that it didn't recognize the AC adapter that was installed by Dell in the laptop! On my paperwork it states that they have a 21 day return policy, but that for Dell Vostro [and other systems] purchase from divisions designated by Dell as Commercial.....that may be returned "within 30 days from the date on the packing slip or invoice." When I brought this to their attention, no one knew anything about it! So, I can return the system but they are going to charge me a 15% restocking fee on a laptop that is defective! NO MORE DELLS!!!!!
PepperElf on 02/03/2011:
try getting your own hard drives then debbiec18

I recommend something that's enterprise class. that means it's supposed to be able to run for 5 years continuously.

raid - that all depends on what kind of raid you use.
I like raid-5 myself cos then you can have a drive die and the other drives will build it back up. but you need at least 4-5 drives to do it
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Took Funds from the Bank without permission
Posted by on
We purchased Dell products when the catalog we were mailed offered a great deal. Twice I caught them putting a higher total price on our purchases. I had them change it. Now they won't allow us to see what they are charging. They only show us the balance. They said they don't believe it, truly, is us. I asked why and they say with an overseas Indian accent (every call)"We are not allowed to discuss this security matter with you."
We had to send a faulty computer back from Space 82, at Fredericksburg RV Park at Fredericksburg, TX and got the new upgrade replacemet 1525. I could not use it for some games..which we purchased it for. The topper to this was that we began paying $100.00 over our usual monthly payment to get the interest down. We never-ever signed any type of agreement to continue it, or allow any direct draw on a continued basis. When we stopped paying that $100.00 to Dell, Dell continued to take the $100.00 out of the bank over and over from our bank...while still paying the low regular monthly payments to them. I sent emails and called the financial department to make them stop (As a "preferred customer"). There was a onth they stopped taking the $100.00...A month later I had to begin it again, as Dell started pulling the hundred again. With no late payments, ever...they began pulling an extra $100.00 above our monthly payments. Stopped them for a month ...and....Last month they began again. B of A says they can replace money from India if they try that out of their accounts, but our hometown bank could not. I tried stop-payments. It did not keep them out...seriously! Now I am still not allowed to get into the Dell accounts we pay on, and they rip off a full one hundred dollars a month... and see how much money they actually have taken and where it went. The security problem came when we took a trip in our RV. I had a home away from home address in that RV, when we stayed on base in San Antonio. When I explained my husband was a Vietnam War Veteran and had to be there for his war-related disability ...that is when the trouble began and I believe they are against us because of the word "Vietnam War Veteran". So feel free to mention Robert Hershey a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Vietnam War Veteran, and his wife, Karen who he actually fed many starving children of Vietnam in the war. He is unable to work due to his war disability (a plastic plate over much of his skull) and we worked 7 years to get his disability pay which was far easier than working with India, I promise. We are moving our bank account out of a small home-town bank, sadly. We are upset the Bank of Beaver City, Beaver, OK. could not keep the "Stop-payment" working against India's computer saavy Dell employees. Tell Dell you are concerned about how the Hershey family of Ennis, TX have been treated, go ahead.
Signed, Mr.& Mrs. Hershey(Do you like American Candy?) I was told to FAX Dell at 713 977 0119 to explain the problems by faxing bank records...which I shall do tomorrow Pray for us. We need some Godly power to intervene. I called our government and they seem confused.
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Anonymous on 09/17/2009:
As you try to sort it out, I suggest that you access your DHell account online. There you should be able to change the payment method. Remove the debit card number and enter in a credit card number. That way they will no longer be able to withdraw directly from your bank account.
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Nightmare at Dell
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- At the beginning of my conversation with the sales representative I informed him I had a Texas State Tax ID #. At that point he stated we would get to that later. The events surrounding my experienced are as follows:

1. During the purchase the price quoted (by a representative) was around $100-200 too high. This occurred several times during the telephone call with the representative. Each time I pointed out the error referring him to the website. It can be confusing to customers purchasing customized computers with the add-ons. If the sales representative repeatedly misquotes the totals, each time in favor of Dell, how can the customer be expected to stay on top of this? Sound fishy?

2. The advertisements on TV stated free shipping. However, the shipments were divided up into several smaller shipments. There were charges for some shipments and not others?

3. The invoices were e-mailed to me with incorrect placements of shipping charges. I pointed it out and was told this could not be corrected. I informed Sean that I would cancel the order if I did not receive correct receipts. He finally sent me corrected invoices by e-mail.

4. I was informed on Friday that Dell would not honor my Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit. Their customer service representative decided it was for personal use. I then began to circle back to get this corrected without receiving any response from either the original sales representative or customer service rep.

Tax exempt status was a condition of my order. I made this perfectly clear at the beginning of the order, during the order, and in closing of the order. I only found out by accident this was not handled correctly at the point of sale. I have made repeated attempts to get this corrected but I encounter a roadblock at every turn.

On August 7th I copied the sales representative the following reply to the customer service rep’s e-mail informing me she has determined this computer is for personal use:

I have a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit with a State Tax ID Number issued from the Comptroller of Public Accounts. This certificate allows me to make tax free purchases.

As instructed from the sales representative copies of the certificate and the invoices were mailed to:

c/o Tax Department
One Dell Way
Round Rock, Texas 78664

Please know, if this certificate is not honored by Dell I will return the items and purchase another computer from another seller. This is not negotiable. I have a tax ID number and I expect it to be honored. I will give you until 3:00 Pm Monday, August 10th. If I do not hear from you by then I will return the items Tuesday morning by USPS.

Then after hearing nothing from anyone on August 10th I e-mailed sales representative the following:

I am letting you know that I am canceling my order and returning the items already received. I just refused a partial delivery several minutes ago.

Dell will not honor my tax ID # issued by state of Texas. The Dell account/order is listed as a personal account and subject to tax. I mentioned to you at the start of our conversation that I had a tax ID# and you told me we would get to that. Well, I have had problems with this ever since I placed my order.

If Dell will not work with me I will not work with Dell. I can go down the street and purchase a mini computer tax exempt. That is where I will do my business.


Still nothing, how would you rate this experience if you were asked to do so?

I have either refused delivery or returned all items to Dell at the specified address. I have made numerous telephone calls to get this order canceled and the Dell Preferred Account closed effectively. I can not get through to any one regardless of what I do.

I have filed a formal complaint with the Attorney General's Office and to Susan Combs, Comptroller of the State of Texas. I have also mailed Kevin Rollins, COO copies of e-mail communications regarding my experience.
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