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Disappointed Employee
Posted by on
NORTHEAST, USA -- I was recently hired at Dish Network. The pay is great, the co-workers are easy to get along with but the company does not stop changing operations. Everyone gets mixed up, the wrong things get put on vans, the wrong things get accounted for, etc. Obviously, I am not here to review working for the company. Overall they are solid and they are a Fortune 500 which means job stability likely is good. I am extremely happy at my job and do not have a problem with anyone I work with.

That aside, hopefully everyone understands I have no bias whatsoever. Before moving back to my hometown I had DirecTV. DirecTV had everything: great programming, affordable packages, reasonable rates for additional receivers and DVRs and AWESOME customer service. I was accidentally charged an installation fee and immediately after checking my account I noticed this and called their customer service. They apologized profusely, extended my HBO/Shotime 3-month free trial by a month and gave me a free month of programming ON TOP OF deleting this bogus charge.

As a Dish Employee I receive a special discount for using the service. You're eligible after one month of your hire date. I received my certificate number to use when signing up. This special number identifies me as an employee and automatically (or should automatically) set my account up as an employee account. The guy on the phone informed me that my number didn't work so I double checked my e-mail. It was the exact number. He tried again only to have computer issues and transferred me to someone else, who transferred me back to the original representative Finally he said it went through and I was ready for my install. The phone call took 63 minutes and I would estimate roughly 45 minutes of that were spent on hold. Very annoying. Not only did I lose my morning appointment but I did not get other things done that I should have been able to get done.

That headache was over and two days later the installer came to my house. I was quoted 2-4 hours for install and he was done in 3, not bad I guess, for one television. DirecTV took less time on an older and bigger house to install a dish and receivers in three rooms.

Now for signal strength. Not even 24 hours of install my signal went out. Clear day, sunny, not too many clouds, no precipitation, nothing covering the dish or in the way and BAM, out goes the signal for a good two minutes. I let this slide. As I'm writing this review my signal has now been out for about an hour. Customer service has no idea why. Me neither. They inform me my receiver is raising no red flags and I am informing them that it's a clear night. This is frustrating. Thankfully, since I have a discount, I was able to keep my digital cable account for a larger variety of channels and just use Dish to save on premiums (HBO etc). In three years of subscribing to DirecTV I had only two problems. One I mentioned that was resolved quickly and another with an issue of a receiver not getting local channels. This was also promptly fixed and we were given their "everything" package for free for a month including all premium channels. Not once did their service cut out, NOT ONCE.

Next let's mention picture quality. I have an HDTV. I also still subscribe to my digital cable service. Both my satellite and digital cable receivers are hooked up with HDMI cables so there should be no picture difference. Switching from digital cable to Dish inputs on my TV I notice a huge difference in picture quality on my locals and channels such as ESPN, Discovery etc. Dish's picture is darker and definitely not as crisp. Also, on a lot of my local channels the Dish receiver boxes them in. In other words I get annoying black bars boxing in my picture. I am no advocate of digital cable but I definitely expected better quality out of Dish, after all they do advertise that.

Lastly, my biggest complaint, is their billing. Because the guy who set up my account obviously failed at setting it up for an employee my first and second months bill (due within a few weeks of ordering) is significantly more than what it should be. No discounts applied. I called customer service with my employee number and the certificate number (used to set up the account) and again I was on hold for about 20 minutes of the 30 minute call. Yes, very aggravating, especially when it eats away at your mobile phone minutes. The representative told me there was nothing he could do so I asked for his supervisor who also said there must be a mistake (yeah, no s**t). She informed me the only way I could fix the problem was to talk to my supervisor or my local HR representative and have them resolve the issue because I guess Dish doesn't pay their customer service department to resolve issues. This is becoming a hassle. I e-mailed my HR representative and still haven't received any reply. So now in a couple of weeks I am going to be responsible for paying a bill that is higher than it should be. Additionally, and a bit unrelated to what I was talking about, they call me with an 866 number 1-3 times a day usually around dinner time for a survey or with a representative to ask about how I like my service. Get the hint guys, if people are immediately hanging up, they don't want to deal with you. That is VERY annoying. Even though I receive a discount I'm strongly considering just having the service discontinued, paying whatever they want me to pay and have my equipment hauled off. It's not worth the headache.

To conclude: As I mentioned, I am happy at my particular office. No beef with anyone. But I am very, very, very annoyed that this is how their customer service offers absolutely little to no help for a fellow employee. It really makes me wonder how they treat regular customers who do not receive any sort of discount. All in all, I have to be completely honest as I am in every review I write. Compare the packages, compare the programming and do your research. From surfing around on this site and many others it's obvious that DirecTV has way more fans. I definitely would recommend DirecTV over any other provider and if satellite is your only option immediately rule out Dish Network. Another thing to take into consideration is, they're both going to be very competitive in pricing, they have to be. DTV might cost a little bit more but you get what you pay for with Dish. Also, in researching you'll realize DirecTV has more satellites in orbit than Dish Network so signal strength will be much, much more reliable.

I know I'm supposed to include my location, but since I'm an employee I do not want to give anything away that could potentially harm my job. Let's just say I reside in the Northeastern part of the US.
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I'm Suing Dish Here's My Intention To Sue Letter
Posted by on
LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA -- I'm Suing Dish!!! Here's my intention to sue Dish letter: On 12/10/08 my Dish bill was paid in full with a balance of $0.00. On 12/10/08 Rose/Billing Supervisor at Dish agreed to meet a competing offer to me from Direct TV for 250 channels plus locals plus HBO and Showtime at $60 per month and agreed to cut my December bill paying in advance for December, to $60. In bad faith breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, interference with competing offer, fraudulent billing practices, fraudulent credit card practices, harassment and fraud, Dish did not cut my December 2008 bill to $60, did not bill me at the agreed rate of $60/month at any time since our contract of 12/10/08, and has repeatedly phoned me and emailed me and mailed me fraudulent bills with fraudulent demands for exorbitant sums I do not owe. I have fulfilled all my obligations by paying $61 - $65 /month to Dish since December, 2008 on time, in advance, in full. I have OVERPAID Dish each month by paying $61-$65, as the taxes are $0.41. Between December, 2008 and March, 2009, I phoned Dish 3 times and requested Dish correct its bills, mitigate its bad faith actions and perform its obligations, but Dish refused while admitting DIsh records reflect Dish's agreement on 12/10/09 to charge me $60/month, and also admitting that I have paid $61-$65 /month timely as and for payment in full.

A full six months ago, in March 2009, I noticed Dish in writing of the foregoing facts and demanded: "This shall serve as formal and final demand that Dish correct its bills to show that I have paid in full each and every month timely, mail me written proof of said bill correction, bill me henceforth at the agreed sum of $60/month, and cease all harassing phone calls, emails and fraudulent mailed billing statements. Your failure to perform your obligations shall force me to sue Dish. This shall serve as formal notice that I prohibit any phone call from Dish henceforth and that I shall tape record all phone calls from Dish without further notice for evidentiary purposes of fraud and harassment.

Any phone call from Dish henceforth grants consent to tape recording." Dish in bad faith, despite being noticed in writing and despite my 3 good faith phone calls to Dish, refused to correct the bills to reflect its contract with me, and relentlessly and oppressively without interruption continued to send me bills and emails fraudulently claiming that I had "past due" sums, and fraudulently claiming that "We have not received payment for your last statement. You must pay the total amount due immediately to avoid additional late fees and service interruptions." Most recently, on 9/10/09, I received a bill dated 9/23/09 from Dish claiming a false "previous balance" of $114.49, a payment of $60, and false "current charges" of $81.96. The correct "previous balance" was $60, not $114.49, the account has been paid in full each month, so the correct balance should state $0.00, and the correct "current charges" should be $60, not $81.96. This date a notice appeared on my TV screen stating that my Dish service will be cancelled unless I make an immediate payment, when as Dish at all times knew, I paid my September, 2009 Dish bill in full, in advance for the entire month on 9/4/09, and that no payment is due or owing. This date Dish's bad faith conduct and false threats again forced me to take my valuable time to phone Dish and request again that Dish correct its bills and cease fraudulently demanding sums I do not owe, and cease false threats to disconnect my service unless I "immediately pay" sums I do not owe, when I have already paid in advance for 9/09. At 11:45pm this date Saturday 9/12/09, I had a completely nonsensical and obstructive conversation with your purported "billing adjustment" person Steve KKR. He admitted Dish records reflect the $60/month agreement and my written March, 2009 Intention to Sue and Demand for Performance and admitted that I paid my September 2009 bill in full on 9/4/09, then tried to tell me that the current charges of $81.96 were $60 plus $22. of "taxes" when the bill states taxes are $0.41, and also incomprehensibly told me that the fraudulent "previous balance" of $114.49" when I had a correct previous balance of $60 = overcharge of $54.49 -- were for a year of taxes at $0.41 per month!!! He also tried to tell me that the $60 per month did not include various undescribed fees and services. I told him again and again that Dish accepted my offer to pay $60 per month, period. He admitted the contract, but he refused to correct the bill, refused to mitigate Dish's yearlong bad faith conduct, refused to perform in good faith. All 4 of my phone calls to Dish both this date and from 12/08 to 3/09 were the same, admissions of the contract, then deliberate attempts to assert false vague fees and charges. Unarguably, Dish is willfully training its so-called "customer service" personnel to harm and defraud its customers, as proven in innumerable lawsuits and fines imposed by many states\' attorney generals and consumer fraud agencies. The message threatening to disconnect my service continues to display on my TV screen after my good faith effort and phone call to Dish this date to obtain DIsh's performance of our contract. As you know, disconnecting service to a customer who has already paid in full in advance for the month via credit card constitutes egregious credit card fraud, fraudulent banking practices and theft. As you know, absent my good faith reliance that Dish would perform its obligations to keep a good longtime customer, and retain a good customer in an economy wherein many people have disconnected DIsh service, I would have and should have accepted Direct TV's competing offer, and not been overbilled or oppressively and relentlessly harassed and threatened by Dish for the past year. Shame on you for treating a good, pay-on-time every month, longtime customer like this. It\'s just bad business, especially in a bad economy. Apparently, your business ethic is "Abuse the Customer." This notice shall serve as formal and final notice of renewed March, 2008 intention to sue with the addition of formal notice of intention to sue on causes of action of fraudulent inducement, fraudulent credit card practices, theft and fraudulent denial of service. I shall additionally submit at court a full record of the previous overbilling from day one of my good faith contract with Dish. Please be assured that I retain a complete record of all bills, all phone calls and all written communications. Please additionally be advised that should you in bad faith assign any false claim of "unpaid” sums to any assignee or collection agency, I shall swiftly sue Dish for additional causes of action. Yours very truly, cc: DISH NETWORK CALIF. SERVICE CORP CSC LAWYERS INCORP. SERVICE, CA Attorney General Gerald Brown, CA Consumer Protection Agency, CA Telecommunications Agency, CA PUC, BBB, Consumer Complaint online
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 09/13/2009:
did they ever put this into writting?
Anonymous on 09/13/2009:
good luck.

I know I'd be needin' a change of shorts if I was Dish Network and just read that letter. that is some smooth [lawyer like] talk you got goin' on indeed.
dan gordon on 09/13/2009:
trying to talk like a lawyer might impress some people but its hard to read and laughable. Since you keep such detailed records you just need to show what the original offer was. I'm sure with all your legal experience you have the quote from Rose in writing right:????? Perhaps the difference was simply tax?
Eloise on 09/13/2009:
Did you open a law dictionary and toss out anything you could find? You've got a valid complaint, don't mess it up with your histrionics.
Anonymous on 09/13/2009:
Legal advise 101: Do not publicly post "intent to sue" notices.
Anonymous on 09/13/2009:
Better talk to your local congressman about those taxes. The taxes on my phone bill are more than my service and there is nothing I can do about it. You pay state and local, fcc etc. Those are on all communications and satellite services.

Did you buy any premium shows or pay per views? Those are not included in any agreement.
Starlord on 09/14/2009:
I believe that in California, according to the security academy I attended there, it is illegal to record any converstaion. You 'intent to sue' letter does not suspend or cancel California law. Good luck. Oh, and FYI, Dish Network people lie like wet rugs.
JR in Orlando on 09/14/2009:
This will give them a good laugh if you send it. Use of legal terms without fundamental knowledge thereof, results in stupidity. This billing is not fraudulent, absent an intent to deceive you. Quit simply, you ask them to charge you $60.00 per month. Almost every sale involves the payment of government taxes, customarily paid by the buyer - you. The bill for $81.95 monthly, certainly seems possible in light of government taxes on such services. Your letter fails to set forth what the additional $21.95 is for, as reflected on their statement.

There is a dispute over who pays the taxes. When you received the first bill, you could have objected and changed to Direct TV. Instead you continued to receive services knowing there is a dispute. Having done so, you have no basis to claim that the other parties attempt to collect and enforce their interpretation of the contract is either harassment or fraud. That you have a belief about the contract says, does not make it so.

Also have you ever heard of the concept of paragraphs? It makes threatening letters easier to read.

Anonymous on 09/14/2009:
You can record any conversation as long as the other party is aware of the recording.
STOPDISHFRAUD on 09/15/2009:
The posters who are disparaging my post obviously did not read the post at all, or cannot read.
Skye on 09/15/2009:
Your post is too difficult to read.

Ever hear of paragraphs? The secone page looks like one, long run on sentence.

Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
Or, obviously, they just don't agree with you, Stopdishfraud.
STOPDISHFRAUD on 09/15/2009:
Companies must cease contacting you via phone upon written notice and DIsh did comply at once. The written notice from me to Dish re: I would tape record all phone calls from Dish without further notice subsequent to my written notice to DIsh to cease phoning me is also valid.
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
"He also tried to tell me that the $60 per month did not include various undescribed fees and services. I told him again and again that Dish accepted my offer to pay $60 per month, period."

Sounds like he made a deal that covers everything - taxes, fees, etc. - for $60. Hope you can prove it! And I hope you don't have anything in writing that would indicate otherwise.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!
Slimjim on 09/15/2009:
From what I'm getting, you were being overcharged anywhere from 1-4 dollars a month, which you didn't include in your payments because it wasn't your agreed amount. I don't see why if they recognize your amount, it still is being billed inaccurately. What I wouldn't be doing is getting all lawyer lingo with them. Most of your complaint is riddled with inaccuracies, so it's obvious to me (and them)you are bluffing, and you don't know the law like you make it sound. Include in that the fact they can call you if you owe them money, regardless if you tell they can or not. They are not a 3rd party collector.
I would continue to try to resolve this with them, but without the threats. Seriously, this is not a letter that would make me want to do a thing for you except say "see you in court", which we know isn't going to happen.
STOPDISHFRAUD on 09/18/2009:
by the way, after reading the Dish fraud settlement with 46 states, one huge horrid practice DIsh was ordered to stop was billing people's credit cards and bank accounts for up to $800 upon cancellation. So I cancelled both cards I have used with them and ordered new ones with new numbers.
webunny on 06/29/2010:
I applaud you! And hope that you get satisfaction from your dealings with Dish Network! I am about to follow your lead...and will next file a lawsuit myself!
I have never dealt with a more disreputable company. They must TRAIN their employees to harass the customers!
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Beware of Dish Network bad business practice and poor customer service
Posted by on
Beware of Dish Network's bad business practice and terrible customer service. !!!
I have been a dish customer for past 6 years until yesterday. I upgraded my receiver to a dual tuner DVR. after the upgrade I noticed one of the international movie channel in my package, I was watching was missing. I called up Dish Network and asked them. They said they recently made changes to their international packages and made one of the channel I was watching a separate payable item. Now that channel by itself costs $20. I tried to reason with them that any new changes should only affect new customer or if customer makes changes to the programming packages. I just upgraded my receiver. And they can't take a channel that was in my package and been watching for several years and ask me to pay for it now just because I upgraded my receiver.

When I ordered for DVR upgrade Dish Network did not tell me that this will result in losing a movie channel, such a bad business tactics. Didn't inform customer this would happen and removed a channel. I talked to the supervisors and executive office in Dish Network, they were neither willing to add the that movie channel back into package nor willing rollback entire DVR upgrade and give back my old programming plan. They said, all they could do is give me that movie channel free for 6 months after that I have to pay $20 every month for that single channel. That is ridiculous!, why would anyone want to pay $20 for channel that was in one's package for several years. So I canceled my entire Dish Network service. They were not making any efforts to keep loyal customer and were not willing to compensate for the mistake they did.
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User Replies:
Alain on 12/14/2010:
Cancellation was the best solution for your problem. Nice picture, by the way.
MikeL DISH on 01/04/2011:
Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. I understand that you had an issue with a pricing change on one of our international channels and have canceled your service because of it. If you have any interest in having your service reinstated and giving us another try, let me know so that I can further assist you with this!
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Lousy Business Ethics!!!!!!
Posted by on
After dealing with losing satellite signal up to 3-4 times a week, with beautiful weather outside, over the course of a 2 year period, I guess they finally got tired of hearing my complaints and got me a new receiver. When the Tech came to install it he said the receiver that I had was not a good one, and usually goes bad, and gave a lot of customers problems. So it took them 2 years of me calling before they finally replaced it! That is only the beginning!
When they replaced the receiver, they gave me 2 new remotes to go with it. The tech set everything up and I was good to go. After 1 week the remote went bad! I was on the phone for a total of 5 hours the day before Thanksgiving 2010 with 5-6 different Customer Service (Ha Ha) reps. Kept getting disconnected for some odd reason, which is why I spoke to so many of them. Each one had me go through the same stupid steps as the one before, in an effort to try to "fix" the problem. the last Rep told me my remote was bad, and they would send me another. Once I received it and programmed it according to the directions in the user manual, TV2 got screwed up!
I told them if they were really sorry for my inconvenience, someone should pro-rate my bill for all the frustration I have gone through with the company and their lousy service over the last 2 years. They said they would give me HD for life for free. I accepted. Guess what. ITS NOT FREE!! If you want all channels to be HD, either you sign up for auto pay, or pay a one time fee of 99.00. PLUS you'll be paying an extra 10.00 every month for 2 years! The representative NEVER said any thing about that!!!! This Company sucks! Your better off reading a book! They are very deceitful! I would go with another company, but no one else offers service in my area. I HATE DISH NETWORK. Isn't there someone who will protect the consumer??
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User Replies:
Alain on 12/05/2010:
Dish has a pretty well established reputation for bad service. Nice picture. Be sure your next TV service has Animal Planet as part of the free programming.
BeckiB@DISH Network on 01/05/2011:
Hello, my name is Becki Barned, with Dish Network customer service. I am sorry for the problems that you have had with our company. If these issues have not been resolved, I would like to help you out. Please e-mail me at
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The truth about Dishnet after 13 yrs exp...
Posted by on
ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- OK here is how it works the truth about Dishnet...they do not care about your service..And why?? I have done work for dish since they started..they are now using all remanufactured equipment for new customers.. so when we have what we call a new connect you get get used junk from the start..theirs is always a catch to everything they do..And now have just had a price increase but yet the advertisement were the cheapest..Well that's a lie..Why the price increase cause they owe TV over 300 million for patient lawsuit on their DVRs..I have seen dish reshedule a service call.. for 5 stars customers because of shortage in equipment just so they could go do the new connect and lev the exsisting customer with no service..why so they could go get that 24 month agreement from the new customer..and so me as a tech knew n order not 2 have to sign another 24 month agreement I paid cash for a regular 322 receiver 150 bucks. and this month they had a price increase as of February 1 2010. and want 2 charge me 14 bucks a month to watch TV for something I bought..Bogus billing look people I can put your sat in when I'm asleep but hell I can't understand or read their billing..I called dish and was very nice and have been hung up on 3 times..I have of course their tech number for fast service for customers well that's a joke also 43 minutes I waited for help remember this is their tech line so we as techs can get through fast to help our customers what a's..The real problem dish screws all their contractors so when and if you get a tech your lucky if you get 1 that knows what they are doing at all..We as techs old school techs take pride in our work...BUT DISH TIES OUR HANDS..So a lot of the time we can not even help the customer.. so you get resheduled again..A service call pays us 25 bucks now wow boy..SO REALLY WHAT U THE CONSUMER GETS..Is a company that don't care and a tech that don't care so how you figure your going to get good service..most unorganized company I have ever seen..This used to not be but over the years this has just got worse..Ur pay sucks if you get paid cause if they can get out of giving you your 25 bucks they will that 25 used to be 70..Dish also has third party retailers selling their service I have drove 60 miles to do 2 installs and when I got to the door the customer wanted to know where their new TV was..Needless to say I drove 120 miles roundtrip for nothing.. what's dish do I called them they laughed and said sorry..So I'm out of my gas and 2 jobs cause both were promised 2 TV's..Tell you what for all thinking of getting sat it's great if done right the first dish see how long it takes to get a human..1 that speaks English at that.. then call direct and you will see what real service is they speak engish too..It is sad dish has gone so poorly on their services..AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE DON'T.. GIVE THEM UR CREDIT CARD NUMBER OR BANK INFO IF U DO.. U WILL SEE SOON WHY I SAY THIS..If you want sat TV go get it from a local retailer who does the install and does care about there customers...And dish can not get good techs cause us who have been around from the start know better..Ur first question to the tech as a consumer should be so how long you been doing this..I have seen customers that looked scared to death until I told them I have done sats for almost 14 yrs..I'm not mad at dish.. I think it's sad for the consumer cause they have no idea what they are getting into read the fine print folks..Just thought it would be nice for people to know this b4 they get hung in a 24 month agreement..with a company like this..People need to know why their service sucks and how it really works.. THE TRUTH..we the people just need to raise cane to the fcc and put a stop to this madness...
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User Replies:
outragedintennessee on 06/16/2010:
Wow. They do suck! I cancelled my contract and just paid it out what I owed because I hate their lies so bad.
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Dish Lies About Programming to Get Subscribers
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
ANYTOWN, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Here is a transcript of a chat session with a Dish representative Dish has stopped carrying CSNNE, which is the regional sports network that carries the Boston Celtics. I am assured several times I can watch the Celtics if I sign up for Dish.. (My name is not Ted Brogan, points for whoever gets it)

Status: Connected
Rowena (ID: 4GC) (Listening)
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Hi, my name is Rowena (ID: 4GC). How may I help you?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Hello there! I hope you're doing great today!
Ted Brogan: Hi! I just bought a house and am looking for a TV provider
Rowena (ID: 4GC): That's great! I will be more than willing to help you with that.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let me assist you on finding the best offer that will suit your needs and your budget!
Rowena (ID: 4GC): We do have some great promotions that I'd be happy to go over with you.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): If I may ask, is this your first time to get Dish if ever?
Ted Brogan: Yes. I live in New Hampshire, and I want to watch all the Boston sports teams
Rowena (ID: 4GC): That's great! We have amazing offers for our new customer promotions, including free installation, equipment, and activation (over $700 waived fees) once approved with our best leasing plan!
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let’s start in getting the actual monthly rate to see how much you can save with us.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): I need your complete address so I can check the taxes included and the local channels available in your area.
Ted Brogan: ******************************NH
Rowena (ID: 4GC): I also need the Zip code.\
Ted Brogan: 030**
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Thank you. Please give me a few minutes to check this address.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): We can get you approved for a plan now so I can give you the right details including price, DVR options, freebies and discounts.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Just to manage your expectation, all of our promotional offers are based on credit qualification. We do run a credit check to get you qualified, and you have to be 18 or older to have DISH service. I believe you are at least 18 years old, right? : -)
Ted Brogan: I am. I would like to know if Dish carries the sports teams from Boston?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): That's fine. Let me give you the price for the TV setup you want & will take things from there, sounds good?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let us now proceed in building your programming package and TV setup.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let me ask you a few questions so I can give you the monthly cost for the set up that you want.
Ted Brogan: I asked a question
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Yes, I am now looking at that.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Your regional sports networks are New England Sports & CSN New England.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): You will get Red Sox, Celtics & Bruins.
Ted Brogan: Does Dish carry those networks?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let me check it again.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): What's the Team name & what they are playing?
Ted Brogan: Boston Red Sox, Baseball; Boston Bruins, Hockey; Boston Celtics, Basketball; New England Patriots, Football;
Ted Brogan: ?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): I am still looking at it.
Ted Brogan: Ok, I'm about done
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Upon checking not all Teams are covered.
Ted Brogan: Would you care to elaborate?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): It would only be Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots & Boston Celtics.
Ted Brogan: Ok, that sounds good
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let us now proceed in building your programming package and TV setup.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let's look at the price for the package that will give you what you want first.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Then we'll discuss your options later based on how much you're willing to pay per month.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let's talk about your programming. To check the best package for you, may I ask what are your must-have channels?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): It has been a while that I have not received a response from you, are you still with me?
Ted Brogan: Wait, Red Sox and Bruins are on NESN, Celtics are on CSNNE, Patriots are on national broadcasts.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Aside from this channels, can you name 2-3 channels that you watch most of the time?
Ted Brogan: Umm, what about you saying I could see the Red Sox on NESN but not the Bruins? How does that work?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Some of their games maybe shown on NESN which is one of your Regional Network
Ted Brogan: That does not answer my question in any way

There was no more communication from Dish after that.
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Billing FRAUD
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORTING, WASHINGTON -- On 09/03/14 I called to order Dish cable and internet services. After receiving a flier in the mail saying that we could get internet service for $19 and some change per month, and the cable package that we wanted for $29 and some change per month. I was on the phone for approximately an hour and 45 minutes to get this process going. While on that call, I was told that the $19 internet service was not offered in my area, and it would be around $34 per month. I was also told that the cable package that we wanted would be $36 per month (later finding out from another person there that the additional $7 was for a DVR that I never once asked for!)
I was told by the guy that I talked to that he was charging us $174 and some change for setup costs and our first month of service. I agreed to this, and when I thought that I was finally done with the phone call he told me that he then had to transfer me to someone else to hook up the internet service. Once I was transferred I found out that the $174 and change that had been charged to my account did not include the setup and that the billing would also be separate for the internet service. At this point after well over 2 hours on the phone I told them that I just wanted to cancel everything and have our card refunded. The guy I was talking to told me he could not do that and that I would have to hold, and then hung up on me. After calling back and talking to 2 more people I finally was told that she would refund the charges and cancel our setup. However, she told me we would only be refunded $124 and some change and that that was all we had been charged. I said are you sure, because I was told it was $174 and she said yes, it was only $124 and change. Today, I went to the bank. On the bank statement, it shows charges as follows:

9/5/14 Dish Network-on 800 894 9131 Co (pending) $124.36

9/5/14 Dish Network-on 800 894 9131 Co (pending) $1.00

9/5/14 Dish Network-cr Englewood Co (pending) $1.00

9/4/14 Check Crd Purchase 09/04 Infinity Dish 3 866-659-3474 Fl 384246617754089 ?mcc=4899 (processed) $49.95

After seeing this I called to speak with a supervisor. The first call that I made was transferred to a supervisor. He told me that he did not see a charge for $49.95 but only a charge of $124.36, and that was what was going to be refunded. I explained to him everything on the statement above and he told me he would have to put me on hold, and he hung up on me. I called again. The guy that answered the phone, not a supervisor, told me that in order for this to be researched that I have to fax my bank statement in to be reviewed. He said he also did not see this charge. I have had ENOUGH of sitting on the phone for hours on end and being hung up on. It is not my responsibility to go find a fax machine to send a company a bank statement that I absolutely do not trust them with after the fact that there is a charge that absolutely no one I have talked to with DISH can see. This is absolutely ridiculous!
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Dish Network Is Evil
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EUGENE, OREGON -- Since signing up with Dish Network we have had a slew of issues. They have improperly billed us left and right and it takes hours on the phone to have them correct it.

The service itself performs poorly and often is very spotty. The internet will stop working for days at a time.

When we moved we were assured we would have our services transferred promptly and according to our wishes. The satellite installation tech arrived promptly but blatantly ignored my requests that he do NOT install the satellite directly onto our house and in doing so, caused damage to the new expensive vinyl side paneling. We have only just purchased this home and now it already has damages as a result of their negligence. Worse still, it voided the warranty on our entire house for the vinyl siding. I requested the service tech install on the wood portions of the house in the back and out of sheer laziness, it was slapped on the front instead. We have since issued several complaints on the issue and requested Dish be liable for the repairs. Our complaints have gone completely ignored.

It had been 38 days since we moved and Dish network had failed to install our internet services, but has still been charging us for them. They insisted it can take up to ten business days to install (which has been far exceeded) and that they still charge for services during that time. I called and was on the phone for almost three hours trying to settle the matter. I was transferred repeatedly and forced to explain my issue seven times. Near the end of the call Dish finally assured me that we would be receiving internet service the very next day. Not only did this not happen, but they failed to even do us the courtesy of a phone call to let us know they would not be coming, wasting one of my days off.

I promptly contacted them after that and was again assured they would be out very shortly. Another week passed with no word. I called with my final phone call insisting that they either have a service tech out to install our internet by the following day or we would be contacting the BBB and demanding a termination of our contract. They blew us off again.

Dish network had not been providing the services for which they were charging us and refused to allow us to break our contract agreement and seek services elsewhere. After a huge number of complaints we had been completely ignored, treated with disregard and made victim by Dish Network.

I contacted the BBB and after that DISH contacted me to cancel my contract. I was assured that the early termination fee would be waived. I later received an email that our return of equipment kit is on it's way in the mail. Meanwhile, checking my online banking, found that a month later they have charged us our monthly bill again. When I called to get it reversed first they said they have no record of the payment, and then said it's an early termination fee. BULL. This is the very worst company I have ever dealt with!
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Dish Horrible to Long Time Customer!
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PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA -- We had been Dishnet customers for 10 years!! We paid $160 a month!! We only got basic HDTV, Starz and Encore, and Showtime. NO HBO, Cinemax or Movie Channel. HD Sucked, and Free On Demand is the WORST!! DirecTV on Demand is much better and UVerse and Cable On Demand Blow it out of the water.. We own a vacation home on a lake less than 1/2 hour from our home and an RV.. We were told it was OK and for years would take our DVR's on vacation with us.. We weren't particularly happy with Dishnet, but we weren't unhappy, we did think they were getting VERY expensive and we need internet and they have no internet and the internet they do offer through a third party SUCKS and is WAY expensive even with their BIG whoop bundle discount of $10 bucks!! Which btw they didn't give my friend, who is the reason I know it sucks! DirecTV offers a great package with 15mpbs Internet Hughesnet Gene4, cheaper and better than Dish, but UVerse and Cable offer even better bundles for cheaper prices..

I only know all this because after 10 years of loyal service DishNet CUT of two of my receivers because I used them once in a blue moon at my lake house and RV.. They insisted on coming out and doing some update I think now it was only because two of the receivers were not plugged into phone lines, which they almost always are, we had left them at the lake, we only used then in the gazebo and garage, so they were extra's we would take on our trips. We told the tech they were at our vacation home and explained everything, he said that was no problem, and to just call them in when I got them and I brought them down a couple of weeks later, they didn't work.. I called Dish to get them turned back on, they were back at the house and I was told they couldn't turn them back on they would have to set up an account.. I told them I didn't want to do that, they told me it would be alright for us to take them on vacation and since we only do it maybe 20 days out of the year we didn't want service up there and that we used them down here at the house, but I didn't want to pay additional service at the same home..

They refused to work with me and refused to turn them back on, so I said "thanks for treating your long time loyal customers so badly and say good bye to my $160 a month.. I got a great package from Charter Cable: Internet, HD TV with HD recording for 4 TV's, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and the Movie Channel and phone, for an overall savings of $40 bucks a month!! So I'm very pleased!! They don't have UVerse in my area or I may have gone with them, but I'm very pleased with Charter!!
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Hopper Issues; Freezing and 250 + Recordings and Conflicts
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I was a customer for 10+ years and was totally happy until I got the hopper in July of 2013. We had issues of freezing and then it got worst and worst. January 2014 we started to have freezing issues and had (3) hoppers and replaced joey’s, most of the time we could not watch any of our (4) TVs because they would all freeze. Finally in February 2014 it appeared that the senior tech got everything resolved and we could watch TV with little issues. However, on March 7th the nightmare became, we had numerous recordings with conflicts and we called DISH. The techs said nothing was wrong and they could help us delete the recordings…One day we had 250+ recordings and conflicts, every recording was doubled and all the representatives said they were not aware of the problem. On March 9th a tech came out and stated that we were programmed the same as another home and he resolved the issues. Meanwhile I called numerous phone numbers in Colorado to the corporate office to try to speak to the President; finally I spoke with this person in the resolution department. He asked me to call him back once the problem was fixed. On Tuesday, March 11th we started with the same issues…numerous recording, conflicts and freezing of different channels on the 4 TVs. I called him back on the 11th and he stated he would speak with the tech department. I spoke with him on the 12th and the 13th, he again stated that he hadn’t heard back from the tech department but would call them again. On the morning of the 13th, my husband spoke with a tech, who said maybe we need another hopper to fix the issues. On the 13th after we were not able to watch TV without deleting and resolving the recordings, conflicts and the freezing…I told my husband I could not take it any longer, I called and spoke with Alex. 1. He told the TRUTH, that my issues were known by the company and that they were working on the issue. 2. The person from the resolution dept did not document that I called him on 12th or the 13th and he stated in the notes that he told me of the ongoing issues with the system. THIS WAS NOT TRUE. After numerous phone calls to Dish, the only one person that told me the TRUTH was Alex and he told me he would let me out of my contract if I wanted. The TRUTH should have been told to us in January, not (3) months later.
I am very disappointed with your company for not telling us the TRUTH…The stress that this has put on our family for the last (3) months is horrible. I cannot even express how frustrating this has been for our family. I should have been told the TRUTH back in 2013; I have been paying every month except for a 2 month credit from that was given from the freezing issue.
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User Replies:
Alma Torres on 06/02/2014:
I recently posted how bad their service is and want to note that although I called them numerous times those notes were not logged in the system about my issue. They either hire very incompetent employees or this is part of their practices and procedures. How can you offer great service if you are not "quality assuring" or "monitoring" your calls. Why do the prompts say "Your call may be recorded for quality assurance?"
Tech I on 06/07/2014:
This is the MOCA signal leaking out of the system, I assume you live in a Multi Dwelling Unit.
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