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Lying thieves!!!
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Rating: 1/51
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- So first I called about their packages and the woman gave me prices and told me the package price for Americas' top whatever and said yes it comes with AMC, Disney and all that plus I would get internet added on and my monthly amount would be $32 a month. Then I called back to find out if it would be possible to get just the Internet and they said no it wasn't possible, but that the package was a great deal. So I asked the guy putting in my package if I would be getting all the channels I wanted like AMC, Disney, nick and etc. He lied and said yes. So I went about the whole process said yes to the 2 year contract like a fool. Next thing I know the installer comes out and installs our DVR thing and I even asked him ok so it's $30 a month correct and he said correct. Then after he installed the DVR thing I asked okay so what about the internet and he said that was through a different company. He pretended to know the package we had and channels I was going to get saying oh man you guys got a great package and you'll be able to record 4 shows while watching something on TV at that moment. Then he looked at our guide and said well it will take 30 mins for you to be able to access the rest of the shows. Ok so then I call this Earth Link internet company and they tell me I'm in a 1 year contract with them through Dish and it will be $90 to cancel, on top of that the $14.99 for the internet was only that price for 3 months and then it goes to $40 a month. ( even though the sales man happened to forget to mention that and the manager went back and listened to the recording and admitted he didn't tell me that nifty little detail).

So then I'm already pissed off and I go looking through to try to watch my show on AMC to calm down some and it says unauthorized please call this number. I call the number and tell them what's going on and nothing but apologies. Ok well apologies isn't going to solve my problem. I check my account to see how much I have really been charged and they charged me $19.99 and $1.00 2x's when I asked the woman about it after being transferred to the billing department she tells me oh it will go away it's not a real charge and I told her there was a telephone number next to it and then she tells me oh that's the charge from the retail company we used to send out a technician to your house. So then I told her I want to talk to the highest person on the totem pole and that woman told me well what do you want from me?? I said to cancel the service and refund my money, her reply was okay pay me $400 and we will gladly cancel the service! POS company if you ask me. Do not go through this company.
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Futile Attempts to Cancel Service at Dish Network
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Rating: 1/51
ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- I have spent 3 hours on the phone--on hold and being disconnected--on the internet on hold and having futile conversations with your employees. I want to cancel my dead father's dish service? How difficult is that?

This one went on longer but I was so disgusted at this point that I felt the need to share it with others. She finally gave me a number to call that disconnected me three times after I'd called and been put on hold for 15-30 minutes.

Chaldees (ID: WB9): Hi, my name is Chaldees (ID: WB9). How may I help you?
Herman : My father died on 12/9/2014 and I need to close the account. I am his daughter.
Chaldees (ID: WB9): I hope you're having a great day today, Herman.
Chaldees (ID: WB9): Thank you for letting me know your concern. We do appreciate your patience and for taking the time off to contact us regarding this. I will be more than willing to assist you today.
Chaldees (ID: WB9): I'm sorry to hear that. Herman.
Chaldees (ID: WB9): My condolences to you and your family.
Herman : Thank you. What do I need to do to terminate service and close the account ASAP.
Chaldees (ID: WB9): Do you have a friend or family member who may be interested in taking over the account?
Herman : No. But I appreciate your insensitivity and attempts to make money off the relatives of your dead clients.

I tried your "chat" service again after failing to get through on the phone.

Robert (ID: 7NX) (Listening)
Robert (ID: 7NX): Hi, my name is Robert (ID: 7NX). How may I help you?
Herman XXXXr: My father died 12/9/2014. I have been trying to cancel his service and close his account. I keep calling numbers I am given and put on hold an then disconnected. Can you please terminate the account XXX-XXX-xxxx security. code xxx and refund the money taken from his bank account today?
Robert (ID: 7NX): Herman I'm sorry for the high call volume but calling in is the only way to cancel your account.
Robert (ID: 7NX): I'm sorry to hear about your father and you have my condolences Herman.
Robert (ID: 7NX): I am sorry to hear that you want to disconnect your service. My department can not cancel services; we ask that you call an Account Specialist to talk about closing your account. Please call 1-866-218-2297 to get with a specialist who will be happy to help you with your request and explain the disconnection process you requested.
Herman Turner: Herman is dead. I am his daughter. Why is calling the only way? I called that number and have been disconnected twice. I'm done with that number. Have you got another? Otherwise, I'll email a note to your offices and have the bank open a disputed charge with your company.
Robert (ID: 7NX): I am sorry was just responding to the name you entered.
Robert (ID: 7NX): We do not have any other way to cancel the account except calling in. You can also call the main number of 1-800-333-3474 to be transferred to the cancel department.
Herman Turner: What is the address I can write to by snail's mail to cancel and file a complaint about a customer service?
Robert (ID: 7NX): You are unable to cancel by mail but you can email your concerns to .

So that is why you are getting this email. I am beyond disgusted with your customer service. You make it impossible for anyone to cancel their service. I will be filling disputed charges with my father's bank and I will never use your services and discourage others from doing so!
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Dish Lies About Programming to Get Subscribers
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
ANYTOWN, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Here is a transcript of a chat session with a Dish representative Dish has stopped carrying CSNNE, which is the regional sports network that carries the Boston Celtics. I am assured several times I can watch the Celtics if I sign up for Dish.. (My name is not Ted Brogan, points for whoever gets it)

Status: Connected
Rowena (ID: 4GC) (Listening)
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Hi, my name is Rowena (ID: 4GC). How may I help you?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Hello there! I hope you're doing great today!
Ted Brogan: Hi! I just bought a house and am looking for a TV provider
Rowena (ID: 4GC): That's great! I will be more than willing to help you with that.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let me assist you on finding the best offer that will suit your needs and your budget!
Rowena (ID: 4GC): We do have some great promotions that I'd be happy to go over with you.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): If I may ask, is this your first time to get Dish if ever?
Ted Brogan: Yes. I live in New Hampshire, and I want to watch all the Boston sports teams
Rowena (ID: 4GC): That's great! We have amazing offers for our new customer promotions, including free installation, equipment, and activation (over $700 waived fees) once approved with our best leasing plan!
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let’s start in getting the actual monthly rate to see how much you can save with us.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): I need your complete address so I can check the taxes included and the local channels available in your area.
Ted Brogan: ******************************NH
Rowena (ID: 4GC): I also need the Zip code.\
Ted Brogan: 030**
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Thank you. Please give me a few minutes to check this address.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): We can get you approved for a plan now so I can give you the right details including price, DVR options, freebies and discounts.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Just to manage your expectation, all of our promotional offers are based on credit qualification. We do run a credit check to get you qualified, and you have to be 18 or older to have DISH service. I believe you are at least 18 years old, right? : -)
Ted Brogan: I am. I would like to know if Dish carries the sports teams from Boston?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): That's fine. Let me give you the price for the TV setup you want & will take things from there, sounds good?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let us now proceed in building your programming package and TV setup.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let me ask you a few questions so I can give you the monthly cost for the set up that you want.
Ted Brogan: I asked a question
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Yes, I am now looking at that.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Your regional sports networks are New England Sports & CSN New England.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): You will get Red Sox, Celtics & Bruins.
Ted Brogan: Does Dish carry those networks?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let me check it again.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): What's the Team name & what they are playing?
Ted Brogan: Boston Red Sox, Baseball; Boston Bruins, Hockey; Boston Celtics, Basketball; New England Patriots, Football;
Ted Brogan: ?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): I am still looking at it.
Ted Brogan: Ok, I'm about done
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Upon checking not all Teams are covered.
Ted Brogan: Would you care to elaborate?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): It would only be Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots & Boston Celtics.
Ted Brogan: Ok, that sounds good
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let us now proceed in building your programming package and TV setup.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let's look at the price for the package that will give you what you want first.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Then we'll discuss your options later based on how much you're willing to pay per month.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Let's talk about your programming. To check the best package for you, may I ask what are your must-have channels?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): It has been a while that I have not received a response from you, are you still with me?
Ted Brogan: Wait, Red Sox and Bruins are on NESN, Celtics are on CSNNE, Patriots are on national broadcasts.
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Aside from this channels, can you name 2-3 channels that you watch most of the time?
Ted Brogan: Umm, what about you saying I could see the Red Sox on NESN but not the Bruins? How does that work?
Rowena (ID: 4GC): Some of their games maybe shown on NESN which is one of your Regional Network
Ted Brogan: That does not answer my question in any way

There was no more communication from Dish after that.
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Billing FRAUD
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORTING, WASHINGTON -- On 09/03/14 I called to order Dish cable and internet services. After receiving a flier in the mail saying that we could get internet service for $19 and some change per month, and the cable package that we wanted for $29 and some change per month. I was on the phone for approximately an hour and 45 minutes to get this process going. While on that call, I was told that the $19 internet service was not offered in my area, and it would be around $34 per month. I was also told that the cable package that we wanted would be $36 per month (later finding out from another person there that the additional $7 was for a DVR that I never once asked for!)
I was told by the guy that I talked to that he was charging us $174 and some change for setup costs and our first month of service. I agreed to this, and when I thought that I was finally done with the phone call he told me that he then had to transfer me to someone else to hook up the internet service. Once I was transferred I found out that the $174 and change that had been charged to my account did not include the setup and that the billing would also be separate for the internet service. At this point after well over 2 hours on the phone I told them that I just wanted to cancel everything and have our card refunded. The guy I was talking to told me he could not do that and that I would have to hold, and then hung up on me. After calling back and talking to 2 more people I finally was told that she would refund the charges and cancel our setup. However, she told me we would only be refunded $124 and some change and that that was all we had been charged. I said are you sure, because I was told it was $174 and she said yes, it was only $124 and change. Today, I went to the bank. On the bank statement, it shows charges as follows:

9/5/14 Dish Network-on 800 894 9131 Co (pending) $124.36

9/5/14 Dish Network-on 800 894 9131 Co (pending) $1.00

9/5/14 Dish Network-cr Englewood Co (pending) $1.00

9/4/14 Check Crd Purchase 09/04 Infinity Dish 3 866-659-3474 Fl 384246617754089 ?mcc=4899 (processed) $49.95

After seeing this I called to speak with a supervisor. The first call that I made was transferred to a supervisor. He told me that he did not see a charge for $49.95 but only a charge of $124.36, and that was what was going to be refunded. I explained to him everything on the statement above and he told me he would have to put me on hold, and he hung up on me. I called again. The guy that answered the phone, not a supervisor, told me that in order for this to be researched that I have to fax my bank statement in to be reviewed. He said he also did not see this charge. I have had ENOUGH of sitting on the phone for hours on end and being hung up on. It is not my responsibility to go find a fax machine to send a company a bank statement that I absolutely do not trust them with after the fact that there is a charge that absolutely no one I have talked to with DISH can see. This is absolutely ridiculous!
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Dish Network Is Evil
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
EUGENE, OREGON -- Since signing up with Dish Network we have had a slew of issues. They have improperly billed us left and right and it takes hours on the phone to have them correct it.

The service itself performs poorly and often is very spotty. The internet will stop working for days at a time.

When we moved we were assured we would have our services transferred promptly and according to our wishes. The satellite installation tech arrived promptly but blatantly ignored my requests that he do NOT install the satellite directly onto our house and in doing so, caused damage to the new expensive vinyl side paneling. We have only just purchased this home and now it already has damages as a result of their negligence. Worse still, it voided the warranty on our entire house for the vinyl siding. I requested the service tech install on the wood portions of the house in the back and out of sheer laziness, it was slapped on the front instead. We have since issued several complaints on the issue and requested Dish be liable for the repairs. Our complaints have gone completely ignored.

It had been 38 days since we moved and Dish network had failed to install our internet services, but has still been charging us for them. They insisted it can take up to ten business days to install (which has been far exceeded) and that they still charge for services during that time. I called and was on the phone for almost three hours trying to settle the matter. I was transferred repeatedly and forced to explain my issue seven times. Near the end of the call Dish finally assured me that we would be receiving internet service the very next day. Not only did this not happen, but they failed to even do us the courtesy of a phone call to let us know they would not be coming, wasting one of my days off.

I promptly contacted them after that and was again assured they would be out very shortly. Another week passed with no word. I called with my final phone call insisting that they either have a service tech out to install our internet by the following day or we would be contacting the BBB and demanding a termination of our contract. They blew us off again.

Dish network had not been providing the services for which they were charging us and refused to allow us to break our contract agreement and seek services elsewhere. After a huge number of complaints we had been completely ignored, treated with disregard and made victim by Dish Network.

I contacted the BBB and after that DISH contacted me to cancel my contract. I was assured that the early termination fee would be waived. I later received an email that our return of equipment kit is on it's way in the mail. Meanwhile, checking my online banking, found that a month later they have charged us our monthly bill again. When I called to get it reversed first they said they have no record of the payment, and then said it's an early termination fee. BULL. This is the very worst company I have ever dealt with!
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Dish Horrible to Long Time Customer!
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Rating: 1/51
PASO ROBLES, CALIFORNIA -- We had been Dishnet customers for 10 years!! We paid $160 a month!! We only got basic HDTV, Starz and Encore, and Showtime. NO HBO, Cinemax or Movie Channel. HD Sucked, and Free On Demand is the WORST!! DirecTV on Demand is much better and UVerse and Cable On Demand Blow it out of the water.. We own a vacation home on a lake less than 1/2 hour from our home and an RV.. We were told it was OK and for years would take our DVR's on vacation with us.. We weren't particularly happy with Dishnet, but we weren't unhappy, we did think they were getting VERY expensive and we need internet and they have no internet and the internet they do offer through a third party SUCKS and is WAY expensive even with their BIG whoop bundle discount of $10 bucks!! Which btw they didn't give my friend, who is the reason I know it sucks! DirecTV offers a great package with 15mpbs Internet Hughesnet Gene4, cheaper and better than Dish, but UVerse and Cable offer even better bundles for cheaper prices..

I only know all this because after 10 years of loyal service DishNet CUT of two of my receivers because I used them once in a blue moon at my lake house and RV.. They insisted on coming out and doing some update I think now it was only because two of the receivers were not plugged into phone lines, which they almost always are, we had left them at the lake, we only used then in the gazebo and garage, so they were extra's we would take on our trips. We told the tech they were at our vacation home and explained everything, he said that was no problem, and to just call them in when I got them and I brought them down a couple of weeks later, they didn't work.. I called Dish to get them turned back on, they were back at the house and I was told they couldn't turn them back on they would have to set up an account.. I told them I didn't want to do that, they told me it would be alright for us to take them on vacation and since we only do it maybe 20 days out of the year we didn't want service up there and that we used them down here at the house, but I didn't want to pay additional service at the same home..

They refused to work with me and refused to turn them back on, so I said "thanks for treating your long time loyal customers so badly and say good bye to my $160 a month.. I got a great package from Charter Cable: Internet, HD TV with HD recording for 4 TV's, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and the Movie Channel and phone, for an overall savings of $40 bucks a month!! So I'm very pleased!! They don't have UVerse in my area or I may have gone with them, but I'm very pleased with Charter!!
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Hopper Issues; Freezing and 250 + Recordings and Conflicts
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Rating: 1/51
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I was a customer for 10+ years and was totally happy until I got the hopper in July of 2013. We had issues of freezing and then it got worst and worst. January 2014 we started to have freezing issues and had (3) hoppers and replaced joey’s, most of the time we could not watch any of our (4) TVs because they would all freeze. Finally in February 2014 it appeared that the senior tech got everything resolved and we could watch TV with little issues. However, on March 7th the nightmare became, we had numerous recordings with conflicts and we called DISH. The techs said nothing was wrong and they could help us delete the recordings…One day we had 250+ recordings and conflicts, every recording was doubled and all the representatives said they were not aware of the problem. On March 9th a tech came out and stated that we were programmed the same as another home and he resolved the issues. Meanwhile I called numerous phone numbers in Colorado to the corporate office to try to speak to the President; finally I spoke with this person in the resolution department. He asked me to call him back once the problem was fixed. On Tuesday, March 11th we started with the same issues…numerous recording, conflicts and freezing of different channels on the 4 TVs. I called him back on the 11th and he stated he would speak with the tech department. I spoke with him on the 12th and the 13th, he again stated that he hadn’t heard back from the tech department but would call them again. On the morning of the 13th, my husband spoke with a tech, who said maybe we need another hopper to fix the issues. On the 13th after we were not able to watch TV without deleting and resolving the recordings, conflicts and the freezing…I told my husband I could not take it any longer, I called and spoke with Alex. 1. He told the TRUTH, that my issues were known by the company and that they were working on the issue. 2. The person from the resolution dept did not document that I called him on 12th or the 13th and he stated in the notes that he told me of the ongoing issues with the system. THIS WAS NOT TRUE. After numerous phone calls to Dish, the only one person that told me the TRUTH was Alex and he told me he would let me out of my contract if I wanted. The TRUTH should have been told to us in January, not (3) months later.
I am very disappointed with your company for not telling us the TRUTH…The stress that this has put on our family for the last (3) months is horrible. I cannot even express how frustrating this has been for our family. I should have been told the TRUTH back in 2013; I have been paying every month except for a 2 month credit from that was given from the freezing issue.
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Stole From My Bank Account and Sent Me to Collections
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Rating: 1/51
ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- February 2013:

• Contacted DISH for TV and Internet bundle service

• I was sold their services as a package, which required me to enroll into their Auto Bill Pay service to receive their discounts, and was assured by the salesman that if I could not get one of the services I would not have to keep the package. I unfortunately did not get this in writing.

• After 3 weeks (20 days) of no internet service because they could not get it connected (I had Centurylink internet service prior) I canceled both TV and internet with DISH and went back to DirectTV and Centurylink.

• I was told by DISH Network that I was responsible for the early termination fee for both services even though it was less than 30 days and I had never received their internet service. This totaled $450.00

• After 4 hours and 28 minutes on the phone with several DISH managers we came to the agreement that I would not be charged the early termination fees once I returned the equipment and my account would be closed. I returned their equipment within two weeks and got verification from DISH Network.

June 2013:

• Without my consent or knowledge DISH Network withdrew $450.00 from my bank account. I research this issue online and there are many complaints similar to mine concerning DISH Network.

• I had paid several bills at that time and four withdrawals bounce because of the withdrawal from DISH Network and was charged $140.00 in overdraft fees.

• I immediately issued a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona AG office.

• Now I had to rely on my credit cards to survive which cost me interest fees. Also my credit was affected because of the overdrafts.

• DISH agreed through the BBB to reimburse the $450.00 plus the $140.00 overdraft fees and was deposited back into my account several days later. I was still out my interest fees and credit damage but agreed to close the issue and DISH Network again reassured me that my account was closed.

December 2013:

• I received a call from a collections agency that I was severely past due on my DISH Network account and that to avoid any more damage to my credit score I needed to pay the balance immediately. I again search the internet and found this is a common practice for DISH Network.

• I reopened my complaint with the BBB and DISH Network responded back that there was an oversight and that the matter had been fixed and once again assured me that my account was closed and asked if I would close my complaint.

• This is twice that their mistakes have affected my credit score and I’m still out the interest charges from them accessing my bank account in June.

• I am currently in the process and have been when this issue surfaced, of refinancing my home. Their mistakes are going to haunt me for another 30 year or until I refinance again due to the damage of my credit score.

• I am currently unwilling to close this matter until I get some type of compensation for these issues that were never any fault of mine. The problem I am having at this time is quantifying an amount when there is no definitive correlation to credit score movement and dollars affected. Dish Network doesn’t believe any damages were caused and simply closing my account with them again is sufficient.
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Over Charged 3 Times Then The Run Around
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Rating: 1/51
BRIGHTON, COLORADO -- When I first got Dish some channels were free for 3 months. When the 3 months were up I followed the instruction on my Bill Statement to cancel those channels. I did this all online. I refreshed, logged out and logged back in to verify they were cancelled.

The next month my bill had not changed. This overdrafted my bank account. I called in and they told me that I must have done something wrong and it was my fault even though I verified it. I told them this and they fought with me.

Next I asked for a Supervisor and the person would not transfer me and proceeded to tell me I did everything wrong. I kept insisting for a supervisor and was finally put on hold for a supervisor.

I waited on hold for over an hour and a half then finally hung up.

I called back immediately asking for a supervisor. The representative asked if they could look over my account and I agreed. He then fixed everything gave me a discount and refunded my overdraft fee to be credited on my next bill. I was told my very next bill would be a $0 balance.

At this point I was pleased with the service.

The next month came and I was charged $32 which again over drafted my bank account.

I contacted customer service via chat this time. They told me that was an amount charged due to the remaining time on the previous month before I downgraded my service.

I gave them the name of the person who told me my NEXT bill would be $0 and I requested a refund as well as the overdraft refunded.

The person went around and around with me sometimes making no sense so I requested to speak with someone else. I got some else and that went no where so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor said they couldn't do anything so is aid I wanted to make a formal complaint. They transferred me to someone else who again gave me a lot of grief.

Eventually they credited my account 1 overdraft fee and $5 off for the next 6 months. This didn't solve the communication issues but I accepted it. I asked what my NEXT bill would be and I was told $7 plus tax.

I just received my bill and am being charged $13.81.

I tried to talk to someone online again and told them I have this last conversation printed as proof so I should not be charged this amount. There was nothing she could but re iterate what my bill in tails. I ended the conversation and called in.

I told the representative first thing I wanted a manager. They got me to someone rather quickly. I explained the situation and previous issues and hey fixed my bill.

This was the quicker resolution I have received but I am still infuriated by Dish and wish I didn't have 20 months left on my contract.

Do not get Dish they have horrible customer service!
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Dish Network the Worst Customer Service and a Total Fraud!
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Rating: 1/51
FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA -- I had Dish Network installed 3 weeks ago. Firstly I have to cancel the service due to myself being relocated to South Africa. Stupid idiots I spoke with could hardly speak English, and after trying to tell the same person its a different country I am moving to, he still proceeded to ask me to transfer the service to where I am moving too. After asking to speak to a supervisor and holding for 20 minutes, he informed me that I need to transfer the service to a family member or have the new tenants take over the contract. Well being from South Africa and not knowing if I will be residing there for a while or return to the USA, the so called Supervisor was no help to me and told me that I have committed to a contract and will be liable for the +/- $400 charge for cancelling the service. Yea after 3 weeks having the service??? He was nice enough to inform me that he will put the account on Hold for however many years till I return, so tell me what happens with the equipment in 4 years, gets stolen damaged........... still have to pay the $400.

Firstly the sales person was very friendly and PUSHING me to have the service installed the next day. Had to pay an upfront fee of more than $100. We have 2 humongous dishes in the front of the house, due to them not being able to get a signal, yea 2! Why not use the present Dish that was already here? The internet signal sucks!!!

The service agent that installed the equipment left a cable running about 20 yards across my driveway, I was told he was coming the next day to bury it, NOT. The cables hanging from the side of the house is completely exposed and looks terrible.

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