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Unloyal Business
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Rating: 1/51

ETTA, MISSISSIPPI -- Let me cancel my subscription due to a dispute over a bill amount. Been a loyal customer for over 20 years. Took 460$ out of my son's account, which had nothing to do with my account for early cancellation fees. Very unloyal, unfair and a big bully company.

Problems From Day One And Still 2 Years After Cancelling - Scam Artists!!!
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Rating: 1/51

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS -- DO NOT SIGN UP WITH DISH AND DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION!! If there was an option to give 0 stars I would have, but unfortunately 1 was the lowest rating possible... Please at least read about my experience with them before you decide to call them.

I signed a contract with Dish Network in early 2010. I called and asked for an HD/DVR box and picked the package I wanted that had all my channels of interest. They also told me that if I ever moved, they would move me anywhere for free. This was important because I knew I would be moving within the next year.

The installation tech came out and set everything up for me. When he finished, I asked him to show me how to work it and realized they had given me the wrong box... It was HD but didn't have the DVR which was the more important of the two to me. He told me to just call them and they would send someone to switch out the equipment and it wouldn't be a big deal. WRONG! I immediately called and turns out that whoever set up my account set it up wrong in their system but told me that I was getting was I had asked for.

They wouldn't fix this problem and told me that since it was already set up they couldn't just switch it out because when you sign up with them you are purchasing the box, not leasing it, and they do not reclaim the boxes they only reclaim the satellite.... Once it's set up and the tech leaves, it's yours and they cannot change it.

Because of this, if I wanted a different box I would have to pay full price to purchase the correct box (that I initially asked for and was told I was getting) which would run me about $500. They also gave me the option to find a store that purchased and resold used boxes and said I could probably switch mine out at one of these locations for a decent price. The nearest one I found was over 50 miles away... No thanks.

I argued with them about this over the next week and they wouldn't let me cancel or switch my equipment even though THEY had screwed up and just kept telling me I would have to either pay the full price for the box, or buy out of my contract (basically pay for two years of service). I finally gave up, bought a Tivo, and just decided to ride it out until my contract was up and then I would just cancel and go somewhere else.

During this two year contract with them, I continuously ran into more issues with them. One month, my bill randomly increased. When I asked them about this, they said my plan had been upgraded. I didn't ask for that, so how could they just change my plan and charge me more??

It took a lot of arguing with them to get them to fix the problem and I could tell that they really didn't want to. This happened more than one time during my contract with them and they were very reluctant to fix the problem each time and always tried to convince me that I was wrong... As if I wasn't already frustrated enough with them, this just made me feel like they were just trying to find ways to scam me out of money hoping that I wouldn't notice, or hoping that I wouldn't want to deal with it and would just give in to their BS.

Later, as I stated earlier, I ended up moving and called to have my service address and equipment moved... Supposed to be free right? Nope, they told me it would be something like $300 for a moving fee and I was only moving 1 hr away!!! Are you kidding me?! They wouldn't budge on this one... So at this point I was just ready to be done with them.

Finally,my contract ended (sometime in early 2012) and as soon as it did I called to cancel my service with them so I could go somewhere else. Happiest day of my life to finally get away from them and be done with them... Or so I thought.

I canceled with them, threw out my box (since they told me I owned it), and signed up with another provider which has been MUCH better. About a week later, I got an empty box in the mail from Dish saying I need to return my equipment. What? So I called and asked about it and they told me a different story.... All equipment, including the boxes, are leased and they do reuse them and it all has to be returned when service is discontinued. I told them what I had been told during my initial issue with them and all they told me was "Sorry, you were told wrong. If you don't have it, you'll have to pay for it."

At this point I was tired and mad and just wanted to be completely done with these people so I just paid for the unreturned equipment and was told that this took care of everything and I had no remaining balances on my account and my service had been canceled. Finally... Some relief... Right? Nope!

In November or December 2013, I received a voicemail from Dish saying that my service would be disrupted and I would be charged a late fee if I did not pay on my account by a certain date. I called back and apparently my account had been reactivated WITHOUT my consent!!!! They did not want to fix the problem and I probably spent about an hour on the phone with them talking with person after person and arguing with them over whether or not I had reactivated my account!!!! They didn't even have the correct address for where the service was active (it was my old address where the account had initially been set up).

Finally, they decided there had to have been some sort of fraud and they told me they would cancel everything and drop all fees and fix the issue... THEN as soon as that was done, they tried to tell me that I needed to return my equipment from a year ago that I had already paid for!!!! It took more arguing with more people and departments to finally get that settled and for them to find in their system that it HAD been taken care of and paid for.

They told me again that they would remove all of this from my account, take care of everything, and that I did not owe anything. They also said they would put a block on my account so that it could not be reactivated again and I would not be contacted anymore.

Here we are two or three months later (February 2014) and I just got another voicemail from them asking me to return my equipment. Again, I called (with very little patience at this point) and asked why I was receiving these calls when this had already been taken care of...TWICE! Again, they were VERY reluctant to fix the problem and just kept trying to convince me to return the equipment even though I told them several times that I did not have the equipment and had already paid for it years ago.

Once they finally got the message that I did not have the equipment, they argued with me about paying for it... And I had to explain to them over and over that I already had paid for it TWO YEARS AGO!! I got put on hold over and over and then they tried to tell me they would send a request to their "investigation department" and this department would contact me within 24 hours. I told them I wasn't getting off the phone until it was fixed because I didn't trust them and was tired of dealing with the same issue over and over...

Finally another hour long phone call later they told me they would put me on a "do not call" list, but didn't say anything about the account being all settled. I asked if they removed the charges from my account so that this wouldn't be an issue again. They just said "Uh... yeah..." I don't believe them.

I'm sure I'll get another call or notification from them about some other BS charge in the future. I'm trying to figure out how to get completely removed from their system. I'm so tired of dealing with them and this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever encountered with any type of service provider! Whatever is going on over there cannot be legal and after my experience with them I'm convinced they are scam artists who will try to manipulate you into giving them money for things that you either already have, or things you never agreed to or consented to in the first place.

Return Equipment Scam
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Rating: 1/51

I too have been a victim of Dish Network Equipment Return Baloney. I canceled my service in March of 2013 and the first fellow I spoke with was pretty pleasant. I was told that since I had been a loyal customer in good standing for so long that he would wave the $17 shipping fee to return "their" equipment. He also stated that I was due a refund and that would be processed when they had "their" equipment back.

I asked which receivers they wanted and he gave me the number of one, I asked about the other 3 boxes and was told that I had been with the company long enough that the receivers were under the program that after two years, you owned them. I didn't think that was the case for the DVR receiver so I stored them in my basement. In about 5 days I got a box dropped on my front porch, inside was a list of the receiver to be returned, I packed it and dropped the package at a UPS store. In about a month, to my surprise, I received a bill for Dish Network Service.

I made a phone call to customer service, the guy on the other end said that it was a mistake and that he would correct the problem. I also informed him that I had received notice that they had received their equipment and I wanted to know where my return was. The fellow told me that returns were not automatically issued but he would put in a request for me and I should receive it in short order.

Fast forward about 3 weeks and in sight of about 4 days I received a refund check and another bill for service. About this time I'm thinking that something is pretty fishy, I log into our account and find it still shows a balance and they still have my credit card number and my bank account number, where we paid our bill.

I call customer service to find out why my bank account number and credit card number is still in their system, and vehemently tell them they are no longer authorized to have access to my bank account or credit card and I want them removed from their system. I am shocked when the lady tells me it will take 10 days to make that happen, as it only took about 2 seconds for them to have access in the first place. I got off the phone with her, called my bank froze them out of my account and changed the number on my credit card account.

Now that I'm protected financially, I call back about the false charges. I finally get to a supervisor and after she researches my account she says I have not returned their equipment and that's why I'm getting billed, I tell her that I have not had Dish service since March. I have a notice where I have returned the equipment that they requested and they have sent me a refund check for service. This doesn't seem to faze the lady.

In a few seconds she tells me that I still have a DVR receiver that is theirs, I tell her that if they would have asked for it the last time they sent me a box they would already have it. The lady says she will send me a box to return it but I will be charged $17 dollars to return it. I inform her that I will be glad to drop her equipment at the nearest Dish facility, but as far as me paying to return "their" equipment, that is not going to happen, click. In about 5 days I find two boxes on my porch to ship one DVR receiver back, I pack the receiver in one box, and in a effort not to confuse them by not returning two boxes I put a note in the other and ship them both.

Fast forward. Till today I'm still getting bills saying they won't restore my service until I pay the $18.42 to ship "their" equipment back. I am starting to get phone calls from someone I can't hardly understand about my delinquent account, to which I reply "I am not paying it." I guess I will put a note in my credit history at the three reporting agencies, and spend my spare time telling everyone that will listen what kind of company Dish Network turned out to be in my case.

I'm not angry with the people at customer service. They are just doing what they are paid to do. But somewhere up the corporate ladder there is someone that put the policy of making you miserable If you chose to drop their service. A word to the wise, be sure before you sign up for any service with leased equipment that you know what their policy is on returning their stuff.

The Worst, Most Disorganized Corporate Entity I've Ever Dealt With
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- I had left Time Warner after 5 years of their service because prices just kept increasing. Meanwhile, Dish Network was offering satellite packages with tons of channels, high speed internet, and home phone for literally 60% off the Time Warner price. "How could I go wrong?" I thought. I wish I had never gone further than the thought.

When I signed up, I was told "Your first month will be free. You'll pay nothing for 60 days (except the signup fee which was relatively cheap). And when your first bill comes in, it should be approximately $60 since you've signed up as a part of this promo. All subsequent bills will be $60 as well. It's that simple!" Apparently it wasn't that simple. First bill arrived within 14 days to the tune of $280. Needless to say, I called to inquire and lodge a complaint if need be. This is where Dish Network TRIES to excel.

You don't get pushed around from faceless representative to faceless representative with each call. Instead, the person you speak to gives you his/her name, their direct phone number, they act like your buddy, and tell you "If you ever have ANY problems, you call me directly. I'm your guy/girl! I'll be here to help you." That, to me, sounded great. Personalized service. And should anything go wrong (again), I have a name and a direct line of a person to either fix it OR hold accountable.

Well, ** was the first name. She signed me up. I suppose it should have struck me a bit odd that the person who signed me up was also volunteering to be my customer service/tech support person but it didn't. I called ** when I got my bill, one month early and $220 higher than I was told it would be. ** never answered. She never returned calls either. This went on for a week or two before finally, after pressing a number of different menu options, I got someone on the phone. ** apologized profusely but told me the problem was, ** incorrectly coded everything on my account. Thus, the overcharge. "I see" I said. "Can you just go ahead and fix that for me?"

"I can't" said **. "Once it's in the system, there's no way to change it. But what I can do is throw a number of credits and promo codes on there to get us down to around $60." This is just downright laughable. A major cable/ISP company is running off computer systems that don't allow for changes to customer accounts?! Whatever. As long as my bill goes back to where it should be. The "credit / coding" issue is theirs to deal with. Not mine.

Now mind you, I'm still on the phone with ** every week because the wireless they promise is not only slower than advertised, it drops virtually once every hour. In the first 6 months, I went through at least 4 modems and routers. Had visits from 2 or 3 techs to examine the wiring into the wall. Nothing seemed to work. The wireless was just terrible. And ** told me that it was likely going to remain that way because I was on the very edge of their service area. And since it's DSL nothing they could really do.

"Well, why wasn't I told about this when I signed up **?" He apologized. Gave me more credits and got my bill down to $0 for the next 2-3 months. Which was great except I still couldn't use the wireless and, if there was even a slight breeze, the satellite signal was disrupted.

Two months later... Bill arrives for $190. I call **. I call ** again because he doesn't answer. ** never answers and never returns calls anymore. At this point, I'm not only livid from billing issues. I'm also pissed because my wireless is half the speed promised AND drops constantly. Also, my satellite picture not only goes out in the rain, it gets disrupted with even the slightest breeze. I walked outside and saw the dish actually shaking with each tiny gust. So they sent a tech.

The tech discovered it was put too close to the edge of the roof and thus, half of the mount was fastened to nothing but shingles. As dumb as that is, his solution was just as dumb. He added a brace to the base essentially bracing it to OTHER loose shingles too close to the edge of the roof. NO ONE could figure out the wireless problem. AT ALL.

After never hearing from ** again, I got ** (what was with this company and hiring people who's names only start with 'C'?). ** sent a new tech out to the house to fix the dish. And this guy was smarter. He removed the dish and remounted it to actual roof. Not just shingles. But the wireless was beyond him. Couldn't figure that one out at all. So now I had halfway decent TV (it still sucked in the rain but at least on a sunny day I was able to watch), the wireless still sucked, but at least, thanks to ** I was paying nothing. For about 2-3 months.

Then I got another bill. Another ridiculous amount. At the same time, I have someone from Dish in my house trying to figure out what the issue is with the wireless (which, at this point) is useless. Finally, I called Dish, told them I was breaking the contract early and frankly, I didn't care how much they had wanted to charge me for it. They'd never see the money from me anyway. I had endured 11 months of terrible customer service and horrific wireless service. I was done and moving on. Didn't matter the cost and nothing they could say would keep me behind.

Finally, they agreed to let me go at no cost. The upside was... for the 11 months I was a customer, I paid next to nothing. The downside was... I paid next to nothing because I actually got nothing but headaches and occasional TV. Oh, and the landline that I never used. I went back to Time Warner and, within 10 minutes of the setup with Time Warner, the tech they had sent to install everything found the wiring problem that created the crap internet. I've been good at Time Warner ever since.

Awful Customer Service. $460 Cancellation Fee Because I Can't Install DISH at New Residence in Boston!
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Rating: 1/51

WORD OF THE WISE…DON'T EVER USE DISH SERVICES!!! This is possibly the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced!! I chose to shop out different cable providers after my Comcast bill had proven to be too high. After talking to a DISH representative for over an hour and a half and expressing my concerns (my husband's job potentially relocating us to the city, breaking contract, etc.) it sounded like DISH was the right move. WRONG!! I have only had this cable provider for UNDER a month and found out we'd be moving our family from Michigan to Boston.

Yes, of course they can move your cable services for you to Boston…but not when you are living in a building that DOES NOT allow a DISH satellite. I called DISH to express my concerns. I spoke to Alex first who really couldn't help me, since this issue was beyond his scope. Next, I was transferred to Frank. Frank was an “account specialist.” He went on to tell me that regardless if the building doesn't allow DISH and these are extenuating circumstances he could not help me and that I'd be charged a $460.00 cancellation fee.

I was misled by the initial sales guy who sold me DISH services. I had expressed my concerns, but not once did he mention a HUGE cancellation fee!! All he wanted was the sale! Frank continued to tell me there was nothing he could do… Isn't he an account specialist?! He then went on to belittle me, acting as if I didn't know what a “contract” was. Yes, I understand a contract... And in this case, it's very similar to a lease. If you sign a 12 months lease and break it midway through, you forfeit your security deposit or one month's rent…not normally the entirety of the balance of the lease.

I went on to ask for someone above Frank, who may be able to help me. Transferred to a supervisor, CJ. I talked to CJ, expressed the same thing I had told both Alex and Frank, for him to tell me, “I'm sorry, you're in a contract and the cancellation fee is $460. There is nothing I can do.” How is it that there is nobody who can do anything in this entire company?? I feel as if I were tricked into this contract and that the initial sales guy never properly enlightened me on what would happen if I were to move to a place that did not allow a DISH satellite (or any satellite for that fact).

The worst part about this is....I did ask in the event if we had to move, what would happen? DISH TV will lose more than $460 out of this issue… Not only will I NEVER use DISH TV again but, I will never recommend it to anyone!!! This was some of the worst customer service, with not even a tad of empathy or support from the DISH TV representatives/staff. If you think you're saving yourself money by switching to DISH… do yourself a favor and don't switch! Awful, Awful. Oh, and did I mention… on Super Bowl Sunday when I had 60 people at our house for a party, one of our boxes was failing to work and not getting a signal?! Talk about an inconvenience!!

Poor Dish Service
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Rating: 1/51

WEBBERS FALLS, OKLAHOMA -- I had been with Dish in Grayslake in Illinois for over 17 years when I moved to Oklahoma. I called Dish and took a leave of absence from their service till I could buy a house here. Once I found a house I called Dish for new service. They first sent out a female contractor who set the dish on the eve of the home and found she could not get a signal. She had trees in the way. She told me and that four trees needed to be removed. I called a handyman and he came over and cut the trees but still no signal. After almost 12 hours she gave up and said she would have someone come back the following week.

The office then sent out a tech who got out of the truck and said there were too many trees, I would never have tried to hook up service for you. Let me walk around with my scanner and see if you have a better spot. He then told me he could get me a signal if I would allow a couple of post to be placed in my front yard. After I agreed he said "I will call Okie dig and get them out early next week to look at the yard before we can dig." I understood and agreed to wait. The next week I had a third tech come out who said that Okie dig had never been called but he had notified them and they would be next week and the office would have to send out someone again.

The next week **, a tech came and complained he was only given 15 minutes to do the job, and that the contractor had used the wrong line to install and it all needed to be replaced. He then called his office and started to work. After about two hours he came outside and said "Well bad news". I asked him what was wrong and he showed me in his haste he had pulled my TV off the TV stand and it had broken plus it put a hole in my wall. He was real upset and kept saying he hoped he would not get fired over it or at least written up.

I called his boss the next day and was assured they would pay for the set. After 7 months I did get a check for about half of it's cost. If I had to charge them for my phone time it would have been six times that much. All the time I had been waiting to be paid. I complained the Internet was slow and horrible. Dish finally sent out a tech, ** again. He told me he had been written up but he guess he deserved it. He then went outside to look at the system. After five minutes he came back inside and told me he had repaired the slow Internet. He said he had to cut a ground for the phone which was not used anyway but was too close to the Dish install.

A few months later their was a lightning storm a few miles away. I went to bed because my signal was gone. When I woke up the next morning all three TV's were dead. I called Dish and they said for $10 they would send out another tech. I asked them to send someone other than **. I wanted another set of eyes on this problem.

** came out that Saturday and after about two minutes found that ** had cut the wrong ground. He had cut the one for the Dish system. He told me he had it in his report and that Dish would have to replace the TV's. He took photos and checked everything including the TV's. He also installed new Hopper as well as the Joy boxes. I boxed up the old units when he was here and called Dish to request the labels to send back the old equipment. I was told to write Attention ** on the boxes.

The following week ** the lead technician came over to look at the boxes and look at the system. I told him that ** from Colorado Corporate was assigned to me as a claims adjuster. After a half hour or so ** said he had moved the direction of my Internet dish because it was pointed in the wrong direction. And that sometimes even if the Hopper systems are UL listed they give you problems and can not be grounded. He also told me that I had a reversed wire in the master bedroom which could account for the one TV blowing out.

After he left I called my electrician ** who has been licensed for over 40 years. He came over and checked the line. He told me he could not find a problem. I told him ** had showed me his tester and it said it was bad. He pulled out the tester he carried and it showed good. He then took the outlet out and examined it and put it back. Shook his hand and said they are trying to pull a flimflam on me. He did not charge me because he had checked the electric out for me before and installed a new 200 amp breaker box a few weeks earlier.

I made several calls over the next weeks to ** and to the local office. Just before the two month date of losing my TV's the manager, ** told me that he could offer me $450 for the sets. This is again close to half of the price I paid for the three new TV's all purchased in the last year. I told him you do know these were all three TV/DVD combo units. He said I know but you do not have to agree. Finally I told him "Fine send me my money and we are done". I am tired of fighting for this money which is due me. If it were reversed and I owed Dish you would have been paid the full amount quickly.

He then sent me a form to fill out that reads: "By your signature, you agree that you are completely satisfied with the resolution of this damage claim. You understand that Dish Network Services and affiliate consider this claim to be closed and will not accept further liabilities regarding this claim. You agree that the existence of this claim and it's terms and conditions are to be kept strictly confidential by all parties involved."

I refuse to sign this agreement because it is a hush order and there are several litigations that could happen if it were signed. He agreed to call corporate legal and ask to have the document changed to read from this day forward. Today 9/26/2014 we talked and he told me that the legal team refused to change the form at all. And that the ball was in my court. If I want paid I will have to sign it.

Well the form as I told him says signed on this date so in a couple of days I will sign it but not till I have let the world know what a horrible service I have received and the way they treat customers. I could not even get a call back from ** so I am writing this for all to see before I sign.

They Rip People Off!! Do Not Get Dish Network. You Will Be Sorry
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Rating: 1/51

CHICOPEE, MASSACHUSETTS -- If I could rate Dish Network with negative 5 stars I would. This company is a joke! I 1st signed up in February of 2013. When I singed up I ordered the everything package. Because I'm a new customer I was SUPPOSED to get a special rate of $73.00 a month for the 1st year. They promised me I would have l my local channels including FOX and ABC and WB. We'll guess what?! After the guy came and set everything up for me he then tells me I won't be getting all my local channels! I should've know better when I asked them to email me my contract and they said no, they don't do that. That was a red flag.

And it gets better. After 3 months they started charging me the regular rate. I refused to pay it because that's not what I signed up for. (And I have always paid my bills on time, never once late) so they fixed it. A few months go by and they screwed it up again and again and again. Now my bill is 120 something dollars when it shouldn't be and they won't give me the everything package for that price. They will only give me the top 240. I also was supposed to have ALL the movie channels as well with my package. They still try to charge me every month for them.

Again I call them up and have to get it fixed. Every darn time I call them each person is telling me something different. They make up stuff just to shut you up but never fixes the problem or they say that I'm wrong. I literally have 3 pages of notes from every conversation I have with them. I write it down, I repeat back what I write, I've even gotten employees' names and badge numbers. Which didn't do any good. For them to say that I heard them wrong every time they must think I'm pretty stupid! That's why I document everything from the time and date as well.

Wait it gets better. So I complained about how they lied to me about getting FOX & ABC. They told me to go buy an antenna so I could get the channels. So I asked how can I DVR my shows then using that. They said you just hook it up, so I did that. There was no possible way to do so. So I called them up and complained once again....

The guy I spoke with had no clue what I was talking about. So I said screw it. Well a few months later, again I was being charged more than I should've been and mentioned how they told me I could DVR from the antenna. They said I needed a device. Then they wanted to charge me $50 bucks for!! I flipped out and she finally said they would send it to me for free.

So I get that a few days later. I don't have the right kind of antenna!! No one ever told me to buy a specific one. I emailed them asking if they will credit my account if I buy the one I needed. They said no! They did credit my account for the 1st antenna. $30. But it's the wrong kind!!

All these people do is stress everyone out. I'm so sick of them!! I'm about to threaten them and bring them to court for FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! I have all the proof I need by printing out everyone's complaints. My family has a few lawyers so that's not going to cost me anything. So if they try to charge me all these fees that everyone is talking about I will fight them! And I have no doubt in my mind, I will win. And from now on I will record every conversation I have with these people. It's not illegal as long as you tell them.

And that's another thing! They say they record their calls. That's a fat lie! I've told them numerous times to listen to the conversations if they don't believe me. Then they come out and say they don't record them. There's so much more to complain about but I'm sure you're sick of reading this.

Needless to say DON'T USE THIS COMPANY! If it sounds too good to be true is really is. All they do is lie. The 1st time you talk to them they're really sweet and conniving. Then the next thing you know they're screwing you over repeatedly and don't care! I haven't been with them for not even a year yet and I don't plan on continuing my service. I've never had as many issues with one company. I really wish I read the reviews online before committing to a two year contract.

This has been a terrible experience. Don't be fooled by the good reviews. Companies actually pay people to write good reviews. It's all made up. They need to start making laws to protect people. I don't know how these people can do this to innocent people. Anyway I hope this helps with your decisions. And please go with a different company and save yourself the headache and hassle.

Outrageous Cancellation Fees
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Rating: 1/51

CLERMONT, FLORIDA -- My husband and I decided to go with Dish Network when looking to change cable companies and were somewhat happy with it even though we would lose reception anytime is would get cloudy outside but continued to stay with the company.

After a period of time they raised our rates with no notification, I found out when I noticed the auto debit from my checking account was double what it had been previously. My husband called to inquire about the increase and was told that the price we were paying was only good for a certain period and we were now being charged double what we had agreed on so we decided to cancel after another cable company was charging the same price but it included internet service so we cancelled the service.

My husband made sure that we were paid up in full and was told we had a zero balance. We were told that they would send us a box to ship back their equipment after about 2 weeks we called back to find out about the box that we had not received to be told that it was on its way and there would be a shipping label with it for us to use, but we would be charged that fee on our debit card. My husband told the customer service person that they were not to charge our card anymore than that fee and were assured that was the final charge.

We finally received the box about a week later and sent all equipment back using their shipping label. A couple weeks later we were surprised to find our debit card had been charged $207.00, when we called about it we were told that was the charge for early cancellation, that we had broken our contract with them.

Well if we're really under contract how could they just increase our rates, when we asked that question we were told that our rates had nothing to do with the contract? That's funny when the only paper signed included the rates on it. People need to beware. Dish Network is a very corrupt company who doesn't care about their customers. They only care how many of them they can screw over and I am guessing they thrive on people canceling their service early because they like taking people's hard earned money it a time where the economy is very poor and only getting worse.

I have one better, a couple months prior to us cancelling our service. I was watching TV on a Sunday evening around 11:00 pm to have my service go off, when I called about the problem I was told that they disconnected the service per my request which I had not done and why would I do that at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night? When they couldn't find any notes on the mishap they reconnected my service. How crazy was that but we get charged for cancelling, what a joke. I hope they choke on this money. Everyone please beware, Dish Network is a terrible company and I would never recommend them to anyone.

High Pressure Sales Tactics, Lies About Service, Failure to Correct Problem and Refund Money.
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ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- I initially contacted Verizon to find out if FiOS service was available in my area. It was not, but they said they partnered with Dish Network for cable TV and Internet service and I might want to talk to them. I really wanted a bundle to include phone service, but this was not available to me either through Verizon or Dish Network.

I asked Dish for information on their cable and internet services. The Dish salesperson described what they had to offer, and when I hesitated, they improved the offer. I already had a phone/internet/cable package with another company, and when I told them the Dish cost for cable and internet was about the same as my current company, they improved their offer again. I said I wanted to discuss the offer with my husband first, and they told me that if I didn't sign up right then, and called back later, the offer would probably not still be on the table.

They also told me that with the Internet service they offered Internet support through Geek Squad. I told them that I didn't want the Geek Squad service as I really had no problems with my Internet currently, and currently had free support through my provider. They told me I had to take the Geek Squad service but that it was free for the first month and I could cancel at any time and not be charged. I told them I didn't like to sign up for anything billed as "free" but that would require me to cancel in order to avoid charges.

They again told me I had to take the Geek Squad service with the internet. I again said I wanted to discuss this offer with my husband, and was again told that the offer was not guaranteed if I didn't sign up then and there. I agreed, thinking I could just go ahead and cancel if we decided not to proceed. Dish gave me two phone numbers to call if I wanted to cancel, one for the cable and Internet and one for the Geek Squad service. We did decide not to proceed and two days later, I called Dish to cancel everything. There was never an installation of any equipment.

They did refund my fees, but my bank statement showed a charge of $19.99 for Geek Squad. I called the number given to cancel the Geek Squad service, which turned out to be a Dish phone number. Dish told me they could not cancel that service or issue a refund, and that I would have to contact Geek Squad myself.

I said that I called the number the salesperson gave me to cancel Geek Squad and they said that was incorrect. I also told them that I never had any dealings with Geek Squad, never authorized Geek Squad to charge my bank and that all of that was apparently done by Dish, so why couldn't Dish cancel it since they, not me, initiated it. They continued to tell me they could not do it.

At any rate, they gave me another phone number to call "Best Buy", which was somehow associated with Geek Squad. Again, wrong number. I was given 5 wrong phone numbers. When I finally got the right number to call Geek Squad, they told me that they never offer a free month of service with the right to cancel during that time without incurring any charges. They told me that Dish lied to me.

Geek Squad was very professional, and handled my request for refund and cancellation of service in a very friendly and agreeable fashion, I have no complaints about them, and might consider their service (separately) in the future. I believe the Dish salespeople will say anything to make a sale.

I had Dish service for cable only in the past, and was pretty satisfied with it. However, I didn't like the fact that customers have to pay for any repairs to the equipment, which Dish maintains ownership of, and customers have to pay to return the equipment, which is owned by Dish, when the customer cancels their service.

I found a better deal for my cable which was a package deal with phone and internet and cancelled the Dish service. When I said I wanted to cancel, they offered all sorts of incentives to stay, incentives that were never offered to me while I was a customer for three years. I still cancelled. Like others, I didn't receive the return boxes in a timely fashion but returned the equipment as soon as I did receive them. This is not a customer friendly company. If you deal with this company, I would suggest getting any offers in writing (in great detail).

Dish TV - Deceptive, Manipulating and Conniving
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- Please read this review in its entirety. Knowledge is power. Dish TV. Very bad reception. Just a drop of rain would cause my TV to go out. Dish simply tells you there's nothing to be done because that's the nature of satellite TV - typical of any satellite services (funny because I've not had a bit of trouble with my new service...). I got tired of having unpredictable reception and paying for it, so I canceled my service in September. Whoa! If I thought I was having problems with Dish before, I sure was kidding myself!

They, of course, tried endlessly when I called, to convince me not to cancel even when it got to the point that I would interrupt their pitches by sternly saying, "Just cancel my account!" Well, to make a long story a bit shorter, I waited forever for them to send their return boxes for their equipment, which they sent one at a time, weeks apart. Got slapped with an overdue fee. Because of the early cancellation I knew I would have to pay $320.

I didn't mind because: 1) I was so ready to get rid of Dish and get something different and 2) My new service (Charter) would pay me for the buyout - no prob, right? No, no, no. Dish has screwing "defectors" all figured out. I waited and waited for that final bill of $320 to arrive so I could show Charter in order to get my refund.

Well... next thing I know Dish had, unbeknownst to me, helped themselves to $320 from my bank account. Granted, I signed the contract that said they could withdraw funds from my account for billing purposes. To me that meant if I wasn't paying my bills they would be entitled to collect the amount of the unpaid bill. I'm very diligent about paying my bills on time so I didn't worry about that. I was furious when I saw $320 had been taken out of my checking account with no knowledge or some kind of a heads-up, plus they did the same thing for $17.00.

I immediately called Dish and, of course, they couldn't understand why I was so upset. I demanded they send me a written invoice showing that the $320 was paid in full. Oh they were extremely polite and yes, yes they would be happy to do that. Well, I'm sure you've already guessed what happened - nothing was sent. Therefore I missed out of being paid for the buy-out from Charter. Dish is well aware of time limits other services have for reimbursements of buy-outs and they take full advantage of that.

Okay, remember I said I closed my account in September. The money was taken from my bank account December 4. Now, here we are in January, Dish TV a thing of the past, and lo and behold I get a voicemail telling me to call Dish regarding my account. I don't have an account! When I called, of course, I got the automated voice system. None of the selection numbers pertained to me. No choice of talking to an agent. I tried other numbers getting the same response. I dropped the issue because I hadn't received any written communication from Dish (except advertising) since September and I no longer had an account, anyway.

Well... yesterday, January 22, I received a call from a collection agency telling me I owe Dish TV $18.50!!! What??? I told the agent I don't even have an account with Dish, haven't received any bills since September and furthermore I never pay anybody who's asking for money over the phone. Yea! Yet another way to screw the ex-customer. Go Dish. Because calling is worthless, I've emailed Dish twice now so I guess I'll see what happens. It's like they stalk people. Are they going to nickel and dime me for the rest of my life? Not if I can help it... yeah... I'm saying it again, Dish is deceiving, manipulative and conniving. Buyer beware!

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