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Decorative ceiling box
Posted by on
DUNKINDONUTS.COM -- I worked hard to put a nice decorative idea for one of the most successful corporation in the world. the goal of my idea is to bring happiness to every one who sees it. I personally think Dunkin donut is a successful corporation because it is well known in all the business aspects such as customer service, product, equipment and locations .
That is why I worked in this direction to develop my idea.
just like in football field the champion is the team who worked hard to win, to score and to pass all difficulties they may face. but it is all for one goal, to be the very best. and guess what will happen next season. stronger teams stronger competition more excitement and it is all for our goods and better future .
for this reasons I find them as a very good corporation and I want to tie my future with them. it is personal opinion
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localgod on 03/05/2010:
Congrats!!! Very cool!
MRM on 03/05/2010:
Cool ceiling!
Anonymous on 03/05/2010:
Looks very nice although I can't honestly say it brings me happiness.
Skye on 03/05/2010:
LOL Ken!

Congratulations OP.
Starlord on 03/05/2010:
I have to agree with Ken, nice decoration but hardly sufficient to send one into ecstasy. You carry on about this like it is the greatest thing since sliced beer and canned bread. It's nice, but I ain't going into vapors over it.
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Nasty employee 3 times in a row at my local Dunkin' Donuts.. Had to call the cops this time!
Posted by on
Hello all. This is my first review on here. I just came across this website as I was looking for a corporate number to complain about Dunkin Donuts to. I apologize in advance for the long post but it is 3 separate incidents in the same location with the same employee.

The first of three events took place 2 weeks ago at the drive-through. I ordered a french cruller donut and a large Tropicana orange Coolatta. They asked if I wanted whipped cream and I said no. When I drove up to pay, my drink had whipped cream on it. I nicely told the employee that I didn't ask for whipped cream but he insisted that I did. Then, another employee walked over, stuck her head out the window and said "NO, I HEARD YOU SAY IT TOO!". I told them that I had no reason to lie about what I wanted. What sense would that make? Instead of just apologizing and making it over, they battled me on whether or not I wanted whipped cream. It got to the point where I told them I wanted my money back because treating a customer this way is uncalled for. They gave me my money back and I drove away.

As I pulled away, I noticed that I also received the wrong donut. Now, I was even more annoyed. This was even further proof that they do not pay attention to their customers! I drove back around and told them. She screamed out to another employee "I'M NOT DEALING WITH THIS! YOU DO IT! I'M DONE". What kind of behavior is that? You completely messed up my order and now are attacking me for asking for it to be corrected?.. Someone else came to the window claiming to be the manager and asked what the problem was.. Then, she completely dismissed her employee's behavior and failure to execute a very simple order! I do not appreciate that!

A few days ago, I went to the drive through again and unfortunately happened to get the same employee! As I paid for my order, she started reciting my license plate number and giggling to herself. I find that extremely creepy and innapropriate to memorize my license plate number! She was trying to provoke me.. Then, as she handed me my change she knocked my quarters on the floor and said a very sarcastic "Whoops!". I decided to just let it go because I was not in the mood for another confrontation.

Today was the final straw! I dropped my niece off inside because she works next door and then went to the drive through again and guess what? Got the same rude employee again! I guess they're short on staff? I really don't know but anyway, once AGAIN she recited my license plate to me trying to antagonize me. I laughed in her face and told her to get a life. Then, she started singing "LA LA LA LA LA YOU DON'T AFFECT MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! LA LA LA".. So immature! She handed me a disgusting drink. It'supposed to be a bright orange slushy consistency but it was a veryyy light almost clear and was a watery melted mess. I feel confident that she did this deliberately. I complained and she said "Oh well, that's all we have."

Once again, I drove away and let it go with no plans to ever go to this location again. A few minutes after I left, my niece texted me telling me how she heard her carrying on and making fun of me with the other employees like it was some kind of inside joke. I was outraged and went back, walked inside, and demanded to speak to the manager. I was told that they didn't have a manager, only an owner. The rude employee walked over, called me a psycho and said that this was strike #3 and threatened that I better never come back in there again. I immediately called the cops and filed a complaint.

I have contacted the Dunkin Donuts corporate office about this and they were shocked. Unless this woman is not fired, I will have no respect for this company ever again. Thank you for reading this.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
No offense but what did you file a complaint about? I would just not go back and that should be the end of it.
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
I should clarify. It's easy to see why you should make a complaint with the owner, since there's no manager (Hard to believe that, I'm sure they were lying) but I don't see a complaint that required law enforcement.
rockfishing on 08/12/2010:
I don't think we are getting the full story. It takes two to tango and after 2 horrible encounters at DD, why on earth would anyone go back? Why would you drop a passenger to go inside a store while you go to the drive through? All stores have the right to deny service and ban someone from their premises. The police were called, so what happened?
PepperElf on 08/12/2010:
and ... what can the police really do?

they can't arrest someone for being a jerk
MRM on 08/12/2010:
The incident should have been reported to the manager and not the police as no crimes have been committed. Also, you might want to capture the incident on your camera phone as concrete proof.
Venice09 on 08/12/2010:
I think she called the police because she felt threatened.

"The rude employee walked over, called me a psycho and said that this was strike #3 and threatened that I better never come back in there again."

I think the best thing would be to void this place altogether, but I guess some people feel they shouldn't have to. As far as there being no manager, I believe it. That happens all the time at the DD where my son worked.
PepperElf on 08/12/2010:
... how is that threatening.

I mean it's not nice but... a THREAT would be saying "Get out of here before I stab you in the eye"

name calling is rude but not threatening.

although... technically if that employee has the right to refuse service and kick the customer out... all the police can legally do is enforce the employee's decision.
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
Bingo PE.
Venice09 on 08/12/2010:
I don't necessarily think it was a threat but I can see how it might be perceived as one depending on the exact words and tone of voice. I'm just guessing that the OP felt threatened otherwise there would have been no reason to call the police.
CaptainSpaulding on 08/12/2010:
I agree with everyone who told you that if you are having problems at that location, find another one. I don't know how it is where you are, but where I live, there are Dunkin' Donuts on almost every block!
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
I definitely think this OP was trying to cause trouble. After the first incident, I would have just took my losses and never went back again. If an employee is going to argue with me, I would have let it go, went home, and filed a complaint on the website. Why on earth would you keep going back? I think this OP was after some blood.
goduke on 08/12/2010:
Glad you contacted corporate. They can be watching the store a bit more closely for the customer experience comments.
bargod on 08/12/2010:
Not to mention if the employee's hate you there's a good chance you might receive "extra ingredients" in your order. Not worth it I wouldn't have gone back after the first incedent.
Ytropious on 08/12/2010:
I would never go back to that location for reasons bargod explained. The only thing I can say in defense of the employee is, any time you complain about something, especially more than once, you WILL become known by the employees as the "crazy lady" or whatever nickname they make for you. We have plenty of those customers at my place and yes, we point them out to each other and joke. It will happen at any retail or food establishment you make a fuss at, and I'm sorry but it's unavoidable.
Disaster Worker on 08/12/2010:
It takes two to argue. Find another place to get sweets in the morning.
SamanthaV on 08/12/2010:
Hello. I will try to respond to all the questions/comments/accusations made about me now.

#1. I called the cops because it was harassment. How would you feel if a complete stranger memorized your license plate? That's verging on stalker behavior and any normal person would feel that way. Also, warning someone to never come back is a THREAT. The police and the Dunkin Donuts corporate office agreed with me. It may not be threatening to kill someone but it's pretty much implying that you'll do something to the person if they return like.. for example, spitting in my drink.

#2 To everyone saying something along the lines of "It takes who to argue".... You mean to tell me you've never been in a situation where someone was just a jerk? I find that hard to believe.

@Ytropious Please inform me how a customer wanting to get the correct order warrants being calling crazy? I'm not understanding what I did wrong here. Maybe if they did not repeatedly make mistakes then they wouldn't have the same customers complaining.

@rockfishing, I wrote in my post that I dropped my niece off because she works next door to Dunkin Donuts and I guess she went in there to get a coffee before doing into work. I used the drive through because I thought it would be faster. Secondly, only a manager or owner can ban someone from entering their store. She was just another stupid employee who couldn't handle putting a drink into a cup. What grounds would there be to ban me from premises anyway? For trying to get what I paid for? Come on now.

@Prince_Cesar I was after some blood? No, I was after a donut and didn't feel like driving 20 minutes out of the way to another location when this one is 5 minutes from where I live.
goduke on 08/12/2010:
20 minutes to another Dunkin' Donuts location?!?!?!? That should never happen. I can see three from my window right now!!

Did you hear anything back from corporate or the field management folks about it?
andbran on 08/12/2010:
I would rather go 20 minutes out of way for good service but then that's me.but then some people like confromtation.
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
ummm I would disagree with you if I was the police. How is writing down your licesne plate number harassment? Its not like they can find our your address and phone mumber from it. Its on the back of everyone's car for ANYONE to see. So I don't know how this is harassment. I also don't know how telling you to leave is a threat. Did they say don't come back or else we will hurt you or did they just say don't come back? I don't get how this is a threat. Maybe you should just stay away from that store from now on. That's what I would do!
PepperElf on 08/12/2010:
"Also, warning someone to never come back is a THREAT. "

No. It is not. All stores have the LEGAL RIGHT to refuse service to ANYONE.

Even taking your plate number down was legal. First of all its NOT private information. Second... if she has the authority to ban someone, she can legally use that information to call the cops to report a trespasser.

in a nutshell I'd say contact the corporation
and in the meantime don't go back to that location
if the company granted her permission to ban someone, then she could legally call the cops

and again... being a jerk isn't illegal.
even name calling isn't illegal.

no I'm not saying she was right. but what I am saying is that you won't be able to have her arrested for that kind of "harassment". It's not illegal to be mean.

the only thing you can do is contact the manager or corporation.
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
Before ya'll go quoting what is and isn't legal to the OP, you might want to make sure you know what city/state she's in and that you know the particular laws. Not too long ago I got put in my place quoting labor laws to someone, only to find out they didn't apply where the OP lived....anywho, the moral of the story is the OP felt threatened, so she called the cops. Based on what she wrote, I think I would have done the same thing. In fact, I probably would have contacted law enforcement the first time she started mumbling my license plate #. Redrum...
Ytropious on 08/13/2010:
They could call you anything they want, crazy, rude, jerk, etc. Doesn't mean you deserve it, but it's unavoidable. You complained multiple times, employees are not going to favorably remember you, period. You will forever be known as the crazy complaining lady until this crop of workers moves on. I'd give it a year before you can go back. Even if it's their fault, it doesn't feel good for someone to complain about you, especially more than once.
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Dunkin Donuts Service Is Bad
Posted by on
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went to Dunkin Donuts ( 127 Tremont St, Boston, MA) store on 12/26 evening around 5pm to buy a $20 gift card. But I waited for over 10 minutes after the cashier swiped my credit card and still can't get my gift card. Something wrong with the computer system I think. The cashier was on the phone and trying to call somebody to fix the problem I think. There was a long line behind me. I didn't want to wait anymore and didn't want other people to wait because of me either. So I asked them to refund $20 to my credit card.

The girl there told me that they can't refund $20 to my credit card now and I have to come back next morning to see the manager to pick up my $20 gift card. I said I don't have time to come back next day and I just want to have my money back to my credit card. The girl told me she can't give my money back and didn't explain why. And just told me to come back next day to see the manager to get the gift card I bought. The manager will be in the store from 6am- 1pm. Then I think it's OK to come back again.

So I asked her to give me a receipt and she refused. I said there is no proof of my purchase and how I get my gift card next day. The girl said she can't give me a receipt and didn't explain. Then she let me write down a note on a piece of paper such as " I pick up my $20 gift card". I let her to sign the paper, but she refused. I insisted somebody to sign it. Then she asked another girl to sign. I was completely confused. I didn't understand what's going on here. She didn't explained anything to me. I didn't want to bother and just think I will come back tomorrow and everything will be fine.

I came to the store next morning and asked for manager. A lady asked me why. I showed her the notes I wrote down last day. She said " oh, the system down yesterday. Your credit card was not charged. If it got charged you can call617-464-3796 ext 306. " I said " the girl told me yesterday that my credit card already charged and let me pick my gift card today. " The lady said " did she give you a receipt?" I said no. because she said she can't give it to me. I don't understand why. Then the lady said she is sure that my card was not charged. All Dunkin Donuts system was down yesterday.

Just call that number if credit card got charged. So I believed her and bought another $20 gift card. But today 12/31 when I checked my credit card balance, it shows that they charged me two $20. I am really upset now. If the system got a problem, they should explain clearly to me.The cashier and the manager told me completely different things. And now I have to spend my own time to call that number to get my $20 credit back to my credit card.

This is not right.
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User Replies:
Dr. Jeecheroo on 12/31/2007:
It was possibly an error. It happens all the time. They swipe the card and it doesn't work until after. Personally, I would use cash to get something like a gift card. I mean, credit cards should only be reserved for big, more important purchases (I.e. plane tickets, medical bills, hotels). You can't blame the company's customer service just because they have a faulty computer system. After all, it is practically a fast food joint.
kmvbs8 on 12/31/2007:
don't blame you for being upset at all. I never carry cash anymore. It's is not your fault you paid with a Credit Card. Most people nowadays do. Did you get the first girl's name, the one that was giving you the runaround and refused to sign the "I.O.U.". I would get her name and the manager's if you have a hard time getting your money back and take it higher.
autumn35802 on 12/31/2007:
I would have phoned my credit card company from the store and try to get them to cancel the charge as there were computer problems on Dunkin Donuts end.
Nohandle on 12/31/2007:
The system was down, fine it happens. The employee didn't know what she was doing. System down, go to plan B. Companies print out a recap at the end of day for credit card purchases. They know the charges, CC# and amount. They supposedly balance at end of day, if the system is down then it's done as soon as the system is up again. The employee should have given you a receipt of some nature. Can you print out a copy of your online CC charges and take that in? If not, I'm afraid you'll have to wait and dispute the second charge with your CC company.
LauraLee on 06/10/2008:
the girl may have been new. they should have had a shifleader or someone in charge to explain what was going on to you.
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Great Services, Clean Business, Great Staff
Posted by on
NJ, NEW JERSEY -- I'm mind blown at some of these horrible reviews about Dunkin Donuts the food, the staff, and stores.

I recently just started working at DD, and I've got to say the location I'm currently at is very clean and helpful. DD has the policy customer is always right.

If we screw up an order or if the customer has a complaint we automatically change the order. The staff manager/shift leader/employees/General Manager are very nice informative and helpful.

I'm a teenager working here, I'm very well mannered I greet the customers very well, give them compliments, and our staffs priority is to keep the customer happy. We have some rude customers sometimes but we never talk back, everyone that is hired here is very well mannered and is very helpful.

I'm amazed at some of these horrible reviews people are leaving. If you're ever near North Jersey, specifically Jersey City and surrounding areas there are always some nice staff working who try their best.

The store I'm currently working at is very busy in the mornings as its on a large highway/road. Almost every customer is happy after they get their order.

Some of the people writing reviews also have to understand that some people might be new to the job and might screw up here or there we all make mistakes. Almost the whole staff is paid 7.25 an hour (legal minimum wage in state of NJ)unless a shift leader/manager/gm and we try our best to make customers happy. If you're ever near a Dunkin Donuts in North Jersey wherever you're at you won't be disappointed.
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User Replies:
momsey on 05/12/2011:
I live in North Jersey and I can't get enough of DD!
A dunkin employee on 12/16/2011:
Best thing to do at dunkin.
Is to apologize, Even if you are not wrong.
Remake it, and then apologize.
The customer is always right, no matter how wrong they are.

And if you are going to vent about a nasty customer, make sure constant is off and there is no one in your lobby or you WILL loose your job.
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Customer Service Hides Customer Ripoff
Posted by on
BRUNSWICK, MAINE -- As a self-proclaimed consumer advocate, I often visit new franchises that come to town to determine whether the staff is knowledgeable as to pricing. I order a combo and ask for the price at the same time. At the new Dunkin' Donuts franchise on Pleasant Street in Brunswick, Maine, the customer service representative quotes a price that is not consistent with the combo price posted on the menu; in fact, the representative's price is always 30 to 40 cents higher. When I ask them to check their price, their first response is always "oh, you forgot to add in the tax!"; when I tell them that I know how to figure in sales tax and they should check it again, they call a manager. The background chat at that point goes something like this; "Give her the discount", at which point the representative goes back to her register, cancels out the sale at the first price she gave me, and factors in the sale at the combo price. Apparently "the discount" (the listed combo price) only applies to those customers who are awake enough and savvy enough to compute and deduce the "error". All others are ripped off. Since I have gone through this drive-through at least 6 times, and have experienced the same issue all 6 times, it leads one to wonder how many customers are being ripped off in the same manner.

Let's do some calculations: If every customer ordering a combo gets quoted a price that is 30 to 40 cents higher, maybe 50 customers per day, that's a total of about $20 per day, or $140 per week, going to bottom-line profit for this Dunkin' Donuts franchise. Or is it going into the Manager's pocket?? That's $7,280 per year!!!

Dunkin' Donuts in Brunswick, Maine, train your staff - straighten up - and fly right!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
"As a self-proclaimed consumer advocate".....

PirateWithParrot?.... Is it really you?!
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
Sounds to me that someone not only has way too much time on their hands but a poor diet consisting of donuts and fast foods.
Prices may vary from store to store so unless you are the regional manager or something for these places stop harassing them and let the people conduct their BIZNESS!!!
jenjenn on 05/04/2009:
Maybe when she rang the order in, she didn't deduct for the combo. It's an honest mistake.
ctoceanblue on 05/04/2009:
ZZrokk - Businesses in your area must love you! You have a generous and trusting nature; hope you can afford it!
jenjenn - The first time is an honest mistake, and that's the way I treat. The fact that management at this Dunkin' Donuts didn't address the issue by providing adequate staff training points to a larger problem. Lack of respect for the customer.
jenjenn on 05/04/2009:
And you keep returning?
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
CT, in the food BIZNESS people like you are a pain in the _____!
With all of the caveats in ordering combo meals and such, you would have to be MENSA to get all of the prices right every time.
I'd like to see a "CA" as you call yourself throw on a smock and give it a whirl behind the counter.
ctoceanblue on 05/04/2009:
zzrokk - Actually, I have worked "behind the counter", as you put it, for many years, and so I know what's involved. If you're in an underpaid position and are feeling badly used, change your profession, don't fault me for holding business owners to a standard of service they agreed to provide in the first place.
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
I've always been puzzled by the phrase 'underpaid profession'. How much 'should' a fast-food or doughnut slinger be paid? I know a lot of folks who earn six figures who 'feel' abused. All in all, the review is good. A 'mistake' happens once. A deliberate error happens frequently and is always in the favor of the cheater.
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
Welcome to M3C!, ctoceanblue.
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
Indeed cashiers should be competent at charging the correct price. Anything less in unacceptable.

Good review CTO. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
CT, I don't feel at all used but if you don't think that you are underpaid then YOU have a problem.
No, I do not wear a smock but I don't go around scarfing down donuts in the guise of being some wannabe "CA" either. So take off the satin cape "ol' holy consumer advocate" and upgrade to maybe an IHOP where you can be an adult and actually HOLD a menu and see what all you are getting for your five bucks!
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
ZZ, you of all people should appreciate some good undercover restaurant work. Heck, You, yourself exposed the Supreme Court's raw chicken ring racket.
Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
*lemonade squirting through my nose* I was just being a savvy diner not some FF avenger!
ctoceanblue on 05/04/2009:
zzrokk - you are obviously a person without a mission at the moment. I am not underpaid, in fact, I enjoy being a Technical Writer and I am well paid for it. I also champion the cause of good nutrition and I treat myself to an eggwhite flatbread from time to time. Perhaps if you laid off the donuts yourself you would be less cranky and more motivated to speak out on behalf of consumers who are, once again, getting the shaft.
BokiBean on 05/04/2009:
What's wrong with being a consumer advocate? He might actually be saving customers money in the long run.
jktshff1 on 05/04/2009:
I think the op is just prejudiced. LOL!
(sorry inside joke for zz)
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Stale Donuts
Posted by on
BROWNSBURG, INDIANA -- I purchased one dozen donuts and six glazed were very stale. This has happened more than one time here in Brownsburg. I want restitution.
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User Replies:
NutterButter on 10/27/2011:
I only get a craving for donuts maybe once a year, then it's Krispy Kreme all the way. Dunkin Donuts are just the crap you take into the office sometimes to make people mistakenly think you're awesome.

If you complain to corporate they might give you a free dozen stale donuts. Good luck.
Venice09 on 10/27/2011:
I prefer Dunkin Donuts over Krispy Kreme and have been going there for decades in different states. I have to say that I have never had a stale donut. If this is a consistent problem with this location, let them know each time you order, and they will be more likely to make sure they give you fresh donuts.
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Peanuts Donuts
Posted by on
I was told by my husband who is a truck driver and he is over the road a lot and he likes to stop at your company but now he say there is no place that you have that sells peanut donuts any more and I would like to know why. But you use sugar to make your donuts and what about the people that can't have sugar?

Sandra Anderson
Buffalo NY
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/05/2011:
I am not sure that is a good analogy. There are numerous varieties of donuts, which all have sugar. Only a few contain nuts. But I do agree with the spirit of the complaint.

I have been frustrated in finding flavors of various kinds of grocery products with nuts at only one particular store chain (Giant). Ice cream, cookies, cereal. I approached the grocery manager, and complained. He admitted to me that it could be because of the people who have nut allergies.

I told him that is plain nuts, because of all the people who don't have nut allergies. Within a short period of time, the cookies and cereal showed up. Ice cream, no.
Anonymous on 10/05/2011:
I don't think people who can't eat sugar eat donuts.
Anonymous on 10/05/2011:
I have never heard of sugarless donuts.
lexophiliac on 10/05/2011:
Serendipities offers sugar free donuts. There are several specialty stores and bakeries that make them also.
Anonymous on 10/05/2011:
Donuts without sugar are Bagels.
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Dunkin Donuts can no longer get dunked
Posted by on
Years ago a trip to Dunkin Donuts was a special treat. I used to drive with a Dunkin Donut coffee cup attached to my dashboard, full of dunkin coffee. Now the donuts are hard as a rock if you purchase one anytime after 7 AM. They sit out to get hard fast. The art of dunking is no longer at Dunkin Donuts. Poor quality. Appears the corporation no longer gives a damn about the consumer. Sorry Dunkin but after 50 years of loyalty I quit.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 07/06/2011:
Are you having this problem at all locations? We have around six or seven DD shops in the area, and the donuts are always fresh at all locations. Have you tried a different shop?
Critical_level2 on 07/06/2011:
I am with Venice on this one. I stop every morning to get myself a couple Toasted Coconut donuts and they are always very fresh. I would suggest trying a different location.
Anonymous on 07/06/2011:
great review ! very helpful!

Welcome to my3cents
Skye on 07/06/2011:
You should contact their corporate office and let them know about the stale donuts. They want and appreciate feedback. Here is the link to contact them:

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Dunkin Donuts charge tax on Prepackaged Coffee.
Posted by on
MAIN ST, MASSACHUSETTS -- I live in Wareham and bought a pound of coffee beans. I was charged tax on prepackaged coffee. Prepackaged coffee is not taxable. This Dunkin Donuts were charging tax a few years ago and I complained and they stopped charging tax until a few weeks ago. Now they are charging tax on prepackaged coffee again. I complained to the drive through window staff and I was told there was tax. This is not true. This is a common practice in Wareham Ma.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 04/07/2011:
Since when is prepackaged coffee not taxable? What's so special about it?
SteveWiginowski on 04/07/2011:
This sounds to be an error in the computer system for Dunkin Donuts. The only advise I would give, beyond continuing to complain, is to keep your receipts. I figure that there should be some type of way to be reimbursed for the taxes that you have been charged and paid that were incorrect. Good review, very helpful!
SteveWiginowski on 04/07/2011:
Clutzycook, I was just reading up on the subject and it's true that prepackaged beverages are not taxable, but meal beverages are. For example, if you were to purchase a liter of soda with a slice of pizza, the soda wouldn't be taxable. If you purchased two cans of soda though, those would be taxable.
Anonymous on 04/07/2011:
Steve are you sure that it isn't the other way around?
Out here if I buy a pop with my burger they both would be taxed but if I get a bottled pop from say, a Rite Aid it wouldn't be taxed BUT, if I get a fountain drink from 7/ll it is taxed.
SteveWiginowski on 04/07/2011:
I was looking online and I came upon the MA tax rules regarding this issue. I hope this link works.

Skye on 04/07/2011:
I pay tax on pre-packed coffee. I just bought some Folgers this morning for my husband, and was taxed on it.

But that's how it is here, not sure about in Massachuesetts.
Venice09 on 04/07/2011:
I don't pay tax on packaged coffee in the supermarket so I shouldn't pay tax at DD either. This DD needs to get its story straight and program the computers accordingly.
clutzycook on 04/08/2011:
Maybe that's just how they roll in MA. In Illinois, they tax everything. I think they even have a tax for paying your taxes! :)
Hope on 06/22/2011:
I work for a DD in Greenfield Mass and I assure you we Do Not charge sales tax at my DD. If ever out this way please stop by and give us a try. Thansk
Bebappa Lu on 07/07/2011:
I live in New York. I bought Dunkin Donuts/ Baskin Robbins prepacked ice cream once or twice a month. I was never charged sales tax until yesterday. Prepacked ice cream is tax exempt food and they shall not charge sales tax on prepacked ice cream. I complained. The manager's response was "It is in the computer system. There is nothing I can do."
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Malta NY Dunkin Donuts
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MALTA, NEW YORK -- When I drove up to the drive through, the boy on the other end said "Yeah?" nothing else. I ordered my bagel with cream cheese and he said. "Well, drive up" Nothing else.
I handed a girl my $5 bill and she said "Thank you have a nice day" I know they are expecting tips but definitely not a $2 one
After 10 minutes, yes TEN minutes, now with a line behind me, she handed me my change.
She actually acted like she expected me to leave that tip and drive off.
And just fyi, no napkins or a knife to spread the cream cheese was in the bag.
I am from out of town but I do not recommend going there at all if you happen to be near there.
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Venice09 on 11/21/2010:
Not sure what to think about this. It does seem like she didn't intend to give you the change, but to hold the line up for ten minutes doesn't seem likely either because I believe the drive-through is on a timer. If she did that with every customer, she'd have to answer for the poor performance.

I don't blame you for being annoyed though. Customers should always be given their change and a tip should never be assumed.
Anonymous on 11/21/2010:
These "tip" jars are getting out of hand. Its like almost anywhere you go now, they have a big tip can staring you in the face, and you almost feel obligated to give them a tip, and if you don't, you normally get a nasty look. I normally just throw my change in left over from a dollar.
Anonymous on 11/21/2010:
I would have said something if she didn't give me my change back. There's no way I'd be sitting there for 10 minutes.
Venice09 on 11/21/2010:
To my recollection, DD was the first to have a tip jar. I understand why they do it, but the customers should never feel obligated to put anything in it. There are a lot of DDs in my area, and I have never been made to feel that I had to contribute to the tip jar by any of the employees. And no one has ever kept my change!
warddw1526 on 11/22/2010:
In Canada, Tim Horton's don't have tip jars. However, they do have charity boxes at the tills inside, and some even have them at the drive through.
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