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Repetitively Broken, Poor Quality Product, Even Worse Customer Care!
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MASSACHUSETTS -- Purchased this product in June (two person adult household). This dishwasher has broken twice and it takes about 3-4 weeks for repairmen to receive part & repair. The strip at the top that turns dishwasher on breaks. Not only that it will turn on repetitively without physically being turned on and continue on one cycle creating a massive fire hazard. We contacted Electrolux (be ready to spend some time on the phone with these people) and we told they could do nothing to rectify the situation except we could buy the extended service warranty at an additional cost.

When we asked the customer care dept to speak with a manager they transferred us to extended warranty dept (no manager). When we asked extended warranty dept to speak with manager they said we had to speak with customer care. When we asked customer care dept to speak with manager again... guess what happened... we were transferred to extended warranty dept! Interesting.

We are now filing complaints with BBB. If this is not rectified within one month we will be filing against Electrolux in court for the cost of the dishwasher, removal of dishwasher & replacement. We have purchased our last Electolux appliance!

Electrolux Dishwasher -- High Price -- Too Many Problems
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- For $1,000+ this Electrolux dishwasher is VERY disappointing. After 18 months we are ready to replace it. Pulley holding door in place is made of nylon and cable is steel wire that cuts into pulley. Door fell down when pulley failed. Replaced under warranty.

Unit does not clean dishes very well. Seal on bottom of door keeps moving to right and falling off. Steam from leaks is ruining surrounding cabinets. Bought unit at Lowe's. Unit delivered did not have same filter system as store sample (same model #). The fine filter shown in manual and on store model was missing and apparently deleted from the product. This is the worst dishwasher we have owned. Bosch and KitchenAid we owned in previous homes before were much better.

Fghd2433 - Tub Is Always Wet; Leaks When It Feels Like It Too!
By -

GEORGIA -- Dishwasher was purchased 10-15-2011. By 12-18-2011 I'd had 6 service calls. The tub stays wet, including the silverware basket. 1st repairman was told to replace the electronic panel since it wouldn't give an error code in diagnostic mode. Dishwasher tub still wet and had to be wiped out to avoid mustiness. 2nd call was to replace the electronic panel. Still no error code. Tech called Electrolux specialist and was told, "If the dishes are clean, it's working OK." (Dishes in top center rack do not get clean due to design flaw on sprayer arm.)

3rd call an experienced tech came back with another tech. They removed the dishwasher from the cabinet and replaced the vent in the upper back part of the tub. Guess what? Moisture vents into the surrounding cabinetry. Over time that can cause mold, discoloration, and warping of my custom cabinetry! 4th call they again replaced the upper vent - less than 10 days after installing a new one. Service trips 5 and 6 were by a "second opinion" company since I'd called and complained to Frigidaire. Nothing was resolved.

I sent a registered return receipt requested letter to the VP of major appliances for Electrolux North America. 10 days later I was offered a replacement -- the SAME MODEL with the same flaws. They refuse to refund my money, only replace the machine. I'm trolling sites now to see if a more expensive model has fewer flaws. Perhaps they'll let me "buy up" since it will put more money in their pockets. The irony is that I bought another Frigidaire appliance based on the reliability and features of my Professional Series dual fuel stove, which has been wonderful!

Electrolux Dishwasher That Doesn't Wash Dishes
By -

AMES, IOWA -- We previously had a 15 year old, bottom of the line, KitchenAid, which worked well, and got dishes clean. We decided maybe we should switch to a more energy efficient washer, and chose model the salesperson recommended as "very quiet, high quality" and that was really pretty. Big mistake. It is quiet. BUT. It does NOT clean the dishes. It never has. After washing dishes, they are coated with light layer of white greasy feeling substance, as is the washer itself. The washer smells unpleasant after the dishes are washed. We have tried many brands of dishwasher-soap.

Two Electrolux service people came at different times; both said it dishwasher was working well. One said "Well that is what dishwashers are like now." The other told us to run the hot water into the sink before starting the washer, so the dishes would be exposed to hot water. A third service person arrived, from an independent repair store, and told us: "Oh, I am sorry you bought Electrolux, it's very low quality."

Also, something I suppose we could live with, the washer will not change settings (i.e. slick different settings, they won't change). Two parts have been changed by the service folks, still doesn't work. We sure will buy no other Electrolux product. Top of the Price Line, looks nice, bottom of the quality line.

Hate My Electrolux Dishwasher - Never Again!
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AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Is it crazy for me to think that spending $1400+ on a dishwasher that would work? I hate HATE this dishwasher and since I have sunk $1400+ into it, I cannot justify buying another one. I have called them, had service people come out... same old same old every time. It is always my fault.

"You HAVE to use Cascade..." OK, switched to Cascade... same deal... having to rewash at least 1/2 of my dishes and silverware every time I run it! Then, "You are not letting the water get hot enough and run long enough before you start it." OK, have the hot water recirc pump put on the kitchen sink... super hot water really fast... still having to rewash, then it was, "You are not loading it right." I am only using about 1/2 of the capacity... nothing is touching in there. It is the worst and I hate it.

We live in a town with a water shortage and I cannot justify running water down the drain until it is hot enough to run the d/w. Shouldn't the d/w have a heater in it? I will NEVER buy another Electrolux product EVER! Don't do it! Lame customer service also.

Electrolux Dishwasher
By -

We bought this beautiful appliance at Lowe's and were impressed by the interior size and flexibility of the racks. Hoping to never have to wash dishes or pots and pans again we spent a little over $900. Purchase date was 11/7/08. What we have is a dishwasher that doesn't like really clean dishes, according to the techs from Electrolux, so we try and leave the dishes somewhat dirty. However, the bottom of coffee cups were never clean, so we soaked or rinsed carefully before loading.

Recently, we found out that we have soft water, so all the advice of needing hotter water and adding more and stronger detergent wasn't really needed. Right now we have a white stain on the bottom resulting from too much Cascade sticking to the door of the detergent dispenser and not being able to close it. We have tried everything, vinegar rinse, hot water, vinegar and some baking soda rinse, just scrubbing but this white area won't go away. No help from Electrolux: we are out of warranty and must pay a technician to come to our home. This is really a pretty average dishwasher that needs exact protocols to perform. Don't buy it!

Don't Spend Your Money on an Electrolux Dishwasher!!!
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Warning! Avoid Electrolux dishwashers. After reading other reviews, I'm experiencing the SAME PROBLEMS as others. Something is WRONG with this EXPENSIVE product and the company doesn't care. From day one, it did not clean my dishes. Spots, and the dishes smelled! That's not right! Then 30 days after having the product, the lights flashed and it STOPPED WORKING. After one week, a service man came out, spent 5 hrs. looking for a LEAK. No leak. Ordered product. Waited another week and a half. Service man came, Electolux sent WRONG PRODUCT. Called Electrolux (again). They apologized for our "inconvenience." Yeah, right. Nice script reading.

You feel my pain of having thrown $1,000 out the window and hand washing my dishes! Now another part has been ordered. Sitting at my house for a week, waiting for the service man to come again. I WANT A NEW BOSCH DISHWASHER. Electrolux is an awful product. The company has a problem and should fess up to it. I am telling EVERYONE I know to NOT BUY ELECTROLUX! I have never had an experience like this. I don't wish this on anyone else. So, after 30 days, no dishwasher, hand washing. Do you really think Electrolux really understands? I want my money back.

Electrolux Dishwasher Is a Piece of Junk
By -

Electrolux EIDW6105GS1 DISHWASHER S/N TH84697783 is a piece of junk. Purchased from Lowe's - after just over 1 year, the pump leaks and floods my kitchen. Electrolux reluctantly fixed it, now a year later, we are getting a "wash pump" trouble/error light. This was a high end piece of junk. Stay away from Electrolux products, they're junk.

Don't Buy
By -

Electrolux will not help you at all. Got a new kitchen! Got ripped - no help in sight. Save yourself grief. Don't buy! Had 4 micro's work done on fridge and 3 times on dishwasher. The company couldn't care less, not right.

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