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Electrolux Has The Worst Customer Service Ever. Will Never Buy Electrolux
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The Electrolux oven that we purchased for over $2000, would make this loud boom/explosive sound every time we used the oven. It was so loud that it would shake the oven door and could hear it upstairs. They first sent a technician that came and diagnosed it and 8 days later came back and changed some parts, which still didn't fix the problem. The technician told us not to use the oven since it is not safe. Electrolux customer service said they would send us another oven and they would pick up the old one.

It took 2 months of calling and begging with the customer service. Every time we called we had to talk to a different person in customer service and had to explain everything all over. After 2 months, they delivered an oven that had a dent on the side and the entire top of the oven was moving. So, the company took it back. It was back to the begging again. Had to call Electrolux 3-4 times per week to remind them and ask them why we haven't received the oven. They kept coming up with excuses. Another 2 months went by and finally they delivered another oven, which was again damaged. We were furious, called Electrolux and demanded our money back. But, again they played there games of giving us the run around. I had to talk to so many different people. They refused a refund. They said they would send us an oven for Thanksgiving, but never got it in time and all our plans were ruined. Then they promised they would deliver for Christmas and that never happened either.

For an entire 6 months we did not have an oven and Electrolux couldn't care less. Finally they found another company to deliver and this time they delivered it on a pallet to avoid damage. After over 6 months of calling Electrolux, we finally got a new oven. I would never recommend anyone to buy an Electrolux appliance. There products are not even all that great and not worth the money or the hell customer service puts you through.
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Defective Electrolux on Delivery
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Rating: 1/51
WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON -- My wife and I recently bought a complete Electrolux kitchen set for our newly remodeled kitchen. The refer made noise as soon as it was plugged into the wall. The compressor motor was going out just out of the box. This issue was resolved by the dealer but is now back again two months later.

The double wall oven had the control panel go out the first time we used the self clean option. Cook top has now got a bad control panel.

The dealer has tried replacing the parts but it happens again. Electrolux won't replace the defective lemons
Entire Electrolux Kitchen Broken Junk After 3 Months of Use
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Bought my appliances in 1/10 on sale, store insisted on delivering in 8/10,I installed end of 5/11. French door refrigerator was installed in 8/10 and was replaced 4 times between 8/10 and 5/11. Same problem each time. Water leaking, ice maker not working properly, frost in freezer section, food in refrigerator freezing. Dishwasher leaked on my new hardwood floors for 4 months before G. E. extended warranty sent techs to fix it. Electrolux repair service told me nothing was wrong with it, next time told me they had to order a door seal, then told me for weeks the part was on back order. Same story for all parts for all appliances they were sent out to service. Induction cooktop worked sporadically for a couple months then went out completely. Electrolux service stated first time nothing was wrong, next time had to order parts and weeks of parts on backorder. Under counter fridge was freezing drinks, again Electrolux repair said they had to order parts, on backorder and I should not put the front panel on the bottom of fridge as it restricted air flow and was causing compressor to run too much. I told repair service I was feed up and was contacting an attorney, they then wrote "will no longer service due to customer talking to his lawyer" on my repair tickets and faxed them to me. 5 open repair tickets.

I contacted a chris polk at Electrolux, who ignored my first email, and then told me the repair service informed him there was nothing wrong with my appliances, and since I had contacted an attorney I needed to take any issues up with Electrolux legal dept. This is Electrolux idea of quality products and customer service? Within 1 week of Electrolux refusing to fix their products I called my G. E. extended warranty who has had A&E factory service to my home over 20 times in the past 6 weeks attempting to complete repairs and the parts from Electrolux are wrong, damaged, or defective each time. My home looks like an Electrolux parts warehouse.

Just this week my double wall oven will not turn off. Extended warranty is trying to fix that as well now. If you are not an attorney and do not have months to play with this company I would warn everyone to steer clear of this manufacturer. Anyone with questions is welcome to contact me and I will provide any proof they wish in the interest of helping others avoid the same scenario I have gone through. If you have been swindled by Electrolux the only way to cover your costs of attorney fees is to file it as consumer fraud, that way you at least have a chance of recovering attorney's fees.
4 out of 5 appliances had problems within a few months
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I ordered a complete set of Electrolux Icon appliances for our new kitchen about four months ago. So far, all units except the dishwasher have had problems right out of the box or shortly after. We have a whole-house surge protector and all appliances were professionally installed.

My history with Electrolux Icon appliances so far:
- Fridge - Dented upon delivery and replaced before installation. When dispensing ice, the replacement likes to spew ice chunks across the floor.

- Cooktop - Dented knob and an area on a grill was missing enamel upon delivery and is now rusting

- Built-in convection microwave - Shorted out itself and tripped its dedicated breaker. It took months and three on-site visits to fix the issue (bad door switches, bad wiring from the factory and a known history of problems per the repair guy).

- Built-in oven - Bad LED display. Fix unknown at this time.
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