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Do Not Buy the Electrolux EL800 Hand Vac
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I called Electrolux head office last week and also their customer support to inquire about purchasing some replacement batteries for my rechargeable Electrolux EL800 hand vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner parts and motor are all operational, nothing special is required - all I need is to replace the batteries which are no longer recharging properly.

The response that I received from both Electrolux's head office and their customer support office is that "Electrolux does not make available for purchase any replacement batteries for this unit". My only choice, as explained to me by the customer support representative, "is to throw out the whole vacuum cleaner and buy an entirely new one" - this because I simply need a change of batteries(!?!?).

Shame on you Electrolux. Is this your business model? I've only had the vacuum cleaner for a year and half and now you want to sell me another one rather than make this simple part available? We are all just supposed to create more landfill out of perfectly good mechanical and plastic parts so that you can earn the profit on a new sale?? Disgusting. I am instead going to be buying a competitor's model which makes replacement batteries available. Vive la competition!

Electrolux Customer Support Is Non-Existent
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- Purchased an Electrolux IQ-Touch washer in Sept 2010. After about a year, water stopped running into the fabric softener cup, followed by no water in the bleach cup. Then about a year ago the washer would shut down completely during the rinse cycle saying it had no water. In July, 2013 the pump started making a horrible noise. I finally called hhgregg because I had purchased an extended warranty. Finally had the pump and control board replaced. Pump works, still no water in cups and still tells me no water during the rinse cycle. I emailed Electrolux, which apparently is now owned by Frigidaire. Here is their reply:

We have reviewed the information that you have provided, and do not show any coverage nor registration information through Frigidaire. Unfortunately we are unaware if there may be a different part that needs to be replaced or if it is defective. We certainly do not want the consumer without the use of their appliance and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would suggest having a different service provider come out to the home if the original servicer is unable to determine the cause of the problem. Thank you for allowing Electrolux to assist you.

Apparently Frigidaire knows nothing about the products it sells. And their customer service is laughable, except I'm not laughing. After spending $1200 for a washer I actually expect it to function for more than a year. And I don't expect to have to be without a washer for weeks on end or have to stand there while it washes to make sure it has water. I will never purchase another product from either company.

BEYOND DONE* Where should I go now?
By -

Where do I begin? One year ago, I completely remodeled my kitchen and designed it around the Icon Series line from Electrolux. I purchased a 48" gas range, dishwasher, hood, fridge and freezer. In all, I spent over $19,000 just in appliances. Additionally, I remodeled the kitchen to accommodate the new 4' range and the new fridge/freezer which recesses into its own wall with a surround that gives the look of a SubZero.

Within three weeks of owning these new units, the refrigerator starting warming up. Parts were ordered. The fridge continued to not keep temperature and to freeze over. All said and done, one year later, I am now on my fourth unit from Electrolux. It, too, has the same warming issues. I have thrown thousands of dollars of food away, as the fridge will not stay below 48* F.

Although I'm not necessarily angry at Electrolux for their lack of support, because they have been very prompt about responding to the issues each time, I have grown increasingly tired of the bi-monthly appointments to defrost a fridge, the continued inconvenience of having to monitor the fridge temperature, and the continued loss of food due to spoilage.

Historically, Electrolux has given me two options when they determine that the unit is beyond repairing: 1) A full refund on the unit, or 2) a replacement unit. Once again, I am at the point where our local dealer is saying that they are only authorized to perform one defrost per month from Electrolux. After five subsequent visits, they are compelled to deem the unit "un-fixable" and proceed with Customer Service to determine a game plan. I am beyond this point. Now I'm faced with the SAME options, no doubt. But here's my frustration:

I could accept another fridge, in hopes of this being the one that works. However, industry wide, it has been demonstrated that this product has issues. Do I really want to go through this timely process again? OR, do I accept the refund of monies? Sounds great, until you realize that the opening that was specifically designed for this unit (and companion freezer), does not accommodate anything else. To do most anything will require that I once again pay to have my kitchen remodeled! And what do I do with its companion freezer (which also has had warm-up issues!)?

We purchased the fridge/freezer for the look. We designed/remodeled our entire kitchen around "the look." And now we are one-year into our "look" and don't know what to do. All I want is a fridge/freezer that works! I don't want to create waves...... but I believe that my husband and I are now BEYOND DONE!

We want something with dependability - like the old fridges that a person can still find running in people's garages. You know, the 1950's - 1970's fridge in multiple colors? They are still running. They are still dependable! Maybe I should just remove the doors off these units, install piano hinges on them, mount them to my wall for a facade and put one of those old dependable 'garage fridges' in behind!

Where should I go now? Should I pursue legal attempts to force them to pay the contractors to remodel the kitchen so I can put something else? Should I pursue them for the substantial loss of foods? Should I bill them for my time spent twice-monthly? Do I continue allowing them to give me a new unit every couple months, performing bi-monthly visits between each replacement defrosting the unit and replacing supposed defective parts? How many years do I keep playing this?

My last fridge was purchased in 1990...... it's STILL running strong with NO PROBLEMS. My expectation of how long a unit should perform is pretty high. Maybe it would be in the best interest of Electrolux to just buy me the SubZero that they're modeling after and save themselves thousands more dollars!

Electrolux/Frigidaire front load washing machine
By -

Two years ago I purchased a Frigidaire Electrolux Galaxy Series Front Load washing machine. As of a week ago, my washer stopped working due to what the error code read as a broken door lock. Upon notifying the company, I was informed that because the part I needed was on back order I had two choices. First, sit back and wait for the part or, accept a 60% rebate check to go purchase a new machine.

After thinking this over, I decided that 60% was unacceptable as I bought this washer in good faith that it would work for some time. I called the company back and after explaining my stance on the situation I was put on hold. Shortly after the operator came back on and said the part was there and I would receive it in three days. Monday I received the part and it had nothing to do with my washing machine or its problem.

When I called the company for the third time, I was told the part I needed would not become available until February 6th. I was then offered another rebate for 70%. Again I explained to the person on the other end that I do not feel I should have to spend 30% on a washing machine that I just bought 2 years ago. How is this fair? He put me on hold for a while and returned with a list of three local handymen and told me I could try to get one of them to come over at my expense. However Electrolux would purchase the part if one of these men had it.

Later in the day, I called the company a fourth time. This time I was calling to find out how to override the test mode because I was told by a couple of other unsatisfied consumers that it may get the washer going. Please understand, I have an 8 year old daughter and an 11 month old baby. Going to the laundromat with two children in tow is horrifying especially in the winter which is why I bought a washing machine 2 years ago.

After asking for the override information, I was put on hold and passed around 7 times until I finally insisted on speaking with a manager. That is when a lovely gal named ** came on the line. She offered me a $200 refund check for my laundromat troubles which I thought to be fair. She then said she had found the part and was going to overnight it to me. She had to double check for this and later in the evening she called me back to say she was successful in getting the part I needed. Easy to say I was thrilled.

Today the part arrived. When I opened the box, there sat a large black oven door handle. Am I to assume I was being asked to beat my washing machine with it until it worked? I called ** and left her a message. I also called the company again and found myself back at square one, being told I am expected to wait what in the end will be a total month to fix a simple door lock issue on my washing machine. $200 does not even come close to the costs this will incur. ** never returned my call.

I am going to summons whomever I have to in order to force the company to recall this product. After all, if this door lock is on such a long back order due to high demand, wouldn't that be a red flag insinuation that perhaps there is a serious problem here?

Major Lint Issues, Washer Ineffective (UPDATE 7/08), Company Doesn't Care!
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INDIANA -- I purchased a new Frigidaire Laundry Center Model #FEX831CSO at Lowe's on March 10th, 2006 to replace a 30 year old Whirlpool set. This new Frigidaire model has a drop in mesh lint filter and holes in the door and an opening in the bottom of the door for lint to fall into the filter below. The very first time I used the dryer, the lint & dust gathered all around the door and the opening of the door. I tried to give the unit a fair chance, but after numerous dryings, the problem is just as bad.

As soon as I open the door, lint and dust go flying all over the room, the clothes that are clean and dry fall into the lint when the door is opened and there I am picking lint off clothes that were supposed to be clean. I cannot even remove the clothes from the dryer WITHOUT FIRST CLEANING THE ENTIRE OPENING AND THE DOOR ITSELF! As if I don't already have enough to do! This could be a real problem for those with asthma or dust allergies.

Upon e-mailing the company explaining the problem, I was sent back an e-mail telling me to replace the plastic vent tube. (That was already done on installation.) They told me to put it on its own ground wire. (Again, already done during installation.) I'd like to know what these things have to do with lint gathering around the front.

Then they tell me to buy dryer sheets. I don't like dryer sheets and have never used them because they themselves restrict airflow by laying down an invisible film in the filter (by the way, if you use dryer sheets you should clean your lint filter once a month with warm, soapy water to remove the film), but I tried them anyway, they didn't work, as I knew they wouldn't. And lastly, they actually told me to spray a static spray in the dryer every couple of months. All static sprays say, DO NOT SPRAY INTO DRYER! I just couldn't believe they told me that!

I wrote a second time and told them that all they suggested is already done correctly (in the actual installation) and it is not static causing the problem! I even sent pictures of lint gathered all around the door and opening, they still don't care or address the problem! They responded a second time saying, they are not the only manufacturer to use this placement of the lint filter (This is true, so beware! Don't they sound like a little kid saying, "All my friends are doing it, so I can too"?) and that it is not a new design, many dryers have been sold with this lint filtering system without complaint. (I find that way too hard to believe!) And they still recommended dryer sheets.

THEY ARE TOTALLY DISMISSING MY PROBLEM AND HAVEN'T EVEN ADDRESSED THE REAL ISSUE! Not one thing they suggest is legitimate to the trouble with the dryer lint. IT IS A FAULTY LINT FILTER DESIGN, CLEAR AND SIMPLE! I know what the problem is, the filter is too short compared to the opening in the door where lint drops through. The air pushes the lint right past the gaps in the filter ends and fills the empty space inside the door and opening. The filter even warps and allows small amounts of lint to go directly into the exhaust tube.

The filter also collects lint, but a lot of it is forced through the gaps that doesn't fit up properly with the opening. To check this for yourself, before buying a dryer, take out the lint filter and hold it up to the lint drop area in the door, see if it has gaps on either side, back or front, if it does, I wouldn't buy it. You will be fighting lint.

We may be able to rig it to work right. It will void my warranty, but they don't seem to make good on them anyway. I certainly shouldn't have to rig a brand new system, but the company doesn't care to hear what is really wrong with it. And as long as we unsuspecting people keep buying it, they will keep selling it. Also, the lock on the washer door stays locked for 2 minutes and 32 seconds, way too long for my lifestyle.

My advise is, beware of Door Lint Filtering Systems and the companies who sell them. If you already have purchased one, like I did, and are having a problem, complain, complain, complain! (That's what Frigidaire keeps saying, "we've had no complaints about it." Well, they've had at least 1 now!) If you have this type of drop-in mesh door lint filtering system, I'd like to hear from you. I personally will never again buy any Frigidaire or Electrolux products.

UPDATE: July 11, 2008: After using this machine for a couple years now, I noticed a while back that when the washer rinses after the wash load it does not spray water long enough to completely rinse the detergent out of the clothes. AND after the rinse-cycle fill and draining of the rinse water with softener IT DOESN'T SPRAY WATER AT ALL TO RINSE OUT THE SOFTENER! I have to wash clothes twice (resetting the knob to wash before it fills for rinse cycle), once with detergent and again in water with NO detergent, there is plenty of detergent left in the second washing that it needs another spraying rinse! And I hate that it doesn't spray-rinse after the rinse cycle.

AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE ENERGY SAVING! I guess the inadequate amount of clean water spraying the clothes and then NO spray in the rinse cycle is what THEY call energy saving, I call it gross and unhealthy to have all that grime left in the clothes. It certainly isn't saving me any energy when I have to wash twice just to actually clean the clothes. I hate this laundry center and I'm stuck with it, who can take out a crappy stackable machine to return it to the store in the time they specify.

I strongly urge you to reject this machine, it may be one of the cheapest in price and it shows in the quality. BTW, I'm still having the same issues with dryer lint and always will with the faulty design. BEWARE! I sure hope this review helps someone out there spare themselves a world of laundry misery!

Avoid Front Load Washer
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Rating: 2/51

I paid the most for this top of the line stainless steel drum Electrolux front-loading washing machine and it is the worst one I've ever owned. It destroys my clothes. It caused the clothes to pill and tear even on the delicate cycle. I have never had this happen before. I would never buy another front loader or an Electrolux appliance.

Electrolux Is Crap
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I spent 12k buying an entire package (the top of the line) and three out of four has been breaking and getting repaired for three years now. I have to throw it all in the trash. Worst product on the market and everyone out there should stay clear. Bad product and even the company does not stand behind their crap after 12 months. 12k for 12 months--not a great value.

Buyer Beware... Electrolux Appliances Are Terrible and Very Expensive
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Rating: 1/51

The purpose in posting this is to help Electrolux's next customer. Do not buy anything from Electrolux. The reliability of their appliances is terrible and Electrolux customer service is even worse. We bought an entire kitchen and spent over $10K. We have had service calls on everything and still have issues that Electrolux will not help solve.

The Worst Purchases I've Ever Made!!!
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Electrolux counter top flat top range, wall oven, wall microwave/convection oven, and fridge, all five years ago. The flat top has had service 5 times, the oven once, the microwave twice and the fridge once and all of them falling apart. I paid A LOT of money for this kitchen remodel and I am so frustrated and disappointed. DO NOT waste your money buying "top of the line," you will be highly disappointed!! The worst purchases I have EVER made in my life.

Bad Icemaker
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Rating: 1/51

ALL CAPITALS BECAUSE I AM MAD!!! I am watching a commercial now that is making me vomit. Icemaker has not worked in 3 years. They knew it was bad and still sent it anyway. $3600 may not be much to nonexistent Chris but to me it is too much for a defective product. I will advise anyone not to buy Electrolux products.

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