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Well thank GOD for this website after researching Electrolux appliances for a long time I decided not to even waste my money on them. THANKS TO ALL YOU PEOPLE who write honest reviews and save people like me the headache of dealing with their crappy customer service and junkie appliances.

I am from Ontario, Canada and we bought a new home, so to go with the new home we thought of going with top of the line appliances and we were ready to spend big bucks on Electrolux. I mean the fridge alone is $4600 - it's a side by side french door with a freezer drawer on the bottom and has a ice maker as well, looks really great and has all the bells and whistles on it too. We also thought of buying the Induction slide in range and, their professional built in dishwasher as well as a over the ranger microwave.

Well turns out my sister in-law loved the same appliances and since they renovated their kitchen they went ahead and splurged on the top of the line Electrolux appliances - they bought it all!!! I feel bad for them now. After a few months of use their dishwasher is leaking and is showing an error message, their fridge is making weird noises and the ice dispenser is broken, their stove sounds like it might explode any minute and the microwave is a fire hazard since every time they use it it has sparks.

My sister in law is so frustrated and fed up with heir customer service that she honestly is at the end of her rope, she would never ever buy another Electrolux product and boy she tells everyone about it. I feel terrible for her but thank god I learned my lesson. Not everything that looks great will actually work great.

So after seeing all these reviews and the problems everyone has with the Electrolux appliances we opted for a BOSCH dishwasher which is fabulous and we bought an LG fridge, stove and microwave and so far so good. As a matter of fact we have been so impressed with the LG appliances we are replacing our old washer and dryer with a LG pair. :)

Bells and Whistles That Don't Work But They Got My Money Shame on Them
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ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- Stay away from the Electrolux Model EW30DS65GS5 Duel Fuel slide in range. This is an expensive piece of junk. Save your money. Was excited to have a double oven only to have my food burned and inedible. Called Electrolux customer service and received no help. People read off script. Had their service people out, no resolution. Had the service dept. out from local family-owned company I bought this lemon from Warners' Stellian and still the lower oven is less than adequate. It just doesn't work and empty words and several appliance repair people can't make the oven what it isn't!

Talked with manager of store. He was going to contact the Electrolux representative and get back to me. I never did hear back from him. I placed this purchase in dispute with my credit card company and they couldn't help. I should say this stove was purchased in March 2010. As summer came to Minnesota, I did not use the oven much because we cooked outside and I had resolved the fact that I was ripped off by Electrolux and Warners' Stellian, who highly recommended this stove and the sales representative said he owned one himself (He must not use it.).

Now fast forward to Thanksgiving. I want to use the perfect turkey mode on the oven. This requires the use of a probe and when turkey reads 180 degrees your turkey is done. Well the probe must not work, instructions say to use the broiler pan and grid, and the roasting rack. The broiler pan will catch grease spills and the grid will help prevent splatters. The roasting rack will hold the turkey (pg 32). This was against my better judgment having cooked a turkey many times in my 37 years of marriage. But wanted to follow instructions, I was living the Electrolux dream.

My oven was filled with spillovers, so when you opened the door to take out the turkey you were hit in the face with a cloud of smoke that burned your eyes and stunk up my house and the turkey had to be thrown out it was so dry. When we removed the turkey because I said enough is enough this probe must not be working I wanted to heat some rolls inside the oven while the turkey was resting because remember my lower oven doesn't work even though I had several service calls to correct the problem. So today I will begin again to try to get some satisfaction from the people who told me this was such a great product.

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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA -- We did a kitchen addition/remodel and purchased an Electrolux single wall oven, Electrolux dishwasher, and Electrolux side by side refrigerator. All appliances are now less than 3 years old and have had major problems. The oven was finally replaced by the extended warranty company after having all of the major components replaced (some more than once). I was literally without an oven for months at a time. It was a runaway temperature issue and was unsafe to use.

When I contacted Electrolux they offered 50% toward a new oven ( what a joke!). Then the dishwasher quit draining. We had the part replaced that operates that and were recommended to also replace the pump (was making noise and would go out soon). This one we didn't have the extended warranty on and it was a $300 repair.

Next (currently) the refrigerator failed. Error code is communication error. They are replacing both control boards (again extended warranty). It has been 3 weeks and Electrolux finally shipped the parts yesterday!!! We have also had issues with the ice maker which is yet to be diagnosed since the whole unit doesn't work. Major appliances only come with a one year warranty! They know the life of their products! Do not buy Electolux!

Extended Warranty
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I rang our extended warranty for a fault with this refrigerator, by the time the technician from Electrolux called the loud noise had stopped. He was unable to find a fault and this was charged to us. The service center people at Electrolux have been most rude, and have left a shouted message on my answering machine. Our refrigerator is still making the loud noise (sounds like a worn rusty part knocking sound) when the motor turns on, however, I am told that because the fridge was not making the noise at the time of the call out, that we are liable for the bill.

Please be aware that it does not seem worth paying for an extended warranty, as you have no control over how long the repairer takes to call out. We have wasted the money paid for the extended warranty, and now have to pay for a call out. The fridge is still faulty, but I am told if I call them out again that the same thing could happen, as it is an intermittent fault. We will never buy any product manufactured by Electrolux, Westinghouse etc, as the service people are rude and uncaring, and will never waste our money on an extended warranty again.

Beware of Electrolux Refrigerator
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In July '09 I purchased a French door counter depth wave refrigerator, EW23BC711S, at Lowes. Initial impressions were positive, then it was delivered. From day one the ice maker failed to produce more than a handful of cubes each day and make loud banging sounds. I called Electrolux and was told these are normal sounds and there may be dust in the line, so replace the filters. That suggestion did nothing. In the mean time, the gasket on the door began to shred, I called Electrolux again and was told to contact a local repair business.

Two weeks later they arrived to check the problem and when the tech looked at the gasket, he also noted that the ice maker was defective. The gasket arrived a few weeks later, but was defective, waited for another one, the both gasket and ice maker were replaced. The tech told me the ice maker is a major problem on Electrolux. Here it is, four months later and the ice maker is dripping water, clanging and failing to produce ice.

I purchased an extended warranty from Electrolux just to avoid the costs of what I consider to be an ongoing problem. What can I expect? Twice a year replacement of the ice maker and computer panel? Beside these two major defects, the thin coat of pseudo stainless paint on the water/ice dispenser is wearing away. Wish Electrolux would buy this back from me so I can purchase a quality product.

Stay Away!
By -

Just want to voice my displeasure with Electrolux's customer service and products. Bought a dual fuel stove in August of 2008. Installed in my house in November of 2008. One year after (Nov 2009) electric bake died. Sears after 5 or 6 visits was unable to fix the oven. Why you have them sell your products when they can't repair them is beyond me. Had an authorized repair technician come in to fix. They along with Electrolux support recommended full replacement. Electrolux refused! I have not been able to bake in my oven for 9 months now. Your product is horrible. $3,000 down the drain. It is unbelievable that you do not stand behind the lemon that you sold me.

Do NOT Buy Electrolux Washer/Dryer - Constantly Broken, Terrible Customer Service by Electrolux
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Bought new washer & dryer at Lowe's. DRYER immediately ruined several items - burnt them. Called Electrolux - they sent out new part for this "known" problem. Had new part installed, still burning up clothes/towels/blankets. Called again, sent another part... same story. Still not working. Company is saying now out of warranty - never fixed... cannot use! They only offer to give me rebate on new appliance. WASHER worked fine for one month - then fabric softener tray stopped working - wouldn't feed softener into cycle. Called Electrolux, they sent out service - service could not fix. Called Electrolux, they sent out new tray. Replaced, still not working.

Now water flooding out of detergent tray every time opened. Called back for both items. They sent service. Same story... service can't fix. Called again, Electrolux going to try to send out two MORE new trays. Replaced, neither work. Called out service again. They claim they don't know how to fix (3rd company saying Electrolux too difficult to repair). After getting run around same story... they won't replace the washer or dryer. We are now out $5K+! Don't buy anything from Electrolux... customer service is terrible. Planning to hire an attorney.

Do You Like Dirty Dishes, if So, Buy This Machine
By -

I purchased this dishwasher about 10 months ago and cannot say how much I dislike it. First, the loading is not easy and the adjustable top rack is a joke. I can only leave it in the middle position because it will not allow the intake tube to line up with the piece attached to the wall of the dishwasher.

Now let me discuss cleaning. Well, plan to wash everything by hand before putting it in this so called dishwasher. Flatware is the worse… Unless it is completely clean going in, it will be as dirty coming out. I do like the fact that it is very quiet… Good thing since I have to set it to heavy wash (in hopes of anything coming out clean) and it takes a couple hours to complete.

In past homes, I had Kitchen Aid and Bosch. I would do anything to have my Kitchen Aid back and maybe will take the plunge and replace this expensive one year old dishwasher with a Kitchen Aid and make sure everyone knows just how bad it is and not to buy one! Please, if you are thinking of a new dishwasher, and you want clean dishes, don't purchase an Electrolux. It is like tossing $1100 out the window.

Shame on You Electrolux.
By -

I purchased this vacuum in February, 2007 from Costco in Toronto, Canada. At the time I believed I was purchasing an Electrolux product. Instead, as it turns out, I have purchased a Eureka vacuum with an Electrolux name on it. If I had wanted a Eureka vacuum I would have purchased one - and it would have been less expensive. This vacuum is a piece of junk. I have had to have the hose attachment and part of the wand replaced (under warranty) and subsequently another part of the wand had to be replaced because one of the prongs broke off (not under warranty) - on a 2 1/2-year-old vacuum. Will I ever purchase another Electrolux product??? Not a chance!

Quality issues
By -

I bought a Electrolux washer model EWF 551 18 months back. When the product was hardly out of warranty, it failed. The technician identified the problem as PCB failure and faulty door lock. There was no physical damage to the washer.

I have used other washer earlier and did not have any failure. The last one I used was from LG which I used for more than 5 years without any failure. It is currently being used by my relative and is still working fine even after 7 years from the date of purchase. The quality of electronics products has improved tremendously in the recent years that I have not come across a PCB failure in any products I use.

It proves clearly that the Electrolux model EWF 551 is of very poor quality. My friend had a similar problem with Electrolux washer. His washer failed after warranty and he got it repaired paying a huge sum. I paid close to 50% of the original price as the repair charge. I am wondering if this is part of the company's service revenue plan. Imagine if the company can get 50% of the product price as service charges immediately after warranty expiry at the cost of customers. In fact my friend discarded the Electrolux and bought another reliable brand.

Please share if there are similar experiences. Think twice before choosing an Electrolux washer. I am sure you will not like to pay 150% for a poor quality product. I paid half the price for my LG washer 7 years back and it is working perfectly even today.

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