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General Electric Company
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GE Monogram Refrigerator - Mold Issues
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Rating: 1/51

GLEN MILLS, PENNSYLVANIA -- My GE Monogram refrigerator has had a mold problem for the last 8 years and they won't admit there is a problem with the refrigerator. All parts were replaced since I have owned it, sometimes twice. I have to disassemble and clean the whole refrigerator every 2 months due to the mold. I have had many different brands of refrigerators, including a Sub Zero, Whirlpool, Roper and never had mold in any of them, even at a seashore home. When you contact GE, they say that the refrigerator is operating the way it is designed to do.They even said that the apples and oranges in the fridge cause a lot of moisture. (You have got to be kidding!)

I am disgusted. I have just cleaned it again, for the umpteenth time and am afraid to put any food in it. I am taking pictures daily to see how fast the mold develops while it is empty. I will never buy another GE product again.

Who Can Help Me With This Mold Issue?
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Rating: 3/51

I purchased the GE MONOGRAM 36" all fridge and all freezer. The refrigerator continuously grows mold. It is VERY frustrating to say the least! I take everything out, food, condiments, drawers, wipe EVERYTHING down with vinegar water, baking soda and I've used bleach, which they don't advise. Within a month the bottles in the doors and tops of pickle jars, etc have visible mold growing on them. Within a month and a half it grows on the walls. If I put a six pack of beer in the fridge within a day the paper carton feels damp.

I had to have my evaporator coil replaced and I spoke to the repairman about it. He stated GE was having this issue on certain models, to call in. I did and they acted as if they had never heard of this before. Could someone PLEASE advise me on what to do? It is very embarrassing!!

Beware of GE Appliances
By -

We do not recommend purchasing GE Applicances - especially GE's top end Monogram line! It's not possible to fully describe our frustrating experience with GE. But we suggest they stop using the slogan "GE Cares" when clearly "GE Does Not Care..." as evidenced by our experience and others we have read about online.

We'll make this as brief as possible. 1) Inaccurate information provided by their repair center schedulers. 2) Incompetent tech who can't diagnose a simple problem and order the right parts. 3) "Consumer" Advocates who should be renamed "GE Advocates." 4) "Consumer" Advocate Supervisor ** who made it clear that GE doesn't stand behind appliances after they are out of warranty and could only provide solutions that required the consumer to be inconvenienced. 5) No one else to speak with - why is GE management afraid to speak with their customers?

We now have black mold forming in our refrigerator - which will probably continue to get worse over the next four plus days due to the previous incompetent tech. But our "Consumer" Advocate was right behind the consumer by recommending the consumer clean up the black mold. Did we mention we will be without a refrigerator for a minimum of 4 more days?

Wait - once again our "Consumer" advocate suggested the consumer should go out and find a refrigerator rental - thanks again for making it convenient for the consumer by recommending something else we would need to do ourselves even though their tech "expert" was the one at fault. Oh and we'll need to figure out how to take another day off of work because "expert" tech #1 claims there aren't enough consumers who want to schedule Saturday appointments!

We did everything right, we scheduled our repair with one of their "expert" techs, we waited for our appt, and we were willing to fully pay for the parts and labor. The next right thing we will do is replace our 6 year old $3000 Monogram refrigerator with a company who truly CARES. We're sure the competition will gladly take our business. While we're at it, we'll also replace our GE oven, microwave and dishwasher just so we don't have to live through another experience of "GE CARES."

General Electric Frustration -- Faulty Refrigerator and Worse Customer Service
By -

We have a new GE built-in refrigerator. It's barely more than a year old. Last week, rather suddenly, the refrigerator started getting warmer, while the freezer compartment got colder. The refrigerator ended up hovering around 52 degrees, while the freezer is around -30 (our ice has ice on it, if you get the idea....). We called GE customer service and, first, were disappointed to find they work 9-5 Mon-Friday.

Secondly, the best they can do is give you a half-day window when a repair person might show up. Because of work schedules, it took us days to get something on the calendar. When the tech guy finally showed up, he spent an hour fiddling around, eventually replacing a "temperature sensor" and telling me it should normalize within 12-24 hours. It didn't. Nothing changed at all, except for the refrigerator getting a few degrees warmer.

What makes this more frustrating was the subsequent calls back to GE customer service. The representative seemed pretty nonchalant about the $150 in food that was spoiled and all of the inconvenience this has caused, and had an attitude like it's our problem we'd need to re-arrange work again for another appointment. She did finally say she'd try to get an "emergency rep" out on Friday. My wife explicitly instructed them to call her cell. No one ever called.

When you spend $5K on a refrigerator, and purchase the extra warranty, you expect more. First, you expect the product to work, not break down after a year. Second, you expect GE to treat you like a customer who has spent $5,000 on a product. That includes working weekends if necessary so a family can store its fresh food. And on that point, they should be writing us a check for our groceries. Miserable experience. Don't buy GE. They deserve -- and no doubt eventually will -- go the way of the America car company.

GE Appliances Are Terrible!!
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Rating: 1/51

I have purchased 6 brand new appliances from GE in the last two years, most of them Monogram. Of the 6 products, 3 have been defective and required multiple service visits to fix the problem. I have had problems with the refrigerator, dryer and also oven. Refrigerator Freezer door did not seal (4 service visits to replace). Dryer made horrible noise (4 service visits to replace motor). Oven broiler does not work (currently sitting at home for 4 hours waiting for service tech to arrive). THESE WERE ALL BRAND NEW APPLIANCES!!

I have already had to waste an entire week for service on these various appliances. A week out of my office with no income because of these defective products and yet GE is not held accountable in any fashion. Additionally their customer service is terrible to boot. Warning to all people considering purchasing GE appliances, they may look shiny and pretty on the outside BUT THEY ARE GUARANTEED TO COST YOU IN THE LONG RUN BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WORK! After all why pay for appliances that do not do the job they were designed to do! Run, not walk away if you are ever tempted to buy a GE product.

Company Response 04/25/2013:

Hello, this is Donna from GE. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with your refrigerator, dryer and oven. Can you take a moment to email us at please? We would like to take a look at this for you.

GE Monogram Dishwasher ZBD7100G05SS
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Rating: 1/51

WINDERMERE, FLORIDA -- I bought this dishwasher along with $23,000 in GE Monogram appliances in my house. The lower rack rusted within a couple years and now is nearly fully rusted out. GE Parts lists the bottom rack alone for $350 (the top rack is $587). The combination of these two parts, that SHOULD BE nearly indestructible but are plainly incompetently manufactured, is about the price of a brand-new high end dishwasher. I would never buy another GE dishwasher again.

Moisture, Mildew and Rust
By -

NEBRASKA -- We noticed a moisture problem when we first purchased the Monogram refrigerator. We had a service call and they ordered and shipped a number of replacement parts. My wife became ill, and by the time we got back to the refrigerator repair, GE stated it was no longer under warranty. I am posting photos of what our Monogram refrigerator interior looks like after a few years service.

GE and Assurant Will Not Honor the GE Extended Service Contract the Way It Is Written
By -

GE nor their extended contractual fulfillment partner Assurant honor the verbiage as written in their service contract schedule. They simple chose to ignore their obligation's to me as a customer by doing what is best for their own benefit.

Here is the situation, I have an extended service contract and requested service on a Monogram downdraft fan which is protected under the plan. After having to repair this product over five times in the past few months the contract administrator for GE deemed my product non-repairable. My contract states "Your remedy is to select a GE Product or a Monetary credit from schedules 1 or 2." I choose number one which is the GE product schedule. This schedule provides me with a GE Monogram replacement fan and I would pay the difference based on the years I used the product minus what I paid for it.

Both GE and Assurant informed me that they will not honor the product schedule because Assurant does not have GE products to offer as a replacement. It seem to me that if Assurant did not have the product and they are administering GE's contracts then get the replacement item from GE. The GE and Assurant customer relations department could not understand why I would think that GE would supply a replacement downdraft fan as stated in my contract.

They apologized and said that they were sorry, but they could only offer the monetary buyout which is 10% less than the GE Product replacement. Note: with no GE product replacement and if I accept the monetary buy out I would have to pay labor to take out and install a new fan. A downdraft fan that was under extended warranty.

This was truly a lesson learned for me. I now understand that as a consumer I must stay as far away as possible from GE products. Also, I hope that those of you who are reading this note will not just listen to my note but ask around about the GE/Assurant service issues. I have found out through my friends and associates that the service relationship between these two companies has caused them more than a couple of headache. Good luck with your GE products. I used to enjoy mine until GE brought it to my life how their extended service contracts are fulfilled.

Hate My GE Monogram Fridge
By -

I agree with another post that this fridge is horrible. I also have mold that continues to grow... the drip pan under the fridge sometimes just fills up quickly and spills all over my wood floors.. frost build up inside that sometimes gets so bad that I can not open the drawers. They have come here so many times I have lost count. They have replaced the hinges on the door - twice... replaced the entire door.. changed three or four parts... told me that "These fridges just sometimes grow mold..." told the service tech that I needed to clean it better!! That was my favorite one!

When I called last week to schedule a visit about the frost buildup and the new mold I was told that "Mold is not covered under my extended warranty. That it is a COSMETIC ISSUE." I am NOT KIDDING! Now they told my poor repair guy to order another part! He agrees that this is obviously a defective fridge. GE told the place where I bought it that they can't do anything about it because I have an extended warranty... they SOLD their extended warranties to Assurant.

Oh, okay... Now my warranty is up in October and they want 844.00 to extend it three more years. If I buy a new fridge then my 1200.00 wood front panel (that matches my cabinets) will not fit. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THSE!!!

Mold Grows Continually in My GE Monogram Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I continually have a mold issue in my GE Monogram. I came home from one week Christmas, and had mold on walls, plastics, drawers, tops of cans, ALL OVER! We have replaced coils, condensers, thermostats, temperature controls, defrost thermistor. It is an AWFUL Machine and I would never buy a GE product again. IT IS A LEMON!

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