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PHOENIX (BUT GE HQ IN FAIRFIELD, CT), ARIZONA -- Our GE Profile Spacemaker OTR Microwave, Model PVM1870DMCC was purchased and installed February of 2008. Recently, it stopped heating and was making a buzzing sound while other functions (turntable, etc.) continued to operate--just no heat. Per our (my husband and myself) research, we knew it was clearly the magnetron tube. There are a ton of complaints about GE and a lot of its products all over the web, but the MW magnetron tube issue takes center stage.

Having dealt with GE before on other service issues, we really didn't want to go through it again, but felt we didn't have many good alternative choices. We were hoping the company had made some improvements in its customer service arena, but none was experienced. Magnetron tubes are usually warranted for 5 to 10 years (depending on model), so we knew ours was under warranty, but this only covers the cost of the part, not the labor to install a new one.

Of course, as part of GE's deplorable customer service philosophy, it (GE) not only charges you an exorbitant rate for the actual service, it also charges you a separate $75 to "diagnose" the problem (and it doesn't subtract that fee IF you go ahead with the repair like most service companies either--it is simply an add-on fee), even though the signs of this malfunctioning part are consistent and GE gets calls on it all the time. This issue has been going on since 2005 or 2006, and GE is fully aware that the part and/or the entire microwave should have been re-engineered a long ago.

Still they continue to put out the same piece of crap and advertise it using the same worn-out GE slogans claiming exemplary state-of-the-art quality appliances. I wish we would have done our homework before buying this lemon, but unfortunately we relied on the good old GE name (so, pleasedon't make that mistake yourself if you're reading these reviews for purposes of researching what might be a reliable appliance).

GE has known for years that their magnetron units are defective and yet they do nothing to improve them. These parts are now, and have for sometime, made in Korea (Malaysia). The part number and other info on the box of the one just replaced in our unit, in case this is useful to anyway, is: WB27X10880 (ASM-MAGNETRON) Malaysia,

So, bottom line, while we can now buy this same microwave for as little as $329 (including shipping and tax), it cost $200 to have a new (still defective most likely) magnetron tube installed in our microwave, and that's with the part being free (under warranty). From all we have now read, we can expect this magnetron tube to go out in anywhere from 3 months to 2 years (we were lucky, compared to most, our first one lasted two years), which of course will cost us another $200 or more. What a money maker for GE!!

The research also suggests that the next thing we can expect to go on the unit will be the circuit board, another GE product part known to have a very high premature fail rate, which repair, per reports on-line, will cost MORE than the magnetron tube, because the one-year unit warranty (which I understand this falls under) has already passed.

Many of the reviewers on line have simply tossed this microwave (and other GE microwaves) in the trash, and some of them only being a few months old, because they can buy a new NON-GE unit for practically the same cost what GE charges for repairing your unit the first time.

So, consider yourself warned about GE. I have also written an article under "Policy" section here entitled "GE - A NAME YOU CAN'T TRUST" which elaborates even more on our feelings about this company. It all sounds very negative, I realize, but if you search the web, you will see it is a pretty universal sentiment, and it is so very unfortunate.

New GE 40gal water heater bad/GE customer service HORRIBLE!
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Friday (10/30/2009) we woke up to no hot water. Our current water heater had gone the trip. No big deal - we've replaced a water heater before. So, we went out to Home Depot and picked up a new one to replace the old one. It was a GE 40gal with a 6-year warranty. Brought it home, installed it (we've done this a few other times throughout the years); filled it, and heated a tank of water. Turned on the hot water faucets to get the air out of the lines and get the water running again, and the water ran brown. Assumed that with the change, had to run the water out (flush the pipes). No big deal.

We ran the full 40 gallons of hot water out and the water was STILL running brown. Getting concerned. Kept the hot water faucets open for the next hour to try to clear the water. No success. Called my relatives who are/have been plumbers and told them what was going on. They immediately said it sounded like a bad liner. All this time, the cold water is running clear.

Called Home Depot told them of the issue (it's now the evening of 10/30/09) and were told to bring the water heater back in the morning. Saturday 10/31/2009, 7:00am, disconnected, drained (saving a bottle of the water so we could show them what was happening), and hauled the water heater back to HD. Started talking to the service desk and the department associate that we had spoken to the evening before. After reiterating the situation, a couple more HD employees become involved in the conversation.

We are then informed that we need to contact GE directly ourselves, because it is a warranty issue and HD needs a return authorization number directly from GE to complete the exchange. We got a bit upset because all we wanted to do was exchange the darn thing for a different one.

Home Depot is required to get a return authorization directly from GE so they can be reimbursed for the return otherwise they get stuck. Okay, we really don't want to stick anyone with the return, including ourselves because it is obviously a faulty product. HD called GE for us so we could do it all there. Great! No big deal, right! Enter GE "customer service" and the worst customer service experience we have ever had in our lives!

After Home Depot got the GE representative on the phone for us, we explained the simple situation and that we simply wanted to exchange for one that wasn't broken as this one obviously was. Once the details had once again been reiterated, we were informed by the GE representative that there was no way that it could be the water heater. It had to be our water. We explained that we were on city water and that we had never experienced anything like this before, including the night before prior to the old water heater going out and that the new water heater that we had installed was the ONLY point of variance in the entire situation - it had to be the water heater.

We argued our point, to no avail, for 10 minutes ourselves over the Home Depot phone lines and then the GE representative said that if it is a warranty issue, then it is between us and Home Depot. With that comment from the GE rep, the HD service desk associate got back on the line with them and asked for an authorization number because it did look like a faulty issue and should be warranty. The argument started again with the GE representative and the HD service desk associate, with the GE representative saying it was our water and that they would need to send one of their water tester "specialists" to our house to verify the issue.

With this idiotic development, the HD gal put the HD store manager on the phone and he resumed the argument. In the meantime, the Rainsoft independent contractor walks in to HD and is updated on the situation. He pulls out his water testing equipment and verifies that through his experience and years of working in the area along with the results of the water that came directly from the water heater, that it was definitely NOT normal and that there was way that it was our water if we are on city water.

So, HE got on the phone with the GE representative and was also told by the GE representative that GE would need to send people out to test our water. The Rainsoft rep, after another 15 minute argument by the GE rep, told the GE representative that he already had tested the water, and this is what he does for a living. He gave the GE representative the results and told him the results were conclusive. After all of this, and the GE representative couldn't argue anything further, he finally, hesitantly authorized the exchange.

All in all, it took a total of 4 Home Depot employees, one independent contractor of Rainsoft products, and our own full history and detailed experiences and an hour and 20 minutes to get a GE "customer service" representative to EXCHANGE their faulty $354.00 water heater! The unfortunate part is that we had no choice but to go with another GE water heater! Our compliments go out to Home Depot for their employees going to bat for us. If they hadn't, we would have simply been stuck.

As for GE, it is very safe to say that if we EVER need another appliance (extremely likely), GE will NEVER be one of the brands we consider! It's sad that GE believes it to be acceptable business practice to train "customer service" representatives to argue until the customer gives up, all for the sake of a dollar. It's ethically disappointing.

Deserted in the Desert
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Deserted in the desert. I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Chevron for over 27 years and from time to time have used their stations exclusively. I have enjoyed an ever escalating credit increase from them and have never come close to using my credit limit. I have mostly paid the balance in full each month. Sometimes I paid over a few months if I had financed a road trip on the card.

My account has been current and clean for every one of the 27+ years, using the card only once every three months for my scheduled service and a detailed cleaning of my car. I confirmed my high open to buy limit online and decided to finance the gas on my upcoming road trip with Chevron.

I decided upon a nice road trip vacation last fall that would take three weeks to cover all of the Southwestern states from Texas to California. I used my Chevron card to service the car and get it road worthy. I made it all the way to the mid Arizona desert before I needed to fill up for the third time.

In the past, Chevron would lock my card from use for security reasons because of being used more than three times in one day. When the pump refused to accept my card, I assumed that, once again, I locked out my account by not giving Chevron the heads up that I was on a road trip. I was very familiar with this security process after using their card for over 20 years.

I went into the station to have the clerk run the card and again, it was declined. I asked to use the phone so that I could call Chevron and unlock the card. Normally after a few questions, they would agree that the card was not stolen and release the card for me to continue using on my trip. This was not the case this time. The associate on the other end of the phone advised me that I had reached my limit and in fact was over my limit by $29.00. I was advised that I could no longer use my card until the limit was paid down.

This was more of a shock than anything that I could have taken at that time. I was stuck in the desert with no gas in my tank, at a small road side gas pump with no credit on my Chevron card. I was not in a town or settlement. I was in the desert, pure deserted desert.

OK, I have money to take along on this trip but the gas budget was on the Chevron card. Using my debit card everyday for $50.00 towards gas was not within the plan. I was on a three week road trip and this was only the second day!

I got Chevron on the phone to find that it was not Chevron at all, but GE Moneybank to my shock. I know that GEMB finances private labels (even for my company) but I actually never read the fine print to realize that GEMB financed my Chevron account. Nevertheless, the reason for my credit limit being reached was that the company reduced limits "across the board" and that it was nothing personal towards me. This was more than I could take. It was over 100 degrees outside, I was sweating bullets, I had no patience with hearing that "There is nothing we can do about it"€.

I asked many questions like: "€˜When was I going to find out about the credit decrease?" She said that they mailed a letter. "When was it mailed?"€™ Friday, the day I left on the trip. Remember, I checked my balance online on Friday morning.

Needless to say, the conversation ended with no favorable resolution for me. The supervisor actually said "I don'€™t know what you want me to say."€ I want you to reinstate my credit limit so I can get back home! That's what I want you to say! Nope. The rest of the vacation was on debit. At least I know that it is all paid for.

I got home three weeks later to find three notices in my mail. One stated that my Chevron credit limit was being decreased by 75% ($1500.00). One said that one Wal-Mart card was being decreased by a couple of hundred dollars and the third was an increase in the credit limit on my second Wal-Mart card. Yep, they gave me a second Wal-Mart card instead of increasing the limit on the first card several months back. What an idiotic thing to do.

Well, I am paying off what few GEMB accounts that I have and boycotting the companies who use them. Even my loyal friend Chevron, who gave me a gas card over 27 years ago, has lost my patronage. The garage that took Chevron for all those years of scheduled services no longer accepts Chevron. Good for them. I like Chevron. I would go back to Chevron if they would drop GEMB.

I mentioned above that my company even offers financing through GEMB. I do not promote it and I encourage anyone who applies for credit anywhere to know who they are getting financing through. When you apply, or receive, a store's private label credit card, it could be GEMB and the worst financial experience of your life.

Look at the interest rates. Reminds me of the Gangster movies of the 30'€™s when the gangsters offered 20% credit rates and broke your legs if you did not pay on time. Nowadays, GEMB and any other credit facility have a license to break your legs. But then again DOES IT REALLY MATTER!

Built-in All Refrigerator 36"
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I bought this G.E. Monogram built-in refrigerator 7 years ago, in 2008. From the very beginning it began to grow mold in a way I have never seen in any refrigerator. Every bottle and jar was dotted with black spots of mold. I constantly wiped everything down with Clorox wipes. When repairmen were here for other reasons I mentioned it and asked if there was some kind of setting that needed to be changed. They didn't know of any. In a couple years the mold situation was still out of control. I constantly had to clean it and asked again if there was a filter somewhere that had become contaminated and needed to be replaced, but was told no.

I eventually purchased all new door shelves, at a very heft cost of many hundreds of dollars -- I think about $350 - 400 -- because they had cracked and the cracks filled with mold and I could not get it clean. I have removed all the shelves and drawers many, many times. I've never had to do this with any other refrigerator. In addition the white painted metal is peeling off and rusting everywhere. Wherever the paint is chipped it rusts. The lower edges of every shelf bracket have rusted. This had happened within 2-3 years of purchase.

Also the drawer tracks are loose. I have to tighten the screws all the time, but they re-loosen. I store water and drinks in the drawers, as I'm sure many people do and they obviously were not made to hold any weight. After about 3 years the refrigerator started not functioning well in the summer. It will get warm at the top and the compressor ices up. One repairman replaced a thermostat. I think one put freon in. I've defrosted the compressor many, many, many times. Three times this year alone (middle of June). Once I lost a full refrigerator full of food because of the refrigerator not staying cold.

Now they want to put in a new compressor, which fortunately is under extended warranty, but we will still be paying labor. I think we've paid about $2,000 on parts and service for this unit, probably more. I'm incredibly frustrated that the repairmen do not know what is wrong with my refrigerator and never listen to me when I tell them what my concerns are.

Now I've learned that many people have had the exact same problems. Why doesn't the dealer know about this? Why haven't they told me when I have asked specifically about mold? This is by far the most expensive appliance I have ever purchased and the cost certainly makes the poor performance that much more infuriating.

GE Dishwasher Model# GDF520PGDBB
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Rating: 2/51

KENTUCKY -- The inside of tub and door is wet after the dry cycle and when the clean light is on. When you open the door the dishes are wet again. The last two times we used the dishwasher is smells like its burning. Two service calls later the technicians told me there is nothing wrong with the dishwasher. That is not a good sign. This model dishwasher is the newest model on sale today. The GE engineers better come up with a fix or they can replace it with a more reliable model.

In my personal opinion, the software programing needs to be updated to include a longer dry cycle or let the heater stay on to the end of the cycle. Also, the vent needs to be made with larger openings to allow more steam to escape. Another consideration would be to include a DC fan to circulate air within the tub at the end of the dry cycle.

Company Response 04/30/2013:

Hello,this is Donna with GE and I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with your new dishwasher. If you'd like to email us with your information, we'll be glad to check into this for you. Our email address is

Unsatisfactory Response
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My 6 year old GE drop in range had a thermostat malfunction, resulting in it being stuck on the highest temperature, even though I had it set at 250 degrees. I had put a roast in oven, (very lean, large pan, well covered) and when I returned several hours later, there were flames in the oven, and my house was full of smoke. I could not turn the oven off, I had to trip the breaker.

Insurance came out, and said it was a product liability issue, and told us to contact GE, which we did. This was a Thursday, 3 weeks before Christmas. They told us they would send out a technician to look at the stove to determine if it was toast or could be fixed on Monday. On Monday, they called and said they had to process the reports and order the replacement parts???, so it would be Friday before the technician would be out. The GE authorized technician, sent by GE, told my husband it was toast and could not be repaired.

We made repeated phone calls to GE consumer help line, trying to get some information. After leaving numerous messages, a week later we were told that it COULD be repaired. They would repair it for free, or give us a discount on a new stove. The current retail cost of the exact stove is $1499.00. GE said they would sell us a new one for $931! I would have to pay $931 for a replacement stove that almost burned my house down! They "disagreed" with the technician's findings. So why do they bother to send out a technician?

Now, if I did decide to go with a replacement stove, I could not go to a store a buy it. GE it would have to process the paperwork, "order" it from their warehouse, have it delivered to a certified GE dealer, and wait for them to be able to deliver it and install. I was told this process would take 3-4 weeks!

The woman who was assigned to our case was very difficult to get a hold of. I repeatedly left messages with her, leaving 2 cell phone numbers, and my work number explaining it would be easier to get a hold of one of us this way. But she always called the home number, when we weren't home. By the time we'd get home, she'd be gone for the day. She claims she emailed us, but we never received an email from her. I'm disgusted in GE. We went ahead a filed an insurance claim, and insurance is going after GE to get reimbursed. I have now been without a stove for a month.

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GEORGIA -- I bought the GE Front Load Washer/Dryer 4 1/2 years ago model 6600HHW. The washer on its last spin cycle became very noisy, knocking and moving, and to my surprise, when I opened it my entire house was filled with smoke. This washer is a safety hazard, and needs to be recalled.

I checked the reviews, and was disappointed to see the many persons with the same complaints. It cost over $800.00 (parts and labor) to have this washer fixed. GE should be held responsible for their products, and some form of Class Action needs to be brought against GE. All my appliances are GE Monogram, and I also had hell with my GE Refrigerator. I am very disappointed, and I will take some form of action Against GE.

Never Applied for Credit. How Could I When I Wasn't There?
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HENDERSON, NEVADA -- My son had a toothache. I was working so his mom took him. I am the insured policy holder. Apparently my insurance wasn't going to cover what needed to be done, but the work was completed but didn't really know the reason why it was until a few weeks down the road. When I received a bulk envelope. With the itemized services that now I owed through this credit card plan.

The amount of credit owed was $742.00. Reading the entirety of all that was enclosed. I was shocked that this plan of payments. Had everything on the negative side. The $742.00 was easy to pay off with little added on to the balance. That was only available to a consumer if the bill was satisfied within 3 months. If you needed to for longer than this. Then you were actually penalized with extremely high interest and if late paying a hefty late fee.. Basically you could never get ahead of paying this bill off.

So knowing I didn't apply for this credit. How could I? I wasn't even there. His mom came home with no contract stating anything. In fact she came only with a palm size receipt. Stating service was rendered. I immediately contacted this company and after realizing. The only language the rep's were programmed to say was "You pay okay". I requested a copy of the signed credit line I apparently applied. for. They said no problem it would be mailed out the following day. I never received any thing except invoice statements months after month. Never could they send this.

Then I was sent a payment pay-off. Offer. The $742.00 original amount was now close to $1100.00. Their offer was $450.00. Unbelievable! I said I had no problem paying for my son's bill. But I still needed the contract paperwork. Then I would send the funds to them.

The next person I was contacted by was a law firm. These guys are more like the Mafia the names they call you. The numerous calls to my work home anytime of the day night. I said the same thing to them that I stated to the creditor. No payment until I get a copy of the contract that I applied agreed and signed. I fear that my pay check might be garnished. The attorney said if I paid a one time payment of $650.00 it would be satisfied in full. Then I get seek restitution to get my funds back. This is frustrating and unfair.

Company Response 07/18/2012:

** To expedite your case, please ensure to provide Reference code DM 071812_m3c_vegas715**

I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your account. We'd like to help. Please email me at and provide your name and phone number so we can call you directly to assist.

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

GE Capital

Defect In Microwave Interior
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Interior of the microwave is paint is peeling which was confirmed by a GE technician and advised there is no repair except to replace the unit. The built-in unit includes a stove but that's the way GE built it. Contacted GE about this and offered to send pictures of the defect even though a GE technician confirmed the issue. I certainly consider this a health issue plus research indicates this could be a fire hazard (electrical arc occurring with the bare metal). Getting the run around with GE consumer relations ( The unit is less than 5 yrs old and has not been abused. Appreciate your help in solving this defect.

Defective fridge and stove

ISLIP TERRACE, NEW YORK -- The panel on the front of my GE stove door fell down and almost hit my toes. This panel is held on by double sided tape and is a dangerous design. The oven temperature is also off by 60 degrees. Model number jbp65mok2bs. My GE refrigerator howls so loud I can hear it in the next room. I also had to replace the defrost heater which came with a single bulb to a double unit bulb. This I feel was a defect and should have been recalled. The ice maker is also broken. Model #gsl22jfrebs. I don't have any children living at home so it's not like these appliances are abused. I will try to resolve this and if I can't I will be going to small claims court.

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