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Deceptive Warranty
Posted by on
We used to have GE extended warranties for all our appliances. It used to be a good value. I even got a dead fridge replaced for shipping costs. Then, recently, I needed a repair, and found out I could no longer schedule it online, but had to call an 800 number and talk to someone not in this country. The next repair I had (OK, I confess, I will never buy another GE appliance, but I am keeping the ones I have till they die), the man in the other country (someplace where they speak Spanish) told me he could not find my contract, they would put a work order on it, and to call back in 48 hours. Well, I had paid for the warranty, I wanted the repair, my appliance was broken, but I couldn’t get any service. And, of course, they never called back. Eventually I got a supervisor, after days of calling. The supervisor said they had my warranty, but there were no providers in my area. I still naively thought I was with GE, and I knew there were many GE service people in my area -- I live in DC metro, so to tell me there are no providers in my area is beyond ridiculous. I got the “call back in 48 hours” routine from them, at which point I pressed a little harder, and found out that they were no longer GE, but another company entirely, who had decided to cut their costs and NOT use high quality technicians, but whatever cheap contract labor they could find. They promised to get back to me, but before they had called me back some 6 days later, I had gotten in touch with GE, got a GE technician out, who immediately fixed the appliance. Then I began the long, hard journey of trying to get a refund on all my extended warranties (I had 5). Although I had two months on 4 of them and 6 months on one of them, my eventual refund, after hours of phone calls and several letters and e-mails, was about $10.60. When I called, they told me that was because I had actually used the warranty services several times for service calls! GE tells me that when they sold their warranty services to Assurant, they assumed that Assurant would continue using their technicians. Well, like they say, to ass-ume makes an ass out of you and me. To make it even more flagrant, I continued to get warranty sales pitches from these people in the mail, claiming it was GE warranty protection, with GE service, that would give me peace of mind. There was no fine print telling me that this was NOT GE service. I have kept these notices and all my correspondence, but it only makes me angry. They took my money, and they cheated me. I am NEVER buying a GE appliance again, and I am NEVER buying warranty service because it can apparently be sold at the drop of a hat to people who are not in your area (let alone the USA), who have no clue about what is going on, who are paid to read from a script they really don’t understand. I live within 15 miles of the nation’s capital, millions of people around us, and these folks in some country hundreds of miles away tell me there are no service providers in my area and I need to wait 48 hours before they can find someone? And I get someone 5 minutes later on my own, paying real dollars? Give me a break. DO NOT TRUST GE WARRANTIES!!!! The whole thing is a scam!!!!
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PHOENIX (BUT GE HQ IN FAIRFIELD, CT), ARIZONA -- Our GE Profile Spacemaker OTR Microwave, Model PVM1870DMCC was purchased and installed February of 2008. Recently, it stopped heating and was making a buzzing sound while other functions (turntable, etc.) continued to operate--just no heat. Per our (my husband and myself)research, we knew it was clearly the magnetron tube. There are a ton of complaints about GE and a lot of its products all over the web, but the MW magnetron tube issue takes center stage.

Having dealt with GE before on other service issues, we really didn't want to go through it again, but felt we didn't have many good alternative choices. We were hoping the company had made some improvements in its customer service arena, but none was experienced. Magnetron tubes are usually warranted for 5 to 10 years (depending on model), so we knew ours was under warranty, but this only covers the cost of the part, not the labor to install a new one. Of course, as part of GE's deplorable customer service philosophy, it (GE) not only charges you an exorbitant rate for the actual service, it also charges you a separate $75 to "diagnose" the problem (and it doesn't subtract that fee IF you go ahead with the repair like most service companies either--it is simply an add-on fee), even though the signs of this malfunctioning part are consistent and GE gets calls on it all the time. This issue has been going on since 2005 or 2006, and GE is fully aware that the part and/or the entire microwave should have been re-engineered a long ago. Still they continue to put out the same piece of crap and advertise it using the same worn-out GE slogans claiming exemplary state-of-the-art quality appliances. I wish we would have done our homework before buying this lemon, but unfortunately we relied on the good old GE name (so, please---don't make that mistake yourself if your reading these reviews for purposes of researching what might be a reliable appliance).

GE has known for years that their magnetron units are defective and yet they do nothing to improve them. These parts are now, and have for sometime, made in Korea (Malaysia). The part number and other info on the box of the one just replaced in our unit, in case this is useful to anyway, is: WB27X10880 (ASM-MAGNETRON) Malaysia,

So, bottom line, while we can now buy this same microwave for as little as $329 (including shipping and tax), it cost $200 to have a new (still defective most likely) magnetron tube installed in our microwave, and that's with the part being free (under warranty). From all we have now read, we can expect this magnetron tube to go out in anywhere from 3 months to 2 years (we were lucky, compared to most, our first one lasted two years), which of course will cost us another $200 or more. What a money maker for GE!!

The research also suggests that the next thing we can expect to go on the unit will be the circuit board, another GE product part known to have a very high premature fail rate, which repair, per reports on-line, will cost MORE than the magnetron tube, because the one-year unit warranty (which I understand this falls under) has already passed.

Many of the reviewers on line have simply tossed this microwave (and other GE microwaves) in the trash, and some of them only being a few month's old, because they can buy a new NON-GE unit for practically the same cost what GE charges for repairing your unit the first time.

So, consider yourself warned about GE. I have also written an article under "Policy" section here entitled "GE - A NAME YOU CAN'T TRUST" which elaborates even more on our feelings about this company. It all sounds very negative, I realize, but if you search the web, you will see it is a pretty universal sentiment, and it is so very unfortunate.
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User Replies:
GE Appliances on 03/28/2010:
This is Megan from GE, sorry to hear about the issues with your microwave. Please email me at and I will look into this for you.
JayeG on 03/29/2010:
I have emailed Megan at GE per her request. We will see where that goes and report back, but I am not overly optimistic and I wish I could be.
JayeG on 04/08/2010:
On March 29th, I received an email from Vikki (GE Customer Service rep)--see below cut-and-pasted email.


I am a Consumer Advocate for GE. Megan knew I would want to investigate the issue you had with your PVM1870DM microwave. I am sorry you have had a problem with the magnetron tube failing and can certainly understand your disappointment. If you would please send me some information by email I would be happy to look into this for you. Please provide the following:

~Address (including city, state, and zip)
~Home Phone Number
~Daytime Phone Number
~Complete Model Number (located on the rating tag inside the unit)
~Serial Number (located on rating tag w/the model number)
~Date of Installation/purchase
~Date and charges incurred for the repair
~Any other issues with the microwave

Best Regards,

Consumer Advocate
Consumer e-Response Team
GE Appliances

April 8, 2010 UPDATE: On March 30th, I emailed Vikki, providing her with all the information she requested in her March 29th email. I have NOT heard anything since.
JayeG on 04/12/2010:
UPDATE: On April 12th, I received the following email from "Kim" from GE:

"Thank you for getting back with me.

I can either reimburse you $95.46 or provide you the 12 month letter of commitment that would cover service if this appliance develops the same mechanical problem within the following 12 months. The magnetron tube part is already under warranty and labor from the repair is under warranty for 30 days. The letter of commitment will provide the service required to repair it (including parts, labor, and diagnostic fees) to you at no charge for a 12 month period.

I look forward to your reply.



JayeG on 04/12/2010:
UPDATE: April 12, 2010, shortly after receiving the above email, I responded as follows:

"Hello Kim:

Please send the $95.47. You can make it payable to [redacted for security purposes].

We are not opting for the add'l 11-mo. service warranty because it is really just 11 months (not one year) over what we already have, and there is a greater chance that the magnetron tube will go out between the one-year and two-year mark than before one year, from what I have seen in our investigated thus far. One reasonably assumes when they purchase an appliance from GE that it uses reliable, quality parts in the manufacture of its products. Warranties on parts should operate on the basis that the parts are of excellent quality but a warranty is provided just in case a few mis-manufactured or faulty parts accidentally get into the system. [From all our investigation] [t]hat is NOT what is happening where GE's magnetrons are concerned, however. The magnetrons that GE is using both in its manufacturing process and with regard to replacements, are inferior and/or DEFECTIVE. They are known to be unreliable and no one at GE is doing anything about it; rather, GE has made the very conscious choice to transfer its mistakes and inadequacies onto the backs of its consumers; and that reflects GE's true policy on customer service.

While we appreciate the small offering GE has made in this one instance and accept it (as indicated above) so as to at least, in part, offset the financial portion of this particular loss, we don't feel we should have been made to undergo any inconvenience, frustration, loss of time, or any cost in this particular situation because GE knew the unreliable history of these parts when it manufactured and sold us the product and continues the same practice through this date. Thus, we would still like you to forward this email on to the appropriate figureheads at GE so they will know our sentiments further with regard to our experiences with GE and its products.

Further exhibiting GE's cavalier attitude towards its patrons are the following "customer service" processes one must endure if one has a question or needs service on any GE's product::

1. Spending an inordinate amount of time getting through a complicated and frustrating prompt-system-based contact/call center to reach people who have no authority to do anything other than repeat policy manual rhetoric and schedule and appointment for a fee.
2. Scheduling a "diagnosis" call even when it is very clear what service needs to be performed, which we believe is just a money-making sabotage by GE, each time with them earning $75 (which is NOT credited off the the later highly-inflated service bill), IN ADDITION to what it then charges to actually fix the appliance.
3. Scheduling two days, at minimum, off work, just to wait for a "diagnosis" service call ($75) and then another day to actually get the appliance fixed for which we pay another add'l fee.
4. Paying more for out-of-warranty parts through the service tech than we would pay if we were to go to the GE website and buy them direct (we found this out when we had our GE oven recently repaired---which is a totally different story and nightmare).

We have other GE appliances, and the above service nightmare is what we face every time we need to somehow access GE's purported "customer service." While we have managed, through extraordinary efforts on our parts only and hours upon hours of our time, to get some modification of the above process, the above is, as has been repeated to us ad nauseum by GE's call center employees, GE's process for customers to obtain assistance. If we were to charge GE for the time we have been forced to lose from work in this process (a process that should take 10 minutes or less), it would be many hundreds of dollars of loss.

All of this costs us WAY TOO MUCH time, hassle and money on items that were known to be inferior/defective by GE when it manufactured the item we bought, The reason is simply that GE is building cheap appliances and then using the same inferior/defective parts to fix them; and the consumer -- GE's client-base--is being made to pay for it. With the technology and knowledge available, there is simply no excuse for such customer disregard. After all, GE has been in the microwave business since the 70s, maybe even the 60s! And until the last 5 or so years, there were very little problems with magnetrons on the whole.

If people thought they would have to replace a magnetron every couple of years at $200 or more each time, then no one in their right mind would ever buy a GE microwave oven again. End of story."


PepperElf on 04/12/2010:
so you're asking them for the refund
any word on when they'll issue it?
Inat on 04/12/2010:
this is a good review- factual AND professional. its getting tough these days to find quality appliances as it seems that the manufactureres have found the 'sweet spot' for profitability at the expense of a small percentage of failures. previously more capital was spent on research & development and manufacturing which meant higher initial cost to the consumer but higher reliability. it doesn't seem they spend as much on building quality; they spend on style and design b/c they know the consumer is going to replace it in a few years. Ten years and I've had four microwaves... not b/c they go bad, but style and features change
JayeG on 04/13/2010:
To PepperElf: Thank you for your inquiry. I received an email from Kim, GE stating that she "has processed check to be sent" to me (partial refund only, as you know), so I assume that was "already processed." I will try to remember to post when that check is received.
PepperElf on 04/13/2010:
good luck =)
JayeG on 04/13/2010:
To "Inat": Thank you very much for your comments! I agree with you--that manufacturers by and large focus now more on style and design whereas in years past it was more on quality and reliability. I think that same change in focus can be extrapolated to how we as a society operate in general. Most of the focus now (and for some time) is on "show," not "go." And this mindset—this lack of attention on the most important elements that have led us, as a nation, to where we are now. As long as we continue to focus on the superficial and not substance, as long as a large portion of our society want something for nothing, as long as we place our emphasis and admire and revere what something looks like on the outside and not what lies beneath, as long as we care about what we have right now more than what we will have tomorrow, I don’t personally see a rosy future. In the quest to be the fastest instead of the best, with shareholders of large companies and vendors of small business exhibiting "show me the money" [now] mentality, how can we turn the tide back and begin to grow stronger? Everywhere you look, business is focused on manufacturing or building something as quick as they can, as fast as they can, as cheaply as they can, with an eye always towards short-term profit rather than using the same energy and money on building a better product and focusing on long-term gains and building a solid company with a stellar reputation. This is very short-sighted thinking (no pun intended) and I think it is part of the reason we are where we are today.

In today’s sales arena, every assurance they can think of is made to you "before" you're a customer, but “after” you have spent your hard-earned dollar and become their “patron,” every possible way to avoid making good on those assurances is incorporated into what they refer to as “customer service policy.” It appears what money and energy is expended on the backend of a sale goes towards figuring out how to avoid or dissuade you rather than how to help you, starting with all the roadblocks put in place to keep you at arm’s length. Many consumers just don’t have the time nor the tenacity required to see their needs through to fruition and just give up; AND that’s what they “count on.” Money is NOT spent on servicing you; it is spent “selling” you on the virtues of their product and their customer service, neither of which most often unfortunately exist in reality. With our country's economy relying so heavily on "service" (with very little manufacturing actually going on here anymore), how can we sustain ourselves if there is essentially NO good SERVICE relating to the products we buy? There is an entire industry devoted to selling us “service contracts” and “extended” warranties. How often do we regret making those purchases and how many of us don’t purchase them because we know what will probably happen if we ever need to try to use them? And, if we are ever going to compete on the manufacturing end, don’t we have to produce a “better” product than everyone else? I, for one, would pay more money for a product made by a U.S. company by U.S. citizens, IF I knew it would be reliable, that the company would stand behind it if it wasn’t reliable, and I didn’t have to put whatever new item I just bought in my bag of things I will probably have to worry about again in the near future.

Ponder for a moment: The success of capitalism relies largely on the theory that free trade and competition brings about the best products and services for the best prices and those who produce the best are the most successful. But what happens to the life-expectancy of capitalism as we know it and the health of our economy when the fundamentals making it worthwhile diminish—when the competition that decides the victors and losers is no longer about who can build the best product and give us the best service for the best price but rather who can “hype” the product and service the best and bring in the most profits this quarter?
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New GE 40gal water heater bad/GE customer service HORRIBLE!
Posted by on
Friday (10/30/2009)we woke up to no hot water. Our current water heater had gone the trip. No big deal - we've replaced a water heater before. So, we went out to Home Depot and picked up a new one to replace the old one. It was a GE 40gal with a 6-year warranty. Brought it home, installed it (we've done this a few other times throughout the years); filled it, and heated a tank of water. Turned on the hot water faucets to get the air out of the lines and get the water running again, and the water ran brown. Assumed that with the change, had to run the water out (flush the pipes). No big deal. We ran the full 40 gallons of hot water out and the water was STILL running brown. Getting concerned. Kept the hot water faucets open for the next hour to try to clear the water. No success. Called my relatives who are/have been plumbers and told them what was going on. They immediately said it sounded like a bad liner. All this time, the cold water is running clear.

Called Home Depot told them of the issue (it's now the evening of 10/30/09) and were told to bring the water heater back in the morning. Saturday 10/31/2009, 7:00am, disconnected, drained (saving a bottle of the water so we could show them what was happening), and hauled the water heater back to HD. Started talking to the service desk and the department associate that we had spoken to the evening before. After reiterating the situation, a couple more HD employees become involved in the conversation. We are then informed that we need to contact GE directly ourselves, because it is a warranty issue and HD needs a return authorization number directly from GE to complete the exchange. We got a bit upset because all we wanted to do was exchange the darn thing for a different one.

Home Depot is required to get a return authorization directly from GE so they can be reimbursed for the return otherwise they get stuck. Okay, we really don't want to stick anyone with the return, including ourselves because it is obviously a faulty product. HD called GE for us so we could do it all there. Great! No big deal, right! Enter GE "customer service" and the worst customer service experience we have ever had in our lives!

After Home Depot got the GE representative on the phone for us, we explained the simple situation and that we simply wanted to exchange for one that wasn't broken as this one obviously was. Once the details had once again been reiterated, we were informed by the GE representative that there was no way that it could be the water heater. It had to be our water. We explained that we were on city water and that we had never experienced anything like this before, including the night before prior to the old water heater going out and that the new water heater that we had installed was the ONLY point of variance in the entire situation - it had to be the water heater. We argued our point, to no avail, for 10 minutes ourselves over the Home Depot phone lines and then the GE representative said that if it is a warranty issue, then it is between us and Home Depot. With that comment from the GE rep, the HD service desk associate got back on the line with them and asked for an authorization number because it did look like a faulty issue and should be warranty. The argument started again with the GE representative and the HD service desk associate, with the GE representative saying it was our water and that they would need to send one of their water tester "specialists" to our house to verify the issue. With this idiotic development, the HD gal put the HD store manager on the phone and he resumed the argument. In the meantime, the Rainsoft independent contractor walks in to HD and is updated on the situation. He pulls out his water testing equipment and verifies that through his experience and years of working in the area along with the results of the water that came directly from the water heater, that it was definitely NOT normal and that there was way that it was our water if we are on city water. So, HE got on the phone with the GE representative and was also told by the GE representative that GE would need to send people out to test our water. The Rainsoft rep, after another 15 minute argument by the GE rep, told the GE representative that he already had tested the water, and this is what he does for a living. He gave the GE representative the results and told him the results were conclusive.

After all of this, and the GE representative couldn't argue anything further, he finally, hesitantly authorized the exchange.

All in all, it took a total of 4 Home Depot employees, one independent contractor of Rainsoft products, and our own full history and detailed experiences and an hour and 20 minutes to get a GE "customer service" representative to EXCHANGE their faulty $354.00 water heater! The unfortunate part is that we had no choice but to go with another GE water heater!

Our compliments go out to Home Depot for their employees going to bat for us. If they hadn't, we would have simply been stuck.

As for GE, it is very safe to say that if we EVER need another appliance (extremely likely), GE will NEVER be one of the brands we consider! It's sad that GE believes it to be acceptable business practice to train "customer service" representatives to argue until the customer gives up, all for the sake of a dollar. It's ethically disappointing.
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Deserted in the Desert
Posted by on
Deserted in the desert

I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Chevron for over 27 years and from time to time have used their stations exclusively. I have enjoyed an ever escalating credit increase from them and have never come close to using my credit limit. I have mostly paid the balance in full each month. Sometimes I paid over a few months if I had financed a road trip on the card.

My account has been current and clean for every one of the 27+ years, using the card only once every three months for my scheduled service and a detailed cleaning of my car. I confirmed my high open to buy limit online and decided to finance the gas on my upcoming road trip with Chevron.

I decided upon a nice road trip vacation last fall that would take three weeks to cover all of the Southwestern states from Texas to California. I used my Chevron card to service the car and get it road worthy. I made it all the way to the mid Arizona desert before I needed to fill up for the third time.

In the past, Chevron would lock my card from use for security reasons because of being used more than three times in one day. When the pump refused to accept my card, I assumed that, once again, I locked out my account by not giving Chevron the heads up that I was on a road trip. I was very familiar with this security process after using their card for over 20 years.

I went into the station to have the clerk run the card and again, it was declined. I asked to use the phone so that I could call Chevron and unlock the card. Normally after a few questions, they would agree that the card was not stolen and release the card for me to continue using on my trip. This was not the case this time. The associate on the other end of the phone advised me that I had reached my limit and in fact was over my limit by $29.00. I was advised that I could no longer use my card until the limit was paid down.

This was more of a shock than anything that I could have taken at that time. I was stuck in the desert with no gas in my tank, at a small road side gas pump with no credit on my Chevron card. I was not in a town or settlement. I was in the desert, pure deserted desert.

OK, I have money to take along on this trip but the gas budget was on the Chevron card. Using my debit card everyday for $50.00 towards gas was not within the plan. I was on a three week road trip and this was only the second day!

I got Chevron on the phone to find that it was not Chevron at all, but GE Moneybank to my shock. I know that GEMB finances private labels (even for my company) but I actually never read the fine print to realize that GEMB financed my Chevron account. Nevertheless, the reason for my credit limit being reached was that the company reduced limits “across the board” and that it was nothing personal towards me. This was more than I could take. It was over 100 degrees outside, I was sweating bullets, I had no patients with hearing that “There is nothing we can do about it”. I asked many questions like… ‘When was I going to find out about the credit decrease?’ She said that they mailed a letter. ‘When was it mailed?’ Friday, the day I left on the trip. Remember, I checked my balance online on Friday morning.

Needless to say, the conversation ended with no favorable resolution for me. The supervisor actually said “I don’t know what you want me to say.” I want you to reinstate my credit limit so I can get back home! That’s what I want you to say! Nope. The rest of the vacation was on debit. At least I know that it is all paid for.

I got home three weeks later to find three notices in my mail. One stated that my Chevron credit limit was being decreased by 75% ($1500.00). One said that one Wal-Mart card was being decreased by a couple of hundred dollars and the third was an increase in the credit limit on my second Wal-Mart card. Yep, they gave me a second Wal-Mart card instead of increasing the limit on the first card several months back. What an idiotic thing to do.

Well, I am paying off what few GEMB accounts that I have and boycotting the companies who use them. Even my loyal friend Chevron, who gave me a gas card over 27 years ago, has lost my patronage. The garage that took Chevron for all those years of scheduled services no longer accepts Chevron. Good for them. I like Chevron. I would go back to Chevron if they would drop GEMB.

I mentioned above that my company even offers financing through GEMB. I do not promote it and I encourage anyone who applies for credit anywhere to know who they are getting financing through. When you apply, or receive, a store’s private label credit card, it could be GEMB and the worst financial experience of your life.

Look at the interest rates. Reminds me of the Gangster movies of the 30’s when the gangsters offered 20% credit rates and broke your legs if you did not pay on time. Nowadays, GEMB and any other credit facility have a license to break your legs.


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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/27/2009:
An excellently written review. Very helpful. This story should scare the socks off of business travelers. Nothing like getting stranded in Spyderbreath, OK on a Sunday morning because the credit card leeches lowered your credit limit or canceled you account. Time to start carrying $100 in the back of your wallet when you travel.
Nohandle on 03/27/2009:
Excellent informative. Yours is the first I recall on credit limits being reduced without notice on gasoline credit cards. We've heard of one being locked out when used too many times in one day. We've been wisely encouraged not to travel with an overabundance of cash. Hello, you discover on a trip your CC is no good, your personal check is no good, some places don't take traveler's checks so there's not much left to do.
MAHNC09 on 05/06/2009:
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General Electric used to be synonymous with a quality product
Posted by on
I am the current owner of four GE appliances in my home. I have your water heater, refrigerator and two dishwashers. I am old enough to remember the time when the name General Electric was synonymous with a quality product. Can you explain to me what has happened?

I bought first from Home Depot an electric water heater with a generous warranty. It was precisely because of the warranty that I did buy this water heater. After approximately one year it gave out (our old one lasted 20 years). I called and was assured that this was under warranty. Someone came out to look at it and said we need to replace it. All we needed to do was bring in the old one and get a new one. My husband is in his mid 70s. There was no way we could strap it to our car and haul it in. We got a new water heater and had to pay the service person $250.00 for installation and to remove the old one, which was just dollars short of what we paid for it in the first place. So obviously the "warranty" is only valuable if you happen to be a strong, strapping plumber.

We then needed a new refrigerator. Our old one lasted about 18 years. I was away and my husband went back to Home Depot and bought one for approximately $1,000.00. I never liked it. It never seemed to run right, however after only 3 1/2 years, I found that milk I had bought the day before had curdled and my butter was soft. The freezer section had thawed out food in it. I immediately called GE, certain that it probably was the compressor and happily the compressor had a warranty for five years. To your credit, a service man came the next day, replaced a computer board that controlled the self defrost mechanism and told us not to plug it back in for 24 hours. IT WAS NOT THE COMPRESSOR. That 20-minute visit and repair cost us almost $300.00. When I complained that this was one-third the price we paid for it, he suggested I buy a service contract for about that same amount. My husband and I are retired. WE cannot afford to pay $1000.00 for a refrigerator and then another $600.00 to keep it running. That weekend, after shopping for the week, we went away for four days certain that the refrigerator was working well. When we got back, about $100.00 worth of groceries was rotting away in my hot refrigerator. I called Service immediately. Apparently the first person did not notice that the "sensor" was the real problem and this new man replaced that. This morning I woke up to a freezer with ice in it despite the new self-defrosting computer chip. Probably I can keep calling until someone admits it probably is the compressor and replace it rather than trying to get out of the warranty.

I find these practices intolerable. These expensive items should last for over 3 years and if they aren't made to last, then the consumer should be told so we can find a product that is decently made.

My story is not over. Eight months ago I bought two new dishwashers (one had lasted 30 years, the other just under 18). One dishwasher became increasingly difficult to close the door on until I couldn't get it to run at all. The other one had too much water left in the tub at the end of each cycle. Fortunately, I was still under Warranty and to your credit again, someone came right out. He readjusted some things claiming they weren't put in right, blaming it on the installers. I did not have to pay, but he did inform me that if they weren't under warranty, I would have paid $120.00 EACH machine just for him to do about 5 minutes worth of readjusting. Needless to say, I will never buy another GE product. Maybe this is not a big loss to your company, but I am not going to leave it there. I think we consumers are lemmings.

I intend to send a copy of this letter to my congressmen, to ARRP and maybe start a class action suit against the unfair hidden costs of owning an appliance from GE such as Warranties that cover nothing, outrageous service contract prices and most of all the inferior nature of all products.

I think I should be paid for the extra monies I have had to put out because I chose to believe you made a good product, not to mention the loss of my groceries and my time and inconvenience. I consider your advertising fraudulent. You make a substandard product and don't stand behind it. I just read where your CEO makes 20 million a year in bonuses. He does not deserve it!!!

The best thing I can say about your company is that your service department responds rapidly, but then why not, they are making a bundle out of every product you sale.
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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 04/23/2008:
Well written post. Unfortunately there aren't many appliance mfrs out there that make quality products anymore.
Slimjim on 04/23/2008:
You've had agreeably bad luck with these units, but you did have extremely good luck with your previous ones you compare them to. Average life of a major appliance is usually 10-12 years. That being said, with an average, some will fall short, others will over perform. Ge's are usually one of the better choices still in appliances. I think luck just didn't go your way on these. BTW, don't waste time (or money) on writing those letters or even considering a class action.
Anonymous on 04/23/2008:
"I am old enough to remember the time when the name General Electric was synonymous with a quality product. Can you explain to me what has happened?"

Lucia,its not only GE with quality issues.Maytag/Whirlpool are just as bad.Its all about the bottom line,no more great customer service,no more support for the home appliance centers that sell their products.

My advice would be to research other brands,ask questions,read Consumer Reports,and check with for certain brand complaints.

good luck

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Consumer Relations / Out of Warranty Appliance
Posted by on
VIRGINIA -- Hello All,

I am a former employee of GE Consumer Relations and I would just like to give a little insight of what the representatives have to go through on every single call, and I do mean every call.

You all call in extremely upset, sometimes abusive, because the representative can't give you what you demand. And yes, we do take it personally because some of you call us names, and act as if we made the appliance personally. GE has set forth guidelines that must be followed or that representative will be walked out the door.

I agree that a product should last more than a year, but the one year warranty is for repair only and not a replacement, after it expires it is the consumer's responsibility for repair. GE will not replace an in warranty unit unless a technician deems it non repairable and it still has to go through a review board for replacement.

In some cases if the unit is out of the one year warranty and it is experiencing a safety issue than a service call can be set up and at the discretion of the service rep., the service call can be waived, in other words, the tech can come to your home, diagnose the problem, let you know what the labor is, and then you can decide if you want to go forth with the repair. However, because the consumer is being very abusive and belligerent, the offer is not even discussed. We have been called the N word, trailer trash, the word that rhymes with itch, cursed out, we hate your phone system, I am going to get my attorney, does any body speak English, I want a tech to my house today, blah, blah, blah, you name it we have heard it.

Very seldom do calls come in from folks who are not yelling and screaming. It is a call center for goodness sakes, which means low pay and extremely stressful listening to folks screaming at you and making demands that can't be met. Do you all realize how stressful this can be. It is a nightmare.

When you call into consumer relations, regarding your of warranty appliance, your complaint is documented and then service is set up if you request. Otherwise there is nothing else that consumer relations can do, except assist with parts and waiving the home call charge, under no circumstances can labor be removed, not even by the supervisor on an out of warranty appliance. The rep does not have labor info, only the tech has that information.

So please, the next time you call GE regarding your out of warranty appliance, and due to the guidelines set in place, your demands can't be met, the next form of escalation is writing a letter to GE headquarters in Louisville, KY, the rep has the address.

From my experience the most hateful people that call in are the ones having trouble with their microwave and dishwashers. It is really sad how angry these people get because they can't "warm their soup" or wash dishes by hand.
People call in who have a no cool fridge, or can't cook on their stove, and although still hateful, just not as hateful as the ones with the microwave and dishwasher problems.
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User Replies:
Mario The Great on 01/10/2008:
Ksenya, that was the most informative information I have ever read. It even put a tear in my eye. You KNOW what it's like being on the other side of the desk. Sniff...Kudos to you. You go girl...or boy, but you GO!!!
Anonymous on 01/10/2008:
Why did you quit?

"GE we bring good things to life"
ksenya on 01/10/2008:
Thanks Mario, I really appreciate it. I am a woman but thanks for calling me a girl. lol
Hi Lidman, I quit because I just could not take the yelling
and screaming anymore, you're told not to take it personally, but I did. Plus you are only paid 10.50 an hour.
Anonymous on 01/10/2008:
ksenya, welcome aboard and I think you are right to quite, I have to deal with customers all over the world and it's the same thing. "My reactor doesn't work and its your fault"

I still don't get why it's my fault but I guess they must blame someone?
ksenya on 01/10/2008:
Thanks for the welcome, Lidman. So you know exactly what and how I feel.
You say to yourself, okay, don't take it personally, they're not angry at me, they're angry at the situation, but then they become belligerent.
So Lidman, since you deal with people all over, how do you cope with the stress?
Anonymous on 01/10/2008:
Yes ksenya, I know just what you mean. Well most of the time I let them rant a while then after they are done I tell them how to fix there reactor. But some times I just drink a lot, LOL! What else can a person do?
pegster827 on 11/12/2008:
With all due respect, have you ever had to sit on the CUSTOMER side of the phone with a GE warranty representative? Try it sometime ....
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GE Dishwasher Model# GDF520PGDBB
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
KENTUCKY -- The inside of tub and door is wet after the dry cycle and when the clean light is on. When you open the door the dishes are wet again. The last two times we used the dishwasher is smells like its burning. Two service calls later the technicians told me there is nothing wrong with the dishwasher. That is not a good sign. This model dishwasher is the newest model on sale today. The GE engineers better come up with a fix or they can replace it with a more reliable model.

In my personal opinion, the software programing needs to be updated to include a longer dry cycle or let the heater stay on to the end of the cycle. Also, the vent needs to be made with larger openings to allow more steam to escape. Another consideration would be to include a DC fan to circulate air within the tub at the end of the dry cycle.
Company Response 04/30/2013:
Hello,this is Donna with GE and I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with your new dishwasher. If you'd like to email us with your information, we'll be glad to check into this for you. Our email address is

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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/26/2013:
GE is not particularly well known for their dishwashers. You've got some interesting ideas but ultimately, as a U.S. standard design, considers the CAL-ROD to be the main form of drying.
leet60 on 01/26/2013:
The burning smell along with wet dishes at the end of the drying cycle seems to indicate a bad heating element in the dishwasher. There is more information about this here:
2cent-er on 02/09/2013:
That's a new- made in USA D/W. GE' hanging their hat on this, so possibly the techs weren't familiar with your model? or there's a problem with this model the factory is not aware of at this time. don't know why you have a burning smell-that's worrisome-you can; close door-hold select cyle & start buttons [at same time] for 5 sec-if any leds [other than lock] come on, there's a fault in one of the components-call for service if one lights. if OK; make sure you use *jet dry* and water coming in is at least 120*..
GE_Appliances on 03/01/2013:
Hello,this is Donna with GE and I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with your new dishwasher. If you'd like to email us with your information, we'll be glad to check into this for you. Our email address is
Eric kleinert on 05/05/2013:
I thank everyone for there advice but, I repaired the drying problem myself. GE will just have to figure it out on their own why this model does not dry properly. As for the burning smell- it was a circuit breaker that burned up. Problem solved.
c bomboy on 05/29/2013:
I also just bought a GE dishwasher with the same issue of not drying my dishes. I'd like to know what fixed your problem. My water is hot enough and I never had to use a rinse with my Frigidaire dishwasher--Wish I had bought another Frigidaire!!
Chris on 06/27/2013:
We just bought ours and the dishes weren't drying. We called customer service, they said they knew about the problem, sent out a part and repair guy and now it works great. I just can't figure out how to override the energy efficiency so I can run it when I WANT TO, not when it wants to
Diana on 08/20/2013:
My new G E is doing the same as everyone else. So aggravating to have to dry dishes before putting away. Exactly how did the tech fix the problem.
Dave on 09/16/2013:
We bought ours in Apr 2013,
Model: GDF520PGD0WW
Serial: RZ701840B

We have tried the drying agent all the recommended settings in troubleshooting etc. Our water temp is 160 degrees. What is the fix?
Sean Kelley on 12/28/2013:
We bought ours 12/20/12,have the same problem dishes aren't dry.But what is the burning smell,wanting on Lowes to get back with us .Did buy the extended warranty.
Cindy on 01/13/2014:
I also bought a GE dishwasher last April... it worked fine for 2 months then the soaking wet dishes started. I had the tech out twice... both times the dishwasher is fine, my water is not hot enough. My water is 150 at the faucet. Tech told me the its the energy star settings that made it not dry. I am so frustrated. Is everyone still just putting up with it?
megan on 02/11/2014:
less than a year old, ABSOLUTELY doesn't dry the dishes...they give you a song and dance....I want my old one back...never get a GE. the g.e. lady said it needed a dryer pack...the REPAIR guy said doesn't know what she's talking about
Dian on 02/17/2014:
Same problem here, I have soaking wet dishes. I love how quiet it is, but if I have to dry the dishes I think I want my old Whirlpool back. I have tried every remedy mentioned and they are always wet at the end of the cycle no matter what. It has to be a flaw in the dw! I can't find my receipt and I didn't register it but this is getting ridiculous! Mine is about a year old and I have put up with this long enough!
Bill on 02/19/2014:
My mother has the same problem with her brand new GE dishwasher. Funny thing is that she bought me a GE dishwasher too, but a cheaper / smaller model. Mine works great. Her's leaves all the silverware soaking wet.

GE told her that the water going to the dishwasher wasn't hot enough, that it needs to be at least 125 F. So she raised the temperature on her water heater to about 140 F. Still wet silverware, now GE tells her she needs to run a dedicated hot water line directly from the water heater. Seriously WTF???

I shut off my water heater for 48 hours, as I went out of town for a couple of days. When I got back I ran the dishwasher with cold water.

The water temperature was at most 70 F degrees. Lite cycle no extra heat, steam or sani boost.

Result: Dishes, glasses and silverware all dry as rock. So that the water has to be at least 120 F going into the dishwasher is BS.

Bottomline is that the unit must have a bad heating element or the thermostat / timer which controls the heater is malfunctioning and not allowing the heaters to operate long enough.

120F....ROFLMAO !!!!

GE either fix this problem or replace the machine with one that actually works.
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Unsatisfactory Response
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
My 6 year old GE drop in range had a thermostat malfunction, resulting in it being stuck on the highest temperature, even though I had it set at 250 degrees. I had put a roast in oven, (very lean, large pan, well covered) and when I returned several hours later, there were flames in the oven, and my house was full of smoke. I could not turn the oven off, I had to trip the breaker.

Insurance came out, and said it was a product liability issue, and told us to contact GE, which we did. This was a Thursday, 3 weeks before Christmas. They told us they would send out a technician to look at the stove to determine if it was toast or could be fixed on Monday. On Monday, they called and said they had to process the reports and order the replacement parts???, so it would be Friday before the technician would be out. The GE authorized technician, sent by GE, told my husband it was toast and could not be repaired.

We made repeated phone calls to GE consumer help line, trying to get some information. After leaving numerous messages, a week later we were told that it COULD be repaired. They would repair it for free, or give us a discount on a new stove. The current retail cost of the exact stove is $1499.00. GE said they would sell us a new one for $931! I would have to pay $931 for a replacement stove that almost burned my house down! They "disagreed" with the technicians findings. So why do they bother to send out a technician? Now, if I did decide to go with a replacement stove, I could not go to a store a buy it. GE it would have to process the paperwork, "order" it from their warehouse, have it delivered to a certified GE dealer, and wait for them to be able to deliver it and install. I was told this process would take 3 - 4 weeks!

The woman who was assigned to our case was very difficult to get a hold of. I repeatedly left messages with her, leaving 2 cell phone numbers, and my work number explaining it would be easier to get a hold of one of us this way. But she always called the home number, when we weren't home. By the time we'd get home, she'd be gone for the day. She claims she emailed us, but we never received an email from her. I'm disgusted in GE. We went ahead a filed an insurance claim, and insurance is going after GE to get reimbursed. I have now been without a stove for a month.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/10/2013:
This complaint, to me, left a few questions.

To begin with, was there some form of extended warranty covering the range? If there was, then the terms of such warranty may kick in. If it wasn't, which is what it seems like your complaint indicates, then anything the manufacturer may do is beyond any reasonable expectation. That's not to say that one would hope a range would last longer than six years, but sometimes an appliance doesn't. I've got a considerable amount of background in appliances and I can see a particular unit fail someone within their second year but, for someone else, the same product will last over a decade.

Secondly, were you putting in a claim with your insurance anyway? You indicate that the house was 'filled with smoke', but don't detail the issue outside of that. Most people have about $1000 deductible on their homeowners insurance, so asking for them to only replace a range, to me, is somewhat futile. You would be much better at taking the manufacturer's offer of replacing the range at a discounted price. Not to mention, with any claim, you will ultimately pay for the cost through higher premiums. Insurance is generally for issues considered catastrophic.

In either case, I wouldn't hesitate in replacing the range with another GE if you already have GE appliances throughout your kitchen. They produce a really good line of cooking products and are fairly consistent in being listed as one of the consumer recommendations. They produce four (4) main lines of products consisting of their basic GE line, GE Profile line, GE CAFE line (which is more limited) and finally the GE Monogram line which is very much premium.

I'd love to know what ends up happening and what you end up with. Please let us know.
GE_Appliances on 01/23/2013:
My name is Julie and I work for GE Appliances. I'm sorry to hear this has happened. If you'll send an email to I'm sure they will look into this further for you. Thanks!
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GEORGIA -- I bought the GE Front Load Washer/Dryer 4 1/2 years ago model 6600HHW. The washer on its last spin cycle became very noisy, knocking and moving, and to my surprise, when I opened it my entire house was filled with smoke. This washer is a safety hazard, and needs to be recalled. I checked the reviews, and was disappointed to see the many persons with the same complaints. It cost over $800.00(parts and labor)to have this washer fixed. GE should be held responsible for their products, and some form of Class Action needs to be brought against GE. All my appliances are GE Monogram, and I also had hell with my GE Refrigerator. I am very disappointed, and I will take some form of action Against GE.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 09/11/2012:
What are the first 4 characters before 6600? WBVH has a recall, WCVH seems to have many complaints but no recall.

What was the diagnosis of the failure that supports your claim that the washer is a safety hazard?
vc7699 on 09/21/2012:
My washer is WCVH 6600 HHW.Because of the amount of smoke in my house, this surely is a fire hazard.
GE_Appliances on 10/23/2012:
Hello. My name is Julie and I work for GE. Please email us at and we'll be happy to look into this for you. Thanks!
Michelle on 03/03/2013:
My WCVH6600 is only 5 years old. It did similar things- loud sounds coming from drum, smoke, burning smell. Diagnosis- the bearing needs to be least a $600-700 service call to repair with factory parts. GE is offering a new washer at a discount, but the reviews of their products are poor. This washer was expected to last 10 years. With durability being so low, they aren't going to sell many new washers.
no clean unerwearman on 06/25/2013:
this washer is bad I plan to recycle it
Jim Lucas on 07/01/2013:
I too have a WCVH model that smokes. I contacted GE and they are only offering a 30% discount off a new model. This model should be recalled and I'm considering starting a new website to compile other complaints to prove that it is not an isolated incident. THIS MODEL IS DEFECTIVE AND CAN CAUSE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!
Jim Lucas on 07/05/2013:
You are not alone! Our WCVH smokes too. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION FOR RECALL:
Melissa Ehrlich on 07/19/2013:
Happened to me yesterday. Had a recall on it for something else, had a hole in the drum seal and now this. My model is a GBVH, about 5 and a half years old. Don't think I'll buy GE again either!!!
Eric on 08/19/2013:
My WCVH6260FWW had a major smoke problem last night. Smoke billowed out into our house, we shut it down and unplugged it. Very scary. Crazy to see how common this is, Unreal.
Alycia on 08/19/2013:
Mine started smoking after 5 year of below avg use. The first repair guy replaced the gasket/seal for $321. Smoked again. The next repair guy said its the bearing and basket and it was under warranty and would be replaced for at no charge. The next GE email said there are over 500 baskets on back order and they cannot guarantee mine will be replaced. But they would pro-rate my machine and give me a new one for $816 $321 for $1137. The same replacement machine is on-line for $1079. It's been one month and still no resolution...this is a fire hazard and I decided to add my 3 cents.
Luz on 09/21/2013:
I got the same experience- smoke filled my house, lucky I was close by when I heard the louder noise than usual (it was very noisy and walks by itself). When I checked there was thick nasty smelling smoke coming out of my washing machine. I immediately pulled the plug and called the my home warranty insurance company. The repair men came changed parts but it it was beyond repair!!! The wheel at the back was totally burnt and the gasket cracked, now they also found the drum messed up. It is totally unusable now!!! I bought GE and paid about $900 for this junk!!
Ron on 09/25/2013:
WCVH6600 with same vibration, noise and smoke previously described by others. Less than 6 years old (purchased in Nov 2007) with moderate use. Had all 4 shocks replaced mid 2011 under extended warranty. Shaft/ bearing now bad per GE technician. 600 bucks plus to repair. Currently working with customer service to see if they will stand behind their product. Perhaps it is time to shed the GE loyalty if they won't take care of this obviously inherent and common failure.
Benita Alexander on 10/14/2013:
WCVH6260FWW. I am also having the issue of my washer smoking and loud noises. It was very scary to see so much smoke. I thought it was on fire. GE this is unsafe for your consumers. What has to happen in order for you to take action!
Tom on 11/26/2013:
I also have the WCVB6600. It vibrates and moves all over the place. I moved it down cellar hoping the concrete floor would help. Nope. It banged around so bad that it crushed two exhaust hoses against a water pipe. It was level also. When I first purchased it roughly 5 year ago there was a parade of service techs all giving different reasons for the problem. GE was rude and would not help. I've lived with this thing all this time and now the constant banging has cause the rubber which surrounds the drum to split and start to disintegrate. Will never by another GE anything. Had to buy a fridge for a rental property a few months ago and got a Fridgedaire even though it cost more. Someone please explain to me how these are energy efficient when the dryer has to run twice as long because the spin cycle doesn't work??
six4 on 01/03/2014:
This washer is absolute junk. BUYER BEWARE. (WCVH6600) I have had multiple problems with it throughout the 5 years I have owned it including horribly loud spin cycle, walking all over my laundry room, door locking and control panel issues and now I just went in to discover water filling my entire laundry room. I will NEVER buy GE anything again. What a joke.
Dave on 01/05/2014:
My fire alarm just went off. I found smoke billowing out of the washer, smelling of burnt rubber. After a little research on the model, here I am, joining the rest of you appalled GE customers. Never again!
Bill on 03/17/2014:
Fire alarm went off today shut washer down opened door and smoke came out model no wchv6260f washer is about 7 and a half years old to young for this kind of problem so here I am joining the rest of you no more GE appliances for me.
peggy cottrell on 03/24/2014:
The repairman from GE put three stainless steel drums in my washer because it kept getting off balance! After that didn't fix it they told me they couldn't find anything wrong with it.......really then why did you put three drums in it and it didn't fix it and why did it get off balance so bad it turned sideways and put a hole in my drywall! Why is that GE....oh I know you guys have no clue how to fix it and throwing parts at it was your fix that didn't work. What makes me even more mad is I bought my set and two months later bought my son a set not GE of course and he hasn't had one problem out of his! Can you say you guys make crappy products. And after hearing horror storys about them catching fire I think its time I remove them and use them for target practice as that's all its good for and that is questionable!!! Word of advise don't buy GE anything they don't stand behind their junk!
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Never Applied for Credit. How Could I When I Wasn't There?
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- My son had a toothache. I was working so his mom took him. I am the insured policy holder. Apparently my insurance wasn't going to cover what needed to be done, but the work was completed but didn't really know the reason why it was until a few weeks down the road. When I received a bulk envelope. With the itemized services that now I owed through this credit card plan. The amount of credit owed was $742.00. Reading the entirety of all that was enclosed. I was shocked that this plan of payments. Had everything on the negative side. The $742.00 was easy to pay off with little added on to the balance. That was only available to a consumer if the bill was satisfied within 3 months. If you needed to for longer than this. Then you were actually penalized with extremely high interest and if late paying a hefty late fee.. Basically you could never get ahead of paying this bill off. So knowing I didn't apply for this credit. How could I? I wasn't even there. His mom came home with no contract stating anything. Infraction she came only with a palm size receipt. Stating service was rendered. I immediately contacted this company and after realizing. The only language the rep's were programmed to say was " you pay okay". I requested a copy of the signed credit line I apparently applied. for. They said no problem it would be mailed out the following day. I never received any thing except invoice statements months after month. Never could they send this. Then I was sent a payment pay-off. Offer. The $742.00 original amount was now close to $1100.00.their offer was $450.00 unbelievable! I said I had no problem paying for my sons bill. But I still needed the contract paperwork. Then I would send the funds to them. the next person I was contacted by was a law firm. These guys are more like the Mafia the names they call you. The numerous calls to my work home anytime of the day night. I said the same thing to them that I stated to the creditor. No payment until I get a copy of the contract that I applied agreed and signed. I fear that my pay check might be garnished. The attorney said if I paid a one time payment of $650.00 it would be satisfied in full. Then I get seek restitution to get my funds back. This is frustrating and unfair.
Company Response 07/18/2012:
** To expedite your case, please ensure to provide Reference code DM 071812_m3c_vegas715**

I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your account. We'd like to help. Please email me at and provide your name and phone number so we can call you directly to assist.

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

GE Capital
Read 4 RepliesAdd reply
User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/17/2012:
Here are some details about what GE CareCredit *is*:

"CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that can be used as a payment option for certain expenses not covered by insurance or to bridge situations when desired care exceeds insurance coverage."

The terms are as follows:
"CareCredit offers two basic payment options to meet an individual’s financial needs:

■No Interest if paid in full within the promotional period* on qualifying purchases made with your CareCredit credit card account. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within the promotional period. Not all promotional plans are available at all Participating Professionals. Minimum Monthly Payments Required and may pay off purchase before end of promotional period. Each month you only need to pay the required minimum monthly payment and pay off the remaining balance within the promotional period to avoid interest and pay only the amount financed. Future minimum payments will vary based on amount and timing of payments, interest rate and other charges added to the account.
■14.90% APR and Fixed Monthly Payments Required Until Paid in Full** on qualifying purchases made with your CareCredit credit card account. Not all promotional plans are available at all Participating Professionals. Fixed monthly payment amount based on repayment over 24, 36, 48 or 60 month period. Purchases of $1000 or more are eligible for a 24, 36 or 48 month offer and purchases of $2500 or more are eligible for a 60 month offer."

OK, so one can understand how the bill can blossom if not paid. One can also understand your son fit the profile of a potential client of CareCredit given the bill exceeded insurance coverage. The real question is how you were signed up for this program in the first place. The people who would know would likely be those in the dentist's office. Did your wife sign any form that stated how charges that were not covered by insurance would be handled?

Have you contacted the dental office for an explanation? What was their response?
trmn8r on 07/17/2012:
As implied in my reply above, the root of this issue to me lies at the dental office. I assume the dentist offers CareCredit on behalf of the issuer. When I received that packet, I would have immediately called the dentist. At this point I don't know what to do since it is in collections.
JISCal2 on 07/18/2012:
Ten years ago, my dentist office signed me up/ran my credit for this Care Credit program as well and I was NOT happy! We hadn't discussed payment. I simply agreed to the charge and the work began. When I was ready to leave they only wanted to sign me out and send me on my way. I asked about paying and their only reply was oh... you didn't want the Care Credit program? I didn't even know what the heck it was. I paid with my debit card and then called Care Credit and told them I had not authorized running my credit, did not authorize opening the account, no payments to the dentist should be made and the account was to be closed immediately.

I think the dentist office must get some kind of a kick-back from the credit company.
jonthethird on 07/18/2012:
The dentist is not in the business of extending credit and Care Credit is the solution. Care Credit buys the debt (at a discount) which means the dentists cash flow is maintained.

The fault is the dentist in not making clear the relationship
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