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Rating: 1/51

MACON, ARKANSAS -- Back on December 21, 2012, I was rear ended by a driver insured by Geico. The police charged the person that hit me with Reckless Prohibited Driving. The office that handles my area is in Macon Georgia and ** my adjuster. Between ** and Geico given the runaround, and trying to choose which medical bills and/or prescriptions they are going to cover, ** also lied me to on several occasions.

Around 4:00 pm on Friday December 21, 2012 the traffic in front of me had started to back up. To keep a safe following distance and keep from hitting the car in front of me I had to reduce my speed to 20-25 MPH. Shortly after reducing my speed I found myself looking up at the roof of my car with my world spinning wondering what happened. Once I gathered my thoughts, I realized I was rear ended so hard that it broke my seat and I was laying flat on my back.

When trying to get my 2009 Chevy Impala from the center lane of a 6-lane highway to the shoulder I noticed an awful noise coming from the back of my car. The collision was so hard that one of my rear tires was pinned by the fender well keeping it from freely spinning. My car had to be towed from the scene of the accident. Somehow, Geico lost my car for nearly two weeks after it left the tow yard and arrived at their repair center. Once they found my car and did an estimate, the adjuster told me that they stopped doing the estimate once it got near $8,000.00 worth of damage.

Going back to the evening of the wreck, I went to the ER and was diagnosed with whiplash, after about a month of no relief my doctor had me go to physical therapy for nine treatments, which did not produce the results they had hoped to receive. Therefore, my physical therapist contacted my doctor and he scheduled an MRI. The MRI results showed a posterior labral tear of my right shoulder caused by the wreck.

Once ** found out about the internal injury, she told me that will automatically trigger policy limit. I asked ** how much is that she replied it is the state minimum which I expected her to say even if they had a million dollar policy. I asked is that $25,000.00, knowing that Arkansas minimum is $25,000.00 just to see what she would say. ** said, "€œYes $25,000.00."€ Seeing how ** told me $25,000.00, I was fully expecting that I would receive what was left after the medical bills were covered.

About two weeks later ** called me offering $5000.00, which was very different from the $25,000.00 she told me just two weeks prior. When I asked her about her statement, she denied she ever said $25,000.00 and tried to justify her statement with more lies. Just my lost wages, mileage, and over the counter expenses are nearly the $5000.00 they offered and that is before my medical and prescriptions are covered. My current medical expenses counting prescriptions is nearly $18,000.00 and I still may require surgery to fix the tear.

After I refused their 1st offer I also requested a different adjuster because I no longer trusted ** after her multiple attempts to lie to me and play me for a fool. Geico has refused to let another adjuster handle my claim and Geico came back with another offer of $6000.00 that is before medical bills are paid. If I accepted their insulting offer of $6,000.00, I would still be out nearly $12,000.00. I do have Uninsured/Underinsured and Personal Injury Protection on my policy.

However, I do not feel like my insurance should kick in until Geico pays at least $18,000.00 to cover all my current medical expenses. If Geico would just cover all my current medical expenses to include prescriptions and offer 2 years of coverage on my shoulder that was damaged in the wreck I would not even ask for anything for pain and suffering. An auto insurance company specially one like Geico should not be allowed to pick and choose which medical bills they are going to pay. I have a feeling that my doctor and orthopedic surgeon knows a lot more about my medical needs than a low budget car insurance company. Please do not allow Geico make you a victim.

Rear ended by GEICO policyholder, her policy lapsed after the claim, no $$
By -

On Sept. 29, 2009, I was hit in the rear end by a woman driving a 2008 Nissan Versa. She was going approximately 25 mph when she hit me, I was at a complete stop. She pushed me into the car in front of me. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt, though I did end up with whiplash. I called GEICO the day after the accident (9/20/2009) to start the claims process. I was given the name of an adjuster (a/k/a adjuster #1), along with her extension. I called and left a detailed message with my cell number to call me back on. I didn't hear from anyone for over a week but received a letter in the mail from adjuster #1, stating that she had been trying to get into contact with me.

I called again several times, rather than leaving a message until she finally answered, on 10/9/2009 and I finally was able to get an appointment with the GEICO adjuster to get an estimate done on my vehicle, scheduled for almost a week later (10/14/2009), 15 days after the accident. The day before I was to go have my car estimated, I received a message from the man I hit. His message was that he was supposed to go that day to pick up his check to pay for his vehicle and was told there was a problem with the policy, and it was being reviewed and until resolved, there would be no payment.

I went to my appointment the next day and was told by the estimator that he wasn't authorized to make payment at that time. He indicated that there was possibly a problem with the property damage coverage, that perhaps the policyholder only had $10,000 property damage coverage, and since there were multiple vehicles, we may not get full payment, depending on both our estimates. My estimate ended up being $6,700. After I left the estimator, I called the person that I hit after being hit, and he said his estimate was for $5,200, thereby putting us roughly $2,000 over what was possibly her coverage limit.

At that time, I tried to contact adjuster #1, but as usual, got only her voicemail. Her voicemail gave an alternative extension to try if she was unavailable. I then called that person, a/k/a adjuster #2, and was told by him that upon his review of the file, he didn't see any problems and would send the estimator an email and payment should be available within 30 minutes.

I called the estimator, who said he would be in touch shortly, hopefully with a check. 10 minutes later, the estimator called me to let me know that upon talking to adjuster #2, there was still issues on paying the claim, and there would be no payment yet. I called adjuster #2 again, and he said there should be a decision by the end of the week. I called adjuster #2 that Friday 10/16/2009, he still didn't have any information.

At that time, I called the person I hit, and he said he had tried calling adjuster #1 the day before, and since it was after hours, had reached someone else, who told him that it appeared that perhaps the policy had lapsed the day of the accident and that they were reviewing the circumstances. I attempted to contact both adjuster #1 and #2 repeatedly for nearly a week, and finally called after hours that next Thursday 10/22/2009, and talked to a woman who, upon reviewing the file, said she didn't see any reason that they weren't paying the claims, according to the notes she had.

She gave me the extension for the direct supervisor of adjuster #1 to call the next day, a/k/a adjuster #3. I called adjuster #3 on Friday, 10/23/2009, didn't reach him and left a message pretty much begging him to call me back. He didn't, so on Saturday, 10/24/2009 I called and reached another after hours person, who also reviewed the file, and said the only problem she could see was the property damage limits. I told her at that time that I, as well as the guy I had hit, were both aware that this may happen and wanted at least something, even if not full payment. She took the information, gave me adjuster #3s direct supervisor, a/k/a adjuster/supervisor #4s extension to call on Monday 10/26/2009 if I still didn't hear from anyone.

Today, the 26th, I was still waiting to hear from someone when the guy I hit called me to tell me he heard from adjuster #1 (shocker!) and they were denying the claim, with no further explanation to him at the time. I called adjuster/supervisor #4, whose voicemail indicated she was out of town for this week, and left adjuster #5s extension if there were problems. I actually got in touch with adjuster #5, who initially said he saw that payments had already been made to the policyholder on her claim and he didn't see any reason we weren't being paid.

However, as he kept reading the file he came to the part where they were denying the claim. Apparently, on September 25th, the policyholder received notice that her policy was going to lapse if payment wasn't made within 15 days. According to adjuster #5, the policyholder sent in the premium within the 15 days in the form of a check. After the accident, and apparently after GEICO paid her $13,000 for her vehicle, the check she sent in was returned. According to him, the policy than was considered lapsed as of Sept. 25, 4 days prior to the accident. Now neither of us are getting paid; however, the person that caused the accident has had her vehicle repaired.

Is it legal for GEICO to go back and back lapse a policy because of a bounced check on a premium? Is there any recourse for us, other than taking the owner/driver to court? It seems that if the policy was reinstated when she paid the premium, even if after the accident, a check was returned by the bank, the policy should have been in force at the time. Does anyone have any suggestions? We do live in Florida, and neither of us had collision coverage on our policies.

Great while you pay, Terrible when you need help
By -

We were rear-ended July 3rd 2009. It is now Aug.52009. Money for totaled vehicle not in my hand yet, rental due on the 8 of Aug. I had to use my own Geico insurance because the lady whom rear ended us (reckless driving) lied about it twice therefore extending the time for us to get a rental while the wife goes to therapy.

I am allowed only 30 days rental on my own policy Geico doesn't want to extend even though they feel for me due to their very late provision of the money for our 2005 Scion which they gave me way below their market value. Now we have 3 days to find a vehicle, oh and we were told we should have been shopping already, really? How do you shop without knowing what your limit on spending is? We just found out the amount 24 hours ago. As a victim (police report and witnesses testimony) we are being treated by our own insurance company as if we were the ones who rear ended ourselves.

The ones at fault have full coverage insurance but Geico took over the case and is hanging on to it until all is settled, but according to their rep, they were to switch all over to the responsible party as soon as they admitted guilt. They admitted guilt and Geico did not do any switching. They refuse to talk to me about the low amount for our totaled vehicle. The wife is going to therapy can't raise her arms above shoulders, sleeps on sofa due to our bed being to low for her to get up. Is in constant pain, but this is non of Geico's concern, their hands are tied (according to them) it is like they are defending the lady who totaled our vehicle.

We have an attorney thank God. He already pre-warned us about Geico's practices because he used to work for them, so we will soon have all that under control. Geico's people make changes to your policy and situation when you have an accident and never inform you. They are your best friend and very understanding as long as you don't ask for help when you are clearly a victim. Good luck getting a return call from any of their reps or their supervisors.

One of my best friends is an adjuster for an insurance company I shall refrain from mentioning so he doesn't lose his job, and he told me exactly how they were going to play it all out step by step. He was right on as if the whole thing was played out per a script. I would never recommend them nor use them at all again. Here is some good advice, should someone hit you and you find out they have Geico insurance: don't bother calling them, turn the matter over to a good attorney and save yourself the trouble. When explaining something to you they use a lot of fancy words to tell you, you are ** out of luck. Geico employees would make great filibusters.

By -

FLORIDA -- Geico Insurance should be considered the next ENRON! Not only do they lie to you and take your money, but when you file a claim it gets even worse! Last November my daughter had an accident in our 95 Eclipse, total damage estimate was in the $6000 range (initially).. ended up taking over 2 months for the repairs to be completed. When we went to pick up the car, found numerous problems, car wouldn't start. When they closed the hood they blew the a/c hose, (admitted they had installed the wrong one) and put too much freon in.

After 2 days the a/c went out... called Geico and they refused to repair the a/c stating it "Was Not" accident related! GIVE ME A BREAK! It worked FINE before the accident! I can go on and on about that ordeal! Needless to say the claims adjuster no longer works there!

This past Dec. the car was broadsided in a mall parking lot and again we called Geico to the rescue! Another mistake! Total damage estimate $3480. It has been almost a month and a half and car still is not fixed! Got a call today from the body shop and was told they found front suspension problems which they didn't see previously, and will cost an additional $2000.

We called Geico and told them we want the car TOTALED! They refused, and gave authorization to the shop to fix the front suspension! We are talking almost $6000 in repairs that they are covering on a car that is worth $3400!! Give me a Break here! Talk about a waste of money! I don't know what to do first, buy them new batteries for their calculators or call an attorney! I think I will do both, right after I contact the Insurance Commissioners Office! STAY AWAY FROM GEICO!

Claims Dept. Is Very Unprofessional
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Rating: 1/51

UTAH -- After submitting a claim against an insured driver of theirs, who was 100% responsible for damage to my car, they denied any compensation for repairs. My car was not legal to operate afterwards. My mistake was not to call the HP and file a report, but Geico told me any post police report wouldn't change their decision of denying the claim. I want some justice is all. Geico's actions left me with a very bad sentiment for any future business.

They don't care when you have a claim

CALIFORNIA -- I've gotten in an accident and after giving my report they automatically said it's my fault 100%. Isn't insurance supposed to be on your side and listen? It bothers me they said it was 100% my fault. Yes I had a stop sign and the other driving didn't but to say the other driver was not negligent at all is BS. I had State Farm before and they cared. They would thoroughly investigate for you and deem drivers at fault percentages. But here at GEICO they just want to close the case, point fingers and move on.

PROS: CHEAP insurance. CONS: Once you have a claim it's over. They treat you like a child, are nasty and rude, and don't care about you or what pictures you have submitted to prove your case. It's like they're on other drivers side to raise your premium!! ROBBERS are right!

Making a claim
By -

A few months ago, I was rear ended by a rental truck. This truck was merging into the traffic and had a yield sign, which in my opinion the driver did not obey or he would not have hit my car. Thankfully, I was moving very slowly when I was hit. Actually I was hit 2 times. This was the height of the evening rush hour. I called the police and all this time truck stayed behind me. All the other traffic was passing. The driver of the truck said he did not hit my car. Excuse me, but the force of a truck bumping a car is not as great at when a car hits a car. This is just a little common sense.

Anyway, after Geico investigated the situation, the truck rental company claimed there was not damage to the truck. Again, big truck little car and this is a rental company so I am sure there are a lot of scrapes on the bumper, but not according to the truck rental company. There are numerous scrapes on my bumper. So after calling and calling Geico (by the way, they are not my insurance company) they finally said there was not enough evidence to support my claim.

I was so taken back by the result that I couldn't even respond to the claim person on the phone and I just hung up. I was told to call my insurance company and let them handle the claim. Why should I call my insurance company when it was not my fault. That night I sent that person an e-mail with a question that I expected a reply to. But of course, once they are finished with you they no longer want to know you or reply to any questions you may have.

It seems their major priority is not consumer relations, just flooding the media with stupid commercials. I did not make any false claims, or claim that I was injured and had to go the hospital. Maybe I should have, I would have gotten better results. It seems it does not pay to be honest, you have to make a big deal out of things so you can get results, and in this case have my car repaired as I deserve to have done and not through my insurance company. Just feel I have to let the world know how this company handles claims if it is not something major and they feel they can get away with it.

Happy with GEICO
By -

I'm afraid of the possibility of GEICO dropping my 18 year old daughter from our insurance policy and I've been researching GEICO practices. I have to post praises for GEICO and the manner in which they have handled our claims. In February 2009, my daughter decided to pass a man who was traveling rather slowly. It was a bad decision on her part since she was on a two lane road and it was a no passing zone. The man admitted that as she began to pass him, he wanted to "encourage her" to not pass him on the dangerous road so he sped up and crossed over the center line into her lane!

The two cars side-swiped each other and my daughter lost control of her car. She went off the road to the left and then across the highway before coming to a stop on the right. She was lucky that she was not injured, but the car was totaled because of the concrete mailboxes she hit along the way. One post went right through the windshield! GEICO is arguing with the other insurance company that my daughter is only 30% at fault while they claim she is 50% at fault. It is 11 months later and that claim is not settled, but I praise GEICO for the manner in which it was handled. My daughter's car was totaled and GEICO paid us more than we expected to get for the car.

They called us numerous times to give us updates with the claim. They could not have been more helpful and always answered when we called them. Six months later, my daughter ran into the back of someone while in bumper to bumper traffic and going really slow. The other vehicle had a scratch (literally) on the bumper, but my daughter's 2nd car had complete front end damage. I took it to a repair shop where the GEICO representative is located and begged the representative to fix the car and not total the car. I was tired of shopping for good used cars! The repair job was just under 75% of the car's worth (which was $7,000) and they fixed it in a week.

We were again very happy with GEICO's service. NOW... my darling daughter who can't drive very well ran a red light and was hit by an oncoming car as it was turning left. Her car has significant damage to the passenger door but we have no intentions of having it repaired. (WHY bother?). The other vehicle needs a bumper and a fender. We offered to pay for these repairs out of our pocket to avoid an insurance claim, but the other driver has now filed a claim with GEICO. I will not be surprised if GEICO decides that my daughter is too dangerous and drops her from the policy, but I have to say that we've been very satisfied with the manner in which they have handled each of these claims.

Slow, Poor Response
By -

1101 EAST FLETCHER AVENUE -- When you finally have a date to meet with a Geico claims adjuster, which usually takes seven (7) business days. God forbid you are late!! They will tell you to leave the appraisers office, call the main office and get another appointment - one week into the future. I know what you're thinking. I must be a Diva with an attitude, always expecting everyone at my beck and call. Nothing is further from the truth. I work hard, pay taxes, and a I'm homeowner. I have a: "Do-unto-others-as-you-would-like-them-to-do-to-you" philosophy. Geico's philosophy seems to be: you're cattle.

Auto Accident
By -

I was injured in an auto wreck in May of 2008. I have been diagnosed as having frozen shoulder syndrome. The insurance company at fault (Geico) is operating on borderline "Bad Faith" as my attorney there in North Carolina has realized. I would highly suggest ANYONE who has a policy with them cancel and anyone dealing with them involving an auto accident TO HIRE AN ATTORNEY EXPERIENCED WITH YOUR INJURIES TO REPRESENT YOU.

Get an attorney not afraid to play "Devils Advocate" otherwise you are going to not get your claim settled fairly. Be careful also of attorneys who seem to be OVER ANALYZING your claim as well. As a last resort you may have to file a lawsuit to make them deal with you fairly. Just make sure you have all your evidence that you need to prove your case OK? Thanks.

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