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Extremely Disappointed and Upset
Posted by on
It seems that Geico is more interested in saving their moneyand themselves than doing what is right for the customer. I reset up my policy and apparently thinking I was setting up a one time pmt, it was direct pay that was set up - pmts taken out automatically monthly, Then I called less that a month later to set up 2 pmts (because I was not aware it was direct pay I set up instead of a one time pmt which is what I wanted) and then cancel any future pmts after that, that I would mail the next pmt out, the gentleman I spoke with said that would be okay, he would take care of it. Well they put through another pmt anyway resulting in an overDraft fee- the pmt was returned to Geico, I called them again and explained this wasn't supposed to happen and again was told this would cancel and they would take care of it- but the pmt was put through again & resulting in another overDraft chg from my bank, both totaling $70. supervisors refused to reimburse the overDraft chg even though this matter should not have happened in the first place. They finally agreed to refund the money for the pmt they took out, however would not break policy or procedure and credit my acct, even though they took it out electronically. I have worked at places where you work with the customer to keep them as a customer even if it means occasionally going against the procedures. They said they would mail the check out, would take about 2 wks. unacceptable, considering rent was due and my account was now down quite a bit. Over much discussion, they said they could overnight the refund, oh but I would have to pay the $12.95 chg. Unbelievable. The worst customer service ever. To top this all off, I went online to look at my acct, which I hadn't done for months because I forgot the password. Anyway through all this they kept on saying they mailed out information that I was signed up for Direct Pay (automatic pmts taken from my checking acct) and that I had that time to discontinue it. Well I never got anything because they put the wrong adDress on my acct. So even if I set up the direct pay by accident, I had no paperwork informing me of this and informing me of the fact that I could discontinue it and they said, sorry that's too bad, they have procedure to follow and they couldn't help that, I was signed up and sorry nothing we can do about it. Nothing - really, they finally decided that I should not have to pay the $12.95 to get my money back that they shouldn't have taken in the first place - insane huh that I have to pay to get my own money back that they took out because of their mess ups and miscommunication. Amazing that if their customer service reps mess up and tell you they are taking care of your account and do not - then the customer is penalized, not the customer service representative Where I come from if you mess up a customer account, where ever you may work, you do your best to resolve the account that someone else messed up, but Geico only cares about Geico. I will report this to Better Business Bureau and fight to get the $70 back. I am a single young woman who has a child due in October and needs every cent, so you can imaging how upsetting this is. They didn't even care that I will be looking elsewhere for insurance. I WILL BE LOOKING ELSEWHERE AND LETTING EVERYONE KNOW NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH GEICO. And this is not the first time I had problems with them. They also doubled my monthly payment when my insurance lapsed and said, that is how they do it. WOW, crappy service and rude customer service reprensentatives. They will only do what benefits themselves.

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Kasity08 on 10/06/2009:
My original phone conversation with Geico was to set up any account with a lower rate as they advertise. I was told what policy was required (auto financed) and the amount needed. I gave them my checking account number over the phone. I also setup paperless billing and they quickly emailed me the proof of my insurance. That was on July 23rd. I received my bank statement on August 22rd and saw that they did not take out any money nor did they try to take out any money from my account. I called moments after reading my statement and ask why they had not taken the money. They stated that my account had been cancelled and that I was being charged 3 returned check fees. My bank showed not one draw from Geico! I was so upset! Finally after about 20 minutes of conversation, we discovered that the representative that took my information over the phone apparently typed in the last number on my checking account as an "8" when in reality it was a "7". Needless to say, they explained that they would "reinstate" me. The very next day a lady ran a traffic light and I was involved in a fender bender. No charges were placed on the other driver or myself. I called Geico, they then tell me that they did not reinstate my acoount and that I had no insurance. I have never in my life had such a mess with car insurance. I will never recommend anyone to Geico. They are liars and they surely do not have anymore than fast talking representatives that apparently do not know what they are doing. I have one thing to say about this mess. I will fight this battle and I will win. Geico, stop cheating the ones that feed you!
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Loss & Wages - Geico don't pay you back as long you did acting in-front of doctor/hospital
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Rating: 1/51
NJ/NY, NEW JERSEY -- Recently I have involved in accident(Both have Geico insurance). But myself and my son didn't hurt badly( by luckily) and also we didn't go to hospital as we don't want to act in front of doctor and waste of time( To be frank).But the fact was missed two days of works. When dealt with Geico they didn't pay for loss of two days work and they are not willing to discuss also as I suggested to change the policy.
Lesson learned - Even if you didn't heart badly also you need to go hospital and do acting in front of the doctor. Then only you get paid for missing work.
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Arcus on 12/24/2013:
Thanks to the dishonest people in this world making false claims to get money, you have to have a doctor check you out so they have proof that you are not faking. That's just a fact of life. I don't know of any insurance company that will pay for a day off of work without you seeing a doctor.
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Geico Basketball Commercial
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
That commercial with the basketball player blocking items is just rude. I turn the volume down and look away, why would you want such a mean, rude person on your commercial?
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BigAl on 03/26/2013:
I don't find it rude or mean. You have to view this commercial in a basketball sense. This man is paid to block shots at the basket. My problem with the commercial is that I have a hard time understanding what he is saying. Granted English is not his first language but the commercial is aimed at English speaking consumers.
Critical_level2 on 03/26/2013:
IT is Dikembe Mutombo in the commercial. His signature move ion basketball was blocking shots then waving his finger and saying "not in my house". I thought it was a pretty funny commercial, as it showed him doing what he did every game when he played in the NBA.
JAKFK on 03/26/2013:
Basketball enthusiasts enjoyed this commercial. I thought it was rather funny. It wouldn't coerce me into buying their insurance, but it was funny nonetheless.
Bill on 03/26/2013:
It was the funny the first time, now it's just annoying but I understand Geigo's attempt.
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Auto accident
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PENNSYLVANIA -- I was hit headon by a 17 year old with minimal insurance. I'm a single parent who worked 2 jobs. From being hit headon my foot was broken and had injured my left holder and back.. I'm not asking for a major payout.. what this is about is the insurance company owes me my lost wages since I cannot work but it has been now almost 4 mo and still nothing.. I have spent my savings on trying to keep my house running but the funds have now run out.. My insurance is paying my medical and Geico is just sitting back with no regards to what happens to me or my daughter... THIS IS WRONG.. I didn't cause the accident but the 17 year old who did just walks away after the accident with no conciquences.. I have bills to pay.. a child to raise and now no income.. We the injured should not have to wait mo.. and sometimes years to get our lives back .. GEICO YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THE WAY YOU TREAT THE INJURED.... I'm telling my story so ppl see this and think twice about having GEICO as their insurance co...
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Slimjim on 04/30/2012:
I guess the real question is, did Geico pay up to the limits of what was purchased by the other driver or not. Can you not qualify for unemployment, disability or some other form of assistance until you can get working again? You could sue the other driver for being under insured regarding what Geico won't cover, but at 17, unless he's Justin Bieber, that probably is a lost cause.
trmn8r on 04/30/2012:
There are many more details needed to know if Geico has done anything wrong, in my opinion.

Is Geico your insurance company or the other driver's? Was there a police investigation? Has fault been assigned to either/both drivers? What communications have there been with Geico, and what is there response to your inquiry/demand for lost wages? Is there something in the law/policy that covers lost wages?
Nohandle on 04/30/2012:
I don't know what insurance you personally have on your vehicle or the laws in Pennsylvania but in my state if I'm in an accident I call my insurance company, since the number is on the back of my insurance card. They take it from there and I'm not on my own to deal with it.
CowboyFan on 04/30/2012:
This shows the importance of picking the right insurance coverage "for yourself," especially uninsured motorist coverage. The op says the other driver had minimal coverage, but does not state whether she had all the coverages available to her. No insurance company will pay more than the limits their insured paid for, regardless of the need or merit of the claim of the person injured by their insured. Good luck in seeking out help from other sources.
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Examination Under Oath
Posted by on
Simply because I was accidentally hit and knocked down by a car door in which my husband was driver and since pain was minimal I paid it no attention. Well 3 weeks later I had to go to dr. due to pain and contact insurance company that gave me a hard time as to why I didn't go to the dr. right away and call the insurance company when it happens. Well because didn't think at the time it was something to make a big deal out of. Have had an investigator come and take my statement and 3 weeks later get a letter stating that we both need to take this examination. This insurance company that my husband and I have been with for 12 years has or is trying to make us feel like a criminal. Can anyone shed light on this exam and what I should do. Can I request a copy of 1st report? Can I have a recorded with me to protect myself. Please anything that you can share with me as to what this exam is all about and what happens if I don't go. I know what happened and I told them the honest truth, but this has really depressed me, because I have NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG.
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madconsumer on 04/11/2012:
sounds like they are building a court case. anything under oath is permissible in court of law.
Cwazychicken on 04/11/2012:
I think they just want to examine you to make sure you are hurting as much as you say you are. Does not mean they don't believe you but I know if I were an insurance company and someone was claiming injury, I would want to make sure they are being honest and have as much proof as possible. Its not a bad thing to go to court. But if you don't go, they probably will dismiss it and it would make you look worse.
CowboyFan on 04/11/2012:
Read your policy. There is probably a requirement that you give a statement under oath.

To the insurance company this looks suspicious: no damage to car, no witnesses other than husband who will benefit, no police called, and not reported timely. Sounds like a people who are taking advantage of the insurance company. Because there are such people, then honest people like the op are put through this interrogation to make sure this is not fraud.

I would think they would ask questions about how it happened, your past medical condition, your current medical complaints, and if you are in a financial bind that would motive you to commit fraud. You should be able to obtain a copy of the statement, or bring your own recorder.

The question I would have is what did you tell the doctor when you went for medical treatment as to how you were injured. It is always important to tell the doctor exactly how you were hurt if you are thinking of making a claim, e.g. if you tell the doctor you fell down, it is not believable when you later say you were hit by the car door.
Starlord on 04/11/2012:
I would definitely have my own recorder. When they pull theirs out, I would pull mine out. If they say something, tell them they can make a recording, so you can, too.
onlooker on 04/11/2012:
stay calm,
remember they are trying to understand what happened, and since there are people who lie through their teeth to get anything for free - you just need to take some more time to show you are cooperating, working with them to tell the whole story -
and like noted above with Dr., did you buy painkillers over the counter - bring receipts, if you have names of people who saw you dealing with the pain from the door accident mention you have other people who can support your story etc.
If they record, you can ask for a copy, or transcript - if they say no - pull out your own recording device.
If you get emotional, or feel pressed, count to three silently in your head, before you answer - so you can collect yourself.
Stay calm, tell your story, be clear and concise, and good luck
trmn8r on 04/12/2012:
Look at this from the insurance company's point of view. Fraud is a great concern. What if someone fell off a ladder, and then filed a claim that it was an automobile incident? I believe you are being honest - it is the dishonest people who make it hard for everyone.

To me, this doesn't sound surprising. You have nothing to hide so it should go OK. There is always the possibiliy they may try to deny your claim, but I hope that doesn't happen.
jon on 05/13/2012:
I have much experience with this. no need for recording because there will be a court stenographer there and you will get a printed copy of the EUO which you will be asked to sign. you must go, if you don't they can legally cancel your benefits. they must pay you for time lost at work
and have it at a convenient location. go to a doctor who will take an assignment of benefits. if geico does not pay, get a lawyer and sue them. they must pay the attorney's fee if you win and most attorneys who do this WILL NOT CHarge you if they lost.
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Geico will NOT be there when you need them.
Posted by on
I'll keep it short: a lady runs a solid red light and flies full speed in front of my truck. My truck was totaled even after slamming on my brakes as hard as I could and trying to swerve out of way even though I have a solid green. There were tons of eye-witnesses. The other driver admits to not even seeing the light as she was preoccupied with mother's recently installed pace maker. Geico "insured" other motorist. I try to go through Geico as I think this should be cut and dried, as did the responding police officer on the scene. The Geico representative after talking to the other driver tells me to get a rental that they will pay for. After 4 days of 'investigation', Geico claims I am 25% at fault!?! Huh?!? They claimed I could have done more to avoid accident. What?!? They had 4 business days to mull it over, and I had 1.5 seconds. And I think I made a better decision in 1.5 seconds than they did in 4 days. After I argue with the Geico claims adjuster for 15 minutes, he changed it to me being only 20% at fault. Huh?!?! Liability is now negotiable after a 4 day investigation??? Something seemed very fishy about the whole thing. I hung the phone up, called MY insurance company (a REAL one: USAA). They took care of 100% of vehicle loss and waived my deductible because other driver was at fault. The check is in the mail now. Now they are going after Geico. And now the best... after a week, Geico calls Hertz and says they aren't paying for the rental that THEY TOLD ME TO RENT!!! Unreal. Don't use them if you will actually ever NEED your insurance!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 07/08/2011:
You should always deal with your own insurance company. That's what you pay them for. I hope no one was hurt.
madconsumer on 07/08/2011:
geico is really a bad company when it comes to payout for accidents.

great review.

very helpful!
Anonymous on 07/09/2011:
Wow I am appalled at Gecio's decision! I am insured by Geico but have never had an at fault accident. I have had great customer service so far. I was rear ended 4 weeks ago by an 83 year old woman with AAA. I called Geico and they opened a claim but gave me the courtesy of going through AAA. I called AAA and the old bat that hit me hadn't contacted them yet so they called her, opened the claim, took full responsibility, called me back and within a few hours, there was a rental car waiting for me at the body shop. My car was repaired at their expense within a week! (I only needed a new bumper). They also advised me to replace my daughters carseat and forward them my ER bills (went to the ER because I am pregnant and didn't want to take any chances). As soon as the ER bills come in, we will see if they pay up like they promised. If they pay all my medical bills, I will be posting a compliment to AAA here because so far they have been great.
trmn8r on 07/09/2011:
You always go through your own insurance company. They know know how to negotiate.

You are the enemy to the other driver's insurance company.
Anonymous on 07/09/2011:
The only issue I have with going through your own insurance is that you still have to pay your deductible (at least if you have Geico) and then try to get it back from the other party's insurance. My deductible is only $500 but at the time, I felt like I shouldn't have to pay a dime because the woman who hit me was completely at fault and shouldn't have been behind the wheel in the first place. So far AAA has made good on their promises. This was a new experience for me so I really didn't know the pros and cons of going through my own insurance versus the other party's insurance. This is where my3cents comes in handy :)
Venice09 on 07/09/2011:
I've read many reviews here where people communicated directly with the other insurance company. I had never head of that before. We have always reported accidents to our own company and received the deductible back if we were not at fault. I would not recommend talking to the other driver's insurance company. As trmn said, you are their enemy.
Skye on 07/09/2011:
I hope you weren't injured. This is why we have insurance. Its the job of our insurance companies to deal with accidents, not us. Always go through your own insurance and let them deal with situations like accidents.

idontthinkso on 07/10/2011:
Hanging up and dealing with your own insurance is what you should ALWAYS do. Any insurance company is always out for the maximum profit and the lowest loss. Even if you had documentation to the fact of fault, some people give in to situations like that, to get the experience over with. The rep was likely doing as instructed, attempting to reduce Geico's payout as much as possible..
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Posted by on
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saj80 on 01/21/2011:
Do you have other medical insurance coverage? I have medical payments on my car insurance, but I don't think it's to cover these types of expenses, as my primary carrier will cover them.
Skye on 01/21/2011:
You should contact a personal injury lawyer.
Anonymous on 01/21/2011:
You need a lawyer
ticia232 on 01/21/2011:
Ummmm. How can someone going through a red light hit you head-on? Were you on the wrong side of the road?
PepperElf on 01/21/2011:
could be one of those left hand turn lanes?

but yeah a lawyer should be contacted. there's no way a site like this can force any insurance agency to do that
ticia232 on 01/21/2011:
Yes, PE but still how could the other car come through a red light into a turning lane and the accident be found 50-50? That would still be the fault of the other car, because they crossed over into oncoming lanes, but it was still 50-50.

I'm thinking that there is more to this story. Why go to 3 different doctors (one being the OP's own orthopedic surgeon (and he wouldn't do the surgery?))
ok4now on 01/21/2011:
Sounds like it wasn't worth saving 15% on your car insurance. Now they're looking for excuses not to pay. I would start shopping for a new insurance company.
PepperElf on 01/21/2011:
ah good point.

wonder if maybe the OP was pulled out into the intersection and got stuck. or if the OP was in the oncomming lane
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Geico Will Not Pay Medical Bill
Posted by on
I was rear ended by a van August 10, 2009 by a woman insured through Geico. She was cited and an accident report was filed with the police department. Geico seemed pretty nice until the medical bills then the adjuster told me that Geico would only pay $3,400. of the $7,800. The adjuster told me that they would not pay more than that because the doctor charged too much. I have dealt with insurance companies before but never have I heard such garbage in my entire life. The adjuster seemed really angry and tried to downplay my injuries saying it was just a very minor accident according to her insured. I have filed a complaint with Division of Insurance in Alaska and am really upset with the shoddy treatment by the Geico representative. The thing is this is only the second time I have been in an auto accident the other time was in 1986 and as I recall the other insurance company had no problem with paying medical expenses.

I hope to God that if there is a next time the person who hits me is not insured with Geico. I know I would never go through an insurance company like them.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 03/04/2010:
Here is where the lawyers come in. How about your insurance company? They should be helping you. They have the where-with-all to kick GEICO back in line.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Sounds like a typical insurance company to me.
Anonymous on 03/04/2010:
Chuck is right. Your insurance should be helping you go after Geico. I am not quick to pull out the lawyer card but if Geico doesn't want to play fair then you've got to do what you've got to do!
TGT101 on 03/04/2010:
Like justthefaxx said this is what every insurance company would do. They are trying to loose as little money as possible and make you settle for less. If you already went to the doctor and everything that was done at the doctor was as a result of the crash don't settle for less. Contact your insurance before a lawyer or you really will not get the $4000 difference as it would go the the lawyer fees.
tnchuck100 on 03/04/2010:
TGT, when you use a lawyer the lawyer sues for his fees inclusively. ie: medical expenses + pain and suffering + court costs + lawyer fees.
caissex2 on 05/26/2010:
I had to pull my lawyer card and guess what they still won't do a darn thing all of Geico's claims offices are pulling the same thing I know from experience. Please they need to be stopped or Corporate needs to quite hiding under the fact the company is set up to never be able to reach anyone but the claims office in your state. You call corporate and they will get you right back to the people where the problem is. In 9 months I have tried and I have tried everything to get someone to investigate other than the crooks that won't do anything but what they do what they darn well please. If anyone has anything negative to say then instead why don't you people tell us how is it possible to complain to the right people. That would be a positive response to a bad situation. Instead of going the easy route and bad mouth someone having true problems. My first problem was minor and doesn't require a lawyer but 2 incedent I cannot talk about. To the guy this happened to Good Luck I hope everything works out.
goduke on 05/26/2010:
Have you reached out to the folks in your state who govern insurance companies? They might be able to put some pressure on them. Lawyers can get a payout (sometimes), but the state folks can pull a license if they find someone is acting improperly. Just a thought. Best of luck to you. Sounds like it's been a rough journey.
Dan W. on 04/03/2012:
I too was rear ended by a Geico driver. Same situation as this man described. Almost 1 year later, Geico has yet to pay a dime, and I cannot finish my sessions with the doctor for my back/neck because I can't afford it.

I'd like to add one thing though. This is my 2nd go-around with Geico. They're TERRIBLE. But my insurance company, StateFarm has been awesome. They pay w/o questioning it. I suggest you get a StateFarm policy and make sure you have $25,000 in coverage for each person, not the standard $5,000. Then it doesn't matter if you get hit by a Geico driver, you can still go to the doctor and deal with Geico later.
robertosborne on 08/07/2013:
I am fighting with them now because they are wanting me to settle for $6000.00 when my medical expenses are almost $18,000.00. The person that hit me was charged with reckless prohibited driving.
D Brown on 10/22/2013:
@robetosbourne...did your lawyer help? I am going through the same...they won't to pay very little on my claims and we both had geico....
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Posted by on
MACON, HAWAII -- In July 09 my policy was up for a 6month renewal. The first payment made for the renewal is actually 2 payments. I had recently lost my job & didn't have the entire $330.86. I spoke w/a man at Geico who told me that they would allow me to pay what I could that day & pay the remaining balance two days later, when I got my last paycheck. I paid $80 on 7/13 using my checking account. I called back on 7/15 to pay the remaining $250.86. I spoke to a lady who took my payment using my checking account. I got a letter in the mail on 8/11 informing me that my policy was canceled on 7/30 for non-payment. I called Geico to find out what was going on. I was told that I never made the payment of $250.86. They had nothing in their system. I then checked my bank statement & the money was never taken out. I didn't check w/my bank b/f that b/c I had never had a problem w/Geico b/f. So someone messed up & didn't process my payment. I thought well let me pay what I owe & everything will be fine. Wrong. I was told that b/c of a lapse in coverage my 6 month premium was go from $900 to a little over $2000. What a bunch of BS. It didn't make sense, it wasn't my fault. I couldn't get any help from Geico, so I went w/another insurance company. I checked my bank account the other day & found a charge from Geico for $44.05 on 8/12. I called Geico, got no help from the representative I spoke with. Then I spoke w/a supervisor who told me that I made that payment w/my debit card & it was a payment for a new quote. WTF?! I told him that I never authorized that payment. I was told that I had to b/c they had my debit card #. They have my debit card & checking account info in there system. I have always made my payments over the phone, so they have had that info for the past 5yrs. I asked for proof that I authorized the payment, he couldn't give me any. I told him that he needed to refund that money back to me. I was then told that he couldn't do that & I would have to take it up w/my bank. Do not get Geico insurance they are liers & thieves!!!!!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 09/05/2009:
geico is bottom feeders.
yoke on 09/05/2009:
Geico did nothing wrong. The $44.05 was the remaining balance you owed Geico for the month of July that they covered for you.
You state that 2 month's was $250.86. 1/2 of $250.86 is $125.43. You gave them $80 which left a balance of $45.43. Since you did not cancel you still owe them the balance.
bcd on 09/05/2009:
"I have always made my payments over the phone"

Why don't you use their online payment system? You will receive a confirmation number and email as proof of payment.
Skye on 09/05/2009:
You also receive confirmation numbers when you pay by phone. I pay my car insurance by phone, and always get a confirmation number, which I then record in my checkbook.

I don't use Geico.

One thing that baffles me, is why do people think writing b/f, b/c, is considered proper grammar. I didn't know what the heck they stood for at first.

Whatever happened to the good, old days, when people actually spelled out words???? Sorry, I guess that's just my pet peeve regarding proper grammar and spelling.

Carry on.
smdarr on 09/17/2009:
To the fool who tried to do the math, you should had paid attention to what I wrote. The $250.86 was what I owed after I paid $80.00. The original balance was $330.86 I should have been contacted BEFORE 11 days had passed, in which I did not have insurance. The policy was canceled BECAUSE a customer rep did not process the payment. Geico's confirmation code when making a payment is your policy number and the day you make the payment, which means how can I prove that I called and made the payment?! The whole thing was SHADY!!!!!!
Anonymous on 09/17/2009:
Hope you got some free pie and chips for your trouble. How's your mum?
laklisa on 09/17/2009:
Hey response to your post I have to catch myself sometimes as well. I abbreviate a lot in notes I leave on customers account. Otherwise I would be typing this: "cust sd he pd $250.86 on his acct 8/15 but did not post." (translation: customer said he paid $250.86 on his account"
IknowAlittleAboutThis on 09/24/2009:
Wow, most companies just cancel you when the premium runs out (well my insurance company) and don't go and take payments that are not authorized to be pulled from your account. Did you get a reference number for your payment that they said you didn't make? That would have saved you right there. always get a confermation number, always.
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Received the 1st offer in my auto accident case which my lawyer advised to start the lawsuit. What to do next?
Posted by on
BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- My lawyer called me yesterday and said Geico gave us an offer of $4,000. I was livid at the fact and after spending 6 months under Doctors care, physical therapy, & Medication I had to take for pain. I was in an accident in Nov. of 2007 which a kid ran through a stop sign to try to get in front of me to get to the other side of the road in the opposite direction. He ran right into me on the front passenger corner of bumper. My car spun around 3 times and stoped in front of on-coming traffic and I was hit again by another vehicle, my airbags deployed. I was so shook up I didn't know the extent of my injuries until after I was in the hospital. I couldn't turn my head and my arm was numb, which my jacket got burned and my neck from the airbag.

It happened at night on my way to work and maybe half a mile from my house. From that day on, I have experienced MRI's, couldn't turn my head for 3 months, headaches on a daily basis, muscle spasms that I never knew what they were until I felt them the first day soon after the accident. I have a 1 year son, and a 3 year old little girl whom I literally could not lift without problems. I am only 5ft. 2in. tall and weigh only 102 pounds. This has put a lot of stress on my life, and my children. I haven't been able to work in the same kind of work due to lifting too frequently. Geico's 1st offer was only $4,000 and I am beside myself as to why??? I was out of work 6 months, had soft tissue injuries, whiplash, moderate herniated disc., muscle spasms, and headaches.

My lawyer said we should file suit and take it to trial. What really happens next? Will they give another offer before he files, or before trial? Or not at all? Could I talk to the adjuster myself? If so, where would I find out who she is? I am so confused. I live in New York State. All help is greatly appreciated!
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Anonymous on 10/14/2008:
If Geico is only offering $4,000 that would say to me the kid had minimum coverage and they are only covering your vehicle. I agree that you should sue. Then again from what I've read in this forum Geico does its best to avoid paying claims. Chances are you will win but collecting will be another matter. This 'kid' may not be employed or have insufficient income. The insurance policy may not cover the damages. Since you have a lawyer don't contact the adjuster. That's the lawyer's job.
Starlord on 10/14/2008:
Sit back and let your lawyer handle your case, that is what you are paying him for. You have had one accident, and he has probably handled hundreds of them. He knows the ins and outs of legal cases, you don't. All too often, people end up in bad shape because they tried to micromanage their case. Keep your fingers out of the case. your lawyer will do right by you.
spiderman2 on 10/14/2008:
The first offer is always a lowball offer.
You lawyer should be able to answer your questions and tell you generally how these things work, but remember, no two cases are the same. Just because your lawyer files suit doesn't mean the case has to go to trial. The adjuster at Geico cannot talk to you if you have retained a lawyers so don't bother calling them.

You slacker on 01/30/2009:
What Starlord said.

I'm in a similar situation right now and so far it's going well as far as liability is concerned.
IknowAlittleAboutThis on 04/08/2009:
What type of PIP coverage do you have? Does your policy include wage loss? Did you sue for bodily injury damage on the other person's insurance? Were your coverages fully explained to you when you took them? It is unfortunate that many people take out the cheapest policy and not the coverage they need.
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