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"Leather" Grouping
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Rating: 1/51
PARMA, OHIO -- I purchased a 3 piece Italian Leather suite along with two end tables. I also purchased the Leather Protection Package. It took three deliveries to bring me furniture that were not defective and one of the end tables was still damaged, delivery number four with an exchange for undamaged merchandise never took place. They just stopped returning my calls. I was told the "leather" furniture I purchased would be excellent for a family with two children for the ease of cleaning. I thought how terrific that would be. We also have a family room downstairs which is where they are most of the time.

Two years into my purchase the "leather" couch started to peel. I attempted to get the furniture replaced to no avail and now they are no longer in Ohio. Five years later the couch is ready to go out the door. It is totally peeled on several of the back and sitting cushions. There are rips in several areas which just keep getting bigger and bigger. Couch covers and throws do not work because the leather is slippery and they look just as hideous and need constant readjusting. Both the love-seat and chair are starting to peel. All the furniture has little cracks and bubbles over it which means it will become a peeling point. I spent over $2,000.

When I finally contacted Jennifer Convertibles Customer service which took several months to get any response to several queries, I was told that because JC was no longer in Ohio they could not send someone out to inspect and "fix" it. I explained that it was JUNK and I was railroaded by the sales person into believing that it was real leather. I told JC representative that I spoke with many other furniture dealers about my so called "leather" purchase which I am sure is simply "bonded" leather. I spoke about my "warranty" which was fraudulent as well. I indicated that I had read all of the reviews from other customers regarding their purchases of this junk "leather" and that we were scammed. I also told them about my so called quality "wood" end tables that will not come clean and scratch all up. I indicated that I wanted either a refund of my money or new furniture, that the sales tactics and the quality of my purchase were a rues. They could have their low end quality junk back and see for themselves (as if they didn't already know). I was told that that would not be happening, the best that they could do was refund my $199 purchase of the warranty even though it did not cover peeling or blistering, only cleaning.

I did get my warranty refunded and it came within the month (last year). I am ready to throw this junk out and live without the sofa which is the worse piece to date. I am sure once the other two pieces get more use they will start splitting and peeling more as well. I just cannot believe that there have not been or is not a class action lawsuit pending with all the terrible reviews about this cheap, junk furniture they have been able to pawn off at ridiculously high prices.
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Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
UPLAND, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a sectional couch and dinette for a very good price about $1100 for all that furniture. The person who sold it to me was the manager. It was purchased on January 21st and I paid a little more than half. I was told that it woud take about 6-8 weeks before they woud be delivered. I asked if I could just come pick it up since it was $159.99 of delivery fees. The manager said "well you could but you don't want to do that because the dinette has several pieces to put it together and you don't want to go through all that trouble" I agreed and decided to purchase it. At the 6 week mark March 1i called and spoke with Nicole. She was very nice and informed me that the manager that sold me thr furniture was gone for 10 days. She said Jennifer manager from the Pasadena store was assisting their store in the meantime. Jennifer was the only one who could check the status of my order. I thought no problem I understand nicole is a sales associate and that information was only availale to management. I waited until Sunday March 3rd and didn't get a call from manager Jennifer. I called the upland store and nicole answered I asked her why I didn't get a call she apologized and saidshe spoke with Jennifer and that it was only 6 weeks and that I still had another 2 weeks and to call back by Wednesday or Thursday. Okay no problem again. I called back Wednesday March 6th and got nicole again. She said that she would leave a note for Jennifer whose covering the store and that Jennifer woud call me back. I didn't get a call back on Thursday or Friday so I decided to call. On March 8th I spoke with nicole again and she said she would email the manager and get some info I heard her typing while I stayed on the line. She said she sent the email and would call me back when she got a response. So I waited. Nicole left a voicemail saying this " your furniture was stuck in customs and it will be available to schedule a delivery date after April 5th" I was irrated at this point. I'm in a new apartment with nowhere to sit and eat. I called her back and said that my receipt stated 6-8 weeks and after April 5th is 10 weeks. She sounded surprised and said "wow really 10 weeks, okay let me see what they can do" so I waited again for a call
back. I received a phone call back from Jennifer the manager from the Pasadena store and all she did was repeat the same information nicole gave me. She was also very rude saying "I was just about to call you. I'm with customers and don't have much time." I started to thank her for helping me when she rudely cut me off and said she call back with any other information. I didn't get a call back and at this point I don't want the furniture. I call upland on Saturday and get nicole explaining the conversation I had with Jennifer and that she was very rude, nicole aplogized and I asked her if I could just get a full refund that I am dissatisfied with everything that had happened. She apologizes and said that I could get refund but that the manager wod have to do it and said he would be back in on Monday. I called Monday and spoke with the manager and he said that there is no full refund I would have to pay 30% of my purchase. I was very unhappy with this. The manager was not helpful and very rude. He continued to say that the price I got my furniture for were a great deal and that I just need to wait for my furniture. I asked if I could get compensated for having to wait 2 weeks more than they said. He immediately said no then said well I can talk to corporate but I guarantee they will only credit you $25 bucks. I then asked since I already paid can pick a couch off the showroom floor so I have something tonight and he said no. He directed me to the website for the customer service phone number and said see what corporate can do. I get to the website and there is no direct phone number to corporate. All there is is an email to address your concern. I emailed and then decided to Google the customer service number and find there are over 100 reviews of customer service horror stories with Jennifer convertibles. I call the number and they direct me to tim Smith ext 5709 and I have already left 2 voicemails at 2 and 4 and have yet to get a call back. My only options are pay 30% and get no furniture or fight with the voicemail inbox and wait until after April 5th to schedule a delievery date. This is horrible service!!!!
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Terrible Quality for U.S.A. Made Furniture
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Rating: 1/51
PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY -- Oct. 17th, 2013- It's been a nightmare to say the least. I ordered a leather living room set which arrived with a 2 inch rip on love seat and additional leather chair. It took 4-5 weeks to get another delivery replacement. Once again the chair was defective with feet on chair that was not even. Very wobbly the delivery man told me just put felt pads on them. I told him take it back which he was to happy about since it was 6pm and a 2 flight walk up.I then called the general manager of store who did not return my phone call. Nightmare #2- my dinning room chairs are wobbly and my coffee table. My night stand is cracked on one of the legs. The lamp they sold me is ripped.

After 3 weeks of waiting they sent a technician who also stated to just put felt pads on the wobbly furniture. I lost my cool on that statement which seems to be their MO and said I did not buy furniture with pads they should all be level to the floor. Get this junk out of here. He wanted to glue my night stand to repair that. That really blew my cork! To which he called his office and advised them the furniture was factory defective. It has been 2 weeks and NO-ONE has called me to give an update on me getting replacement furniture. I find this company does not CARE once they get your money. The quality is terrible to begin with but I never knew it would be this bad. I called customer service who advised me that corporate still did not get report from technicians which is outsourced.

I STRONGLY suggest that you stay away from this furniture company. It's really depressing to see made in the U.S.A tags on this furniture (if that's even true) on such poor quality merchandise.
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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- We were in the market to purchase a new leather couch. We shopped all of the local chain stores for our purchase. When we came to Jennifer Convertibles the salesman informed us that not only did they have the best pricing but the best warranty in the industry. Of course the warranty intrigued me, so I asked for specifics. He proceeded to tell me that it covers all these stains including pet urine and damages that could be caused by the pets. I asked specifically what that meant. He proceeded to inform me that if a dog or cat was to damage any fabric/leather part of the sectional they would replace it no questions asked. Since we have three dogs, that was very appealing to us.

No other competitors offered such a warranty we purchased it right then and there. I was still skeptical so I asked to speak to the store manager. To my surprise he informed me he was the manager. This eased my suspicion.

I was still nervous about the warranty, so when the couch took a ridiculous time for delivery (another issue/lie) we checked out another location for the company.

To my pleasant surprise, this sales person also offered the same extended warranty with the pet coverage. This made us feel a little more comfortable about our decision and figured it would be worth the wait.

To make a long story short, after receiving delivery finally of the long awaited couch, we had to make a claim within a couple of weeks. After submitting all the paperwork and pictures we come to find out that they do not cover pet damage.

So I went to call the store only to find out that they closed and are closing all the Florida locations. This was never disclosed at the time of purchase either.

I am a very educated consumer, but when two store managers assure me about warranty coverage I let my guard down.

I will never do business with this company again, and suggest all consumers to do the same.

By the way, the company is currently bankrupt (I wonder why?) and being taken over by a Chinese company. Does this bother anybody else?
Buyer Beware
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My son bought a sofa and loveseat at Jennifer for his first apartment. We were all so excited! We opted to pick it up for him in order to save $150 and to have the furniture sooner. No problem at the warehouse, they were very nice but in a hurry to get rid of it because it was pouring rain. We get it into his apartment and can't wait to set it up. We open the boxes and are disappointed to see how poorly it is made, everything has to be assembled, even the arms have to be attached to the sofa. We get it all together and realize one arm is broken on the inside, the wood "support" is broken and the arm sags. We call customer service and after an hour get no one due to "a high volume of calls". Big surprise. Next day I reach a person and they decide to have a technician come and take a look at it. My son takes off from work, waits all day and the tech says it is indeed broken, that it looks like forklift damage and that Jennifer will send a new arm in about 2 weeks (Now we are glad the arms do pull off and on, easy to replace!) We wait and wait and finally get a nasty letter from Jennifer stating that the technician was not authorized to promise a new arm, he was wrong about the forklift damage, and they would do nothing about the broken arm because we picked it up at the warehouse and signed off on it even though it was fully wrapped and crated and you could not assemble it anywhere there and besides, the rain would have ruined it all. They accused us of dropping it and trying to rip them off. Long story short, they were very rude and did nothing to try to fix it and we paid a furniture repair guy $75.00 to fix it, still cheaper that delivery! It was never comfortable, didn't look the same as the one on the showroom floor and he was thrilled to get rid of it one year later and buy a real sofa. Once they have your money you are TOAST,
Horrible goods & cust serv - phone list attached
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LOS ANGELES -- Issue: Couch is beyond repair and needs to be replaced according to repair technician

A part of the frame on the underside of the frame broke off of the couch on 6/21/07 and was called in to the customer service number for repair. A technician arrived on 7/20/07 to repair the couch which he did he best to repair but could not return the couch to original working order. The frame was put back into place, but the springs under the cushion remained sunken and lower than other sections of the couch.

A second claim was put in for repair, upon which another technician arrived on 8/21/07. This technician, Robert, explained how couches sold by Jennifer Convertibles were of very poor quality and constructed of particle board and shoddy craftsmanship. He tried to repair the couch for the next 2 hours and said that the couch was beyond repair and needed to be replaced. As all repairs are done via contracted repair centers and not directly through Jennifer Convertibles he would need to submit a report which would state the couch could not be repaired.

At this time the couch needs to be replaced in a timely manner as it was not fixed per the original claim which was placed within the warranty period. The couch has not been able to be used for the last 2 months and at this point legal action is an option.

The couch has been broken for over 2 months at this point, and the staff in the call center at Jennifer Convertibles is beyond rude when dealing with my issues. In particular Elliot, when asked to speak to his supervisor, will put a woman named Latoya on the phone who's conversational tactics are to speak over you or to put the phone down and walk away from it.

If you do call, demand to speak to Julio Torres and demand that you see action within 1-2 days, not the normal 7-10 business day window that they say is manditory. Julio does have the authority to push repairs through and put a 'rush' on your repair.

Remember that when the service technician comes to repair your couch, he is on your side. He has repaired more horribly constructed pieces of furniture from Jennifer Convertibles and knows what you are going through. Make sure that the technician reports the item as unrepairable and then push for Jennifer Convertibles to send you a new item.

Here are names and emails to contact:

Claim Center
Manager: Julio Torres
xt. 3660

Julio Torres' manager:
Meryil Gair
xt. 3786

Meryil Gair's manager:
Ron Turin
xt. 3890

Ron Turin's manager:
Marty Erich
xt. 3276

Marty Erich's manager:
Harley Greenfield, CEO

Contracted service center for Los Angeles, CA
Be nice to the service people, they are not Jennifer employees and are your best shot at getting a new chair, couch, parts etc. Use this number to verify when reports are sent to Jennifer Convertibles and to make sure the technician can find your house.

Contracted parts center:
Caye Home Furnishings/Stratford Upholstery
1201 West Bankhead St.
New Albany, MS 38652
ext. 715 for parts
If Jennifer Convertibles owes you parts, or a part has to be ordered for your item, this is where it comes from. Obviously Jennifer Convertibles does not like you knowing where their suppliers are, so if you are waiting for parts call the number above and say you are Elliot or Latoya from Jennifer Convertibles and that you are checking on the status of an order for a customer.
(note: I had to do this within the first days of my purchase. My couch did not come with screws for the feet/legs and Jennifer Convertibles told me over and over after many calls that they were on order. When I finally tricked a rep into giving me the number I called the parts contractor myself to only find out the parts were never ordered. I ordered them myself and had them sent directly to my work. My couch was on towels for over 3 months.)

Good luck if you already own a Jennifer Convertibles item, and if you do not then STAY AWAY. Spend a few more bucks and go somewhere else. The few hundred you would be saving is not worth your time or energy.
Worst Customer Service!!!
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My fiance and I bought a Jennifer convertible back in July. We picked a couch that was in the showroom - a green, L-shaped, convertible. It looked big and roomy and was totally comfortable. The fabric looked great - we asked how long the couch had been sitting there. The salesperson said "one year - it holds up so well!" Wow! We thought - great, one year and it still looks like this? We'll take it!

So the couch is delivered I believe within two weeks like they said - fantastic. Not. We get the couch and there is a stain on the leg, a tear in one of the pillows, and the cushions just looked generally understuffed. hmmmmm. I am not happy at all. After paying $1,800 for a couch, one would think they are entitled to a stain and rip-free piece of merchandise.
I call that day and complain about the couch. They tell me they will place an order for the cleaning technician to set up an appointment. We wait, I think about a month for them to come and clean it. Fine...very annoying but at least they came and repaired what we had complained about.

Throughout this time, we start to notice that the couch has become a "lint trap" catching every piece of hair, dust, and fabric that comes in contact with it. OK fine, apartments get dusty and so does furniture. I pull out our lint roller and figure I'll just whisk it off - wrong! The hairs/lint will not come off! We pick at them (and mind you these are not dog or cat hairs - just human hairs that fall out of your head and are relatively thin) and we cannot get them off! Extremely frustrated, I pull out duck tape (hello duck tape!) and still, the hairs do not come off. They are actually trapped in the weave of the fabric upon arrival. Completely unacceptable!

I deal with this for longer than I ever should have. My fiance and I trying new ways to pick up this lint every time we had company over (tape, vacuum, lint rolles), embarrassed by the hairs and dirt.

Completely frustrated at this time, I read the Jennifer Convertibles contract. The contract's first line reads "The Jennifer worryfree guarantee" (OK I'm worried!) I then read the Upholstery Shield protection plan which states that you should brush and vacuum your upholstery to keep dirt from getting embedded. I already do that! I do it all the time and still I cannot get the hair up or off! I am now convinced my upholstery is defective - this is not normal. People should not have to pick individual hairs off of a couch!

I call Jennifer Convertibles.....four times - asking to speak to the manager. Oh but he is never in. I leave messages every time and never hear back from him. Finally I get a hold of him and explain my problem. I tell him I am not looking for a refund (what am I crazy?!) but simply an exchange for a new couch that is not a lint trap. He tells me he must send out a technician first. If the technician deems the material defective, then there will be a discussion about an exchange. great! I know that once the technician sees the couch he will agree!

I wait two weeks for the technician to come . Sure enough he looks at the couch and says "wow I have never seen this before" He even tried to pick off one of the pieces of lint himself (much to my embarrassment) and couldn't! He stated to us that the fabric was defective and he would write it up. Great so we will be getting an exchange I say to him. He tells me he doesn't know - he is a third party and only reports what he sees. He said we should hear from JC in about a week.OK fair enough.

A week goes by...I call. Not ready yet. Two weeks go by...I call not ready yet. two and a half weeks go by...I call - now the manager is on vacation. I ask the salesperson who handles his business when he is away. No one. Great customer service! He finally agrees to help me with my issue and says he will call me on Monday (it was Friday then) or Tuesday. No call calls.

Today is Saturday no one had called but today I get a letter that states that after the technician looked at it, they find no problem with our merchandise and "are pleased that your furniture is defect free and hope you have many enjoyable years from it."
Years my ass!!!

I call JC and speak to the same salesperson (Elliot - funny I remember his name but he never remembers me after 5 calls). I don't even mention the letter but ask him why he still has not returned my phone calls. He tells me he has 50-100 people calling him a week and cannot remember every person and their problems. I ask him how business is taken care of then - does he take notes, write down names, perhaps a phone number?
He tells me Brett, the manager, deals with returning phone calls.
But Brett is on vacation!

Oh well Brett came in on his day off and took the massages he tells me. Elliot doesn't know what happened to his message from me. So apparently the Jennifer Convertibles workers are such great workers that they come in on their days off, from their vacations, to pick up messages...and then never return any of the calls. Now that is the definition of customer service!

On Monday I will call Brett again and see where this all goes.

To be Continued.

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Unprofessional Behavior of Sales Rep
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Rating: 1/51
CORAM, NEW YORK -- I went in to the Coram store and was greeted by "Bill". I voiced my displeasure regarding a paid-for recliner that was left out of my delivery over a month ago, and that upon speaking with a store representative and telling them that I did not have another entire day to sit around waiting, that I would like a one to two hour window.

First, the man on the phone told me not to worry, that there will be no additional charges for the separate delivery. Yes, he really said that. Then he told me that they would call to schedule delivery. Never happened; I guess that he didn't like my demands. Back to the store....First Bill was told no manager could be reached. Then he condescendingly ask me if I was "reasonable" on the phone. He checked his computer, found nothing then pretty much gave up. I explained that I received a partial delivery, to which he rolled his eyes and spoke to me like a child, stating "you didn't tell me THAT."

I asked for the managers name, which he would not give me. I asked for his name, which he wrote on a card and THREW at me, yes I said that right. He then walked away and refused to talk to me. THEN, he commented on the way I talked to HIM, and said "nobody talks to me that way, my wife doesn't talk to me that way, you are not going to."
Don't Waste Your Money
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We were pitched the warranty plan, heavily. It actually sounded like a good deal. From what was explained, all damages were covered for life. Yes, we were told multiple times by the sales representative that ALL damages were covered. Of course we didn't read the paper work when we were completing our transaction, but I wish we did. Unlike the sales representative told us, this warranty hardly covers anything. Four years later, the leather is peeling apart in chunks, the leather is splitting where my elbows rest, and the leather is splitting on the seat.

We called to have it repaired, and after several cancellations and reschedules, a guy shows up and takes pictures. We were told that the only damage they fix is "customer caused" damage. We explained that this was customer caused damage from sitting in the chair and couch, but they didn't see it that way. Basically, they saw it as wear-and-tear. I have never seen a couch wear like this one before!

This warranty is a scam and a waste of money. Not only did they convince me to never again buy a warranty, they convinced me to never again shop at Jennifer Convertibles. From the amount of complaints about this terrible product and the company's failure to repair the damages, I could see a class action lawsuit in the near future. I would be willing to get involved if anyone wants to speak to me. This is fraud, plain and simple. We were sold one thing by the representative but given something entirely different.
Enraged and unhappy
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I purchased a convertible sofa from this company several years ago. It arrived the day before my husband's return home from the hospital post hip surgery. It was what he would be sleeping on for a while as he could not climb stairs.
When the delivery people discovered I did not have a bank check they refused to bring the furniture in. Would not take a credit card. Would not wait the ten minutes I needed to go to the bank for cash.
When I asked whether they ever took personal checks the guy said 'yes, but only in better neighborhoods.' We live in an upper-middle class, racially mixed neighborhood.
I had to pay extra for a postponed delivery because I had already paid most of the price prior to delivery and that was non-refundable.
When I complained to Jennifer management about that rather bigoted remark he basically told me that it had been said by 'some truck driver' and that Jennifer Convertible would deny it.
The sleeper, by the way, fell apart within 4 years.
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