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Bad customer service and Delivery
Posted by on
GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- My delivery window was between 1 and 5 pm. It was rainy so I can appreciate that they might be running a bit late. I called the store at 4:45 pm on Nov. 20 to make sure they were still coming. Sandy told me in a very non-caring way not to worry and that they were coming. She did not apologize or anything about the late schedule and the call ended. At 5:30 pm I was feeling bothered by Sandy's attitude and worried that she just blew me off so I called again. Once again, her attitude was such that I was the problem - must have lots of customers in that showroom on a rainy Sundy evening at 4:45 pm so you can't take a minute to attend to my concerns! ... and she quickly said that due to the rain they were probably running late. I asked if there was a number to call the delivery folks with and she said there wasn't. She said they use an east coast company that does the scheduling and that they were closed. Then silence again (I think she took a class where they taught the student to just go silent and not say anything else when confronted by a difficult retail issue) .... I commented that her attitude was uncaring and she insisted that she did not have an attitude. She also added that deliveries go until 9 pm. Well, I was not told this when I scheduled my delivery (they had over one week to schedule this delivery for me!). I was told 1 to 5 pm and I had plans for the evening. Also, I have worked with other vendors and I have always found that they call you on the day of the delivery OR I have even received calls when they were running late. That's just courtesy and customer service, folks! I wish I would have read these reviews before I went there to support a business in my city. Never again. I would rather go to Ikea or Living Spaces (which means driving outside of Glendale). I have heard satisfactory comments from my friends who have shopped at Living Spaces. The Glendale, Ca Jennifer Convertibles store has uncaring employees and they either have too much business so they think they can blow people off or they are barely hanging on and can't handle what business they do have and use fly by night seedy delivery companies. I paid $100 for delivery (and have read of other reviews where they sock it to you with these delivery charges at Jennifer Convertibles). And I am still waiting ... 6 pm. Let's see if they come at 9 pm tonight. Not a single phone call from them - makes me mad! If I don't get my delivery tonight, I will be posting again. Final word: I would not be feeling this way if the customer service was a bit more attentive. Thanks, Sandy! You are a gem .... I know you will go far in the sales and retail world!
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trmn8r on 11/20/2011:
Furniture delivery can run late. There isn't anything Sandy can do for you to get that furniture to you sooner if it is on the truck. I hope you got it this evening, and you don't find out that they ran out of time or didn't have it on the truck.
Skye on 11/21/2011:
Jennifer Convertibles is starting to pass Ashley Furniture in complaints.

Thanks op for sharing your experience.
trmn8r on 11/21/2011:
I'm wondering if the OP received the furniture - they said that they would be writing again if they did not.
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Jennifer Convertibles Nightmare Customer Service
Posted by on
TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA -- I attempted to buy a Sofa/Sleeper from jennifer Convertibles but over 12 weeks later have given up and had to go to my credit card company to get my money back. When I originally purchased the piece of furniture they told me it wold be 4 weeks from purchase (2/13/2010). I tried to pre-schedule a delivery but they told me I would have to wait for their call, once the furniture had arrived at the local wharehouse. They called to schedule delivery at 4 weeks but told me that they were booked up and the soonest weekend date available was Easter Sunday (4/4/1020). I asked them if they were sure they would be delivering on a holiday and they confirmed that they would be working that day. On 4/2 they called to let me know that they could not deliver because it was a holiday but that they could re-schedule my delivery at the next available appointment (3 weeks later). At this point I asked for a call from Herman (Tustin GM). I heard nothing from the manager for weeks and began trying to escalate to corp. There are no phone numbers with live people So I filled out a web form (3 times) with no response. Finally, near the end of April Herman calls and offers me a delivery date of May 7th. I ask about a weekend delivery and mention the fact that they were the ones who rescheduled causing this problem in the first place and he stated that 'I can take the 7th or wait two more weeks for a weekend delivery'. I asked for a morning appointment and he told me that I could make a request for either a morning or afternoon appointment when they called to confirm. When they called me, two days before the delivery date, they told me that the delivery slot was between 10AM and 2PM at which point I informed them that I could not take a whole day off of work to wait for a couch and could only take delivery on that day if they called me 30 minutes beforehand. Needless to say they called when they arrived and left within 5 minutes (before I could race back to the house from work). I called the store immediately and was informed that they could re-schedule delivery, but that I would need to come back to the store and pay the delivery fee again in full prior to them making an appointment. I have since tried to reach corporate, the regional manager, the store manager but nobody will answer the phone or call back. Thank goodness for the folks at Visa, who credited me back! You'd think a furniture purchase would be simple... I will NEVER buy anything from this company again! Since my debacle, I checked with Better Business bureau (31 Unresolved complaints - Grade "F") and read up on the web about a vast array of company service issues and lawsuits against Jennifer Convertibles/Jennifer Sofa.
BTW - Here's a link to an interesting article on them below htm
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Alain on 05/20/2010:
Glad you got your money back. You can drop a snail mail to Jennifer Convertibles, Inc. 419 Crossways Park Dr., Woodbury, NY 11797 or give them a call at 516-496-1900 (general phone #) if you'd like to let them know what you think about their service, too.
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Poor quality product, worse customer service
Posted by on
We purchased a sofa bed that was 'supposed' to be much more comfortable with the upgraded mattress, and no metal bar in the person's back when sleeping. The problem was that the 'upgraded' mattress smelled so bad when it was unwrapped that it had to be put outside to air out. The bed was so uncomfortable when someone tried to sleep on it that we could not use it. Even though it was never slept on, we could not take it back for a refund. We paid about $1,000, and ended up selling it for $300. Unbelievable back and forth with N. Y. - for nothing. I would not recommend this company to anyone. No wonder they went bankrupt before.


DW - Mission Viejo, CA
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Do Not Buy From Them
Posted by on
CULVER CITY CA -- I purchased a sofa bed for my daughter from their Culver City, CA store.
The sofa was delivered and as soon as the delivery people walked out the door, my daughter noticed a few rips in the fabric. She ran after them, but they pulled away from the curb before she could catch them. She called the store immediately. It took them one month to get someone out to look at it, and the best they could offer was to repair it. My daughter told them she paid for a brand new couch and wanted a brand new couch. I had stopped payment on it until this could be resolved. It's now been over a month and she still hasn't heard what they are going to do.

Fortunately, I still haven't paid, but I will NEVER buy from them again. Also -the low prices are a come-on - they then charge a fortune for delivery.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 08/24/2010:
When you state "stop payment", do you mean stop payment on a check? Have they contacted you about this yet?
missek14 on 11/20/2011:
Yes - they get you in with the supposed sale price but I was floored with the delivery charge of $100! I posted an angry comment about their horrible customer service and bad delivery service in the Glendale, California store. I will tell everyone I meet to NOT buy anything from that place!
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Jennifer Convertibles Customer Service stinks!
Posted by on
ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I waited 8-10 weeks for a custom sofabed.... paid an outrageous delivery fee and had an incredibly awful experience during delivery. Apparently the drivers were informed that I owed a C. O.D. UNDER $8.00 and that the sofa could not be delivered unless this Cash On Delivery was paid. I showed the drivers my receipt showing that my balance had been paid in full but that did not matter.

The customer service representative that the delivery person was on the phone with was just plain rude when I spoke to him regarding c. o.d. My options were 1. pay the COD I didn't owe, and have sofa delivered or 2. Have the sofa delivered at a later date. I was outraged. This sofa cost over $1000 and I was being penalized for an inaccurate c. o.d UNDER $8.00.

To top it off, no-one was at the showroom the sofa was purchased from to confirm that order was paid in full for hours. I called several times on my personal telephone line to hear a busy signal. The service at the Maryland showroom is horrendous as well. I have gone to the showroom 3 times to read a sign at the door that reads "be right back" during normal business hours. And no-one ever shows.

I decided to pay the c. o.d to be told that the sofa would not fit through my door and that the drivers "could not wait". Hence, after almost an hour of arguing with the rude customer service representative and the rude drivers, my new sofas sit in the middle of my front entrance completely packed. They were supposed to go in the basement.

When the store manager called later that evening and asked what she could do to help, my husband said have someone come out and put the sofas where they belong, she said she "could not do that".

Horrendous! I wish I would have read reviews before purchasing.

I would never buy from Jennifer Convertibles again.

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Venice09 on 03/07/2010:
It was a good idea to just pay the $8.00, but I don't understand what you wanted the delivery guys to do if the sofa didn't fit through the door. You said that they "could not wait", but what would they have been waiting for? Were you going to remove the door, or did you expect them to do it? If you didn't spend so much time trying to resolve the $8.00 issue, maybe they would have removed the door if you offered to give them a few bucks. But at that point, they probably did actually have to leave to make the next delivery. You should always measure before having furniture delivered, especially if it's going in a basement or upstairs.
Anonymous on 03/08/2010:
And payment issues are not the delivery guys fault or responsibility.
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Missing "Customer Care"
Posted by on
ARMONK, NEW YORK -- Early in June '09 I purchased a convertible sofa from the Scarsdale, NY store. It was delivered on time, as promised and set up by two pleasant gentlemen who were in a hurry.

I realized after spending time around it and trying various throw pillows, that one of the back cushions has significantly more fill than the other. Since the cushions on this model are sewn into the whole cover it's not a simple matter of adding more stuffing. I put in a service request by e-mail on the form provided to have this looked into. Later as I was looking for an opening in the slipcover hoping for the possibility of a simple repair, I discovered that one arm has not been attached securely to the back frame, causing the back of the sofa to be easily moved back and forth. Another service order.

I was assured that both problems could be reviewed by the same tech, and so I waited the five days it would take. No call. I contacted the service center again, and the customer care representative gave the phone # of the tech and also said she/he would re-contact him/her. The several times I called the number I got a terse voice message with no company identification. I asked for a call back even if it wasn't the correct # so they at least would stop getting my calls. Nothing. I researched the number through Intellus and paid $4.95 to find out that the number belonged to a 26 year old woman named Ann. I contacted the customer care and gave them this information. They told me that would send a rush request to another tech company and I would here from them by the end of the week. Today. Nothing. While I love the look of the couch, at this point I want nothing more to do with it or with Jennifer.

I will be contacting the company to ask for a refund. (I know, another merry-go-round) While I admire the tenaciousness of many Jennifer's customers in having their purchases made right. I don't think I have the energy or the will to stay engaged with them.
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Anonymous on 06/26/2009:
How did you pay for it? If by credit card, you might consider giving your credit card company a call and telling them the story. They may well be able to help you.
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When Do You Pay for the Sofa Bed and Love Seat? in the Showroom or at Delivery.
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
NY, NEW YORK -- I am interested in purchasing merchandise from Jennifer convertible and am interested in knowing what the payment policy is. I want to pay in full. I would like to purchase their promotional sofa bed and love seat for $599.99.
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Anonymous on 02/04/2012:
Your best bet would be to go to the showroom and ask. Most store have a policy that you pay up front and schedule the delivery.
Phil on 02/13/2013:
Do not pay in full, give 1/2 down and pay the other half at time of delivery. When the furniture is delivered inspect it and then give them the balance, or you will never get your furniture delivered on time and to your satisfaction.
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Thanks for the Reviews . . . We Changed our Minds
Posted by on
CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- After reading all the negative reviews regarding purchases from Jennifer Convertibles, my husband and I are going to shop somewhere else for our sofa bed. All the negative reviews really helped us in making our decision. The one good review from New Jersey didn't help sway our decision any since it seems like they just purchased their furniture. Yep, I think we'll look else where and pay the extra cash for a good quality sofa bed and avoid any unforeseen circumstances with Jennifer.
Thanks and good luck to all of you in getting your sofas repaired/exchanged.
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Anonymous on 11/18/2011:
Stay away from Ashley Furniture too
trmn8r on 11/18/2011:
Yes, I only know one person (by many names) who is satisfied with their Ashley purchase. I'd suggest that a savvy consumer avoid them as well.
momsey on 11/19/2011:
I only have one name and I'm satisfied with my Ashley purchase.
trmn8r on 11/19/2011:
Ah, well you aren't the person I was thinking of!

It's good to see you momsey - until a week or so ago I hadn't seen you in a while.
momsey on 11/19/2011:
You too, trm. I've got my hands full around here and no longer have a boring desk job in front of a computer.
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Terrible customer service, Nightmare to deal with
Posted by on
PORSTMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- We went to Jennifer looking at sofabeds. We ended up liking a couch, and asked about the sleeper version. What we were told was that the sleeper was 98% the same. After delivery and $2000 later, we realized it wasn't the same as the sofa in store. It squeaks, sags, and the slipcover is way too large. We asked about a return and showed our unhappiness at the showroom the first few days after delivery. They made an appointment for the technician. He came out, told us we probably saw an older model that isn't made, called our sofa "defective," also offered to come back and add to the pillows, or do work on the sofa. My wife and I both didn't spend our hard earned money on a new sofa that needs work put into it. Well a month later, a 2 page letter to customer service, a dispute with my credit card, and a note into the BBB, I'm still being told we can't return due to the technician finding nothing wrong with the sofa. The same technician that agreed with everythign we found.

GRRR.. never will I go near or buy from them again.
Btw, the store we bought the sofa at closed down 2 weeks later.
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Alain on 07/14/2010:
I'm not sure if Jennifer Convertibles is a franchise, but if it is and the store closed it'll be difficult recovering your money. Did you try their 516-496-1900 corporate ph# to see if they'd at least talk to you?
Richard Lewis on 07/31/2013:
I bought a sofa....they rescheduled my delivery 3 times and did NOT SHOW UP AT ALL on the third time, when they had asked me to wait for them during a 5 hour window. I took off a whole day of work, lost pay and still do not have my sofa!!! THEY ARE TOTALLY DISHONEST and disorganized and I am utterly shocked they are still in business.

DO NOT NOT NOT EVERY BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!!! They have not been able to give me any sort of resolution to my problem. I purchased from the Milford, CT store but see that almost every franchise has a HUGE problem
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Nightmare customer service!
Posted by on
ROHNERT PARK, CALIFORNIA -- I've just had one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life at Jennifer Convertibles! I went in to look at sofa beds. The sales person was talking about "sofas" and "beds" and "upgrades" and I simply did not understand what she was talking about or what the total price of what I wanted was. She became increasingly agitated and then in response to my continued questions she started saying things like, "I don't know how I can make it much clearer," "I give up!" We wound up in a shouting match (this is 100% against my personality as I am NOT a confrontational person) with me telling her I was the customer who had come in to buy a sofa bed and she was making me feel very stupid and I was positively stunned when she told me to "get out of her store!" I was so furious and came home to write to their headquarters to complain about this woman and could not find a phone number on their website or an email address. Then I googled Jennifer Convertibles headquarters, and came up with hundreds of wonderful negative feedbacks from people. Thank you everyone! Thank you miserable, rude manager at the Rohnert Park, CA Jennifer Convertibles store. You saved me from buying a cheap, inferior bed! You saved me from probably never getting the bed I purchased delivered! I'm so thankful to all who took the time to write about their terrible experiences.
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