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Kia Rio Timing Belt Issue?
By -

I bought a 2005 Kia Rio brand new. Had a few problems with the wheel bearings @ around 58000 miles on my way back to the Gulf Coast from Cincinnati which Kia did fix at no charge. The dealer in Meridian MS that fixed the bearings offered to do a routine inspection before I drove 3 hours to pick up the car at no charge to see if there was any recommended services I needed. Not wanting to break down again I happily agreed (plus it was free).

The dealership called me and said the car needed no additional service at that time. Then at roughly 60,136 miles the timing belt broke. I had it towed to Kia in Gulfport Mississippi, confident that my impressive warranty would cover this issue. To my dismay, they refused to replace the damaged motor under the warranty and instead wanted me to pay $3500. I fought, called Kia and begged. I was given no reason why they would not honor the warranty and I still had 5 payments to finish on a car that was junk!!!

Timing Belt
By -

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON -- I think I'm ready to give up before I get started. I have a two year old Kia that last Tuesday blew the engine. Had it towed to the nearest Kia dealership (30 minutes away), Only to be told that the timing belt broke and blew the engine. it has 65,000 miles on it. I have diligently taken care of this car, oil changes every 3000 miles, etc. Replaced all the tires. Almost from the minute we drove it off the lot the tires would randomly go flat. Any hoot, the local dealership told me the timing belt was broke and not under warranty. BS.

Instead of paying another 6 grand for a piece of crap, I bought a Toyota on Friday. So today we rent a car trailer head the dealer to pick up the car. They left our car in pieces. We opened the hood and lo and behold, the timing belt is not broken. It's missing some teeth. Now I'm scratching my head but my hubby is thinking we've been screwed by Kia yet again. The tech tells us the teeth rubbed off when the belt froze. Well in order for the belt to freeze, doesn't something have to break first.

We are getting an attorney and fighting Kia. For the techs out there that work for Kia and your response to people having issues with them is it's neglect and abuse, I say BS To you too. Kia is a horrible company that makes a killing off of people that can't afford to purchase a higher end vehicle. Way to screw the little guy. We get to make payments on cars that are useless. Apparently so is the company Kia..

I had no problems until.... the warranty expired.
By -

MONTANTA -- Kia Rio RS 2001 4-door: First car, was going for a used car but walked in and bought a new Rio (tip: don't ever let a salesman in sweet alligator looking boots sell you a car). No problems for the first 3 years. 41 months down the road, I was driving, went to dad's, stopped the card, took the keys out of the engine. After visiting, come back, put the keys in, expecting it to start. It didn't. IT chugged. Then no noise.

I took it out, did it again and again. There was noise then nothing. I waited. Couldn't start the car again. Called the boyfriend to come pick me up - he told me to call roadside assistance since it is 5-5-5 Kia protection, right WRONG! Roadside assistance is only for 36 months or 60000km whichever is first. THAT WAS 5 MONTHS AGO!

So my car starts to have problems 5 months after warranty expires. I have to pay for my own towing. Call the boyfriend again. He comes and gets me. By now it's 40 minutes. Car starts up so it's not the battery. He drives the Rio to the dealership 5 minutes down the road. Boyfriend says it's not the engine. IT's the alternator. Leave it at the dealership.

Called them the next day: "did you have a chance to look at my car? The Rio RS 2001 white?" "Uhh.... no, when did you leave it here" was the response. I told them to go and find it cause I left it there. They look at it, call me back. "IT's not your battery!" Phew! Thank goodness. "IT'S YOUR ALTERNATOR!" "Okay, how much is it going to cost? Is it not covered by the warranty?" "No, comprehensive warranty ran out at 36 months." "You are joking me?" No. "Okay, now what do I have on warranty?" "Internal stuff to the engine." "So how much?" "$661.70 CDN."

So you are telling me I bought a new car to drive for 3 years then spend $661.70 to get a new alternator? IT's a new car for crying out loud, like hello? Alternators do not need to get replaced in 3 and a half years. Okay, dealership will knock off price by $100.00. It can be done today. Uh, no. It can't. I have a problem with this and unfortunately I don't know how I'm going to deal with this. One thing is for sure, I am selling my Kia for whatever I can get and never ever buying one again. I had absolutely no problems with kia until now, and boy, I used to love it, I came to hate it really fast.

Kia Rio Stopped After 60.000 Miles, 6 Years And 2 Weeks. Now I Am Without A Job, Soon To Be Homeless.....
By -

CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA -- KIA is the worst after all I have read on your pages. I am so sick. I thought I bought a car with a good warranty when I purchased it brand new. The car stopped for no reason. Engine is frozen, does not turn. Dealer declared Kia has denied my claim. 6 weeks later and I'm out of a job/savings/soon to be homeless/child took off/no transportation. How can I drive my child to very important sport events/competitions? My life came to a hold when this darn car stopped... What shall I do? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Waste Your Money on a Kia
By -

I have a 2006 KIA Rio I purchased new. Passenger airbags are off when any one sits in the seat. Had KIA factory mechanic look at it and he stated it was in perfect working order. They could not fix it. Car has 100,000 miles on it and still has the problem. Trans has a leak and KIA would not fix it under warranty. DO NOT BUY A KIA. THEY ARE JUNK AND THEIR WARRANTY IS JUNK. PASS THIS ON TO ANYONE THINKING ABOUT BUYING ANY OF THERE CARS!

In Regard to Kia's Timing Belt Problem
By -

In some cases when buying a used car, you are not fortunate enough to get a manual. We also have a Kia Sportage 2002 which does have a manual and it states "replace timing belt every 96,000 miles." If timing belt failure causes so much damage that a new engine is required, I would think a special note should be included stating what will happen if not done.

By -

With only 65,000 miles on my car, the timing belt broke and ruined my engine. Kia says this is not unusual and I understand it happens all the time. Why would they keep building cars like this and creating such a hardship on people. Don't they care? I would like any info on a class action suit against Kia re: this problem.

Resolution Update 11/14/2010:

I can't say resolved as I never could get thru to Kia but resolved in my own mind and chalk it up to bad luck and move on.Never will buy another KIa though.

Not Told About Replacement of Timing Chain @ 60,000 Miles
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I had a 2005 4-door Kia Rio which turned out to be more of a headache than anything else. After taking my car in for regular oil changes, filter changes, etc., I was NEVER INFORMED OF HAVING TO CHANGE THE TIMING CHAIN AT 60,000 miles resulting in the car STALLING IN THE MIDDLE OF A BUSY INTERSECTION with my months old grandson in the back seat in the middle of summer. I WILL NEVER BUY A KIA AGAIN!!! It's not surprising as to why it sells so CHEAP!!!!

Kia Does Not Stand Behind Authorized Dealer Repairs
By -

I had my Rio repaired at an authorized dealer. They put in the wrong screw on the head gasket and it had to be repaired out of state at another authorized Kia dealership. The old owner of the dealership is not helping with the $1600 repair job - he says "it's the owner's problem." The new owner says "it's the old owner's problem". These are brothers. When I called Kia to complain, they said they do not stand behind their authorized dealers.

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