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Kia Sedona 2006
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Rating: 5/51

IOWA -- I bought my Kia Sedona brand new nine years ago and it has been amazing. Other than routine checks and gods I've only ever had to buy an alternator and battery and valve cover gasket!! I love my Kia!

Kia Customer Service Incompetence
By -

I am preparing to buy a new minivan and the Sedona is one of my two final choices. However, I recently stumbled on the website **. To my horror, it seems like a number of Sedona owners are really complaining about your vehicle and company. This is a significant obstacle for me to overcome in my selection of the Sedona. Maybe you can enlighten me on why I should ignore these cries of desperation relative to new Sedona's and buy your van anyway. If I do not hear from you, of course I will summarily cross Sedona off my list and the decision will be made by your lack of positive response.

To my surprise the customer service rep, **, said he would take the website info, but no one at Kia would communicate with me concerning my request for help. His idea of customer service did not seem related to the "service" part of the title. I made clear to him that I could not buy his car without some comment from Kia on this damaging website. Yet the guy was unmoved and felt no responsibility to helping a customer on this type of matter.

I repeated that I would not buy a Kia unless he helped me. Again the guy would not budge and make any effort to take this elementary sales objection off the table. He simply did not care that Kia would lose a customer because of his inactivity. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and he would not do that. He claimed that no one at Kia would handle this type of request.

At that point, I realized that I was experiencing the exact same behavior described by a multitude of individuals on the website I was calling about. I don't even have a problem with a Kia vehicle and I was handled with a don't care about your problem attitude. In my opinion, this fellow's attitude seemed to be representative of a serious problem endemic to the Kia customer service department. I will attempt to find someone at Kia that cares, but I must question my intentions. Why do business with a company that is so, so difficult even regarding such a simple request. MY EXPERIENCE WAS A NIGHTMARE!!

2005 Kia Sedona Van Accelerating while trying to stop
By -

It is scary to Google this problem I've been having with my 2005 KIA and read all these complaints about KIA Vans. I normally won't take the time to complain but I feel scared to let my family drive this vehicle anymore. I feel panicked after reading so many bad reviews about KIA Vans. After several checks to have the brakes fixed, a new air conditioning unit, three headlights in a year, coolant hoses failing while driving and second incident coolant pipes to the back heater under the van rusting and failing while driving, timing belt replacement, and now a check engine light for over accelerating, the repairs on this vehicle are draining my pockets and now another issue for me.

My van is at times harder to stop. This car is my wife's primarily. I drive when we're together. I've noticed lately the over accelerating of the engine while trying to come to a stop. Twice now I've had to slam on the brakes in panic of the accelerating feeling I've experienced just before coming to a complete stop. For the entire time we've owned the van I've never thought the brakes were functioning correctly. KIA had checked them and a local auto shop both saying the brakes are fine.

Now with this over accelerating issue happening twice recently and a check engine light warning over accelerating confirming an experience I felt, I write this review. Scary to read so many pages of people's complaints. Every issue I've had there's at least two or more complaints around it I've read in a very short amount of time - head lights going bad quickly, brake problems, accelerating issues. Is it too much to ask KIA to buy back this van.

I have always doubted recent acceleration stories with cars but after experiencing what I have this past week maybe other stories were worse than mine. I was going slow both times when I experienced the sudden acceleration. Slamming the brakes down did make the vehicle stop. Driven several cars and vans in my life, first two vehicles I drove were vans. This van feels like its going to fall apart every time I drive it. So many weird sounds. I think I can hear the metal frame pieces bending when accelerating and stopping. My last comment has not been confirmed.

KIA Sedona EX 2004 rust / Corrosion front hood
By -

ONTARIO, CANADA -- Rust appeared on the hood of our 2004 Sedona EX about 2 years ago. It started as small pimples/spots below the grill both on the inside and the outside. We mentioned this to our dealer and were told that this was caused by stone chips and is not covered under warranty. Their opinion was that the rust is only on the surface and had not broken through or perforated the surface.

The rust got progressively worse and recently we finally got the dealership to bring in their Area Service Manager to inspect. On the morning of the inspection I met another customer who was also there to have his 2004 Sedona inspected...for rust on the hood in the exact same spot.

After inspection the dealership agreed to call us upon completion of their findings. A day later we received a call and were told that repairing the hood would not be advisable. I told them that I have heard of other Sedona owners insisting that the hood be replaced. They agree that the hood needs to be replaced. The cost for repair is $1102.64 and their offer is that we each pay 1/3!!! Dealership 1/3, KIA Canada 1/3, customer 1/3. I also only have a limited time to accept this offer???

I've owned cars for over 30 years and have had rust problems with some of them but have never heard of this. They insist that this is an isolated problem, even after I sent them pictures of 5 other 2004 Sedona vehicles with identical rust marks and a promise to send more in the coming weeks. After doing some limited research, I found rust problems on earlier models but we were assured that these problems had been resolved in newer models.

Any suggestions are welcome. Also please be aware that if you do have a Sedona around this age make sure you insist that they check the REAR COOLANT LINES. These are also starting to rust out and I already know of one person who recently replaced his engine when the line broke. KIA is aware of this and will repair under warranty but only if you INSIST that they check this. They will not check this as part of their regular inspection.

Fuel Spewing From Filler Neck Going on 4 Years Now
By -

I have a 2005 Kia Sedona ~ bought out of necessity ~ not choice (Had a Dodge Dakota 4x4 quad cab which I loved)!! Kia wants to settle for $3K and they still have not fixed it!! Bought in 2006, worked good the first summer in Vegas, but in 2007 it started spewing fuel out of the filler neck, not just dribbling ~ it was shooting. Kia has had their engineers out numerous times and still have not been able to fix it even though each time they say it is fixed!! They haven't even reimbursed for the original rental of about $350!

During the summer cannot park in the garage because the fumes are so bad. Definitely cannot drive it out of town on vacation, so have to fly or rent a car. Have had four car seats ~ yes kids in carseats in the car and have had to yank kids out of them because the gas leak and smell is so bad and stand out in 100+ degree heat waiting for the tow truck.

Kia has done nothing but send out engineers. Now going into the 4th summer with this nonsense and they want to settle for $3K?? I need a vehicle that is safe and that can seat 7!! The Sedona with a whoppin' 41K miles on it originally bought new for $30K+ is now worth $8K and they have been dinking with this for three years. Have been told to just "trade it in," but ethically ~ could you really??? Come on now Kia ~ get real!!

2006 Sedona ABS light on and Passenger ABS Off
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Rating: 1/51

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- We have a 2006 Sedona and experiencing the same problem as other Kia owners. From what I have read, there are a few possible options for the problem, the seat sensor, the belt buckle or the Control Module. If this has been an issue, why has KIA not issued a Recall for the Sedonas like the other models. We have been fortunate with no accidents but one never knows. This is a Major Safety Issue and KIA needs to act now!!!! I own a Toyota Tundra also, and when there is an issue, Toyota steps to take action. Guess a big difference between how some countries appreciate their customers.

Customer Service/professional
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We bought a 2012 Kia Sedona our second Sedona. We loved the first one so we decided to get another. The bad idea was to go to Kia On The Boulevard - our previous dealer went out of business. Since making the purchase in October 2011, we have had to come back four times. First the radio did not work. Took three hours to tell me they did not have it and would have to order it. When I did come back for it to be install it took forever.

Now the horn does not work and instead of calling me asking if it was OK to do the oil change, which was free, they put me to the end of the line. I told them I was stepping and left my cell phone number. This has been the worst car dealer experience ever. My suggestion is don't waste your time. Between the sales people and the administration staff a class in customer service is needed. The customer is not the important factor there.

My experience with KIA
By -

I stumbled upon this website and started reading the reviews regarding KIA. I bought a new KIA Sedona in 2002. It now has over 100,000 miles. My experience with the KIA dealership is mostly positive. I had most all service done at the dealership - the exception was new brake pads and I would have my oil changed at one of the drive-in facilities between dealership visits.

There have been a fair share of issues that were always taken care of quickly and efficiently. My transmission was even replaced "under warranty" because the dealership had failed to change the fluid at the designated check-up (dealership informed me of this!). I attribute the life of this vehicle to following the maintenance schedules. I will definitely buy a KIA in the future. You cannot beat the price and the 5-star safety features.

2006 Kia Sedona ABS Module
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- At 70,000 miles I started having what I thought was "bad gas". So we put in some gas fixer upper and the problems ceased. Two weeks later, started all over again. Acted just like you had gotten some bad gas, stalling, jumping, sputtering. Only this time, it would stall every time I went to back up. The brake light came on. The check engine light came on, and so did the brake light. Went over some bumpy railroad tracks and all the lights went out and the car acted fine.

For a week or so...took it to the dealership and they said it would cost $300.00 just to diagnose the problem. We told them to go ahead. They diagnose and tell us it COULD be the ABS Module, which cost $2,800.00 parts and labor. And then they drop the bomb. "That is just where it starts. There are other things wrong with it, but this is what needs to be fixed first, and then we will be able to fix the other things that are wrong with it after that."

They were supposed to call us after the diagnosis and they didn't. We had to call them, and they really are not as nice as you would think they would be. The economy should tell you to be nicer to your existing customers and/or customers to be. I'll be riding a bicycle soon.

Starter Issues
By -

CUMMING, GEORGIA -- For the fourth time since December 2008, my '06 Sedona had to be towed to the dealership. The first time, they said it was the battery that was dead, causing "dead starter" symptoms. Pro-rated or not, with a family of 7, the $100 I had to shell out for said battery hurt. Less than 3 weeks later, same issue. This time, the wiring assembly between the battery and the starter were bad and replaced.

Barely 2 months later, same problem. Power for everything, including power doors, lights, radio, etc., but when you crank the key...nothing. Not even a click. 36 hours later, the stupid thing started. Brought it in any way and left it. Dealer had it for a week and it started each and every time. Did I mention I had to beg and plead for 3 days to get a loaner car??? I had my van for 1 week... and I just had to have it towed AGAIN to the dealer.

After hours, of course, I am praying the damned thing does not start. But once again, no loaner car, and I am a stay at home mom of 4 kids and my nephew relies on me to get him to work. I have no other mode of transportation. Can you say...FRUSTRATED???

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