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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I purchased a 2012 Kia Rio Lx in October 2011. I left the dealership and went to an alarm system facility because the car didn't have even a basic anti-theft alarm system. I drove this car with absolutely no problems for over 3 months, even on a long distance trip. However, about two weeks after I went to the dealership for the first oil change (only because it was free), a problem occurred as I was making a right turn onto a street.

The car hesitated, seemed to stall, and the engine malfunction came on. I pulled over to the curb, turned the engine off, then on, and the car drove again but the engine malfunction light was still on. I went to the dealership, they said it was the throttle body control. Ordered a replacement, and I had to go back for them to install it. However, the car continued to have the problem, so I went back to the dealership. They kept the car five days, then said the aftermarket alarm was the problem. Charged me to remove the alarm and rewire the car.

I didn't even make it home from the dealership and the problem occurred again. I went back, the cause of the problem then became the wiring harness which they said was damaged by the alarm system installer and would cost me $1877.00 to repair. If it was the alarm system causing the problem, why did it take over three months before the stalling problem occurred?

I contacted Kia Headquarters by sending them all the invoices from the dealership, the alarm system company, and the AutoZone diagnostic I got in one visit that dealership couldn't seem to do in several. No response whatsoever so far!!! The dealership is full of bull and apparently so is the headquarter's way of handling customer concerns. I will take this car to a competent certified mechanic (not KIA) and hope the car can be repaired properly since I'm stuck with it for now.

What I don't understand is, if the alarm system caused the problem of the car stalling/hesitating every now and then when I try to make a right turn, why did it take over three months after installation for the problem to occur? And since they removed the alarm and supposedly rewired the car, why is the problem still occurring? And, the funny thing is, an AutoZone employee was able to diagnose the possible causes in one visit; 1. ETS Relay 2. poor electrical or loose wiring.

2002 Kia Rio
By -

We purchased this new car from Weston Kia in Gresham Oregon. For the gas mileage, we had the 30,000 mile service completed at about 33,000 and planned on having the 60,000 miles service completed by 65,000. However the timing belt broke and took out the motor (this is a very common problem with Kia motors). Weston worked with Kia and agreed to order a new motor and provided us with a free rental car, if we agree to pay for the 60,000 mile service which of course we did. This ordeal took 11 weeks.

They provided us with no extended warranty on the new motor beyond the 100,000 on the original car. We had the 90,000 service completed by Weston and also had a new timing belt put on before the 60,000 miles service on the new engine. 40,000 miles later, the timing belt broke again and took out the whole engine. Of course we have 170,000 miles on the car not but only 105,000 on the new motor and only 40,000 on the new timing belt that should have at least lasted 60,000 miles.

We took it to Weston and they told us we needed a new engine $3,000.00 or they could get us a used one with a 6-month warranty. So we filed a complaint with Kia consumer and worked with them for 2 weeks, only for them to come back and say that they will not do anything and that they really only warranty the timing belts for 12 months.

BEWARE. Do not buy a Kia unless you plan on putting a timing belt on it every 12,000 miles. We are so disappointed with this company we could and would not recommend them to anyone. If only one person does not buy a Kia because of this review, I will be happy.

Timing Belt Class Action Lawsuit
By -

After reading so many complaints about the timing belt issue with Kia Motors, I am hoping there is an attorney out there that would be willing to handle a Class Action Lawsuit against Kia Motors. I have a 2004 Kia with 63,00 miles and the timing belt has broken. The dealer says it will cost $4000 to replace the engine. It is within 3000 miles of the recommended replacement date. The car was just paid off and now it is a piece of junk. Kia refuses to stand behind it. Let's all form a group and sue the pants off these guys. They sell an inferior product and know it.

2005 Kia Rio & Timing Belt - Dead Engine
By -

Loved the car until it died. The engine is blown because my timing belt broke teeth. This caused the engine to be damaged. Still owe $5,000 dollars on this car and I am unable to fix this vehicle. Belt died at 79,000. So when they say to change your timing belt at 60,000.. you better.. It has an interference engine. When the belt goes.. so does your engine. New engine is $2,000 dollars.. replacement. To rebuild over $1500.00 easy. Now I'm in the hole - $5,000 and have a very expensive paperweight in my front yard. Will never buy another Kia ever again since this seems to be a very common issue and their parts are way too expensive to repair.

Catastrophic Engine Damage Due to Timing Belt Defect
By -

KELSO, WASHINGTON -- We purchased our 2005 KIA Rio Sedan new after a friend told us about KIA. We have had our Kia serviced according to Kia's requirements and have also kept all the receipts. October 30th 2008 our Kia lost power and the engine stalled on the freeway and would not restart. It was towed to the mechanic, who within minutes had found the problem.

The teeth on the timing belt had separated from the belt 6 inches in length and therefore the engine had become out of time. The Kia Rio has an "Interference designed Engine" - meaning, when the crank shaft and camshaft become out of time with each other, because of the belt jumping a tooth or the belt breaking, it allows the pistons to strike the valves. Not good news!

My Kia's engine has bent or broken valves in all cylinders, the crankshaft and camshaft will not turn to allow for realignment. The mechanic told me there had been catastrophic damage done to the engine because of the faulty KIA belt and started searching the database for a new engine to replace the three year old engine we have always taken great care of. The mechanic was not as surprised as I was to learn the engine is expensive compared to others in the same class. Due to the failure rate of this engine, because of its design (interference engine), it has become the hottest engine and hardest to find because it is in such high demand.

The person who gave us the word of mouth to purchase our vehicle experienced this same thing with her 2003 Rio and was forced to replace most of the components of the engine. I immediately called a good friend who also owned a Kia, because of our word of mouth, and told her to get hers inspected. She had purchased the vehicle used and the first owner never replaced the belt and the current mileage is over 80,000. She called me after the appointment to tell me thanks because the belt on her car had started to crack. The Kia Service center had three Kias waiting for engines at the time my fiend had her belt replaced.

The timing belt is due to be replaced before 60,000 to maintain the warranty, which we did. Our vehicle has just passed the 100,000-mile coverage point and is currently at 116,963 miles, almost all freeway miles too. We were still following Kia's recommendations for maintaining the vehicle and getting ready to replace the timing belt for the second time. That would have been due before 120,000 miles.

Our car is three years old. We are the only owners, and we have all the receipts for work and maintenance that were performed on our Kia. I contacted Kia to let them know what had happened to bring to their attention this flaw in the engine's design; after all these huge companies rely on us consumers to let them know if their products are great or if things need attention. A Kia representative said, "Well you did purchase the least expensive vehicle Kia makes!" like this is an expected thing to happen because the vehicle is less expensive than others.

The Kia representative I spoke with yesterday told me Kia suggests having the belt inspected every 15,000 miles, which ironically is not suggested in the "Kia Motors Warranty And Consumer Information Manual" nor is this suggestion located in the Kia Rio Owner's Manual!

While checking for this information, "KIA suggests" a lot of what I did find was "Your selection of a Kia was a great investment, it will give you years of driving pleasure... Kia is dedicated to your complete satisfaction." From the moment you get behind the wheel of your new Kia vehicle, you'll notice how satisfying it feels; a feeling you'll appreciate for as long as you own your Kia vehicle. “Your complete satisfaction is our primary concern."

After all of this, I can honestly say I love my Kia. It is a great economic vehicle, and very cost effective. I have not had many complaints until now. Unfortunately the KIA Motor Corporation is not willing to listen to their consumers when valid concerns arise. After the 100,000 mile warranty there seems to be no cooperation or support from KIA Motor Corporation. The very sad thing is KIA is aware of this issue as are all of the KIA dealers I have spoken with. "KIA is aware but is not planning to change the engine design!"

Just like the power that word of mouth had, helped me to make the decision to purchase this Kia, as well as helped my friend to purchase hers; word of mouth will also help the future consumers avoid these issues that will always be present with Kia until Kia is willing to make changes to make a better product. Because the Kia Motors Corporation is unwilling to listen to consumers' concerns, consumers have an obligation to let others know this information so they can make an informed decision.

I would not have purchased this vehicle three years ago if the word of mouth at the time was... "my engine had to be replaced when the car was three years old, and the company knew I would be in this situation when I was purchasing the vehicle three years ago and never said a thing about it". How is it all the Kia representative I spoke with are aware but they will not say a word when unsuspecting consumers hand over the cash?

Please continue to let Kia know if you are a happy consumer or not. Your voice is still being heard, and helping others make a more informed decision to buy or not. Like I said before, this KIA has been a great vehicle as I expected it to be when I purchased it three years ago and as KIA says "It will be for years to come". Unfortunately years to come amounted to only three.

Worst in Services
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I bought a Kia five year ago. I miss payment but I catch up, some I put toward the end of my loans. To my surprise they call me to let me know that my loan is up. This was a month ago. I told the representative I was unable to pay the whole amount. She give me a plan to pay it. After paying a 1000 dollars my car was out for repo. When she told me once I pay the 1000 I would have until Dec 2012 to pay off the loan. Now my loan balance is 2000 and I have to pay it by Nov 2012 or it charge off and repo. After making ever effort to pay them.

Kia Rio 2006
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I'm having a problem with Kia warranty on my car. I have change my oil on a regular basis, but between oil changes my oil would be low so I would added more to it. I called Kia on more than one occasion about this problem but nothing was ever done. There was no sign of a leak and now they telling me that there's a lot of soot on the engine. So my engine is shoot and they don't want to replace it. I have no control over where the oil goes and this situation lies in the hands of the manufacturer and not the consumer. As for now I'm waiting and researching for help.

Glass Crack
By -

DARTMOUTH NS CANADA -- Hi! I recently just bought a Kia rio 5 and I must say the car is wonderful! I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a comfortable ride and a major gas saver! The only major complaint I have is that 4 days after I bought the car, a small crack in the front window appeared. This crack did not happen while I was driving and nothing hit the window!

I called Kia motors and told them about it. They said they would look at it when I was going to get my under coating done! They looked at it and said that the crack was not due to pressure and that they could do nothing about it. The salesman who sold me the car asked me if I had any claims on my insurance! I have never made a claim so he told me that one claim wouldn't matter! They left me at that, and now the small crack has grown and is now just about across the whole top of the window!

So I have a brand new car and I know this crack will not pass mvi. In my opinion, with the car not even over 1000km, they should have replaced the window with no questions asked, and plus you can tell that nothing had even hit the window to create the crack!

2006 Kia Rio
By -

She also broke her back, chance fracture at L3, compression fracture L4, process fractures at L3, L4, and L5. She also broke both legs, requiring pins in the left ankle and a rod in her right leg. She was hospitalized for 4 weeks. Her recovery will take a year. This was her junior year in high school. We feel very blessed that she survived, but had the airbag deployed she may have been as fortunate as the driver. The roof of the car had to be cut off to remove her from the car. The Kia had front and side airbags, only the driver front bag deployed.

Kia Rio Timing Belt Issue?
By -

I bought a 2005 Kia Rio brand new. Had a few problems with the wheel bearings @ around 58000 miles on my way back to the Gulf Coast from Cincinnati which Kia did fix at no charge. The dealer in Meridian MS that fixed the bearings offered to do a routine inspection before I drove 3 hours to pick up the car at no charge to see if there was any recommended services I needed. Not wanting to break down again I happily agreed (plus it was free).

The dealership called me and said the car needed no additional service at that time. Then at roughly 60,136 miles the timing belt broke. I had it towed to Kia in Gulfport Mississippi, confident that my impressive warranty would cover this issue. To my dismay, they refused to replace the damaged motor under the warranty and instead wanted me to pay $3500. I fought, called Kia and begged. I was given no reason why they would not honor the warranty and I still had 5 payments to finish on a car that was junk!!!

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