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Bad Service Procedures
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Bad is not the word. Awful is more like it! I brought my Sedona to a dealer for service here in NY. It's been two weeks and they still have not repaired the issue and cannot give me solid answers. I have even started a case with KIA corporate and even when they call the dealer they cannot get any answers either. It took the service dept. a full week before they looked at the car. Kia corporation has denied me a loaner car as well.

Their service procedures are in need of major revision as they seem to have to depend on a factory representative to give any answers at all, another to approve loaners a customer service representative and still no positive outcome. This is the second time I have gone through something like this with them. Long story short, I would NEVER recommend KIA to anyone. BEWARE!!!!

By -

FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- Forget about their warranty. It is worthless. My Kia burnt up the entire wiring under the carpet. The dealer could not find any reason but repaired it for 2100 dollars. Even though they told my insurance company it was a mechanical defect they would not cover the wiring. They said it was electrical but their repairmen said something external caused the wire to burn. Bare wires were showing on the wire and the floor had about a 1 ft diameter spot where it got hot. I will not have Kia touch my car because I know they will find a reason to deny warranty work. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY A CAR MADE BY KIA.

2007 Kia Sedona EX, upper headlight assembly bracket broken
By -

Does anyone that owns a 2007 Kia Sedona EX or other Kia Sedona have a problem with the upper plastic headlight bracket held on by 2 nuts, being cracked and not secure causing headlight to be somewhat loose? I have found 2 owners on other forums with exact problem. Please respond.

So Far So Good
By -

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- Our 2006 Sedona Van is used as a business vehicle, and has gone 50,000 miles in a year and a half with only one issue. The brake rotors warped and were replaced under warranty at 30,000 miles. Everything else has been great. We used van to tow two full sized motorcycles on a trailer, along with three teenagers and all their stuff for a two week vacation 1500 miles each way without any overheating problems. I would recommend this vehicle. So far so good.

Another Extremely Poor Quality Kia Vehicle
By -

Here are the problems I had with my 2002 Kia Sedona EX: Gas Gauge - After filling up with gas, the gauge immediately moved to half but took about five minutes to move from half to full. It also didn't read accurately. While driving, it slowly dropped (as would be expected). The problem here was, it showed only 1/2 a tank of fuel when it's really 3/4 full.

Trip Computer/Overhead Console - The digital display for the various overhead console functions was wrong. For instance, it showed time as 3:69 p.m. and the temp readings were preceded by a small L. Sliding Doors - On the left sliding doors, the plastic bushing busted off the center support brackets causing the door to bind. Windshield Wipers - Completely failed when the connecting bushings fell apart.

Interior Door Handles - The handle actuates a cable attached to the latch, allowing the door to open when the handle is pulled. The cable seemed to have too much slack in it, making it difficult to open the door from the inside. The interior door handle on the left (in my case, driver's) side simply broke off because it is non-reinforced plastic.

Oil Usage - In just under 3,000 miles, it leaked and/or burned about 3/4 of a quart. There's no evident leak, so I'm guessing that it's the latter. Air Conditioner - Leaked refrigerant slowly and then ceased to function. Engine - Jerked (or stalled) hard - threw on CHECK ENGINE light but continued to run. Paint - The paint beneath the rear window peeled. Clearcoat paint on piece above license plate "alligatored" or "checked."

Airbag Light - Airbag light was constantly lit. Warning Lights - Warning lights for charging system and brake never light (bulbs test okay). Charging System - This malfunctioned, requiring replacement of alternator. Acceleration - Sometimes ran at idle speed even when trying to accelerate. Glove Compartment Door - Failed to close entirely, allowing inside light to stay on. Cruise Control - Periodically shut off automatically and could not be turned back on until the vehicle was stopped, shut off, and restarted. Leather Cover - Peeled off of the shifter and had to be re-glued. Sun Visors - Plastic broke causing mirror covers to fall out. They had to be replaced.

Product Quality - "Lack Of"
By -

BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN -- In preparation for a trip to Florida, I took my 2002 Kia Sedona in for servicing & a quick check to make sure it was safe to drive on our trip. This was at the end of March 2004. Since that time my car has been to the dealer no less than eight times, many for more than one day. Kia has replaced the steering rack, alternator, and today, my transmission is being replaced - yet AGAIN. This will be my third transmission - and much to my dismay - the replacement transmissions are rebuilds. I requested that this third one be a new one - but my request was refused.

It's a good thing that Kia offers a 10-year warranty because the quality is so poor. The long warranty is needed. I would not recommend Kia products to anyone unless you enjoy being frustrated and spending more time back at the dealer, than on the road. I am seriously considering contacting an attorney regarding a suit under Michigan's lemon law. I NEED A DEPENDABLE AUTOMOBILE!!!

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