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Low Quality Cheap Garbage
Posted by on
If you are thinking of buying a Kia-read this first, and then run!! I have a 2007 Kia Sorento. At 12k it got a new motor-it has had 4 factory recalls-it has had 3 new rear differentials, not including the original- and is still not fixed because they cannot fix it. They replaced the drive shaft-then took it out. Then they replaced the 4 wheel drive--this did nothing--the a/c compressor has been replaced and a window motor and regulator have been replaced. All this and more before 30k miles. Now Kia motors-not the dealers--are saying that the banging and clunking noise created when you shift gears is normal--it may be "normal" for a Kia but is not normal for other auto makers...I test drove many others and not one made these noises. I also drove another Kia and it did not make noise. I have been advised that the rear differentials are mismanufactured and Kia has sent them to an outside repair shop to try to fix the issue. They are still no good. Here is the deal---Kias are cheap junk and you will pay plenty before they are done with you--they have no interest in honoring the warranty and will try to run it out. When you try to sell it you will loose your shirt as their reputation is coming out and maybe it is time for a class action lawsuit.

Don't hesitate to call a lawyer if you are getting kicked around as you may have legal recourse in your state and Kia will have to pay the lawyer. Google "lemon law" in your area and you should get a lawyer or two who specialize in consumer complaints. Do your friends a favor and warn them about Kia and don't let them bully you --you have rights--
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old fart on 04/18/2010:
I have a 2001 Kia sephia and while the transmission slipped at 30K miles it was replaced without a whimper and I still have One year left of the car's warranty..

Satisfied KIA owner
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BEWARE OF KIA SERVICE! ...or accept consequences!
Posted by on

I took my 2005 Kia Sorento into the dealer here in SLC, UT 100 miles before the 60k warranty expired and requested a complete diagnosis of the vehicle for costly repairs to be discovered and repaired prior to expiring. THey didn't even look at most of the car, only the minor concerns I had, fixing one of them, but not diagnosing the rest as agreed. Not even 4 months later did I notice that my transmission had a service bulletin out on it to fix (of course they denied it had anything to do with a recall).

I got an independent opinion from a trusted mechanic who works on Kias all the time. He said without hesitation the Kia customer service should simply fix this and have obligation to. Boy was he and I wrong. I called Kia customer service (corporate) and was SHOCKED when I talked to a "ROBIN" who talked over me continually, did NOT even listen to my concerns, insisted she had to call the dealer (which she did), but did not even talk to the service manager who was the one who handled my concerns, then came back to the call after 20 minutes on hold and told me I would have to pay $85 for a diagnosis to determine if the concern is valid (DUH!) and she MIGHT be able to cover it and the cost. I could NOT believe how rude and unaccommodating she and the company was. You are right, they do NOT care about their product and making the customer who buys it happy. I have noticed they simply market to everyone how all-inclusive their warranties are (best warranties in the business) to get you to buy them, but they have NO intention on covering anything, really, truly. BEWARE OF KIAS!!
I since learned that they do this, knowing all the loopholes and inserting the exceptions into the fine print of the warranty, as well as using it as a bait and switch to get people to buy their vehicles, knowing they are inferior in quality and price, but subsidizing that with a heavy-loaded "all inclusive warranty" to get people to bite and take the risk.

Consequently, I let Robin know on a recorded call how ridiculous this company is and that a formal complaint filing with regulatory agencies and her superiors (for the way she handled the call) was coming. I want ALL to know to stay clear of Kia, no matter what car, model, or year you are considering! If you don't, you will suffer the decide!
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jim247 on 03/10/2010:
I agree with everything that was stated about KIA.
They go out of their way to avoid warranty work.
I had a ongoing electrical issue for months. They
put the blame on me, refused to fix it under warranty
and paid 100% out of pocket to get it fixed. If you
are thinking of buying any KIA, because they seem to
have a wonderful warranty, BUYER BEWARE, YOU ARE IN
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2005 Kia Sorento totally horrible and service dept gives a bad name
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a Kia Sorento 05 and I finally by the overlooking of god just got rid of it, my lights went out at least every 40 days, my check engine light came on twice a year. But the bad thing about it Is when this first started happening I would literally argue constantly with the service department explains to them it's still warranty. It got so bad they tolde to call corporate to gong out and call them back to let them know. Once incident I was on my way to see my father and I explained to them that my dad was passing and my check engine light was causing my truck to stall and I truly need to get to him. I was told to drive slow and did I have to go immediately!!! I was devastated and had to borrow a friend vehicle. Another time after Thanksgiving my check engine light came on I took it in. It was actually done that day. As we driving to my son game it's comes back on so I didn't go. I was told the mechanic didn't change the sensor. Twice I took it bk for the radio numbers fading off, every single light in the front completely went out. I had to use my cell phone light to see which way to turn the knobs. What I'm saying Is I would never recommend a Kia to anyone. I test drive the new Sorento and my heart and trust wasn't there. I just purchased a Nissan murano and I've never been so happy. Anytime I tell you my fad dying and I asked me if I can hold out your not the company I need or want my family to riding in.
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Yumm, pancakes! on 06/22/2012:
I'm sorry you didn't like your Kia. I have a completely different experience with mine, did you try a different dealership to get the repair work done?
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KIA Sorento 32 MPG gas mileage claims are false
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My wife drives 116 miles per day back and forth to work. The trip is 95% turnpike highway miles. The Sorento has 5600 miles on it and has yet to get over 21 MPG. The car was advertised at 32 MPG highway, and there is no way this car will ever see close to the 32MPG number and KIA needs to stop advertising it!! I recently drove the Sorento to Ft. Pierce and back, all highway and 90% cruise control on flat Florida roads and got 21 MPG. I took the same trip a few weeks back in my 2000 Toyota 4 runner with 239K miles on it and got 23 MPG, that's what the car was rated at from the factory 12 years ago. The internet is now full of stories from people having the same experience and KIA has to be fully aware that this car is not capable of 32MPG in real world driving. We put a lot of miles on our vehicles and gas mileage is important, if this car had been rated accurately we would have never even considered purchasing it. If your looking for a nice car that gets 21 MPG then consider this car, but if mileage is important you won't get it with the KIA so DON'T BUY KIA SORENTO
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FoDaddy19 on 03/25/2012:
Keep in mind that the only model rated for 32 MPG highway is the 2WD automatic with the 2.4L I4. If you have an AWD model or V6 model your mileage will be less.
dhuron on 03/25/2012:
This is the 2 wheel drive Sorento LX with the Direct injection 2.4L 4 cylinder engine and the 6 speed automatic transmission. Window sticker and TV advertised at 32 MPG.
clutzycook on 03/25/2012:
What kind of traffic is she driving in? I drive on the Jane Addams Tollway near Chicago 5 days a week and my Mercury Sable can get between 24-25 mpg. However, If I'm driving on I-57 in the downstate area, I can get anywhere between 25.5-27 mpg without blinking. Why? I-57 is wide open 99% of the time, while the JAT can have a lot of stop and go traffic. If I were driving the tollway at a later hour of the morning or when the weather was bad, my mileage would be a lot worse.
Starlord on 03/25/2012:
The makers do not make the mileage claims. those are EPA estimates based on perfect conditions in tests conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency.
trmn8r on 03/25/2012:
clutzy - "I recently drove the Sorento to Ft. Pierce and back, all highway and 90% cruise control on flat Florida roads and got 21 MPG."
clutzycook on 03/25/2012:
Any headwind?
GKS on 03/26/2012:
I purchased the 2012 Sorento EX January 24th with the expectation the SUV would realize the 32 mpg as advertised...not even close. I drive approximately 4k miles a month, 90 highway. At best, the vehicle gets 22 mpg. The vehicle is driven in Florida with no hills and no air conditioning to date. Luckily, my brother works for South East Toyota and today I traded the vehicle in for a Camry which advertises 35 mgp highway. I drove 56 miles on 1.4 gallons of gas...40 mpg. I'm fortunate that my brother's discount abosorbed the negative equity trading in the Kia. I certainly hope people read this because Kia is getting away with highway robbery.
jim on 08/14/2012:
Your all lucky I have a kia sorento 2004 and I'm lucky to get 15 mpg its a 3.5 v6 4wheel drive
dhuron on 11/02/2012:
UPDATE:DETROIT - Hyundai and Kia overstated the gas mileage on 900,000 vehicles sold in the past three years, a discovery that could bring sanctions from the U.S. government and millions of dollars in reimbursements to car owners.
The inflated mileage was uncovered in an audit of test results by the Environmental Protection Agency, which ordered the Korean automakers to replace fuel economy stickers on the affected cars. The new window stickers will have figures that are one-to-six miles per gallon lower depending on the model, the agency said Friday.
dhuron on 11/02/2012:
A REVELATION!!! As noted in the article above and I'm sure many of us car buyers were not aware of, the EPA only audits a small portion of mileage claims (15%) the actual tests are performed by the car manufacturer. KIA/Hyundai chose to inflate their actual results to gain a marketing advantage at our expense. For more information, owners can go to or to find out if you are eligible and how to receive compensation
Vince on 01/09/2013:
You're not crazy and you are probably getting the same crappy mpg that most people are. I bet half the people are either unaware or obviously don't pay any attention to their mileage. I calculate my mpg with every fill-up. I have a 2.4L 2WD 2012, sticker said 22/25/32. I too get 5-7mpg below sticker across the board. Filled up the vehicle 50yds from the hwy and drove 350 miles. Did the same thing for return trip. Did this round trip 3 times. Best mpg always 26 or lower. Do a mix of 75%hwy 25% suburbs, get 23. Do the closest I would to city which is still partly highway and mostly suburb 50mph roads with lights...17-18mpg. I too only bought the vehicle over other companies based on the better mpg. I feel completely taken advantage of. Consumer affairs is dragging their feet. Don't know about you but I just want my money back and they can keep their fraudulently advertised vehicle. Thinking about going to BBB next.
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Engine Noise
Posted by on
TEXAS -- Although the warranty service through Kia has been done well, problems still exist with noise coming from the right side of the engine on cold mornings. The noise goes away within two blocks of driving. Kia can't seem to find the problem and really waiting for the car to go out of warranty. Whenever there has been a problem in the past, you have to prove what is happening before they will do anything.

Service needs to get better, but I am afraid it will get worse now that Kia cars are being made in USA. If anyone out there is experiencing this, please let me know. All reports researched stated - timing belt pulley is making the noise and once it heats is fine.

Second issue is the air conditioner...making noise also when operating. Kia replace the clutch (recall), but now will not work on the current problem because pressures are correct. Here too, they are waiting for the car to come out of warranty to find the problem.
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azRider on 03/08/2011:
I hate KIA, your lucky they did any warranty work. do your self a favor and dump the car now. its only going to get worse. almost any company offers better service than KIA. get out now.
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Very poor gas mileage
Posted by on
One reason we bought the Kia Sorento was because the sticker said the gas mileage was projected at 21 town and 29 hiway for the 4 cylinder engine. After 5000 miles we have maxed at 19.6 for hiway!!!

What a rip off!! There should be some recourse for this kind of stuff!!

We drive from Atlanta to to Panama City which is mostly a flat road. We always drive about 65-75 mph and the green eco light is always on indicating we are to be getting the best gas mileage. We asked the dealer service representative and he said "its an SUV..they don't get good gas mileage"

I said but that is not what the sticker says...yeah..well you know...he said.

Very very unhappy abour this...
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/17/2010:
That is the estimated MPG. There are several things you can due to increase fuel mileage. keep your tires properly inflated, don't drive over the posted speed limit, avoid jackrabbit starts, etc. Access a website devoted to your vehicle's make and model for more gas saving info. BTW- I only average 17 MPG and spend well over $300/month on gas, so I do understand where you're coming from.
dan gordon on 12/17/2010:
it took less than 10 seconds to google Sorrento gas mileage. You might do that next time
Anonymous on 12/17/2010:
Any chance the "green eco light" is malfunctioning? I don't know anything about it, but perhaps something is amiss with the vehicle in general?
trmn8r on 12/18/2010:
dan_gordon -> the review you posted is for a 2003 model with a V6 engine. The OP has a 2011 with a 4 cylinder.

To the OP -> Driving above 60mph, the main factor in fuel economy is wind resistance. This dramatically reduces MPG. For example, tests show a Toyota Celica with MPG as follows:
60 mph 48 MPG
65 mph 44 MPG
70 mph 39 MPG
75 mph 37 MPG (20% less than @ 60 mph)

As another mentioned, properly inflated tires are important also, for overall fuel economy.
Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
this is defiintely an interesting post.
Critical_level2 on 12/20/2010:
Your speed is one of the factors causing the 19MPG. IF you were to stay around 60mph instead of 65-75, you would get much better mileage. I agree with the others that you also need to keep your tires properly inflated.

Main thing to remember is you are driving a 5000 pound SUV, Not a 2000 pound economy car. SO of course it will get far less mileage than most cars that way far less.
Bobby on 06/20/2011:
I google it before I bought and it said around 25 but I'm getting 22 on the highway. I took it back to the dealer to check out and they said there nothing wrong and try to blame the gas. It is a rip off maybe a class action suit would help
wben838 on 10/20/2011:
I have the 2011 kia sorento 4 cylinder manual transmission and I get about 25.5 on the hwy and 22.3 in the city and I drive very aggressively. 75-80mph on the hwy, 4-5k shifts in 1st and second gear. I have had the car for 17 months now and have about 29k miles on the odometer. Something is definitely wrong with your cars. My mileage has gotten a little better with time somehow? I'd definitely get it checked out while under warranty even though the dealers near me seem like blockheads.
2012sorentoFL on 01/29/2012:
I bought 2012 sorento 4cyl. I had 2 fill up. My odometer is 620 miles and I average 22.1 mpg. Sticker says 22 - 29. I drove 50:50 with no other weight than myself @ 180#. Brand spanking new everything. So far, I'm a bit upset that I was misrepresented.
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2004 Kia Sorento
Posted by on
VINELAND, NEW JERSEY -- My Kia Sorento has left me stranded twice. Not only has it left me stranded I could have been killed! There is no warning at all. The first time the vehicle had 59,000 miles on it. I was driving down a highway and the car made a loud clunk and the steering wheel locked up. I have absolutely no control over this situation I can not turn the wheel. Thank god that there was no other cars in my path. Kia replaced the bolt at no charge it was still under warranty. I figured what a freak incident. (SECOND TIME) I was driving down the road just picked my daughter up from school boom happens again. Once again lucky no one was in my path. This time I have 89,000 only 30,000 miles later no warranty no Road side assistance everything has gone expired.

This time I called the 1-800# for Kia the gentleman was very nice initially but then when he returned my phone call with some information he was very ignorant and told me that Kia is denying my case. I replied to him what happens if this happened again I might not be so lucky. He told me that he cannot predict the future. So now I'm stuck with a SUV that I'm scared to death to drive afraid I will not be so lucky the third time and it will Kill my family. I am not finished with this case I'm waiting for a call from [snip]!

There is a defect in the crank bolt! Something needs to be done.
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Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
There's no recalls or service bulletins concerning the problem you describe. I did the similar complaints on the 2004 Sedona models where the steering system got noisy and the vehicle was hard to steer.
Malena on 02/02/2010:
Hi, we have the same problem with our 2006 Kia Sorrento. The crank shaft bolt has broken 4 times in 11 months. We are presently trying to resolve the issue with Kia motors. We're not driving the car anymore due to Safety concerns.
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Brakes & Rotors Replaced Ten Or More Times!!!
Posted by on
PERU, NEW YORK -- My 2006 Kia Sorento has had about 10 sets of rotors on it (Yeah,TEN or more) in the short two-years that I've owned it. Every 3,000-6,000 miles they need to be replaced!!! Up to this point the dealership has agreed to replace them, but now KIA is beginning to waiver on their original agreement to COVER them for the FIRST 60,000 miles! They claim they've NEVER had another vehicle with troubles such as this and insist it's my driving. Well, my car had 1,100 miles on it when I bought it (told me they were test drive miles). After having the rotors replaced for the 5th or 6th time, I insisted they give me a PRINTOUT of ALL the work on the car - Service Dept kept forgetting to print it so when I insisted, it was to a sales person who just went in and printed it.

As I read it, it was CLEAR the problem wasn't MY DRIVING - the car was in the shop at 380+/- miles because "Customer" reported vibration at high rate of speed (front end alignment done) AND AGAIN at 585-miles, "Customer" reported vibration - BRAKES & ROTORS were replaced!!! THIS is ALL before I purchased the vehicle. They never ONCE told me that the car had brake trouble when I bought it OR brought it in for service. ALSO, when I questioned them on this PREVIOUS "Customer" (being "I" should have been the FIRST and ONLY owner) they told me that it was COMMON for new vehicles to have RUST on the rotors and require replacement. I've owned SEVERAL new vehicles in my life and know A LOT of people and have never heard of this problem. ANYWAY, does anyone have these issues with their Sorento? I've thought about an attorney, but can't afford it right now and I've been arguing with Kia for OVER A YEAR and now I think I'm beyond the lemon law (mileage limit) for NYS. The last time I spoke to the Attorney General's Office they told me it sounded more like a Consumer Fraud Case because of the PREVIOUS brake issue and I should TRY to see if the COMPANY will work with me.

Kia's Consumer Assistance person told me they could probably give me an additional $500, but that's it. I think they should replace the CAR or give me my money back! I've even told them to take the car for 6,000 miles and see if they have any issues, but they told me they CAN'T DO THAT! Can anyone help me?
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 11/08/2008:
do you ride your brakes? do you live on a mountain or step hill? sounds like you are putting un-due stress on them.
Anonymous on 11/09/2008:
Madconsumer: Re-read the post. The vehicle had been previously sold and the OP acquired it with 1,100 miles on it. The previous 'customer' reported similar problems with the brakes. Therefore, it is not the OP's driving habits. The OP needs to run the VIN through any number of vehicle history vendors to see if it has been sold or titled previously. Good luck OP!!
kia sadona on 01/31/2009:
madconsumer,Do you work for KIA?
Stripes on 04/16/2009:
I feel for you.. Kia if I am correct is owned by Hyundai I could be wrong .. but let me tell you I am flying through rotors but my car is a lease and I AM NOT PAYING for anymore rotors I have had 2 sets and 2 shaved on and the car just made 1 year old in Feb 09.. It is totally sad I am fighting with the dealership now because I gave them a bad rating and went to BBB because they did not want to honor the warranty.. Looks like Hyundai/Kia or whom ever have issues and it will not be address. I wish I knew how to start a suit against them. This is just so wrong to do this to people. Money is hard to come by and I know I don't want to be feeding a car!
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Don't be fooled - Kia will not honor their warranty
Posted by on
NICHOLASVILLE, KENTUCKY -- Dealership: Car Town Kia
Location: Nicholasville, Kentucky

I am a casual driver who goes VERY easy on the brakes, yet around the 30,000 mile mark, the rotors were bad. Kia resurfaced my rotors under warranty.

Now, at 43,000 miles, I have rotor problems again. Kia now refuses to fix the problem because the brake pads are now less than 50% of their "new life" (from Jennifer in the service department).

I am really tired of Kia's bait and switch tactics with the warranty. It all sounds wonderful until you encounter problem after problem, and the dealer won't honor the warranty for any of these items. Here are a few more things the dealer would not cover:

A) About 14 months into owning the vehicle, I discovered the alignment was "toed-in" (the dealership's words). It ruined my two front tires ($120 each). The problem was not obvious because they were toed in by the factory at exactly the same amount, so that the car's alignment felt perfect. The damage was hidden because the tire wore on the inside and could not be seen from the outside easily. The dealership would not even pay to correctly align the vehicle, saying my alignment warranty was out. THIS WAS A FACTORY PROBLEM that cost me just under $300 to fix. It was not apparent by driving until it was too late.

B) About a year ago, I complained that the leather on my driver-side seat was wearing prematurely. It had giant cracks going down the leather grain, and you could see underneath the leather. I was advised by the dealership that the wear is "within acceptable parameters set forth by Kia", and that I should use a good leather conditioner (which I had used several times). As a side note, I had a Camaro convertible before this Kia and never had this problem, even though I rarely used conditioner on the seats.

C) On cold winter days, the heater works for about 2 minutes, then gets cooler and cooler until its pumping out ice cold air. At that point, it never warms up again. I have taken the vehicle in twice with this problem, and the dealership says there's nothing wrong with it. ("It works for us.")

Also, this was interesting: the brake lights on my Sorento quit working at the exact same time. I checked the fuses, and all fuses were fine, so I replaced both bulbs. They were still dead. I took it into the dealership, and they said that both my (new) bulbs were bad, and that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. Very weird. They now work, but I know my bulbs were fine because I'd just bought them to replace the ones that seemed to die.

This is my last Kia. Never again.
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User Replies:
KIA Service Sux on 10/31/2006:
I know how you feel. Kia sux!
kiad00d on 03/10/2007:
I work at Kia Dealership.. they are common for rotors going bad we usually replace them under warranty. And they found nothing wrong with your coolant problem? must be a poor kia you get service at.. the coolant resivour are common to crack on the bottom, warranty should cover the resivour if still under the 100,000 km
jkprice on 09/01/2007:
I agree I have a 2004 KIA Spectra. KIA is the biggest rip off going. We bought ours based on the warranty, what a joke! They made us pay for a rebuilt transmission at 51,000 miles with a 24,000 mile warranty so what happened to 100,000 ? These people don't care.
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One year old KIA SORENTO worth only 45% originally paid
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OCALA, FLORIDA -- My KIA SORENTO is worth according to KIA $ 13,000 after paying $ 31,000 for it a year ago. WAnting to trade the Sorento for an optimia, same dealership and company, they said my car was worth only $ 13K on trade, but
the bank maintains it is worth $ 19 K.
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 04/23/2012:
The dealer is always going to try to make every penny they can. If you are not prepared with information, they will really take you to the cleaners.
First, dealers have the potential to make bigger profits on used cars than new ones. You can always do some research to know what a dealer really pays for a brand new car. You never really know what the dealer pays for a used one. So, when trading in, you need to check the values from Kelley Blue Book and N.A.D.A. on the car you are using as a trade in. Make sure you document all values (trade-in, private party, high retail, etc...) and have that with you. Also, bring examples of the same vehicle that are currently on the market. Also, be reasonable, the dealer is in business to make a profit. If you can sell it yourself, you will be much better off.
Do the same research on the car you are buying. You can even use Edmunds to see what the market price is like for that vehicle.
Once you figure out all of this, you have a better idea of whether to move forward.
tnchuck100 on 04/23/2012:
ChuBaca is giving you excellent advice. I might add two more things. ALWAYS be prepared to walk away if something doesn't sit just right. Read the ENTIRE sales agreement before signing it. Many times the numbers they verbally tell you may not be the numbers that are written into the contract.
revan on 04/23/2012:
I took my almost 2 year old 4runner into CarMax for a free appraisal. They offered $29,000 I bought it for $34,000. I would have taken $26,300 because that is the loan payoff amount. They gave me a bank draft for $2600 and I no longer have the $535 a month car payments. I also got an appraisal on a 5 month old E350, they only offered $45,000, I paid $49,000. Some cars they low ball but popular ones they give a good deal. Chances are they will beat the dealer price.
trmn8r on 04/23/2012:
The definition of "worth" is critical to your experience, and there are several when it comes to used cars. eg wholesale, trade-in, retail. Also, the condition of the vehicle and miles will alter the value greatly.

Trading in a late model car after only a year will usually result in a loss of several thousand dollars.
Lark Rise To..... on 04/23/2012:
Depends, we have two Ford's exactly the same year and model, mine is pristine. The other one the kids drive, it is dinged and dirty with less miles than mine. However, mine with more miles apprised for more. So, it can be just the condition of the vehicle.
Yo Mama on 04/23/2012:
I'd shop around and find the best deal on resale, don't be so set on one brand, particularly the cheapest one.
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