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Brakes & Rotors Replaced Ten Or More Times!!!
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PERU, NEW YORK -- My 2006 Kia Sorento has had about 10 sets of rotors on it (Yeah,TEN or more) in the short two-years that I've owned it. Every 3,000-6,000 miles they need to be replaced!!! Up to this point the dealership has agreed to replace them, but now KIA is beginning to waiver on their original agreement to COVER them for the FIRST 60,000 miles! They claim they've NEVER had another vehicle with troubles such as this and insist it's my driving.

Well, my car had 1,100 miles on it when I bought it (told me they were test drive miles). After having the rotors replaced for the 5th or 6th time, I insisted they give me a PRINTOUT of ALL the work on the car - Service Dept kept forgetting to print it so when I insisted, it was to a sales person who just went in and printed it.

As I read it, it was CLEAR the problem wasn't MY DRIVING. The car was in the shop at 380+/- miles because "Customer" reported vibration at high rate of speed (front end alignment done) AND AGAIN at 585-miles, "Customer" reported vibration - BRAKES & ROTORS were replaced!!! THIS is ALL before I purchased the vehicle. They never ONCE told me that the car had brake trouble when I bought it OR brought it in for service.

ALSO, when I questioned them on this PREVIOUS "Customer" (being "I" should have been the FIRST and ONLY owner) they told me that it was COMMON for new vehicles to have RUST on the rotors and require replacement. I've owned SEVERAL new vehicles in my life and know A LOT of people and have never heard of this problem.

ANYWAY, does anyone have these issues with their Sorento? I've thought about an attorney, but can't afford it right now and I've been arguing with Kia for OVER A YEAR and now I think I'm beyond the Lemon Law (mileage limit) for NYS. The last time I spoke to the Attorney General's Office they told me it sounded more like a Consumer Fraud Case because of the PREVIOUS brake issue and I should TRY to see if the COMPANY will work with me.

Kia's Consumer Assistance person told me they could probably give me an additional $500, but that's it. I think they should replace the CAR or give me my money back! I've even told them to take the car for 6,000 miles and see if they have any issues, but they told me they CAN'T DO THAT! Can anyone help me?

Engine burned out
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- The Kia Sorrento engine with 67,000 miles, bought new by me, over heated causing damage that has been repaired. The total of the bill is over $3,600.00. Kia personnel first diagnosed the originating problem as failure of the plastic engine coolant reservoir cracking and losing coolant. After having it pointed out that the reservoir does not actually cool the engine, Kia has since changed their reason for the incident to a faulty thermostat.

They refuse to allow warranty on the repair work, saying that since the thermostat warranty expired at 60,000 miles, the 100,000 mile warranty is not valid. Their written warranty information at time of sale said nothing about the warranty after 60,000 miles being dependent on items expiring at 60,000 miles.

After the overheated engine incident, I went to a Kia new car sales department and asked a Kia sales representative, with the hood of a new Kia Sorrento raised, while pointing to the coolant hose, and asked the question "if that hose breaks or any part of the system containing the coolant fails, is the 100,000 mile warranty valid?" He stated, with two witnesses present, that "the 120 month, 100,000 mile warranty would be valid for any failure, including burn out of the engine from failure of the hose or any part of the system". That same salesman also offered me $1,000.00 for the 2003 Kia on trade, prior to the engine repairs.

Vehicle Problems
By -

I purchased a 2005 Sorento and it spent 9 months at the dealership in 2007 and 6 months so far in 2008. Efforts to contact principals in Korea via e-mail, letter has been futile. Local dealership in Jamaica (West Indies) have been unresponsive, hence the effort to contact Principals (or anyone who can assist with this untenable problem).

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