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Kia Motors
111 Peters Canyon Rd.
Irvine, CA 92606
800-333-4542 (ph)
949-468-4905 (fax)
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Kia's 10-Year Warranty Isn't Worth It
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- We bought a brand new Kia Sorento 2014, which ended up giving us a huge problem within the first 30 days of purchase. We got the vehicle towed to the dealership. They sent photos of the vehicle to the corporate office in California, and then proceeded to tell us the deficiency in the vehicle wasn't covered under the 10-year warranty we had paid for, and that we would need to spend $3500 out of our own pockets to fix the car. An absolutely horrific experience with the Kia corporate offices.

For one thing, the customer service representatives were unprofessional and totally adamant in not being helpful. Purchasing the warranty is so not worth it. We bought a brand new car so we wouldn't have to worry about any major issues with the car. But we were proved wrong within the first 30 days. I will never buy a Kia ever again, and will recommend anyone looking at buying a Kia to reconsider their decision. Go with an auto manufacturer that actually values its customers and stands up to their word.

Very Unhappy
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a Kia Sportage 2008 last year and I can't count how many time I have taken it to the dealer for the Esc light coming on; I would say more than 15 times. I am VERY UNHAPPY the Kia would let this happen. The response I get from the dealership every time I take it in is "THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS WITH THIS TYPE OF CAR". WELL FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM IF THIS IS A RECURRING SITUATION.

I would not recommend anyone to buy this type of vehicle. I bought it cause Kias are affordable and I thought they were dependable. At least once a month I have to take a day off of work to bring the car in for this problem cause the dealership will not do these types of repair on the weekends.

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Rating: 1/51

I have a 2008 Kia Optima. Oil has been changed, some from those fast track places and some I have done myself. So anyway had check engine, light go on, took it in and the dealership told me the oil pressure blew the filter paper apart and plugged something up. I can't see oil pressure being more than 50psi so they drained the oil, flushed everything out and good to go, right? Wrong.

2 months later 2/23/12, I get a pop and a knocking sound from the top end. I don't have all my records now. Kia won't cover it till I have 2 years worth of papers. What a joke. What if my house burnt down and lost. How do they know what's wrong just by listening to it. What if it's something else. They say from lack of maintenance. Being our only car, yes it would be up to date on maintenance. Now waiting for the district manager to call. Let's hope.

Kia Has Dropped the Ball
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FT. PIERCE, FLORIDA -- Just wanted to let the world know what a rip off Kia's Powertrain 100,000 mile warranty is. They make that promise but then they find any technicality to be sure they don't have to honor it. Just a warning if you buy one... You better read the warranty cover to cover with a magnifying glass, tie your salesman to a chair and torture the info out of him because Kia will NEVER tell you what you have to do to avoid voiding your warranty. They were such a good company when I bought my Sephia and then my Spectra, but after what they did with the Rio... NEVER again.

24 Hour Roadside Service a Big Disappointment
By -

I am a hospice nurse who lives in Northeast Ohio. I own a 2010 Kia Soul purchased five months ago. Today for the first time I was in need of use of 24 hour road assistance that comes with each new vehicle. I want all present and future buyers to be aware of what I was informed of today. I got stuck slightly in snow today and called the 24 hr road assistance number. I was disappointed and disheartened by what I was told. Due to weather conditions, that was not a service that Kia would cover. What good is this service if Kia is going to be selective about what assistance they will cover?

I guess to say they offer 24 hour roadside assistance looks good on paper in the buyer's contract. Until now have been extremely satisfied and promoted Kia to everyone. My niece and son-in-law have since purchase Kia vehicles, but now my opinion has drastically changed. If you offer something, what good is it to have it if the rules of the game are changed and it's not there when you need it most! Thankfully I had to rely on the goodness of strangers who got me rolling again.

Warranty loop hole - read your warranty before buying the car!
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My family owns plenty of Kia vehicles. I have 5 family members who all own Kia, so when I went to buy a car... I chose Kia. I love my car, its nice, but the warranty is horrible! My car is broken (under warranty) it broke a few months earlier, and a Kia dealer in Indiana "fixed" my car. Well yesterday the piece they "fixed" fell off of my car while I was driving. And I have to say their road side assistance is pretty good. But now I am car-less for a week, until they get the replacement part in. Because their warranty does not cover car rental... even if it is a part that is covered under warranty. So read your warranty carefully. Because there are better deals out there.

Kia: Worst First Car Experience
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- After much excitement of leasing my first vehicle as a college graduation present to myself, I quickly had buyers remorse.
Two days after signing my lease for a '06 Kia Sportage, I received a faxed copy of the paperwork, which was incorrect and didn't match the hardcopies I had walked away with. Kia Finance had inputted the wrong monthly mayment amount. It may not seem like a lot but @ $3.17+ more a month ($135.00+ over the total lease time frame) adds up. *Thank goodness my dad caught their error.
Things were OK for the first few months with the new car, but I learned that the paint on my car scratches off very easily. Something as small as a twig could chip the paint. Cost me $100.00 to fix. Also, beware of the stock tires on Kia compact SUVs. The tred wears very quickly. I am about 7,000miles under the agreed 3 year mileage amount and my tires are barely keeping 1/8 inch tread, and I'm not a car mechanic, but that doesn't sit right with me. I'm sure Kia will make me pay for that too at turn in

But here's the kicker. I'm 6 weeks away from freedom (my lease expires soon!) and looking at other vehicles. After 3 years of leasing, my credit report shows no record of me leasing from Kia. I call Kia Financing to question about this, and the customer service people are rude and unhelpful. Took 3 separate transfers to speak with someone who knew what they were talking about. (I was an account major, and it's really not this hard people!)Turns out, City Kia (Orlando Dealership) faxed a typed copy of my paperwork (not the originals) to Kia Financing with the incorrect SS#. So, joy to the world, now my credit report is screwed up. Again, it took 3 separate days of phone calls, trips to the Social Security office, the dealership, and my personal bank, multiple faxes and a half dozen rude customer service reps before Kia recognized THEIR error. Correction of this issue is still pending, and my patience is just about up.

Final Thoughts: Buyers/Leasers beware. Perhaps I have just managed to have the worst luck ever with this company, but I will never recommend anyone to buy a Kia. Their cars don't hold up well and their customer service is terrible. I personally had to lease because of my financial status at the time, but I would strongly advise against buying for sure.

My 2cents...thanks for listening. Good Luck!

-Never again Kia, never again...-

Extremely dissatisfied with Kia Motors America Inc.
By -

We have a 2005 Sorento that since almost new has had a highly intermittent shifting problem in the defective manual transmission. We have documented several times via telephone and by certified letters to Kia Motors America Inc. When we asked, Kia denied any other documented cases of our problem.

Even though we have confirmed that we are not an isolated case at the dealer and this problem is a serious safety issue Kia Inc. refuses to honor their warranty and will not replace our transmission (or anyone's with this exact problem). For the record, the dealer has been extremely courteous and professional but we understand their hands are tied due to corporate's indifference.

We are not surprised that Kia has not duplicated the intermittent shifting problem during test driving but that does not mean it does not exist. Kia will not accept responsibility for their vehicle. Kia Inc. is "dropping the ball" big time.

Keep in mind that we are dealing with a defective component that impairs the safety of our vehicle and endangers our lives. (We are not talking about just a luxury item i.e. clock, cd players etc.)

Kia dealers have informed us that very few manual transmission Sorento's are sold in the USA so our problem is appearing in very limited numbers. Perhaps too few for a defect to become apparent. If more consumers were complaining of their unsafe vehicles due to defective transmission then Kia would be forced to give this problem the immediate attention it deserves. A recall begins with just one consumer's complaint.

We are sickened by their non-solution to our problem. We have documented repeatedly with Kia Inc. that our Sorento is an unsafe vehicle and should not be allowed on the road until its defect has been corrected. As far as Kia is concerned the problem does not exist. Kia's message to us is that they do not value our safety in a vehicle they manufactured. DISGUSTING!

If the situation were reversed the very same Kia Inc. staff adamantly refusing assistance to us would understand how frightening it is to be driving our unsafe Sorento and would insist that Kia Inc. take full responsibility and immediate action to correct the problem. I seriously doubt they would accept Kia Inc. telling them there is nothing they can do to help them. If those same Kia Inc. employees were behind the wheel of our unsafe Sorento with their families including their young children or young grandchildren maybe they wouldn't be so quick to deny that the problem exists.

Here is what happens when we are driving our Sorento: intermittently, suddenly we can not shift gears at all and of course, the vehicle will not move at all. It has happened upshifting in first pulling away from lights and pulling out into traffic and upshifting and downshifting in higher gears. We have been in the middle of intersections, in city traffic and highway driving. We immediately turn on our emergency flashers and wave other drivers around us while they are honking, yelling, and slamming on their brakes to avoid hitting us. We repeatedly try to shift gears and finally get it to shift again and move to safety. Very unsettling to say the least.

My wife is afraid to drive our vehicle and I fear for her, my children and young grandchildren, as well as my own safety. Every time we make a left turn or pull out into traffic we wonder if this is the time it will happen again. Driving is stressful enough without this added dangerous burden!

We are absolutely shocked and disgusted at Kia Motors Inc.'s unacceptable customer service. We are not being unreasonable by asking for a replacement transmission. At this point we should be asking for a replacement vehicle! We don't even know if a replacement transmission will be defect free or have the same problem but we have only asked for new transmission.

Maybe False Advertising?
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Rating: 2/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- Went to Kia because ad on TV states up to $5000.00 over your current Kelley Blue Book value of your trade in. I am currently stuck with a vehicle I owe about $2500.00 more than Blue Book but Kia sales department wanted me to put $3000.00 down (to make up difference) in order to make a sale. I don't feel like what they advertise is what I got.

2 Accidents in Same Vehicle, Both Times Airbags Not Deployed
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Rating: 1/51

On 12-01-2014 my partner hit a parked car. Head on my 2011 Kia Rio is a complete write off but the airbags DID NOT deploy. Also in March 2012 I rear ended a car hard enough for my car to be un-drivable in the same vehicle and the airbags DID NOT deploy then either. As it has now been two accidents in the same vehicle and both times the airbags have NOT deployed I am concerned as this is a serious safety issue on Kia's behalf.

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