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Bad Washing Machine
Posted by Dirtyclothes on 06/23/2004
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- For years I longed for a Maytag washer & dryer. To me, it was like owning the Cadillac of washers & dryers. I finally got them and I was soon sorry. My old Whirlpool washed better. My water bill increased because I had to rinse and rinse again and again and my whites still turned dingy looking. The cycles operated differently than my Whirlpool so I thought the Maytag way was just different. It was. I now realize, as the cycles are breaking down, that the machine never worked right. It never ocurred to me that a Maytag could turn out to be a lemon. I thought my Maytag would be the last set I would ever have to buy. Boy was I ever wrong.

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Posted by Cindy L. on 2004-07-12:
I spent $1000+ on a Maytag Neptune and it is now having problems which Maytag knew about yet won't back. If your washer is a Neptune-there is a class action lawsuit you should jump in on.
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Iowa Factory
Posted by Sad and lonly on 07/23/2005
NEWTON, IOWA -- I worked at Maytag for thirty years and am now retired. It saddens me very much to see all the post on here about our products,although some of it is the truth. When I started Maytag at 18 years old in 1967 it was a proud company and the main thing was quality. Starting in the mid 80`s we the factory workers could see that quality was slowly being tossed out the door. No matter what we tried to do the bottom line was profit and quantity. As Maytag bought more and more companies numbers going out the door were the important thing. We the laborers at Maytag's plant in Iowa are sad to see what has happened to the company and to you the consumer. Contrary to what the media would have you believe we have been taking cuts in our wages since back in the 80`s to try and get our wages even with other facilities that Maytag owns but it was never enough for the bean counters that run the place now.

Our own retirement is in jeopardy now as is our health benefits. We don't want pity just justice. All we can ask is that when you complain about the products is that you try and make sure where they were made. We produced the old reliable washers here,dishwashers until the late 80`s, still make commercial dryers here and started the Neptune washer here. I happened to be part of the original 12 people that started producing the Neptune. And you people are correct about the smell,and breakdowns. We tried to tell the engineers about the problems but were dismissed as uneducated. And getting them out to the consumer was the biggest thing on their agenda. So where the blame lays is with the management at that time and the current. We still make the BEST washing machine on the market. It is the Dependable Care model WITH the porcelain tub. (not to be confused with the Dependable Care with a plastic tub) The one with the plastic tub is made in Searcy AK and does not have the quality of the one made with a porcelain tub.

The company has slowly been killing the one with the porcelain tub. Why?? Because the profit margin isn't as high and they last forever. You will find very few dealers across the United States that even know that we still produce these machines. We used to make almost 4000 a day, now we make 75 a day and only special stores are allowed to sell them. This is a perfect example of corporate greed and misleading the public.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-07-23:
No doubt. It's too bad the early Neptunes, one of the "better" Newton made Maytag lines, compounded the problem with its shortcomings.
Posted by Pickles on 2005-08-06:
Very iknformative and what I suspected. I have a Maytag washer, dishwasher and a top of the line gas range. The washer has rusted and snags the clothes. I will be replacing w/ a GE. The dishwasher racks were coated in vinyl? or plastic. It cracked in numerous places and rusted, causing the prongs that hold glassware to break off. Maytag won't give any assistance other than to tell me they will sell me new ones at a cost of over $100 each.(I replaced with BRAND NEW IN THE BOX thru E-Bay for $45 and $52 each) The oven has never cooked evenly and has been caalibrated 3 times by the "Maytag repairman"

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Main Control Board / Wax Motor
Posted by QPS on 07/08/2006
ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- Bought are Maytag Neptune in 1999. Has run well for 5 1/2 years until the spin cycle and door lock light quit.I checked different sites on the problems with many of the Maytag Washers. They all seem to have the same problem. The R11 resistor and the Triac #Q6 were burnt, caused by the wax motor shorting out. I replaced the Control Board ($210.00) and the Wax Motor (New Part Number 22002119 has a BLACK plunger instead of a brown one $14.99). The triacs used on the control board the Q3(timer motor), Q9(Cold water valve), Q17(Hot water valve)and the Q6(Wax motor) are rated at 400 volts. If there is a big enough voltage surge, the triacs will blow or short circiut the board, like the water fill valves will stay on, Q9 & Q17. Theses triacs can be replaced with MAC97A8 or NTE5657 which are rated at 600 Volts. The R11 resistor is a 3.9k 1/4W Carbon Film.
What I did with mine is,install a surge protector on the wall outlet and installed a 1/2 amp inline fuse on the brown wire to the Wax motor, this will protect both ends of the Control Board. I have pictures if you email me.

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Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-09:
A most excellent post to help another consumer! I hope this finds its way to other help sites. Bravo!
Posted by murf on 2006-07-09:
WOW, I'd say you are one intelligent poster. Thank you for the information. I've read that surges in our home's everyday power supply cause havoc with many of our household appliances. A surge protector makes sense. Also, would you have any advice about the ongoing problem that is causing freshly cleaned clothes to smell musty? I am currently trying oxygen powders that are on the market. I add them to the wash along with the laundry detergent. It seems to have freshened my wash a little. However, should my neptune "break down" for any reason, I would probably get rid of it just because of this mold smell.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
murf, you seem to complain a lot about washers and such. find something else to obsess about?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
Even though the advice was great for a techie. How does one balance the a Maytag's top loading, barrel?
Posted by Frenchie on 2006-07-11:
This is for murf -- when you start your wash add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the wash cycle. When the rinse cycle starts add 1 cup of white vinegar -- oh those clothes will smell so nice you won't want to get your nose out of them.
Posted by murf on 2006-07-14:
Thank you for your advice Frenchie. I will try this out. However, I think Pirate has a little mold between his ears. Maybe he should try putting some vinegar and baking soda in his mouth then shut it for a while. Bet he would be good as new! Hey, maybe I'll obsess on that thought for awhile.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-07-15:
Too funny Murf. I wonder if shimming that pegleg to level him up will decrease that toe jam as well.
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Poor Quality / Poor Service
Posted by Nomomaytag on 01/14/2006
Yesterday I replaced my 6 year old Maytag washing machine after the serviceman charged me $132 (for a 10-minute visit) and told me it would cost another $400 to fix it! (My last Maytag lasted 25 years with no repairs and was still running when I gave it away.) I did some research on washing machines and found that Maytag's ratings were not very high. (Their front-loaders were rated dead last.) When I went to an appliance store to look at machines, the salesman told me that his Maytag had only lasted 4 years and that he did not recommend Maytag to any of his customers. He said "Maytag ain't what Maytag used to be". I also found that some of the big chain stores are getting away from Maytag. (Maytag's parts warranty has also gone from 5/10 years to one year--I guess that should tell us something.) I find it perplexing that a company could make washing machines 50 years ago that would last 25-30 years, but now can't make one that will last 10 years! Damn Maytag. I am telling everyone I know to avoid their junk.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-01-14:
Of the who knows how many Maytag model washers available, there are probably 4-5 that are any decent quality. With those costing at least about 20%-25% higher than a comparable GE or Whirlpool, you're right, why even bother.
Posted by First Amendment on 2006-01-15:
agreed!! we spent a ton of money on a maytagy wide by side refrigerator and in less than two years time had to have the ice maker repaired twice. it's still not right. we also had to have the door lining replaced and the bottom drawer falls off of the refrigerator door. customer service is non-existent, long long long hold times and they never seem to be able to find our repair service record and by the way, their receipts for service are on small little hand held printers and the ink fades in just a couple of months so if you get maytag service and they use one of those printers - MAKE A COPY of the receipt because if something happens, good luck getting them to find a record of your service. how convenient for them!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-15:
I've had a Maytag Performa top-loader for a few years and have been happy with it. The timer knob broke off though.
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Customer Relations
Posted by Harrycichy on 11/21/2003
IOWA -- Maytag Harry & Hoover

" Don't mess with the Cororation" Harry Cichy, was told! In his battle with the Giant Maytag Corporation, the small man from UK, has wrote a book on his experience with the Maytag Corporation off Dependabilty Square, Newton Iowa.
It tells all, private detectives hired by Maytag to watch Harry's every move! It started when Harry formed a pressure group in the UK, over the know infamous Hoover flight promotion in Europe.
Membership of the group peaked at 20,000 odd members. Harry involved US consumer champian Ralph Nader. Harry tells all in his book "Fighting the Corporation" Maytag Harry & Hoover. It became much more than a promotion that went wrong and cost Maytag milions. The BBC,Trouble at the Top team, producer Angela Chan has just flown Harry Cichy back to Newton Iowa, to do a documentry on the events some ten years ago. To be screened in March 2004. With Hoover struggling with sales and Maytag's anounced closure of it's Galesburg plant. Things may not be going so well for CEO at Maytag Ralph Hake?
In what started as a small consumer complaint ended with Harry getting a SEC listing. All company's should take note, it may be better to talk to your once loyal customers. Harry has offered his support to the IAM and to the Workers of Gailesburg.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-24:
I was sleeping when all this happened.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-24:
I think something is wrong with my phone. I see all these complaints, yet I haven't opened my tool box in years cause no one has called here.
Posted by GIZLER on 2004-04-21:
Seems Maytag is no longer the ICON it was, the Repair Man is not so Lonely, with Harry about!
Posted by GIZLER on 2004-04-30:
Seems like Maytag is moving South of the Border, expect more Layoffs?
Posted by Harrycichy on 2006-08-06:
I understand that the new owners of Maytag Corp have put the Hoover Co up for sale.
Posted by Harrycichy on 2007-07-28:
Maytag corp SEC Filling 4/01/99 DEF 14A Accession Number: 63541-99-16 13th Page.
" Hoover europe's former parent Maytag, eventually paid out $72 million to fly some 220,000 people. But Hoover still is not unable to close out one of the most embarrassing blunders in corporate history. Harry Cichy, head of the plantiffs group said as many as 350,000 people might have grounds to sue."
Posted by Harrycichy on 2007-09-08:
Has Orange done a Hoover with its free flight offer.
Posted by Harrycichy on 2008-01-07:
Buncefield Explosion & Fire. Two years on & residents like Ian Silverstein are still waiting for compensation, Mr Silverstein home 'High Grange' is still in ruins only 200mtrs from the massive Buncefield fire site of the 11th December 2005.
Posted by Harrycichy on 2008-01-07:
2007 Saw the closure of Maytag In Newton Iowa.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-23:
Harrycichy pay for advertising like everyone else around here, thank you.
Posted by Harrycichy on 2008-04-14:
Ryanair reported to The Office Of Fair Trading by the ASA over its flight's.
Posted by Harrycichy on 2008-04-14:
BA Terminal 5 Heathrow airport London UK, a terminal 'Cock Up.
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All The Same Product
Posted by Tonyalbert54 on 03/07/2010
LYONS, NEW YORK -- If you buy a Maytag, Kenmore, Amanna, Jenn-air or Whirlpool because you think one is better than the other you are only deceiving yourself. They are all the made by the very same company!! I and my wife argued about which dish washer, washer/dryer and refrigerator was the best so I did some research on all of them. It's not that hard to find out who owns what. I found that all are made by the same company!! boy was I fooled. Sears gives Maytag the specs. for what they want and the company builds it for them. The TV/print ads even fight each other over which is better. It's funny how they will even fight themselves for the market share. At any rate we went with Maytag because we felt that was a better product. boy where we WRONG!!!!! we also bought the extremely expensive Jenn-Air dish washer because she, my wife wanted the best. We had it less than 1 yr. when the timer control caught fire. after fighting with "customer service" (hahaha) for an hr. I was no closer to a fix than I was to getting a brand new mach. we paid $1200.00 (or close to it) for the mach. and the fix was $696.43 to fix it. I said no so we bought a GE and it's worked fine for 6 yrs. now. anyway, we got the run around for a month (with no dish washer other than me or my wife. mostly me) when we had enough and bought the new one. the part came in a box 6"x6" and weighed less than a lg. candy bar. plus installation mind you. (and the gov. got on bill gates for owning too much with Microsoft???) that was another $155.00. This co. is way too big for there own good, let alone ours.

Bottom line, no matter what you buy it's the same company making it these days. It's a shame that a company that once made a VERY good product has gone the way it has. My mom has an Maytag stove that has been in the house and used every day for the past 40 yrs. and is still going strong. What happened to that kind of product?
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Posted by madconsumer on 2010-03-07:
where did you find this info? very interesting.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-07:
yes,whirlpool owns the Maytag brands....this isn't new
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-07:
And yes, Whirlpool makes some Kenmore products. That's not new either. However, the group of companies mentioned by the OP was created after the Kenmore/Whirlpool/Maytag thing, I believe. I too was surprised when I found out that all those companies are now under the same roof.
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Worthless Warranty
Posted by Warranty poor on 11/16/2009
I purchased an HVAC system consisting of a Maytag gas furnace, 23 SEER AC unit and the IQ drive controller. This system came with a 12 year parts and labor warranty. After 11 months I needed a minor repair. The company I made my purchase from told me they no longer honor Maytag warranties because the warranty service provided, Equiguard, filed chapter 11 and contractors are not getting paid. I am demanding my money back and will go to court if necessary.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 11/17/2009:
I represent NORDYNE, the manufacturer of the Maytag iQ Drive systems. It's true that Equiguard filed Chapter 11 (which affected more companies than just Maytag), but dealers are getting paid now for warranty work. If you contact us, we can work with you to find another Maytag dealer in your area to service your system. Your warranty is ultimately backed by NORDYNE and it is still good. Please call 1-800-422-4328 and press 4 for warranty. We'll take care of you.
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Maytag repairman? There must be thousands!
Posted by TH on 06/30/2004
SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO -- What used to be a very respected name in the houshold appliance industry, is now a total joke. We bought a new house in 2001, and it was, unfortunately, equipped with all Maytag appliances. At the time, I thought that would be a good thing. We upgraded almost everything. In the past 3 years however, our top of the line refrigerator has been repaired, and needs repair again, the thermostat is shot and the ice maker fails to work at least a couple of times a week. The blower cover for the Microwave oven just fell off, broken. The stove design is bad. All of the burners are the same size and are not removable for cleaning. Are all pots and pans the same size? No. So neither should the burners be the same size. So far, we have been lucky with the dishwasher.

My neighbor had her Maytag washer break after 2 years, and it was too expensive to repair, so she junked it. Lucky for us we moved our Amana washer and dryer with us so we weren't cursed with any more of this Maytag junk.

When it comes time to replace these appliances, I will avoid Maytag like the plague.

Whatever happened to the pride and quality of workmanship at this company? Can anyone explain this?

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Posted by compwiz on 2004-07-01:
Hate to break it to you, but Amana is also made by Maytag, as well as a dozen other brand names.
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-07-02:
Compwiz is right, kinda. Maytag owns Amana and some of the products like refriges share common parts. Your Amana laundry are actually Speed Queen designs, which are usually good (although not as good as Maytags historically, so go figure). Now the bad news, if you need service, guess what repairman comes if you use the standard factory techs.
Posted by use2becust.svc.rep on 2004-07-07:
Guess what Maytag makes all types of appliances and has many makes and models. You cannot please everybody with your designs(the stove for instance) that is why they have gas, electric,glass top, big burners,etc. You've got to look at the appliances in person, don't just choose one out of the catalog. That is just like buying a car without a test drive. PS most of your items have the longest warranties in the appliance business and if you call the manufacturer and use authorized svcrs you may be happier. PSS just because they have an ad in the yellow pages and say they repair Maytag, they may not be authorized to do warranty repair.
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Very Poorly Produced Product
Posted by Katie1 on 04/30/2006
ST. CLAIR SHORES, MICHIGAN -- I have been extremely disappointed in the purchase of a Maytag performa washer. It has not worked well since day 1. During the period that it was under warranty the appliance repairmen would come out and say "this is really not a Maytag it is another brand that Maytag bought out, you really should buy our extended warranty as you will need it". They did nothing but tell me the above. The problem is that every time I use this machine for any load of wash "the washing machine" rocks and shakes so violently you have to continually go to the laundry room and rearrange the load. It is maddening. The machine is level so this is not the problem and I am the 2nd oldest child of 7 so I have been doing laundry forever and never had this problem before.

I had another Maytag washer and dryer previously for 18 years and I bought I new one since the others were so old but now I should have kept the old ones. Evidently Maytag is not what it once was! I did write to Maytag and all they said is thank you for letting them know!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-30:
I've had a performa for years, it's a good machine. Sometimes because of the oversized capacity, one tends to overload it - thus causing the shaking/moving - it's a center of gravity thing. Specs will tell you that you shouldn't fill the basket with clothes as much as the water level. Try slightly smaller loads, and consider placing a rubber mat underneath. Kellet products make such a product. (tr)
Posted by murf on 2006-04-30:
How many wash machines do you have Mr. parrot I mean pirate? whatever. In your comment on 4-21-06 you had a Neptune that you said has been working good. Maybe you switch between all different kinds of Maytags at your house, you know, which ever one is working at the time. Not all of us have the space or patience for so many wash machines.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-03:
Sorry for the confusion murf. For the uninformed, I have a summer and winter residence, each having a different Maytag. Maybe you should try the laundromat?
Posted by murf on 2006-05-06:
My neptune has given me so many problems that I already know the laundromat very well thank you. Since my previous washers NEVER broke down, and I don't have a few back-up homes, I was pleasantly surprised at the nice laundromat I found. They have lots of front load washers that are not broken down. Hmmmm, now that I think of it, they are not maytag machines. Wonder why. I also wonder how many loads I could have washed in those machines with the $1,000 PLUS REPAIR costs that I forked out for the "disMay"tag.
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The Oven Catches on Fire.
Posted by Msjube1 on 02/14/2014
KAILUA-KONA, HAWAII -- I baked an apple pie. To keep the oven clean, I put down foil. The smallest piece of apple caused flames and my home to fill with smoke. Then they get you!!! You can't use the oven again until you clean it at 350 degrees for 3 hours. That's frightening, ,because to clean, it HAS to preheat to 350 degrees again, and I'm afraid that it will start to burn again..........and burn my home down. Sincerely, Juliette M. Guard
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