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Machine Worthless Before Warranty Expired Due to Parts Needed Are Obsolete
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GEORGIA -- I own a Maytag Maxima 6000 washer. It was supposed to last a good 10 years - at least, according to the fact that is has a 10-year drum/motor warranty. I took that into account when I purchased my machine. My washer suffered a minor injury in a move, such that the front control panel and electrical board were broken. Easy fix (not too terribly pricey, when compared with buying a brand new machine of equal caliber)... unless they no longer make that part.

Apparently, there is nothing that can be done because that particular part is not actually under warranty. So, even though I am perfectly willing to pay for that part because my machine should theoretically last me another 5+ years, Maytag customer service representative "Blake **" believes there is nothing anyone can do for me there at the Maytag corporation.

So, I am here to let the public know NOT to believe Maytag's lengthy warranty claims.... if the part you need is not actually under warranty, they might decide they will not make it anymore - and then you are just out of luck - your appliance doesn't actually get to live its full life, and apparently Maytag really just doesn't care at all that you wasted your money.

Bad Refrigerator
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I purchased a Maytag refrigerator through the Home Depot, within three days I realized it wasn't working properly. I came home from work one day and found water all over my kitchen floor. I called the 800 number that was given on the receipt for any problems with products. Well they told me they could not replace it until their technician inspected the Fridge and determined if it was repairable or needed to be replaced and they did not have an appointment available until one week later.

I had to wait 7 days before someone came out. Within the next three days I called again because the fridge had stopped working altogether, wasn't cooling at all, to find they were closed, they were not available on weekends. So I went directly to the Home Depot. Home Depot Rep. told me there was nothing they could do for me to wait for my appointment date. Well on my appointment date the technicians (2) came out and inspected the fridge and told me they could not fix it, that it was a manufacturer defect and I should get a replacement. Well they made their phone call and reported their finding.

Well Maytag wasn't satisfied with that. They wanted me to stay home another day from work so they could send someone else to look at it. I said "no way am I staying home another day from work." They were persistent and would not give. I told them "I wanted the refrig out of my house. It wasn't working and I wanted to return it and get my money refunded." Well of course they weren't going to do that. Either they told me I had to let someone come to the house again.

I said "I thought this was the purpose of the technician that were in my house to make the inspection and determine the outcome." They said "Oh no those guys are just delivery men. They are not qualified to make that decision." I asked "why are they in my house?" I was told "the Home Depot sent them." I said "I was told a service Tech was being sent to my house that is why I told the day off from work. I don't need delivery men." Well the point is they would not take the refrig back.

They down and out refused and they told me they had no record of me calling within the 48 hrs their policy stated for replacement of appliances. Which is a lie. I called them within 3 days of the delivery. Their policy did not state 48 hrs. I read the return policy. It states 30 days. Anyway after arguing with them I went to the Home Depot. They said If I returned it, it would be at my own expense for me to bring it in myself. Eventually Home Depot took it back and refunded my money. But I will never purchase a Maytag product again. I made sure all my friends and relatives are aware of how Maytag treats their customers.

Be Aware
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I like many others was going to purchase an extended service contract with DEPENDABILITY PLUS; I won't even place the Maytag name in front being Maytag has nothing to do with them. They're a 3rd party company using the Maytag name for business (which Maytag/Whirlpool should put a stop to). First off the company is a complete rip off! I wouldn't trust them to throw dirt on a casket if we were grave diggers.

I was on the Maytag website and noticed the extended contract was cheaper than what was offered when my husband and I purchased our new washer/dryer set. So we decided to go ahead and extend online. After submitting all of my information including payment I received an error message stating there was an error in getting my conformation code but it will be emailed to me within 24-48 hrs.

Something seemed a bit odd so I called and spoke with the 1st representative who also seemed a bit odd and off when she quickly looked me up and was so eager and happy to say "Oh no payment's gone through I can take that now for you!" Was she serious, I mean did she really think that I was going to pay again twice? May I add that upon calling them the 1st time I was placed on hold too many times to remember because they had incorrect information in "their system" on me such as address, purchase date names and numbers!

I couldn't figure out how they even had my address listed as a PO Box when I've never contacted them before. So after getting all of that straight (so I thought), I hang up with the off the wall money hungry rep., I wait a few minutes then I call back because something didn't seem right. Now the 2nd representative tries to verify my mailing address for security reasons...uh this is very interesting. So after he looks up the account in "their system"€ I'€™m on hold again!

Here we go ROUND 2! Once again they have incorrect information, so I'm on hold again and all of a sudden we're disconnected. I call back for ROUND 3! Rep. Number 3 seems to be legit. I explain to her the issue (3rd time doing so in 1 hr). She then tells me the company has been experiencing web issues. After this blah-blah-blah she quotes me an over the top price which is obviously way more than what I thought I was paying for online. I then tell her that's way more than online and asked why. So after some more blah-blah she and a supervisor agree to honor the online price if the payment didn't go through online.

I was then instructed to give it a couple of days and call back if I don't get the confirmation email. I take the rep's name just in case someone all of a sudden develops a case of amnesia. OK so I wait and wait and wait, a week later still no confirmation email. I go back to the site which doesn't even let you get further than entering what type of appliance you want a quote on before giving a website error message. Here we go again ROUND 4! I call and immediately tell the representative that unfortunately gets my call that I would like to leave a message for representative 1. being she took my call and was familiar with the situation.

Rep 2 then goes on trying to sell me an extended contract costing more than the online site and more than what all 3 reps quoted to me last week! WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS! Here we go again, after going through the entire story again he tells me they can't honor the price, I say "yes a representative and supervisor told me on XX date that it will be honored they would have to handwrite in the price." Once I say that he all of a sudden remembers... "oh yeah thank you for saying that, yes they can."

He puts me on hold then comes back telling me "oh my supervisor says we can't." I tell him "put your supervisor on the line!" ROUND 5! She gets on and once again I explain the situation she says the same blah-blah, I tell her put her supervisor on because she's not making any sense to me!

Here we go ROUND 6! This lady gets on the phone trying to say whatever while cutting me off whenever I try to speak! Now by this time I have an outer body experience and let her have it while still being the professional that I am. I tell her it's time out for her to be talking to me she needs to listen because I'm the paying customer! She gives me the same old blah-blah then says a reps. word doesn't hold up...uhh OK! I let her know that I will add to the 200 something complaints already placed on their company within the past 4 months to the BBB.

I also let her know that I hate handling business over the phone especially when the person on the other end isn't in the same state or location because you always get the runaround and that I like to say what I have to say in your face so nothing gets twisted. She apologizes for me feeling that way and says she will discuss this at the morning meeting to see what can be done but doesn't guarantee anything... well go freaking figure! By the way they never put me through to Rep.3's line saying at first they couldn't when I was told they could, then after I pointed that out to them they tried to say they didn't know who she was then covering that up by saying "well she's not in today."

ROUND 7! So the supervisor calls me back the next morning with more blah-blah, when she finishes I then try to tell her that "It's OK because my we've decided not to go with their rip off company and will contact BBB." She tries once again to cut me off so I say what I have to then as politely let her discuss anything further with my dial tone!! TKO I'm so done with those idiots and will write a complaint on every complaint board that I can find! My advice read the complaints and DON'T PAY THEM ANYTHING, THEY ARE RIP OFFS!

Defective "New" Product Delivered but Maytag Will Not Replaced
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I purcahsed a Maytag dishwasher from Home Depot that was delivered to my rental property located at Bloomfield, NJ 07003 on 01-Aug-09. The Tenants/** and her husband ** moved in the weekend of 8/9.Aug and discovered that the dishwasher was not working. I called Home Depot on 10 Aug who stated that they could not do anything for me until we contacted Maytag and give me Maytag's number. I called Maytag who scheduled service on 14. Aug.09. We advised them that we would appreciate them to come earlier. Maytag scheduled an appointment for American Home Appliance Service to come out of the property - they sent an individual named **.

When he arrived, he asked my tentant' mother who answered the door "where is the good" - a derogatory name for a Chinese. At the time he did not know that the lady was my Tenant's mother who stated that "I'm the gook's mother". Prior to leaving the property on 12. Aug. ** stated that the item was defective and needed to be replaced. I called Maytag and advised them. They stated that they cannot do anything for us because ** had not submitted his report. I also called Home Depot who stated that they could not do anything for us because they had to wait on Maytag.

I called American Home Appliance Service today and spoke with a ** was was nasty-rude-ignorant among other things. She stated that ** brought the paper work into the office today. I asked her "why it took so long?" and she stated that "that is the way it is." I told her that that was unacceptable and that I would like to speak to her manager - she hung up on me - I tried calling again - she kept hanging up on me then left the phone off the hook. ** then called my Tenant, ** and told her that we have no choice but to have it repaired. I called Maytag and advised them of such.

I told Maytag that I do not want that kind of business in my property again and that I wanted the dishwasher replaced - Maytag - ** at 866-640-7146 XT 3561 stated that their contract w/Home Depot is to repair the dishwasher and that the retailer, Home Depot has the authority to replace the dishwasher. I called **/manager at Home Depot 609-585-0411 who stated that they cannot do that. I told her that my perception of this situation is that it is okay for them to deliver a defective product w/out the option of them replacing it.

According to them, it is okay for my tenants to be inconvenience by taking time off from work for a couple of days already and for me to spend countless hours on the phone trying to deal w/the situation. I purchased a new product from the retailer but a defective product was past on to the customer who must now deal with repair issues with no recourse offered but the unacceptable issue of having to have it repaired.

I am still getting the run-around from Home Depot and Maytag. Neither is willing to replace the defective item but wants to repair it but parts have to be ordered first. This situation can cause me to lose the lease with my tenants who have already been insulted by Maytag's Authorized representative, ** from American Home Appliance Service and **, the rude and ignorant "customer-care" individual. A customer should not have to settle when they purchase a new product - we are concern as to what other issues we will have with this defective product. Please help us.

Maytag Customer Service
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DENVER, COLORADO -- This comment is both a complaint and a compliment. First the complaint. Reconsider purchasing Maytag appliances especially when it comes to their delivery service and customer service departments. Appliances were delivered two days late. I was told they would be delivered on two separate days but they all came on the latter date. Poor communication but I can accept.

The delivery service is a joke. First they couldn't connect the microwave because of one tile that was in the way. The first solution was to leave the appliance on my counter until someone could fix it. I finally coaxed them to remove the one piece of tile knowing that it could crack but I knew it could be fixed if that had happened. Finally they mounted it. The next problem was inserting the free standing range where another full size range had been sitting. The new appliance would not fit.

To prove it to me, the young man gave it a hefty shove to show me that it would not fit. The appliance was left that way half in and half out but it also blocked the bottom door to the new refrigerator. I asked if he could move the refrigerator to access the freezer as my food was defrosting while they worked. Mockingly, he moved it. He said that I could insert all of the parts (shelving, etc) for the refrig where it was all taped up in a box. I found out later that this was part of his job.

He also did not level the refrig as it sticks out further at the bottom than the top by about 3 inches. That's not all. When I called Maytag customer service to complain about the new scratches on the range incurred by the delivery they would only schedule someone to come out for repair.

After the range was pulled out of the opening, it was discovered missing a foot causing it to wobble and the top front oven door was loose and made the lights turn on and off in the oven. So there were more problems than just the scratches. I was getting nowhere with her so asked to speak to a manager. She then told me that the manager agreed to replace the appliance and he would call me the next day to schedule delivery. I did not hear from him so made the call again to Maytag customer service.

The gal that answered the phone this time said there was no record of replacing the appliance but that she would only place a service call to repair the item. She would NOT let me speak to anyone else and said she was the only one I could talk to and there was only one solution and insisted on making a repair call. I then called Home Depot desperately trying to find someone to help me.

I spoke to the HD appliance manager and he referred me to his HD customer service who took care of the whole problem. She was sweet and patient and ensured that I would receive a new appliance and gave me the date that it would arrive. She also assured me that I would not receive the same delivery guys that I originally had. She talked with Maytag and made all of the arrangements for me. Now if that is not customer service, I don't know what is.

I am writing a letter to her manager giving her accolades. Good customer service is hard to find but she went the extra mile. They tell us to spend money to help the economy, but you know, I don't want to put any more money into the pockets of these jerks who don't deserve a job.

A lot of people are unemployed and I'm sure they could be trained and provide better customer service by far. Sorry Maytag. No recommendations from me. I hope you lose so much business where you don't need customer service employees. And your delivery service - maybe you would be better off building bridges. No customers for you to worry about there.

Resolution Update 06/21/2009:

Maytag stood behind their product. Their home office called me to inform me that a new range would be delivered and provided the delivery date for install. Thank you Maytag!

Freezers Should Be Recalled Too!!!
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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- In November of 2007, I decided to invest in an upright freezer for entertaining and holding things that would not fit in my refrigerator /freezer that came with the apartment. I have considered myself a savvy and informed consumer, and I always thought of Maytag as being dependable; which may be due to their subliminal advertising. Anyway, I scrimped and saved my money and bought the above model Maytag upright freezer online from Home Depot; another trusted entity. They delivered it, but I noticed that something was not right with the door handle, and had them take it back, and they rescheduled to bring me another.

It was beautiful and I was beside myself with shopping by bulk and then putting the food into my new freezer. It was nice and cold, and initially was very quiet, and was energy star rated. I had no problems with it for the first year, and then as if on cue, when the manufacturers warranty ran out, it began to make noise, first a little, and then you could hear the compressor come on, and shut down. While it was a little annoying, it still seemed to be tolerable.

Last week, I went in to get some ice. The freezer was cold, but I could hear some crackling inside somewhere, like moisture was hitting something hot. I pushed the light off, and through the little vents cut across the interior of the freezer, I could see a red hot coil. I freaked, and immediately disconnected the appliance and called Home Depot. Thank God I was home when that was happening! I have since read where people have lost everything to fires caused by these components! How terribly frightening!

Home Depot asked me if I had an extended warranty, which I hadn't; since I struggled as student to get the freezer itself. They said they would set me up with an appointment to have the Maytag repairman come out an look at it. When I asked how much the repair and charge would be, I was told that the repairman would go over that when he called to confirm the repair date; this coming Tuesday.

Then my Mom told me about the refrigerator recall, and how Maytag may have to replace my freezer for free; which I think they should! She had also purchased Maytag appliances (washer and dryer) from Home Depot, and wondered it there was something wrong there; which is why they have such great sale prices . . . because the appliances are "defective." That's an entirely different concept, but in light of things; completely plausible. So, this morning I called the recall line, and was told that they were only doing refrigerators, period.

I told them that it didn't make sense since the components manufactured were the same ones that went into the refrigerators and freezers! She gave me another number to call, and no one answered. I will try again tomorrow. I feel sad for the people who have lost everything due to their trust placed in a company's products known for their "dependability." Right!!!

To think that prior to this happening, I was going to buy a Maytag side by side, with automatic ice maker from Home Depot! EEK! Now after this experience, I will always buy an extended warranty for any major appliance! Maytag, when you get this complaint, please contact me right away!

Maytag Is A Fraud: Terrible Product Quality, Egregious Warranty Service
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SAN DIEGO, CA 92129, CALIFORNIA -- Maytag is an Total Fraud. I bought a Maytag M1010 whole-house A/C system from an authorized Maytag dealer. The AC failed to work with multiple defects. Maytag could not produce any local dealer who is willing to perform warranty service without me paying. After incurring $878 out-of-pocket expense for the diagnosis and repair (at the insistence of Maytag's insurance company), Maytag sent me a $35 refund check and claimed the rest is deductible. I filed a BBB complaint on Whirlpool because Maytag does not have an independent office after the 2006 acquisition.

After an 80 day wait, Whirlpool just notified me that my AC is NOT Maytag because the production had been outsourced to Nordyne. As a result, neither the product quality nor the warranty service is their responsibility. Can you believe this could happen to a major name brand?!

Do not buy Maytag products and don'€™t let the "€œlonely repairman"€ advertisement fool you. Maytag has horrific product quality and ridiculous customer service. After a six month warranty repair ordeal on my Maytag A/C system, I have just come to the shocking realization that Maytag might not actually exist as a physical entity. Its management/administration is handled by Whirlpool. Its manufacturing is decentralized and handled by the third parties (in this case Nordyne). Its warranty service is handled by insurance companies (in this case Equiguard).

So as a Maytag customer, I was actually dealing with a phantom operation. When I called Maytag Customer Service, I did not know I was actually talking to the insurance company who can'€™t care less.

So unless you want to repeat my experience, do not buy Maytag. Whirlpool is now the legal entity that superseded Maytag after its acquisition in 2006. Don'€™t buy Whirlpool either, because Whirlpool will not stand behind the brands it carries. I was told Maytag is just a brand they carry. Because its manufacturing is franchised to Nordyne, Whirlpool has nothing to do with either the product quality or service, nor can they compel Nordyne to respond to customer inquiries.

If you do not trust me, please go to or and type in either Whirlpool or Maytag to read the horror stories from hundreds of customers. BBB complaint has tripled to 1400 per year since Whirlpool acquired Maytag, from less than 500 cases per year.


Here is my long story if you want to experience Maytag'€™s "Worry-Free Warranty"€.

I bought a Maytag M1010 whole-house A/C & furnace system in Jan 2007. In a moment of weakness in my heart, I was persuaded by Maytag'€™s sales presentation which promised:

(1) "Worry-free warranty, 10 years parts and labor"€: "The precision teamwork required to design, engineer and deliver superior products is a key component of Maytag'€™s appeal. Because of quality controls, such as computer-automated testing on each unit, Maytag home comfort equipment is produced right the first time to ensure worry-free performance."€

(2) "€œWorry-free warranty, 10 years parts and labor"€: "€œTo put you even more at ease, each Maytag system comes with an exclusive Maytag Worry-Free Warranty! Each M1010 Series product comes with a 10-year Worry-Free Warranty on both parts and labor, as well as Maytag's Dependability Promise. These impressive warranties set a new standard of assurance for comfort."€

(3) "€œMaytag Dependability Promise"€: "The Dependability Promise states that your entire unit will be replaced if the compressor or heat exchanger fails within the first five years of purchase (if originally installed with a matched Maytag indoor coil or air handler). The 5-year Dependability Promise is standard on the M1010 Series only."€

(4) "€œAdditional Maytag Promise (All capitalized in the original document)": "Complete customer satisfaction is our goal. If your Maytag heating product should ever require service, you can count on our NATIONAL NETWORK OF MAYTAG HVAC DEALERS. THESE HVAC-TRAINED EXPERTS KNOW YOU HEATHING SYSTEM AND ARE READY TO SERVE YOU. Toll-Free: 1-866-2MAYTAG."€

Looking at the "€œlonely repairman" picture on the sales literature, I thought I would be enjoying my worry-free A/C for the next 10 years. Little do I know Maytag is a total fraud who will break both the letters and the spirit of every promise, both verbal and written.

The A/C never worked. The first summer I turn it on, nothing happened. I call the Maytag dealer who installed the system. A guy came and refilled the Freon. In early April 2008, I turned on A/C, nothing happened. I called the same company and they had declared bankruptcy (even though they are still doing the same business with the same phone number and the same registered principal under a different company name). I thought I am just glad I purchase a brand-name product and Maytag would not be a fraud like its dealer. So started my 4 (now 6)-month saga with Maytag.

After spend half an hour waiting on Maytag help line, I was told my A/C is not Maytag but Nordyne who manufactured the product under Maytag name. So Maytag is not responsible for my unit. I called Nordyne, who told me to get help from Maytag Customer Service, without explaining the 1-866-2MAYTAG number is for the insurance company Equiguard. Apparently, Maytag does not have any customer service organization and let the insurance company masquerade as Maytag. This "€œMaytag" representative, **, reassured me I can use any authorized dealer with 25 miles of my home to get the thing repaired and get reimbursement.

I found the only authorized dealer Anderson PHA and spent $68 to find out the coolant pressure was low and there was a leak. ** now refused to admit the leak was caused by the product and asked me to prove it was not the installer'€™s fault. Anderson quoted for $735 for a full leak test but demand up-front payment because Equiguard had a track record of not reimburse them. I talked to ** again about the cost, this time I felt like talking to a lawyer: I would have to pay up-front for the diagnosis and then only if the problem is with Maytag product would I get reimbursement from Maytag. I said "that'€™s fine."

When I asked Anderson to perform the test, I was told they will not do it even if I pay. Their ongoing negotiation with Equiguard had broken down. Anderson was concerned that, if they did the leak test, they would feel obligated to perform warranty repair for which Equiguard will not adequately reimburse. (How insightful! I wish I knew before I put in my money.) I asked ** how can I find a dealer in "Maytag'€™s National Network"€ to check my unit so that I can enjoy this "€œWorry-Free Warranty"€? ** led me to a month long saga to find a dealer and can'€™t come up with any.

After running out of all options, I begged Anderson and asked if I can have my problem diagnosed if I join their annual maintenance plan as a preferred customer with a $175 annual premium. Anderson finally agreed to take on my case and I negotiated a preferred customer discount to reduce the leak test cost from $735 to $635. The May 9th leak test determined there were two leaks, one in the cooling coil and another in the condenser unit. Both are due to Maytag equipment defects and not related to the initial installation. I was relieved that Maytag warranty would finally get me covered.

The repair was performed by two Anderson employees on June 6, 2008. Anderson also helped me to fax all the receipts involved in this repair/diagnosis to Maytag. On June 23, 2008, I received a $35 refund check from EquiGuard for the diagnosis. I called ** "why do I only got $35 out of the $878 back?" EquiGuard basically said the rest is "€œdeductible". I asked "where did it say "€œdeductible"€ on my warranty?" ** said "why don'€™t you talk to **?" ** picked up the phone and said there is nothing he can do now or in the future.

I filed a BBB complaint on June 25 to bring Maytag'€™s attention. Because Maytag does not really exist, the complaint had to be filed under Whirlpool. Mrs.** at the Whirlpool Executive Office tried to compel a response from Nordyne and Equiguard. After 40 days, I got a private response (no recorded by BBB) that Maytag cannot provide anything. The decision was made by ** of Equiguard and Mr. ** of Nordyne, who is VP Sales/West Coast.

Specific to my complaint: 1) Maytag will not refund my $878 out-of-pocket expense caused by multiple Maytag product failures. 2) Maytag could not found a local dealer who will not demand upfront payment for any future repair. 3) Maytag will not explain which part of my 4 (now 6) month nightmare is "Worry-free"€.

Maytag says they can not be responsible for poor product quality of another company (Nordyne) who lease its name. Maytag also takes the position that my now-out-of-the-business Maytag authorized dealer is to blame. I beg to differ: (1) If Maytag advertise its product under Maytag name, it is responsible to deliver the promises in its sales literature regardless of who is the manufacturer and the insurance company. (2) If Maytag'€™s product quality is good, I would not have this problem. This is not an installation problem.

(3) If Maytag can identify any authorized dealer to repair my unit without demanding up-front payment from the customer, I would not be in this dilemma either. (4) If Maytag opted for repair when the dead A/C had been diagnosed to leak, I do not need to incur the cost of the full leak test. You just cannot have it both ways. The responsibility is squarely with Maytag.

With regard to the fabulous 4 paragraphs of "€œWorry-Free Warranty"€ quoted earlier, here is my point-to-point rebuttal:
(1) Two out of the three components in my system failed, which is a good testimony of Maytag'€™s product quality. The A/C failed for two consecutive years since the installation in Jan 2007. My 4-year old son was unknowingly inhaling Freon the whole time next door to a leak. A check on Consumer Report found Maytag ranked among the most repaired brands across a broad category of products. A quick check on the website turns out hundreds of Maytag horror stories. Yet Maytag had the audacity to call this "€œWorry-Free Performance"€.

(2) For all the capital letters and acclamation mark for the "Worry-Free Warranty!"€, my unit fit every description, yet Maytag'€™s customer service line does not even admit it is a Maytag product. They insist it is a Nordyne product. Nordyne insist it is not their problem either and give me another phone number. Unknowingly, I was talking to an insurance company Equiguard who misrepresent themselves as Maytag.

Equiguard refused to acknowledge it is a product quality issue, led me to an adventure to find an authorized dealer, duped me into paying up-front, and then renegade in reimbursement. Did I read "€œ10-year both parts and labor"? Where does it say diagnosis is not covered? If not covered, why the $35 refund? Where does it say "€œdeductable" that Equiguard now claims? When the product was diagnosed by an authorized dealer to be not working, why insisting on a full leak test that they now refuse to reimburse?

(3) Yes, my unit is less than 5-years old, and both the compressor AND the heat exchanger leaks. It fits every description for whole-unit replacement, yet Maytag gives the repairmen only the coils. The two service men worked 10.5 hours straight to dissemble the entire compressor using my home as the assembling factory. They kept cursing Maytag who made it "€œmuch worse than a new install".

(4) What a joke! The (866) 262-9824 number is for Equiguard, the insurance company who refused to help. Maytag substitute customer service with insurance company lawyers, and claim to have "€œset a new standard"€ in customer assurance. Yes, a new standard beneath LOW and almost obscene! After 4 months, Maytag still have not found ONE dealer who will service my unit without demanding up-front payment from me. Where is that NATIONAL NETWORK OF MAYTAG HVAC DEALERS?

I can only conclude Maytag does not have any intention to keep any of the wonderful promises. Maytag is a fraud because: (1) It used sales practice/literature with fraudulent claims to misled customers into purchase. (2) It manufactures poor quality products with multiple defects, yet advertised as "most reliable"€. (3) It cannot produce any dealer to do repair without up-front payment yet advertise as "€œdependability promise"€.

(4) It made and then reengaged verbal promise in diagnostic reimbursement if the problem is related to the product. It forced me into full leak test then asked why it was so expensive. (5) It failed to honor written commitment for "entire unit replacement"€ when the product failure met all descriptions. (6) It cultivated a disorganized corporate culture that is at once incompetent and indifferent.

Please tell me why, as a customer, should I be led to run in circles between Maytag, Whirlpool, Nordyne, Equiguard and Maytag dealer, with nobody responsible for anything? I conclude Maytag does not have the decency to delivery on any of their promises, nor do they care what you think. The "€œlonely repairman" is indeed long dead.

This Maytag Washer Is An Inferior Product And Maytag Should Be Ashamed. I Was Under The Impression Their Products Were Quality
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Rating: 1/51

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- Had the washer for one year and it has broken down numerous times and replaced numerous parts.

All The Same Product
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LYONS, NEW YORK -- If you buy a Maytag, Kenmore, Amanna, Jenn-air or Whirlpool because you think one is better than the other you are only deceiving yourself. They are all the made by the very same company!! I and my wife argued about which dishwasher, washer/dryer and refrigerator was the best so I did some research on all of them. It's not that hard to find out who owns what. I found that all are made by the same company!! Boy was I fooled. Sears gives Maytag the specs. for what they want and the company builds it for them.

The TV/print ads even fight each other over which is better. It's funny how they will even fight themselves for the market share. At any rate we went with Maytag because we felt that was a better product. Boy where we WRONG!!!!! We also bought the extremely expensive Jenn-Air dishwasher because she, my wife wanted the best. We had it less than 1 yr. when the timer control caught fire. After fighting with "customer service" (hahaha) for an hr. I was no closer to a fix than I was to getting a brand new mach. We paid $1200.00 (or close to it) for the mach. and the fix was $696.43 to fix it. I said no so we bought a GE and it's worked fine for 6 yrs. now.

Anyway, we got the runaround for a month. (with no dishwasher other than me or my wife. mostly me.) When we had enough and bought the new one, the part came in a box 6"x6" and weighed less than a LG candy bar plus installation mind you. (and the gov. got on Bill Gates for owning too much with Microsoft???) That was another $155.00. This co. is way too big for their own good, let alone ours.

Bottom line, no matter what you buy it's the same company making it these days. It's a shame that a company that once made a VERY good product has gone the way it has. My mom has an Maytag stove that has been in the house and used everyday for the past 40 yrs. and is still going strong. What happened to that kind of product?

Disappointed and Saddened
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NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I have used Dependable Maytag in Naperville for years to buy appliances, purchase repair parts and for repair service at my house. Most recent experience will be my last. Bought a repair part for a dryer. Due to lack of time, I could not install the part and called their service dept, who repaired the unit the next day. Spare part I purchased was not needed. Asked if part was returnable and technician said "yes".

Got to store and was told "no problem, just need manager approval". This is when the fun started. Manager said not returnable due to it being a custom order. Reminded them the part was a stock item when I bought it, 1 of 3 they had in house just 3 days ago.

Manager agreed but THEN said it was not returnable due to being an electrical part. I challenged this because the only electrical component on the item was a single wire and a light bulb socket. Manager agreed but THEN said not returnable because it was used. I showed the manager the invoice from his own service tech showing that the part was not used, and was still in the original box. Manager agreed but THEN said he could not take returns due to the owners return policy. I pointed out that the return policy is not written anywhere in store, just appears to be made up as they go.

Manager THEN said he would credit me the repair part price toward the purchase of a new dryer. At this point I walked out with my now useless part. I am horribly disappointed that what used to be a "dependable" sales and repair shop is now resorting an ambiguous return policy to make a buck on a repair part, or even worse, force me to buy a new dryer just to get my money back. I could have bought somewhere else for less, now I wish I had.

"Dependable" Maytag needs to publish a clear return policy and show a little respect for repeat customers, instead of laughing and telling them "Good Luck" as they walk out the door in frustration. (Yes, I was really told "Good Luck" as I walked out!)

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