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Maytag Atlantis Washer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I bought a matching Maytag Atlantis top load washer and dryer around 2005. We had problems with the washer from the first day. But I was a very very busy mother and thought the problem was me not knowing how to properly run the machine; sometimes, the spin cycle would just stop. Over the next year I would experiment with changing the buttons and dial combinations or redistribute the clothes, etc. In all instances, the spin cycle would eventually start working again. Over time I did start to notice a pattern. The spin cycle would work for a number of loads and then it would stop working. But just after about one year of use, I noticed that the problem was worse when I washed with hot or warm water, when the spin cycle would stop after only one or two loads. I discovered that if I waited at least an hour the spin cycle would start working again. It was a terrible inconvenience and added many hours to the task of doing laundry! By that time the one year warranty had run out. I made some calls and learned we would have to pay over $100 just for a service call -- not including parts and labor. I decided to live with the problem and hoped that by some miracle it would either fix itself or not get any worse. I have lived with this unbelievably irritating and inconveniencing problem for all these years. At times, the spin cycle would start screeching. At times, it would stop working altogether and I would have to wring out the clothes by hand and dry them for a couple of hours in the dryer!! But then, the next day it would work again! One time last year when it stopped and I couldn't get it working again, I gave up and called Maytag who referred me to a local Maytag repairman who did finally come to look at the machine, but I was so disgusted with his attitude and became so suspicious that he was not telling me the truth and was lying about what was wrong and how much it would cost, that I basically threw him out of my house and told him he would be lucky if I didn't file charges against both him and Maytag for criminal fraud! Anyway, lo and behold the machine did start running again, but with the same spin cycle problems I had for 8 years. Today as I waited the hour for the spin cycle to start working again, I decided to look online for complaints and found thousands just like mine. So here is my three cents worth. DON'T TRUST MAYTAG ANYMORE!
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Maytag Atlantis Washer and Dryer
Posted by on
We purchased a Maytag Atlantis Washer and Dryer in 2004, and it was NOT cheap. The dyer was an absolute piece of junk! (The washer not much better, will get there in a minute.) Within the first 12 months the dryer started squeaking as the drum turned. Shortly after the squeaking started the igniter had to be replaced; our model is gas. That igniter bit the dust in less than a year and a second igniter had to be installed (at $170.00 a pop!). Shortly after that, one of the paddles in the drum came loose and fell out while drying a load of clothes. I called the repairman—again—he told me it would be a $50.00 service call and 2 hours in labor just to tear the drum apart to screw that paddle back in. I chose not to have it replaced since we had already spent a fortune having two igniters installed. Where the screws came lose there were rough spots in the drum; thus, I could no longer dry my dedicates in the dryer. Ok…if that is not bad enough, last week I was drying a load of clothes and the dryer started making this very loud grinding noise as the drum turned; I went in and immediately turned it off. When I opened the dryer door half the felt gasket that goes around the front of the drum was in the dryer! Uuuuggg……. I am fit to be tied and dealing the “Maytag people,” is a waste of time. After the felt gasket came out of the dryer, we took it out to the curb and I bought a Kenmore.

The Atlantis washer has not broken down like the dryer has. However, it does a crap job of washing the clothes and is now starting to make squealing noises when it spins the clothes out. I am sure it is just a matter of time before it too bites the dust...

I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, own another Maytag product and they will never see another dime of my money! I would rather go down to the river and beat my clothes on the rocks by hand than purchase another one of their crap products!
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Atlantis Piece Of $#@! Washing Machine
Posted by on
My husband purchased a brand new washing machine for me. We shopped around and purchased the Atlantis, the middle of the road in pricing, but we thought Maytag was a name we could trust since our parents swore by them, also the Maytag Repairman Commercial that everyone refers to, how bored he is.

Well, everything went well for the first 2 years and then all of a sudden, the machine stopped spinning. It was the belt and the transmission. A sixty nine dollar service call and then a week and a half without a machine, and then $140 for Labor to remove the transmission and then put the new one in along with the belt which took him no longer than 30 minutes total. With tax, that was $220.00. Luckily the transmission was covered under warranty. The repair has lasted; however, another problem occurred two months later. Some pump went. So another $69 for a service call. This time, it was going to be in the area of $200 for the part because it wasn't under warranty and $50 for the labor.

Well, I paid the service call fee and told him to have a nice day. I went to the appliance store and ordered the part myself. My husband put it on. The part was $72 with tax. It took my husband ten minutes to put it on. These people are CROOKS!!! And now my machine is making a squealing noise on the spin cycle. I'm afraid to do laundry. I wished someone would get a class action suit against these idiots!!! I was told by a maytag salesman that maytag was cheapened because another company purchased them. How true this is, I haven't a clue.

In the meantime, I see hundreds of people with similar complaints as mine on this garbage machine we all bought and have sunk a ton of money into and / or have been inconvenienced by in one way or another. I really liked my Amana :) Wished I would have stuck with that brand!
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User Replies:
qualityappliance on 08/06/2008:
Maytag cheapened their products before they were bought out by Whirlpool. It sounds like the service company you had come was Sears/A&E, they have a reputation of seriously overcharging.

By the way, Amana is made by Maytag and has been for years.
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Maytag Washing Machine
Posted by on
WILLCOX, ARIZONA -- In December of 2000 I purchased a new Maytag Atlantis washer and dryer. I have six children and plenty of laundry. I grew up with Maytag products. My mother would only buy Maytag brand washers and dryers and had given me a washer/dryer set that was 20 years old and still working when I gave it away to purchase a new set. I needed a dependable machine and felt certain that I would receive years of satisfying, dependable service from Maytag. Unfortunately, this is far from what has happened. The dryer has been fine, but my washer began having problems within 1 year of my purchase. It began with an unusual noise during the spin cycle. It was still under manufacturer's warranty so they replaced the motor. I purchased an extended warranty (through Maytag Dependability Plus)which has at least saved me the hundreds of dollars on repair bills. Since May of this year (2003) this washer has had the pump replaced twice, the transmission rebuilt, then replaced, and a bearing replaced. It has been in various stages of working condition for the past year. At times I have had to go without a washer for up to a week and a half. The sound that I originally heard has never gone away. It is a loud, shrill, whirring sound during the spin cycle. Then it develops into a clanking sound and eventually occurs during the entire wash cycle. Eventually it does not spin at all. The repair technician is as frustrated as we are. He has even held the phone up to the machine for the Maytag technicians to hear. They say things like "we don't really know what is causing that, try replacing ......." or "let's just leave it alone and see what develops." Bottom line is that it has never been fixed and doesn't seem to be "fixable." I have contacted the Maytag company multiple times - they refuse to replace the machine. I have contacted Maytag Dependability Plus (the extended warranty holder) who refuse to replace it unless four separate instances occur. However, they do not consider it separate unless it happens more than 30 days apart. In other words, I could go on forever having repairs done all as ONE Incident!! I feel cheated and thouroughly disappointed in the Maytag company - I'm having second thoughts about their products' quality, but even more so, I have TOTALLY lost faith in their customer service. Obviously customer loyalty is not one of their priorities. Overall, I still hear from the industry that Maytags are usually very good machines that require few if any repairs. Every manufacturer produces a "lemon" now and then and I feel I got one. Maytag and the warranty have already spent more money on this machine than its worth! I just want them to replace it.

Remember the Maytag repairman who was so bored because he never got called out to a service call. After all, Maytag is so dependable that they hardly ever need repair. Well, send him to my house - he won't be bored anymore!!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/10/2003:
and their warranties and service are even worse. Don't expect to get it fixed properly it most likely won't happen.
Anonymous on 12/01/2003:
I have a friend who has a Maytag washing machine which she spent about $1000 dollars on. The thing is always having problems and when she calls Maytag on it they come out and tell her that its the soap shes using and they won't do anything about it. So my advice is to never buy Maytag appliances.
Anonymous on 12/04/2003:
I just read the lady's complaint in AZ about her washer. I have the same problem with my spin cycle making a loud wirring noise and sometimes loud clanking and I had the repair man out before the year was up to repair it and he told me I was loading my clothes wrong and it made it uneven. I have been doing laundry in cheap washers for many years and that has never been a problem. Now in our senior years we finally could afford a good washer to last us for the rest of our lives, it burns up on us in the second year. It has been a week and we are still waiting for the repair man and now his truck is broken and maybe can get here Friday or Monday. This is supposed to be a good product, what happened? Also, when the repair man was out he told me that these are not really Maytag products, they are made by another company and have a Maytage name. If we wanted a Maytag product we would have to pay in the $1,000 range not the $500.00 range that we paid. If the repair man ever gets here I'm sure it will not be covered by Maytag because it is almost 2 years old now. My advise to anyone with this problem is insist that it is repaired before the year is up because it won't go away. I'm glad I was home when this started to smoke it could have caught on fire and maybe burnt up our home.
Anonymous on 01/06/2004:
We, too, spent extra money to purchase a "reliable" appliance - a Maytag - and have had a very bad experience. The washer is very noisy, it is destroying my clothes (the edges of all my towels are frayed), and the LOUD "screetch" at the end of each spin cycle scares the daylights out of anyone in the house when it happens. It is tremendously loud. We also purchased the matching dryer and I am not entirely pleased with it either. It is supposed to sense dryness but doesn't: it just runs for a shorter period of time when you set it at "less dry" than it does if you set it at "more dry." It operates strictly on time, not on dryness. We feel we have been defrauded.
mslily on 05/18/2004:
I, too am having major problems with my Maytag Neptune. Granted, it's 5 years old but I've had machines that have lasted 14 years through 2 kid and a Harley husband!! I live alone now so you know how much laundry I do. First the bearings on the drum gave out and now the service man tells me that the control board has gone bad. After talking with a Maytag rep, they did agree to pay half of the repair to the drum since the warranty is outdated...big deal!! If one more thing goes wrong, it's Maytag to The Dump and back to Whirlpool (or Sears) for me!!
AnnaTP8 on 04/25/2005:
I have a Maytag Atlantis. Did not buy extended warranty. May or may not be mistake. I have had it for 2 1/2 year and it makes this awful clanking sound through the whole cycle, started only part of the time, just like your review said. No one knows what to do and Maytag Corp is unhelpful. Going to replace it.
cubbiebear1060 on 10/12/2005:
I purchased the Atlantis in Sept,2001. I totally loved this machine. Luckily I did not cancel the extended warranty from Best Buy. On 9/22/05 Best buy sent Maytag out to repair my washer. The washer started out making a squealing noice during the spin cycle, then a clunk,until it would not spin at all. Repairman replaced the transmission. After he left I noticed in the box with the old trans is a brand new hub bearing kit. Within 48 hrs, the washer was back to squealing. Best buy sends Maytag out again. This repairman replaces the pump, still squeals. So he oils the motor, replaces the brakes and puts on a new belt, then proceeds to tale off the new pump and put the old one on.The machine still squeals. While he has the machine tipped to the back you can see the trans spining and it appears to me to hesitate at one spot. (Of course I mentioned that to him and had also showed him the new part which was left in the box.) The machine still squeals ao he tells me it will work itself out. How long? about a week. (While he was here he received a call to go back to someone's house because the machine was still doing that) He leaves so I do 1 load of laundry with the squeal. Next morning while washing another load, the squealing turns to grinding and will not spin. I called Best Buy and am asking them to please send out one of their guys because obviously Maytag isn't doing it right. Unfortuntally, since it wasn't repaired properly that have to send Maytag. So here I am waiting again for them to come out for their 3rd visit in 2 weeks. I have been looking for a new stove (10 yrs old)and dryer(11 yrs) Maytag was the stove I wanted ($1900.00)but given their poor repair record I will find another brand.
handle this on 03/15/2007:
I am having the exact same problem. It's a really loud screeching and/or whirling sound during the apn cycle which eventually stops the machine from spinning. I think that it may be in the brake mechanism. Going in for a look later this week.
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Maytag Atlantis transmission # 3
Posted by on
My story is not unlike the rest of you that purchased that high dollar piece of junk. Within the first year I had to have one transmission put in the clunker. Then within the next 1 1/2 yrs here we are again and time for another one. Lowes sent me back to Maytag and Maytag helped with the repairs but then the last time it was well, we will give you a 10% discount on a new one. I said what do you mean a new one this one is not 3 yrs old. Why would I buy a new one when this one has a better warranty than Lowes offers on the new ones. I have a 5 yr warranty through Maytag on the Transmission and 10 on the drum and the new ones have a one year warranty on them. What makes Maytag think I want to buy another one from them. There should be some recourse for us that spend that kind of money on an appliance. 600. dollars a lot of money in my book. and for them to offer you basically 60 dollars off a on new one when the one you have is less than 3 yrs old. This is disgusting to say the least.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/07/2009:
yeah they pretty much screwed the pooch by lowering their warranty.

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Maytag Atlantis
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- My mom's Maytag washer had finally seen better days and she being a loyal Maytag buyer researcher around and purchased a new Maytag Atlantis. From the very beginning the washer was junk leaving lint and soap powder on all the items washed. Call me crazy but isn't the purpose of washing an item for the end result to be the item to be clean and in good order to wear?

She had the repairman come and he told her that Maytag doesn't make the washers like the old ones, and suggested she switch to liquid detergent and try running a cycle with white vinegar in order to clear any remaining lint.

Needless to say this did nothing and the clothes have dried detergent and lint all over them and are an embarrassment to wear.

Does anyone have the address to the Maytag corporate office (not the customer service office)???

Thanks in advance!
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Maytag Atlantis Is Junk
Posted by on
MONROE, CONNECTICUT -- Bought Maytag because my mothers is 35 years old and still works good, my set about 8 years old has been repaired at least 4 times on each unit, I have become a expert at rebuilding their crap, have paid double and triple of unit cost in repairs....Contacted Maytag and the response was that they are sorry to lose me as a customer, don't know what I will buy in future but I will never spend money on any Maytag products every again, and will spend all of my days telling my story to anyone looking at Maytag products in stores.

Your customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with, you have ruin the reputation the Maytag founders work so hard to achieve.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 02/26/2009:
The Atlantis junk should never have been allowed to carry the Maytag name.One of the many recent blunders Maytag has done to their decades old top reputation. These are the same machines available for years as Norge and Magic Chef. Maytag should have just left the MC name on them and sold them as a separate branding only.
qualityappliance on 02/27/2009:
Slim is correct, they sold these units for years through Montgomery Ward stores and after the BK had to find another outlet.
Anonymous on 02/27/2009:
Quality,remember the model with the detergent dispenser in the lid?
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Poor Quality
Posted by on
Bought a new Maytag Atlantis washer and dryer set about five years ago. I have had nothing but problems since with the washer. Had to be replaced a week after I brought it home. It was shaking all over the place. it wouldn't balance. They said it was my floor. That's a load of crap (8 feet between supporting walls, 2x12 floor joists. 2 layers of flooring). Then the belt burnt up twice in the first two years. Then the water pump went out at year 3. Midway through year 3 the transmission went bad. that was still under warrant, but I had to pay 130.00 for the labor. 2 months ago the timer went bad. 100.00 more dollars.

Tried to talk to customer service. It was like talking to the back of my hand. Bored Maytag repairman my ass! I will never buy another Maytag, or Maytag owned product.
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User Replies:
I hate Maytag on 12/15/2008:
Customer service with this company is like signing up to be treated like a Dog.
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Washing Machine is JUNK & Service SUCKS
Posted by on
DO NOT purchase a Maytag product. I have had nothing but problems with my supposed top of the line $700.00 washing machine from day one. 6 months after purchasing it trouble began and has been endless since. 3 months into my second year. Warranty only covers parts. And after never fixing the problem that was first noticed at 6 months I get to now pay the labor for repairs. The statement All Parts under warranty for 2nd year did NOT include the belt that was needed during the transmission replacement. No response from Maytag after complaining multiple times. Allow me to pass along to you the insight and wisdom I received from each and every Maytag Authorized repairman that I have had to my home fixing this worthless washing machine "Best thing to do is buy a different washing machine" Someone get a class action started and count me in.!
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User Replies:
PeskyKittyButt on 08/05/2004:
OK, you had a copy of the warranty so you knew what was covered. Also, do you really think saying something "sucks" will get you taken seriously? I realize you're frustrated, but using foul language will get your letter chucked out the window or into the garbage.
dude on 11/16/2004:
Maytag does suck! I do not own a Maytag machine but I just returned from a new laundromat that had all new Maytag machines. Maytag has had a reputation for years for their products being very reliable. But in the past few years they have really slipped. If you read Consumer Reports, a non-profit product testing organization, Maytag products now have a high frequency of repair. I lost a lot of money tonight in Maytag machines and it is hard to believe how these newer machines could malfunction this badly. A couple of the top loading washers, the water would not drain out, so I had to pull my clothes out soaking wet. Be smart and subscribe to Consumer Reports or go to your local library and read them before you make a major purchase. I'd like to make a generalized statement that is not necessarily aimed at Maytag. There seems to be no limit to corporate irresponsibility and greed in the year 2004. Be very careful, don't get screwed.
mama99 on 06/01/2007:
I happen to own this washer (MAV9501EWW) and it is by far the best washer I have ever owned. I have three kids so I have been running it almost constantly for two years now and never had a single problem. It also gets stains out like nothing else. I started searching for it online because I wanted to recommend it to my Mom, who needs a new washer, and I ran into this bad review. I think it is only the few unhappy people who ever post reviews, while the many happy people don't bother!
Kiki1 on 08/24/2007:
I also HATE my 3.5 year old Maytag washer, it has started making all kinds of noises and now is in need of repair. I was extremely disappointed with this machine, I mean what happened to the days when washers would last for over 10 years. I will NEVER again buy a MAYTAG Product. I'm with you Uncle Boo.
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Maytag Atlantis Washer & Dryer Love Them
Posted by on
Been wonderful. Never have broke down. Great!!
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