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Poor quality/service
Posted by R_artz on 02/21/2004
ILLINOIS -- Bought 3 Maytag appliance 5 years ago. The first week, the washing machine transmission broke. Told this was unusual and thought that was the end of my problems with the appliances and expected to have trouble free appliances for at least 8 or 10 years. The motor went out on the dryer just at the very end of the 3 year extended warranty. I had to pay $263.00 for a new motor and was not reimbursed,even after phone calls and a letter. Then, the fins inside the drum came off. Finally, the the dryer stopped drying. Meanwhile, one year into the life of the dishwasher, it leaked on new wood flooring, then the intelliclean feature stopped working this year. The new refrigerator that is not even a year old is making terribly loud popping noises. I called Maytag and emailed them, I was treated rudely on the phone and promised by email that someone would call this week. NO calls, no help, no dryer for the past two weeks. I will never buy another thing from Maytag.

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Posted by use2becust.svc.rep on 2004-07-08:
Try calling again just not on a Monday or a Friday afternoon. Please have your model and serial and your svcr information. To be honest with you when any appliance is out of warranty most manufacturers can only register your complaint. What I wanna know is what are you drying that has caused the tumblers in your dryer to break off.. I have never seen this unless it is overuse,like using for a commercial setting or abuse. Sorry, svcrs are not going to tell you you might have done something incorrect, they do want to make it home at the end of the day.
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Faulty Manufacturer parts
Posted by Andynaessens on 03/05/2004
My 14 month old Maytag gas dryer stopped heating.
According to the repair person, the dryer had a bad sensor which burnt out the ignightor. Maytag had a good reputation with me. I'll never buy another Maytag appliane again. When contacting Maytag they said they knew of no such problem.
After research online, I found at least 200 other complaints about the same problem.
Cost Me $192 to put a new sensor and ignigtor in.
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Posted by grmarvin on 2004-04-08:
Maytag has a 2 year parts warranty. You should have gotten the parts free. Did you spend $192 in labor? That part was not time-consuming enough to warrant $192. Many complaints on this site are nightmares. Yours was not. Mechanical things do fail.
Posted by use2becust.svc.rep on 2004-07-14:
PS/ not all Maytag products have a 2 year parts warranty. And the parts are not made by Maytag. Maytag uses the same parts as many other manufacturers, parts are made by many companies all over the world and they can have failures.
Posted by andynaessens on 2006-02-27:
To "grmarvin":Thank you for your non advice...
Do you work for Maytag.. .... Oh, the piece of crap broke again 3 month later. I called Maytag to fix it under warrenty,"per your words of wisdom", which they refused to do. so I just trashed the thing.
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Poor design and Workmanship
Posted by on 09/29/2003
GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- Have owned two Kenmore dryers and they each lasted almost twenty years with no repair work ever required. I purchased a Maytag Electric Dryer and five months later it is out of service because a rear drum seal that is just glued in came loose. The dryer is basically out of service as it takes three cycles to dry clothes with the air leaking around the rear of the drum.

I am an engineer and I can not believe the lousy design of this system.

Needless to say that I will not buy another Maytag product nor will I be silent about the lousy design and workmanship in this unit
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-29:
Aside from a better finish on the cabnets, Maytag dryers never were any better then the Kenmores AKA Whirlpools, they just cost more. The washers though were better part for part. I havn't been in the busines for a while now, so I can't say what's happening today with each.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-16:
The neptune washer & dryer or the worst appliances on the market, they cost alot and need repaired alot. Maytag doesnt seem to care Neptune purchaser have been totally ripped off!!!!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-23:
what model do you have?
Posted by grmarvin on 2004-04-08:
His model # starts with PYE. It is a Maytag Performa. (It is actually built at the Magic Chef plant in IL). That doesn't mean it is allowed to be junk. The Neptune and Atlantis dryers are true Maytags.
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Hate My Washer
Posted by Hatemywasher on 10/14/2009
I bought my new Maytag Epic front load washer and dryer in July 2009. I have had nothing but problems; with both but mainly the washer. The washer was delivered right away but we had to order the gas dryer. After delivery, excited to try out my new washer, I did laundry. Very disappointed!! It was loud and vibrated/shook terribly! I called the company that I bought it from and they came out right away. They looked at it and told me something was wrong with it and that they'll replace it when the dryer comes in. It took 3 weeks, but the dryer finally came in. They brought out a new washer and the new dryer. After installation come to find out the dryer wouldn't even turn on; bad motor and they'll have to order another one. Again I did laundry and the new washer was no better. I again called the company and they said they would make sure it was level and look at it when they deliver the dryer.

2 weeks later they finally received and delivered the new dryer. The dryer worked and they releveled the washer. Didn't make a difference. The washer shakes and vibrates just awful! I complained that I was not happy and wanted my money back. The company said they would have to talk to Maytag to do that since I used them and they would get back to me. Its been over a month and I have not heard back from them. I have called Maytag several times and they have sent two other service companies out, and still no fix for the vibrating. They now are resending out one of the companies with some repair kit. Then to top it all off Maytag offered a $100 rebate with the purchase of a set. I sent everything in but surprisingly they said they never received it and to resubmit the rebate.

Now I received this letter that I needed to call them with the serial numbers to process; which were on the form that I submitted. To their advantage, I received this letter a day after a dated deadline so when I called I was told because it was after that deadline they're not able to take my information. Its been 3 months and still the washer vibrates and shakes; seems to be getting worse the more I use it, and now I'm out the $100 rebate. Never again will I buy a Maytag nor any brand affiliated with them such as Whirlpool!!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-14:
Should have kept the firs tone. Have you never had a dryer before? You have to level them just like a washer. They come with 4 little adjustable legs on them.
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Worst Purchases I Ever Made
Posted by Upset 2 on 07/05/2006
AVON, OHIO -- Along with many others (see other posted reviews) we feel we have been taken by Maytag. We purchased a Maytag Legacy Series washer and dryer from Home Depot in 2004 and neither lasted two years. The washer's main bearing went out and the spin cycle sounded like a jet engine blasting on takeoff. Even when we closed the door to the laundry room we were unable to talk to each other over the screaming noise. At about the same time the dryer started overheating such that even on the low heat setting it ran extremely hot. When we inquired what the cost of repairs might be we were told that (after including the service call, parts and additional labor) it might be cheaper and wiser to purchase new units. One should expect new appliances such as these to last at least 8 to 10 years, but these dogs failed after 24 months. NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BUY MAYTAG !
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-05:
Did the milkstool bearing fail?
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-07-05:
We just bought a new washer and dryer. The sales guy was pushing the Maytag's, but I've been on this site too long and seen way too many Maytag complaints to take that risk. We went with General Electic and so far so good!
Posted by warddw1526 on 2006-07-05:
Something as part of the "Legacy" series should last longer than 2 years.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-07-05:
I remember when 8-10 years out of a Maytag was considered a "bad one".
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-05:
Yeah, back in the day.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-02:
Why buy an appliance at a "hardware store"?
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Terrible Quality
Posted by Rjcronin on 01/13/2006
HANOVER, MASSACHUSETTS -- In February of 2003 I bought a new Maytag dryer - Model No. SDE5401AVW. In the past 10 months I have had two major service repairs:
1. The front glides had broken down and needed replacement.
2. The idler pulley had worn down to its bushing and needed replacement.

This machine is less than three years old! The lack of quality parts that Maytag is using is inexcusable.

I've been a Maytag customer for over thirty years. Correction- I was a Maytag customer. I will never buy a Maytag product again. And, I will tell my extensive circle of friends to avoid Maytag at all costs. I recommend that you do the same.

Still waiting to dry out,
RJ Cronin
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-01-13:
Yeah, I know what you mean...ever since that Maytag repair man died and they had to replace him, it's never been the same.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-14:
I was in appliances for years, owned two stores. I've never heard of such a problem. Good luck.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-01-14:
These parts, as well as the rollers do wear, and on Norge/Chefs very premature. Had your dryer been a "real" Maytag and not a Magic Chef with the parent company name slapped on it, the glides would have been substantially beefier and the pulley solid rubber instead of the 2 piece plastic/rubber cr@p on the cheaper models. When buying Maytag, you have to buy the ones built in the original plant. I don't think most retailers are telling customers the difference in quality between models and letting people go with the entry level lines without fair warning. Sigh, and Pirate, you have NEVER heard of these being wearable parts even though they are the majority of the MOVING parts of a dryer?! Could you please elaborate on how you were "in Appliances", because I compare this to someone "in auto repair" never hearing of brakes wearing.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-01-14:
Good info Slim!
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Washer & Dryer Complaints
Posted by Dennison on 10/24/2007
ISLAND LAKE, ILLINOIS -- I recently purchased the Maytag Bravos Washer & Dryer pair for our new house, after owning a Kenmore set for 16 years & leaving it behind, still in perfect working condition after only 1 repair between them both. The Maytag washer has a very large tub with no agitator but because the clothes just sit in there, the tend to get extremely tangled, especially jeans and long pants. Every item has to be shaken out before putting it in the dryer, otherwise they end up all twisted, wrinkled and only partially dry. The washer definitely uses a lot less water than a conventional top load, but the clothes are a mess when they come out. The dryer has several "level of dryness" settings, but when "normal" is selected, clothes & especially towels are still damp when the cycle ends. The only higher setting is "more dry" which seems to be over drying & fading the clothes, but if it's not chosen then everything is still damp when it's done. Lastly, the lint filter is poorly located on the top of the dryer itself, which causes major amounts of dust/fuzz to spill out onto the dryer top every time it's cleaned (each load).

We chose the black color, which was not a great choice due to the lint filter location, as the top of the dryer is always dusty.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-24:
On your Kenmore dryer,where was the lint filter located?
On the top?Like most Kenmore/Whirlpool dryers?

As far as the tangling of the clothes,Whirlpool admits there is no solution to this problem.The Maytag Top Load Neptune had the same problem.

I dumped my Neptunes,and got the Cabrio,its the same as the Bravos,but with an agitator.They have been great.

The drying issue could be a clogged vent.
Posted by Dennison on 2007-10-24:
The lint filter on the Kenmore dryer was inside, below the door opening. It was much less messy and easy to vaccum out with a crevis tool. The dryer can't have a clogged vent as the house is brand new and light weight clothes come out dry. I believe the dry sensor is not sensitive enough to tell when heavier clothes like jeans & towels are dry.
Posted by Tim Hainsworth on 2008-04-13:
My wife and I recently purchased a matching Bravos washer and dryer. The dryer is OK so far, but the washer has been a nightmare! The first serviceman replaced the agitator, which he said had been recalled. He then replaced the electronics saing that that might help.... it didn't.
The second serviceman said that he felt the machine was doing all it was supposed to do.... except wash clothes!
We await a decision from Maytag shortly about their decision.....
Posted by Donna Sampson on 2013-06-19:
I will never by another Maytag/Whirlpool again. I bought a Bosch. After 4 years the mother board went out and was going to cost $450.00 to repair. Since I had paid so for the Bosch I had to go cheaper on the Maytag. It is the worse machine ever!!!! I also bought the extended warranty this time. It isn't doing any good when you have to wait on someone for 2 weeks to service it. I bought it at Lowe's by the way. But back to the problem. The washer would dispense the bleach after the towel load. And of course I was washing dark clothes. It ruined numerous clothes and 700 count sheet sets. What did Maytag say? I needed to change detergents, fabric softners, need to wash clothes correctly, and the last phone call was I spilled bleach on the floor and didn't wipe it up!! I was very upset at everyone of the accusations. I will never use their product again if it was given to me!!!!!!!!!!!
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Premature motor failure on Maytag dryer
Posted by Leshart on 08/18/2004
I purchased a Maytag washer and dryer 3 1/2 years ago because they are supposed to be very reliable. Now the motor in my dryer(Model MDE8000AYW) has failed.

Our previous dryer (Kenmore) never needed a motor in 26 years of service.

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Posted by compwiz on 2004-08-21:
Guess What? Appliances were built to last back then. Today, Maytag, Kenmore, Whirlpool are all junk. The only brand I have had good luck with is GE.
Posted by Aplliance Guy on 2004-08-29:
Funny enough maytag dryer motors are made by GE. Second call maytag motor is cover for at least 5 yrs. Good Luck.
Posted by leshart on 2004-09-12:
Additional info: The Maytag replacement motor came with instructions to rotate it 90 degrees from the origianl to "reposition the bearing window in reference to the drive belt".
Posted by use2becust.svc.rep on 2005-01-04:
Guess what? Parts failure can happen anytime. Maytag doesn't make all the parts they just buy them from distributors and put them in the dryer and add their brand logo. Out of 1 million parts made by any manufacturer their will be failures. It is a fact that nothing lasts as long as it did years ago.....Years ago the appliances were energy hogs, made up of few and simple parts that didn't give us many options. Now we all want energy savers with 12 options for time and 10 options for heat and buzzer on/ off switches. When you multiply the amount of bells and whistles that have to work perfect each and everytime we use an appliance it is a miracle one of the 1000's of components fires and responds precisely everytime and when one of those hardworking, low energy consuming parts fail it takes on tragedy status to the owner. BOO HOO! Maytag provides hands down one of the best warranties in the appliance business. If you do not want and appliance to fail......don't buy one, hange your clothes on the line like our great grandmothers did!
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Maytag Epic Washer and Dryer is Horrible!!!
Posted by Rtharper on 11/27/2009
I have had my Epic front load washer and dryer for 15 months. From the first week I had problems with the washer. when on regular spin cycle, the machine is very loud, vibrates horribly and walks across the floor. I now use only the delicate cycle to avoid some of the noise issues and some of the vibration but at least it doesn't walk across the floor as much! The repairman replaced the "shocks" and advised taking the machine off the risers. (Now what am I going to do with two risers that cost approximately $300 each?) The dryer motor has recently gone out and will need to be replaced at an approximate price of $450 or more according to the repairman (That's half the cost of the dryer!!) I will replace the dryer with a no-name simple machine similar to the Citation I had for 25 years. And as soon as the Washer shakes itself apart, I'll replace it with a similar no-name brand. In addition my Whirlpool refrigerator has been worked on twice in the two years I've had it :(Whirlpool owns Maytag). Both these brands use to mean quality but not anymore.

As soon as I can, these appliances are going to the trash dump and I'll get a cheap model like the Citation I had for 25 years. Never, never will I purchase an expensive appliance or any appliance for that matter from this company.

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Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-11-27:
The noise and vibration prbblem is most likely caused by improper installation. They may not have removed the legs from the washer before mounting it on the pedestal or not tightened the mounting screws all the way. All four of the leveling legs have to be solid on the floor and LOCK NUTS HAVE TO BE TIGHTENED other wise the legs will adjust themselves.

As for the dryer motor going out, that is very uncomon and should be nowhere near $450 to replace. The motor itself, (if it is really bad), shouldn't cost any more than $85. to $90.

I think you need a new service person.

Good Luck.
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Lemon Washer
Posted by Daffy9 on 02/05/2008
INDIO, CALIFORNIA -- Spent $1800.00 for washer and dryer and before it was 3 yrs old had to have repairs. The washer does not get clothes clean and I told Sears this right after we purchased it they would do nothing. I have spoke to Maytag and to Sears but they said I had to pay for the repair and that I should buy a warranty. There is just 2 of us no children so clothes do not get very dirty but the washer does not let enough water in to get the clothes washed properly.

I have been a Maytag owner all my life never had any problems with Maytag before but will never buy another Maytag product nor will I deal with Sears again. The customer is no longer important to them anymore.
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Posted by Mario The Great on 2008-02-05:
Wow, thanks for leaving us with a wealth of information. You complaint was forwarded to people who might be able to assist you but left a little less info. than you did department.
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