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Their Products are GARBAGE
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Rating: 1/51

Purchased a Maytag 5000 Series dryer with steam. Nearly $800 at Home Depot. Less than four years later, the dryer needs a new heating element. $99 for the "first" service call. Have to wait one week for the part. $340 - $350 for the part. And of course, another $99 for the "second" service call. That's at least $540 to repair an $800 dryer. Like everyone else I'm reading about, I did not purchase an extended warranty. I thought I was spending the extra money on the initial purchase to buy a higher quality product from a more reputable company. Wrong!

There are two adults who live in this house. We work 60 to 100 hours per week. We don't have time to do laundry. Half of our clothing goes to the dry-cleaners! So this isn't a household with 19 kids. I'm not talking about a dryer that never got turned off. This is ridiculous. I foolishly spent $800 on one of Maytag's products thinking I would get ten years of good service. That's $80 per year to own the thing. I want my $480 back for the six years of service your product failed to provide.

What is the environmental impact of your corporation pumping such disposable trash out into our environment? Who is looking into that? How irresponsible is it for a corporation to manufacture such trash with the full expectation that it's going into a landfill in "less than" four years? What was Maytag's solution to the problem? "We'll essentially give you an employee discount on a new product." Well, that would be wonderful, but you need to give me a discount on another company's product.

I will "never" again have a Maytag appliance in my home. I have already began and will continue informing every person who will listen about my experience with your products. I told the Maytag person on the phone that I would never even accept a free dryer from their company. Maytag, you should be ashamed. If you cannot manufacture a better product, if you cannot provide better customer service and stand behind the products you make, and if you cannot be more environmentally responsible, you should be out of business.

Your corporation and this product has reaffirmed a belief in me: This country is incapable of producing anything that isn't disposable garbage. I do not purchase American vehicles because they're disposable garbage. And from today forward, I will do my best to purchase as few products as possible that are manufactured by American corporations.

Neptune Washer & Dryer - Vibration Problems
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Rating: 1/51

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- MAH8700AWW & MDE9700AYW - We purchased this washer and dryer when our Kenmore (which lasted 16 years) finally went out. The washer would dance across the room and vibrate the walls during the spin cycle. We purchased a pedestal thinking that would help and of course it did not. That had to pay for a vibration kit on the washer and then it still vibrates like crazy.

The dryer takes forever to dry a load of clothes. We recently have had the dryer worked on 4 times and it continues to blow the thermostat. I think it's ridiculous for the cost of these appliances to have these kind of problems. This is my first Maytag product and it will be my last!!!

Washer & Dryer Terrible Just Bought Them
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Rating: 4/51

QUEEN CREEK, ARIZONA -- Bought new Maytag washer & dryer, the washer is the water saver, my clothes do not come clean. They smell when dried, not enough water being used to rinse them out properly. Once the machine starts it is locked and it takes one hour to wash a load of clothes. The dryer basket is so big that all the clothes wrap around each other in a ball. Will not dry a load of clothes in 30 min.

A week after I bought it they said I could have returned it for a 30% stocking fee (200.00). Who can afford to lose that much money in one week. So unhappy with these products. I am 72 yrs old and on oxygen and have always used Maytag. Never again and will tell anyone that will listen. I am not mad at the company I bought it from just the product.

Paint Chipping Off Inside Dryer
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Rating: 1/51

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- I called customer service. My Centennial dryer was less than a year old. On previous calls to Maytag found they were anxious to help and send out a repair person. When I described my problem I was told it was not a functional problem so was not covered under the warranty. I said, "The paint chipped off and will get rust on my clothes, this isn't a function of the dryer." No the supervisor said she would send a repairman but if it is not a matter of the function of the dryer, then she threatened me that I would be paying the $140-150 service call. Boy I was never threatened over a service call.

I had a Whirlpool washer/dryer set that I was very unhappy with which was why I bought Maytag. While looking to purchase I went to Conn's, Home Depot and Lowe's. I made it very clear I was not interested in a Whirlpool and why. Not a single salesperson volunteered the information. They were owned by the same company or I never would have purchased a Maytag.

I have currently 5 appliance with the Maytag logo and was looking at refrigerators already. I can say that they have the right to refuse to repair their defect. I can also say that in doing so they lost a loyal customer and I can tell everyone I know to never buy from them. So who is paying the cost on this repair?

I will never purchase another Maytag/Whirlpool Product
By -

DAYTON, NEVADA -- After my fourth service call, on my dryer and having spent more than $400 dollars so far to fix this sorry excuse for a dryer, I"m done. The complete inability of their customer service folks to even see keeping someone as a customer as the single most important decision they make saddens me for them.

We bought a Neptune washer (unknowing of the pending class action lawsuit at the time of purchase) and dryer with the drying cabinet because Maytag has made a name for itself as a brand of quality that lasts. Apparently they don't live up to that anymore. We never expected them to fail in less than 5 years. The dryer has had every computer board in it switched out until we finally found the broken one. And now, it doesn't dry. I spent more than $400 to get the dryer repaired last time in the 3 service visits it took to fix it.

I called Maytag's 1-800 number and explained the extent of my frustration and that now was their chance to keep me as a customer and not have me tell everyone I know to never purchase a Maytag product. The first line call guy gave me the number of 3 repair centers and a reimbursement of 15% on a new Maytag product. Yes, so they can recoup that money in future service calls.

I told him I wanted to talk to a manager. He transferred me to the guy where apparently the buck stops. I asked to talk to his manager, but apparently he doesn't take calls from customers. I told him in order for me to remain a customer, I wanted a free service call (cost of about $25 to Maytag) and the part replaced (maybe $40-$50) as I've already sunk $1200 into the purchase of the dryer, and another $400 into the last service call.

He proceeded to thank me for my time and my call. They are unable to do anything like that as it is outside the warranty period. Ya, I know, 3 years, but for a dryer to fail in less than 5.. completely unacceptable. So here I am, about to purchase another dryer, that won't be a Maytag or a Whirlpool. Of course, neither will any of my other appliances from here forward either.

Add to that, I'm going to tell everyone I know who I meet in a store looking at Maytag Products, at work, friends, family, etc considering the purchase of a Maytag/Whirlpool product my story and how sorry the service is. Given that it is a Sears thing, I also won't purchase an appliance from Sears ever as well. I'm sure the $75-$100 this fix would have cost them will now cost that company thousands.

Good luck to the employees there who were simply enforcing horrid corporate policy. I'd start looking for another job if I were them. This company's days are numbered.

P.S. Taken right from their website... what a farce.

In 1907, Frederick Louis Maytag entered the washer business with one goal in mind: to build quality appliances from durable and long-lasting materials. That ideal holds true today for Maytag's full line of household and commercial appliances, from washers to refrigerators to ranges and cooktops.

For over a century, Maytag's suite of quality and dependable appliances has grown to include new and innovative products. But the company has never wavered from its founder's steadfast commitment to quality. That's why today, Maytag washers last longer than any other brand on the market.*

F.L. Maytag once said "never let the company forget its responsibility to deliver quality machines to the public." As always, Maytag continues its relentless pursuit to build the highest-quality and most dependable machines for you, our customer.

Bought a couple of lemons
By -

ST. CHARLES, MISSOURI -- I purchased a new washer and dryer two years ago last January, from my local Maytag store. Immediately I started having problems with the washer. It was fixed. Another problem, and another service charge later it too was fixed. Then a third problem. Fixed. A fourth, also fixed. Each time I'm paying a 40 dollar service charge and waiting around the house all day for them to call with the "time" they'll be here.

Last summer I had a new pump put in. A week afterwards we noticed a leak in the basement, but because it was nearly 5 foot south of the overhead laundry room, we assumed it came from the pipes that it was dripping from. We tore our house apart looking for the source of the leak. Several months later, frustrated because he couldn't find the leak, pulled the washer up, and imagine our surprise when we find standing water under it. The washer was leaking and the water was flowing to the lowest point and running down the pipe in the basement.

We called Maytag. A guy came out and I told him that the leak had actually started months before when he replaced the pump... and it was replaced because it was so loud it sounded like a jet engine running whenever I did laundry... but anyway, he said no... it was a drain hose. He ordered the hose, came out the following week to replace it, and found the new hose had a hole in it. He taped it up and said he'd be back within a few days to put a new one on. He didn't. That was three months ago.

My husband and I are both taking care of ailing parents three hours away and have done a lot of traveling so we weren't really all that concerned as long as the washer wasn't leaking anymore. Then last week, we found a different spot in the basement. The water had apparently found another path, against the wall, behind boxes of stored items. All of those boxes, behind plastic, are now ruined. We found water seeping out from under the stack, we checked the washer and called Maytag. They ordered a drain hose. We decided to retape it so I could do laundry.

It isn't the drain hose leaking, it's the pump that the guy put on last year. I began calling, with complaints after all this time, and everyone I've talked to has sent me on to someone else. I'm about ready to take my set out to the store and dump it off. Oh, I didn't mention, that last year sometime, the dryer started making a terrible racket. Of course it didn't make the noise when the fella was here fixing the drain hose a couple of months ago... but right after that it began screaming louder and constantly, every time we do a load of laundry.

My family has taken to wearing ear plugs. But not, with the washer leaking again, that's something I don't have to worry about, because I can't do laundry anyway. I will never... I repeat, never buy anything made by Maytag again. And I will tell everyone I know that they sell inferior products. I'm getting no satisfaction at all with my phone calls...and I'm sitting here right now "Waiting" for the nice repairman to call me so he can let me know what time he'll be here to fix the machine at least for a little while.

I spent a thousand dollars on this set, almost the same as I spent buying the two previous sets of Kenmores that I had in the span of nearly 30 years. I will go back to Kenmore. I never had a problem with their merchandise until it died of old age. And I have never complained about anything like this before... I'm pretty understanding...but this is ridiculous.

Replacement Parts
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Rating: 2/51

PEARL, MISSISSIPPI -- I have had this going on 5 years now and no problems until it quit heating up. I am thinking of the heating element so go to Maytag to check it out. The gentleman check it out for me. He called back said, "It was fine." Did the same thing with the thermostat and fuse. "All were fine." he said. The repairman came for about 20 minutes said it was the thermostat. So who's lying now?

Bravos? I think not
By -

After owning a cheap GE washer and dryer for 17 years, I bought a new laundry system -- the Maytag Bravos -- in December 2008 for a newly constructed laundry room. I liked that the Bravos washer was a top load machine with front loader technology. (I have back issues so a front loader was out of the question.) I have to say that I am pleased with this machine.

My problem is with the dryer. After 14 months of regular household use, the machine stopped working. My husband and I checked and cleaned every inch of vent pipe; the dryer still didn't work and was making a grinding noise. We took off the back of the machine and watched its inner workings. To us, it seemed that the blower motor wasn't working. Since this repair looked to be too much for us, we decided to call in the pros. Maytag service, right?

The Maytag 1-800 customer service line couldn't get the model number right. The Maytag website gave me the first available appointment as 4 days away. I called the local Maytag store and was told that a technician could come out the next day. I guess the third try really was the charm.

The tech was not rude, but not very pleasant. He kept insisting that the dryer vent was clogged even though I told him otherwise. He then wanted to know who had disconnected the belt that went around the blower motor. When I told him that neither my husband nor I touched it, he repeated twice that someone did. After rooting around my machine for a little while longer he told me that the blower pulley was broken (that's why the belt was no longer attached).

After going to his truck, the tech returned to the house to inform me that the pulley was a special order item and that none of the local parts dealers carried them. Turns out this is a part that normally doesn't "go out." If I am very lucky, the part will be shipped in 7-10 days. In the meantime we have laundry hanging around the house and plan a trip to a laundromat tomorrow to do sheets, towels, sweatshirts, etc.

As stated earlier, I had a GE washer and dryer for 17 years that didn't not give me any problems until the end. And guess what? We were able to order the parts and repair them ourselves at tremendous savings. I'm not sure that my Maytag machines will last that long or give me that many years of faithful service. Let's hope I'm proved wrong.

Hate My Washer
By -

I bought my new Maytag Epic front load washer and dryer in July 2009. I have had nothing but problems; with both but mainly the washer. The washer was delivered right away but we had to order the gas dryer. After delivery, excited to try out my new washer, I did laundry. Very disappointed!! It was loud and vibrated/shook terribly! I called the company that I bought it from and they came out right away.

They looked at it and told me something was wrong with it and that they'll replace it when the dryer comes in. It took 3 weeks, but the dryer finally came in. They brought out a new washer and the new dryer. After installation come to find out the dryer wouldn't even turn on; bad motor and they'll have to order another one. Again I did laundry and the new washer was no better. I again called the company and they said they would make sure it was level and look at it when they deliver the dryer.

2 weeks later they finally received and delivered the new dryer. The dryer worked and they releveled the washer. Didn't make a difference. The washer shakes and vibrates just awful! I complained that I was not happy and wanted my money back. The company said they would have to talk to Maytag to do that since I used them and they would get back to me.

It's been over a month and I have not heard back from them. I have called Maytag several times and they have sent two other service companies out, and still no fix for the vibrating. They now are resending out one of the companies with some repair kit. Then to top it all off Maytag offered a $100 rebate with the purchase of a set. I sent everything in but surprisingly they said they never received it and to resubmit the rebate.

Now I received this letter that I needed to call them with the serial numbers to process; which were on the form that I submitted. To their advantage, I received this letter a day after a dated deadline so when I called I was told because it was after that deadline they're not able to take my information. It's been 3 months and still the washer vibrates and shakes; seems to be getting worse the more I use it, and now I'm out the $100 rebate. Never again will I buy a Maytag nor any brand affiliated with them such as Whirlpool!!

31-Month Old Neptune Dryer Is Defective!
By -

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN -- My $797 Neptune Dryer purchased from Lowe's in July of 2006 (31 MONTHS AGO) needs a $441.31 repair! The dryer stopped heating. The gas valve/coil part is all one unit and the cost of this single part is $277.3! The service man couldn't believe the cost. He said usually it's a pretty generic part that is universal to all brands. However, this redesigned one-piece component is now an economical nightmare for consumers.

The repairman encouraged me to phone Maytag and ask that they pay for the part since my unit is so new. I did this and they offered to reduce the cost of the part by 50%. It's still a very disappointing situation. Operationally this unit doesn't get much use--there are only two adults in our household. It's completely shocking to me that a product in this price range and still so new could be so faulty. It is not even three years old and I'll have invested $1,238 into a clothes dryer. It's just disgusting.

I replaced a 20-year old washer and dryer with Maytag Neptune products and they've been nothing but a complete disappointment. My washing machine has the fire hazard, the mold issue and the ridiculous vibration and noise mentioned in other reviews. The vibration noise from the washing machine is a complete embarrassment! I don't run the washer when we have guests or I pause it when someone comes over. It sounds like a piece of junk ready to burst through the kitchen wall if it's running!

Another irritation is the location and design of the controls. If my machines are running and I lean over them or up against them, I can inadvertently turn off the unit or change the settings. At this point it can't be resumed but has to be started from the beginning. I'm completely disappointed and will never purchase Maytag products or any of its affiliates' products. I will also be sure that my family and friends avoid Maytag altogether.

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