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Don't waste your money
Posted by on
Don't waste your money. Just 2 years old and the controller circuit board went out and it stopped cooling. $350 replacement and now the ice maker is inoperable. Very expensive lesson. Think someone bought the brand and is exploiting it while selling junk. If this goes on, maybe we'll bring a small claims action.
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Venice09 on 2010-07-18:
The good news is that you didn't pay extra money for an extended warranty. Extended warranties sound great until its time to cash in. That's when the real headache begins.

And yes, Whirlpool bought the brand. However, instead of things improving, they have only gotten worse.
Helpful on 2010-07-19:
Actually, warranty coverage may be your saving grace here TRooster. I've got a similar refrigerator and absolutely love it! What model is it that you have and what retailer was it purchased through? Did you happen to have an extended warranty on it? If so, was it through the manufacturer or the retailer?
Venice09 on 2010-07-19:
If extended warranties are a saving grace then how do you explain why so many people come here to complain that their extended warranty was of no help whatsoever?
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Maytag French Door Refrigerator
Posted by on
EVANSTON, WYOMING -- I am so disappointed in this high priced refrigerator. I too, have had the fan motor go out. I paid so much money for this appliance, and feel that I have been let down! Maytag is not standing behind their product.

There is an obvious flaw, that they are refusing to fix. What can be done? Is there nothing that we all could do? Maytag should be held accountable!
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madconsumer on 2008-08-29:
is it out of warranty? if so, this is to bad, and they will continue to refuse to repair it.
SilverWngs71 on 2008-08-29:
If you are under warranty, you can contact (if you have not already)for in warranty work on the refrigerator.

Alt. #: (307)679-3027

What kind of issues are you having with the refrigerator. When was the unit purchased? Did you purchase an extended warranty from the dealer?

What can be done? Keep ALL of your receipts, Maytag may ask to see them. Make sure they can be read and if you copy them make sure the copies can be read easily. If they are too fuzzy (they might be thrown away). When you call Maytag, make sure you get the reps name.
moneybags on 2008-08-29:
Had problems w/ my top of the line Maytag DW and range. Ignitors burned out, fan in oven, burner in oven and racks in DW (which rusted and fell apart.) Maytag REFUSED warranty or to stand by their obviously defective products. I just bought a new refrigerator-GE French door w/icemaker in door and bottom freezer. Cost $2799. NOT a Maytag. Am now in the market for a stove and dishwasher. Stove is a GE Cafe dual fuel convection oven w/self clean feature - $2800and DW is a Kitchenaid -$1100. No, no MAYTAG junk in my house. Now I need to remodel to go with my new appliances.
Flimsy Fan on 2008-09-16:
We too have had the fan go on a fairly new and very expensive Maytag refrigerator.
The fan they removed was chinzy-looking. It looked like a dollar store item, instead of something for a high-end appliance.
Our repairperson says that because of this ongoing problem with Maytags, they're now putting in more substantial fans.
Maytag, you should be ashamed.
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Poor Circuit Board
Posted by on
NARVON, PENNSYLVANIA -- We purchased a Ice2O refrigerator April of 06 and it just broke I contacted the service people and they gave me a had time I contacted Whirlpool told them they are responsible to pay for it and they sent us a circuit board and it is not the right one I called and got terrible service they insisted it was the right board I told them they are wrong they made me fell stupid we had our Maytag stove for 3 months when the circuit board went out "Never will I buy a Maytag product again.

I will go further with this I will be contacting the attorney general office any body else out there has any problems let me know "
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Ponie on 2007-08-05:
How long is the warranty on your refrigerator?
Anonymous on 2007-08-05:
if purchased after Jan 1st 2006 it only has a one year warranty.If before 2 year part,one year labor.

Is it the HV board in the rear of the unit?
I call Whirlpool on the Ice2O's out of warranty to see if they will at least cover the part for the customer.they have been pretty cool about handling it.
SAJ on 2007-08-05:
steve, if I need an appliance serviced or repaired in Nebraska, will you do it? You sound like what is missing in our so-called "service" society today.
Anonymous on 2007-08-05:
Nebraska is a little out of our service area.I say look for a local full service appliance company in the area.Or someone that will service your location.
My advice is to bypass the factory,unless you have no choice
franstuff on 2007-08-07:
I had a similar experience with an Ice2O refrigerator that was just barely beyond its one year warranty. The ice dispenser flap started opening and closing in the middle of the night. It woke the whole family up and then we saw that the lights on the front were flashing and none of the buttons would do anything. Now, I understand that stuff happens and things can fail under normal use - but we had taken very good care of this appliance and this was clearly a design flaw. I searched online and found that many, many people were having the exact same trouble. When I contacted Maytag and explained the situation they responded (several days later) with an email stating "Based on the information given, it appears your appliance requires service" (Really?), and then "We regret that due to the age of the product, we will be unable to assist with the cost of the repair." The AGE? It's barely over a year old! It was built with defective parts! I was also upset that they responded by email. On their online form they make a point to ask how you would like to be responded to - email or telephone. I asked for a phone call.
When I emailed back regarding my disappointment they replied back (again, several days later) with "You are a valued Maytag customer and we appreciate your support of the Maytag brand. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist you today." Of course the response was by email - after I had again specifically requested a phone call in my response. WTF?
In addition to the Ice2O I also own their top of the line washer and dryer and have purchased several Maytag appliances for rental properties. Not anymore.
portcallahan on 2007-08-29:
I had the same problem as everyone else, but after reading all of these posts I called Maytag back and demanded parts AND labor to be covered.

Yesterday, when all of the lights started blinking and the ice door flapping, I called Maytag and they said that since the refrigerator was 16 months old and I didn't buy the extended warranty, only the parts would be covered. They couldn't get a repair tech out until the next day, so I went through an authorized service center who was able to send someone out within a few hours. The Maytag clerk called the service center and authorized parts only to be covered, but I would have to pay for labor. When the service tech came out, he was baffled, said he had never seen anything like it before. My bet is that he's going to see many, many more in the future! He ordered a new circuit board and said he would bring it out ASAP, because at that point all of the flapping was driving him crazy! The wonderful service tech even ordered a new plastic housing in case he breaks the old one when he replaces the board. He left the unit on so that my refrigerator and freezer continue to cool. We just had to listen to the flapping all night long. And just after midnight the door alarm started beeping, but thankfully I was able to turn that off and it hasn't sounded again.

After that, I decided to search the internet to see if anyone else had a similar problem. WOW! I called Maytag immediately and asked if there was a recall on the refrigerator. The answer was No, it's "not a quality issue". I hit the roof and told her of the hundreds of people on the internet who are experiencing the same exact problem, just over a year later on a $2800 appliance! I told her that I would not accept only parts to be covered, that I wanted all labor to be covered as well. She said that they couldn't do that, so I asked to speak to her supervisor. I told her I had already posted on the internet, was going to join a class action lawsuit, and would be calling my local TV station to report the problem. She put me on hold, and minutes later came back and told me they would pay for everything. I called the repair shop and half an hour later, and true to her word, they had received a call authorizing parts and labor costs. The new circuit board is due in tomorrow.

So, my advice:

Call Maytag 1-800-688-9900

Go through a local service tech instead of their company. You can find a list on Maytag's website. You do have to call back Maytag and have them call and authorize the costs, but they put me on hold and did it quickly.

Demand parts AND labor to be covered. Ask to speak to a supervisor if you get the answer "No".

Finally, post your experience so we can see how widespread this is!

Now, my next concern is: Are we all going to be going through this again in 13-16 months? Are the replacement circuit boards faulty as well?

Good luck everyone!
Streamer on 2007-08-29:
Our 18-month-old Ice2O began the old "flash-and-flap" last week; we had purchased an extended warranty when we bought the unit, knowing it was a brand new model. Repairman came today and stayed long enough to take down model/serial number to order a new HV board--said it was the third failure he'd seen this week. He also nonchalantly said he wouldn't expect Maytag to do a recall, when the board can be easily replaced, keeping him in business. Not sure what to think of that.

The problem is two failed capacitors on the HV board, especially those boards manufactured before June '06. If you're at all handy, you can easily replace those caps for about $4.00 with parts from Radio Shack--which we did, since the repairman was none too specific about when he'd be back with the new board, and our unit had quit cooling altogether. Check out for more info.

This is not to say that Maytag shouldn't issue a recall on the HV boards--as much as they promoted this particular refrigerator, they should be willing to stand behind it.
leo561 on 2010-05-16:
well like the rest I got the flash and flap syndrome myself last sat night at 2am so I did some research on the net and found this out its a breeze to fix instead of spending 200$plus repair man and instead of weeks to be fixed or even days I fixed it in mere hrs and a lot cheaper. I spent $2.56¢ at rat shack for the blown caps-p/n 272-1032 and p/n 272-1030.and here is a nice guide to help you threw this ordeal and I hope it helps more people by me posting this---
J Leatherman on 2013-07-19:
It looks like Maytag is no longer a viable company. I bought a Maytag diswasher that has had many repairs in the 4 years I've had the misfortune to own it. Now the control panel is completely dead and will cost me over $200. to replace. The heating element we replaced 2 years ago on a recall. Will never deal with Maytag again. What a disaster.
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Maytag French Door Refrigerator
Posted by on
BUCKEYE, ARIZONA -- My Maytag French Door Refrigerator that is less than 3 months old has kicked the bucket. With two service calls since the purchase, last night the refrigerator died. I want to bury that $2500 piece of garbage. Maytag informs me that they could have a service technician out sometime tomorrow between 6 am and 7 pm. In the meantime my food is spoiled and I am fumming. The Maytag service rep that I spoke to was less than helpful. I did not get her name but I wish I did. I want a new refrigerator and it won't be a MAYTAG. I have purchased major applicances for the past 38 years and I have NEVER had three service calls on any appliance. Let me state this, I have never had a single warranty service call on any appliance. That might be because that I never purchased a MAYTAG appliance in the past. I think Maytag needs to replace my refrigerator and pay for my spoiled food. MAYTAG needs to get their rear in gear and remember that it is the consumer that keeps them in business, not their customer service reprensentatives that don't have a clue about customer satisfaction.
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Skye on 2006-11-10:
I own one. It is about 1 year old. What is the model number of yours??? Here is my model number, MF12568AE. 3 months is ridiculous, and then it dies. Why won't they help you??
Anonymous on 2006-11-10:
I'm certain you've got at least a year's warranty from the manufacturer. That of course won't replace what you've invested in food. Whenever contacting customer service of any company, maintain a vigilant log of the time, date and names of everyone you spoke to, along with corresponding phone numbers, etc. That will enable you to connect with the same person and they will be familiar with your problem - you won't get lost in the shuffle. Additionally, if you've paid for this big ticket item with a credit card, give them a call and see if they can somehow stop payment or lean on the retailer to give you some leverage. Good luck.
Slimjim on 2006-11-10:
Like other brands, Maytag specifically notes food spoilage due to product failure is not covered in their warranty declaration with the product. As far as replacing the frig, Maytag may very well do that, depending on what is wrong with it. It will probably be with another Maytag unless they are willing to offer another Whirlpool owned brand. At $2500, you will want a compatible valued replacement and your model doesn't have many equals. Don't be surprised if they won't offer any check for the difference.
Anonymous on 2006-11-10:
Thanks for backing me, slim.
Slimjim on 2006-11-10:
Anonymous on 2006-11-11:
MaytagJunk on 2006-11-11:
Thanks for the support from Skye Aubrey and PirateWith Parrot. My model number is the same as yours. MFI2568AES. I have now been without a refrigerator for almost 48 hours. It is 12:45 pm mountain time and still no Maytag service person. Luckily I have a small apartment size frig that we purchased when we closed on this house until we could get moved in. My issue isn't with the warranty it is more with the rude person I spoke to at Maytag. I wonder how happy these customer service people are when they fork out the dollars and something goes wrong? Our purchase was at Lowe's and we used their credit but should have put it on American Express. I know they would rattle some cages. Anyway, thank you for your input and support. The lady in Buckeye, AZ that is cooking all day to use my frozen stuff :)
Anonymous on 2006-11-11:
No prob, Maytag, just here to help. Click on my name and click TRUST please!
MaytagJunk on 2006-11-12:
Update to my dead Maytag french door refrigerator. Maytag service came out yesterday and they had to order a new circuit board for the front and back of the unit and the parts will be in sometime in my lifetime. I called Lowe's and calmly gave them the service history. Lowe's is delivering a new refrigerator on Monday. Lowe's was very helpful and wanted to get this behind them. The problem is that it is the same model Maytag so I don't know what might happen to the new unit. I could only imagine the day before Thanksgiving the refrigerator will die. I would never purchase another Maytag/Whirlpool appliance again. Thank you again for everyone's support.
DebtorBasher on 2006-11-12:

PirateWithParrot (11/11/2006)
No prob, Maytag, just here to help. Click on my name and click TRUST please! ...............Me Too!

Slimjim on 2006-11-13:
Just like I mentioned, your replacement is a direct change out. I wouldn't worry though MJ. Let's face it, this is one of the most popular refrigs sold today and many are in the field working fine. If this one fails, stay away from Vegas for a while, because your luck would not appear on the up curve right now.
Maytag_suck on 2006-12-12:
Hey ditto for my fridge, only it happened in the late spring of 2005 -- after I bought a house full of Maytag crap. It had a freon leak, they added freon, and tried it again, and then I insisted on another fridge. While they say it's something they won't cover, after it happened twice, they did send me a check for $150 to cover the food. Keep some grocery receipts! It may help.
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Freezer automatically defrosts every two weeks:stops for 2 days
Posted by on
WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought the Maytag stainless steel french door fridge that is only sold through Home Depot September 2005. I paid $1,779.54 for it a year and a half ago! 2 months ago the freezer stopped working. I put everything in coolers, gave food away and called the repair man. Two days later the freezer started to work again. The repair man replaced the main electrical board b/c since it was workign when he came, he could not be 100% positive what the faulty part was. One idea was that the electrical relay to the automatic defrost was not working properly. The part was covered by the warranty but I had to pay $100 in labor. 2 weeks later, the freezer stopped working again. Called the repair man and he decided it was probably the compressor based on the click noise it makes and then the grrr noise when the freezer tries to start up. They replaced the compressor today but had to break the maufacturer's seal so I was told that changes the terms of the warranty although I did not find that in print on my warranty. I will post again if this happens again. Based on this site it appears this Home Depot model is a dud. I was going to call and complain to the company that for almost $2,000 this fridge should last me 20 years but I don't think it will last 5 years and definitely not 10. I don't know what to demand from the company. I don't think they will refund my money at this point and I do not want a new model since those are having problems, too. Any ideas of a demand I should make?
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User Replies:
Kimi on 2006-07-10:
I just realized I miswrote the purchase date. I bought it in September 2004 and I started having this problem the end of April/beg. of May 2006. -KIMI
Sparticus on 2006-07-11:
My parents had a fridge they kept in the garage that kept defrosting. Apparently it would happen when it got too cold outside in the winter. The temperature would trigger the defrost to kick in. In any case, sounds iike Maytag is not only bad at making washer and dryers, but now we can add refridgerators to the list!
Anonymous on 2006-07-11:
Spart, your opinion may be a bit "skewed." We're only hearing from folks on here who have problems. We NEVER hear a statement from satisfied customers - they've got no reason to post.
Anonymous on 2006-07-11:
Sparticus on 2006-07-11:
Quite true pirate. It is hard to formulate a definative opinion unless we see a trend, like with the Maytag washers.
Frenchie on 2006-07-11:
The problem with posts on here is that it is mostly frivilous commentary. I believe some who post desire an answer as to how to help. You spent a lot of cabbage for this fridge so here's what I would do. Read your warranty real close - probably only a year or so but might be a 5 yr one. Get the model and serial number. Send a regiatered letter (return recept) with this info plus date of purchase, from whom and everything that happened. Name the repair company. Send a copy to everyone, President of Maytag, President of Home Depot, Owner of the repair company.
Since there are a lot of electrical problems that can occur in this unit you need a good repairman. Might be a sensor, since you replaced the compressor that is out of the loop (though I don't think that is/was your problem)
I say you don't have the right repairman, and yes it could be a defective unit. Just posting on here usually gives no results unless someone knows how to tell you what to do.
Anonymous on 2006-07-11:
OK. I've heard, passively, a discussion about Maytag.
To the poster you should get in contact with the Consumer Action team and perhaps, they'll look through their files on that model.
Good luck
Kimi on 2006-07-12:
Thanks for the responses.
1. I have found other comments on this site about the same model or the newest 2006 release model of this fridge from Home Depot. IT seems that the compresor has had to be replaced on other frides, too. (Make me feel a little better knowing it is not just me but then it makes me feel bad.)
2. The Clark Howard site mentioned by Frenchie is a funny coincidence b/c after posting here I went to his site to get his number. I was going to call today but had other things to do in his time slot. I did print an example of a complaint letter from his site to follow. I had also already thought about writing a formal letter to Home Depot in order to let them know that their reputation is hurt by this product. I stopped by Home Depot to talk to their appliance sells people but they were too busy at the time and that is when I learned the newer model has a built-in water/ice dipenser in the door.
3. I talked to my friend who used to work for a lawyer's office about how to start a class action lawsuit. If many people are having the same problem then I can do as the Neptune washer/dryer people did. Although it is funny to go to the site and they say they are only settling outside court on that case b/c they are concerned about customer satisfaction and that they tand 100% behind their products' quality. That does not sound true by this web site.

Once I mail a letter, I will let everyone know on this site if it worked or not.
Thanks again for the support. :)
lmp3006 on 2008-07-04:
Maytag French Door MFD2561hes. The freezer fan has gone out twice. Now the compressor is going out. Its a total of 2.5 years old. that's two and a half. I thought I would last 20. This is a big piece of crap.
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Ice maker useless
Posted by on
LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- We purchased the latest Maytag french door refrigerator the end of March 2006. The ice maker did not work properly from the very first day. Serviceman adjusted the ice maker. No good results. Serviceman replaced the ice maker. This ice maker quits every once in a while and then starts maybe several days later. The storage capacity for ice is extremely small and even though they say it should dump approximately every hour it doesn't. The 15 year old Whirlpool that this replaced would put this $2500 machine to shame. Maytag is very little help and will not replace the refrigerator, only "ATTEMPT" repairs. Design is the main problem!
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User Replies:
Doc J on 2006-07-01:
Ah, the old reliable ice trays. Of course one must expend brain glucose to remember to keep them filled. That someone would pay $2500 for a fridge indicates a shortage of brain an ice-maker is probably a good idea for them.
spiderman2 on 2006-07-01:
IF your icemaker is dumping ice every hour wouldn't it take over the freezer compartment pretty quickly? I have those little blue trays in my freezer. We bought our fridge right after we got married and went for the cheap model. It has served us well for 13 year and is still going!
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Fans & compressor
Posted by on
ORMOND BEACH, FLORIDA -- First the evaporator fan goes. Chinese origin to meet energy qualifications. Replaced with old technology now the compressor goes. All this within 4 months.

Piece of garbage as far as I'm concerned.

Good luck to those who buy Maytag.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2007-10-25:
Anonymous on 2007-10-25:
Yeah, at least give us the model number, year purchased, etc.
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Failed Evaporator Fan (2nd in 1 year)
Posted by on
BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN -- We've just had our 2nd failure of the evaporator fan on our Maytag - this causes the fridge to go warm, although the freezer keeps working. The evaporator fan is what pushes the cold air up to the refrigerator section. We understand that Maytag underengineered this part due to Energy Star requirements that were just starting a couple of years ago - you can find comments on these failures all over the web. Maytag, however states "there is no known problem" - judge for yourself if you want to do business with a company like this.
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Anonymous on 2006-12-17:
They don’t know this problem because the Maytag man never goes anywhere! I won’t buy their stuff
Ol_Lonely_is_dead on 2007-01-04:
Maytag actually may not know the problem if it is not reported to them. Keep in mind reporting it to the dealer doesn't count, you actually have to call the manufacturer. And for Christ sake, Ol Lonely is a commercial and nothing more. If commercials were always 100% true I would end up Cabo San Lucas surrounded by bikini clad women every time I drank a Budweiser. Grow up...
dbf on 2007-01-04:
We got the comment directly from a manager in Maytag's customer service requirement - sounds to me like they definitely know about the problem and she's reading from the script that their legal department provided.
Ol_Lonely_is_dead on 2007-01-05:
And what comment was it that you heard from a manager in the "customer service requirement"???
dbf on 2007-01-05:
Sorry, it was the customer service department (long day yesterday) - this was the person that would only respond "there is no known problem" - even when we cited all the references to the problem on the various forums and even the replacement parts sites that talk about upgraded fans.
Ol_Lonely_is_dead on 2007-01-07:
Heres my point, if you as the consumers do not let us know when it happens to you, as far as we are concerned there is no known issue. It makes no difference what is on forums online or anywhere else for that matter because everything you see online is technically unless you let Maytag know yourself, we don't know of the problem.
mikesmithfl on 2007-03-31:
Hmm, I would have thought that calling the service department for warranty service would qualify as letting Maytag know about the problem. What was I thinking... Sarcasm aside, I really do want to know if calling the service department might NOT be considered letting Maytag know of the problem?
Ol_Lonely_is_dead on 2007-06-08:
When you call the customer service dept to let us know, yes that is letting Maytag know, and congrats for doing it yourself, I applaude you. Sadly you are one of the few that does. People always call the dealer (doesn't help at all) and don't call the manufacturer. Calling the dealer doesn't let us know of any existing issue because the dealers don't communicate it to us on your behalf. You did a good job, most others do not. My comment was meant to go towards those other than your overly sarcastic self. Kudos to you though, you are fully correct in what you did.
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