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Maytag Built With Defective Components And No Repair Parts Available
By -

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Purchased as a group of 6 MAYTAG appliances from Home Depot delivered 13 December 2004. NOVEMBER 30 2009 the Sol/Start RELAY shorted out--replace at a cost to me of $206.25. Maytag repairman said I was lucky a fire didn't start he also said that there could be other problems requiring a compressor system replacement.

February 2010--while I was not at home the DEFROST BOARD shorted out and so did the NEW RELAY causing the DEFROST to HEAT UP the inside of the FREEZER to the point that there was a PARTIAL COOKING of some of the meat I had. The kitchen was full of smoke and smelled like burning wiring. WHEN I checked the Refrig. THE inside of the freezer--side walls were SO HOT I could not hold my hand on them for a long time. I unplugged the unit and called the same repairman who came out and found that the entire system was junk.

AT first ONLY a parts replacement was authorized BUT that was later changed to a PARTS AND LABOR--100% whatever it took to FIX the unit--this came from YOUR PRODUCT SAFETY people in Washington State.

When the repairman came to fix this pile of junk. He spent 10.5 hours in my home. WE had a working unit. ONLY for about a half hour then IT stopped working. His idea is that the HEAT EXCHANGE/CAP TUBE needs to be replaced along with the EVAP unitTHIS CANNOT BE DONE as MAYTAG NEVER MADE these KEY REPAIR COMPONENTS-- in other words MAYTAG built for 6 months only and sold it for only one year a REFRIGERATOR knowing that it was defective. That's right the same components that are involved with the other recalls were used in this model too.

As has been suggested by your product safety department, "WE will PRO-RATE and REPLACE your REFRIG." This means an ADDITIONAL COST to me. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. NO consideration has been taken for the OUT OF POCKET DOLLARS at my end. Cost of prior repair, FOOD LOST --TWICEand the fact that it took almost a month and a half to get to the point that I will have to replace this refrigerator at my expense.

DOLLARS I have invested as of NOW$1500.00 WITHOUT BUYING another REFRIGERATOR at a cost of about $1500.00--for a total out of pocket of over $3000.00. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

AS I have informed your "PRODUCT SAFETY PERSON" I intend to post all of my information on every blog on the internet starting with FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, SODAHEAD and MSNBC. I intend to contact the local news stations--CBS and FOX both have a CONSUMER HOT LINE and will amend my complaint to the CONSUMER SAFETY COMMISSION and supply them with the components I have.

And contact a PRODUCT LAWYER for possible lawsuitsin addition to joining ANY CLASS ACTION SUITS I can find. CAN MAYTAG-WHIRLPOOL SURVIVE ANY MORE BAD PRESS? WE WILL SEE!!!

I may even place this junk MAYTAG REFRIGERATOR on my lawn with a 4x8 foot sign stating-- BUY MAYTAG-WHIRLPOOL AT YOUR OWN RISK--You could have your house burn down and family hurt. DEFECTIVE AND THE NAME WENT ON.

The only way MAYTAG can make this go away is to REPLACE FREE TO ME THIS JUNK. MAYTAG went out of business due to its laundry products. These defective refrigerators might just put WHIRLPOOL OUT OF BUSINESS! I'm on Social Security disability and am a DISABLED VETERAN--Vietnam--I can NOT afford this type of LOSS.

And another point I should make. I'm not a stupid person I hold an EPA FREON LIC. as I used to own AUTO REPAIR shops. I am VERY familiar with REFRIGERATION systems as your repairman found out. I also am very well versed in electronics. I also in February filed a complaint with the CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY about this.

2yr Old Fridge and Nothing but Problems
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- We moved into our first house just over two years ago and decided we needed to get a new refrigerator and did a ton of research online reading reviews etc. We found a few not so great complaints regarding Maytag, however, we took our chances (*Note - we live in a house built in the 40's, so the fridge space is small and we needed a fridge size that is smaller than normal, we didn't have many options).

Well...a little less than 12 months later (yes, luckily right before the warranty expired) our ice dispenser stopped working properly; the mini-ice door would not close properly, resulting in a lot frost in where the ice door was located (there was so much we couldn't open the freezer door, it would get stuck). So we called out the repair guy and it he said he had never seen this issue before and basically had to replace the whole flap and parts. Sweet, it was fixed and cost was covered!

Well, then about 5 months later, it happened again!!!!!!!!! fixed yet again...well another 6 months later and after the warranty expired (lucky us) the fridge completely STOP cooling (and just happened to be Halloween, not a great day for a house issue) So we had to remove all our perishable food and place it in a cooler (which works 100xs better than Maytag products), and move all frozen food to a family member's house 15 mins away (luckily!). We were also super lucky we found a repair company that could come out at 5 pm the next day, which happened to be a Friday!

Awesome company (Conner's Repair in Metro-Detroit). He concluded the defrost board was broken, meaning it was freezing and creating frost and then not defrosting; clogs the vents and not allowing and circulation to occur. He was SHOCKED, when he found out we only had this fridge for 2 years and said this is something that normally happens in 20 yr old fridges.

I than decided to call Maytag and nicely request a refund for the issue, and was told no due to the warranty expiring and we also didn't use a Maytag repair company; I didn't want to wait a week as I thought this was something that needed immediate attention. I also am not sure why it matters who you get to fixed your fridge. I have an invoice for proof of the issue and the repairman even said he'd call to verify the issue. I don't understand why I have to pay for something that was not properly produced, and not to mention the time out of my schedule to deal with Maytag's issues. I now know not to buy any Maytag products due to the lack quality. I guess I learned the hard way.

Fridge #MSF25C2EXW With Ice in the Door
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Purchased this fridge October of 2011 and had three service calls for the same problem. The ice reservoir in the door freezes and no more ice. Can't even remove the ice reservoir because it is frozen to the door. It freezes up just hours after the service call. We were told by the repairman that this model thaws the ice reservoir whenever you get anything out of the freezer and the flap on the outer side sticks open so humidity gets in and contributes to the freezing of the dispenser.

Maytag is aware of the problem and apparently has been working on a solution for a year and a half but so far they are not able to fix them. They still keep selling this model knowing it has a problem. Now I want it replaced and they are giving me the runaround. If you want to keep your sanity, DON'T BUY MAYTAG!

Side By Side Refrigerator Freezer
By -

We purchased a Maytag side-by side refrigerator freezer in November 2004. It lasted 5 years, with some maintenance in those years required. I recall two episodes of water line leakage that required repair. The second time, the repair was defective so I found parts and did it myself. The latest episode that was the death knell started by stepping in a puddle of water in front of the thing. Thinking water line - I looked. Nope. Seemed to be coming from ice dispenser. I emptied the ice tray, mopped up water, and checked the next morning. The freezer was defrosting. Total failure.

A&E repairman came out, diagnosed compressor failure, and ordered the part. He went through the paperwork we had and told my wife that we were covered parts and labor as failure occurred within the 5 year period. The compressor showed up a week later and a second A&E repairman a few days after that to install it. In the process of removing the old compressor, the repairman mumbled, went out to his truck, and came back several minutes later and said "I have bad news for you." He said the unit was not repairable as the refrigerant system was contaminated. Said I'd get a call from Maytag and gave me a 1-800 number to call them.

Eight days later I called Maytag (not hearing anything from them), and was told the system was NOT under warranty and they'd offer a 20% discount off the purchase price of a new system. So, what do you think a prudent man should do after reading the testimonials in my3cents? Run like the dickens from Maytag! Oh, by the way, we kept our previous refrigerator (not Maytag) in our garage. It looks horrible but runs great! It's 16 years old. Maytag dependability? Forget it!

Customer Service, Product Quality, Etc
By -

MICHIGAN -- After reading many of the complaints concerning Maytag I had to join the discussion. I don't usually join sites but we have had nothing but trouble with our Maytag refrigerator for the 6 1/2 years we have had it and I want one more voice warning people about Maytag's lack of reliability. We have had multiple problems with our refrigerator starting from just a few months after purchasing it.

In the first year alone we had 3 service calls just on the ice maker. The problem was finally resolved when a repairman bent the wire that stops the ice from being made when the bin is full. He said it was a faulty design. After his "fix" we had no more problems with ice overflowing and messing up the maker.

Over the 2 3-year extended warranty periods with Maytag Dependability Plus (we have been informed that they are not a subsidiary of Maytag) we have had an average of 3 -4 calls per year, generally concerning the defrost mechanism which caused 3 or 4 food loss claims and repairs that could only be made after the refrigerator failed to keep food cold, not when we first noticed the ice build up occurring each time.

Finally, we discovered that the defrost problem was the direct cause of water damage to our bathroom downstairs, below the refrigerator and dishwasher. It also ruined the wall beside the refrigerator, the floor in front and beneath the refrigerator (it now has the only squeak in our 12 year old home which we built), the ceiling and walls in the downstairs bathroom, caused carpenter ants because of wet wood which incurred drilling of holes in our entire house and multiple other problems.

The runaround we experienced between Maytag and Maytag Dependability Plus telling us to let the other company know of our dissatisfaction has been long and tedious. The repairmen have generally been very helpful, even telling us how to get Maytag to respond, ie, tell them you are contacting the Attorney General (that caused the company to discontinue the conversation).

One repairman told us that they lose money servicing Maytag products as they are one of the worst companies to have to service products for. An employee for the dealer we purchased our refrigerator just told us that we should not buy Maytag if we want good service. Our G.E. and Fisher & Paykel appliances have given us very few problems and we have had excellent service. A lawyer friend told us to write to the companies with a detailed list of our grievances.

Maytag called and left a number for my husband to call back (with our son) even though I was home and could have spoken with them. It took my husband (who was at work) almost 15 minutes to find out that no one knew who he should talk to. I then called them and spent 45 minutes talking to a rep who finally offered to give us a 10% discount on our next purchase of a Maytag refrigerator if we bought it before the end of Jan. 2008.

I asked her if she felt $200.00 would be just compensation for the problems our refrigerator had caused. She said it wasn't compensation but a goodwill offer. I told her we would continue to let everyone we know what a lousy company Maytag was and what lousy products and services they provided. Our next step is contacting our representatives, attorney general, and newspapers with our story. Hopefully, we will get some compensation for the multiple problems this Maytag refrigerator has caused.

Maytag Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- 1 yr old Maytag fridge compressor failed. Sears said they would honor the warranty and could send repairman in 3-5 biz days to look at it. He could then order the compressor, then the part should arrive at my house in another 3-5 biz days. Once received I need to let them know when it arrived so I could wait another 3-5 biz days for the installation. That is their warranty policy for refrig repair and there was nothing I could do to speed it up so my families' food would not spoil. Rotten food was not an option with a family of 5 so I called a local repairman who knew of crappy compressors in this model and fixed it the next morning.

So much for fridge warranties. The whole time I have had this fridge there's been a freezing problem. At least once a month the fridge freezes up! None of this should happen with a quality appliance. Shame on you Maytag. I will never buy anything with the Maytag name on it again. Total piece of junk......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quality Issues, Refrigerator and Wall Oven
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Rating: 1/51

PEORIA, ILLINOIS -- We purchased a new Double Wall Oven and a new Maytag refrigerator, double door with freezer at bottom approx. two years ago. We installed the new oven and it would not operate. A service call (remove oven from cabinet again) revealed that an electrical wire behind the back cover had not been connected to the terminal. The refrigerator operated for approx. 2 years and we discovered that the unit was not cooling. Lost quite a bit of food and condiments, and a service call ($138.00) revealed a faulty electrical relay.

The warranty period today is only one year on appliances verses the old days of 5 years on a compressor. The quality of today's modern and technical highly educated personnel does not even come close to the reliability and security of the older appliances. It was not at all unusual to have the old appliances still functioning well after many many years of service.

It would appear that based on today's warranties and service problems that we experience, the corporations are designing appliances for a much shorter life expectancy/failure. POOR QUALITY AT THE EXPENSE OF CONSUMERS! (We also purchased a new washing machine that required a new motor with approx. 2 years of service and only 2 people in household??)

Rip-Off On Repair Parts And Just Very Poor Reliability Of Anything They Make
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a Maytag side by side Model (MZD2766GEW) in 2002. This refrigerator has had the ice maker repaired 4 times and replaced completely replaced once. Of course all the problems started right around 2 weeks post warranty. It was recalled for fire hazard, with the compressor. Now the little round piece that open to all dispensing of ice broke. This very small round piece of plastic around at the most $1.50 piece only is available in a kit that cost 72.00.

Beware of all products that Whirlpool produces. Look up Whirlpool and be amazed at all the different product they produce, under all the other brand names I am deeply concerned. Beware of all Maytag PRODUCTS. I have a stove, washer & dryer and dishwasher all bought at the same time. They all have had numerous problems.

Maytag Refrigerators - Do Not Buy One
By -

I purchased the French Door Maytag Refrigerator in June 2008. We spent 3 mos. in Florida & upon returning found the icemaker didn't work, bottle of water & some items frozen in refrigerator. Repairman tried to say it was because the refrigerator was on an outside wall. This was certainly not the case as there is 6" of insulation in the wall, an outside enclosed porch and the heat in the house left at 55 degrees. He finally removed the inside back panel to see that the water coils were frozen and could not explain why. Asked to borrow my hairdryer to thaw them out!!

There was nothing in the "User Instruction" book to address the problem. Letter to Maytag was futile and the store where it was bought no help. Technician told me not to leave the icemaker on when we went to FL. Just returned from FL (with the icemaker off) and the same problem. Waiting for a tech (which takes days) to hear what the diagnosis is this time. I will NEVER buy another product. Product support is nil.

By -

My bottom-freezer refrigerator (model PBF2255HEW) will be four years old next week and we have had to have a repairman here three times, the first time when it was just weeks old. Another repairman was here last October and "fixed" it. This week, I found all my food thawed and called for service (I had purchased a four-year extended warranty for $99, thank God). I was told a repairman would be here "sometime" between 8 A.M. and 5 p.m., which meant sitting here the entire day, missing a day's work.

He arrived at 7:45 P.M. and found it needs a compressor. He said that's what it needed in October when it broke but for some reason the repairman didn't do it. I bought Maytag after my General Electric fridge broke down at TWO YEARS OLD, thinking I was buying a good brand my parents swore by. I was wrong, and I am disgusted. I will never buy another Maytag product.

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