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Worst Refrigerator ever!
Posted by Tessa on 09/15/2004
NEW HAMPSHIRE -- In July of last year we purchased a Wide-By-side refrigerator from Maytag. From the very beginning we had problems. The doors started to rust, it took them almost seven months to replace the doors. In the meantime, several parts on the refrigerator had to be replaced. The freezer would be so cold that everything was getting frost on it, and the fridge part was so warm that we started to lose food. I had to have a repair man come to my home over seven times in one year! As of yesterday, my ice maker has not worked properly in almost a month. They replaced the temperature part in the fridge, now the freezer is finally working correctly, but now the fridge is too cold and everything is freezing!!!! The water filter is frozen solid and the pipes behind the bottom drawer are also frozen. Last week they left me with my hairdryer attached to my extension cord, and told me to use them to thaw the fridge and it should work. The very next day after all my time, the fridge was frozen again. I tried numerous times to get a new refrigerator, and Maytag wouldn't budge. They insist if it is repairable, they will fix it, not replace it. They gave me an extended warranty last year, and they said once it is over, I will not get anymore warranties unless I purchase it. I was very upset and spoke with a top supervisor who informed me that the warranty they gave me was a courtesy, and I should be thankful they gave it to me! Finally today, the place where I purchased my fridge called and told me that I could bring it back and they would let me get a different fridge. I feel that Maytag has low quality appliances, and no savy with their customers!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-15:
Actually, I would not have put up with what you describe for a whole year.....I would have invoked the lemon law, which what you have.....instead of putting the pressure on the Maytag company, I would have put the pressure on the store you got it from.....Was it Sears?
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-09-15:
Actually poster, it sounds like Maytag did step up for you finally. The retailer would never take it back without getting a committment from Maytag that they would be compensated. The dealer is probably getting a replacment box from Maytag for their stock in exchange for the bad one. I agree your frige troubles were above average to say the least, but now it's solved and I think Maytag did take the hit for you -as they should.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-15:
Slim, you have lived up to your 3 stars, very good advice.
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-09-16:
No Hyde/Hidden, please stick to straight flaming, you look like less of an a$$. Maytags have(at least had) a unique electronic damper that balances the frig and freezer side. That appears to be part of the posters problem. The gasket is an easy diognostic and is not something they scap a frig for. To extend on that vast area of what you don't know, manufactures rely on retailers to push their brands over others. They certainly do not leave sellers hanging with a change-out. The retailer probably sold this box for around $1400 but paid probably $1200 to $1250 for it. They are not eating that, especially with all the pressure on Maytag. Stick to songwriting, I loved your last ballad -" I've got Tartar on my Mind"
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-09-16:
Hidden, what model. Poster never stated what model they bought. I love how you think you know better then people who have been inthebiz by doing a 5 minute Yahoo search. Oh and on YOUR work, aside from "Tatar", I also like your line dance classic "Fista Festa".
Posted by 1hung2lo on 2004-09-20:
you might want to check the gasket, they are prone to failure
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-11-02:
Fortunately you didn't have to have someone sue for wrongful death, telling you to use your hairdryer. That is on the well known list of major no-no's. Glad you were able to write this.
Posted by use2becust.svc.rep on 2005-01-04:
The reason it took so long for your dealer to get this resolved is because they never bothered to call until you were at your wits end or the dealer finally got to talk to his Maytag sales representative....they are hard to find because they come and go like the daily news. I am sorry you had such a problem with customer service, they were only doing their jobs trying to keep it and food on their table. Big companies no longer care that it is the underpaid customer svc reps that get the a$$ chewing for the companies shortcomings. If customer svc reps were in charge of quality, things would be made better beleive me!!!!
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Customer Service, Product Quality, Etc
Posted by Rmharr on 12/27/2007
MICHIGAN -- After reading many of the complaints concerning Maytag I had to join the discussion. I don't usually join sites but we have had nothing but trouble with our Maytag refrigerator for the 6 1/2 years we have had it and I want one more voice warning people about Maytag's lack of reliability. We have had multiple problems with our refrigerator starting from just a few months after purchasing it. In the first year alone we had 3 service calls just on the ice maker. The problem was finally resolved when a repairman bent the wire that stops the ice from being made when the bin is full. He said it was a faulty design. After his "fix" we had no more problems with ice overflowing and messing up the maker.

Over the 2 3-year extended warranty periods with Maytag Dependability Plus (we have been informed that they are not a subsidiary of Maytag) we have had an average of 3 -4 calls per year, generally concerning the defrost mechanism which caused 3 or 4 food loss claims and repairs that could only be made after the refrigerator failed to keep food cold, not when we first noticed the ice build up occurring each time. Finally, we discovered that the defrost problem was the direct cause of water damage to our bathroom downstairs, below the refrigerator and dishwasher. It also ruined the wall beside the refrigerator, the floor in front and beneath the refrigerator (it now has the only squeak in our 12 year old home which we built), the ceiling and walls in the downstairs bathroom, caused carpenter ants because of wet wood which incurred drilling of holes in our entire house and multiple other problems.

The run around we experienced between Maytag and Maytag Dependability Plus telling us to let the other company know of our dissatisfaction has been long and tedious. The repairmen have generally been very helpful, even telling us how to get Maytag to respond, ie, tell them you are contacting the Attorney General (that caused the company to discontinue the conversation). One repairman told us that they lose money servicing Maytag products as they are one of the worst companies to have to service products for. An employee for the dealer we purchased our refrigerator just told us that we should not buy Maytag if we want good service. Our G.E. and Fisher & Paykel appliances have given us very few problems and we have had excellent service. A lawyer friend told us to write to the companies with a detailed list of our grievances.

Maytag called and left a number for my husband to call back (with our son) even though I was home and could have spoken with them. It took my husband (who was at work) almost 15 minutes to find out that no one knew who he should talk to. I then called them and spent 45 minutes talking to a rep who finally offered to give us a 10% discount on our next purchase of a Maytag refrigerator if we bought it before the end of Jan. 2008. I asked her if she felt $200.00 would be just compensation for the problems our refrigerator had caused. She said it wasn't compensation but a goodwill offer. I told her we would continue to let everyone we know what a lousy company Maytag was and what lousy products and services they provided. Our next step is contacting our representatives, attorney general, and newspapers with our story. Hopefully, we will get some compensation for the multiple problems this Maytag refrigerator has caused.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-27:
Our resident local appliance expert StevefromSoCal may have some suggestions for you about replacing or repairing, he should be along later. Steve's advice and suggestions are always helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-27:
Maytag did have a couple of "lemmons" on the market,the early wide by side being one of them.Ice maker issues were discovered right away.We have had good luck with the Adaptive defrost controls,so im not sure why you had all these problems with the same part.

Did you have A&E service out,or someone that knows what they are doing?
Posted by qualityappliance on 2007-12-27:
I have one of the first generation stainless wide by sides and have yet to have a defrost problem. I did have ice problems from day one , but in the other direction, mine would shut off too soon. I rectified this by replacing the shut off arm with a arm meant for a Whirlpool so now the ice overflows a little in the back of the bin but it never runs out of ice.
I have not seen any problems yet with the newer style of adaptive defrost board,(the one in the inclosure), my guess is that there is an intermitent open curcuit in the bi-metal or the plug.
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Don't Buy Maytag Products
Posted by Hatcherd on 10/16/2005
FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a Maytag side by side 27.3 cu. ft refrigerator 1 year ago from Home Depot. It stopped cooling and we contacted Maytag for service (since we had the extended warranty). The technician indicated that he detected no problem with the unit and left. Before he left he informed my wife that "if there was a problem, it appeared to be intermittent and he had no way of diagnosing it unless it failed while he was in out home. Again the refrigerator stopped cooling and Maytag was contacted for a service call. Same technician visited with the same response, "no problem detectect with the unit". What was so frustrating was that it was obvious that even if the refrigerator was cooling at the time the technician visited, all the ice had melted and frozen items had defrosted. Last Thursday (10/13/2005), the refrigerator stopped cooling for the last time. Again we contacted Maytag this time, we stipulated that we wanted a different technician than the one from the prior two visits. The technician arrived on Friday night around 7:30PM and indicated that it was either a problem with the compressor switch or the compressor. He replaced the switch but the unit would still not operate so it turns out that the compressor needs to be replaced. We will be without a refrigerator for at least a week until the part is delivered. This problem could have been minimized had the technician replaced the compressor switch on the first visit instead of taking the "I know nuthing" approach. I will never purchase another Maytag product.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-10-16:
That's the problem with trying to fix anything mechanical with intermittent problems. It's frustrating, but if it's working fine when a tech looks at it, there isn't much they can do. It's like taking a car into the shop with a strange engine noise. If it isn't making the sound when it's there, they can't just swap out parts on what it could have been. I aasume the problem was evident when the last tech was there. Now at least, it can be fixed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-16:
Be sure and throw out any food that might have spoiled.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-17:
So true, pwparrot. Especially things like eggs, milk, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, etc.
Posted by virg on 2005-10-17:
I'm right with you --do not buy maytag products their service is lacking
Posted by hoctro on 2005-12-20:
i bought the same Maytag MSD2732GRS in Oct.2004, and the compressor went into "lazy mode" 30 days after 1 year warranty expired.
the compressor was humming loudly, trying to start but could not. about 10 seconds later, overload switch kicked in, switched off power feeding to compressor. overload switch released 2 minutes later, compressor was humming loudly again, could not start, switched off again.
same cycle on-off-on-off... i have to turn off the frig, waited about 2 hours, then turned on the frig again. it ran normal for a day or two, then went crazy again.
i didn't want to call tech support. guys with HVAC lisence either self-employed or gone fishing, not working for a weekly pay check. i replaced a new relay-overload [it's the one that made click click noise trying to turn on and off], no luck, same problem. i replaced starting capacitor, no luck, same problem. then i figured out something went wrong with the thermostat, replaced the thermostat, no luck, same problem. the only next thing to try is the compressor itself.
i called a friend of mine for help, he's HVAC tech. he told me most of consumer frig are built as cheap as possible. the installed el cheapo parts from mexico, brazil, china... and specially
Tecumseh compressor. he adviced me to run like there is no tomorrow when dealing with super low-end Tecumseh compressor. only buy quality appliances with Copeland compressor inside.
i went to a local HVAC supply, bought a universal hot start-kit for $11. it's a solid-state relay start-kit made in USA. i removed el cheapo Maytag
relay and capacitor, installed a USA start-kit, and the frig has been working like new since.
next time when purchasing AC unit, i will turn the whole monkey around, inspect carefully, make sure it has a Copeland Scroll Compressors inside.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-26:
Slim, you should spend more time on your "googles."
Posted by Frustrated Maytag Owner on 2008-03-04:
I bought the stainless steel Maytag MSD2732GRS in March, 2004. It is a large side by side refrigerator/ freezer. I've had to get the relay switch replaced twice. Maytag was no help. They told me that I had to call the retailer that sold me the freezer. I called Home Depot and they put it back on Maytag. In the end, I had to shop around for an authorized Maytag repair shop. I had to pay for the repair services and was told that Maytag would reimburse me. One year later from the first service call, I have not been reimbursed. 9 months since the second replacement, I still haven't been reimbursed. Now the compressor is out. I lost food THREE times. To get a Maytag repair person to respond takes anywhere from one to two weeks because they claim they are so busy. Well, I am a consumer who trusted Maytag and invested in their appliances. I've even had problems with my Maytag dishwasher but paid for the repairs myself because Maytag was worthless. My refrigerator is only 4 years old. The compressor is still under warranty and Maytag keeps passing the buck on someone else. I researched this same model through a Google search and found numerous complaints about the relay switch and compressors. It's time for a mandatory recall. I am going to the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports if I don't have a resolution by tomorrow. BUYER BEWARE! Maytag isn't what it used to be.
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Ice2O refrigerator and A&E Service
Posted by Celt16 on 03/31/2007
JUPITER, FLORIDA -- Our $2,600 Maytag Ice2-0 refrigerator, purchased from Home Depot has been a horror story. Maytag shipped us three refrigerators - each one damaged - (broken shelves, parts hanging off) but the final one only had a small dent on the side so accepted a small credit and we kept it.

It stopped working over a month ago, still within warranty. We called for service expecting service commensurate with the $2600 price tag, but were sorely disappointed. Our ice door was opening and closing every 10 seconds literally and the noise was driving us and our dog crazy. It took ten days for an appointment with every service department Maytag referred us to.

We asked them to expedite, they told us they could not expedite unless the cooling stopped. The next day the cooling stopped, THEN A&E claimed they could not expedite for any reason. The tech arrived with no parts - a recent change to their operating procedure now has them stocking nothing and express shipping everything. He had to order them. Parts came 3 days later, but it was another 10 days (13 total) before we could schedule an appointment.

The same Tech came back - the part didn't fix it - he said that he needed another part. He ordered it, and told us to tell the service people to call his cell phone and he would come right out to replace the part. No, customer service said - they can't do that even though the tech requested it. It was another week before we could have an appointment. Our appointment day (Saturday) came and went with no tech - I called and they said there was no tech working today, so they'll have to rebook us for Wednesday.

At this point - I will not buy another Maytag, its QA process is terrible and its service is FAR below par.
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Posted by hfinnmarney on 2007-03-31:
Wow, I live in Stuart & am having the same exact issue. The repairman says he's never heard of the issue before. My fridge stopped working the 1st day & the freezer went on the 7th day after the probem started. Maytag Repairman does not know what parts I need! He said the parts should be in by 4/2/07 & he is scheduled to come 4/3/07. He doesn't think the compressor is going just thinks I need a new control panel? Looks like this is going to take forever to fix. I would love to know what they do to fix your fridge. Can you please post when it's fixed? Thanks!
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-03-31:
Go to complaints.com and look up complaint #8822. They have even worse troubles with this refrigerator. Plus they have terrible service on Maytag appliances.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-02:
sorry to hear about your issue.I am very aware of the problems with the ICE 2 O refers.I actually stock both of the control boards(low voltage in the front,and the high voltage in the rear)as well as the icemakers.We try and offer the best service possible(we dont always have the support of the factory,and its just as frustrating to our company as it is to the cunsumer.
Next time you purchase an appliance dont go to a hardware store(home depot,lowes)go to an appliance only store that offers service.
Posted by Celt16 on 2007-04-03:
to hfinnmarney - make sure they order the circuit board for that fits into a small square panel in the back of the machine, not just the one behind the (front) water/ice control panel - the one behind the front control panel will not fix your problem.
Posted by rodbrent on 2007-05-30:
I'm having the exact same problem with my ICE2O frig. I've seen a lot of complaints about this frig. Has anyone actually had the control board replaced and had the problem fixed?
Posted by Celt16 on 2007-05-30:
I eventually replaced the control board myself - the one in the rear of the fridge as listed in previous comments - it fixed the problem, where replacing the one behind the icemaker controls (front door) did not fix it.
Posted by ebonybee on 2007-06-03:
My Maytag refrigerator Model mfi2568aeb also got possessed this morning. It was purchased in Feb/Mar 2006 during a complete kitchen remodel. It took 3 months to make ice. Based on comments on this thread, ordered the control board in back of machine. Saw on another thread something about "programming' the board. Anyone had to program this board?
Posted by Celt16 on 2007-06-04:
Yes, the instructions to program come with the board - takes about 5 minutes, not a big deal
Posted by jameswms on 2007-09-20:
I have a Maytag Ice2O as well and it's a complete piece of crap. We've had 3 service calls in the 18 months we've owned it...the latest is the exact problem (with the flapper). I didn't purchase the extended warranty and as a result the latest repair is costing me $400
Posted by qualityappliance on 2007-11-03:
This is a known problem and had the techs been trained correctly they would have completed the repair on the first visit. A&E, ( a division of Sears) handles their own training and as a rule hires techs with no experience. 99+% of the time replacing the high voltage board fixes the problem

Note to iameswms and anyone else who has purchased the board, all parts on this model have 24 MONTH WARRANTY. A&E is famous for not informing of component warranty. If a service company charged you for a part REPORT THEM to your statre department of consumer affairs.
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maytage fire in fridge
Posted by Rookie on 05/05/2004
I Would never buy nor recommend Maytag to ANY consumer..last week our 90 day old fridge burned while we slept..luckily the fire stayed contained to the fridge but the pictures are frightening..maytag's been less than helpful...they do not make this fridge anymore (remember it is just a three month old fridge) and have nothing comparable..so all replacements are a upgrade or downgrade.. they want me to PAY for a upgrade..and if I take a downgrade..I get no refund...I have spent four days on the phone trying to get this resolved and taken a day off work..Maytag will never again grace my home..nor that of most of my friends after they saw the pics and heard the horror stories of the warrenty.

By the way, the want to pay for NO damage that has insued as a result of the faulty refridge also..I am ANGRY!
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Posted by gman3fan on 2004-05-05:
I wouldnt settle for anything less that a 100% reimbursment + damages. Then purchase another brand fridge.
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-05-07:
All things considered, why on earth will they not just replace it with the upgrade. How much COST difference can there be?! They are eating the entire cost of the original unit, what's another $10-$20.
Posted by use2becust.svc.rep on 2004-07-07:
What caused the fire? Was it installed properly? If they no longer make it was it because you bought a used appliance that was 2 or more years old and I bet you got it at a steal. You never know, and appliance dealers will tell you anything to make a sell. Until I could make an logical decision I would need more info and I am sure any other appliance manufacturer would ask the same questions. Something to think about....
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My Maytag refrigerator and its problems
Posted by Lemincurry on 05/22/2007
HAMPTON, GEORGIA -- I purchased my refrigerator in Sept. 2005. 2 months later, in November, the fan that blows cold air up to cool the refrigerator quit working - meaning I had a functional freezer, but no functional refrigerator. Now, 20 months later, it has the same problem. I was told it was an evaporator and control board problem. Upon some internet research - it appears I'm not the only one to have had these problems with the exact same refrigerator.

And, at least with my local Maytag repair center, they don't carry these parts on the service trucks to fix your fridge - their technicians come to assess to the problem, order parts, and fix it 2+ days later - meaning if your fridge breaks on a Friday like mine did, you have to wait a week to have a functional one.

Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have purchased this product. I hope you don't make the same mistake I did - go spend your $2000 on something that doesn't break down within 2 months of purchase. And if you do decide to, spend the money on the extended warranty - it'll be worth it.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-22:
Sounds like a bad spritzer relay.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-22:
lemincurry, sorry about your problem and thank you for the information.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-22:
That is with most brands these days.Just so you know most of the "call takers" are not service techs,so their not going to be able to diagnose the problem before it gets to the technician.My techs look ahead in their schedules to see if there is something they can head off(order parts before going to the call).

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-22:
Good post number1, I concur.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-22:
Thank you PWP!
Posted by Pat on 2013-10-29:
Side by side MSD26 is dead 1 month after the original waranty ! Maytag is charging me 648 $ to change the compressor !!!
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Bad Product, but "service" was ABOMINABLE
Posted by Farm on 06/30/2006
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Purchased a Maytag Ice2O refrigerator on 4/20/06. It quit on 6/16/06. First service call 6/17. Could not be repaired because both circuit boards required for fix needed to be ordered. On 6/20 tech never showed up. Called Maytag and was told service call had been cancelled and parts order had been cancelled. No reason provided, no call to notify me. Parts reordered with assurance tech would have them for 6/24 service call. Different tech shows up 6/24 but with no parts. Called again and asked supervisor to call me (they said none were there that Saturday). No one has ever called me. I returned the thing and would never recommend Maytag.
The product looks nice, but be aware of these things. The water in the door is not chilled. The handle on the freezer is cheap plastic (on the black 'fridge) and flexes every time it's opened. It was VERY noisy. Because air in the refrigerator comes out at only one point food on the top left shelf freezes.
Maytag service was disgraceful. They should be ashamed but it was quite obvious that once they thought they had my money I was SOL. Well, I wasn't and now I own a different brand. By the way, Maytag now owns MANY brands (Amana, Whirlpool, etc.) so be careful and check out what you buy.
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-01:
The recent plethora of Maytag complaints suggests 1) there are sudden quality issues with these products, or, 2) union members, unhappy with some mergers, may be swamping consumer boards with specious complaints about the brand.
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-17:
lol, union workers NOT!
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-17:
Maytag earned its reputation of late! worst product and worst customer service hands down, in this century thus far!
Posted by cpluto on 2006-09-02:
I ran into the same circuit board problem. The refrigerator was delivered on 7/15/06 and stopped working on 8/3/06. The circuit board on the front went dead and everything stopped working. We were on vacation and so on 8/10 called for warranty service and they said it was probably the control board. However, they had someone out on Aug 19th to verify that before they could order the part. It was the control board, and a replacement was ordered with a 7-10 day wait since it came from Italy (or so they said). I called 7 days later and they said the part was still in transit. I called on the 30th and they said the part was in a warehouse, and they could schedule a tech on Sept 7th....give me a break, I already had to wait for the part. So I asked for a Supervisor to expedite the repair and shipment of the part to the repair tech, and was handed off to customer service who couldn't help me and had no idea why service would transfer me to them to get an expedite on the repair. The Customer Service Dept. admitted that it sounded like the the Repair Dept. just wanted to get rid of me, and they transferred me back to repair with the advice to ask for a Supervisor. I did that and she forced the repair call for the next day. He came out and installed a new control board. I asked him what happened to the metal back on the control panel and he said they changed it to plastic thinking the metal was grounding out the board. Then I look at the front of the fridge and I am still not able to set any temperature and it just gives me a PE0000 code. I ask the repairman and he said that they were just told to replace the board and it should reset and be cool in 24 hours. Little did I know he was just trying to get out of my house since the 2nd board wasn't working either!!! AFter 3 hours of the fridge not cooling, I called back customer service, and they said that the control panel shouldn't need to reset. They had me unplug and replug to no avail. Then said they could schedule someone out on Sat. after I said I missed a whole day of work for nothing. So I said Sat. was fine assuming she meant the coming Sat. as she didn't specify a date. So here I wait on Sat., and no repair. I look online and it is not until Sat. Sept 9th which Customer Service never mentioned, as she probably knew I would try to force another call earlier! Underhanded if you ask me!
I called the dealer who sold me the unit and said I was going to dispute the credit card charge unless they helped me get this resolved. They advised me to have the repairman mark his tag "unrepairable" if he came out the next time and it was not fixed when he left. I needed a copy of this marked tag which I could then use to get a RA # (return authorization) from Maytag. Then they could swap out the unit for another brand. So I have called again, and forced a repair call for Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. If I don't get an RA# or get it fixed on Tuesday, I will dispute the credit card charge until I get resolution. I hope I get an RA# because I don't want to have to deal with Maytag (All Brand) repair service ever again. They take way toooooo long... Thank goodness I have an old small refrigerator in my garage that still works. Can't imagine if I was living out of coolers! I will never own another Maytag product!
Posted by SilverWngs on 2006-10-07:
Maytag did not have your money. You purchased from an Independent store who had in fact purchased the appliance at a Dealer Cost from MT. Then they in getting a profit raised the price to make said profit. If you want a refund contact Dealer however unless unit has a fault that cannot be repaired it will not be as you say given an RA#.
Posted by UnderTheRose on 2007-08-07:
Just for informational purposes...Whirlpool owns Maytag...not the other way around. Perhaps we will see in increase in good product and better customer service soon.
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Maytag H2O Refrigerator is a lemon
Posted by J. Tramel on 07/17/2007
MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- When I saw this refrigerator in Home Depot I was thrilled; it was the refrigerator I was waiting to be designed.

The thrill is gone. In the first nine months of ownership we had four service calls for the icemaker. The service technician replaced the icemaker three times, the last time telling us it was a redesigned icemaker (Maytag had finally figured out there was a problem with the original design). For seven months no more problems. Then the evening of July 3rd, 2007 the control board went out. Of course, we couldn't get service until the end of the week, three days after the control board went out. Did I mention that when the control board goes out, it doesn't keep the refrigerator or freezer cold? When the repairman came out and diagnosed the problem we were told it would be 8-10 days before the part would come in, then probably a couple more days before they could schedule the install. (I guess this is our fault, because we purchased an extended warranty from Home Depot. Turned out Home Depot only sells the warranties, they aren't the ones who actually provide the service. If I had extended my warranty with Maytag, we would have been able to call our local service technician, who carries the part on his truck.)

Anyway, the part came in early and we were without a refrigerator for only ten days. This was one time I was really grateful that my husband didn't listen to me -- when I told him we should get rid of the old Kenmore that was plugged in out in the garage!

I contacted Maytag and related to them the problems I have had with this refrigerator and they said they would not replace it unless a service technician said it was unrepairable.

Like others who have written reviews of Maytag appliances I have and still own a few other Maytag appliances and have had only a couple of service calls, and that was after the appliances were over 15 years old!

Unless Maytag does something to compensate us for this lemon we're stuck with, I won't be buying another Maytag appliance. I guess the Maytag repairman was too lonely, so Maytag had to do something to remedy that!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-17:
"Turned out Home Depot only sells the warranties, they aren't the ones who actually provide the service. If I had extended my warranty with Maytag, we would have been able to call our local service technician, who carries the part on his truck.) "

Thats the truth!!!!!
Why buy appliances at a hardware store.
Posted by J. Tramel on 2007-07-17:
This is for stevefromsocal: The reason we bought it from Home Depot is because it was the only place authorized by Maytag to sell it at that time. It was brand new on the market; perhaps it was a "test market." We actually looked at appliance stores and major department stores that sell appliances, and they told us the only place we could get that model refrigerator (at that time) was Home Depot. In retrospect, we should have waited until it had been out on the market for awhile. I suppose Maytag will eventually get the bugs out --kinda like waiting to buy the latest version of Microsoft Windows!
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Maytag does not honour their warranty!
Posted by Ripped off in Canada on 11/08/2006
CANADA -- I am very frustrated with my efforts to get the Maytag corporation to take responsibility for a defective product. So frustrated in fact that I want everyone to know that the reputation for reliability and dependability is a big fat Maytag Myth! I purchased a brand new bottom freezer refrigerator from Future Shop in November of 2005. Like many other people I was taken in by the myth that a Maytag product was a quality product and thought that if I ever had a problem the corporation would stand behind thier products. From day one the refrigerator has been nothing but trouble for me. The freezer began to frost up and a thick layer of ice built up inside the freezer. The ice became so thick that the refrigerator part stopped working altogether resulting in the loss of all of the food that I had in there. I contacted Future Shop who told me that since it was over 30 days since I purchased the unit, they could not help me. I was told to call the number in my owners manual. I proceeded to call Maytag. Six phone calls later, I finally got someone to agree to come to my house to examine the unit.

To make a long story short, the first call I made was in March of 2006. Since that time the repair guy has been to my house four times, replaced just about every part that could be replaced in the refrigerator and the problem still exists. Now it is November and my refigerator is still not working. Maytag had informed me that the problem is not with their product but insists that I must be leaving the refrigerator door open. Hmmm. What a concept? If you can't fix the problem, blame the consumer! I never saw the Maytag man do that in any of the TV commercials.

The warranty stats that if they can not fix the problem they will replace the unit. Maytag has refused to do this. They have refused to stand behind their products and honour their warranty. I am so angry that I have vowed to never purchase another Maytag product and I am making it my mission in life to get the word out to as many people as possible that this company sells crap and expects us to take the blame when things go bad.

I am very glad to have had the opportunity to vent my frustraions about this experience and this company.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-09:
Call them and tell them you're discussing it here.
Posted by SilverWngs on 2006-11-10:
The warranty for the appliance is for Repair or replacing of parts free of charge in the 1st year warranty. 2-5 yr on Sealed system warranty the labor for installing the part is covered as well as the part. The warranty is for Repair and repair only! It does not cover installation of the appliance Nor does it cover the replacing of the appliance. The warranty does not cover food loss. It also advises in the owners manual to call MT after making sure you have gone through all the trouble shooting, if that does not work it advises to call for svc. It is not the Fault of MT if you waited until March to call in and voice a complaint. There is also NOT a set # of svc calls for the appliance, since the warranty is for repair not replacement.

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Matag Refrigerator - Junk
Posted by Usbains on 12/02/2007
AVENEL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a top of the line Jenn-Air frig for almost 2,000.00 dollars. I got the extended warranty thru a third party. Ever since I brought this frig I have had nothing but problems. Thanksgiving evening we lost everything in frig due to it becoming warm. The repair service could not come until 5 days later. The problem was found but parts had to be ordered, another 6 days have passed and I still have no frig. The repair service was not able to schedule me an appointment for another week. This frig was purchased May of 03.

Trying to contact Maytag is like pulling teeth, they state not their problem.... warranty problem. I still find it a Maytag problem when you buy garbage and they do not live up to their name. Please be careful what you purchase and do not make the same mistake I did!!!!!

Cindy Bain
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-02:
The manufacturer is right, it's the warranty company - third party's problem. This is another reason I am against extended warranties from anyone.
Posted by qualityappliance on 2007-12-07:
Just a guess, but I bet the extended warranty is through GE.
Posted by momof3hungryboys on 2008-01-11:
I have the same problem here. Compressor died on my Jenn-Air fridge. It died over the holidays so couldn't even get in contact with JA for 4 days. Then they sent out an auth. repair person who charged me for a diagnosis and then told me they don't fix compressors (I had told them it was the compressor before they came out). Then had to wait another week for another auth. repair person to come out. Yep, still the compressor. The guy ordered the parts but they haven't all arrived, it's been another week. Part is on back order. Not due in till next week and then it can be shipped then they will schedule for the repair. It's been 3 weeks and will be going on 4 weeks, if the part comes in.

I hate Jenn-Air too. It is no fun having 3 kids and a diabetic husband and no fridge. Not to mention all the food I had to throw out. Living out an ice-chest is getting really old......

Don't buy a JA or Mag Tag or Whirlpool since they are all the same people.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-26:
Ever since Whirlpool bought Maytag, Maytag quality went downhill.
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