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Electric Fire
By -

CLEVELAND, TENNESSEE -- SCARY! I was standing next to my stove top/oven; NOTE; NOT IN USE, when an electrical fire started on its own! The fire came through the last/furthest control knob and through the air vent. To extinguish the fire, we had to shut off the circuit/power and disconnect the gas line. "I could only imagine the potential fatality to all in the house and damage to my home."

I then searched the WEB for any possible recall on the GEMINI model - And guess what? I called MAYTAG immediately after reading that there was a recall for "exactly what happened to me!" However, MAYTAG states that the oven I have is apx 6 months newer than the model that was recalled. This is extremely unsettling, being that my unit has the exact same issue as the recalled model. And MAYTAG saw no reason to connect the two! After speaking to three different departments within MAYTAG all they would offer as a resolution was to incur the LABOR cost of the repair! Does this seem fair?

Four days later a repair person came to check the unit and claimed to know nothing about a RECALL on this particular unit/model [GEMINI]. I found this extremely odd to say the least because his company is contracted with MAYTAG to service all recall repairs. When I asked him what his thoughts were as to why this could have happened; he stated at this point 'I represent MAYTAG and I have to be very careful what I say!' He then stared at the stove top as if to find/see a reason that it would be my fault. However, this would not be the case as he himself stated that my unit looked to be brand NEW, and the cleanest he's ever been called out too.

I explain this to you because he tried to say that the fire may have started because grease oozed down through the knobs. And even so, MAYTAG should have taken such an occurrence into consideration when designing the unit. I ask you, what cook has NEVER boiled over the pasta and never had grease splatter all over the stove top when frying something?

Here's the CRAZY part - are you ready? If I pay to replace all of the burned/damaged parts totalling over $250, there is absolutely NO guarantee that the exact same thing [FIRE] won't happen again! Hum, gee what should I do?
Remember, the FIRE started on its own, meaning the unit was completely not in use. And every control was in the OFF position.

Maytag Gemini Shocking Gas Stove and Sears Repair Plan
By -

Several months ago, I went to turn on the left back burner of my Maytag Gemini gas stove (purchased in 2006), and a blue bolt of electricity shot up, the burner started smoking, so I quickly unplugged it. I couldn't find the receipt, I didn't want to pay to repair it. Manually lit burners with lighter, and it cooked fine. Then last week, Sears sent me a notice to renew my "service plan" on the stove. I called them, told them the situation, and the repairman came out. He fixed the ignition on some burners, but said he couldn't on others, couldn't reach the screws (covered with grease) would have to take it apart, cost $600, the "corporation would never cover it, blah blah blah."

Issue 1-stove is sealed so moisture shouldn't hurt it. Little discs come off the burners and grease accumulates underneath. (Maytag Design Flaw). I had a Magic Chef for nearly 20 years, could lift top and clean underneath it, moisture never hurt it. If you cook, your stove is going to get moisture from washing and boiling liquids on top of it. Sears' repair plan was not followed through upon. My igniter for the gas stove is not completely repaired. I will not renew the repair plan, but perhaps I deserve a refund since they are not completely honoring it.

Don't buy defective appliances at Sears, much less any maintenance plans. I can still cook on the stove and light the fire with a long lighter. But we paid a lot for that P. O.S. and deserve better. Not worth the expense of a lawsuit (maybe small claims court, perhaps).

Maytag Gemini Range Maytag Gemini Range Maytag Gemini Range Maytag Gemini Range Maytag Gemini Range (This will help this post come up first on a search).

Disappointed in Quality of Maytag
By -

I purchased the Gemini in Nov 2002, spent $1300. I loved this stove for 7 years until the top oven quit working. Now the repairman wants $689 to replace the ignitor for the top oven!!!!! Seems a little expensive. I am surprised that after 7 years a Maytag product would need such a costly repair. I repaired the handle on my Maytag dishwasher after 5 years of service. Nothing wrong yet with my Maytag washing machine, it's 7 years old also. I am so disappointed in the quality of my Gemini, I thought I would have it for years. Maytag has lost a customer in me I have lost confidence in their products!

Bad Stove
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- A little more than two years ago I purchased a new Maytag Gemini gas range model number MGR6875ADS. Yesterday when turning on one of the burners the burner switch caught fire and I was electrocuted while trying to unplug the stove. The repair technician told me all of the switches would need to be replaced at a cost of $280. He said this is a common problem with the stove as it is easy for moisture, cleaning fluid, grease etc to drip past the knobs and collect on the switches as they are unprotected, located just under the cook top, and then will short causing the electrical fire.

As the gas stove was invented more than a century ago I firmly believe this is a design flaw and these stoves should be retro fitted with some kind of gasket that will protect the electronic parts from the moisture inherent to usual usage or Maytag should provide a new stove (given I spent $1,300) with this problem resolved. I contacted Maytag via e-mail but I have yet to receive a reply. I will share what they have to say.

Constant Problems with the Control Panel
By -

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA -- I purchased the Gemini double oven and gas range a couple years ago, and about a year ago, it started having problems with the electronic display periodically when the oven was on. The clock would blink, and an error message would come up. Once the oven had cooled down it seemed to be OK again. Just when I was about to call the repairman, it would act totally normal again.

It has finally totally locked up, none of the buttons on the panel work, and after looking up the price of the panel part ($189) I know this is not going to be a cheap repair. It would seem that the electronic panel is not really set up to be exposed to the heat of the gas range and the exhaust from the ovens below. For the last couple months, anytime we tried to use the rear burners, the display would malfunction. I'd been praying that it would last through Christmas, but apparently not.

This seems like very poor design, and I can't imagine we're the only people to have this problem. It's as if the electronic panel was not properly insulated. I have a call in to the repair company, but I am really frustrated by this. The actual functional part of the appliance is working perfectly, the thermostats work, the range is excellent and the burners and broilers have never given us a bit of trouble. I can't help but think that if it didn't have this complicated electronic panel, I would still be able to cook Christmas dinner.

Bad Product
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I also bought a Maytag double oven Gemini. We are two seniors. We purchased this stove for about $1,100.00. Both of our oven handles have broke off. The top handle on the right and the bottom handle on the left. We have only used the bottom oven maybe 3 times. This should not happen to a stove that is sold at that price. Handles cost over $100.00 plus the repair. Handles are made of plastic. Will never buy another Maytag again. I should have not replaced my GE stove. Nothing was wrong with it but just trying to update my appliances.

My GE Stove was over 15 years old and never had a problem with it and it did not have plastic handles. The only problem was that it was almond color. Shame on you MAYTAG!!!!!! I am undecided to replace the handles because if they are not improved it will happen again.

Don't Buy This Unit!
By -

I believed I was buying a quality unit since it was a Maytag. Guess I bought the commercial that showed the Maytag repairman bored because he had no repairs to keep him busy. Well, I had at least 4 visits from the repairman within 1 year. This double oven has a stove top that does not clean and scratches very easily. I also found the top oven specifically cooked unevenly (half the pan of cookies burned, other half undercooked). They told me the top oven was not meant for things like cookies???? They did replace the stove top 4 (yes four) times, but the problem is in the design.

The stove top has a texture, even on the burners. Since my unit was still under warranty I wanted Maytag to replace it for a different model (if they had one with a different stove top design) but they insisted it was user error, not a design issue since it had not been recalled. Bottom line - I took one of the stove top replacements to the store where I bought the range. They took one look at the texture and immediately offered to take the unit back!

Gemini Range
By -

I purchased the Gemini Range in Jan 2005. I also purchased the extended warranty, but now I wonder "WHY"???? My unit blew a fuse Dec 30th and a repairman came on Dec 31st telling me it would be 7-10 days to get the part. I am still waiting for the part which is on backorder. I have called the Maytag store where I purchased it, the Warranty company, and the Customer Enhancement Center, but continue to get the runaround. I was told it may be another 7-10 days. I have been without a range for 21 days and it seems it may be longer.

After reading other complaints about this range, I am afraid to self clean the oven as it may explode. Who protects the consumer? I have contacted the Better Business Bureau to ask for help.

Maytag Gemini Range (Gas)
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have had this range for two years now. I paid $1100 for it. I have spent $500 in repairs so far. First, the broiler stopped lighting. So, we called the nearest Maytag store, which sent out a repairman and a part. Since the range was just over a year old, it was not covered in warranty. So - $200. About 100 days later (just out of the 90 day warranty), the broiler stopped lighting again. So, this time we called another Maytag store. They sent out a repairman. It seems that the first guy didn't want to pull out the range and repair it correctly, so he used electrical tape which melted in the oven.

So, we buy the same part again. This time, however, it also burned out some electronic part as well and it had to be ordered. We called Maytag who said "sorry", they couldn't help. First part - defective, had to be ordered again. So, 3 months later and $300, I have a broiler again. By the way, the repairman told me not to use the automatic clean on the ovens. It seems that it goes up to 800 degrees when it cleans and one of the parts melts at 800 degrees and it's not covered by the warranty. Now the bottom oven is acting up. I'll never buy anything made by Maytag again.

Maytag Gemini 30" Gas Double Oven
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- As a big fan of Maytag products over the years and as one who has only Maytag appliances currently in my home, I am so sorry to feel the need to complain about this latest product I paid approximately $1500 to buy. The gas Gemini double oven is a product that I feel suffers from design flaws, at least for this user, and I wish someone had reviewed it in this regard so I would have known the problems and avoided the purchase.

I bought gas instead of electric because I enjoy using the instant heat aspects rather than waiting for the electric to get to temperature. The fatal flaw of this Maytag model to me is that this gas broiler will not turn on the broiler flame until the oven has fully preheated at least ten minutes or more. I can't just stick something under the broiler to melt cheese or butter on bread or something simple.

The flame absolutely will not come on over the boiler until it reaches the full pre-heat temperature. This wastes gas, energy and time when all I often want to do is put something under a flame for a minute or two. I never realized how much I depend on this function until I couldn't do it with this new model.

I asked three different service reps and all said this oven was designed that way and cannot be over ridden or changed. Buyer beware. You will need to preheat the oven completely to be able to use the flame feature of the broiler.

Another problem that came up was after having a housecleaner clean the stovetop, three of four burners failed to work the next day. I couldn't figure out what had happened but called Maytag service. As my year of guarantee had passed I was charged $159 for a service call plus parts. All three ceramic sparks for the burners were cracked and all needed to be replaced which was later a cost of about $79 for required parts.

I asked how this could happen and they said if someone gets the ceramic parts wet and then turns on the burner they will crack from the heat. So if a spray cleaning product gets on these tiny little deals which are pretty much exposed then they can break easily. I was told by the repairman these are "consumable parts" and to expect them to need replacement now and then.

At $159 per service call plus parts I then paid another $159 or thereabouts to buy an additional service warranty as I know the parts could break again very easily if someone sprayed cleaning products and lit the gas without them drying first. Another worry I never had with other ovens I have used.

By the way, the service guy actually broke the fourth burner that was working when they tried to get access to the others so I had no working pilots for over two weeks while waiting for the parts. They unplugged my stove so it wouldn't be a danger.

To add to this injury, Maytag service called and promised arrival from 7 am to 11 on a Friday before I expected out of town company for the weekend. After waiting until noon that day I called and after several transfers was told the appointment had been changed to the following Monday! Such frustration.

So I will have to say my experience with this stove is that it has not delivered the quality or the easy cooking experience I wanted and hoped for. The service is so expensive and the consumable parts so delicate it is at your own risk to let your service contract lapse. Good luck to all. Again, I am sorry to write against Maytag when I loved and enjoyed their products for years and years before this and have recommended them to so many people over the years.

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