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Maytag Legacy Series Washer - A TOTAL NIGHTMARE
Posted by on
CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- I purchased my Legacy Series Washer in Oct. 2003 - But let me start from the REAL beginning. I went to Home Depot and bought a Maytag washer (other than Legacy). It was installed and I followed the directions per Maytag to the T. On the VERY FIRST LOAD of laundry I tried to wash, the machine went beserk and started to SMOKE! It damned near burned my laundry room down!! THIS washer went back to Home Depot, PRONTO, and I decided maybe I should upgrade to the Legacy (which is what I originally wanted anyway). FIVE MONTHS in to owning this new machine, the "bored" Maytag Repairman had to REPLACE THE MOTOR! Within the very FIRST YEAR I owned this machine, I've had repairmen to my home 4 times. I wanted the machine REPLACED, but Maytag wanted to REPAIR it instead. By the time this was all over, the insides of this NEW machine was virtually REPLACED. Now, here it is Feb. 2006. My machine is NOT YET 3 YEARS OLD and it LEAKS like crazy and sounds like a mothership coming in for a landing. I wrote a very nasty letter to Maytag via their website, but they offered NO ASSISTANCE. During the time the repairmen were virtually becoming "family," Maytag did extend my warranty (they said for 2 years, however, it was only for ONE year). I did not, and REFUSE, to put any more money into this piece of literal GARBAGE. For the "quietest" machine in existence, when mine is spinning out you can't even hear your stereo on full blast!

It is my opinion, as it should be anyone else who is having these very same problems with the Legacy Series, that there should be a CLASS ACTION SUIT against Maytag. Just reading these other posts about the Legacy Series makes my stomach grind. I'm absolutely FURIOUS and think that Maytag should be liable to every consumer out there who is having the EXACT same problems I am having. Maytag should NOT repair.. but REPLACE or PAY THE CONSUMER the amount of money they were RIPPED OFF, PERIOD!
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Crabdude on 11/15/2006:
Not sure where this lonely Maytag repairman exists but it's not near my town either. I have had the same problems (4 instances over an 18 month period) and nothing has been resolved. Our latest problem (still waiting for resolution as I write this) has the mounting for the tub now cracked due to the vibration and other problems that have gone on. Like you we have more replacement parts in it than that which came from the factory when it was built. The noise issues are also pretty special. I have demanded a full replacement for another model altogether (apparently this was a design they used when they bought Amana) and not only have they refused but they wouldn't transfer me up the chain to continue my complaint. Unbelieveable. Shoddy service for a company that prides itself on having such reliable, carefree products. They almost have it right. They couldn't care less because they haven't any recognizable customer service. We have decided to approach this on multiple fronts. I haven't stopped my attempts at climbing their management ladder with my issue, we have contacted our local television stations and their "action teams" that specialize in bringing attention to the public via their news segments on these matters. I encourage others who are dissatisfied with Maytag to do the same. This is clearly a Maytag manufacture issue and not something their resellers should be on the hook to resolve. Plan and simple this is poor engineering and craftmanship. Please email me if you have other ideas or wish to come at this with a more coordinated, if not national, approach.
fletch on 11/18/2006:
I'm very disheartened to hear all these negative reports on MAYTAG products, but thankful for this forum to relate experiences. In the late 60's - (prior to getting 'Drafted'), I worked for an appliance company in Westchester County - NY. We serviced many different brands of appliances, and sold Maytag, Hotpoint, Gibson, Kitchenaid, and others. Maytags were our "Pride & Joy". They were simply the best. They rarely ever failed. As a testimony - I still have the Maytag washer A606, and electric Dryer DE606 that I bought as a newlywed in 1972. I have replaced on the washer (3 sets of belts, one water valve body, and one waterpump) in 34 years! The dryer has needed two belts, 3 heating elements, and two high-limits in 34 years! MAYTAG used to be the pride of AMERICAN QUALITY......and at a reasonable price too. WHAT HAPPENED MAYTAG.....? You've let your public down!! BTW - when I was working for this appliance company - we took in an old Advocato green machine in 1966 that was about 18 years old; I replaced the belts, the pump, and the stem/boot/seal assembly, and gave it to my Mom - who used it for another 27 years before she decided to get rid of it only because she grew tired of the color! It ws 45 years old when she got rid of it, and it still worked fine! I've since spoken to contemporary repairmen who all admit that MAYTAG has fallen from grace.

On another online forum - I just saw an ad for a pair of MAYTAG washer/dryer, and thought that perhaps I should replace my 34 year old machines. Guess I'll be holding onto them for another 20 or so years. What is happening to quality in America? MAYTAG - you ought to be had a good thing, and you screwed it up! SHAME ON YOU!
shaylee on 01/22/2008:
Thanks for your review. I'm in the market for a new Washer/Dryer and Maytag was one of the brands I was most interested in. I'm not interested in purchasing from a company with such rediculously poor customer service. It won't be Maytag for us. Thank you.
Oakie72 on 04/20/2008:
Count me in that class action lawsuit. I have the Matag legacy series washer and drier. My washer started making a sqeaking noise in the spin cycle. The repair man was out to see it just shy of the 2 year anniversary. He determained it was the balance ring. After her replaced it, the machine continued to have the same problem. He was out several times during the next six months for the same problem. The technician would set the machine to run in the spin cycle, which didn't recreate the problem. The problem only happened when the machine went through the full cycle. Then the plastic rings on the top of the wash basket began to shred off. That was going to cost at least $250 dollars. I realized then that that is where the origianl problem was, the tech misdiagnosed the problem and I paid for a repair that didn't fix the problem. He did tell me in one of his visits that this was a poorly made machine and it had many problems with it. That eventually it would start leaking oil. So Maytag knew this was a defective machine. I tried during the long repair process to get some help from customer service. They are a joke. When they responed, they were sorry I was having trouble with my REFRIGERATOR. I received no help from them. I will not buy another Maytag anything, or Whirlpool since they bought Maytag.
Michelle Masters on 07/31/2014:
Omg! Im laughing reading that . Mothership coming in for a landing! stereo on full blast! I have the same machine and you are absolutely right. It is ridicules how loud it is! I have to plan to leave the house when the spin cycle goes on. Honest to God this machine is so loud, a Mothership coming in for a landing is exactly what this thing sounds like!!!!
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Unit Walks/Shakes Violently/Noisy
Posted by on
WEST LAWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased the Legacy Series washer at my local Home Depot 1/14/2005. From the get go, the washer walked all over my laundry room. Towels can be a culprit in a lot of cases. But, in my case, the washer walked in most scenarios. The washer is fairly quiet in water use modes. But, when spining..LOOKOUT. The unit shakes violently. And is noisy as well. Being the situation above. I called for service 6/14/2005. Technician was friendly and well versed. However, the following is a description of that service call....The tech told me it was because it was on a wood floor with foundation underneath. He informs me that all Maytag washers are tested on flat concrete. I found this response not only perplexing. But, also ridiculous. Not all homes are built on concrete slabs. And I live in South Central PA. In most cases, foundations (basements) are mainstream. Not only that. But in many current designs, laundry rooms are placed on the 1st or 2nd floors. Whether there is an open foundation or not....So I mentioned to the tech that I had 2 washers (White Westinghouse & GE) in the very same location before. And never did they shake or walk. He (tech) moved the unit a few inches back and to the left. WA-LA>no shaking/noise. A few days later when I went to do laundry. By the 3rd load it was shaking/walking again. Had them back in September for the same problem. Pretty much a repeat of the same story. However the tech told me he would put a new base on the unit, if I had to have service again. But he also said, the base is nearly the same as mine. Because the model I purchased was there top model in the Legacy line. I will call today. But find it redundant to put an identical base on it. Just to have it do the same thing. This call to them for service will be pleasant. But to the point. I expect it to be 100% repaired. I have a bad feeling, based on other readings concerning Maytag Products/Repair. I don't think I'll get very far. Personally, I'm appalled at the very fact that Maytag products have become problematic. Had I known about the events above. I would have gone with another brand. But, I expected top quality from Maytag...Also, As a sidebar, the matching dryer gave me problems (was too hot on Ultracare (low)) as well. That cost me over a hundred dollars, because it was out of warranty (bought the dryer about a year earlier) at the time. The news is not good about that as well. Dryer again gets way to warm on Ultracare...To finish with a little humor concerning this fiasco. I have the following items (My son's size 2-1/2 old sneakers, 2 Rubbermaid waste backets, and an ironing board) around the perimeter of the washer to keep it in place. If the situation does not get corrected. I will, unfortunately, be looking for another brand of washer to replace it. I know this will be at my expense. But, peace of mind is more important. I hope in the future for all of us. That if enough complaints are filed. Maybe, Maytag will adjust their attitude accordingly...Good Luck To All Of You..
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/05/2005:
We sold these rubber mats for W/D when I worked at an appliance store. You might seek out one or a couple of those to put under your machines to keep them from walking. If the thing is bad and out of warranty, then I guess you're screwed.
crewboy on 11/05/2005:
I remember years ago that my parents had a washer and dryer in the utility room of our house. This room had a dirt floor with gravel. They put the washer and dryer on cinder blocks and I don't recall ever having problems with them.
Slimjim on 11/07/2005:
Yours isn't the first washer to have issues with wood floors. They tend to magnify vibration. Some washers just can't deal with being the slightest out of level or on anything softer then concrete. I can only assume the tech checked level, but if he comes out again, ask him about putting this bouncy "rubber mat" mr. pirate claims they sold, under one. Get back to us with how long it took for him to stop laughing.
Anonymous on 12/26/2005:
Hardly "bouncy" as you put it, like your marble sized brain rattles around in that rotten coconut of a head, idiot. These mats were sold to minimize vibration and noise. Look it up genius.
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Posted by on
I bought a new Maytag Legacy Series washer and dryer in late '03. The washer was really loud when it was spinning and I thought that was how it was supposed to be (even though the clothes seem to still be pretty wet when done). About 11 months after buying it I found the washer had leaked water all over my floor. The servicemen came out and replaced the transmission and basically the entire inside of the machine. I was told the machine was not supposed to be loud and that sometimes "you just get a bad one". Another 12 months later (as the machine had begun to get louder again) I found more water on the floor and called Maytag. Without me even asking they agreed to cover the repair (this is the one good thing I have to say about the company. I suppose they realized this model is not built to last and are trying to save their butts.) even though it was no longer covered by the one year warranty nor was the repair they had done warrentied. At any rate they came and replaced everything all over again. My problem with this is I didn't go out looking for a machine that would last a year at a time between complete overhauls. I went with a Maytag because they were supposed to be good. It's been a few months again and I feel like I am just waiting for it to break down again. I am not sure if I would buy another Maytag after hearing all of the problems others have had. Bottom line is that this Legacy Series washer (the dryer isn't so fab either as it rolls your sheets or light blankets into a massive egg roll so they middle stays damp) is pretty much junk.
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Anonymous on 01/20/2006:
Ever since that Maytag repairman (Jesse White) died the whole service department has gone downhill.
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Maytag Legacy 200 Series Defective
Posted by on
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Maytag representative refused to acknowledge that this model has a common problem, ha, just read some of the reviews, and that's just from the people we know about. I will not ever pay a premium for a cheaply made product like this one with a so called good name. "Maytag" does not stand behind their products what a piece of crap. I am done with this product line. The wiring harness is smoking and they do not care.

Contacted representative Addison on 06-08-2011 @ 1829 hrs and was informed after a brief discussion and a lengthy hold that a repairman would be scheduled to repair at my expense this piece of crap.
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azRider on 06/08/2011:
you don't say how long you have owned it. if its out of warranty the same thing would happen if it was GE, LG, or Kenmore. if it is under warranty what was the reason given for not fixing it? I think knowing how long you owned would help.
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Posted by on
I had a service call performed on 4/2/05 regarding my Maytag cloths dryer (model # SDE3606AYW, serial #12818324EE). The problem is that when I put sheets into the dryer they form a tightly wound mass that stays wet in the center. When I explained this to their technician (tech ID: SD) and showed the problem to him, he said that there was nothing wrong with the dryer. He then said that I was overloading the dryer, and I explained that with even just two sheets, or one sheet and just a few other items this problem still occurs. I also told him that I have never had this problem with my previous dryers and my friends have never had this problem with theirs either. He agreed that he had never seen this problem with any other dryer yet kept repeating that there was nothing wrong with my dryer. He just kept insisting that I need to \"decrease\" the load I put into the dryer. I said that the only way that I can do that is to then just dry one single sheet at a time which is unacceptable. He then said again "I don't know what to tell you but there is nothing wrong with your dryer". The technician became visibly irritated with me and then left in a huff when I refused to sign his form as I was not at all satisfied with his dismissal of the problem.
I wrote a complaint letter and I was asked to contact their consumer rep who basically said the same thing that if the machine checks out OK there is no problem to fix. I spoke to her supervisor named Eric and he said the same thing. I said that on paper everything looks good but practically the machine does not work the way a dryer is supposed to and so they should replace it. He refused to do so.
There is no question in my mind that I have a defective dryer. I am completely dissatisfied with this dryer and with the lack of professionalism their service technician displayed in dealing with this problem
Damage Resulting = It takes double or triple the amount of time to dry sheets causing waste in electricity, waste in my time and increased wear and tear on the machine.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 04/18/2005:
Sounds like one of those fluke things of a bad mix between your type of sheets and the dryer drum and airflow design. I say that because the design elements that would effect wrinkling have not been changed by Maytag, so it's not the design overall. The tech look at it and I believe his claim the dryer is working right. Not a lot have problems with Maytag's wrinkling, but you're not the first either. Try some different sheet types as experiments and see if others react differently.
candace on 04/25/2005:
My husband is an appliance repair technician and has seen this problem before. Your technician is right. There is nothing wrong with the dryer. It's not in how much your putting in the dryer...its the way you are putting them in. Shake out each individual sheet and place it in the dryer. Stop the dryer half way through the cycle and fluff the sheets. You should be fine. Try to remember that washers and dryers are just mechanical things. If your technician tells you there is nothing wrong....there is nothing mechanically wrong that he has any power to repair. Be glad he didn't "flub" the repair just to charge the company back for warranty work.
ollie on 06/02/2005:
I have the same dryer and have the same complaint plus on Regular dry cycle I can smell something like rubber burning. I was treated the same way as this complaint and told that there was nothing wrong with my dryer.
stheccanat on 08/01/2005:
Thanks to all who posted a response. I appreciate the effort!
ihatetmobile on 01/23/2007:
Same thing happens to my POS Amana/Maytag dryer.
Tooltime on 04/29/2007:
I had a similar problem that began with a squealing sound whenever the dryer was operating. We contacted a repair technician out of the phone book and he did get the dryer noise to disappear, but it returned two months later. The dryer then began taking forever to dry laundry, and was also twisting clothes into knots. After inspecting the vents and disassembling the dryer to look for any other obvious causes, we decided to go with a different repair company (recommended by Maytag). The technician found a seized idler pulley and defective thermostat. The seized pulley had a flat spot worn into it, but the belt was in great shape. This gives the appearance that the dryer is operating normally since it is heating, tumbling, and there was hot exhaust from the dryer vent. The seized pulley was causing the drum to rotate slower than normal, and since the blower is also driven by the belt - it wasn't operating up to efficiency either. Between the two repairs, we could have almost purchased a new dryer. If it breaks again, we'll count our losses and buy a new one - but I don't expect it will be another Maytag. Hope this helps!
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Maytag Washer Legacy Series Dancer
Posted by on
DOTHAN, ALABAMA -- We purchased the Legacy Series washer/dryer by Maytag. The dryer works great...the washer cleans fine, but during the spin cycle it walks/dances all over our laundry room! The drum is out of round and it "dances" even without clothes in it! It is perfectly balanced according to a level so it is a mystery why it continues to dance over the floor...

We've bought Maytag appliances before and have never had a problem, however, after this experience we won't be buying them again. We were told they had sold out the company to someone overseas and the quality is poor to say the least!
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qualityappliance on 06/22/2009:
The important part about being level is not so much excatly level but sitting solidly on all four feet. After you adjust the feet be sure to tighten the lock nuts. That step is so important and so often overlooked.
WP2008 on 06/23/2009:
Have you tired calling Maytag/Whirlpool 1 (800) 344-1274 to see what troubleshooting they can do for you? How old is the unit? You can try to assist you with troubleshooting. Whirlpool merged with Maytag in 2005, which is still located in the United States.
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Getting Tired Of Fighting Washer
Posted by on
ST CHARLES, MICHIGAN -- I used my credit card to buy this legacy series washer at Home Depot ...Got it home hooked it up ..And watched it dance all over my back room... Call Home Depot..Told thenm to come pick it up...They give me another washer.... Hooked that one up and stood there and watched that one dance.

All over my back room... They told me it wasn't level... Well I hate to tell them it was very level .... Then they said it was uneven clothes... Well it did that even when there were no cloth in it ... Well to make a long story short my husband had to tie it down to the floor ...And no I'm not kidding...

God help us we all both old and can't get another washer,, still paying for this one ...But I will telll every person I know not to ever buy this washer... And I for one willl never buy a Maytag again....In fact I'm going to find out everything they selll and never buy any of it.... If we were not so old and tired we'd sit out in front of a Maytag dealer with this washer and hold a sign.. Lemon.. If I were not crying so hard I'd laugh...

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/14/2008:
Make sure the machine is level....if that model has lockdown nuts on the legs,lock them down.......Are you on a raised foundation?
Sam Smith on 11/15/2008:
Try calling a Maytag repair center and not using Home Depot. If it is defective, they can help.
qualityappliance on 11/15/2008:
Check the installation instructions to be sure that all of the shipping bolts and/or straps have been removed. If it is a problem with the machine itself then do as Sam said and call an authorized repair center, you can find one through the Maytag website, ( DO NOT USE A&E ). Be aware that if it turns out to be an installation problem they might charge you for the call.
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Legacy vacuum model S3591
Posted by on
HOPE MILLS, NORTH CAROLINA -- I Recently bought and returned the Legacy Vacuum, Model S3591. This was a canister model with bag. While it has some great features, overall it is awkward. The cord will not give when moving about so be sure it is pulled all the way out or you will bend the prongs. While it was great going from carpet to hardwood, as I moved around each room I flipped the canister several (4-5) times. I was not pulling or jerking on it, just moving through the room. The attachments are small and will cause added time to your cleaning. I used the duster on my ceiling fans and the bristles are so far apart that I was constantly scraping the blades. The crevice tool is so tiny in length that it would not fit under or behind things like my previous vacuum. I also found it difficult getting the brush off so I could switch to the attachments.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/13/2006:
Good to know, Thank you for the info
Anonymous on 10/13/2006:
I have an Orek XL vac, and I must say, it performs quite well.
Anonymous on 10/14/2006:
PWP I hope so thoughs things cost about $300.00 to $500 bucks!
Anonymous on 10/14/2006:
O, wait was I thinking of the Dyson?
SilverWngs on 10/18/2006:
I have a Kirby and we bought it in 1995 and it still works like it did when we first got it. The only bad side.. it scares the cat..hehe :)
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Leaky and Noisy washer!
Posted by on
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought a brand new washer/dryer Maytag legacy series in 2003 and have had numerous problems with it since. First of all, it spins so loud and everywhere around the laundry area! Secondly, it LEAKS everywhere! I have to replace the floor and the wood in the laundry room. I feel as if you as the company of Maytag need to recall this product and replace the consumers washing machines with new ones. I have read so many complaints about this model ALL having the same problem. I have never had any problems with other Maytag appliances, but feel like I do not want to purchase anymore.
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Anonymous on 01/22/2006:
Depending on how "new" the machine is, it is under warranty. Have you pursued that avenue yet?
Slimjim on 01/22/2006:
Poster said twice it was bought in 2003. It is not under warranty, unless the problem is specific to the transmission (parts only).
Anonymous on 01/25/2006:
nice Google, slim.
Slimjim on 01/25/2006:
Age of poster's washer isn't on google pirate, it's in her complaint. Can you not see it?
Anonymous on 02/09/2006:
I meant your googles about warranties in general. Nice save! Maybe you'll come up with some genuine information in the future.
Layla on 02/19/2006:
YOU are SO RIGHT! I have the Legacy Series Washer and it sounds like the mothership coming in for a landing and leaks all over my laundry room! I've had problems with this washer since I bought it. Just FIVE MONTHS after I had it, the MOTOR had to be REPLACED! Repairmen have been to my home FOUR TIMES in the 2 years I've owned it. I HATE IT.. I DO NOT RECOMMEND MAYTAG TO ANYONE.. EVER!!!
msrodgers on 10/16/2007:
I have the Legacy Series and I continue to have noise problems even after it has been repaired two times. The problem is in the support structure for the basin. It seems that the machine's motor is too powerful for the supports. Mine have been replaced two times and within a few months, one of the support arms will eventually break. Once an arm breaks the tub rubs against whatever it hits and causes lot of noise. Of course if this is ignored, the basin could hit other components like water lines and cause leaks. I agree that Maytag should recall this item and upgrade the support structure with heartier components. This is my first and last Maytag product that I will buy.
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Maytag Legacy Washer Transmission
Posted by on
APEX, NORTH CAROLINA -- I will not recommend a Maytag appliance again. I bought the Legacy Series Washer less than 4 years ago and the transmission went. I had to have 2 repairmen come to my house, the transmission had to be ordered, and I have to pay for the labor. The transmission is covered under warranty. I have been without a washer for a week and a half. Maytag customer service noted the complaint and that was it! I previously owned a Kenmore washer for almost 15 years with no problems.

What will I get next? Not a Maytag!
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 06/04/2008:
Sears washers can and do break down too prematurely. Luck runs hot and cold sometimes.
Anonymous on 06/04/2008:
that's pretty insightful.
Anonymous on 06/04/2008:
Slim, seems your stalker is back.
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