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Maytag Neptune washer
By -

Boy was I glad to read the review of the walking Neptune front loading washer (Shaken my foundation). I have a 'walker' too. The Control board was replaced and it shuts the machine down if it starts vibrating too much. It shuts it down over and over and over. Which leads to my new complaint, like excessive vibration and noise are not enough. I have been recording wash times set at 54 minutes on the machine taking over an hour and a half to cycle through. Then loads sometimes come out so wet I have to run an extra maximum extract spin cycle.

My repairman told me that after the control panel was replaced that Maytag wouldn't do anything else to correct the problem. He informed me on his second visit that I needed to reinforce my floor. That was his report to Maytag too. (My husband is a licensed architect in two states.) I didn't know that washing machine repairmen could determine building code.

After I realized that the machine was taking 90 minutes to wash a load I called to add that to my file, after talking to two representatives I was put in touch with a supervisor. She told me that I needed to reinforce my floor. I said I am not talking about the vibration problem, I am talking about the excessive amount of time it is taking for a load of clothes to wash, in my ENERGYSTAR money saving machine... She hung up on me.

That's right, and when I called back I got the closed for today recording. I can feel your pain about the foundation, a balled up towel? Seriously? Quality, Dependability, bored repairmen? Not from what I am reading. I love the 'Spin' that John Daggett from Maytag is putting on the problem over at Consumer Reports check it out. He says the problem has been fixed and there are no consumer complaints. Is that because the customer service reps are hanging up on us. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW Mr Daggett?!

By -

MAINE -- FIRST OF ALL I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT MY WORK. You buy something and expect it to last forever. It doesn't. Maytag can't pay for every single repair bill you have with it for the 5-7 years you have it. I work for Maytag and I am tired of hearing about how these units are supposed to last people for LIFE. These are man made and CAN break. They are not made by god but by Maytag.

People call with Neptune's. They have had since 98 and they are lucky. Yes, lucky. Yes the ads have the LONELY MAYTAG REPAIRMAN but DOES EVERYONE BELIEVE COMMERCIALS?? Everyday I hear about that commercial. It's a commercial for god's sake. These units are completely electronic two, yes, two, controls boards in them. You are paying for the electronics and since they are electronic they break. And no one is liable for a unit that is over 2 years old. Would you call your car manufacturer if your car broke down... I think not.

THE LIFE EXPECTANCY OF A APPLIANCE IS NOW 3-8 YEARS. And guess what? You HAVE to clean these every month, whether you like it or not. Deal with it. Even rich people have to clean. And you know what? Cursing at the cs rep is not going to help your case either. I really want to help someone that is calling me lazy that is no help. What I can do is what I can do. If I could help you I would.

They don't allow regular reps to "come to your house with a new washer on my back ready to take the old one out". Degrading me does no good but if you must to make someone feel better do it... I LAUGH AT YOU. BUYING THE NEWEST THING THAT COMES OUT IS GOING TO HAVE BUGS. Deal with it. And again I'm not complaining about my job, not about my pay, but about people think just because they watch a commercial, pay for more than average for something that is brand new and all electronic that it should last until they die. And again think again. My best advise? Buy something cheap and/or get a extended warranty.

Maytag's horrible quality extends to their customer service.
By -

ROLLING HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I too made the "Neptune Mistake", the ads told of how great the front load design was, able to handle larger loads and really get the clothes clean. As we all know now, this was a load of clothes. Now that I have spent more in repairs than the machine cost in the first place, The Maytag repairman I had out last week finally told me for the first time that the machine had been recalled (actually it wasn't they were sued and HAD to offer a remedy). I was elated, thinking I might be rid of this piece of junk. I wrote to Maytag and this is their canned response.

Based on the speed with which this response arrived I have to assume they are getting many inquiries like mine, which tells me they did a very bad job of notifying the class in the lawsuit. I guess Maytag has decided that they are in the business of building shoddy products and not standing behind them. I for one, will never buy anything from Maytag or Whirlpool again. I can sure understand them having a defective product, it happens to the best of companies, but their attitude and failure to correct the many problems with this says volumes about the character of the business.

By -

Re: Thursday, July 13, 2006 - Conversations with your representatives. Today has been amazing. I have been on hold or on the phone for better than five hours trying to solve a problem with my/your Maytag Neptune washer. The first six of your representatives could NOT resolve the situation and had no interest in elevating it to a supervisor and I was promptly placed into a music box cue or disconnected each time.

On the seventh call, I reached Gene (said he was a supervisor hold time 77 minutes) who first informed me that Maytag would not be responsible for either the parts or the labor for repairs based on a memo (Reference # 16023121) that I told him about. When I reminded him that I still had a warranty period remaining on the parts he placed me on hold and I am still holding...

Wait he just came back on and now is requesting that I hold while he calls the warranty people to clarify what can be done... It likely a Neptune motor conversion kit costing $235.88 plus labor $137.95 will fix the problem. (Humm... let's see what a new system would cost). My expensive washer is broken: Model MAH5500BWW Serial # 73924805ZS. The code on the listed on the dial is Lr (motor not running properly)...

I contacted all of the repair vendors provided by your representatives and they all said they could not fix the problem without your expressed authorization. Only one vendor (Brown) gave me the reason why (see reference memo above). Pacific and Gorden, were rude and did not want to work on your systems period... Humm, I wonder what that means...

For the record, your people are untrained, unskilled in common communications, cannot find information that is germane to the situation and all should be terminated immediately, if for no other reason to set an example to other and stop the unswerving inability to simply do a job to the best of their abilities.

Don't buy a Maytag washer
By -

SARATOGA, CALIFORNIA -- As you all know out there, Maytag is not a cheap product so therefore I assumed the quality would be good. Guess what? My Neptune washer needed a new bearing after about five years and it would have cost over $600 to fix it. So I'm going to replace it with a trusted Sears Kenmore brand that I had previously for over 20 years with no issues.
I called Maytag and asked if they knew about any design issues and of course they didn't. They told me it was out of warranty and all costs would be mine and did I really expect the washer to last more than five years.

Well I guess I did expect the expensive Maytag to last a lot longer than five years, my Sears Kenmore did with a lot heavier use. There must be a design issue for it to fail in this short of a time because it doesn't get used that much and is never used full of clothes and become overloaded or out-of-balance. Be warned!!

Rather have 2 stones to rub together
By -

NEWTON, IOWA -- We purchased a Neptune Washer in 2005. While it was still under warranty we had to have the water pump replaced twice. Serviceman came out today because it wouldn't spin the clothes out. We paid 60.00 bucks to find out that the clutch, bearing and a belt all need to be replaced, of course there is no longer a warranty on it. This appliance cost us 1000.00 bucks so of course like others we figured it would at least last 10 years. I will never recommend a Maytag product again to anyone. You told that "you're purchasing a very top quality machine" and in reality you get a lemon.

Neptune sucks and Maytag doesn't care
By -

I purchased a Neptune Washing Machine in 2006. Paid a huge amount, near $1000. It recently failed, 2 months after the warranty. Called customer service. The representative was unhelpful and seemed indifferent to my problem. I have rarely spoken to a customer service representative as uncaring to others. They want $500 for a new motor and control board. I'm a retired accountant on a limited income. I don't have $500. I expected this product to last 20+ years as did the Kenmore it replaced. What a very long fall for a once great American Corporation. I hope the CEO enjoys his huge salary and bonus.

Avoid Maytag washing machines
By -

We purchased 'brand new from Sears' a Maytag washing machine in 2005. Only my husband and I use it. It has been problematic for several years now. There was a day when you could buy an appliance and it would last for years. Now, it seems appliances are made to fall apart in just a few years so that you will either have to call out the Maytag repairman or buy another. I will NEVER purchase another Maytag ANYTHING as long as I live. Maytag is foolish and is losing what was once a good reputation. From now on, I'll stick with Kenmore appliances. They last.

I will also be sure to inform every chance I get that people should avoid Maytag. Hey Maytag. Bad reviews are much more effective than good advertisement. You should think about that when it comes to pleasing your customers.

Run When You Hear The Name Maytag
By -

I purchased a Maytag Neptune TL Style LED Washer and Dryer on March 15 2004 for $2,297.70. The Maytag Washer stopped working in February of 2009. I was told by a Maytag representative that the outer tub, transmission and clutch would have to be replaced. 3 hours labor at $20.00 every 15 minutes. There is no warranty on parts and labor. I was told to buy a new washer because it would be cheaper than repairing the existing Maytag Washer. Maytag has told me there is nothing they can do to help me. Maytag will not return my phone calls. When I buy my children an appliance, I will buy a Kenmore. I will tell everyone I know what a horrible experience this has been.

Maytag only wants your money!!!!!! There is no concern for the consumer!!!!! Maytag does not care about the consumer. This is the first review of many that I will be writing about how horrible Maytag is. I will never recommend Maytag.

Another Disgusted Maytag Neptune Owner
By -

EFFIE, LOUISIANA -- I will begin by saying that I have never written a negative review about a product before. I always give the benefit of the doubt. I have owned Maytag products for 35 years. Before now, I would not even think of purchasing a washing machine that was not Maytag. That was before the Maytag Neptune washing machine debacle. Now I will NEVER buy Maytag again. This has been the most disgusting experience I have ever had with a product and a company. After spending hundreds of dollars on this washer, I have finally given up and will go to buy another washer tomorrow. I cannot stand the smell of the mold in my house anymore.

I have burned so many candles and used up so much spray to disguise the stink. I actually get a headache when I stay in the laundry room too long. There is black mold all over the gasket. I clean it with the strongest chemicals I can find and it never goes away. The smell is horrendous! I have contacted the company many times and I get the rudest answers offering no help at all! What happened to Maytag? Please let this review be a warning. Beware of Maytag!

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