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Maytag Neptune Washer class action lawsuit
Posted by on
I too had a Maytag Neptune washer and was supposed to get a certificate for a replacement. In the end they said I could only get a free repair. Never buy a Maytag!!!!! I originally paid 1200 dollars for that machine.
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Anonymous on 05/27/2011:
What model do you have? As far as I am aware the repairs were done years ago...

Had you registered your product you would have been notified..
sinister_slimster on 05/27/2011:
What seems to be the problem with the unit. Can you describe the malfunction?
trmn8r on 05/27/2011:
Is this because the time period specified in the lawsuit expired? My guess is that it is, and they are offering this instead of nothing. I could be wrong though...
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Rather have 2 stones to rub together
Posted by on
NEWTON, IOWA -- We purchased a Neptune Washer in 2005. While it was still under warranty we had to have the water pump replaced twice. Service man came out today because it wouldn't spin the clothes out. We paid 60.00 bucks to find out that the clutch, bearing and a belt all need to be replaced, of course there is no longer a warranty on it. This appliance cost us 1000.00 bucks so of course like others we figured it would at least last 10 years.

I will never recommend a Maytag product again to anyone. Your told that your purchasing a very top quality machine and in reality you get a lemon.
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Alain on 04/07/2011:
Maytag and Whirlpool are rapidly becoming two of the poorest brand names in appliances.
Mike on 08/07/2011:
Yep, couldn't agree more. We purchase the washer/dryer pair in 2004. So far I've replaced the gas valve in the dryer and now need to replace the touchscreen on the washer. I'm doing these myself because I'm not about to double my cost having some idiot come out and do it. The problem is, it's very difficult trying to find the parts. Probably because they WANT you call out their lousy overpriced service personnel. I'll NEVER, repeat NEVER buy another Maytag appliance again.
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Neptune sucks and Maytag doesn't care
Posted by on
I purchased a Neptune Washing Machine in 2006. Paid a huge amount, near $1000. It recently failed, 2 months after the warranty. Called customer service. The representative was unhelpful and seemed indifferent to my problem. I have rarely spoken to a customer service representative as uncaring to others.

They want $500 for a new motor and control board. I'm a retired accountant on a limited income. I don't have $500. I expected this product to last 20+ years as did the Kenmore it replaced. What a very long fall for a once great American Corporation.

I hope the CEO enjoys his huge salary and bonus.

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Venice09 on 04/02/2011:
Sorry you had a rude awakening. There's not an appliance out there anymore that will last 20+ years, regardless of how much you spend. At least it hasn't cost you anything for five years. I wouldn't even bother to fix it. I would take the $500 and buy a basic model with no fancy features. It will probably last longer and cost less to repair if it does break.

Good luck.
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Maytag Neptune Washer and Dryer
Posted by on
Bought the Neptune thinking it would last for years. Wrong. Washing machine got moldy on the inside almost immediately. I was told that you need to leave it open till it dries on the inside. Who wants their washing machine open when it is in your guest bath? Dryer took 120 minute to dry one load. Called repairman to repair the dryer and he told me to get rid of it after 5 years....too expensive to fix.

He advised me to get a Kenmore bottom of the line and that's what I did and my electric is down $25.00! Washing machine gone replace with a bottom of the line!
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Alain on 02/11/2011:
Bells and whistles seem to often bring lots of troubles.
Venice09 on 02/11/2011:
I wouldn't necessarily recommend bottom of the line because it might not have the features you need. When I shopped for my last washer, I made sure it had the cycles and adjustments I wanted for water levels/temps and a big enough tub. I decided on a mid-priced top loader with knobs.

I'm still not sold on front loaders. I would never be able to leave the door open because there isn't enough room and it would be in the way. I also prefer the amount of water used in a top loader as opposed to a front loader. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to wash my clothes in water.
Alain on 02/11/2011:
Our old (and thankfully reliable) washer has a time cycle for full wash, permanent press, soak, and short wash. Would that be considered mid-level, Venice? I'm not sure how they do things these days. I like top loaders, too, since I've never used front loaders.
Venice09 on 02/11/2011:
My washer has those cycles, plus a delicate cycle and heavy duty cycle for things like jeans and towels. And a second rinse option. I don't remember exactly what I paid, but it was under $600.00.

Bottom of the line models have less cycles and only a few water level/temp settings. I think mine has five or six of each. And I actually use them all. Mine also has a king size tub. I can barely reach the bottom. It's a Kenmore and has held up pretty well. I think it's around 4-5 years old.
Venice09 on 02/11/2011:
Couldn't edit.

I would never spend a lot of money on a dryer. As long as it has enough heat settings and is big enough, it's fine with me. I don't understand the benefits of an expensive dryer. Mine is very old and other than occasionally turning on by itself, it still works. I definitely got my money's worth out of it. It is also a Kenmore.
Alain on 02/11/2011:
I just looked, Venice. Ours is actually a Whirlpool. We've had it for about 12 years now, at least. Never had a repair on it. Guess they made them better back then?
Alain on 02/11/2011:
High, low, and 'air fluff' are all I need on a dryer! I really don't want to be shopping for new ones so I hope these old machines keep going for a while longer!
Venice09 on 02/11/2011:
My Kenmores were probably made by Whirlpool, but I think Sears may require better quality from the manufacturer of the Kenmore brand. That's just a guess on my part. I've always had good luck with Kenmore products. My stove is a Kenmore, too. Oh, and my first refrigerator that lasted almost 25 years was also a Kenmore!

No doubt that quality has really gone downhill in the last ten years. Anything older than that is probably built much better.
Venice09 on 02/11/2011:
I have air fluff, too!
Alain on 02/11/2011:
When I was growing up we always had Kenmore appliances and they stood up well. I agree with you, quality in the last ten years HAS gone downhill!
Alain on 02/11/2011:
Air Fluff is great for bathroom rugs and things like that. I made the mistake once of putting a rubber backed rug in at 'high'. Didn't catch fire, but stunk and made a real mess! That was before I was 'trained' in doing wash.
Venice09 on 02/11/2011:
Don't feel bad, Alain. Everyone has made that mistake. I certainly did!
Alain on 02/11/2011:
That was back in college. Things got much better when they made our dorm co-ed. We even learned to separate our colors so our underwear wasn't pink!
Venice09 on 02/11/2011:
Aaah, that's why I use Shout Color Catcher! No more pink underwear.
Nohandle on 02/11/2011:
Good review. I was also told years ago to purchase a washer and dryer with as few "extras" as possible. Obviously less to go wrong.

I found, as Venice did, if there are some things you want from a washer or dryer you might have to go to a higher level just to get that feature. Mine are Whirlpool Ultimate Care II. I don't need, or use, much of what is available. You just have to decide what's of importance to you and go from there.
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
When I remodel in a couple of months, I need to get full size stacking models to make the laundry area efficient.

I do have front loaders here in Singapore and they seem to get the clothes clean. I do wipe down the gasket to keep it clean and also leave the door partially open. But, I do that on my old one at home too, just to keep it aired out. I hope I don't get a lemon, but I'm staying away from too many electronics. The washer and dryer I have here were brand new. After about a year and a half, the electronic panel went out on the washer and had to be replaced (by my landlord thankfully). I will make sure I keep it as simple as possible! These units are made in England, so I can't compare to what we have at home.
Venice09 on 02/12/2011:
Sing, I wipe down my top loader and keep the lid open, too. My last top loader (Maytag) was infested with mold even though I always left the lid open. For the life of me, I don't understand why washing machines get moldy. They never used to. I don't know if it's the design or the materials, but it sure is annoying.

Good luck with the new appliances. It's a shame that it has to be a matter of luck, but that's exactly what it is.
Anonymous on 02/12/2011:
I haven't had the mold problem with my oldies, but I have always kept the lid opened, so I'm guessing that's why.

I have a good appliance store in OR that I shop at. They have always been good at steering me away from the "problem" appliances. Hopefully, they still can, but I will leave it in their hands since they're the experts.
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Posted by on
My husband insisted we purchase a Neptune Washer & Dryer, I would have been happy with a regular Maytag model. However we purchased the set in February 29, 2000 On March 07, 2000 we had our first problem fortunately it was still under warranty the problem was the washer needed an enhancement Kit and they replaced a broken bezel. The machine was not even a month old. I have never thought that the machine washed any better than a regular washer.

At the present we are having a problem with the spin cycle. So I must say that I am very Disappointed in the product.
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trmn8r on 12/29/2010:
Do you mean 2010? I would be disappointed also. If you Google "Maytag Neptune problems" you get something like 370,000 hits.
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We Will Never Again Purchase a Maytag Product
Posted by on
553 BENSON ROAD, BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- The machine provided a one year warranty on service. TWO days after the one year expired, we had a major problem: EVERY time we put towels in to wash, the machine unbalanced itself. Maytag REFUSED to provide a free service call even though it was TWO DAYS past the one year warranty period. The first time, the part was covered but the service call was NOT. The second time, we paid for BOTH the service call AND THE PARTS! The machine is now broken, AGAIN! This time, in the spin cycle, it sounds like a tornado. American quality?

Maytag: you are a DISGRACE to the American people. You SHOULD go bankrupt and save us the aggravation of a non-caring, poor quality but EXPENSIVE household appliances.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 10/05/2010:
Welcome to the world of planned obsolescence.
leet60 on 10/05/2010:
Maytag is actually owned by Whirlpool corporation since 2006.

I have seen a lot of posts here, and know several relatives and friends who have purchased "high end" washers/dryers for various reasons - every one of them has had problem after problem.

Personally, I own a low end washer/dryer - I believe I paid 700 for the pair over 10 years ago - still working fine. : )
2cent-er on 10/07/2010:
this washer was made by our Asian friends=Samsung
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Washer Won't Drain Completely
Posted by on
The washer won't drain completely and I have to select the spin cycle by itself to have it drain.

Cheaper simpler models of washers are better: KISS
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Venice09 on 10/02/2010:
I've heard that if the drain is too high, the washer won't drain properly. Could that be the problem? Even if you haven't had problems with other washing machines, this particular one may need the drain to be lower.
garygromet on 10/03/2010:
The washer lacks a lint filter. I ran two washes with no clothes: a hot bleach wash and a hot vinegar wash. Now the machine is draining completely. Incidentally, the maximum extract mode is no longer necessary as it was prior to the arising of the problem of incomplete draining of water.
Venice09 on 10/03/2010:
I've always wondered where the filter is. They are supposed to be self-cleaning. I have never had one clog, but I do run a hot bleach wash every once in a while. For all I know, my washer doesn't have a filter either even though the manual says it has a self-cleaning one.
2cent-er on 10/07/2010:
it's really just lint control so it doesn't redeposit on your clothes..on that Nept;you have to use an HE detergent. you must have had a lot of scum build up if it's now working OK..V-09;when you do the bleach thingie also put a cup of Calgon water softer in with it.
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Junk Washer
Posted by on
This washer is junk.. Clothes come out smelling like mildew. Back of washer is full of mold. Front of tub rubs on washer door. Makes awful noises. Ruined our floor from mold and water. Brackets broke tub doesn't spin right. Etc. etc. etc.

Maytag didn't offer any help. They said I should have purchased an extended warranty.. Only had the set for two years and when I called about this problem said my warranty expired may 2010, its only June...

Now they say just come buy a new one....I don't want a new one. can't afford it being a single mom and full time student.

This is the biggest rip off ever. I paid almost $2500 for both the washer and dryer.. Worst investment ever. Will not ever by a Maytag again. I will also be telling everyone and posting it on all my blogs to never buy a Maytag washer and dryer.

There was a lawsuit against Maytag for these washers and dryers a couple of years ago and they say they fixed the problem.. Nope they didn't. I think another lawsuit needs to be filed again. They are taking advantage of people and their money. This is ridiculous....
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 06/24/2010:
I thought they fixed the problem, too. This washer does sound like a piece of junk. I had a Maytag top loader that was just as bad. I always wanted my mother's Maytag, and when I finally bought one it was a complete disappointment. I went back to an inexpensive Kenmore top loader and have been pleased with it.

Good information in your review. I hope anyone considering this washer reads this first.
GenuineNerd on 06/24/2010:
Usually the inexpensive machines with the old fashioned knob controls are more reliable than the fancier machines with all the electronic bells and whistles. Most complaints regarding higher-end appliances involve motherboards, touch pads, or other electronic parts. The knob controls, while primitive, at least have a proven reliability record.
Venice09 on 06/24/2010:
My feeling exactly, GN, but I'm concerned that the old-fashioned washing machines are eventually going to be phased out When I bought my last washer, there weren't too many with knobs to choose from. Most of them were electronic. And the really cheap models with knobs aren't big enough. I was lucky to get the one that I did.
BEJ on 06/24/2010:
Front load washer are notorious for mold and mildew issues. My friend has one and runs bleach only through it and wipes/dries the gasket and she is done with the machine for the day and leaves the door open to let air flow in.
Venice09 on 06/24/2010:
That's an awful lot of work just to do a load of wash, BEJ. It amazes me that a machine designed to hold water gets mold and mildew. And it's not just the front loaders. I had the same problem with my Maytag top loader. It's more trouble to maintain today's washing machines than it is to actually do the laundry.
Helpful on 06/25/2010:
Just to help answer some of the questions being raised, Maytag knew there was a problem with the initial series of Neptunes. It was corrected in all the later models. Maytag, when the name was owned by Maytag, unofficially placed a lifetime recall on the problem. Some attorneys got a hold of the idea to create a class-action lawsuit. As most people know, class-action lawsuit do nothing more than make the attorney's firm rich and leaves the individuals making up the lawsuit, without a great deal. The official agreement, reach out of court, was that funds were set aside for these repairs. There was also a date set, which I believe was all the way back in '06. The bad part for the consumer was that once the date came or the fees were used up, the manufacturer was officially off the hook. Once the date passed, Whirlpool stepped in and purchased Maytag, immediately discontinuing the entire Neptune name.

Now, where does that leave the OP? Frankly, in not a very good position. First, the OP must have purchased the set as NOS, or "new old stock" as they were not being produced when she made the purchase. Although I can appreciate the frustration, the purchase was made knowing that the products would only have a one year, limited warranty with it. This is where, in my most humble of opinion, the consumer is at fault. Too many times, people make such a purchase being told outright that, after a year, you're on your own; and they accept this as a condition of the sale or purchase. In order to clean the tub of the mildew smell, Whirlpool has created a product called Affresh. But, whereas this is by far your only problem, it wouldn't repair the other problems you're complaining about.

It may be hard to purchase another unit. Especially just accepting the fact that you've only been able to use this one for such a short period of time. But I really would tell you it is the best solution. After all, a washer is not something you can easily live without. Take a look at the Whirlpool Duet 9150. Assuming your dryer is still working fine, it will make a great companion, touting a four cubic foot tub. This should be the same as the Neptune you currently own. You should be able to find it around town for less than $700. With rebates that currently exist in many markets, you can get this down below $500. Before you buy, compare retailers extended service guarantees, along with their individual reputations. If the extended warranty price is reasonable, it would be something to consider.

Please, let us know how it goes. Best of luck.
Venice09 on 06/25/2010:
Helpful, the problem is that consumers expect appliances to last more than one year. And I think that is a reasonable expectation especially when it's a more expensive, higher end appliance. It's ridiculous to think that it's okay for the consumer to be stuck with a non-working appliance after only 365 days. The only alternative shouldn't have to be purchasing an extended warranty, making the appliance even more expensive. And to top it all off, look at how many people complain that their appliance stopped working shortly after expiration of the one-year warranty. This is not a coincidence. There is no winning for consumers in the world of appliances unless they get lucky.

I didn't come to this conclusion overnight. I've been following this for a long time. Appliances are being designed to have very short lifespans, which still comes as a surprise to many consumers as you can see from the complaints. And with the cost of repairs and parts being so exorbitant, most people just choose to start over and buy a new one. Not only is that wrong, but have you ever considered where all these prematurely deceased appliances end up? Are they at least recycled? I have no idea.
Helpful on 06/25/2010:
All are very good points Venice. I don't see products only lasting the first year, but I also agree that they don't last the time frames of yesteryear either.

The problem is costs. Extending the warranty on these products is a definite cost to the manufacture. That cost then has to be passed along to the consumer. The consumer speaks loud and clear with their dollar and most customers will buy less expensive rather than longer warrantied. I guess that is why shopping for good extended warranty programs are so important these days. It becomes one of the few ways consumers can help protect themselves.

Ultimately, you're right that it is ridiculous to think that someone is willing to get stuck with an appliance after only one year, but consider what the consumer is agreeing to when they make the purchase. If many of the manufactures are only offering one year, and the consumer makes the purchase, declining to worry about any extended service plans, what is the consumer telling the manufacturer, along with the retailer? They're saying loud and clear, "I'm okay with this only lasting that period of time and if it goes out after that, I'm willing to deal with it."
Venice09 on 06/25/2010:
I couldn't disagree more, Helpful. That is not what the consumer is saying. While they may realize the warranty is only for one year, they don't think even in their wildest imaginations that the appliance will actually only last one year. Merchandise, and that goes for all merchandise, should not be expected to break shortly after the warranty expires.

Let me ask you this. What is the difference between charging less for an appliance with a one year warranty and expecting the consumer to purchase an extended warranty if they want longer coverage, and building and designing a longer lasting appliance, doing away with the need for an extended warranty, and charging more for it?

I'd bet the bank that most consumers would be more than willing to pay for a better appliance knowing they will not have the inconvenience alone of it breaking prematurely. Service calls, especially when they are unreliable, are a major inconvenience to today's busy people. They have to make arrangements to be home, lose money by taking time off from work and then hope that someone shows up and solves the problem. And the problem is never solved on the initial visit. Then they have to wait for parts and start the process all over again.

Do you see what I mean?

I also disagree that extended warranties are a cost to the manufacturer. I think they make money from these warranties. That's another incentive for them to produce inferior quality merchandise. That way they can either make money by selling extended warranties or hope that consumers will just take their chances and not purchase one, thinking that certainly an appliance will last longer than one year, and then end up buying a new appliance when what they own breaks prematurely and repairs are too expensive. It's a vicious circle with the manufacturers coming out ahead.
Helpful on 06/25/2010:
I appreciate what you're saying Venice and respect your opinion; I just have a little different perspective.

I think what you're trying to say is that the manufacturer should just make merchandise that won't break. That sounds nice, but it isn't reality. If the build better parts and test the products more thoroughly, the percentage of problems may decrease a certain amount, but the cost of producing the product increases as well; therefore the price of the product would have to increase with it.

Truthfully, a lot of people will say they want a better built product, and they may even say they would pay more for it, the problem is putting the money down to back that same opinion. When it comes to parting with the almighty dollar, a lot of people vi for the cheaper options. In the case of appliances, compare something like a Wolf range or a SubZero refrigerator. They're built like a tank. Come with great service from the manufacturer. Run better than any other product within their individual categories; but now ask yourself how many people will fork out the money for either of these compared to cheaper alternatives.

As far as warranty coverage itself, you bet it's an additional cost to the manufacturer. Statistically, the manufacturer can know that by guaranteeing a product for an additional year, three years, five years, etc., that they will have to pay out additional amounts. Statistics is a fairly exact mathematical science. If they were to just raise the cost of the appliance for the amount of the coverage, they simply look higher priced then their competitors. Most consumers simply don't consider warranty coverage within their buying strategy, so a successful manufacturer will accommodate that.

I really do believe that when a retailer offers an extended service guarantee, they are okay with a customer either accepting or rejecting it. Ultimately, they're purpose is to tell the customer, in the most positive way, what they won't do without the additional amount. I was actually offered an extended service guarantee at a garden shop the other day. They were basically telling me that, without the additional fee, they would only cover the plant for a certain length of time. I was actually okay with that and thought it was a smart way of doing business.

I guess what it comes down to, is that manufacturers will continue to offer the merchandise for a competitive price and the retailers, as a way to remind the consumer of what they are buying, will offer the extended service package for a given price. If the merchandise is purchased, but without additional warranty coverage, it would seem to me the consumer is accepting those terms.

Best of luck.
Venice09 on 06/26/2010:
I disagree, for all the reasons I already stated.

Why isn't it a reality to make appliances that do not break prematurely? It's not like it hasn't been done before. With so many advances in technology, it should be easier than it used to be.

I've read many complaints from people who have spent thousands of dollars on refrigerators only to have them stop working shortly after the warranty expired. For that much money, I would definitely expect a longer life span. There is no excuse for these appliances to break down down so quickly. It shouldn't be necessary to break the bank to buy an appliance that will last longer than one year.

Sorry, but I'll never be convinced that manufacturers can't come up with a reasonably priced appliance with a decent lifespan.
jktshff1 on 06/26/2010:
I think a lot of it is the cost of getting them repaired is pretty close to the price of a new item. That and the "instant gratification, I got to have it now" society we have become.
Helpful on 06/26/2010:
I'm the same way jktshff1. I hate seeing this stuff go into a landfill. On the flip-side, if the repair price was anywhere near what new would be, I'd be more likely to buy new. I can't say I'd blame anyone for doing the same.
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Neptune washer is problem
Posted by on
It's hard to believe a washer with such a high price tag can have so much problem. After having the washer for less than one year. The repair costed me $350 because it would not release the water. Now once again, same problem. No way will I spend another $350. How could a company manufactur such junk stay in business?
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User Replies:
Fufu487 on 06/03/2010:
You say you only had the washer for a year. But you wrote it's a 1998....did this happen in 1999? or is the washer 12 years old?
Venice09 on 06/04/2010:
If this is a 1998 washer, then you either bought it used or it was given to you, which would explain why the repair wasn't covered by the warranty. You really can't expect much from a twelve year old washing machine.
2cent-er on 07/18/2010:
12 yrs for a Neptune?/-WoW!!what a shame though, the premise for this unit was good. it was just not field tested enough to get the bugs out of the electronics and was before its time. bad detergents and consumer ignorence of the difference between their 20 yr old top loader and the new front loaders was too much an obstacle.
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Maytag Neptune Washer Complaint
Posted by on
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- We purchased a washer dryer combo in September 2005. Immediately we discovered that the drying center was a very fine product and the washer was a complete nuisance. The washer makes enough noise to be heard throughout the entire house. It rattles and vibrates at an incredibly high decibel level and walks across the floor. I purposefully bought them from a Maytag store in order to receive the best service if I ever needed it. We had Maytag service out repeatedly at first and they gave us many reasons for the problems; the legs hadn't been installed correctly, the washer hadn't been installed correctly, the problem was our house, they couldn't make it stop (it was a new design and we just had to live with it). The Maytag store people advised me to complain to Maytag. What? I thought I was already talking to Maytag. Having paid top dollar for what I presumed would be a top quality washer I resolved right then to avoid Maytag products and advise others to do the same so as not to fall into the same position.

As I sit here, listening from two rooms away, to our Neptune washer that sounds like a helicopter spooling up, I am glad that the six major appliances we have purchased (for different houses) since then haven't been Maytag (or Whirlpool products) and I haven't had any problems with those six appliances either.
Now, we just have to live with this washer until it dies (because I will not fix it).
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