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Don't buy a Maytag washer
By -

SARATOGA, CALIFORNIA -- As you all know out there, Maytag is not a cheap product so therefore I assumed the quality would be good. Guess what? My Neptune washer needed a new bearing after about five years and it would have cost over $600 to fix it. So I'm going to replace it with a trusted Sears Kenmore brand that I had previously for over 20 years with no issues.
I called Maytag and asked if they knew about any design issues and of course they didn't. They told me it was out of warranty and all costs would be mine and did I really expect the washer to last more than five years.

Well I guess I did expect the expensive Maytag to last a lot longer than five years, my Sears Kenmore did with a lot heavier use. There must be a design issue for it to fail in this short of a time because it doesn't get used that much and is never used full of clothes and become overloaded or out-of-balance. Be warned!!

Rather have 2 stones to rub together
By -

NEWTON, IOWA -- We purchased a Neptune Washer in 2005. While it was still under warranty we had to have the water pump replaced twice. Serviceman came out today because it wouldn't spin the clothes out. We paid 60.00 bucks to find out that the clutch, bearing and a belt all need to be replaced, of course there is no longer a warranty on it. This appliance cost us 1000.00 bucks so of course like others we figured it would at least last 10 years. I will never recommend a Maytag product again to anyone. You told that "you're purchasing a very top quality machine" and in reality you get a lemon.

Neptune sucks and Maytag doesn't care
By -

I purchased a Neptune Washing Machine in 2006. Paid a huge amount, near $1000. It recently failed, 2 months after the warranty. Called customer service. The representative was unhelpful and seemed indifferent to my problem. I have rarely spoken to a customer service representative as uncaring to others. They want $500 for a new motor and control board. I'm a retired accountant on a limited income. I don't have $500. I expected this product to last 20+ years as did the Kenmore it replaced. What a very long fall for a once great American Corporation. I hope the CEO enjoys his huge salary and bonus.

Never Trust a Maytag
By -

I purchased a matching Neptune Set in January 2006. Junk from day one. Two days after getting the set, I had to call repair - washer wouldn't unlock. I was good for a few months, then pump sprung a leak. New pump and away we went. In 2007 washer wouldn't unlock again. Had a load of brand new baby clothes in it, they rotted because it took 3 weeks for the repairman to come fix the problem. New door, and believe it or not a full refund on the purchase of all the clothing in the washer. We were good until 2008. Then the dryer starts having problems, thunk thunk horrible noise, then I notice the drum is separating. Repair guy comes out. There's no repairing this mess.

Thank God for extended warranty. They send me a gift card for the original purchase price of Dryer. And believe me I didn't use it to buy a Maytag. Now I have a mismatched set. End of 2008 washer won't drain. OK repair guy comes out again. Replaces pump again. By now I think I'm on a first name basis with the Maytag repairman. 2009 pump goes out again.. hmm.. now this is the third time. We either have faulty pumps or the washer is just a piece of junk. Decemer 2009 washer starts to sound like an airplane taking off, water leaking everywhere. Repair guy comes out again. Washer behaves while he is here, he sees no problem. Nice!!

Washer stops making sounds washes clothes nicely.. no problems until end of January 2010, Airplane mode again, won't drain, makes lots of noise, motor error code and is smoking during spin cycle. Repair guy comes out. Spends about five minutes looking at washer, stands up and says "it's still under the extended warranty and you will be getting a gift card for the original puchase price in 7 to 10 days." The problem.. the motor went, the bearings went, the pump went and the controller board is fried. To repair would of cost way more than the original purchase price. Gift card comes and no I didn't buy a Maytag.

I bought the matching washer to the Frigidaire Dryer I got two years ago. I will never ever buy a Maytag appliance again. This was only my experience with the washer and Dryer. I don't have the energy to complain about the Dishwasher (I had for two months before a gift card for original purchase price was sent).

Avoid Maytag washing machines
By -

We purchased 'brand new from Sears' a Maytag washing machine in 2005. Only my husband and I use it. It has been problematic for several years now. There was a day when you could buy an appliance and it would last for years. Now, it seems appliances are made to fall apart in just a few years so that you will either have to call out the Maytag repairman or buy another. I will NEVER purchase another Maytag ANYTHING as long as I live. Maytag is foolish and is losing what was once a good reputation. From now on, I'll stick with Kenmore appliances. They last.

I will also be sure to inform every chance I get that people should avoid Maytag. Hey Maytag. Bad reviews are much more effective than good advertisement. You should think about that when it comes to pleasing your customers.

Run When You Hear The Name Maytag
By -

I purchased a Maytag Neptune TL Style LED Washer and Dryer on March 15 2004 for $2,297.70. The Maytag Washer stopped working in February of 2009. I was told by a Maytag representative that the outer tub, transmission and clutch would have to be replaced. 3 hours labor at $20.00 every 15 minutes. There is no warranty on parts and labor. I was told to buy a new washer because it would be cheaper than repairing the existing Maytag Washer. Maytag has told me there is nothing they can do to help me. Maytag will not return my phone calls. When I buy my children an appliance, I will buy a Kenmore. I will tell everyone I know what a horrible experience this has been.

Maytag only wants your money!!!!!! There is no concern for the consumer!!!!! Maytag does not care about the consumer. This is the first review of many that I will be writing about how horrible Maytag is. I will never recommend Maytag.

Vibration on Maytag Neptune washer Model MAH8700
By -

We purchased a new Neptune washer at Sears in Jax, FL in Jan 05. As retirees we travel a lot - maybe gone six months a year. After about the first six months the machine began to vibrate on the extraction spin cycle. We set it on low extraction to ease off on the vibration. Anything higher was like a bucking bronco. A private technician stated that we might have the problem with it being on a wooden floor. We went back to Sears to inquire about the feasibility of using a machine on a wooden floor. Sales rep said "No problem, we've never had a complaint about that." I told him "You do now - and a big one."

Another tech told us that the machine needed new damper shocks and a new vibration sensor - to the tune of $300 plus to solve the problem. He would not guarantee that it would totally solve as he thought the wooden floor was the culprit. As of this day I have found out that there is a vibration issue with my particular model. I also called and am getting a recall on the machine for a GFCI plug to use. If you have this model - go online and get a phone number to call. Without the plug water can get on the plug and electrocute a person. We unplug after each use now though I hardly see how it is safe to use it either. Go figure.

This is the last of several Maytag products that I will own. In the future Nada, Zip, nothing more with a Maytag, Samsung or Whirlpool name on them. Would do laundry by hand rather than have one of these despicable products. I urge anyone with their products to boycott by not purchasing future products from them. In my opinion - they are real dirtball organizations.

Another Disgusted Maytag Neptune Owner
By -

EFFIE, LOUISIANA -- I will begin by saying that I have never written a negative review about a product before. I always give the benefit of the doubt. I have owned Maytag products for 35 years. Before now, I would not even think of purchasing a washing machine that was not Maytag. That was before the Maytag Neptune washing machine debacle. Now I will NEVER buy Maytag again. This has been the most disgusting experience I have ever had with a product and a company. After spending hundreds of dollars on this washer, I have finally given up and will go to buy another washer tomorrow. I cannot stand the smell of the mold in my house anymore.

I have burned so many candles and used up so much spray to disguise the stink. I actually get a headache when I stay in the laundry room too long. There is black mold all over the gasket. I clean it with the strongest chemicals I can find and it never goes away. The smell is horrendous! I have contacted the company many times and I get the rudest answers offering no help at all! What happened to Maytag? Please let this review be a warning. Beware of Maytag!

Vibration/noise issue
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have had my Neptune washing machine since mid-January (2007). I waited to purchase a front-loading machine until I felt confident in both the technology and the company behind the equipment. I purchased my matching dryer a few months prior to the washer and was quite satisfied with the quality and appearance of the dryer. This dryer lulled me into a false sense of product/company satisfaction. My experience with this washing machine has been anything but satisfactory.

I purchased stands for both my washer and dryer. Both stands are Maytag's and I assumed that since they are Maytag accessories, designed by and for Maytag machines, they would be the best I could buy. Now, I'm not at all certain that I should have purchased anything Maytag, and I'm not at all certain that I ever will again. The dryer is not my problem; the washer most definitely continues to be a problem. Although I like having a front-loading machine, from the very first, this washer has vibrated so much that it is disturbing. I cannot place anything on top of the washer because it will end up on the floor from strong vibrations.

Even things placed on top of the dryer often end up on the floor and the units are 5 inches apart. I had a Maytag serviceman come to my home twice and he advised me that, in his opinion, my problem had more to do with the stand than with the washer, and suggested that a more substantial flooring be installed under the washer. I was advised to place plywood board under the washer and screw it into the floor. (My home was custom build and is less than 10 years old.) Although I didn't believe it was necessary, I took the serviceman's advice and hired yet another serviceman to handle that issue – a waste of time and effort.

The second time the service man came out, he told me that “in the newer models, they don't have these issues.” The service representative told me that the stand is an accessory and therefore, is not something “covered” by the warranty. He also suggested that I go back to the store where I purchased the machine and ask about any kind of “agreement” between Maytag and the company regarding the stand. I did that too, and the personnel at the store said that he knew nothing about any kind of agreement or kit to make the stands more durable.

As a measure of desperation, I had my washing machine removed from the stand. Although it is still loud, removing the stand made a significant difference in the amount of vibration during the spin cycle; however now the machine is so low to the floor that it makes doing laundry a true “pain.” In order to keep the machine off the stand, I would be required to also remove the one under the dryer for visual balance. A total waste of convenience as well as money paid for both stands! I am very certain that if I lived in a multi-unit complex, my neighbors would complain about the noise generated by this machine.

Surely Maytag is aware that with the amount of vibration generated by this machine, the stands are not sufficiently stable. To be told that the “newer” machines “do much better with vibrations” does nothing for customer loyalty. On the day my washer was delivered, in conversation with my husband, the delivery man even stated that he “couldn't believe that anyone would pay this much for a washing machine.” Now, my very expensive Maytag washer is 8-months old and, I assure you, I am not a happy customer!

Never Buy a Maytag!
By -

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA -- Sad as it is, that Maytag repair guy is lonely but not for the reasons they tell you. My washing machine was recalled but I never heard this, missed the window for claiming the refund from the recall. SO, what does Maytag do? They very politically tell me I'm screwed. But that only after a LONG long time getting to the 'Priority 1' service call line. Take a short cut, call Maytag Priority 1 customer care directly: 866-403-8969. Note: their computers are usually down and it takes 20 minutes on hold to get through but when you do, that's the end of the line. My washing machine quit, simple enough. Who would expect a $1000 washer to last more than 7 years?

To get to where I am, I went through: Maytag's website to find service, which got me to A&E Referral, who scheduled an appointment (took a week). On the day of the appointment, the tech called 15 minutes before the end of the appointment window and cancelled, rescheduled for the following week. So I bagged that and got a local appliance center (Meyer Appliance, San Jose, CA - great folks) to send someone, very next day. He determined a whole host of issues wrong, basically that it was too expensive to fix. The drive motor was the main issue, still under warranty though. Called Maytag. Total 2 hours on hold and transferred etc.

Finally got to this priority 1 service line (see above) and, in short, was told they'd do nothing. I spent more money in lost work time trying to get this resolved than the washer was worth (if working, that is!). So I offered them three choices: 1. Give me a depreciated refund or some kind of retribution. 2. Refer me to someone 'up the ladder' who could, or 3. tell me I'm screwed. He chose #3. SO BOTTOM LINE: IF YOU BOUGHT A MAYTAG, POOR SUCKER (LIKE ME...). IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A MAYTAG, BUY ANYTHING BUT.

They don't care about you, and will use a lot of nice political words telling you that they've documented your complaint but in the end you're screwed. And if its a washing machine, buy a Bosch, they're much more energy efficient anyway, and have several good rebates due to low water and energy use.

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